Why the Stamparatus Is a MUST-HAVE!

WATCH THIS MUST SEE VIDEO – 5 Things to Know About the Stamparatus

The Stamparatus will be available for purchase in the Stampin’ Up! 2018 Annual Catalog, starting June 1.

Why do YOU need a Stamparatus?

  • Make multiples with ease
  • Consistently stamp crisp, clean images
  • If you want a darker impression (or to fill in a “missed spot”), apply more ink and re-stamp—no need to start over
  • Make fewer mistakes, saving time and money
  • Easily create 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step stamped images using reversible plates
  • Develop new and specialized stamping techniques with adjustable stamping plates and precision placement

Product details:

  • Compatible with Stampin’ Up!’s red rubber and photopolymer stamps
  • Foam mat to use with photopolymer stamps
  • Rulers and gridlines for quick measuring
  • The Stamparatus measures 8″ X 8″ X 7/8″
  • 2 open sides so you can stamp on larger paper
  • 2 reversible plates: a total of 4 surfaces to work with
  • 2 magnets to hold the paper in place
  • Magnet storage underneath the Stamparatus.
  • Retail Price–$49.00 plus shipping and sales tax.
Tips from Stampin’ Up!
  • Different things will work for different people. 
  • By the hinges, there is a gap between the plate and the platform of the Stamparatus. If you are stamping near these edges, you may need to push a bit harder (the plates are flexible, so pressure can be applied).
  • Press over the stamp itself and not just on the edge of the plate.
  • Turn the card around so the image you want to make is in the middle rather than against the edge (in other words, you can leave the paper edged up in the corner but stamp the corner that is now in the middle of the tool).
  • Move the card/paper closer to the middle and use a magnet to hold it in place (one magnet is all you need).
  • Try using a shim to lift up the card to the level of the plate.  I like to add our Silicone Craft Sheet (#127853) with Photopolymer stamps  as a shim and for added “give.”

Stamparatus Learning Library.  See Stamparatus video demonstrations & tips below:

Video #1 Precision Placement

Video #2 Aligning with Red Rubber Stamps

Video #3 Creating Patterns with the Hinge-Step Technique

Video #4 Stamping on Pre-Die Cut Pieces

Video #5 Stamparatus Magnets

Video #6 Stamparatus Pressure

Video #7 Stamparatus Basics

My Stamparatus Tips Part 1:  Layer a Sentiment

My Stamparatus Tips Part 2:  Emboss in Color

My Stamparatus Tips Part 3:  2-Step Stamping

My Stamparatus Tips Part 4:  Magnet Pad

Download the Stamparatus flyer

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