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When I posted this Love Blossoms card with a designer series paper strip background last week, you told me you loved it and asked for a video.  Ask and you shall receive!  I created the new 1 Minute to WOW! video above to share the details.

How do you like this technique?  Was the video helpful?  Have any questions?  Please leave me a comment HERE!  I’ll share full details on the “bonjour” card I used in the video on tomorrow’s post!

Stampin Pretty Red Tulip 120 x 120

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I simply adore being part of the Pals and stretching my own creativity.

-Pal Michelle G.-

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. I am so sad that Stampin’ Up! no longer carries the guillotine style cutter. I love mine so much!

  2. Love the card and the tutorial was very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Hi Mary: Here’s a quick list by the English name but the French product number. I used Hello (Salut) for my “bonjour!”

    Botanicals for you – #141252
    What I love – #141278
    Perfect Pairings -#141264
    Honeycomb Happiness -#141294
    Sky is the Limit -#141284
    Hello -#141270

  4. Hi Mary,
    Love the card and I think the video is great too. I’m a demonstrator and for the life of me, I can’t find the product code for the French edition of the “Hello” stamp set. Or any of them in the Sale-a-bration catalog. Where did you find it?

  5. Love it, Thank you for sharing your talents.

  6. Gloria Westerman

    This is just like making a quilt…great idea…thank you so much for sharing…love it…

  7. I love all of your work.I
    I will make this card.
    Thank you so much for
    sharing all your talents.
    I also make your flash cards too!.
    Great ideas.

  8. I love this card Mary and you did a great job explaining how to assemble it. I always start from the middle when making a card like this and work my way out. Less mistakes that way. I also find a guillotine paper trimmer does the best and most precise cutting. I’ve had my old SU one for years now and it’s still going strong! Tonic just came out with a smaller one that’s perfect for desktop cutting to keep handy near you while crafting. It works great too! As always, I love your style and beautifully CAS cards that pack a serious WOW factor. Blessings to you. I think everybody would like to see more videos from you and longer ones are definitely okay. It would be fun to see you make a start to finish card and get inside your head a little bit as to your design process.

  9. very pretty – I have forgotten to do this.

  10. Love it! I could sort of figure from finished cards I have seen, but it’s so much easier to see you do it. Love love love what you did with the sentiment:)

  11. Very good video. I love the technique. Thanks.

  12. Aaaaaaahhhhhh, I love it , tfs MsMary, I must case !!!!
    Hugs Frenchie ,

  13. Thanks Mary for the video. It sure helps to know some of the tricks like only
    attaching the middle of the strips to begin with. What a help that is!! Love the colors on both cards! Also love the bonjour focal point – looks great!!

  14. Hi Mary, great explanation in the video! I am going to case this. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Absolutely love it. Great idea!

  16. Thanks, Brian. You hear my voice all the time . . . in the car, about 4:00 p.m. Atlanta time!

  17. I love this card – might be one of my all-time favorites. Mary Fish and fussy cutting – what a gem. This video is wonderful – it’s always nice to hear your voice.

  18. Great card and video… Can’t wait to try it!

  19. Terrific card and video. I am in awe of your fussy cutting ability.

  20. Thanks for your kind feedback! I love reading your comments. I had a couple choices in this video . . . either showing how I started (laying down the first few pieces) or explaining it and then showing how to cut the pattern when done. Heaven knows I don’t know how to splice it together. So I explained that I started with the interior strips, adding glue to the “inside piece” and placing them 1/8″ apart. Once cut, I added adhesive to the edges of the pieces if needed. You can mimic the pattern I did on both this card and the one from last week.

  21. Love this card Mary, putting it together seems relaxing and fun, picking the patterns would be challenging for me since I sometimes struggle with what design goes with what other design but your tip of keeping it mono chromatic helps a lot. This is a great way to use scraps, thank you for sharing this very informative video.

  22. Dear Mary:
    Your cards are so unique and this one is no exception. I’m ready to give it a try and see if I can even come close to your creation. Enjoy your inspirational blogs and thank you for sharing.

  23. pam from Maine

    What a great way to use scraps as well. Love this look. Thanks again for sharing.

  24. You didn’t show how you glued them down. Where to put the glue
    and where to place the strips. It is an interesting card.

    • pam from Maine

      She said she glued down just the center end of each to begin and then, at the end, she said she lifted the pieces and glued them down then, after she had cut it to size.

    • Agreed. I would have liked to see at least the first few strips placed. I do like the card.

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