12 Month Calendar & FREE PDF!

I have a VERY special treat for you today!  This fabulous set of 12 handcrafted monthly calendars was created by and given to me by fellow stamper, Linda White.  Each month has artful details, oodles of cleverness and will dress up my desk space with panache!













Is your jaw dropping as well?  Linda has generously created a  FREE 12 MONTH CALENDAR PDF with supplies details.  If you have further questions or want to share your favorite month, please leave a comment below and Linda will respond.

CD CASE HOLDER TIP:  The calendars are sized to sit in a CD case holder.  Linda shared with me a website called calendar-case.com that sells the cases at $.99 a piece if you order 10.  The size of the case is 5.59in by 4.98in by 0.36in with the insert size of 5.4 x 4.642.

300 x 300 RedTulip

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  1. thanks for the update, Linda.

  2. Painter410 is up and running. Has both the 2015 & 2016 available.

    Be gentle – she just lost her Mom!

  3. I hope you consider making one for yourself again at a minimum.

  4. A couple of friends and I made these calendars for years- at least 15 sets or so to give as Christmas gifts….the hard part was when we stopped, because the recipients became accustomed to getting a new one every year. My Mom and some friends kept them all and re- use the past years’ by month when the calendar month matches up. I am toying with the idea of making them again.

  5. Per Linda: the gal who does the calendar print outs has them available now, she goes by painter410.

  6. I see someone already got back to you on Painter410 on E-Bay. Great lady to work with. Prompt and so sweet.

    Love the CD idea. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. I sure appreciate your response, Heather!

  8. Hello Denise, my mom is painter410, she’s been selling calendars on eBay but we’ve been out of town taking care of my Grandma. Toward the end of the week/beginning of next week she’ll have 2016 calendars available in many different sizes, including 8×8! Right now she’s catching up on 2015 orders, so if you’re interested in those feel free to message her through eBay for details on how to order them. Hope this helps! =)

  9. painter410 is my mother; we have been out of town for the last few months giving end-of-life care to my grandma. My grandma passed away right before Christmas, and there were a few things we had to take care of afterward. My mom is back now, and printing up calendars for 2015; she’ll have 2016 calendars available by the end of the week. Her 2015s are selling out fast right now, so if you don’t see any listed just contact her through eBay’s messaging for details =)

  10. My best suggestion, Denise, is to do a google search or try one of the addresses shared above for the smaller calendar!

  11. Denise Tretheway

    Hello Mary:
    I’m a fellow demo in Michigan and I follow your blog almost every day. You sure know how to keep me motivated and inspired! This calendar idea is wonderful! I’m thinking of making a calendar, but I’m not sure where to get them. I will probably make something in an 8×8 size, so am looking for somewhere to purchase the calendars. Do you know of an on-lite company that carries multiple sizes? Any info you can provide would help. Thanks so much!

    Denise Tretheway
    Swartz Creek, Michigan
    email: [email protected]

  12. A shout out to Jeanie – thanks for the links to the 2015 calendar. I purchased one from Etsy that was going to take A LOT of effort to modify – I did do 4 months before re-reading the comments. I can’t thank you enough – and Linda for the inspiration!!! Having so much fun!!

  13. Susan Wohlfert

    This is great and so beautiful, thank you for posting and sharing!

  14. What a great job you did! Thanks for sharing-I think I just might give it a whirl myself.

  15. Great job and beautiful calendar set. I love the June design because I love the beach. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Carol: Thanks for your comment. I’m “cray cray” about the watermelon but agree they are ALL wonderful! M

  17. Carol Carriveau

    Fabulous, ?Mary, what a great gift to receive….all designed with love for you! Hard to pick a favorite month….but love the Summer months. Thank you for sharing Linda’s cesativity and for the tips!

  18. Linda didn’t do a PDF for the last year’s (2014) calendar. However, here’s a link to more specifics that you can copy and paste: https://www.stampinpretty.com/2014/01/linda-whites-12-little-calendars-details-revealed.html

  19. I just love these calendars. Very original and pretty. Thanks for the tips you posted.

  20. Love this calendar set! It’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  21. This calendar is just beyond words to describe. I had to look at 2014 and it is just as wonderful. Did Linda do a pdf for 2014? Being as I have already downloaded 2015. NNow the hunt is on for the stamps. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing the calendar and PDF, Mary and Linda!! Such a great help. I can’t wait to make my own:)

  23. Cute calendar. And Mary, thank you for my daily stamping fix, even through the holidays

  24. Mary and Linda, you’re the best!!! My deepest appreciation goes to the wonderful ladies that had provided additional information to make it easier for all…you rock!!!

  25. Thanks for sharing, I very much appreciated it.

  26. I absolutely love this project! Thank you so much for providing the free PDF and all the details/resources to make the calendars!

  27. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Mary for sharing and Linda thank you for the PDF and the wonderful inspiration! I am going to make one of these for my Mom who lives in a nursing home as she will really appreciate this adorable calendar. Many Thanks!

  28. This is uncanny! I was just taking out stamp sets to make a few of these calendar sets. I ordered them last year when Linda sent you the first set. I made five of these sets in 2014 and I am so glad that I ordered the 2015 set. Thank you Linda for doing all the hard work for me to case. You are wonderful! Thank you Mary for sharing it with us. I’m off to the craft room.

