A Special Calendar from Linda White


Sometimes a handmade papercrafting project arrives in the mail that drops me in my tracks!  Linda White surprised me with this remarkable calender she created.  It sits on my desk and I'll have the fun of anticipating a new look each month–each being an incredible work of art. 


I love that each month gets propped up in a CD holder for easy viewing on my desk.  Simple idea!


I'm in awe of the clever details, like the snowman's belly, the fluffy Easter bunny tails and the googlie eyes on the Halloween spider.  Which month is your favorite?  Share it with a comment below.











GOT QUESTIONS?  If you have specific questions about Linda's project, please leave a comment and I'll ask her to leave an answer for you.



Dates: January 11-February 10, 2014

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Paper Hugs...Mary

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  1. Just a little date in this game. I think that this is so adorable. Starting to think about Christmas 2015 for all the nieces and nephews. Did Linda ever send or post the measurements?
    Would love to follow her, such great ideas

  2. Marcia in Virginia

    I love the them all but the little August snail makes me giggle, so that is my favorite. Can you tell us where to get the calendar template and the cool CD holder? The ones I have don’t work very well.

  3. Loved the calendar. All the featured months are beautiful. I would also like the instructions. This would be a nice gift that my nieces and nephews can make for their mother. Please post instructions. Thank you!!!

  4. Brenda, let me know if you want to purchase one, that is all I have left!! They are $20 plus $5 shipping. My email is [email protected]

  5. I had a difficult time finding the calendars. I finally got in touch with Painter 410. The first set of calendars was sold out, but she did put up another set of 2014. That was very nice of her. Great little calendars! We’ll have fun making these cuties! (They’re on ebay)

  6. Love, Love, Love this calendar. Unfortunately, I have limited time and does Linda sell them or would she be interested in selling this calendar?

  7. Helen, I do have 2 calendars left, email me at [email protected] if you are still interested!

  8. This calendar makes for a great gift. I loved the way you created each month with such detail.

  9. Kim, I do have 2 calendars left, I am asking $20 plus shipping. If you are interested, let me know. My email is [email protected]

  10. Very cute, thanks for sharing. Please let me know if instructions are posted anywhere. Love your aligator card with the foil medallion too.

  11. Carol Carriveau

    Amazing job and the best calendar ideas that I’ve ever enjoyed….Linda, you are an amazingly creative person…thank you for sharing with us, Mary!

  12. Cindy in MN said...

    What a great project! Linda you are so creative. Thank you Mary for sharing this with us. I too would love instructions. Especially for the little details that might be missed! I think I like June best – because it is pink and so bright and happy! Makes me think of my Granddaughters. Really though there is something to like about all of them. Great Job! Good luck with your painting project!

  13. I would love to make one as well, if she could give us a tutorial, it will be great!!! Thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful art work!!!!

  14. Mary, This is a great calendar that Linda Made. I would also love the directions. Linda you did a fantastic job on this monthly calendar. Good Job. Ellen Hinds

  15. What a fabulous gift! I would also love to get the instructions. I will be stalking your blog waiting patiently…. Thank you Linda!

  16. Is this for sale? I would definitely buy a set from her

  17. I agree with Crystal. I would gladly pay for the directions for this project.

  18. Crystal French

    I have made several of these calendars (that fit in CD cases) in past years and they are well-loved gifts! I must say, however, that Linda’s version is superior to mine (I just stamped on each calendar page vs. the layers and details that Linda has creatively added for this one). Since I also know how much effort goes into a project like this I think Linda deserves to get some recompensation for any written instructions she provides – I will say I would
    certainly be willing to pay her for them! Thanks for sharing this wonderful rendition!

  19. Julia Fried-Devine

    I would love to know website where you can purchase the clear CD type cases for the calendar too.
    Thank you,

  20. Mindi Webster

    This is fantastic! Can’t wait for Linda’s response!

  21. Who wouldn’t love to have this desk calendar! I would appreciate receiving instructions, please! Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  22. When I made these calendars, I created a word document, chose my font, consulted calendars, and typed them up myself, printed them out on cardstock, and then stamped, embellished, etc.

