What in the World?

globe-map-greyI have some really big news to share with you today!  This past weekend, I was recognized by Stampin’ Up! at OnStage in Atlanta as the #1 demonstrator in the U.S. as well as the #1 demonstrator globally (yep, that’s in the whole wide world)!  This is a pretty cool finish out of 46,000+ demonstrators worldwide!  These honors were based on a combination of factors relating to sales, recruiting and leadership.  The rankings are kept confidential until they are announced.  For those that witnessed my reaction (video below), I think it was pretty evident that I had no idea what was coming.  The 50+ members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community in Atlanta, my upline and mentor, Lisa Pretto, and my administrative assistant, Kris Kilcoyne (BFF, niece and right arm of my business), were cheering, crying and jumping up and down right along with me.  I know those members of the Pals who were not in attendance were cheering as well!

This was truly the most incredible milestone of my professional life.  Yes, it’s even sweeter than reaching my $1 million in personal sales last September (read about it here)!  What a year this has been!  I’m honored to be recognized by Stampin’ Up! as well as be in the company of so many top demonstrators, who I admire and get to call my friends.  Here is the list of the Global 100!  You can click on the list to enlarge.


I’m so grateful that my friend, Susan Itell, and member of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Virtual Community, had the confidence in me to begin video taping my “moment” when #1 in the U.S. was announced.  There was quite an emotional “dance” and plenty of tears prior to where this video begins – but you’ll get the idea!

I told Lisa Pretto that I had my fingers crossed to reach the top 20 globally.  As Stampin’ Up! announced #4 in the countdown (video below) I was in complete disbelief that I was still in the running.

SO PROUD!  I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Brian King for being #34 (the lovely and talented Pam Morris is his direct upline) and Jennifer Michalski for being #97 in the world. Bravo! I’m so fortunate that I can claim both of you as part of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community.

Other fun in Atlanta included a pizza party with the Pals on Saturday night, a Silver Elite Retreat (pillow gifts and fun for my top business builders) as well as a World Card Making Day event hosted by Pam Morris and Brian King last Friday.  Almost 190 demonstrators attended their event.  Amazing turnout!  In celebration of my $1 million in sales last September, I was called to their stage to receive my congratulatory gift – a photo of Brian and Pam framed in $100,000 bars (check out the screen).  I ultimately got them to autograph the photo for the perfect touch!


THANKS!  I’m so grateful for the outpouring of love and support for my business and paper crafting these past 8 years.  I realize I don’t reach the top spot alone and am humbled by this experience of a lifetime.  It’s going to take awhile to process all that’s happened.  I still choke up when I watch the video.

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  1. Judy Iacoboni

    Congrats Mary on your outstanding accomplishments in just 8 short years. It’s a true testament on your dedication to not only the business part but also to your clients. I feel privileged to have bumped onto your web site and becoming one of your many clients. It’s obvious that you really care. Keep up the good work and enjoy your much deserved awards.

  2. What an honor indeed! Congratulations to what I believe to be well deserved. We haven’t met, but I am so impressed with your website, that it must surely reflect the kind of person you are. I appreciate how you monitor orders from start to finish and in a timely manner. That’s service! Congratulations once more!

  3. That means so much. Thanks!

  4. You go, girl!! Congrats!!!

  5. I received your newsletter today and learned of your being named #1 demonstrator ( I tend to fall behind on my stamping world as I play in quilting world). Congratulations. I’m in San Antonio, TX and a big fan of your creations, your videos and your business style. Your hard work, attention to detail and respect for your business and those around you have lead to your success. I am so happy for you. May God continue to bless you.

  6. Wendy Johnston

    Well done Mary, you deserve the honour. I love your work?????

  7. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Congratulations, Mary! Wow!!! ALL of your achievements are incredible! I’ve admired your professionalism and your ability to turn a much loved craft into such a successful business for years. And I have appreciated and enjoyed the many services and fun perks that you provide to your Pals. Thank you for that! My warmest regards 🙂

  8. Gloria Sperring

    Congratulations on ALL of your awards! I would have been just as excited for you too! You should be very proud of yourself! I don’t even know you but thru your blog and I’m excited for you too! Again, Congratulations!

