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Blog Candy Giveaway! Potted Geraniums Bundle (Retired)!


It’s time for a blog candy giveaway! To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the RETIRED Potted Geraniums Bundle, which includes the Potted Geraniums Photopolymer Stamp Set and Geraniums Dies!

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my “Potted Geraniums Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing:

What is your favorite potted flower or plant?

Different beautiful potted flowers isolated on white

The deadline for blog candy comments is Wednesday, Sept 6 at 12 PM CENTRAL!
I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Friday, September 8, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

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513 thoughts on “Blog Candy Giveaway! Potted Geraniums Bundle (Retired)!”

  1. My favorite potted plant is tulips. They bring a smile to my face when ever I see them.

  2. If you have seen the picture if the cactus sneaking away because it is afraid of me because all my potted plants die…..That’s me!!! 😀 I love plants but can’t raise them. This is my chance to enjoy them!

  3. Since it’s fall, I love seeing the orange mums in a cute crate barrel pot on a porch decorated with white and black autumn decor!

  4. Mini roses in the spring, Gerbera daisies and geraniums in the summer, and Mums for the fall.

  5. My favorite flower is the Tulip. After everyone has yards that are don’t have any color since fall, it’s always fun to see tulips popping up in the Spring, in beautiful colors telling everyone, that your yards will once again be alive with color! Thanks for the opportunity to win that bundle!

  6. I have a love of Impatiens because they are colorful, from abundantly, and are easy to care for.

  7. My favorite is African Violets. I have 3 pitted plants from my grandmother that I have kept alive for 20+ years.

  8. My favorite flowers are sunflowers. I grow them in a variety of colors in my garden and enjoy cutting them to make bouquets to give to friends and family.

  9. Daisies and lilacs – though they aren’t really ‘potted’ flowers, per se. And I have a black thumb so I can’t grow anything!

  10. I love Geraniums! Each summer, I choose a color and plant multiple pots for our deck that overlooks our Koi pond. I add a variety of grasses and trailing greenery. The geraniums bloom all summer. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  11. I love Orchids & every color, especially white! Thank you for the opportunity to win, Peggy

  12. My favorite is a bright pink geranium for summer and transition to cabbage kale for fall and winter and February brings primroses followed by tulips until it’s geranium time again

  13. Her era Daisies and Cone Flowers are my favorite flowers but Geraniums are close behind them. Thanks for all the creative inspiration you provide for us!!

  14. I love geraniums! They are easy to grow and come in many different shades of red and pink!

  15. My mom has the most beautiful Christmas Catullus. It is a deep red and has many blooms on it

  16. Zinnias…no peonies…no wait…hydrangeas. ! So many to choose from it is hard to ‘pick’ just one!

  17. Geraniums are standard potted plants for my summer yard. I love Gerbera Daisies, but am challenged to keep them alive! 🙁

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the stamp set, Mary!

  18. Zinnia’s have so many different colors and flowers and they are easy to grow. Thanks for a chance to win this great set!

  19. Geraniums are easy to grow! In fact , at the end of Summer I cut mine back,
    and repot in the Spring!! It would be wonderful to make cards from this

  20. I love the many colors and variations of dahlias. Bonus that they love our PNW weather!

  21. Dahlias are a favorite, but I really like flower gardens and all the beautiful varieties.
    I choose flower stamps a lot whatever flower they are-
    Textured florals are on my wish list right now.
    Thank you for the chance to win the geranium set.

  22. Geraniums are truly a favorite! I love the red ones, but I also love the really hot pink ones too!

  23. I absolutely LOVE Pentas, especially red ones! The butterflies & hummingbirds flock to them, I just love them!

  24. I love geraniums. My dad would plant seeds in his greenhouse and grow up to 100 of them to plant in his yard. They were beautiful!

  25. For the last couple of years I’ve used verbena in my pots of flowers. Thank you for the chance to win some blog candy.

