Dusting Myself Off

SO MY DREAM of having an Ultimate Stamping Zone to organize and relish in throughout the night hit a few stumbling blocks. Did you notice a lull–LOL?  There were several issues with cabinets (drawer function, several of the hinges broken, one door the wrong size, missing the proper screws to install all the hardware, etc.) AND my wonderful installer (thanks, Mark) worked tirelessly until 10:00 p.m to finish (we fed him pizza and tipped him well).  By that point, I headed to bed.

TODAY I dust myself off, literally and figuratively.  I'm going to start cleaning the dust from the drawers, floors and counters and the cabinet store will be calling me to get the broken items repaired.  My electrician is coming to install the undercabinet lights and my husband will be in charge of installing rails and racks.  Normally, he is not allowed access to any tools (trust me, there's a history here involving a power drill, but I digress).  However, he excels in the "rails and racks" department and this keeps him involved in the project.

BEYOND THE DUST I have some touch up painting to do (it's still blue below my work area) and a little drywall work.  Chairs need to be purchased and, of course, I get to add decorative touches which will pull things together.  I'll continue to keep you posted.  The pieces are in place but there's still plenty to do to  make it "ultimate."

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