  23. I have a pretty good idea how much work they are- made lots of these in the past-she definitely deserves credit 🙂

  24. I used to make these calendars every year- like about 10 or 15 sets;smaller and made to put in magnetic frames for the fridge- everyone loved them and I got into big trouble when I stopped making them 🙂 These beautiful months are inspiring me to start making them again 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  25. Love them all (but especially July)! Such a great idea. Hope to see instructions soon and where to get the calendars. I’ll keep watching. Thanks Mary for sharing!

  26. This is so darn cute!! I love it – this was the first year I did not get my calendars done…. Can she share some measurement and where she got the actual calendar (font?) from?

    Thanks for sharing this was great!

  27. Love all the positive response! Linda is working on details but there is a LOT to these 12 calendars. She plans to share where she got the pre-printed calendars as well. They are inspiration and can be used however you want . . . but I suggest you credit Linda White 🙂

  28. I LOVE these calendars, and would love to get more information on these. This looks like a great project for our church ladies! Are we allowed to sell these as a fund raiser for our church? Diana

  29. Julie Learned

    Such a wonderful gift! Would love to know where she printed the calendar template from. Thanks for sharing this!

  30. Joye F Leslie

    Thank you for sharing this, would love to have the instructions to make this.

  31. What a fabulous gift………….WOW WOW WOW! I would love a print out of the calendar.

  32. Very cute and clever. Good size for desk too!

  33. Marion Wilkinson

    This is so cute, I love all the months. So dang creative. Thanks for sharing this with us. Would also love the instructions to make some of these.

  34. Hurray!!!!! Thank you Linda for taking a moment from the chaos you are going through to put our minds at ease about the directions on how to make this amazing project. I sympathize with you about the mess both with your remodeling and your craft room. Last summer we had a new roof and windows put in and my craft room had a ceiling repair and…..ohhh!! it was awful. But we thank you in advance for sharing instructions for this adorable calendar. We will patiently wait.

  35. Cant pick a favourite they are all fantastic! Would love a tutorial, happy to pay Linda! Thanks for sharing Mary..

  36. Thanks Mary for sharing this with us. Linda, your work is beautiful and neatly done. The calendar is great and I especially like the snowman, the bunnies and July’s flag, however every month brought a smile to my face! I too would love to have the instructions and information on the calendar. Would be interested in buying a completed one myself. Thanks again!!!

  37. Mary, I love Linda’s calendar, what a great job. I love each month. I really like the idea that it is a perfect size for a desk.
    I love the bug in the bottle that is adorable. I would love to have the directions. Thank You Linda for giving this great gift to mary. Mary thank you for sharing it with all of us. Happy Stamping. Ellen Hinds

  38. Marcia in Virginia

    Incredible idea! Love Linda’s creativity and your generosity Mary for sharing! I really hope she will be willing to share how to make one. This is the most usable, fun idea I have seen in a long time. Love it!

  39. What a beautiful calendar! Every month is like a breath of fresh air… so sweet! Awesome job! 🙂

  40. Love Love Love!!! I too am awaiting anxiously for Linda’s instructions as I really really want to try this 🙂

  41. Sharon Linenkugel

    Linda White – YOU ROCK !!!! Love your style and project 🙂

  42. Patti Anguiano

    Loved it so much. I would like the calendar template. What a creative person Linda is. TFS, Mary.

  43. It’s from a set called “A Tree for All Seasons”. The set has been retired for quite awhile.

  44. Woo hoo! So glad you found a moment, Linda, from your hectic day to reassure all your new fans that you will share the details for your calendar soon! Thanks!