  26. Thank you, Mary, for your generosity! My favorite plant is any color of African Violets~

  27. My favorite potted flower is calibrachoa, they are so beautiful in a hanging basket or just in a pot. Purple is my favorite color. Thanks.

  28. Don’t make me choose one! Impatiens for my garden, ivy and spider plants for inside and ALL flowers for rubberstamping.

  29. Geraniums provide such vibrant color. What’s not to love? 😍 ❤️

  30. Geraniums! I have many colors and cut them back and keep them in the garage over winter then put them out again in spring.

  31. Oops! In my previous comment, I forgot to tell you that my favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy. I have two in pots and they have done so well, even through the past winter while in my garage–they kept flowering!

  32. You are so thoughtful for having so many ways to win Stampin’ Up products. This particular bundle is so cute. Good luck to everyone . . . oh, and to me, too!

    Thank you Mary!

  33. Geraniums always remind me of my grandma Bea. She had a special knack for growing outstanding specimens year after year. Traditional red of course!!!

  34. Hi, I actually have two potted plants that I love. The first is the Peace Lilly. Very lovely and artistic. The second is the Spider Plant; it is a fountain of graceful beauty.
    Thank you for taking my comment.

  35. I love impatiens! They don’t do well in the hot Florida sunshine but they are still a favorite!

  36. My favorite potted plant is the Christmas cactus. The flowers are so beautiful when in bloom, and this often happens twice a year. They are very hardy and I have them outside in the summer and inside in the winter.

  37. That’s a really hard choice ! One of my favorites is the Peony. Unfortunately I can’t grow them in the desert.

  38. My favorite potted plant and flower is the blue daze. It’s so hot in Texas that most plants don’t make in the 100 degree + temperatures. But the sweet little trialing blue daze is a trooper and always blooms the most delicate flowers and flowing vines of petite leaves.

  39. Geraniums, of course. My grandmother had a screened in front porch facing east, so it got the morning sun. The porch was filled with large pots of geraniums, all colors – red, pink, white. It smelled and looked like a fairy garden to me. I loved sitting on her porch in the mornings. Geraniums will always remind me of my grandmother.

  40. I love Zinnias. They are a great cut flower and are hardy! They come in soo many colors and are adaptable to most growing areas. Make for gorgeous and long lasting floral arrangements.

  41. My favorite would have to be a pansy as my grandmother had a round bed of them. When we visited and I was not with the family, I would be in the middle of the pansy bed!

  42. I love all flowers but my favorite potted ones are impatients for our shady areas and geraniums for the sunny areas as their flowers are large and last a long time. They all did so well this year.

  43. My favorite would be the white daisies. I like the bouncy look of them and very clean.

  44. I have a special fondness for pansies. There are so many beautiful color combinations and they grow well where I live. They remind me of my great grandma’s flower beds full of pansies. Some varieties of geraniums are gorgeous too!

  45. I only can grow shaded plants so my favorites are begonias and variegated hostas.

  46. One of my favorite potted plants is Gerber daisies, but I also like pansies. Thank you for the chance to win.

  47. I love petunias! They just bloom their hearts out. But I always have a pot of geraniums too!

  48. I love the geraniums as they are my City Flower. I have potted geraniums and a beautiful pink geranium poster with the city logo. Thanks for sharing this awesome candy.

  49. Hi Mary-
    I love your site and your creativity is always inspiring. I’ve wanted the Geranium stamps and dies ever since I first saw them. Unfortunately I was sick for a while and when I went back to buy them they were sold out so thank you for this great opportunity!
    Here is the Los Angeles area Geraniums are a wonderful plant that grow year round. I use them for foundation plants because they stay green all year.
    But my favorite potted plant is Elephant Ears. I love to put Elephant Ears around my patio and pool. They are big and tropical and are a wonderful base plant that makes every thing else shine!

