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stampin up holiday christmas sweater tag mary fish stampin pretty

Drat–My Christmas Sweater Holiday Tag didn’t win.   I created it as a name tag for the Tacky Tag Contest at the World Card Making Day event I attended in Atlanta this past weekend.  I didn’t even earn a “tacky” honorable mention for the jangling (obnoxious) silver bell or my “It’s all about ME” sentiment (what could be tackier than that bit of self-indulgence)!

Come on!  I thought a Christmas sweater would be a shoe-in for the judges–think of all the ugly Christmas sweater contests that pop up during the holidays!  However, much to my surprise no one agreed it was tacky.  As a matter of fact, the feedback on my rhinestone studded sweater dotted with Christmas trees was “that is SO cute.”  Sigh.  I can roll with that.  “Cute” is good.  Next year I plan sharpen my “tacky” skills.


  • The sweater was created using the onesie from Baby’s First Framelits Dies.

stampin up holiday tag mary fish stampin pretty

  • The “lanyard” is a piece of the 1/8″ Striped Ribbon (Garden Green) in the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog.
  • The mini Christmas trees are from the Square Pillow Box Thinlits Dies, on the list of My Favorite Things from the holiday catalog.
  • “Me” was cropped from Red Glimmer Paper and was pirated from the word “merry” in the Christmas Greetings Thinlits Dies.

Stampin Pretty Red Tulip 120 x 120

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  1. I have to agree that that tag is adorable! Love the sweater and how you decorated it! The “It’s all about me” sentiment (and I’m guessing you used the first part of “merry” – clever!!) is also a great idea. Doing a Christmas sweater for the tacky challenge was a good idea, though…

  2. Oh my GOD I am so CASEing this for my Christmas cards this year!! ☺️ Brilliant!

  3. Definitely not tachy — LOVE this!

  4. I agree with the people in Atlanta, not tacky at all – cute as a button! Better luck next year!

  5. What did win for the tackiest? I think your sweater should have at least got a honorable mention. It is so cute and clever.

  6. Mary, your tag is so adorable. And yes, you don’t have a tackiness in you at all, so you were at an instant disadvantage. However, given the fact that Brian always steals the show, even HE didn’t win. Mis-matched colors, stripes with dots, and lots of fibers hanging down for the next one and who knows? You might start a new trend. Love this one though….it’s just darling.

  7. Awwwww, MsMary how could you not win it !! It’s beautiful, just like you !!!
    Love it !!!!
    Hugs Frenchie,

  8. You don’t do “tacky” Mary, but your replica of an ugly sweater contest is SPOT ON! Great tag, bummer it didn’t win.

  9. December Caswell

    Mary, so clever and yes, CUTE! I love your creativity!

  10. Too fun! Really enjoying your comments!

  11. Deborah Atkinson

    Amazing. It is just so stinkin’ cute. I don’t know how you always come up with the most adorable stuff.

  12. I cannot believe you didn’t win! This is fabulous! You are so creative.

  13. Sorry Mary. It’s just plain too cute. Great idea though!

  14. I simply LOVE your sweater tag! I think it is adorable and just as cute as can be. What a CLEVER idea. I just love the things you come up with!

  15. I think I have one just like it in the back of my closet. I loved my Christmas sweaters and could hardly wait until they were delivered to the store to pick out the ‘special’ one. I think I still have them. Anyway, loved your tag. You’re going to have to go a long way to get tacky.

  16. Bwahahaha! Awesome story, Mary! And yes…your sweater is cute…on the tag! lol

  17. I guess I would have to admit Mary, it’s not so tacky, it’s quite cute! I love the sweater tag, but I saw Brian King’s tacky tag and it was a perfect tacky tag, but so cute. You are so creative! I wish I could climb inside your brain and steal some of your cleverness.

  18. Laurel Watkins

    I thought your tacky sweater was cute! The winners definitely brought tackiness to a whole other level (and I mean that in the nicest way!). It was such a fun idea!!

