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I didn't get time today to create a card so I thought I would share another delightful card and technique from Mike Funke . . . the guest stamper I had on my blog last week.  Remember this "Stamp By Your Man" post?  The reader response was so supportive of his card making talent, I thought I would share this card, too.

According to Mike, the technique for today's card "incorporates a brass stencil and moulding paste found in the oil
painting section of craft stores.  It comes in a jar and is the consistency of
frosting..  Please refrain from eating it – I was tempted!  You can also find it
in the brass stencil section called stencil paste.  It is available in colors,
but I opted to use white.  Position the stencil on your card stock and secure
using removable masking tape.  Apply the paste using a small putty knife in a
thin even layer and immediately – and carefully – remove the stencil and clean
with water.  Be careful to lift the stencil up carefully without sliding or you
will damage the image.  Let the impression dry for about 45 minutes to an hour."  What an amazing technique . . . even more fascinating in real life!

Mike also shared the following thank you for the mountain of comments he received on his guest stamper gig:

just wanted to thank everyone for all their encouragement and positive comments.
 It sure has inspired me to move forward in this group.  I was only intimidated
a little by all the creative people who blog and offer samples of
their incredible work."

Mike, it would be a privilege to have you as a member of My Stampin' Pretty Pals!  I'll be back to creating and blogging tomorrow for Stampin' Pretty . . . frankly, I can't wait!

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  1. Thanks, Mary, for sharing this great card and technique with us! Hope Mike will join Pretty Pals!

  2. I love the idea of this technique! Thanks Mike.

    PS. Mike, you need a blog. There has to be a way we can stalk you!

  3. Charlene Cichocki

    This is sometimes called embossing paste. It comes in different colors and the white you can color with chalks or some other color

  4. Terrific idea and execution Mike. Has me thinking that this technique might be interesting using the new Decor Stencil Kind Thoughts on a largish canvas or wood board like a grape drying tray. Then add other images or text and of course color. Hmmmm now where did I leave those grapes…..

    Time to blog Mike

    Hugs – Jean

  5. You have an amazing blog I have an award for you on my blog.

  6. Love those new techniques! Thank you Mike!

  7. Oooo….I’ve tried this technique before, but with a rose stencil, and added fine glitter on top! Oh yeah, and dropped a lil ink color to the paste, and my pink rose was very PRETTY!
    Nice card Mike!

  8. I love this technique. It keeps things fresh, and with so many brass stencils out there, the choices are endless! Good work Mike!

  9. I love this terrific technique but haven’t used it for awhile…………Think I will get out my stuff and try it again. Thanks for sharing with us Mike……..Pat

  10. Mary….Mike has done it again! Love the card and to boot he even did a technique. Mike some of us woman stampers cannot do techniques…do not think little of yourself. I cannot even get my husband to help me cut for swaps let alone stamp…be proud of yourself. You are a terrific stamper!

    Mary love your blog!

  11. colleen kramer

    Another example of simple, but stunning! Good for Mike to step outside his comfort zone and try a new technique! Looks like you are finding your own signature style!

  12. Awesome Mike. What a talented person you are. I have tried this technique and the results can be outstanding. You can also add glitter. The copper paste on black is breathtaking. Thanks Mary for sharing this card.

  13. Mike rocks! What a terrific technique and creative enthusiasm he brings to stamping!!

    Thanks for sharing him with us, Mary! 🙂


  14. Does Mike have a blog? I would love to add him to the list of blogs I stalk daily. 🙂

    He doesn’t have a blog at this point. However, I vote for him getting one, too! Hugs, Mary

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