  50. Geraniums, especially red ones, because they remind me of my Mom. She always planted red Geraniums and had them in pots. I always have them in honor of her memory. Thank you for this opportunity and the many inspiring ideas you give us.

  51. Carnations are by far my favorite. I just discovered that Geraniums have a wonderful scent too. Please enter me in your blog candy.
    Many Blessings

  52. Oh Mary I love your site so much. The geranium set is something I’ve looked at but too many choices and not enough money. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  53. Hi Mary!
    Potted geraniums are my favorite, hands down! I loved the Potted Geraniums Stamp Set! My younger years were spent in San Diego, CA, and my Mom planted geraniums all along the side of our house. As a little girl, I loved the aroma from those beautiful flowers! That was 67 years ago and to this day, the smell of geraniums takes me back to those wonderful days in sunny San Diego! When Stampin Up came out with the Potted Geraniums Stamp Set, I was as delighted as a little girl at Christmas! And each and every year when spring begins, I’m found at my local nursery buying beautiful potted geraniums. Unfortunately, I lost the stamp set!!! 🙁
    Happy Stamping!

  54. Hi Mary!
    Potted geraniums are my favorite, hands down! I loved the Potted Geraniums Stamp Set! My younger years were spent in San Diego, CA, and my Mom planted geraniums all along the side of our house. As a little girl, I loved the aroma from those beautiful flowers! That was 67 years ago and to this day, the smell of geraniums takes me back to those wonderful days in sunny San Diego! When Stampin Up came out with the Potted Geraniums Stamp Set, I was as delighted as a little girl at Christmas! And each and every year when spring begins, I’m found at my local nursery buying beautiful potted geraniums.
    Happy Stamping!

  55. My grandmother had lily of the Valley in her garden. I was able to transplant some into my own yard. It’s a wonderful memory to see them and remember my grandmother. ♥

  56. Mums aka Chrysanthemums are my favorite fall/autumn flowering plant. They come in so many colors for fall and I am obsessed with them.

  57. My favorite potted plant ia a geranium. For many years we bring in pots of geraniums to have bright color all winter in our South picture window. We also take some to our local tax office for them to have the cheery geranium blooms greeting their customers.

  58. Hello Mary! Your blog is always so inspiring, thank you for sharing everything you do!! I would love to win the Potted Geranium Bundle!! Its a great bundle!! Heres to hopin’ and a wishin’!!!

    • Oops, I forgot to mention my favorite potted plant and that would be Hydrangea!!!

  59. It has to be hydrangeas! I wish I had a garden because it would be full of them, in every color.

  60. That is so hard because many flowers are my favorites but I think I would have to say orchids. The flower is stunning and lasts quite a long time. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  61. My favorite potted plants are succulents…….any of the huge number of varieties. I suppose the fact that they don’t need to be watered very often makes them appealing to me as well! Thanks for this opportunity, Mary!

  62. My favorite is red geraniums. My mom had pots of red geraniums every year when I was growing up. Each year I plant geraniums in my window boxes in her memory.

  63. My favorite plants are the Gerbera Daisies! They bloom in so many different colors and require minimal maintenance!

  64. Geraniums are a favorite, but coleus comes in a close second. I grew up with various colors of these plants all over the house. My mom would break a branch of a geranium, stick it water until it rooted, stick it dirt and we’d have another plant.:)

  65. My favorite Potted plant is my Guiana Chestnut plant because it actually grows! Mine is probably about 4′ tall right now. I have had it for years.

  66. sorry geraniums…love you….but you’re my second fav, marigolds are like little balls of sunshine!

  67. I love carnations and daisies but my mother’s favorite was also a geranium plant. She loved propogating them. I too would think of my mother whenever I used this set so would love to win it.

  68. Geraniums were one of my Mother’s favorite folowers in the back yard. She had fowers around the yard that came up throughout the year. If I had this set I would always remember her with a smile.
    Happy Labor Day.

  69. I LOVE white Hydrangeas!!!
    What a cute stamp set!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. My favorite is a Fushia plant, it attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies.

