Video: Making the Most of the Big Shot

If there’s one “gotta-have-it” essential for paper crafters it’s the Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine!  I use mine in some way (cutting or embossing) on almost every card.  This Stampin’ Up! video tutorial offers tips and tricks plus new products that make getting great results with the Big Shot even easier.

Click on the photo image below to watch the Stampin’ Up! video.

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  1. Marilyn Mangano

    Can you buy the thin die adapter plate shown with the new platform {142802] ????? I have the original base plate that came with my big shot and also the magnetic one. It seems like I would be duplicating to buy the set as pictured. And if I do purchase the new set do I just toss my original one or can it be useful for other cutting????

    • The thin die adapter is not sold separately. The new platform has changed a bit . . . there’s a raised area down the middle that seems to help get more consistent results with embossing and some of the die cuts. If what you have works, no need to change, Marilyn. I find the new platform/adapter, work better for me (I’m always look for easier and cleaner results).

  2. Happy to help, Clancey. From the bottom to top: Magnetic Platform, Acrylic Cutting Plate, card stock, die facing down (ridge side down), 2nd Acrylic plate. If you find it’s not cutting through thoroughly, you can add a piece of copy paper to create a little more tension. Go slowly and don’t force it.

  3. Clancey Mitchell

    just started using Big Shot and the magnetic platform. I am confused. I use all of the types of dies…just received and need help.
    too much stuff on you tube without a definitive instruction for “newbies”
    What is correct way to place dies on the magnetic platform?
    ….place cutting sheet…then does the die go blade down or blade up?
    I’m seeing both on tutorials… don’t want to damage the platform.
    Clancey Mitchell

  4. Loralee Parish

    Can the new Precision Base Plate be used with the old style Big Shot Platform?

  5. Mal Lynch, Melbourne, Australia

    Thank you Mary for posting that video. Did answer a few queries I had.

    Mal Melbourne Australia

  6. I love my Big Shot!

  7. The adapter is part of the reengineered multipurpose platform. Better performance in my opinion. However, if what you are doing works well, stick with it.

  8. Hi Mary,
    I’m just wondering why we now need an adapter plate for the framelits dies?

  9. Kadie in Arizona

    THANKS Mary for sharing this great SU video. I did purchase the new platform and I LOVE IT. Thought it wasn’t going to make any big difference…..MAN I WAS MISTAKEN. Totally worth investing in. Worth every single penny!!!!

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