26 WOW! Picks from My Pals Stamping Community!

Today’s 26 paper crafting projects were designed by the talented members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Virtual Stamping Community.  Links to blogs or Pinterest have been provided (when available) for more details.

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-BrianKing-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinupJennifer Michalski | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-JackieBeers-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinupJackie Beers | More Details


Windy Ellard | More Details


Frenchie Hum

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Doreen Buckmore-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Doreen Buckmore | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Jean Marie-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Jean Marie Shumate 

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Peggy Noe-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Peggy Noe | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Lori Pinto-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Lori Pinto | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Debbie Mageed-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Debbie Mageed | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Nancy Farrell-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Nancy Farrell

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Mary Hanson-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Mary Hanson | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Tammy Beard-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinupTammy Beard | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Alexandra Jones-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Alexandra Jones | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Brian King-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Brian King | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Patti Macleith-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Patti MacLeith | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Linda Suarez-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Linda Suarez | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Lynn Hoyt-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Lynn Hoyt | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Jill Killeen-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Jill Killeen | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Beth McCullough-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Beth McCullough | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Jessica Raimondo-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Jessica Raimondo | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Jeanie Stark-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Jeanie Stark | More Details


Lisa Milligan | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Pamela Sadler-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Pamela Sadler | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Terry Betlewski-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinup

Terry Betlewski 


Su Mohr | More Details

pals-paper-crafting-card-ideas-Stesha Bloodhart-mary-fish-stampin-pretty-stampinupStesha Bloodhart | More Details


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Patti – a member of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community

I simply adore being part of the Pals and stretching my own creativity.

Michelle – a member of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community

Thanks for all you do for the Pals.  You provide exceptional leadership and rock solid business advice.

Ginger – a member of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community

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  1. Hi Mary what a great line up! several projects caught my eye, most had a link however one I was interested in more does not have anything but a picture. Do you by chance have more information on Terry Betlewski
    “t project? thank you again for the sharing of wonderful & fun ideas wow picks!

  2. Terry Betlewski

    Here are the instructions for the project I posted for a Lemon Cake in a Mug. I made the Origami Water Cup holder ( also known as a Diaper Fold) from a 7” square DSP. The cake mix is 1 box Lemon Cake and 1 box Angel food. Recipe is: 2 Tablespoons of water in the mug, add 3 Tablespoons of the mix. Microwave 45-60 minutes.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how differently the creations can be, even when two demonstrators use the same set. So much creativity and inspiration in one place. TFS.

  4. Wow! Love all the inspiration in these beautiful cards and projects. I’d love to get the recipe for the treat attached to Terry Betlewski’s entry. It looks like a fun stocking stuffer to make. Perhaps she’ll share it with us. Enjoy your day!

  5. Wow…so much talent and creativity! Thank you for the weekly parade!

    Hugs Frenchie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. Sandra K. Rowland

    Hi Mary, this weeks presentation is spectacular! This is the highlight of my crafting week, and you and your team have out-done yourselves. Thanks to all. PS: I have ordered the Dashing Deer bundle-it should arrive tomorrow-so that I can make this holiday season dear!!! You have provided so many beautiful examples that I had to have it!! Thanks and have a good week.

  8. Kadie Labadie

    What an AMAZING collection of Art by your Pals. They are SO TALENTED…….Thanks for sharing them with me.

  9. Nancy Farrell

    Good Morning Mary, and Pals,
    The cold has arrived and I’m looking forward to cozying up to some crafting today. These are a great source of inspiration, so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing and posting.
    Have a blessed day.

  10. Maria Rodriguez

    Beautiful and inspirational cards and projects from your amazing Pals, Mary, there is something for every season and occasion, I’m so grateful to you and all of them for sharing.

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