  71. Hi Mary,
    My favorite potted flower is Hydrangeas. They are so beautiful in any of the colors they come in.
    But, here in California it is too hot to grow. I was lucky this year, I received for my 85th birthday,
    in the most beautiful shade of pink. I babied it and even put an umbrella over it, but the heat made
    the leaves turn brown and crispy!!! But still the pink flowers soon turn pinkish and light blue until
    they were no more.

  72. My favorite plant is a gerber daisy. I also love geraniums, pansies and daffodils.

  73. I absolutely love gerber daisies. Especially, the pretty colors. The daisies stay so unique in form, color and shape just like when we make
    our cards. Nature does to gerber daisies what we do to the beautiful cards that are shared by you.

  74. I love to plant petunias. One small plant spreads and fills a large pot and they are easy to care for. Blooms all summer until the first frost.

  75. Geraniums are my favorite. The deep red is a pop of color anywhere you put it. Thank you. ~L

  76. I love my mums in the fall. They are so colorful and add so much to any flower bed. And, although they are advertised as annuals, here in the south, if potted, they “come back” for several years (at least at my house!).

  77. Sunflowers!!!! The green color of the leaves with the yellow of the flowers makes the best combination!

  78. My favorite potted plant would be African Violet; just something about the flower – silky and shimmery – all different colors.

    Thank you for this chance to win a great prize.

  79. I love sunflowers, and black-eyed Susan’s. I’ve been enjoying Calla lilies in black too. Thanks for this opportunity to win the bundle.
    Good luck everyone

  80. Thank you for the opportunity! ….. my absolute favorite is pansies, hands down!
    Love their little “faces”

  81. I plant geraniums every year in a large container along with a couple other plants For the spring and summer. They are probably one my most favorite plants to use. Always buy extra to share with the neighbors.

  82. my favorite for the summer are the Geraniums.

    I do love the Dasies also and in fact bought more of these this year.

    Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to win the bundle.

  83. I want to thank you for all of the wonderful card samples you give us each week. They are always so beautiful,
    Sandy Rundle

  84. My favorite summer flowers are zinnias, and my favorite winter flowers are pansies.

  85. I can’t wait until spring of every year to buy Hyacinths. I just love how the flowers fill my rooms with that special “spring” scent.

  86. Hydrangeas! I love how they keep blooming and turn different colors according to the PH balance of the soil. With their large petal surface only a few make a lovely arrangement.

  87. I love pansies. They are pretty and a reminder of growth and upcoming nice weather after winter

  88. My favorites are geraniums! My dad was in the army and I spent a lot of years in Germany. Almost every balcony was highlighted with a window box of red geraniums. So beautiful! Thank you for all your inspiration, Mary.

  89. Mary,
    All of God’s flowers are beautiful!. My Mother has a home full of potted flowers. One of our favorite is our amaryllis. Watching them bloom daily is such treat. Some of them have been bigger than a salad plate!
    Thank you for offering this flowers set.
    Have joyful day.

  90. Mary, I like gerber daisies. They come in many colors. For our anniversary one year had pink ones on the altar at church. Also, like red geraniums.

  91. I love Geraniums because of all the varieties of colors. I have a huge Planter hanging under our windows full of geranium plants. Some are striped, but all six are stunning colors.

  92. Our family favorite is the dahlia. My husband has about 50 pots of dahlias on our back patio. Very beautiful.

  93. My favorite potted flower is the sunflower, however, I do love geraniums because I put them in the cemetery pots, they are so fragrant.

  94. Any plant that I can’t kill due to neglect and lack of water….Christmas Cactus.

  95. Gerbera daisies are also my favorite … but Christmas cacti are a very close second

  96. As a Master Gardener this is a hard one because I love so many of God’s beautiful flowers but beds of hydrangeas, iris, wisteria, blue bonnets, pansies, crocossmia, day lilies, ferns, salvia, lavender, spirea and roses.would be a nice start. Anything that adds colors and attracts hummingbirds and pollinators.