  9. Annette Sullivan

    Congratulations Mary on such a well deserved achievement. Thank you for being so sharing with your amazing creativity and inspiration.

  10. Debbie Henderson

    Congrats Mary and all the members of your team….so well deserved!

  11. So very well deserved!! A million hugs from a virtual pal who has always admired you from afar!

  12. Beth Geraghty

    Congratulations Mary! Even though I am just a Hobby demonstrator, I always value your input, your beautiful cards, your ideas, your challenges and your enthusiasm. It all keeps me motivated to be creative and enjoy my hobby! You are truly an inspiration to all of us stampers!

  13. Hi Mary! Congrats on your achievement! I am an Aussie demo and I accosted you on the main street of Cannes for a photo during the Mediterranean Incentive trip. Even my hubby understands the impact you have had on me! I discovered your blog early on in my SU! career and still check it daily. Both you and your blog are classy and sophisticated and you deserve your number one possie (that’s Aussie for ‘position’.) You little rippa!! Congratulations. All good things to you. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Anna Wheaton

  14. Barbara Chatzkel

    Mary — congratulations on your amazing achievement. Being a Pal has been so important and the group you have built is the BEST. Thank you for letting me share in the experience

  15. Lonnie DeBord

    WOW WOW WOW!!! You’ve always been my card-making muse and I’m thrilled to know that I have such incredibly good taste -congratulations!!!!!

  16. Mary, this is the first good news regarding a “win” that I’ve heard all day! I’m just a hobby demonstrator, but you and Brian King are my inspiration go tos. Thanks for sharing your talents. Congratulations!

  17. Congratulations! I know why you are so successful – you drew me in from the first day I read your blog and saw your wonderful creations that provide me inspiration. I am so happy to be a part of your PALS group.

  18. What an honor. Congrats !!! You deserve it. 😉

  19. Margaret Dougherty

    Congratulations on being on top of the world! I love watching your videos!

    I do have a local demonstrator that I craft with but I wanted to extend my congratulations to you.

  20. Congratulations my friend!! You are a true inspiration to me! I’m so proud of you & thrilled for you!!!!!

  21. Mary, WOW!!!! Congratulations on your most awesome achievements this year! I have watched that video no fewer than 12 times already and I cry with you every time! Such an amazing moment for you! What a fantastic role model you are to all SU demos!

  22. Wow, just amazing! Congratulations Mary, well deserved!

  23. Congratulations, Mary! Your posts are inspirational and you are an excellent communicator. So deserving to be #1. Well done.

  24. Congratulations Mary…what an accomplishment!! I loved seeing your “stunned” excitement in the video…priceless;) You are such a talented artist, business woman, and oh so kind and sincere a person!! What a great example and mentor you are to all the Pals…thank you!

  25. Congrats, Mary. I chose to join SU under you as you always had something new and interesting everyday on your blog, AND you were Always willing help me if I had a problem. LOT s of HUGS to you.

  26. Amanda Charlesworth

    Mary what a huge achievement and a massive well done for all your hard work you are an inspiration to all demonstrators around the world xx Amanda Charlesworth

  27. Hi Mary,
    I haven’t ordered a lot of items from you but I have always been impressed with your quick, professional service. Congratulations! A well deserved recognition for someone who provides almost daily inspiration and is an outstanding representative of the Stamping Up organization.

  28. Congratulations Mary very well deserved. I look forward to reading your blog every evening for my inspiration.

  29. Dorothy David


  30. Terry Waldron

    Congratulations Mary. You SO deserve it. Keep it up!

  31. Hi Mary, from one Mary to another huge congratulations on your achievement!! I was in Brisbane when it was announced and was so excited for you. What an amazing year you’ve had. Enjoy it , you deserve it.
    Mary Brooks

  32. Helena Daniels

    Congratulations Mary…from ‘over the Pond’! lovely to read your blog every day thanks for all your inspiration. I am hooked on Stampin up as my friend is a demonstrator too It is a great product and thanks to you all …it is the best!!!

