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For those of you who follow me on my Stampin’ Pretty Facebook page, you know that it has been a challenging but exciting week.  Progress!  This is how My Stampin’ Studio looked the night before last.  It’s quite a process unpacking, sorting, purging and finding the perfect place for everything.  Fortunately, I had a pretty good plan when I first scribbled out a design 8 weeks ago!

The counters were installed this week so I could finally start moving in.  Love the warm brick brown laiminate  (Pionite Phoenix AT391 Suede).  Easy to keep clean as well!


Even the Murphy bed (Wilding Wallbeds) is now installed in my closet.  It will disappear behind bi-fold doors but is a great back up spot for visiting guests–especially since I swooped bedroom #3 for my studio!

Todd, my carpenter, found the perfect solution to keep my DVD style stamp cases perfectly lined up.  He cut a block of pine as a “back stop” for each bookcase shelf.  Neat as a pin.  This OCD gal is smilin’!

THE NEXT BIG THING will be the electrician hooking up the undercabinet lighting (as well as a special lighted shelf for taking photos) later this week.  I wish I could wave a magic want and have it all done.  However, I’m optimistic that I’ll finally be able to create in this space this weekend!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!



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  1. Mary your room is so beautiful. I can see you spending hours creating. It so relaxing. The colors are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing. I have been away for the past two weeks so I have a lot of email to go through. My sister was very ill and she passed away on Tuesday and her funeral was yesterday Saturday March 1, 2014.
    I am so happy for you. Hugs, and Happy Stamping. Ellen Hinds

  2. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    It’s lookin’ WAY good, Mary! What a terrific space for creating!!!

  3. Beautiful room Mary! I love love love organizing craft rooms and this picture makes me want to go re organize my own! : ) Sometimes to me organizing my stash is as much fun as creating itself! I couldn’t have a Murphy bed in my room though. Too tempting to craft all night and crash right there! LOL. Congratulations on your new space.

  4. My ocd is green with envy… Enjoy you fabulous room.

  5. I’m drooling with envy over your creative space. It’s fabulous!

  6. What a great room. Very nice design and I love the Murphy Bed in the closet. Will keep that in mind for future use myself.

  7. what a lovely space you are one lucky lady for sure……congratulations.

  8. So happy for you, Mary! I think you have really great taste!

  9. Carol Carriveau

    WOW….looking fabulous!!!! And everything everyone else said….

  10. Its a pre-loved home. About 20 years old, free standing townhouse style. My studio used to be a 1st floor bedroom as well as a home theater.

  11. Hi Kelly . . . I really love the Sherwin Williams Contented paint color with the off white cabinets. Very soothing. Thanks! M

  12. its approximately 18 x 11ish, not including the closet.

  13. Very Nice! May I ask what size this room is? It looks much larger than my spare bedroom!

  14. I love the colors you chose. I could see these in my kitchen.

  15. Wow MsMary , love it , so neat looking , we can’t wait !!!
    Thanks for sharing ,
    Hugs , with a deep breath !!
    Frenchie ,

  16. Wow Mary….this is great. I have purchased from Brett twice now. Love his work and my punches, ink pads, re-inkers and markers are so nicely stored away in all those cubby holes. I can’t wait to see your photography shelf. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing with us Mary. You’ll be stamping away soon!

  17. It is looking terrific, Mary! Am so excited for you! WooHoo!

  18. Mary, U’re room looks fabulous. I love the white cabinets n cream floor combination!!!! The laminate color looks very rich n elegant. Great design choices! Love it!!!

  19. Your evolution of your room is exciting to watch go from concept, progress, and anxiously waiting to be done, as you are too! Did you move into a pre-loved home? Or is this a new home?

  20. Mary Lou Glick

    What a beautiful space, Mary! I can imagine how excited you are now that it is getting closer to reality!

  21. Maggie Morton

    BEAUTIFUL …. can’t wait to see it completed!

  22. Wow, what a great space for creating! Lucky you!

  23. What a great stamp room. I’m so happy for you.

  24. Oh my gosh, Mary! such an incredibly beautiful and inspiring new space you have! I’m SO jealous! Enjoy every moment spent in there! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Love the space! Can’t wait to see how you organize it. Love to get ideas from others organization. Must be thrilling to watch it all happen. The waiting would be hard. Oh for a magic wand. : )

  26. Almost there Mary. We will be waiting for great projects from that beautiful studio.

  27. You are a lucky duck Mary! Beautiful and so well planned.

  28. Your studio is beautiful. So happy for you! : )

  29. I have been to the window ledge a couple times, Kadie. However, Im feeling like Im close to being able to use the space. Thats a big motivation! M

  30. Looking fabulous Mary, I love the hide away bed, what a great idea! The other thing I love is the storage racks for your Card Stock, that is an amazing addition to your craft space because it’s incorporated into the design of the room. I bet you can’t wait till you are finally completely installed so you can start enjoying this beautiful room. I can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  31. It’s really coming along. I am soooo jealous, but I will put that to good use by, yet again, reorganizing my own spaces(s). My problem is that the the “stuff” seems to take on a life if its own and moves into lots of other spaces. But the Murphy bed idea is a great one. Pure Mary Fish genius. Thanks for sharing as the project goes along.

  32. Looks fabulous! I can’t wait to get into my space! Cabinets here on 3-10! Love your countertop color too. Very rich looking.

  33. Great Progress Mary. Can only image your ready to tear your fingernails out. Hang in there girlfriend………You are almost to the end. Can’t wait to see it first hand.

  34. Nancy Farrell

    Mary, what great progress. Slow and steady. Looking fabulous!! 🙂

  35. Kathy Rittler

    Fantastic room and a crafters dream! You have such good ideas.

  36. Hi Dorothy: The mattress needs to be 12″ or less to work with the frame. I found the foam mattress (on-line) through Walmart. So comfortable and very reasonably priced (free shipping, too). It comes rolled and compressed but filled out quickly when the vacuum packaging was removed. M

  37. Wonderful Mary…may I ask which mattress model you chose? Is shipping expensive? This is a nice option for a sleeping area for a guest.

  38. Denise Murdoch-Smith

    My what a fabulous craft studio you must be itching to get crafting!!


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