Take 5! Stampin’ Pretty Color Combination Inspiration!

Take 5 Color Combinations

TAKE 5 TUESDAY!  Here are 5 different color combinations to inspire your card making and paper crafting projects!  Thursday, I will share a creation with one of the 5 combinations shown below. 

SHARE IT!  Which combination is your favorite?  Share it with a comment HERE.

Color Combinations blueberry bushel, pear pizzazz, teracotta tile

Color Combinations Coastal Cabana Terracotta Tile Crumb Cake

Color Combinations gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick, granny apple green

Color Combinations pretty peacock, soft sea foam, flirty flamingo

Color Combination Soft Suede, Pretty Peacock, So Saffron


Click on the images below to see details of each special! 

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  1. Grape, Lipstick and Granny Apple look amazing!

  2. Grape, Lipy & Granny Apple look amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Mary! You are so generous with your ideas. I would never have thought of some of these combinations….I need to step out of my comfort zone colour wise!

  4. my favorite is gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick and granny apple green!

  5. LaWana Whitley

    I am a Simple kind of girl, any combination with Crumb Cake is my thing!!

  6. My favorite is gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick and granny apple green. It is such a bright happy combo!

  7. Juanita in OH

    This card is stunning, it has so much class and wonderful colors. I have been enjoying your photos immensely they make me want to be there. Does Stampin’ Up have the entire ship? The color combinations are a great help. I cannot believe how in touch you are while being on vacation, you are a “SUPERWOMAN” to me and you deserve every good thing you get. Have fun and TFS.

    • Hi Juanita,
      Stampin’ Up! does not have the entire ship. There is about 1000 with Stampin’ Up! staff and guests and the ship holds 2700 passengers. Having a blast! Thanks!

  8. Blueberry, pear, and terracotta is my favorite, but they’re all great!

  9. Courtney Ostendarp

    The Gogeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick and Granny Apple Green really caught my eye ??

  10. Very pretty!

  11. Coastal Cabana, Terracotta Tile & Crumb Cake is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. Love all of the combinations.

  12. blueberry pear and terracotta

  13. Phyllis Moulton

    I really like all the combos, my very favorite new in-color is Peacock, Seafoam, & Flamingo. Thanks so much.

  14. Betty Oatsvall

    Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick, Granny Apple Green is my fav!

  15. Maria A Rodriguez

    It’s Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick and Granny Apple Green for me Mary!!
    The other combinations are awesome too.

  16. I like all the color combinations! I can’t choose. Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. Soft suede, pretty peacock and so saffron is my favorite.

  18. Coastal cabana, terracotta tile, crumb cake

  19. Susan Madison

    I love bright colors. So it’s Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick and Granny Apple Green for me!

  20. Really like Coastal Cabana, Terracotta Tile, Crumb Cake Combo; soft buy pretty. Really enjoy your color combos! Thanks Mary!

  21. Virginia E Seward

    My favorite is also gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick and granny apple green.

  22. Carrie Purkis

    thanks for the fun combinations. coastal cabana, terracotta, and crumb cake looks like a refreshing summer combination.

  23. Oooh- I love the bright:

    Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick and Granny Apple Green

  24. My favorite is Coastal Cabana Terracotta Tile and Crumb Cake.

  25. I really appreciated this color combo inspiration today as I was trying to case a card and couldn’t figure out the color combo that was used. I stamped all of these out on paper and while they were all nice combos I like the gorgeous grape/lovely lipstick/granny apple green combo the best. Amazing how close in color the lovely lipstick is to the melon mambo – which is a bit lighter. Thank you for doing this ! I am a visual learner and this really helped !

  26. Gorgeous grape ?
    Lovely lipstick ?
    Granny Apple ?

  27. Judy Ernst-Hopp

    I think I like the vibrant colors of gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick, & granny apple green. So cheery!

    Hope you are having fun times in Greece!

    Thanks for sharing the color combos.

    Safe and fun travels!

  28. I like the first shown combo of Blueberry Bushel, Pear Pizazz, and Terracotta Tile because it’s summery, but not super bright. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these pretty color combos!

  29. Love the Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick, and Granny Apple Green Combo!

  30. I like #4 – but all are wonderful combinations. Would be very nice to see them in a card, hint, hint

  31. My favorite is Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick and Granny Apple Green. Many Thanks, Mary!

  32. Love the color combinations! Enjoy your trip.

  33. Erica Forland

    Hi Mary,
    I love that you give ideas for color combinations. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Love the blueberry, pear, and terra-cotta, but wouldn’t mind seeing all of them done up; hint, hint.

  35. Mary M. in Michigan

    Oh, for crying out loud, Mary! You want us to pick just one?! They’re all beautiful! I guess if I have to pick ONE, it would be the first combo, although the second one is a strong second.

  36. Georgia Tuttle

    My favorite combo has to be Blueberry Bushel-Pear Pizzaz-Terricota. They are all special by themselves so putting them together is a big WOW!

  37. Janet VanLeeuwen

    Gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick and granny apple green is a really fun combination.

  38. Coastal Cabana, terra-cotta tile, crumb cake ❤️ This combo!

  39. I have always been a fan of the brights and love the combination of a green and purple together. Lovely lipstick is such pretty shade and will work great with either.

  40. I always love to save color combinations for a quick reference. My favorite of these is the Gorgeous Grape, Lovely Lipstick and Granny Apple Green. Enjoy your day!

  41. Beth Deninger

    I love the first combination! So summery and elegant!

  42. Good morning

    I would like to become a hobby demonstrator I would like to know how to do it. Tks

  43. Blueberry Bushel, Pear Pizzaz, and Terracotta Tile! Thanks!

  44. Terri Broeckert

    5th one!

  45. Lynda Tennant

    I like coastal cabana, terracotta tile and crumb cake together. I see possibilities for ANY stamp set, sea and landscapes, florals, and so much more. Going to have to get right on it!

  46. Peacock, Sea Foam, and Flirty Flamingo is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Mary my favourite is gorgeous grape, lovely lipstick and granny apple green

  48. Fran Faulkner

    Thank you so much for sharing these Mary, my favorite is Blueberry Bushel, Pear Pizzazz and Terracotta Tile.

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