  33. Awesome! You are the best. Glad to hear of this honor for you.

  34. Congratulations! That was an amazing moment…thank you for sharing it! Enjoy Cloud 9. 🙂

  35. Oh MY Mary! I am SO SO SO SO SO happy for you! So well deserved! I’ve been following you almost from the day I became a demonstrator. I know we’re not in the same team, but believe me, these videos made my cry in sheer happiness for you! I have learned so much by following your blog, and I was so happy and honored to meet you in person at Convention. You are truly an inspiration to us all. I love you! REALLY… I really do love you! XOXO

  36. Congratulations!!!
    Well deserved.
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas

  37. Marilyn Wilson

    Congratulations Mary! I’m so very happy for you. You truely are an inspiration to all and so deserving of this huge world-wide award.

  38. Congratulations, Mary a well deserved award. Can’t purchase from you because I live in Australia butt enjoy your emails!!!

  39. Judy McMullen

    Congratulations, Mary! What an awesome achievement!!

  40. Angie McKenzie

    Congratulations, Mary, for an honor well deserved!!! You are such an inspiration and blessing to so many.

  41. Judy Wakefield

    Congratulations Mary… All your hard work has so paid off….Very well deserved!

  42. Stephanie Boyer

    Congratulations, Mary! You are amazing and such a huge inspiration to all of us. It has been wonderful watching you become a rising star!

  43. Christine Grosh

    WOW – what an honor. Congratulations Mary!!!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with so many people.

  44. Congratulations Mary! Wonderful recognition of your achievement!

  45. OMG Mary, with tears in my eyes,..Big Hugs & Congratulations! There was a reason why many years ago I chose you to start following your blog & to start my SU buying binge!! #1worldwide
    Sending lots of love from Sunny Cali.

  46. Congratulations!!!!

  47. Congratulations Mary! I’m so happy for you my eyes are filled with tears of joy for you. With the friendliness, responsiveness and sincere helpfulness you showed when I had questions on a recent order, I can see why they chose you. You really do care about your customers, and it shows. I love your cards and your blog.

  48. Elizabeth Balk

    Amazing! Congratulations!!!

  49. What an honor to achieve-hard work really really pays off. CONGRATS

  50. Congratulations Mary! So glad I signed up under you…even if I only do it as a hobby! I hear On Stage is in Minneapolis in April so maybe I can make it to that! Would be awesome to meet you!

  51. Marti Fahnestock

    Wow, Mary! What an amazing accomplishment! Congrats! I loved the videos, so glad someone captured the exciting moments. I am very proud to know you and to have selected you as my demo. You are so very deserving of this honor.

  52. Congratulations Mary – you may have been totally surprised. But your fans out here, myself included, know that you are so deserving on so many levels. I know your BFF assistant is also a huge part of your success. Communication excellence is a big part of your forte. Congrats.

  53. So fantastic!! Congratulations Mary!! You are definitely an inspiration to all of us demos around the world. Thank you for all you do and sharing your ideas!

  54. Ruthie Burkey

    So well deserved!!!!

  55. Congratulations! What an achievement….! You are a great inspiration for all of your followers…….I always look forward to all your posts on your blog….etc.

  56. That is absolutely fabulous! You deserve the award. Keep up the great work!!

  57. Lydia Fiedler

    I’m so happy to see these videos and your shock and surprise. You are such an amazing woman – I’m just happy that you are recognized for your complete awesomeness. You are a true leader in every sense of the word and I love you to pieces.

  58. CONGRATULATIONS, MARY!!!!! I could not be happier for you!

  59. Congratulations Mary! What a wonderful and well deserved honor!

  60. Congratulations Mary… you are truly an inspiration and so deserving of your wonderful award.

  61. That’s fantastic! Congratulations.

  62. Rosemary Reagan

    Congratulations Mary! So exciting to watch the video & see your reaction. You are an inspiration to all demos including this hobby demo!

