New Video! Ribbon & Embossing Powder Storage Ideas!


It's been awhile since you visited My Ultimate Stamping Zone.  Today's video takes you on a tour to see some recent improvements that are both affordable and will make your own stamping space simply dreamy.

Stampin up stampinup pretty order online organization stamp space ribbon embossing powders holder storage
Here's my new addition, the Clip It Up! Ribbon Organizer by Simply Renee.  You should be able to find these little darlings with a google search!  Liz Hughes of my Stampin' Pretty Pals shared this idea with me! 

Stampin up stampinup pretty order online organization stamps space ribbon embossing powder holder storage
Kindra Delaney, also of my Stampin' Pretty Pals shared this clever idea for holding Stampin' Emboss Powders.  It's a Keurig K-Cup Spinning Carousel.  I was almost instantly "enabled" (the hazard of being around creative, passionate stampers)!  I love that the Stampin' Up! Heat Tool tucks right in, ready to go!  I purchased mine through Bed, Bath & Beyond for $24.99 (don't forget your BB&B coupon)!


TAKE THE FULL TOUR!  Here's the link to more craft storage and organization ideas from the original video tour of my Stampin' Pretty Ultimate Stamping Zone.

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  1. I really like your craft room. And I like you little dog. I have a 120 pound 6 year old Bernese Mountain dog and I always find hairs on my projects even though he can’t come upstairs.
    I live about 10 minutes from the nearest IKEA! Yeah! I bought myself an expedit shelving unit, the biggest one . I love it, and now my room is so organised I can even see my desk.

  2. Great idea!

  3. Oh WOW!! is that a spice rack holding the embossing powder? How clever, it looks real pretty and it can hold the heat tool too, amazing!!!!!

  4. Hi Eveline . . . I keep a lint roller in my stamping space to not only pick up bits of glitter and embossing powder but little hairs left behind by Isabel and Sasha (our cat). Hugs, M

  5. I have the same ribbon organizer, and I love it. Your stamping zone is drool-worthy!

  6. Just love your craft room…I am still working on mine…you have given me some great ideas….

  7. Great ideas! I love that ribbon holder.

  8. WOW Mary – When can I come over to PLAY? Next time Jack an I go down for coffee on Oracle, I’m going the extra mile and heading to BBB and picking up one of those holders….AWESOME IDEA! Thanks for the tour and the peek at Isabel’s new bed-SO CUTE!

  9. spice rack or K-cup holder?

  10. Nicole Hubert

    On a previous post Mary said this was a k cup holder

  11. Hi Victoria . . . I updated the post for you with the details. It’s a Keurig K-Cup Spinning Carousel. I purchased it at Bed, Bath & Beyond ($24.99):

    Hugs, M

  12. Mary I made my Draw type K Cup holder into a workstation. I use the draw and put my embossing powders into the draw and them I put my heat gun on top in a stand to do my embossing. I will post a photo. I do have one on Pinterest but I need a better on. Thanks for sharing.

  13. ms Mary just love seeing your craft room, your just so neat !!! love your idea, I have one already for my k- cup machine , but now I’ll have to get another one for my powders,
    so neat looking , thanks for sharing ,
    have a nice day
    hugs frenchie

  14. Mary,
    You are such an inspiration to me in whatever you do!

  15. meant you could use spice rack as well…that is what I did…and wall mounted…just never enough table work space….tried to order ribbon rack…yikes for two (on sale) the shipping was over $18.00…$40 for two shipping…

  16. I saw the k-cup holder idea last week and then found one at my local thrift store for $3.50. I was so excited. I am thinking about embossing circles & placing them on the lid tops to more easily see which powder is which.
    Thanks for your wonderful inspiration.

  17. I write the name in extra-fine Sharpie on the lid. Works well.

  18. I didn’t realize the heat tool would fit in the K-cup holder. That’s a GREAT suggestion. TFS.

  19. thanks for the ideas! (definitely need to take a trip to ikea now…)

  20. Mary, your space is just fabulous! Creative people always find new ways to repurpose tools, and we’re so lucky when they share. Thanks so much!

  21. Mary, Thanks for sharing your organization ideas with us! I am in the process of getting my craft room organized and this is very helpful. What is the name of the rods you use for your punches? I searched on IKEA but couldn’t find them. Thanks!

  22. Oh gosh. I really need something like this. My room is so disorganized. Thanks for the tips.

  23. Norma Woodward

    Love the Keurig K-cup idea for embossing powders and the ability to have the heat gun right there with them:)

  24. First off, I love your stamp studio, it’s amazing. Most importantly, I love the sweet compassion you have for your darling little pug girl….bless you for being so kind to her in her aging years….


  25. I have a small bedroom for my craft room, I need it have it organized like yours

  26. Maria . . . I don’t believe they are available on-line thru IKEA anymore. They are called Bygel rails and should be available at the stores (but call first). Very inexpensive (less than $5) and two sizes. M

  27. I love those ideas! Here is something I have a challenge with – how to store patterned paper. I have a paper rack and trying to figure out the best storage options for this type of paper – any ideas? I love your scrap book place!

  28. Love the organization, Mary….thanks for the ideas….I work in a much smaller area, but always need new ideas….Isabelle is such a little love bug!

  29. Just wondering if you were able to fit all the different sizes of Stampin Up ribbon on the ribbon organizer?

  30. Loved the video! That is not a Stamping Zone. It is Stamping Heaven! Love Isabel and her new bed. Thanks for including her.

  31. Love the organization….just great ideas. Love your little dog too! I have a cat that is old too and loves her little bed. Thank you so much for sharing!

  32. I probably could (but it would be close), Denise. I have a few doubles side by side in the lower organizer (36″) and there’s still room.

  33. Although Miss Isabel sleeps a lot, she still loves her belly rubs and walks. As long as she’s doing those two things, I know she’s feeling good!

  34. hi jenny . . .i have some tips on my link to the original tour of my stamping space. i use stackable 12 x 12 trays and put them on shelves inside the cabinet. they are pricey but last forever!

  35. Mary,
    Great ideas! I wish I could have you come and organize my craft room. I love the ribbon storage and the punch storage. Punches seem to be by downfall. They are hard to store.

  36. OMG the Keurig storage idea is awesome! I have one I’m not using. So ingenious! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Beautifully done!

  38. Love you ultimate crafting space. Your counter tops look very deep. Could you give me a dimension? Do you find that deep space helpful?

  39. how you gonna fit all that in your coffin?

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