  97. My favorite flower plant is and always has been the daisy, especially the Shasta Daisy but I do love them all. My husband says he has saved a zillion dollars not having to buy roses every 2 weeks for me!!!

    Thanx for the opportunity – my geraniums are looking great right now, but it would be great to make and enjoy beautiful cards with this set all year long!!

    Blessings, Shirley

  98. Gerber daisies are my fav but geraniums are easier to grow, so they’re a close second!

  99. My fav is the geranium! I buy the coral color every year and plant as a border in my yard! Wonderful bundle!

  100. My favorite potted plants are violets. The leaves are so pretty and the flower is so dainty.

  101. I love pansies , mums and Christmas poinsettia plants . So nice of you to give away that flower bundle .

  102. My mother grows geraniums from starter slits each year for her flower beds and pots, but I really enjoy pansies! Thank you for the give-a-way and all the inspirational ideas.

  103. Potted geraniums make me think of my third grade teacher, Mrs.Miller. Her geraniums would “winter” on our classroom window sills. It was a big deal to be picked to be the gardener of the week!

  104. I have terrible luck with geraniums either in pots or in the ground even though I love them. My favorites are shasta daisies as they continuously bloom during hot periods and come in a variety of colors.

  105. My favorite potted flower is the African Violet. So many beautiful colors, shapes and leaf variations!

  106. my love is tulips. They just don’t last as long as I would like them too. Pink is the best color for me

  107. My Grandmother loved Geranium flowers and had allot of them planted, everytime I see one or work with them I think of her.

  108. I love geraniums. I have a pink basket hanging outside my front door that my daughter gave me for Mother’s day. I enjoy it every day!

  109. I love what my grandma called Hens and Chick’s. I don’t know them by any other name. Easy to take care of and pretty too!

  110. Such a hard choice, there are SO many beautiful flowers. My choice for my favorite “potted” flower is the geranium. I love the pinks and lilacs. They last all summer long and I love the smell of the leaves!

  111. Vinca and mandavilla. The flowers are bell shaped, constantly flowering from May to November and they are climbers and attract butterflies. I had one that climbed the side of my house and around the garage door.

  112. My favorite plant is a peony. They open up sp beautifully and make a lovely bouquet. I grow them at my summer home in northern Arizona.

  113. I have to say that is a hard question because I love flowers. My favorite would be the geraniums and hibiscus in pots but I also love the red poppies in the garden. Thank you for the give away and have a relaxing Labor Day.

  114. No particular plant, love coral colored potted plants because it was my mom’s favorite color. We had coral colored geraniums planted in honor of her this year.

  115. Actually, geraniums are my favorites because they are easy to grow and add so much color. Thanks for a chance to win a great prize!

  116. I love all flowers because of the many colors and all the insects they feed and house.

  117. Geraniums hands down. I always have a pot on our porch during the summer. I used to keep them during the winter and repot them the next spring. They were so beautiful!

  118. My mother-in-law always had geraniums and they were so pretty. But I love pansies because in Minnesota to me they mean the first hint of Spring!

  119. I’m having fun with succulents in pots right now, but I love roses and iris in the ground.

  120. I love Shasta Daisies. I used to grow Geraniums until I moved to Texas. It is so hot this year, nothing is thriving.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. It’s hard to select from nature’s amazing gifts but I too really like Gerbera Daisies and the numerous varieties of lilies. Thanks Mary Fish for all your inspiration!

  122. Geraniums remind me of gardening with my mom who has passed❣

    My favorite are Christmas cacti – two gifted to me are flourishing after several years

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. Difficult to choose. All so pretty and such a contrast to the desert tones of Arizona. But I have always been a fan of hydrangeas.

  124. Calla lily’s, they look so fragile but are the toughest of plants. They endure wind, cold and direct sun and each year come back more beautiful. Thanks for an opportunity for a stamp set.