  63. Wow! Congratulations to you!

  64. Ruth Ann Smith

    Congratulations!! I have followed you for some time and I know that you are a very dedicated and professional person to your craft. That is so awesome to achieve such an honor!!!! All of your PALS must be so very excited for you. Love your style and look forward to following you in the future.

  65. A well-deserved recognition to an outstanding SU demonstrator with a website we all admire and appreciate :-).

  66. wow Mary, congratulations, plus some!!!!!

  67. Congratulations on this awesome achievement….. It is really something right!
    Look for me 40 places down, still in awe to be between so much great names.

  68. Congrats to you Mary! You have earned this honor in every way! Way to go!

  69. CONGRATULATIONS to the #1 Stampin’Up! Salesperson!! I look at your Blog every day for inspiration__and find it!

  70. Louise Cyr (ON, Canada)

    Congratulations Mary! WOW what an achievement in …..8 short years!!!!! Amazing! You are such an inspiration.

  71. Oh Mary! So happy for you. I know how hard you have worked thru the years. Your blog is the first one I check daily.

  72. Jodi @ AMomHavingFun

    Wow, so amazing!!! Congratulations!!! Such an amazing achievement. 🙂 You totally deserve it, you cards are always beautiful!!

  73. Congratulations Mary!!! So wonderful and you well deserve this award! What a great honor and accomplishment! Big hugs to YOU Mary!

  74. Congratulations!! So happy for you.

  75. Congrats!!! ?? What an accomplishment!!

  76. Congratulations Mary, what an honor!

  77. Congratulations on an incredible achievement! It couldn’t go to a more deserving and lovely person!

  78. Mary, congratulations! I’m so happy for you! What an accomplishment and honor, and I’m so thrilled it goes to you! Sending you a hug ?

  79. ¡Felicidades! The honor is well-deserved for all the hard work you have put into building your business and nurturing the Pals. I joined as a Pal instead of finding a local demo because of the knowledge and passion I sensed coming from you.

  80. Congratulations Mary!

  81. Diana Carriger

    So happy for you. Lots of hard work and the love for the work that you do.

  82. Wow! Congratulations!

    What an honor. And so well-deserved!


  83. Marilyn Peasley

    Congratulations Mary. #1 what an amazing accomplishment and well deserved.

  84. Cheryl McAskill

    Oh Mary! So Happy for you! Yup…video brought me to tears for you! What an Honor…you deserve it!. Blessings to you…sit down and just take it all in, let it settle and then you can move to the tomorrows!

  85. Oh my goodness, that is sooo incredible, congratulations!!! Yours was the first blog I was introduced to when I started stamping in 2006. And look at you now, #1!!!

  86. Congrats, Mary! So happy for you!

  87. Congratulations! I know a lot of hard work went into this accomplishment. You are such an inspiration.

  88. I got emotional watching this – congratulations Mary – I am happy for you. You’re the only one I ever buy from because of your support, personal touch, and depth of experience. Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s brought you to success. Enjoy!

  89. Look at the list of comments you get everyday and you will see why you were picked number 1 in the whole wide world. You are the best and I’m so glad I found you to be my demonstrator eight years ago. Congratulations and here’s to another million dollars in sales.

  90. Congratulations Mary-what an awesome honor. Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and card ideas. Thank you!

  91. Kathy Whitaker

    Awesome! So proud of you Mary!!!!! Congratulations!

  92. Such a small word — congratulations — for such a huge accomplishment, but it couldn’t be more heartfelt! Mary, you provide inspiration for so many thousands of readers throughout the world, and your warmth and personality shine through in every post. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

  93. Mary (aka Muffin's Mama)

    CONGRATULATIONS, Mary. You are an inspiration to all of us. I was honored to be sitting at the next table in Atlanta! You go, girl!

  94. Susan from Colorado

    Your video clips brought tears to my eyes! So very happy for you Mary!!!

  95. Congratulations on your achievement Mary!! I get your emails and love seeing the cards that you share-they are so beautiful. If Angie Juda wasn’t my demonstrator I would pick you! So happy for you-Blessings!