  29. Ooooh what a beautiful set , great job. Tfs

  30. Thanks, Jeanie! This should help many!

  31. Linda has done it again, another great calendar set! After you shared Linda’s calendar set last year I contacted her sources and made several myself. They are SO fun and each one just a little different ( I struggle making anything the same way twice.) My biggest issue was not getting too many layers in each design. Linda has done a great job of using mostly stamped images and a limited number of layers. Thanks again Linda and Mary!

  32. Ginger Toivonen

    Love these cuties! TFS!

  33. Wow, this calendar is exceptional! Have you thought about making and selling them? I think there would be a long line! Linda, you did a fabulous job and Mary, thank you for showing off her talent! You two are the best!

  34. You can find FREE download for 2015 calendars here: http://321stamp.typepad.com/321_stamp_launching_creat/2014/06/its-2015-cd-calendar-time.html
    Also, I ordered my CD cases from the suggestion on her site and bought 50 for ~ 50 cents each. I made a bunch for Christmas gifts and sold others for $15 each.

  35. What a great idea…. thanks for sharing. I love your blog, I really get inspired by your post.

    Thank you Mary. Wish you a HAPPY New Year!

  36. The calendar is adorable. Also what wonderful ideas for cards for different seasons and holidays

  37. This is so cute! And it uses some of my favorite stamp images and colors! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous project with us. I will love making one too! Again, thank you!

  38. Thank you for the additional ideas! Woot!

  39. Thank you thank you Linda for your generosity in preparing such detailed instructions for these wonderful calendars! And to everyone else for sharing their input. I can’t wait to start making one of my own.

  40. Taylored Expressions sells 2.25″ X 3″ mini tear off calendar pads that would work perfectly with this project: http://www.tayloredexpressions.com/supplies/calendars/2015-mini-tear-off-calendar-set-of-10.html

  41. Etsy has several calendars for download. May have to modify. I downloaded one and will let you know how it turned out. LOVE this project!!

  42. Thanks for reminding me, Maria, to share last year’s link for more inspiration!

  43. For those that would like to see last year’s calendar that Linda White created, copy and paste this link: https://www.stampinpretty.com/2014/01/a-special-calendar-from-linda-white.html

  44. such a resourceful group!

  45. I have an excel worksheet that creates monthly calendars – if someone knows the actual dimensions of the calendar Mary used, I can create pdf sheets that can be printed and cut to apply to the base. I can also use specific fonts if someone has a preference and will also send a 2016 set.

  46. I am so excited about this project. I see Christmas gifts for next year for family members. I did a cut and paste of the months and pasted into a microsoft word document and printed the PDF file. I just need to see about the calander and order the CD’s and I am ready to go. Thanks Linda and Mary for the wonderful idea!

  47. Oh Mary, another beautiful calendar from Linda, just like last year’s, what a thoughtful gift.
    Thank you so much Linda for giving such amazing directions, this is a labor of LOVE!!!!!

  48. Linda Riesgraf

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this Mary. Wonderful creation Linda! I’ve seen CD calendars in the past but nothing that really made me want to make one. Now my head is swimming with ideas for starting on a batch of 2016 calendars if I can’t find the 2015 template in time. I love that you added colored cardstock for a background, and had cut-out parts in several of the months. Very fun, very colorful, and very creative. Thank you both!

  49. Thanks, Linda. If anyone finds an alternative on-line, feel free to post!

  50. When you get to ebay, go to my ebay and then in the search engine I type painter410. She has had a family member ill and I do not think she will have anymore 2015 calendars, If you scroll down and see some longer thin calendars, those are hers. She will hopefully be able to get 2016 calendars, just need to be patient!! She is going to let me know when she has them, so you could email her if you are interested! Hope that helps.

  51. You could just print the pictures from Mary’s blog, I only wrote down the directions!!

  52. Woo hoo! Linda is in the house. Thanks for your response, Linda!

  53. Would you please provide the link to the sellers site. I could not find her on eBay. Love the project.

  54. When you open the CD case you flip it backwards so it makes a stand up frame and then you just put the current month slips into the front that shows!!

  55. How beautiful is that! I usually don’t tackle projects this complicated, but Linda’s designs are so intriguing that I may just make one. Thanks for sharing, Mary!

  56. You essentially fold the CD case so that it sits up like a frame and the calendars sit within the lip. You change them each month.

  57. What a fantastic gift! A homemade gift is the best!

  58. Carol Cloutier

    Such an adorable project, you did a great job Linda.

  59. Sorry for any confusion, Helen. The pdf is a list for supplies used to create the project.

  60. I am puzzled, I clicked on the PDF and got the directions, but no calendar or pictures for the months. Was hoping to print the 2015 calendar, but nada, but the directions…what am I doing wrong???

  61. This is SERIOUSLY my kind of 3-D project. What a darling little project and amazing gift. Way to KICK-OFF the New Year my friend. Many THANKS to Linda for sharing.

  62. Linda your calendars are fabulous but can you explain more about the CD case? Do you store the set in them and take out only the current month?

  63. This is fabulous! I was just thinking on making a calendar set and here it is :).

  64. How delish…Love this as an idea…and I may change a couple of things to “Aussie” it up a bit too. Thanks so much for generously providing a tutorial ooxx

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