  125. My favorite flowers are Geraniums!! Then next in line are false daisies and Zinnias, so beautiful and they do well in a lot of hot sun!

  126. Geraniums are my favorite flower, love their bright colors and lush greenery. My father reminds me of Geraniums, as he planted them every spring!

  127. I love pansies because they’re one of our earliest container plants here in the Midwest and they’re such a great splash of color after a long winter.

  128. My favorite potted plant would be the pansy – there are so many different colors and they bloom fairly early so you can enjoy them longer. When Stampin Up came out with the pansy stamp set and dies I immediately knew I had to have the bundle. Thank you for everything you do and everything you show us to spark our ideas

  129. My favorite potted plant is the velvet elvis. I love the contract of the dark and light purple color on this plant. You would love it too.

  130. Geraniums rate right up there for there effervescent colors, but I think my most favorite potted plant is the petunia with kennelworth ivy for outside and the hoya for inside the house. The petunia is so prolific and kennelworth never has to be replanted and yet is not a pest. And the hoya is ever constant and full of surprises when it blooms!!!!!

  131. My favorite as of this year is lantana,as I was gifted one in a small pot by a friend for a sunny spot and it has grown to a 20” mound that the butterflies and hummingbirds love!

  132. I love geraniums! They last forever and my mom used to grow them in her window sill. She passed away on September 12th last year. I think of her when I see a geranium.

  133. Like them all, but always look forward to growing my Amaryllis at Christmas time. You can almost see it growing!

  134. I just want to say I save all of your messages that are sent to me. I’m always looking back and making all the projects that you put on your Web page. Thank you so much for your time and effort and putting all this out for us.

  135. My all time favorite plant is the gardenia as it has such an alluring fragrance. I just melt every time I get a whif of it. It is very hard to find and even harder to grow and maintain!!

  136. My favorite flower would have to be the Sunflower. It’s a beautiful, bright, happy color of yellow!

  137. My favorite indoor potted plant is an African violet and my favorite outside potted plant is a hydrangea.

  138. I love potted chrysanthemums. No matter how much trimming you do to them, they keep coming back!!!!

  139. That’s. difficult decision. Caladiums and Asparagus Ferns are always in my garden. The both are pretty much maintenance free and add so much texture . Both are a must every year.

  140. One of my favorite flowers are geraniums! Thanks for the opportunity to win this loved set.

  141. My favorite potted plant is the Gerbera Daisy but we don’t always have these. We ALWAYS have Geraniums! This year we had regular geraniums and ivy geraniums. We plan to take cuttings and root them so we have free geraniums next year.

  142. I love roses, pink tea roses, they are so beautiful and smell so good!!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity to get this stamp set and dies I’ve been looking for this set!!!!!

  143. Geraniums. I remember my Grandmother had the most beautiful ones and she would keep them year after year.

  144. Oh such a great set. My favorite flower is the carnation, but I love all flowers.
    Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  145. I love flowers period!! But my favorite is African Violets! Thanks for the chance to win this set!

  146. Hi Mary! My favorite potted plant is actually the geranium!! Fingers crossed. Thank you

  147. My favorite potted flower is the geranium. Stampin Up’s potted geranium reminds me of my step father. He always planted red and white geraniums in his front porch long pots every spring. I fondly remember him every time I see geraniums

  148. I could never grow them so here is my chance to be successful!!! thank you for the chance!!!

  149. Basil is my favorite potted plant. Love not only the taste but the smell is so nice. And it grows no matter what.

  150. My favorite potted flower is the geranium. Stampin Up’s potted geranium reminds me of my step father. He always planted red and white geraniums in his front porch long pots every spring.