  96. Mary, there is NO ONE more deserving of this honor than YOU!!! As a fellow demonstrator of SU and follower of you for the past 3 yrs, I’ve been in, you are truly an INSPIRATION to each and everyone of us.. Don’t know how 2017 could be any greater of a year for you, but may it truly be the best for you.

    Thanks again for your wondering and inspiring cards, help and hints that you post each and everyday so faithfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs my friend

  97. Julie DiMatteo

    Congratulations, Mary! I am so honored to be a part of your team and to have witnessed this monumental moment in person! Thank you for all that you do for your team – we are so well blessed!

  98. Stephanie Jager

    Congratulations! Your willingness to teach and share earned you the top honor, and we are very proud of all your hard work.

  99. I’m so proud of you Mary! You are such a smart, loyal, confident and generous upline so your success comes as no surprise to us Pals. Congratulations!!!!

  100. I’m shaking so much I can hardly type! CONGRATUALTIONS! What an amazing accomplishment. As a customer I always feel like your emails are coming to just me, like I’m important. Plus I devour your creativity and cherish that you share it with us. I never feel like I’m being pushed to buy, but rather encouraged to have fun and be creative. Thank you. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN.

  101. Robin Bennett

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a win!!!!!

  102. I’ve been following (stalking!) your blog for a few years. Congrats on being #1. That is an awesome accomplishment. Thank goodness you had a table full of friends around you to catch you cuz you looked like you were just about to pass out!

  103. I am so very happy that Susan thought to take that video, I have tears in my eyes. You are the very best in every way. I think Brian was as thrilled for you as you were. That says so much about you!
    For my part, I’m patting myself on the back for having the good sense to sign up under you! LOL

  104. This is so wonderful..!! You are the best and deserve every honor for your dedication to your customers, fellow demonstrators and especially to your support group. You guys are the very, very best, in the world…!!!! You go girl..!!!!

  105. Wonderful and so well deserved. Now I have tears of joy for you after watching these short videos. You are an inspiration to so many of us.

  106. CONGRATULATIONS!!! so very happy for you!!!

  107. CONGRATSULATIONS, MARY!!! What a well deserved and wonderful recognition for you! Thank you for all of the time, effort and love you share on your blog. I am also looking forward to seeing your new studio!!

  108. Congratulations, Mary! So happy to be part of this team! You really are an inspiration to all of us!

  109. So glad I was in Atlanta for this! Awesome…….simply awesome……and oh so well deserved! I am honored to be one of your “old timers” and your friend! Enjoy it all……you so deserve it!

  110. Congratulations, Mary! You are truly an inspiration to us all!

  111. Awesome, I truely enjoy seeing your posts and website daily, it inspires me.

  112. There is no one in this company that deserves it more than you do Mary. Not only are you a fantastic business woman, demonstrator, leader and mentor but you are such a warm and caring person. I have tried to find your personal address to write you a number of times without success. I remember that day five years ago when you showcased a card for healing. It was the day after my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and I asked if I could purchase that card from you. You said no and sent it to me without charge. My daughter still treasures that card – she remains cancer free five years later after a year of surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. You will never know how much that meant to me and how often I thank God for what you did. It goes to prove that good things happen to good people and Mary, you are the best!

  113. Debbie Crowley

    Mary, I just watched the videos and have tears rolling down my cheeks. I am mostly a hobby demonstrator in your downline and am amazed at your talent, patience with all plus 400 of us Pals (I hope I got the number right), dedication, and most of all leadership. You are truly an inspiration. You have given me your time and encouragement over the last few years when life was personally challenging for me and there is no greater gift than that. Thank you. Your status and accomplishment is so well earned. I am proud to be a member of your team.

  114. Oooooh , MsMary that made my hubby and I cry ,

    CONGRATULATIONS , to the most wonderful leader , I’m so happy to be part of YOU , YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,
    hugs hugs hugs , to our fearless leader and also to our KRIS , that makes it possible to understand , and answers our questions , thanks Kris ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I love you both
    Frenchie ,

  115. Congratulations! That is awesome and so deserving 🙂

  116. Chris vanKoeverden

    How wonderful Mary! Congratulations!

