How to Tie a Pretty Bow – New WOW! Video

Click on video above to watch How to Tie a Pretty Bow

I have shared several cards recently with ribbon bows (including yesterday’s card here – shown in the video).  At the request of several of you, I put together a new 1 Minute to WOW! Video Tutorial that shows how I tie a bow – especially easy using the yummy new 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon.  It will be available June 1 when the Stampin’ Up! 2017-2018 Annual Catalog begins.  Are you ready?  Click here to request a new catalog.

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  1. MsMary, I’m happy to see your one min videos, I miss them ,
    And you do such beautiful bows , but it don’t work for me ????I guess I should practice more , lol
    Hugs frenchie ♥️

  2. Love your one minute wow videos!!! thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for your tips, Mary. Tying bows is not easy for me. I need to practice using your tips..Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks, Mary
    I always have to futz, so I’m glad to know I’m in good company.

  5. Mary…as always, thank you for another wonderful tip! I have such a time with tying bows that I have pretty much given up & just tie a knot. I’m hoping to try again & have success! 🙂

    • Keep trying with the ribbon . . . I think the best tip I shared is that you will most likely need to futz with it a bit (well worth 10 more seconds)!

    • I, too, end up with knots because I can never get the bow to look just right. thanks for this video. Going to try one tonight!

  6. I really appreciate your feedback. I’m brushing up as well . . . the new annual catalog has an incredible selection of ribbon and I plan to get plenty!

  7. I have used this type of ribbon tying for a bow for quite some time. The lighter the ribbon the easier it is. Thanks for showing this video, it always best to get a refresher. Your one minute to wow series has been great! Learned a lot!

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