Cabinet & Furniture Decisions & Checklist 11/1/16

Please:  I need to review all cabinets plans with Jason for accuracy (my drawings are out of date).  I think spending a few minutes on this as soon as possible will avoid any miscommunication or having to redo.

Kitchen/Laundry cabinet style.  Beaded inset.  Hidden hinges.  Painted Gentle Cream (Benjamin Moore).  Potential for light glaze but to be determined.  No longer want light molding below wall cabinets.   I’m going to make an executive decision and go with the simpler door/drawer style.  I think it will expedite things and the other was becoming too complicated and time consuming.  I like this just as much.  I discussed this possibility with Jason yesterday and it sounded like it would be fine (even better in terms of accuracy and expediency).  PLEASE NOTE for the drawers and skinny doors I DO want the molding to be wider than the sample you provided me and per the photo below.  The molding on the drawer below the microwave is wide.  All drawers will be the same.




Leg (or similar simple style).  Not after the tall, ornamental carved pieces  . . . just talking about the leg/foot.  This photo also shows how the molding on the drawer is wider than the sample you made.


Kitchen glass doors:  simple edging/molding on doors too coordinate with cabinets.  We can discuss since this is out of my wheel house.


Island and Hood:  Not going with the Van Dyke glaze for these two areas per the samples.  Please make the second sample we discussed without the cherry stain below, because it may be the foundation of the stain elsewhere.

Island and hood to be oak with dark charcoal stain per sample (may have had a fruitwood base in order for it to come out a dark charcoal brown like the sample (says fruitwood on the back) – would like you to distress the sample . . . please try another without the fruitwood base so I can compare and approve).  Simple raised panel.  Very light rubbed edge – no stain below needed.  My goal:  I want what shows through (very minimal – best to start small and provide me with pix) to blend with the lighter colors of the walnut countertop (browns & blacks, not reds, golds or oranges).  



Island design:  INSET CABINET NO BEAD.  NO HINGES SHOWING.  I like this simple raised panel and continuing with panel on drawers (both photos).  Perhaps my drawers aren’t all tall enough?  Please let me know.  I’m not sure on the way this is distressed.  A sample would make sense and can make the decision to distress like the photo after (not red . . . just natural).


I like this simple leg below.  Doesn’t need to extend beyond the island (please educate me how the island/legs are positioned over the cabinet sizes we have agreed upon – what there is or isn’t room for) . . . I’m just looking for an attractive leg for the overhang/bar side of the island


Another idea.  Simple corbel (could even be simpler design – I would want to discuss) and no leg.


Hood design (48” wide).  I like it all, including the strips with little “studs.”  Let me know what is realistic when using oak.  Perhaps add a coordinating corbel (if go this route on the island) on each side?


Walnut island top:  likely unfinished walnut (at most, sealed but no/light color added – this is contingent upon  how the island base/distressing/color evolves).  We agreed you would do a plywood template first to see how spacing works to sink wall.  Modify to curve or angled if too tight.  My guess is it will be fine but it IS the first access you see when you step into kitchen.  Want to be sure I get it right.


Powder bath:  INSET CABINETS NO BEAD.  OUTSIDE BLACK SATIN HINGE.  Bill is working on design.  Please remember the drawers need to be a certain size (I believe it was 16″ wide max – per the plumber – please double check what I sent previously).  Heavily distressed.  Legs (simple but a little nicer than below).  Finish similar to the distressed sample with black/brown Van Dyke glaze.  I would prefer black (flat finish) hinges on the outside if possible.  The top border/edge could be similar to what’s there or something on your board that I returned without taking a photo).  I would opt for simple but do need a trim edge to surround the inlaid tile.  


Guest bath (double sinks):  INSET CABINETS NO BEAD.  OUTSIDE BLACK SATIN HINGE.  Bill is working on design.  MBF sent carved options previously.  Want to be sure sink cabinets line up with plumbing for sinks?  I like the border edge for the top of the vanity and the doors.  Distressed.  Legs.  Finish similar to the distressed sample with black/brown Van Dyke glaze.  I would prefer black (flat finish) hinges on the outside, if possible.  Please square to the vanity wall . . . not angled into corners.


Hold off on master bath vanity legs.  I may decide to reface these cabinets or paint them.  Won’t be able to decide right now but will in future.

Reface Family Room & Master Closets.  Oak.  Bill working on alternate idea with alder and different crown?  Need clarification, please. 


Living room cabinets.  Drawing sent to Bill/Jason on Monday.  Bill to provide final drawing for approval.  My inspiration along with notes shared in previous email and drawings.



72″ Round Table:

Table BASE inspiration

Table edge . . . just looking at drawers (not doors).  Could be simpler if this is too difficult.  Top should be a little larger than round piece below (like in your showroom).  I have not made a decision on having the dining chairs glazed or not.


Fireplace finish (x3):  Dark glaze to bring out details but allow original color to show through.  Some distressing, especially to try and soften the edge on the family room fireplace that was damaged.

Exterior doors:  Dark brown glaze.  We can do samples when we are closer to getting this done.

I think it’s best to get hardware AFTER cabinets are in but will do quickly so that you can install in a subsequent trip.


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