Ready for the Ultimate Stamping Space Journey?

It started recently with the "peephole" in my ceiling above.  After much discussion, budgeting and planning, I decided to revamp my current stamping space into something much more efficient (more storage and counterspace, quick access), permanent (installed cabinets) and filled with fun organizational ideas. 

The picture above represents the first sign of light . . .  literally.  I wanted more natural light and have installed two 14" solar tubes in my stamping space (the loft was too dark).  Talk about "seeing the light!"  "Sky" (seriously, that's his name–how appropriate for a skylight guy) peeks through from my roof after the first full hole is cut.

I'll be using many of the ideas I learned from creating my original stamping zone and loft, PLUS introducing new ideas (many from readers) to make my Ultimate Stamping Space Journey complete.  Be ready to share advice as I'll look to you for input, too, along the way.  I still have plenty of decisions to make (paint colors or new ways to store ribbon, for example).  Ideas will be rolling while the dust flies on both on my Stampin' Pretty Blog and my Stampin' Pretty Facebook Fan PageSTAY TUNED.

Even Isabel (my very social pug) gets in on the action.  She's digging the brighter space. The noise sent our new kitty, Sasha, to a quiet reprieve in the tv chest. 


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