  19. I absolutely adore this “tacky” tag! LOVE IT!!!! This is why I follow you each and every day for the past several years! I love seeing your creations! 🙂

  20. cmcaskill2015

    Too honkin’ funny! I saw the tag winners on Brian’s post…I have to say yours is ‘cute’. There were some real tacky nametags…Brian’s was too! Glad you all had fun! Mary, I may copy this tag for our family party! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  21. I like the idea of mismatching colors . . . but I think just about every color goes together! I’ll have to ponder that!

  22. I’m with the group of other posters here. I don’t think you have “tacky” in you. If you attempt another tacky challenge, don’t match anything and add enough bling and fuzzy trim to blind and nauseate you! You still win with us; just not in the tacky category.

  23. Mary, I agree! Your ugly sweater tag is so cute! It would be a great tag to put on a gift that actually holds a sweater. Might make the gifted person hesitate to open it!

  24. You made my day by posting this really cute sweater and your sweet words to explain your tag. . You are so creative and inspiring.

  25. I’m excited by these comments and that you are finding a “special purpose” for my Christmas sweater!

  26. Oh Mary! I love your tag – in fact I will be CASEing it for my oldest daughter’s Christmas gift. She always makes fun of the Christmas sweaters I used to wear when I taught middle school.

  27. I understand why you didn’t win – the tag is just “too cute!” I love how creative you were with the sentiment! I wish I could have seen some of the tacky ones. HAHA. I don’t think with your CAS style, you have it in you!! Thanks for sharing!

  28. So cute! And my sister saud the same thing before I read the entire post, it was too nice to be tacky!

  29. Ha ha, they are right Mary. There is nothing tacky about this cutie!

  30. Stella Sieber

    Thanks for sharing! It is CUTE and very creative. I think points were deducted for color coordination and “pleasing to the eye”. The jingle bell embellishment may have been annoying, but the perfect accessory to your tag.
    For a couple of holiday gatherings in the past, guests must wear a tacky Christmas sweater, tie or socks. What fun to see what we have stored away in our closets from years gone by!

  31. I’m not sure about ‘tacky’…….but the over-the-top addition of the rhinestones really puts it up there. I honestly think it’s PRETTY FUN! Needless to say…….YOU get my vote. Glad you joined in and had fun!

  32. Thanks for your wonderful and supportive comments. I think I’ll eventually get over the loss (LOL). M

  33. Robbye Hamilton

    Your tag was one of my favorites. Was it “tacky” ? Perhaps in a cerebral way, but visually not so much. Alas, it wasn’t just cute, but adorably so.

  34. Your commentary was funny. That sweater really is cute.

  35. I was reading your post and laughed….I think your tag is cute and will be wearing my not so ugly Xmas sweater when I make it for my daughters-in-law’s Xmas tags laughing all the way…Love it!

  36. Carol Boronkas

    Cannot believe you didn’t win. I LOVE the tag and the sentiment.

  37. Nancy Farrell

    I think this tag is fantastic. I am sure it has opened the world up to many, many CASE cards. Using the onesie for a sweater is totally ingenious. Like . . . a masculine sweater on a BD card!
    Also, I’m a big fan of Boggle and Ruzzle games and I’m going to work on different words to make out of all the thinlits!

  38. Mary – your tag is perfection! You were at a disadvantage with the “tacky” contest, though. Not only did you look adorable with your tag, but your tag was hanging right next to your beautiful Silpada necklace – scene-stealer. 🙂

  39. The winners and other “competitors” were absolutely hilarious. They ranged from actual “tacks” on their tags to blinking lights with battery packs (yes, very “Snoopy’s dog house).”

  40. Oh Mary, no wonder your sweater tag didn’t win, it’s adorable!!! no way this tag will qualify as ”tacky”!!
    I wish I could see the winner of this contest.
    Better luck next year.

  41. You guys are so sweet. Thanks. I’m very open to suggestions to sharpen up my “tacky” for next year!

  42. LOL, even if you didn’twin the tacky award, it’s still a winner! What a cute idea!

  43. Oh my goodness, Mary! If there was a prize for most creative I think you would have won. This is adorable!!! Love it! Who would have thought to turn a onesie into a tacky (or cute) Christmas sweater?

  44. Carol Mitchell-Cusick

    Awesome idea and nicely done!

  45. Mary, I love your name tag, that is so cute!!

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