NEW! 1 Minute to WOW! Deco Labels Frame



Please click video above to watch!

Exactly as I promised on yesterday’s post, I have a new 1 Minute to WOW Video Tutorial for you today.  I’m sharing my best tips on creating the Deco Labels Frame for the card below and open the door for so many ways to create frames with different framelit combinations!

I CHERISH YOUR FEEDBACK!  Please let me know what you think about or learned from the video with a comment below!  Thanks.


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  1. Nancy Farrell

    Hi again, Mary, yes I’m so happy seeing more of you. I haven’t the slightest idea of the work that goes I to a video! I know we all LOVE them! Thanks so, so, much!

  2. What a fabulous frame idea. Very nifty!

  3. Mary, never thought of trying to burnish out the framelit marks. Thanks for the tip.

  4. What fun to read your kind and inspirational comments about the video! Thank you!

  5. Mary, as always, love your videos, creations and tips. I had never thought of using the bone folder to burnish out those little pesky marks. Great idea! Thanks for sharing and I love love love the card!

  6. Judy Gielniak

    LOVED the tips for smoothing out the ridges/embossing edge with the bone folder! I too thought it was a circle on top of the deco framelit….GREAT idea to make it a frame! YOU think of the coolest stuff! TFS! I always enjoy your WOW videos, short and sweet!

  7. Mary, Your site is always such a joy to see. I love how you take the time to explain to allof us how you do things.
    Thank you fior the great tips on combining your framlets. I never would have thought about that. I also love your tip on the burshing. Great video. I also enjoy your music,I really understand why you chose to stop the bells and whistles and sounds. I am glad to get more videos from you. Happy stamping, Hugs, Ellen Hinds

  8. So glad you joined the stamping world, Parker. It’s exciting to hear your enthusiasm and I’m thrilled to be a resource!

  9. I am new to your site. At being a month old here, I so appreciate your being my teacher of how to make wonderful “wow” cards. The card shown today, I thought it was a white circle punch-out on top of the deco, but it isn’t, and that makes it even better. The saying that two minds are better than one certainly always come into play at your site. I thank you very much for sharing. While typing this I had something come to mind of using the dies as an outline for scoring. Hmmmm I hope this is good inspiration.

  10. Thanks, Carol, for taking the time to leave me another kind comment . . . I treasure them all!

  11. Carol Carriveau

    Always appreciate your videos, Mary! This is a very sweet and special card! I will definitely try your burnishing the ‘rings’ from the framelits!

  12. I hope anyone who gives the burnishing (on the piercing mat) a try reports back. I think it really helps!

  13. If there’s one thing I love to “push the envelope” on, it’s color. Thanks, Marty!

  14. Thanks, Jen. The ring was purchased on the Stampin’ Up! cruise last spring. It spoke to me!

  15. Love your blog and really enjoyed today’s tip on burnishing. Will give it a try. Thanks!

  16. Marty Childers

    Thanks Mary for the great tip. I know some people don’t let things like that marking of the cardstock bother them. I am not one of them. I wish that I was!!! I am glad to know that I am not the only one. Sometimes I feel like it is a flaw to be so picky. Also you are my go to girl for your awesome color choices. Some colors I would never think of putting together but you always have great taste! I so appreciate your newsletters and videos.

  17. Mary, as always, your videos are so helpful and I love learning new tricks of the trade. But I couldn’t help but focus on your beautiful ring on your right hand- its gorgeous! As pretty as your cards!!!

  18. Thanks, Mary–that was a great tip about removing the embossing from the framelit. I’ll have to try that.
    Hugs, D.

  19. MsMary you fooled me I though it was a white circle, lol ! Aaahhh , now I get it !!!
    Tfs , great idea about the bond folder,
    Hugs Frenchie,

  20. Thanks so much for the video and tip on removing the marks from the framelits!

  21. Great tip on how to create all kinds of frames, gosh!! I never thought about that, I too will go and play around with my dies, I bet I can get many awesome frames out of them.
    Thank you for sharing Mary.

    PS. I too missed the music, but I understand the reason you opted out of it, Woo Hoo!! more videos!!!

  22. Vicki, the options are endless . . . circles, squares, ovals, mix and match . . .

  23. Hee!hee! I, too, was like, “where’s the music?” That just sets the tone for something WOW to occur. But totally understand why you opted out of it. I have also read on some blogs how some women don’t appreciate the music as they are watching at night after kids go to bed. I am thankful for the time you do take to make videos – sometimes seeing something visually is easier for me to grasp.

  24. Thank you for showing me how to burnish out the embossed image!!! I never thought to check what framelits go with other ones to create frames!! I will be playing with all of them soon to see what kind of frames I can make.

  25. Just remember when you burnish, do the back side with the most pressure (but careful not to tear) and very lightly on the front just to flatten. If you apply to much pressure on the front, it can get a sheen that you may not want.

  26. Hi Nancy: For the time being, I have opted to keep my videos as simple as possible. Less time producing them (music, bells and whistles) means more time to shoot them and share. I hope that makes sense and it’s the reason why you are seeing more videos from me lately! Hugs, M

  27. You are my Queen of all things WOW Friend. LOVE this framelit die and appreciate the great tip on how to take out the embossing left behind when you die-cut out this framelit.

  28. Nancy Farrell

    Good Morning Mary. Where did your signature music go? This was a very nice video. I too thought it was a white circle on the die. This gives it an added texture. I can’t wait to try the burnishing away of my cutting pads. Another great idea.

  29. Hi Barbara: You should only be cutting one piece of card stock or designer series paper at a time with framelits dies. If you have a little magnetic pull that is causing the dies to shift, I simply flip over the cutting plates to a new side and wipe them with my hand to knock down any “static.” Hope that helps. M

  30. Good idea to save paper. I obviously had not looked closely enough and thought that you had simple layered a circle on top of the label.

    I recently received my magnetic platform and started using it. Liking to be efficient, I cut multiple pieces at once. I ad some problems with some of the dies wanting to reposition especially nearer to the edges. Do you have any suggestions about this? It seems more likely when two framelits are closer to one another.

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