New WOW! Video. Tips to Line Up Stamps.

Click on the video above to watch!

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I have a 1 Minute to WOW! Video Tutorial for you with my tips for lining up stamps without needing stamp positioning tools.  

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  1. Good tip Mary, Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Linda. I find it works well for me. I can’t even remember the last time I used a Stamp-a-ma-jig! I even use this method for photopolymer/clear stamps. Helps with seeing my boundaries.

  3. Chantal Carrier

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Never tought of using blocks in diagonal.

  4. This vid shows some great tips. Love all of your videos MARY.

  5. Thanks for your awesome feedback. I’m on track to doing more videos . . . usually one a week related to a card!

  6. Thanks, Mary, for the great tip! Lining up words has always been a struggle for me – never thought of this way!!!

  7. Great tip, Mary. I’m always learning new ways of making cards easier. Have a great day!

  8. In all of my years of stamping I have struggled with getting sentiments on straight without a Stamp-a-ma-jig or Misti. I tried your method this morning and I am now a happy camper. Thanks for always sharing your talents with us.

  9. Kadie in Arizona

    LOVE your tip on using the top flat edge of our clear stamps at a guide for stamping straight sentiments. YOU ARE BRILLIANT my friend!

  10. Sherlie Magaret

    this was an “ah ha” and “well duh” moment for me. I have struggled with this and never liked the stamping jig. I do have the stamp positioner and I love it but it is not always hand to get it out unless I am doing a lot of cards. Thank you for this tip.

    • You’ll still want your stamp positioning tools handy . . . however, this is quick and easy. Another tip. In case you are off a wee bit, don’t crop your stamped layer to it’s final size beforehand. You can always cheat a bit with cropping to line it back up 🙂

  11. GREAT tip!!!!

  12. Thank you for the tip Mary. I enjoy watching your videos.

  13. Robbye Hamilton

    Great tip Mary, this is something I’ve had problems with. Not to mention my Stamp-a-Ma-Jig hates me.

  14. Brilliant!!!! Thanks

  15. Great video, Mary! I learned this positioning tip from you a while back (not sure if you shared it here or once when we were stamping together), and I love it. It really helps! Thanks!

  16. Kathleen Chabot

    Thanks for this great tip!

  17. Jeanne Nielsen

    Thanks for the tutorial! I never think to use the grid paper to line up stamps. I’m usually pulling out my SAMJ! Thanks again!

  18. I have the MISTI, but if it’s just putting the sentiment inside the card, I just eyeball it. I like how you put block on diagonal, and stamp as well, and then lining the “points” of the block to face the horizontal line and the vertical line on all four “points” of the block. Big hug for revealing this technique.

  19. Mary, What a great video. I watched it twice one watching it to learn. The sextons time I tried it while you were telling me what to do. It was wonderful. Thank you so very much. I always have trouble trying to get te wording centered on the paper. Have a great day Mary. Thank you, Ellen Hinds

  20. I meant to say the second time watching the video I tried it while you were telling me what to do. I always have trouble getting the wording centered on the page. Thank you so very much. Have a great day Mary, Ellen Hinds

  21. Deb Napolitano

    Thank you Mary. What a great tip! I’ve never thought of using the grid paper to mount a stamp. May I ask why you choose not to use the stamp labels? I see others do the same.

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