  117. Congratulations!!!! You work so hard and deserve this honor!!! #1 !!!! Love your cards and love your inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing! So happy for you!

  118. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You earned it, You deserve it!!!! BIG TIME! So happy for you. With the strife going on in our world, I opened your email first, although you weren’t first on my email list. That’s the way I do my emails from you and PALS and what wonderful news and a way to start my day.

  119. Congratulations Mary! What an awesome achievement and well deserved.

  120. Cindy Hansberry

    Oh my word! I know you are reeling from the shock and excitement. Thanks for sharing your success via the blog and videos. You work and your team work very hard and it shows! Congratulations!

  121. Nanelyn Mitchell

    How absolutely fabulous! I am so incredibly thrilled for you! YOU deserve it. Congratulations!!!!

  122. Kadie in Arizona

    Mary I am SO THRILLED for you!!!! As I watch the two video’s I am reminded how TRULY AWESOME you are……Not only as a demonstrator but also as a friend. CONGRATS for all your HARD HARD work!

  123. What wonderful news, Mary! You are more than deserving – a true inspiration to all of us that love card making!

  124. Congratulations Mary, what an amazing accomplishment!! Your blog, cards, videos, ideas, projects are wonderful and so inspirational!

  125. Congratulations to you Mary, and thank you for sharing the excitement! Enjoy!!!

  126. Well, I must say I have tears of joy for you right now! What a milestone you have accomplished. Well done!

    In looking at your crafter friendly blog I can see why you are where you are. Quite a year for you. Enjoy every minute of it???????? judi

  127. So proud of you! Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all, and I greatly appreciate all the work you do to inspire myself and others.

  128. That is so awesome! Congratulations!!!!

  129. Wow, Mary! I’ve not met you in person, but everything I do know about you tells me you deserved this award. Congratulations!

  130. Congratulations!!!! What an amazing honor to receive Mary! You are a very talented person, which is why I was drawn to your website for inspiration! Obviously, I am not the only one!

  131. Debby Bockman

    Congratulations Mary! What a HUGE accomplishment. Now, we just have to wait for SU to celebrate your MILLION dollars in sales. So exciting!

  132. I treasure your comments. Thank you so much for sharing a pat on the back!

  133. Congratulation Mary.
    You do a wonderful job as a demonstrator. You go above and beyond to help your customers. What a honor.

  134. This was one of the moments that I will never forget. To see the joy on your face and knowing how incredibly hard you work for not only your own personal business…but for the PALS is just amazing. What an inspiration you are to each of us and I am truly blessed to be on your team and better yet, call you my friend. Cheers!!!!

  135. Such an amazing acheivement! I was in Secaucus and was so happy when I saw your name at #1. Congratulations!

  136. Debbi Atkinson

    God Bless! It is inspiring to see someone receive the recognition they honestly deserve and have earned through incredible hard work, talent, honesty and inspiring and encouraging others to reach their own potential. And always so nice and gracious.

  137. Congratulations! What an achievement!

  138. Wanda Williams

    That was so awesome Mary!!! We were all clapping for you! Congrats!!!

  139. Jean Piersanti

    Congratulations Mary, you are such an inspiration (even to those of us that are not in your downline). We missed you in Arizona, but it looks like you were right where you needed to be! You go girl !!!

  140. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! And thank you so much for sharing so much information with us!


  141. Clancey Mitchell

    Well deserved….that is fantastic. You were so helpful to me when I began and I can see just how your circle has grown-because of you. You are not my demonstrator but that did not maatter to you when I asked a couple questions. Enjoy the recognition!
    Clancey Mitchell
    Alabaster, AL

  142. Gigi Gubernath

    Congratulations Mary! It’s because of you and your Pals that I am the Demo that I am today. You all are inspiring, exciting, always sharing, and creative. I count it a great honor to have been in attendance to witness the moments of your receiving #1 US and then #1 Global. Seeing 11 out of the top 100 in the world stand together on the stage in Atlanta was an incredible experience. And to sit under many of you as you share your business plans and stamping creativity just makes me feel so blessed to be a part of Stampin’ Up! Congratulations again and enjoy the crown of #1 for the year ahead.

