Twilight Stampin’ Zone

SDC17018-1                     Husband, Scott, my favorite "racks and rails" guy!

There was encouraging progress on my Ultimate Stampin' Zone (craft room) today.  The cabinet guy arrived, tweaked a few things and will be replacing the "suspension" for my upper storage cabinets.  They should raise up and hold so that I can "have the shop open" when I'm working and "closed" when I'm not.  It's a neatnik thing on my part to keep things tucked away and organized.  

My husband, Scott (the "racks and rails guy" in the above photo), and I put up the Ikea Bygel rails for my punches last night (hence, the "twilight" in my title).  I made sure to have plenty of room for future additions.  This is one area I tend to underestimate so I got plenty.  The rails are still the best way I personally have found to have punches "ready for duty."  I have used them since the renovation of my original stamping zone. 

Note:  Ikea no longer ships the rails . . . you need to purchase them at one of their stores.  It's worth the trip.  The longest rails (39 1/4") are only $2.99 each (actually, I think they were on sale for $1.99 the day I was there–possibly still are).  The smaller ones (21 3/4") were $1.99 each.

James, my electrician, "rocks out" my undercabinet lighting.  Good lighting is essential.

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Today's game plan highlight:   I discovered a new system for DVD storage (clear mount stamps) that I'll get my "racks and rails" guy to install and am totally in love with (actually both the storage and the "racks and rails guy"–LOL).  Can't wait to show it off.

My orange tree is "expecting!" My juicer awaits!

While anxiously pacing during the completion of the electrical work and cabinets, I snapped a few shots of what's happening outdoors (my yard) in Tucson, Arizona. 

SDC16975-1 Mexican Bird of Paradise, the glory of summer flower color in AZ.

Bougainvillia.  These sweeties pack a powerful pink punch!

Love must be in the air.  Even the cactus are having babies!  I was so excited to see these little dudes in my potted cactus.

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  1. You are so lucky to live in such a warm state. I live in Canada, one hour away from Detroit, so you probably can guess what my weather is like. Can’t wait to see your room all done.

  2. Would love to have a craft room like yours. I’m trying to visualize the cabinets on suspension rails. I hear nothing but great reviews on using rails for punch storage, but I have a question. Doesn’t the wall get all marred from the punches? I’m like you Mary, I like order and a marked wall would bug me.

  3. charlene soco

    Hi! Your new room looks absolutely fabulous! I am using one of the spare rooms in our house for my crafting room and all my stuff in currently being stored in bins and boxes. I am hoping to some day have my dream room too =) Thanks for posting pictures because they are helping me get some ideas for the best way to organize my stuff

    Have a great day! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great space! I love how you have a view from your loft. And I am in love with your rails. I really need some but the only IKEA in our state is not even scheduled to open until the end of July. So I’ll just have to wait a little longer!

  5. LOVELY Pics Mary! Don’t you just LOVE living in Arizona. Never expecting so much color! Thanks for sharing!

  6. AWESOME Space, Mary! I can’t wait to see it complete! It’s coming together so fast! Maybe not fast enough for you! TFS! I’m getting ideas for my craft room (still a blank canvas).

  7. Donna Register

    Mary, I am in love your your new renov. I saw your punch rails in your former space and bought some also at IKEA. My friends saw them and purchased them too. Can’t wait to see what your idea is for the clear mount stamps! Love bougainvillia but watch out for those thorns. Hubby removed mine because he got scrapped everytime he mowed. Our oranges look like yours (FL). Yum, yum.

  8. I’m totally in awe of your new room. I’m trying really hard not to be jealous, ’cause green isn’t a nice shade for my face. The Mexican bird of paradise caused me to actually gasp aloud. Gorgeous!

  9. Wow! Your space is totally amazing! I have one question about your punch storage – how does it work with the new shape of the punches? Could you post a picture of them up there?

  10. Mary thanks for sharing you craft room makeover! I’m so excited to see the finished room and can hardly wait.
    I too use Ikea rails for my punches but mine are black and thicker than yours (I can’t remember the name of them but I don’t think they are available anymore from Ikea). The thing I like about mine is that there was a matching magnetic knife rail that was perfect for the smaller punches (corner rounder and small circles).
    How do you plan to store the smaller punches? Do they fit on your Ikea rails? If not how will you store them?

  11. The new cabinets are awesome. Looking forward to seeing the uppers “in action.”

  12. Your plants and new space look great!

  13. thank you for continuing to share….thru dust, laughter & broken parts; so worth the wait; I can only dream, but I do have a spactacular sewing room, thanks to hubby.

  14. Wow – that Mexican bird of paradise is amazing, Mary! I can’t wait to see what clear stamp case storage system you came up with

  15. Exciting to see a fellow stamper and Arizonian fix up there craft room. It’s so much fun. Keep the pictures coming. And ideas so we can all get better organized. We just picked all our ripe peaches and now the zucchini are ready. Love AZ. You will be glad U moved here.

  16. Michelle in VA.

    Oh….I love the pictures in the yard, Mary. Even though it is summer, I still miss my hometown! Can’t wait to see the punches mounted. Sure hope you bought more than the racks if you drove all the way to the Phoenix Ikea! Great progress, can’t wait to see the finished space.

  17. Thanks for the tours, inside & out! I have a friend in Prescott, AZ who reminds me so much of you, being another “Miss Organization”. I have her to thank for my joy of Stampin’ up!

  18. Laura Martinez

    Wow, aren’t you lucky to have such a large stamp room! Looks like spring is blooming for you in Tucson. I have family there, in fact, I am going next week to visit! Love all your tutorials and inspirations for cards. Keep them coming!

  19. Yes these posts have been fun to follow! I can’t wait to hear of your DVD storage discovery! Beautiful plants in the yard!

  20. You had such an awesome work area to begin with. I can’t wait to see what you finish with!!! How exciting!

  21. I’m wish I had a stamp room like yours:) Do you live in AZ I have a sister that lives in AZ? She has three orange trees and their so good right off the tree.

  22. tammy fletcher

    Oh Mary, the progress is exciting, thanks for sharing…love the flowers and cacti…so pretty.

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