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The Cat’s Out of the Bag!

As I hinted last Wednesday, there's a new family member in the Fish household.  After the recent heartbreak of losing our cat, Mozart, I was nudged by family members (my mother was more of a "shove") to consider another adult cat.  I was initially hesitant because I just couldn't fathom "replacing" Mozart.

We'll they had me at, "There are so many adult cats that need homes!"  We visited our local pet shelter and adopted an incredibly sweet, three year old female.  She has no pedigree but has all the markings of a Russian Blue (including the "mauve" footpads).  Not that we needed a special breed.  Frankly, we had never heard of a Russian Blue and only  noted it on her cage identification.  However, the "Russian" aspect was influencial in coming up with "Sasha" for her name. She seems to like it and typically comes from any part of the house if you call her.

Sasha gets credit for the rescue!  There's a new energy among my husband, daughter  and I.  Much of it is attributed to the playful, affectionate and quirky personality of this cat–a born entertainer.  She and Isabel (my pug) are getting along famously, too.

Again, many thanks for all the wonderful comments and kindness.  Here are more beautiful handmade cards that were sent to us after losing Mozart.  I treasure them.



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73 thoughts on “The Cat’s Out of the Bag!”

  1. Congrats on the beautiful new addition to your household. Aren’t adult cat adoptions wonderful? I was torn when I lost my beloved cat of 18 years and thought surely I want a kitten as you only get a kitten once every twenty years or so – but Mr.Kilmouski has more than made up for wanting a kitten! Adult cats “know what to do” and you can just get down to loving them, not training a baby! Hope you have lots of years with your new feline!

  2. We adopted a 3 year old kitty once and had her for another 10+ years. She was a ‘tortie’ and the best cat we ever had. I’m sure Sasha will be a beloved member of your family, too.

  3. Sasha’s gorgeous, Mary! I’m glad we both made the move. We are enjoying our new little Lucy, too and are told by friends that she sure looks like she’s got a lot of Maine Coon in her – she might be a big girl!

  4. Oh Mary, Sasha is beautiful! Wow! Congratulations on your new family member. 🙂 Enjoy her!

  5. Sasha is gorgeous and she is lucky to have you for her owners. She really hit the jackpot! So glad for the joy she is bringing you.

  6. Mary, big congrats on welcoming Sasha to her new home! She is gorgeous! So sorry about the loss of Mozart. I can sympathize with how tough it is, losing a cherished family member. They can never be replaced.

    My vet really put things in perspective for me last year. We had made the tough decision to put out almost 16 year-old shepherd mix, Bailey to rest last July. He was the last of our original “fab 5” (2 dogs, 3 cats). In November, a stray Schnauzer appeared on our front porch. We took him in and after trying to find his owners for over 2 1/2 months (with no success) we added him to our family. My vet told us that “maybe Bailey’s angel was showing him the way to his new family”. That stuck with me. I know Sasha will enjoy her new home with you! Big hugs! 🙂

  7. Mary, Sasha is beautiful. And, she sure is a Russian Blue. They have such great attitudes; always playful and loving. But, you saved another life, I’m sure, by adopting one that needed you as much as you needed her. My friend in Chicago has a male Blue and when I visit, he spends all my vacation time with me, in my own bed at her house. It’s adorable. You will never forget Mozart, but the love of another will help you heal. Hugs and love to you all….

  8. So sorry to hear of Mozarts passing. While Sasha cannot replace Mozart – she will add new memories and give you much happiness I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your work during this time.

  9. Oh, how precious! Sasha is absolutely adorable! Thank you for saving another cat by sharing your life with her. I also appreciate the chance to see the beautiful array of cards you were sent during this time. Keep up the awesome work, Mary!

  10. She is absolutely beautiful !! I think her twin brother lives with me. I have a gorgeous, cuddly and loving 4 year old, male, named Chopin. He is so wonderful and looks so much like your new addition!!

  11. Mary, I am sorry for the loss of Mozart. It is never easy losing a pet.
    Your new cat looks just like my Nicki (who passed away 2 years ago). She was a very loving and cuddily cat, and I hope this new cat will fit right into your family and bring you lots of happiness.