  45. I love all of them, what a cute and fun idea!

  46. Hi everyone, this is Linda White and I must say I am feeling the love and I am ever so grateful to each and every one of your comments. I will get my stuff together and let you know what all I used. I will warn you that some of the punches, stamps, and papers are retired but you can easily change those out. We are in the middle of an entire house painting and changing our ceilings right now and my house is total chaos. My stamping room is usually total chaos also as I do not know how to make something without making a mess and I am having to move it all to get the room painted as the painter said no way was he touching all that stuff!!! Yes I have way too much!! So please hang on and I will get it together. I have a site for you to get the cd cases and also a gal who prints out the calendars (which is on stampin up whisper white paper). Once again, Thank you all so much. I was so excited to read all your comments!!!

  47. Love it. Is the base calendar a Stampin’ Up! product? My favorite month would be September, because I have always loved that retired stamp set.

  48. What a cute idea, love it!

  49. Linda–what an amazing job! I love the bunnies, the flag (good use of paper), the spider and the turkey. I am drawn to googlie-eyed critters! Love your work and thank you for sharing.

  50. I would love to have the directions for the calendar. You did an awesomer job!

  51. Linda is definitely feeling the love and is aware of how anxious you are for the printed calender information as well as the paper crafting supplies and details. Shell need some time to put this together for you 🙂 I appreciate your patience.

  52. Please…Please…Please…SHARE!!! Would love to have instructions! I have to have this!

  53. Linda, this is just adorable!! Mary, thank you for sharing with us. So cute!

  54. I would love to know the particulars as far as the sizes of the cards, etc. thank you

  55. Holy macaroni is this amazing!!! I am not a calendar person either but this is one I totally want. Since the trend seems to be picking out favorites… Easter is a top two. I got that stamp last year but got it too late to use for Easter and then August… What a brilliant way to use the jar! I never in a million years would have thought to tip it on the side to catch summer critters. I love them all though!! She must be so proud of her creativity. I bet you literally really did stop in your tracks.

  56. Patti Dawkins

    Linda is a dear friend of mine I have known for about 40 years! She has gifted me with her calendars many times, and I am so blessed! It really is MY FAVORITE THING! I LOVE changing out the months and admiring her detailed work on each month. She has always been so talented with her crafting, and I encourage her to go into business or teach! Not all of us are so talented! Thanks Linda! You are awesome! Thanks Mary for the great job displaying the calendar to share with others!

  57. Positively adorable. Would love the template and dimensions.

  58. I hope Linda is feeling the love! This calendar is fabulous!

  59. Forgot to add my question. Where did she get the month calendars? I have much of the SU supplies but would love to get a printable calendar. Thank you

  60. Linda did a wonderful job. What a great way to use all of our SU products. Like others would like a link to her blog for directions.

  61. I would like to know where she got the calendar template. Such a cute gift! I liked Jan best. I like snowmen – just would rather not get the snow!

  62. Mary,
    Love this calendar idea. Does she have a website to get some measurements and sizing. Also where does she find her calendars.

  63. All I can say is ADORABLE! Like the others looking forward to a tutorial. Thanks Mary for sharing this cute calendar.

  64. Just typed in my comments, but when I went to “Preview”, it was all gone. What did I do wrong, Mary? Anyway, I just love Linda’s project and can’t wait to receive the instructions. Thank you so very much for sharing, Mary.

  65. These are adorable. Would love instructions too!!

  66. Love the little cottontail bunnies for April. And I get to be post #100!

  67. Yay! 99 posts so far. Please count me in as inspired and impressed! Looking forward to Linda’s instructions. Thanks so much!!

  68. Absolutely adorable! My favorites include the August button snail and November’s turkey. I’d love to try and make one of these — someday… Thanks for sharing Mary!

  69. Love, love, love it. Can’t wait to get the instructions. What a wonderful gift. Does anyone know what the name of the September stamp is? Trying to pull out what I think I will need so that I am ready 🙂 but don’t think I have that one.

  70. Ooo, my nice , love them all !!
    Tfs, hugs frenchie

  71. Would love the instructions for the calendar!
    This is great!

  72. This is such a cute project, I love it. I’m overjoyed that Linda is going to share the instructions. My favorite month is April, love the butterfly and it’s also my mother’s birthday month. Thanks so much for sharing this Mary.

