Cabinets & Furniture for Bill/Jason

Here are revisions and notes to cabinets and furniture as of 9/19.

  • Replace poplar with maple for kitchen, laundry.  Extra $525. Note: linen on guest bath vanity ($575) should be removed from proposal (noted below) and we can call this a wash?
  • Need a painted, maple sample door to approve for kitchen and laundry.   Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream OC 96 (you can get Sherwin Williams to match this color – that’s what I did for the walls).  Lightly glaze (brown, not black) cleanly along the seams (not messy or distressed looking – just enough to enhance the molding – this yellow cabinet shows exactly what I’m after along the molding . . . please do not glaze raised panel area until I see the version/sample below first).


  • Island base & hood charcoal/brown with rust/distressed accents.  Style and legs (on either end of seating overhang) to be determined.





  • Hacienda to create a light to medium wood island top for kitchen island.  Wood and style TBD.  



  • Coffeemaker pantry per drawing – no changes.
  • Wine column per drawing – no changes
  • 36″ Refrigerator/freezer wall.  TV to be framed for a built in look.  May need a shelf for cable box.  Keep 7 3/8″ wall cabinet to left of refrigerator as open shelves (no door) unless there is some type of pull out option for oils, etc.?
  • Here is how the inside of the refrigerator above needs to be wrapped.


  • Open bookcase/cabinet for my cookbooks (at kitchen access and hall to garage) with door (doors?) at the base.  No need for granite.
  • Range wall right of range.  3 drawers per plan.  Top drawer for trivets & hot pads (no change needed – this is just for me).  2 deeper drawers below. Tray and pot lid storage (photo) in middle or bottom (14″ opening/deep) for trays to accommodate lids).   Pots below or in middle drawer.


  • 48″ hood design per photo below (color TBD). 


  • Island.  Delete 11″ tray roll out and have drawers run the entire side (31″) left of island prep sink.
  • Top drawer create knife storage with 15″ of room next to knives for cutting boards.
  • Convert 7″ cabinet (originally on far right of island when standing at sink) to spice roll out and move to immediate left of sink, right of microwave drawer.  Microwave is now on far left.  Multiple shelves for spices.  I realize it will likely be narrower than below.



  • Sink Wall.  Add slide in doors at base of 20″ deep x 26″ wide wall cabinet (cabinet and counter meet like a wall pantry) for toaster and bread.  Photo below.


  • Drawers to right of dishwasher would double up and have silverware organization.


  • Valance should go to ceiling (not drop down to a lower height as I suggested originally) and have a radius at top of window – similar radius to the opening to the family room.  I like how the one below bumps out slightly from the cabinets on either side.  Mine would be much taller than the one below since my window is not as tall.


  • Glass door cabinets on either side of sink will have wood shelves are are not lighted.
  • Hacienda to make laundry counters medium to light wood (same material as island top in kitchen).  Wood and style TBD.
  • Washer & dryer to have cabinet surround (built-in to match rest of laundry) and cabinet/doors and crown at top.


  • Laundry wall cabinets are 42″ tall with 5″ crown (same crown as kitchen).
  • Need to discuss wall cabinet height at time of install.  May do slightly less than 18″ so that I can reach better.
  • Remove file drawer at desk and add pencil drawer (one or two – whichever is sturdiest) across width of desk.
  • Move file drawer to lower left on paper storage wall base (24 1/2″ base).  Just need one file drawer.  Because the space between each side is so narrow, I can access the base cabinets on either side pretty easily and this keeps my chair centered and gives more leg room.
  • Paper storage wall.  NEED TO DISCUSS.  Left to right.  Small, open triangle shelves (reduce to minimum or play a little with balance) then 32, 32, 35 (per plan).  This should leave around 16″ to the wall – hopefully room for a wall cabinet to left of window, 12″ deep with door (results in some blind storage which is fine).  Do same to right of window.
  • Paper storage wall base cabinets:  change (per above) for file cabinet to left of desk (bottom drawer for files only), make center bank of 24.5 drawers 4 drawers instead of 3.
  • Paper storage wall . . . far left base cabinet should be a single drawer over a door.
  • Run upper bank of wall cabinets w/doors across entire window wall and above sink.  5″ crown above to match balance of laundry (like kitchen).  Valance below (bump out from wall cabinets like photo above for kitchen sink valance) to soften window with radius.  After losing the corner cabinets (above and below), I think we needed to do something attractive on this wall.  The window wall was pretty bare.
  • Washer Dryer Wall.  Cat door to storage room in garage can be the bottom of the 23″ cabinet base to the right of my desk (90 degrees).  Open cubby divided in two.  Left side open for cat access/door to storage room.  We should probably do a small hole to confirm where this will be.  Jason marked where the storage wall begins inside the garage and I think this will work.
  • I still need an idea on where to add a tv behind doors or build in.  I had the electrician run cable and electric to the left of the window (upper) in anticipation of a corner cabinet on the original plan that isn’t possible to do.  I’m game to have him move it again but need your help.
  • Sink wall.  Stamp storage.  23 + 23 wall cabinets on sink wall.  Take to counter?  Slide in doors for tv?  Run at least 5.5″ deep (DVD depth x 8″ high) as open shelves along counter between base and wall cabinets?  Drawer storage elsewhere?
  • Wall cabinets on sink wall should have doors except if stamp storage is moved there.  Option for tv below?


  • Family room oak cabinet reface (doors, drawers &.  Design (see photo as well as carved designs for powder, guest bath, living room, island) with lots of distressing and glazing to match fireplace.  Please keep hinge design to tv cabinet so that we don’t lose tv space.  Crown to match fireplace.


  • Master closets x 2 cabinet design (glazed and distressed).
  • Guest Bath.  What wood is it?  Should be carved, heavy distress, glazed, legs. Counter will be tile insert so I need wood edge.  See carved ideas under powder bath. IMPORTANT: Remove linen cabinet on top of cabinet.


  • Powder bath design with legs. What wood are you using.  Should be carved, heavy distress, glazed, legs. Counter will be tile insert so need wood edge.  Max. drawer width on powder vanity is 16” per plumber due to how plumbing is not centered on cabinet.  I like the dark glazing of the first sample for the powder room.  The following ideas are for all the areas where we are doing decorative wood.






  • Living room alder cabinets with legs (free standing furniture).  Interesting crown, rope design or other at top.  Dark chocolate brown stain, heavily distressed (like antique furniture). Please do not match fireplace wood or fireplace carved design.  I want them to look like furniture, not built in cabinets that match the fireplace. SAME width for each (63”). Left side per plan, open shelves above carved doors. Right side per plan with slide in doors for tv like Joan’s slide in feature below.



  • 72” round table design in alder.  Table base ideas below.  I like the the carving along the outer edge of the table at your showroom.  Would like to do something similar, ideally a slightly different design.  Open to your ideas.  Color TBD when I find chairs.


  • Design for master bedroom closet doors/drawers (2 closets).
  • Simple design & color for master bath legs.
  • Bid 69 x 41 (or similar) coffee table for living room.  Use window treatment style with fancy leg?
  • Let’s discuss this king bed again.  Price, wood (alder would be fine), height of posts/canopy.


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