  12. Mary –
    Congrats on the rescue – she’s blue-tiful! I don’t think I’ve seen a cat that coloring. Rescue animals are unique – I’ve rescued two airedales and they have a special place in our home and heart! They enter our lives for a reason…..
    Sasha is lucky to have you.

  13. Your new kitty is just beautiful. Congratulations for taking that step. You can never “replace” Mozart but Sasha will help to heal the hole in your heart. I lost a very dear pet 1 and a half years ago and would not get another until 7 months ago and now I wish I had not waited so long. Good luck and so very sorry for your loss.

  14. Congrats on the new love in your life Mary. Pets are such wonderful additions to a family. And sash seems like a perfect name for her.

  15. Good for you…owning a rescue. I took the plunge myself last year and have never regretted owning or beng owned by, my precious unknown breed Starr Kitty.

  16. What a beautiful new family member. I felt the same after my loss of Zoe that she could not be replaced. BUT after the kids attended ASPCA camp, we ended up with Boo. She will never replace Zoe, but is a joy to have around. I hope Sasha brings you and your family many new joys, entertainment and experiences. There is nothing like a good purrr. Congratulations!

  17. DEar Mary, You have my deepest sympathy on losing Mozart, He sounds like a wonderful cat.
    I lost my Irish Setter a long time ago It was very sad. We also lost our beautiful Bull dog named Katrina three years ago. She was killed right in front of our house in front of my daughter, Kelly. It was so terrible. It took us a year before we decided to adopt another Bull dog. Rosie has filled that void that was in our hearts and our home.
    Your beautiful new Sasha is beautiful Thank you so very much for sharing your personal life and your wonderful talent with all of us. We are all so much better for having you come into our homes everyday. Thank you and enjoy your beautiful Sasha.

  18. Sasha is just beautiful! We have a cat that looks just like her but is very small. She was a stray, but she sure looks like the Russian Blue. We named her “Moki” because she has a Smokey color to her and shortened it to Moki. She’s a very lovable cat and it looks like Sasha is fitting in very nicely.

  19. Sasha looks so happy in her new home! She is as lucky to have found you and you are to find her. 🙂

  20. What a beautiful cat. I am reminded of our beloved Tamie who we had to give away when we moved to Southern California ten years ago. I’m sure she will be spoiled and if Sasha hasn’t already, she will own the house, your lives and your hearts. Thanks for inviting us in and allowing us to see one of God’s beautiful creations.

  21. actually, the surrender papers for Sasha at the shelter indicated she didn’t get along with dogs . . . so she probably wouldn’t do well with a big dog or puppy. However, isabel is a “senior” (11 years old), moves kind of slow and her body language isn’t a threat to the cat. They both will curl up on our laps together (we introduced them slowly, however). Hugs, M

  22. Oh my, Sasha is GORGEOUS!!! My daughter, cat lover extrodinaire, pegged her as a Russian Blue or a Chartreux so she was right 🙂 Love the grey colouring and those eyes are stunning. Love that she is only three too – lots of wonderful years ahead – enjoy!

  23. Sorry for the loss of Mozart…

    Congratulations on your new cat! I opened this blog and gasped – I have a cat named Paisley that looks just like Sasha! He’s almost 9 mos. and very entertainingly (some times exasperatingly) wild! They bring so much to a family! Happiness to all of you!


  24. Love , love, love Russian Blues…. We have had one for a while, and she is just shy, and quiet, and lovely. Did you know they are bread with siamese? They do it to give them strength. So if she happens to be vocal… it for sure is the Siamese in her! And truly, nothing says home like a cat ! congratulations on making such a nice match!

  25. Sasha is beautiful! And so is your daughter. Or, is that you? I know what you mean about a “new energy” with a new furry addition to the household. Also about “replacing” cats who have passed on. I think they just succeed them, not replace them. Enjoy your new addition.

  26. Such a pretty cat! I love the pic with your daughter, too. What a sweet kitty – seems to have jumped right in as part of the family. Congratulations!

  27. Sasha is a fitting name for one beautiful cat – love her color which is perfectly accessorized with a pink collar~! Amazing thing about pets is that one never replaces the other but your heart always has room for one more. Mozart is smiling!