  73. I adore the calandar. Can you share the calandar template?

  74. WOW!, this truly a very special “Gift From the Heart”

  75. so sweet – really tough to decide – i think Aug and Nov both made me smile the most – beautiful job Linda – you can see the talent and perfection in all the details…

  76. What an awesome project!!!!! Linda, well done 🙂

  77. Mary, I love the calendar and thank you so much for sharing it with us! I would love to know where she got the calendar template. It is the prefect size for a teacher gift, too.

  78. Oh, and April is my favorite. I am a sucker for little white bunny rabbit tails (just not in my yard!!!).

  79. Beverly Brownell

    So Adorable! I couldn’t choose a favorite month as they all are so fun! I hope to get instructions and the calendar print outs. I want to duplicate this right now! Nice job Linda White! Thanks for sharing your gift Mary. 🙂

  80. Wow – really spectacular. So much talent in The Pals!

  81. Chris R. from Iowa

    I have a stand up calendar that I make but just have not had the time or inspiration to make it this year. Using one of my favorite sets like Linda did, I think I can get some of my Button Buddies on a page before January is gone. I am sure I can find a calendar that would work on line someplace. I like the simplicity of the designs as they are the stars. I tend to overembelish and much it up! I hope Linda provides us with more guidance too. Thanks Mary for sharing Linda’s talents with us!

  82. Virginia Tracy

    I have to agree. This calendar is great. I too would like instructions and yo know where to get the calendar template.

  83. Love it! Love it! Love it! What a special project that would be. And the idea of fitting into a CD case is really clever.

  84. This is THE cutest thing I have ever seen…and so practical, too!! LOVE it!! I have GOT to make one as well! I can’t wait for the instructions!! Thank you for sharing this work of art, Mary!!

  85. Adorable! I actually had instructions, at least on sizing and the template from a project I did years ago. Now I’ll have to comb through my archives to see if I can locate them! Or wait until Linda is kind enough to share with us 😉 Great project!

  86. Norma Woodward

    Linda did a great job on this calendar. Love each month, especially July:). I have the same question everyone has, instructions please and where did she get the calendar? Also, does she have a blog so we can follow her?

  87. Marilyn C Stiles

    Would love instructions for this calendar. Thank you. Very cute.

  88. Mary-Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful project!! I just love coming to your blog each day to see what new and innovative ideas that you and others have come up with. Linda has done a lovely job with all of the colors and themes for each month. I especially LOVE the Sept. and Oct. designs. It would be wonderful to have the steps or dimensions for this beautiful project (as well as the steps for making the cute little calendar). Please do share my appreciation for her project.

  89. This is absolutely darling. I would love to know how she did it, and if she has a blog that I can go for more inspiration. Thank you Mary.


    Tell Linda thanks for showing us the fabulous calendar. Great way to use up scraps of DSP.
    Debbie White, Canada

  91. She did an amazing job! Where did she get the calendars?

  92. Mary what a wonderful idea each month has such a cute idea- would love the tutorial great project for our group!thank you for sharing Linda’s gift- let her know just how well it was recieved!
    Alyse D

  93. What a beautiful gift Linda sent you, Mary! Thank you so much for sharing with us. All the months are so unique, it’s hard to pick a favorite but I would choose January as I’m partial to snowmen! If Linda is sharing where she got the template for the calendar, I would love to have it.

  94. Love love LOVE!!!!!! Adding my request for instructions. Would gladly purchase tutorial.

  95. Linda, you’ve got a smash hit on your hands! Enjoy the spotlight!!

  96. This is amazing! Count me in as one more fan who would love to know where she got that calendar. It’s hard to pick a favorite month, but March and July have an edge. PLEASE post instruction 🙂

  97. Cathy from Illinois

    What a wonderful calendar and full of great ideas!!

  98. Maggie Minnich

    How adorable! I think my favorite month is May because of the butterfly! Such a wonderful idea and gift.

  99. Oh, I came back to see if Linda had posted the instructions for this awesome calendar, I hope she does because I have never seen anything like it. I will be patient and just wait, thank you Mary for sharing this with us, and thank you Linda for sharing it too.

