SAVE 20%! Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 Pockets Are Back in Stock!

Save 20% with Totally Tiffany

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for – the Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 pockets that I store my dies and embellishments in (photos below) are available.  Tiffany has provided me with an exclusive code you can redeem for 20% off on Totally Tiffany products.  I do not benefit financially from your purchases thru Totally Tiffany.  I’m just excited that Tiffany gave me a code for you to stock up and save 20%!
Apply Coupon  MaryFTT20 at checkout!  Expires 03/06/2019!
Totally Tiffany Pocket Storage
Here’s the direct link where you can order the Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 pockets:  Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 Pockets.    You can see them in action in this video at about the 7 minute 15 second mark. 
Totally Tiffany Pocket Storage CloseUp
The 5 x 7 Magnet Cards I use for dies (inside the 5 x 7 pockets) are from Stamp-n-Storage and can be ordered here:  Magnet Cards. 

Magnet Card Storage Solutions

PLEASE NOTE:  I receive a small affiliate fee when you use my Stamp-n-Storage shopping links. However, I can’t say enough about how these quality products help me stay organized and highly recommend them.  

otally Tiffany Pocket Storage Embellishments

I also use the Totally Tiffany 5×7 Pockets to store my embellishments as shown in the photo above.  They tuck neatly inside a drawer where I can easily see and grab what I am looking for. 

Totally Tiffany Pockets in Drawer



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  1. Is there a reason for putting magnetic folders in bag? I have never had a die come off from the Stamping Storage die. Just wondering 😀

    • Sometimes the small ones can loosen or bump. It’s an insurance policy. I also like the pocket folders (Totally Tiffany) because they have tabs and make it easy to see and organize my dies. Hope this is helful, Adelle.

  2. how do you store your embossing folders?

  3. Hi Mary, thank you… I use these sleeves with the magnets also.. they are wonderful. I noticed that your labels have a nice frame around them.. I was wondering how you did that ( I am sure you use a labeler) but I don’t see how to do that.. also what size tape do you use?. I can not print two lines on the same label and I think it may have something to do with the tape size.. Thank you

  4. the 5 x 7 Totally Tiffany storage are out of stock.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE your organizational tips and pictures. It has inspired me to some organizing in my craft room! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cheryl Hamilton

    Be still my heart! Totally drooling over your craft room, Mary!

  7. Out of stock still

  8. Totally Tiffany sold out again so soon!

  9. Just went on Totally Tiffany website & it said 5×7 were sold out….do you sell them personally?

    • I don’t sell them personally. I’m just helping Tiffany out since I love the product and like to support small business! Please get on the waiting list and let’s hope more are available soon.

  10. Hi Mary, thank you.. I have used these along with the magnet cards for my dies… they are wonderful… but like others have already said, they are sold out already… I do have a question on your labels… I am sure you use a label maker but how did you get that nice black border around them and what size tape are you using … I can not get mine to print two lines…. and I think it might have something to do with the size of my tape… thank you…

  11. I tried to order these today as soon as I received the back in stock notification. Guess I was too late — they seem to be out of stock again. I’ll get on the wait list again.

  12. Michelle Eaton

    Hi Mary, I, too, was on the Wait List for months and at 3::15 PM, I tried to order 7 and it said ‘No’ can only order 5. Tried 5 and all
    gone…. WOW, they are poplar.. I saw how your dies were in them and thought how great… OH, well, more waiting. But, I thank you for your recommendation… One day, I will get them : )

  13. Mary,
    So Sad. They are already out of stock again. I have been on the waitlist for some time. I just cant seem to get in line quick enough to order them. I am patient though. I use several of her products for storage and love them. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Donata Pfisterer

    Thanks for the notice Mary. I have already place a hefty order and thanks for the coupon

  15. Mary, thank you for the link. What a wonderful storage item. I noted that you seem to have expandable wooden drawer dividers. Might I ask the source for them please? I am rapidly running out of closet space in my apartment and dresser drawers will be called into service soon. Thanks so much for any reply, and for all you share so readily.

  16. Dang!!! I was so excited to get the notice that they were available that I’ve already placed my HUGE order! Can’t wait to get them and reorganize my thinlits & framelits. Thank you Mary!

  17. Hi Mary,
    Where is video that showed us how you use the Totally Tiffany 5×7 envelopes? I can’t seem to find it.

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