Big Kid on the Block

Have you ever stamped a solid image and it looked a bit uneven or splotchy?  Often it's caused by new rubber.  Here's a simple TIP on how to get your solid images to stamp their best from the very start.  Gently scuff your stamp rubber with a sanding block. 


I did a quick before and after of a stamp that had never been used (right) and then scuffed with a sanding block and re-stamped.  Got it?

TIP:  Sanding blocks act like magic erasers for quick clean-up of a rough edge, too.  I had a tiny imperfection on a punched circle which cleaned up neatly with a little friction from the blocks.  TIP: Stampin' Up! offers 2 blocks for $3.50, an inexpensive and versatile craft investment.

Hugs and Pretties, M

"The Envelope Please"  is a quick demonstration on how to jazz up your envelopes with designer paper.
"Background Check" puts it all together with today's card creation and and this week's Splitcoast Color Challenge. 


  1. as usual, a stunning card. i do SO love your layouts and your sense of color!! and am excited about jazzing up my envies, which you mentioned is coming soon. oh, loved reading your *interview* several days ago. a little peek into where you came from (real estate agent).
    blessings, jo ann.
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  2. love this card, every time you do a card I want that stamp :), but I must wait until new catalog. comes out :), Im sure by the time you are through Ill own every stamp 🙂 hee heee

  3. Hi Karren:

    Most of the time uneven inking is due to ink pooling on the rubber (an even greater issue with acrylics . . . although I think they have advantages, too). New rubber tends to pool more . . . hence, a little scuffing with the sand blocks tends to knock down the smooth texture.

    I’m not sure if I provided you with anything new . . . let me know if I’m not getting your “drift.”



  4. Thanks soooo much for the tip. I’ve had that problem a few times and wondered what to do about it. Maybe sometime you could talk about uneven inking. With some ink pads, I find that they ink stamps unevenly – sort of blotchy in some areas and not in others. Is there something we can do when this happens?

  5. I use my sanding blocks all the time but had no idea you could scuff stamps with them. I’m a newer demo who has just that problem. I can’t wait to share this new tip today at my workshop. Love your site. Visit it daily.

  6. colleen kramer

    You know, I’ve never heard of “conditioning” stamps before you use them…off to find my little sanding block…

  7. So glad to see that the crzy lady has her computer troubles fixed!! Thanks for the great tips!! Have a fabulous weekend!! Kelly

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