  100. GREAT project! Thanks for sharing it.

  101. This is so fabulous! Love the way Linda has done each and every month.

  102. Patricia Gessner

    Really love this. Would like to try to make one if instructions are available.

  103. What a wonderful gift to receive. You certainly have some wonderfully creative friends.

  104. The BEST Calendar Ever!! I’m not usually a fan of the calendars that are out ther because I don’t like the way most have to be used. This is not only super cute in all of the pages, but I really like the idea of the CD case for display and using it. I love the little snail in the jar for August!

  105. Debra Echelmeyer

    Wow, I am not a calendar person but would love to make these for gifts.

  106. Marilyn Brown

    This calendar is SO cute! I would love to have the Calendar template. I would be happy to pay for a tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Can’t pick a favorite month.

  107. OMGosh! This is so doggone adorable! I LOVE it!!! I have the same questions as so many others, and I know she is going to get around to reading these comments . . . Does Linda have a blog? Could we get written instructions/a tutorial on how to make the calendar? Better yet, would she be willing to make me one and sell it to me? I cannot pick a favorite month, but I especially love the January snowman and July. That is just awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, Linda and Mary!

  108. This is so cute. Gotta know where to get the calendars and the holder. Etc.

  109. That is absolutely adorable! I would love to have the instructions as well.

  110. So Simple, so classic … so perfect … I would love to have instructions

  111. Yupper, adorable and would love the instructions when Linda has time. Thanks so much for sharing your project with us! A-MA-ZING!

  112. Wendy T in Indiana

    They are ALL so cute…maybe the April bunnies are my favorite? Definitely would like a link to the calendars to print them out, then I could copy her darling ideas!

  113. Hey, Mary. First, Thank you for sharing your talents with us, You are my Go-To site everyday. It’s hard to decide which month I like best, but April with the Bunny tails or July with the American flag. Love them all. Second, Thank you Linda for also sharing your creativity, these calendars are amazing and I would also love to have the instructions. I can see these as magnets for my 86 year old Mother’s refrigerator, and as gifts for our Stampin’ Up group projects. You are wonderful.

  114. Anne-Marie Marcoux

    All the pages are beautiful. The April page is so adorable !!!

  115. Thanks for all your sharing. I like July and April. All are cute though.

  116. WOW! Talk about creativity! Linda has it all. How wonderful to make this for you Mary and for you to share it with all your readers. I think everyone of us would love to have the instructions for this.

  117. Thanks for sharing her amazing creative talent, Best Calendar I’ve seen. This would make a nice for someone special, and I see she chose well. Blessings

  118. I loved the month of August. What a surprise the snail was!

  119. I cannot pick a favorite. Each month is ADORABLE! Would love to have the template for the calendar. Thanks for sharing:)

  120. Fabulous! Now I know what to give next year for my adult nephews/nieces! I too would like the instructions! Thanks for sharing!

  121. What a wonderful idea! Linda is very, very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  122. Love it. Can’t wait to get instructions. It is just adorable.

  123. Each month is cute but August is my favorite. Clever the way the canning jar is flipped on it’s side. So much detail on each of the months. Great job.

  124. So innovative. Just love it. Hope she gives the instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  125. Best calendar idea I’ve seen. August is my favorite month… but they are all so cute! I’m looking forward to finding out where the calendars came from. Thanks for sharing with us!

  126. I just love January. Can we have information on how to get the calendar printouts? Such a great gift.

  127. I’m in awe of the talented people you associate with Mary Fish!! I love this calendar! I can’t wait to see the details.

  128. Mary, thanks so much for sharing your gift with us! Linda did an awesome job!!! Love each and every one, the snail in the jar is precious and the bunny tails are adorable!!! What a wonderful gift!

  129. Oh, hooray, I just read the post saying Linda would share the “how to’s” for this beautifully crafted calendar. I liked every single month, but I think August is my favorite because it reminds me of my grandchildren with their bug jars. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.