  151. I absolutely love tulips; but, I absolutely love flowers of every kind when they are on my counter 🙂 I remember one year a high school in Janesville had a flower fundraiser. With one donation amount, you were able to pick up a bouquet of flowers once a month! I bought two because I wanted fresh flowers on my table all year long! It was the BEST idea ever, but I’ve never seen it done in any other place I’ve lived!

    • I know this post was about potted plants, but this just reminded me of this fundraiser 🙂

  152. I love geraniums so this set is perfect for me! Not only is this set delightful but the sentiments are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win and your inspiration.

  153. Violets. I have a red geranium that has been absolutely beautiful this summer. I also love my Christmas cactus.

  154. My very favorite are gerbera daisies. So many bright colors to choose from and so easy to maintain!

  155. My favorite potted plants are the petunias where you don’t have to take dead ones off! Daffodils are another of my favorites!

  156. It is truly difficult to choose a favorite! I love petunias and geraniums for their hardiness. The squirrels like them, too, as they keep burying peanuts in my pots and hanging baskets!

  157. I love Gerber daisies! My mom (who is 96) gave me a pot of multi-colored ones for Mother’s Day this year. I planted them and new blooms are growing on it!

  158. I really like a plant called Mexican Petunia. It does so well in our Texas weather. I do have trouble finding it, though. It’s a perennial, though, so if I’m patient enough, it’ll multiply enough for me.

  159. Hibiscus, grown as a tree. They add such tropical flair to the yard❣️🌸

  160. I have a Friendship plant a friend gave me which sits in my kitchen window.. It has grown about 5 times as large as when she gave it to me. She said it would produce more Friendship plants that I can share with a friend. It how is sprouting babies – 4 so far. I expect in a few months I’ll have Friendship plants to share with 4 friends. How could this not be my favorite potted plant?

  161. Toss up between petunias because they small so good and pretty easy to grow. But, also geraniums especially the bright red ones. So, winning this stamp set would be awesome. Thanks so much for the chance.

  162. The red geranium is my favorite. It grows the best in my climate with little maintenance. This stamp set reminds me of its beauty.

  163. Succulents are my new favorite potted plant. It used to be orchids, but then all my orchids caught a powdery disease and died.

  164. Daisies are my favorite! They were my sweet sisters favorite and alway bring me such wonderful memories!

  165. My favorite plant is a lacy Maidenhair Fern in a cobalt pot. Thanks for the chance to win the retired geranium bundle, Mary, and Happy Labor Day!

  166. I don’t really have a very green thumb like my Mom had……but, I keep trying!! I have pretty decent luck with a geranium & my favorite color is the bright red ones!! Thanks for a chance to win a great bundle. I should be able to keep a stamped geranium alive & vibrant!!

  167. Love the small pink and white geraniums – mine didn’t make it thru the summer here in TX – just too hot for them but they made my front porch look beautiful while they lasted.

  168. I love Pansy’s. Their little faces are so cute and pretty and since I don’t have a green thumb. They are pretty easy to grow.

  169. My favorite flower is a Mandevilla. They have beautiful blooms and stay pretty all summer and fall.

  170. It is hard to pick just one, but since I have to pick one, it would be pansies. Thanks for sharing.

  171. Daisies for sure! so many colors make me so happy, thank you Mary for a chance to win SU products!

  172. I love African violets. My grandma always had them in her dining room window and they remind me of her.

  173. I do not have a green thumb! The only plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive is my Christmas Cactus, so, of course it’s my favorite.

  174. love seeing posts of geraniums on porches or as hanging plants love the pop of color they give

  175. Gerbera daisy but the animals like them too.
    what a shame!
    thanks for asking, have a safe Holiday to all.

  176. I love begonias! My favorite is one with coral flowers. They are easy to care for and bloom all summer

  177. I love any potted plant but I have to say geranium because they come in so many different colors. I choose a different color every year and especially like the ones with multi colored flowers.

  178. Sunpatients are one of my favorite potted flowers. They are resilient and last all summer through early fall. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  179. My all time favorite potted plants are geraniums. I always have several on our patio.

