Dusting Myself Off

SO MY DREAM of having an Ultimate Stamping Zone to organize and relish in throughout the night hit a few stumbling blocks. Did you notice a lull–LOL?  There were several issues with cabinets (drawer function, several of the hinges broken, one door the wrong size, missing the proper screws to install all the hardware, etc.) AND my wonderful installer (thanks, Mark) worked tirelessly until 10:00 p.m to finish (we fed him pizza and tipped him well).  By that point, I headed to bed.

TODAY I dust myself off, literally and figuratively.  I’m going to start cleaning the dust from the drawers, floors and counters and the cabinet store will be calling me to get the broken items repaired.  My electrician is coming to install the undercabinet lights and my husband will be in charge of installing rails and racks.  Normally, he is not allowed access to any tools (trust me, there’s a history here involving a power drill, but I digress).  However, he excels in the “rails and racks” department and this keeps him involved in the project.

BEYOND THE DUST I have some touch up painting to do (it’s still blue below my work area) and a little drywall work.  Chairs need to be purchased and, of course, I get to add decorative touches which will pull things together.  I’ll continue to keep you posted.  The pieces are in place but there’s still plenty to do to  make it “ultimate.”

JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK for continuous photos and details of my Ultimate Stampin’ Zone progress. You can go to this link to my Facebook page and be sure to “like me” to stay notified when I post something new.  I’ll put the best pix and tips together into a single “Ultimate Stamping Zone” post on my Stampin’ Pretty blog for you soon!

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  1. Love it, I think the room is bigger than my house. Um, converting the entire house to scrapbooking and card making. It’s an idea

  2. Looks like a dream come true room!

  3. Oh how I would love to have a personal tour, but I will just to be happy to see it on my little laptop!! It is amazing and soo happy for you. What a dream come true!! Thank you for sharing this exciting adventure!!

  4. Thanks, Miss Kadie. You are such a wonderful support and friend. You’ll get the personal tour at our next lunch! Love having you nearby. Hugs, M

  5. Hi Paulette . . . I saw it, too. Very beautiful and Sooo Shelli! Her daughter’s space (Sarah D.) is in there, too! Hugs, M

  6. It already looks fabulous, but I know you have lots of touches to make it your own! You are going to be spending a lot more time in there!!

  7. The space is looking great. Bumps in the road are always frustrating.

  8. Wow…..awesome! Okay, so when is the next SU party?

  9. I’m drooling…

  10. It looks wonderful! I ‘m happy for you and envious for me. Mary, I truly admire your energy in getting things done.

  11. Ahhhhh! Need I say more! This is so fabulous! Ultimate is right! Congrats on your new space!

  12. You have a good sense of humor, Mary! The loft is coming together beautifully….can’t wait to see the creations coming from your inspiring view and organized space.

  13. Love the finish on all the cabinets! Absolutely adore the covered cabinets high on the walls! I could only hope in my wildest dreams for a space like this…Congratulations on a project well-planned and well deserved!

  14. Okay Mary – This post is probably one of the biggest reason I enjoy being friends with you…..You ALWAYS surround yourself with POSITIVE and you bring CALM to every step you take. YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND….and so does your new room. Can’t wait to get a formal tour-but will be happy for now to be seeing bits & pieces of what you have worked so hard to make come true over the last several month. Many CONGRATS Mary for finally having your dream studio! I’m seriously HAPPY FOR YOU!

  15. You are so very lucky to have such a beautif8l room. I don’t allow DH to use tools either. Although, he is excellent in hanging pictures.

  16. ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh, wooowwwww! How gorgeous. That mojo will be flying through the air in that creative space. Of course, we would expect nothing less from you Mary – you are the best 🙂

  17. Great space Mary. Judging by your last home, you will have this space sorted and organised in no time. And what inspiration you will have with that view!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Dani xoxox

  18. Oh, the tales of renovation! It’ll be well worth it. Thank you for including us in the project.

  19. How will you ever get any stamping done when you’ve got that be-a-uteeful view? Envious, Jill

  20. Gorgeous Mary! Can’t wait to see the finish touches! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us! Hugs, J

  21. i loved your stamping zone in your last house cant wait to see this new one. the ikea rails were great can’t wait to see how you are organizing the new and old punches. will you give us details of the things you have purchased for your new area. . .

  22. Shirley Kramer

    OOO, I am so envious!! I have a room, but in that room I have everybodys hand-me-down-no-longer-used cabinets, and shelves, and hutches. ENJOY that beautiful place Mary, and it’s so great that you can make it your own, starting from scratch!!
    Shirley K.

  23. I remember your gorgeous place in your old home…here’s to an equally gorgeous one at the new place. Sometimes the act of cleaning and clearing, getting things just where you want them is an art process in itself. Enjoy all the steps, Mary!

  24. Wow! That looks positively fabulous. Soooo jealous! Thanks for sharing your new room 🙂

  25. Wow, really starting to look like a fabulous and fun stamp zone! So glad you are letting us experience this journey with you! Have a great day!

  26. You have a gorgeous space. I’m sitting here very jealous but also dreaming of a space like that for my future.LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Beautiful Mary and so you! Speaking of literally and figuratively…you nailed it with ‘Stampin’ Pretty!’ I love the view from your desk too. You are going to love being organized again. I can’t wait to see the finished room. Enjoy watching it come alive!

  28. OMG your so lucky can’t wait to see the final pics enjoy…

  29. You’ve sure got our attention!! Your space will be all yours in no time. Coincidentally, just yesterday I was browsing old issues of crafting magazines at the library & saw Shelli Gardner’s special stampin’ zone. Both are CAS!!

  30. Linda Ressetar

    OMG..I am drooling all over my keyboard !! what a great room ! the mojo will flow in there ! Can’t wait to see more !

  31. Marianne Griffin

    Looks great so far!! I loved following the work yesterday. And take my advice (I’m in the office furniture business) get yourself a good quality chair or two. Makes all the difference in the world! Not the cheap stuff that Office Max/Staples sells!! Can’t wait to see more!

  32. It is so much work but will be so worth it! My favorite part is your desk and that you can look out over the desert to the mountains – wowza!

  33. Lori Fodor, SU Beaverton, OR

    OMG….it’s lookin good. I wish I can come down and help you organize and put things away. I love doing that. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  34. Just hang in there – one day you’ll look back at all this chaos & laugh!
    It’s a gorgeous space!

  35. Looks great so far! Sorry you had the setbacks yesterday…sounds more than a little frustrating but you are handling it very well. I’m curious…are you going to stamp/create any of your “zone” decorations or did you have other things in mind? Have fun and thanks for sharing the pictures – love the updates! 🙂

  36. How gorgeous – enjoy putting the space back together and putting everything back to rights and in their respective homes. 🙂

  37. Can’t wait to see it all finished. I know it will be awesome!

  38. Looks beautiful!! Thanks for the posts. It is always fun to see how other crafter organize!!

  39. It’s looking good. I thought I had a nice place to stamp, but your area is shaping up to be FABULOUS! You are a lucky stamper.

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