Weekly WOW! Picks from My Pals Stamping Community!

Stampin' Pretty Paper Crafting Picks of the Week

Be inspired!  Today’s paper crafting projects were designed by the talented members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Virtual Stamping Community.  Links to blogs or Pinterest have been provided (when available) for more details.

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 1 Windy Ellard


Windy Ellard | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 2 Su Mohr

Su Mohr | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 3 Angela Slutz

Angela Slutz | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 4 Alexandra Jone

Alexandra Jones | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 5 Jeanie Stark

Jeanie Stark | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 6 Peggy Noe

Peggy Noe | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 7 Debbie Mageed

Debbie Mageed | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 8 Leah OBrien

Leah O’Brien | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 9 Karen Hallam

Karen Hallam | More Details

Deb Chestnut

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 010 Pamela Sadler

Pamela Sadler | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 011 Tammy Beard

Tammy Beard | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 012 Susan Fulce

Susan Fulce | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 013 Brian King

Brian King | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 014 Lori Pinto

Lori Pinto | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 015 Lisa Ann Bernard

Lisa Ann Bernard | More Details

Pals Sunday Picks 08.11.2019 016 Stesha Bloodhart

Stesha Bloodhart | More Details


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Here’s what members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community have to say:

The Pals group is so supportive, creative and fun – all due to your leadership.  It is really nice to be a part of it.  Eve

I simply adore being part of the Pals and stretching my own creativity.  Michelle

Thank you for everything you do for the Pals community.  It’s a great group to be a part of.  Amanda

It’s clear this group has developed and become a true team through your leadership.  Deanna 

I’m so glad I joined your team and can be a Pal.  It’s truly a positive force in my life every day!  Mary 

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. wooHOOOO! Another fabulous parade of ideas and inspiration 😍

  2. Love all the clever inspiration today. As always, the Pals make Sunday mornings so fun. Enjoy your day!

  3. Your Pals DID NOT disappointment this week. Fabulous paper crafting projects. THANKS!!!

  4. Fabulous array of card designs from everyone Mary

    I live in the UK, so should I decide to join I am presuming it would be better for me to join with someone in this country?

    • Thank you, June! Yes, you would need to join with a UK demonstrator. You should be able to use the Demonstrator Finder to find one that lives near you if you want one close.

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