I’ve Been Double Tagged

I have been tagged twice over the last couple days and have a little extra time to play today.  Tagging requires sharing a few secrets and confessions about yourself in an attempt to "entertain"  and inform readers.  My responses may bring on a yawn but I'm going to be a sport and participate.

Tag #1 is from an incredibly talented stamper and a member of my Great Swap Girls Group, Cindy Lawrence of The Creative Closet.  She's listed on my Simply Divine Blogs and the author of the tr?s cool 4 x 4 envelope tutorial I'll be posting later today. 

The rules of the game: Each player answers questions about themselves. At the
end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names,
then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know
they?ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person
who tagged you know when you?ve posted your answer.

Here are my responses to her TAG #1 questions:

Ten Years Ago:  I was an exhausted real estate agent working 60 hours a week.

Five thing in today?s ?to do? list (in addition to stamping :):
1. Try to stand upright . . .I threw my back out this weekend and it would be great to walk like a human again.
2. Laundry (other than the lifting challenges today, I kind of like this domestic duty).
3. Long walk with my pug, Isabel (albeit hunched over)
4. Scramble to finish the book "History of Love" for my neighborhood book group this Wed.
5. Pick up foreign movies I ordered from the library to watch this week.

Snacks I enjoy: Cashews, sharp cheddar cheese (I'm from Wisconsin . . . it should go without saying), good sushi (I'm more of a salty person than sweet person–perhaps that suggests something in my personality)?

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
World travel, donate gobs of money to my favorite charities and have an unlimited stamping budget. 

Places I have lived: 8 houses in the last 19 years (the real estate agent in me made me do it).

Tagged TAG #2 is from Debbie at Debbie's Doodles, another member of my Simply Divine Blogs (left side bar). 

Weird facts about me . . . only 7?  

1.  I am the president and broker/owner of Madison Dream Homes, Inc.

2.  Back in my real estate heyday, I was a guest "star" on two episodes of "What You Get for the Money" on the House and Garden Network (HGN).

3.  When my husband and I decided to simplify our lives, I got 15 more minutes of fame in Madison Magazine.

4.  I don't do any crafts except stamping, not even scrapbooking.  I just learned to cook a couple years ago.

5.  I love foreign and independent films (even the bad ones).

6.  With that somewhat snooty, quasi-intellectual statement above, I must confess I'm an avid fan of Project Runway and American Idol. 

7. My husband and I flip homes (remodel and sell them).  Much like a creating a divine card, but bigger.  Hah!  

Hugs and Pretties . . . . Mary.  NOW THESE GUYS ARE "IT!"  Check out the blogs of these awesome stampers!

Erica Mitchell
Kris Kilcoyne
Tiffany Miller
Kim Lampone
Jeni Allen
Nancy Panko


  1. Just finished my answers for the double tag…

    Thanks, Mary!

  2. colleen kramer

    So very interesting! My head is still reeling from 8 houses in the last 19 years. WOW! And 60 hours a week? Glad you are at a point to slow down. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun to get to know you a little better!!!

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