  130. Yvette Prosser

    Love the calendar. It’s all the details that make it adorable! I couldn’t chose either. Great project!

  131. Just gorgeous!i would love to have the instructions to make some for gifts. I am having a luncheon for some friends and I would love to make one for each of my guests as a small table gift. Thank tou Linda and Mary , I love your blog Mary !
    Regards from Australia

  132. Great idea, Linda…each page is so clever!!!! Mary is a lucky recipient. Thanks for sharing, Mary.

  133. What a great project! Would love to have the instructions, too!

  134. Linda is so wonderful. Shes in the middle of getting her home painted (I feel her pain and chaos since we moved yesterday and painting begins Tues.) but promised she will work out the details and post! Lucky us!

  135. Frankly, Im bananas about July. So clever how the patterned paper was used!

  136. Sonny Peterson

    Absolutely adorable . Reminds me of the frames I like to make for the seasons with each square decorated . Would love measurements ….she could sell these as a kit !! Love the rabbits …the snail …the owl …I have seen the calendars in the acrylic frames but, not this cute !!!

  137. These are so cute! January is my favorite as I love snowmen! Would love the instructions, too! These would make such wonderful gifts!

  138. This is so cute. I love all of them but April and August are just too cute!! You are a lucky recipient!

  139. Where may I get the calendars? These are adorable

  140. Such a clever idea. My favorites are April and August. I too would love the instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  141. ADORABLE calendar gift. I’m nuts over August. Great work Linda!

  142. Love it!! Would like to know where she got the calendar template.

  143. Roxanne Stried

    Wow..great idea! So cute. Would love instructions for this calendar. Thank you, Mary, for sharing this! Can’t pick a favorite…love all 12 months!!

  144. Carolyn Wagner

    Would love to know how to make these and where you can purchase the calendars

  145. OOHHH!!!!! this is amazing, adorable, fabulous!!!!! Each month is simply beautiful, I wonder where she got the calendar pages, I hope she replies to your email Mary, I too would love to know where did she get the pages for the calendar. LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!

  146. This is amazing! I, too, would like to have the calendar printout. I think her ideas for each month are fabulous! I don’t have ONE favorite, but the snail in the jar and the American flag are the two that stand out for me!

  147. Definitely July and August are my favs! Love the flag!

  148. What a GREAT idea. I would LOVE instructions.

  149. I couldn’t pick a favorite month, either…although I am partial to owls! It is the best calendar that I’ve seen! Great job!

  150. It’s so very, very cute, clever Linda

  151. As all of the comments above have set….ADORABLE!!! I rel WOWZER that would also be such a practical, wonderful and special gift! I too would love the instructions! It reminds me of a calendar that my Mom always purchased….she always loved the day that the new month would go in! Super post….

  152. Could not pick just one month as a favorite! Would love to buy tutorial! Thank You for sharing!

  153. SO CUTE!!!!!

  154. I dont believe she has a blog . . . but emailed her to follow the comments and questions. Please give her a little time to respond 🙂

    • I just found your website and love it. I would like instruction on the calendar as well. Where did you find the action calendar???

      Looking forward to receiving your newsletter.


  155. love it. would like instructions as well. Thanks. It you don’t have a blog, hope you get one.

  156. Love everything about it! I would love to make my own, maybe she would share instructions?

  157. I sent Linda an email this a.m. asking her to take a peek at the comments and share responses. I knew this would be a BIG hit. Another really cute thing . . . the owl for March flips up and a tiny shamrock is below. I love those little delights!

  158. Nancy Farrell

    Love them ALL. My favs are April & July. Beautiful gift Linda! Mary, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  159. So cute, would love to have instructions

  160. Love it. would love to have instructions.

  161. I’m not much of a calendar person, but this is such a great idea and absolutely adorable. Just the right size for an office desk.

    Great job, Linda!!

  162. Great calendar idea. Would love instructions.

  163. Such a cute calendar!! Does Linda have a blog where we can go and some awesome inspiration? I would love to get instructions on how to make the calendar.

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