  28. Congrats on your new furry friend. She is beautiful and I’m sure she’ll provide many happy moments for you and your family. Her name is lovely. Enjoy her!

  29. Mary, what a pretty girl! Enjoy your new addition to the family! 🙂

    Julie Learned

  30. Mary, I lost my beloved ‘Smoat’, our 15 year old orange tabby, in October of last year. The void he left still resonates for me every day. We recently adopted ‘Cristabel’, a 1 1/2 – 2 year old adult cat. She is a dear and gets along well with the whole family, but she is not a replacement for Smoat. He was a part of the family for a long, long time.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Mozart, and I am happy that you have let an adult cat into your life. I wish you many years of happiness and good health with Sasha!

  31. Bless you for adopting an adult cat. We’ve adopted 2 adult kitties and they are truly extra-special.

  32. Hi Mary, I just happened upon your blog for the first time today and I adore your style (and I’m a cat lover as well by the way!). I see that you use a alot of Kraft cardstock as well and would love it if you considering joining in some of our Kraft cardstock related challenges at http://www.thekraftjournal.blogspot.com. This week’s challenge is “Cute as a Button”… Enjoy your weekend!

  33. thsnk you for sharing a Fish family moment; Sasha & the Fishs’ are blessed to have found each other; TFS

  34. Congratulations Mary! Sasha is one beautiful and lucky girl! I’m Mozart would approve!

  35. Congratulations, Mary! So glad you adopted an older cat. I love to hear those stories. Enjoy! She’s beautiful and looks very content. Jill

  36. Sasha is a beautiful kitty! Lovin’ her pink collar! I know she is loved and has a wonderful home! Congrats on your new addition to the Fish house!

  37. Congratulations on the newest family addition! Sasha is beautiful. She looks so soft and cuddly. Glad your puppy is getting along with her. My cat is still not happy with our puppy addition from June 2010 but she does keep the puppy in “line” and let’s him know she is the boss especially when he tries to give her puppy kisses. Oh, our puppy is much bigger than a pug since he is a Golden Retriever.

  38. Great Pictures! Sasha has a wonderful new family and home! Enjoy her, she’s lovely! Thank you for sharing

  39. Congrat’s on the addition to your family. I know how you felt about the “replacing” of Mozart. Just this week, I lost my faithful dog Polly. My other dog Abby is very lonely without her.
    Beautiful cards your friends have sent you.

  40. Mary, I am so happy for you and your family, including Sasha. We went through the same hesitancy after our salt and pepper mini shnauzer passed away this month five years ago. Two months later we had a new puppy to love and to remind us of all the reasons we loved our passed dog-child. It still amazes me how God allows our hearts to double our joys without sacrificing memories of those we loved. Hugs to all of you….

  41. Thank You Mary for sharing pics of Sasha. She is so beautiful – Can seriously see how you and your family fell in love. Also, the many cards that your follower friends sent to you are lovely. They do amazing work!

  42. Sasha is just a beautiful fur kitty. We have a Russian Blue, King, and just love him. I am sure you will find that she has a real regal attitude and a great personality. Enjoy. Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  43. Good morning, Mary: Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Sasha is beautiful and lucky to belong to you and I’m sure she will give you and your family many years of pleasure. Thanks so much for posting my card, as always I feel honored to be in such amazing company. Take care.

  44. Mary,

    My sincere sympathy on the loss of your dear Mozart. I am so happy to hear that you decided to get another and as your family said, there are so many adult cats that are in need of adoption/rescue.

    Sasha is an absolutely beautiful cat and just from the pictures, she looks like she fits in so well already! Congrats!


  45. Oh, Mary….she’s beautiful. She does look just like my little girl except mine has a white patch on the neck under her face. Coloring is just the same. I am happy for you. I couldn’t be without my cats. They are always waiting for me when I come home from work. Of course that may be because of the treats they know they will get when I walk in the door!

  46. Hi Mary……………..glad to see I’m not the only one up at this time of night (er…morning) Congrats on your new addition, she’s beautiful and your daughter is darling too! Thanks for always sharing your professional as well as your private life with all of us! We surely do appreciate you and all your wonderful ideas!!! 🙂

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