Crazed Woman Destroys Computer

No, I haven’t disappeared into the witness protection program . . . I’m alive and well.  At least, significantly better than yesterday.  I have had the misfortune of about 48 hours of technology nightmares.  Ever been there?  However, I believe (hope, pray, beg) that I’m over the computer catastrophe hump. No, I didn’t really destroy my computer but hope it will never disclose the language leveraged against it during its "failure to cooperate." 

Here’s what the fuss was about.  I am putting the finishing touches on a secure order form for my Stampin’ Up! customers which will allow them to submit their credit card information along with their on-line order in an encrypted and secure environment.  It will look essentially the same but have a little padlock in the address bar and a "badge" verifying that it’s a protected site. 

I’ll still personally review every order (to make sure you get all your freebies and specials) and forward a final total for approval.  However, the process will be even more secure, efficient and user-friendly.  I will continue to accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit or debit cards.  However, I will no longer be accepting American Express or PayPal.  It’s not cost effective for me to continue to offer them.

I intend to have the secure version on the site over the weekend.  The "old way" is still functioning.  I’m waiting for the new page to activate (or something like that).  Wish me luck.  I’m taking a breather to go do what I love . . . stamp up some cards and blog for all of you!

Hugs and Pretties . . . . Crazy Mary


  1. colleen kramer

    I was wondering where you were…AAAhh computers…classic love-hate relationship. Hope things are back on track!

  2. Kris . . . you are my favorite stalker 🙂

    Hugs, Auntie Mary

  3. Been there and understand completetly. How did we ever get so dependent on these darn machines?

    Good Luck and have a great weekend.

    Sheila in Houston

  4. Yeah! Can’t wait to see your next post and artwork. Been watching your site for anything new… KweenBee (Kris)

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