Stamparatus Video: Better Stamping By the Hinge

In today’s video, I highlight the fabulous features and benefits (including “hinge benefits”) of the Stampin’ Up! Stamparatus (#146276) stamp positioning tool. 

I also share a “must-see” tip in the video on how to boost your ink coverage results when stamping with photopolymer stamps closer to the hinge of the Stamparatus.  In the top image above,  I used the Stamparatus with the foam pad to stamp the photopolymer dragonfly on card stock placed in the top right corner near the hinge.  The bottom dragonfly image shows the improved ink coverage when the Magnet Pad is added to the “sandwich” on top of the foam pad.   Each dragonfly was stamped only once.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Magnet Pad is 7 5/16″ square not 7 5/8″ square as I stated in the video.


Here’s a link to shop for more craft storage items through Stamp-n-Storage.  I use their storage for paper, punches, ink (love the combo for ink pads, markers and refills), ribbon and more.   Tour my craft studio for more organizational ideas.

Please note that when you use the links I share for shopping at Stamp-n-Storage, I receive a small affiliate commission.  However, I only recommend products I use personally use and believe will add value to my readers and customers crafting and organizational experience.

See more videos, ideas and tips on using the Stamparatus here.

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  1. After watching your video I ordered the magnetic sheet and had it sent to Orlando (I was heading to On Stage!) so I could take advantage of the free shipping (here in Canada the shipping would have been insane!).
    I haven’t really had time to play with it but I am wondering if you use the magnetic sheet every time you stamp….even with the clear mount stamps? Or do you just recommend using it with the photopolymer stamps?

    • I think the magnetic pad has the most effect when using photopolymer stamps, Sheri. However, I find it helps get better results (especially when paper is aligned with the hinges) with red rubber clear-mount, too (but without the foam pad that comes with the Stamparatus for photopolmer).

  2. Jennifer Crockett

    For those not in the US to get the Magnetic Pad from Stamp-n-Storage at an affordable price posted, there are a couple of options.
    For those that can get magnetic vent covers, cut down three sheets to fit the Stamparatus and use those.
    For people in Australia, buy from Officeworks one JD Burrows A4 magnetic sheet and cut that down to fit the Stamparatus. It is 1mm thick.

  3. Jennifer Crockett

    This magnetic pad would be perfect, but as I am in Australia, shipping is prohibitive ($50) so I need to find something local. What I would like to know is the thickness of the pad, please.

  4. Karen Goodfellow

    Thank you so much, Mary, for working with Stamp – n – Storage to get the magnet pad for Stamparatus with free shipping!

  5. Mary, I’d really like to order the magnetic mat for the stamparatus. When I went to check out, it was going to cost me over $36 to ship it to me in Canada! That is unacceptable—there is no need for the shipping cost to be that high!

    Is there another way for me to get it?

  6. Chris vanKoeverden

    Thanks Mary for the tip on magnet pad. I ordered! And it was more of a discount than you showed on your blog. Thank you!

    I love your tips and blogs.

  7. Thank you Mary for going the extra mile by contacting Stamp & Storage and helping to resolve this minor frustration of the Stamparatus!! I will be pre-ordering on the 1st!! One for me & one for my son!! I just gave him his Stamparatus for his birthday yesterday!! He was soooo excited!!

  8. What a great idea and much better than the other suggestions I have seen. I ordered mine and was really happy to see the free shipping. Thanks for a great idea!

  9. Very interesting. Had not seen the stamperatous but since I do a fair amount of multi layering it has some advantages. Will take a closer look at your site. TFS

  10. Mary,
    Thanks for the great tip! Looking forward to this becoming available.

  11. I love the Stamparatus as well. However, when you use the poly stamps and have to use the foam pad, you no longer have access to the grid below. If they decide to put a grid on the “magnet pad”, then I very well may get one. I have bemoaned the “lost” grid more than once lately!

    Thanks for all you do!

  12. Rachel Tessman

    Love it! Thanks Mary. I’m excited to give this a go. 🙂 And I appreciate your clear and concise explanation.

  13. Wouldn’t the regular magnet pads that come with the dies work also? I know they aren’t the larger size like the Magnet Pad being made, but am thinking they might also work?

    • The magnet sheets will work . . . however, you are limited on your stamping area which is why Stamp-n-Storage is offering one in 7 5/16″ square to fit! Inexpensive ($8.75) with free ship.

  14. Yesterday I used my Stamparatus for the first time, and I had precisely the same results as you indicated. I was disappointed. I will most definitely want to order that plate from you. I love the Washi tape hint for the magnets.

    • You have a few options . . . you can use a little wider piece of card stock in the corner and stamp further from the hinge or move your card stock away from the hinges. The Magnet Pad has made stamping in the corner the easiest for me.

  15. Celia Cawthon

    Alrighty then! I may get the Stamparatus after all. ??????

  16. Brilliant, Mary! What a great find! <3

  17. Stephanie H. Ryon

    Thanks for the great tips Mary.

  18. I pre-ordered one too? brilliant!

  19. Kadie in Arizona

    What a GREAT tip for using the Stamparatus. Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Brilliant tips! I preordered 2!

  21. Great! I preordered mine! Thanks for the video and suggestions

  22. Luanne tenHarmsel

    Thank you for addressing a problem with the stamparatus, working to find a solution and sharing it! Can’t wait to try the magnetic plate!

  23. Mary, This was a great video, I always learn so much from your site. I preordered the extra magnetic plate. Thank you so very much. Have a wonderful day. Ellen Hinds

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