  143. Marge Waskiewicz

    Congratulations Mary!! So happy for you!!

  144. Mary – I’m so happy I was there to share your moment with you. You certainly deserve every single bit of the recognition. It’s an honor to work with you, and I love that I get to call you my friend. You are awesome!

  145. It was so wonderful to watch this in person. Congrats Ms. Fish

  146. Florence Pangelinan

    Congratulations, Mary! Wow, that is an achievement that is over the top, literally!!

  147. I’m tearing up again reading your post, just as I did Saturday when I watched your emotional reaction to your well-deserved accolades. Your graciousness and humility endear you to us all when truly, you are our rock star and shine so brilliantly with your inspiring talent and creativity, your brilliant business strategies, and your never-ending generosity. You make us all feel valued, and that makes you PRICELESS to us. Continued happiness and success to the Queen. Long shall she reign!!

  148. Dear Mary: Oh my goodness!!! this is just awesome and so totally deserved!! I’m so lucky to have found you all those years ago to by my SU demonstrator.
    Now, sit back and let is soak in, enjoy this fabulous milestone accomplishment in your life.
    Sending big hugs and love.

  149. This literally brought me to tears! I’m so THRILLED for you Mary! You have been an inspiration to me and to so many others! You deserve the slot as the #1 SU Demonstrator! Your hard work, dedication, and inspiration to others shines through all that you do as a SU Demonstrator! Kudos Mary! <3

  150. Kathy Hendrey

    Bravo, Mary! You richly deserve this award for all your hard work. I am so thrilled to be a part of your Pals community! Love the video!

  151. Cuny van der Hoeven

    Congratulations from a D|utch fan. I Always watch your messages and very often I use them as a source of inspiration.
    You deserve it and I consider myself a Lucky woman that I receive your newsletters.

  152. I’ve been receiving your newsletter for over a year now and I can say that it’s no wonder you are Number 1 in the world. Your cards are an inspiration to many. I love your simple but elegant designs.

    As a fellow demo, I was proud to see you walk across the stage – actually jumping. What an honor it was to meet you at the pizza restaurant. Looking forward to seeing your new created “space” in your new home.

  153. Miss Mary…..you have been # 1 in my view ever since the first day I found you. You are an inspiration to many all over the world. Well deserved and wish you many years of greater milestones in your career!!

  154. Kathy Bohannon

    Congratulations Mary! We were cheering for you from our table! So excited to see you win!

  155. Deepa Lakshman

    Congratulations. You deserve it. Your cards are great and your stamping community always inspires us every week.

  156. Oh you so deserve this!!!!! Congrats!!!!! What an honor and what a memory you have for the rest of your life. Bet you still have to keep pinching yourself.

  157. You have always been #1 in my book. You are such an inspiration to the crafting world and I so appreciate all the time and effort you put into this blog each and every day. Congratulations on this well deserved honor.

  158. Tammy VanRosendale

    Congratulations Mary. I love you, I follow you, I learn from you, and I admire you. Keep up the awesome work. ❤️️????

  159. Congratulations Mary! Your blog is my #1 go to for inspiration. It is obvious how hard you work and all that you do for your customers and your team.

  160. WOW! I’m sitting here crying tears of joy for you, Mary, and I only know you because I follow your blog! CONGRATULATIONS just doesn’t seem to be enough! What an honor~

  161. Nancy Farrell

    So SUPER! The BEST! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you Mary. I am so proud to be a PAL. Great videos too, Susan.

  162. Congrats Mary!!! What an honor. I know you are still flying high over it.

  163. Congratulations Mary. That is so awesome. You definitely deserve it. You go out of your way to ensure your customers are happy.

  164. Way to go Mary no one could deserve this more than you!! Congrats on this wonderful honor. I love your blog and your cards.

  165. Congratulations Mary, as a fellow demonstrator you are an inspiration.

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