1 Minute to WOW! Video: How to Tie a Knot

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As I promised during yesterday’s post, today I’m sharing simple tips on how to tie a knot with ribbon.  Knots are definitely one of my favorite finishing touches on my paper crafting projects and having a neat and tidy one is essential!  I hope you learn a little something new!

Tame that ribbon!  Here’s my Tie a Pretty Bow Video Tutorial I from a previous post!

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  1. Thanks, Suzanne. My goal is to help make this craft easy and fun!

  2. Suzanne Angola

    Hi Mary thank you so much for your posts. Really appreciate you sharing your skills and knowledge as I am very much a novice to the world of card making.

  3. Hi Mary,
    again a big “Wow” to you… Thanks for this video – very helpful!

  4. Oh, Kadie . . . You have now enlightened me on the Lefty Lucy and Righty Tighty trick! Thanks!

  5. quick and easy! thanks 🙂

  6. It helps me to remember to do just the opposite of what I would do to close a jar. (For a jar I would LEFTY LUCY / RIGHTY TIGHTY) So that means I LEFTY TIGHTY and RIGHTY LUCY my ribbon. SORRY…..that’s how my brain works.

  7. Thanks, Maria! I think there are many people just getting introduced to the art of paper crafting and I want to be sure they have the basics, like tying knots and bows. Some of the tips help seasoned stampers take their craft up a notch, too!

  8. Thank you for this video Mary, I can see now that the trick is to pull only the left side of the ribbon for a perfectly flat little knot.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

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