  180. I have always loved this set as a distinctive set and the geranium is a favorite flower for its beauty and variances. They are hearty and sturdy. Love!

  181. My favorite flower is African violets. They grace my kitchen window sill so I can enjoy their beauty everyday. So many colors to choose from.

  182. I have several a very low maintenance one are Vincas. They come is a variety of beautiful colors. I also love Hollyhocks I have several in my yard.

  183. I love daisies but geraniums always make me think of my mom. She loved red geraniums.

  184. My favorite potted flowers are impatiens. I especially love the pink ones! Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous bundle.

  185. There are lots of beautiful flowers but I especially like Gerber daisies.

  186. Oh no, hard to pick my favorite plant. When I’m shopping I start with my favorite color (purple) and narrow it down from there.

  187. I love all flowers, but especially the Black Eyed Susan’s. They are in bloom during the hot summer and into fall.

  188. I love any bright flowering plant – and I wish I had a green thumb and could grow them well. Unfortunately I do better with the ink and stamp flowers.

  189. My favorite is my hibiscus. They just bloom all summer and into fall and the colors are so vibrant.

  190. Wow! So many fave flowers already mentioned. My fave for annuals are profusion zinnias. They are shorter, front of the border, flowers. They’re extremely drought tolerant but look fabulous if regularly watered. My next fave are coneflowers. There are so many new varieties.
    Thanks for blog candy chance Mary!
    All the best.

  191. I would have to say an Easter Lilly. It brings back great memories of my dad purchasing one for my mom every year. We lived in a small town (5,000), and it was always a big deal when the flower store delivery vehicle showed up at your house with a delivery!

  192. Hydrangeas are my favorite potted plant! Absolutely love those flowers, especially the lavender ones!

  193. I love daisies – definitely my favorite. Always so bright and cheerful. Plus they last a long time……bonus!

  194. My favorite potted flower is the Gerbera Daisy. They have such an abundance of colors that makes me happy!

  195. I love all the flowers! Most all of my stamps are flowes. My favorites are tulips and orchids. They remind me of my mom and dad.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a stamp set!

    John 3:16

  196. Guess I’ll have to say mums since that was our wedding flowers 39 years ago on September 1st. So many colors especially for Fall and easy to grow and transplant. Thanks for allowing us the chance to win this potted plants.

  197. I always enjoy flowering moss over the summer, in the fall I’m all about mums. Thanks for the chance to win.

  198. My favorite potted plants are begonias. Thank you Mary for this giveaway. 😊

  199. Hands down, I love geraniums! Almost as much as a love the new mini catalogue!

  200. Geraniums, they just bloom their little hearts out, all summer. And Costco has the best prices. So many different colors this year. 🌺😃🥳

  201. I love geraniums. They always remind me of my grandmothers farm flowers. Cheerful and bright. I was heartsick that I didn’t get this set before it retired. Taught me a lesson. If you see something you like be sure to order it before it’s retired.

    • Hibiscus, roses, petunias, daisies, sunflowers. It is safe to say I love all flowers!

  202. My favorite potted flower is the mandevilla. It’s so beautiful planted on a big front porch urn.

  203. I absolutely love geraniums. Have been traveling over the summer for the last seven years so haven’t been able to have flowers. Next summer we’ll be home and I can’t wait to have some potted geraniums!

  204. My favorite potted plant is my fiddle leaf fig. It brings me joy daily.

  205. I love miniature roses. I can never keep them going for long, but while they last, they’re lovely ❤️

  206. My husband is definitely a potted geranium guy as was his grandmother. I, on the other hand love potted herbs, fragrant flowering lavender for with a close runner up of rosemary. However, I lack the green thumb but keep trying time after time! Pothos are the only things I can grow with ease.

  207. I am not much of a flower person, but I do get a geranium every summer to remind me of my mom. She loved them and always had so many beauty flowers.

  208. If it is in a pot then geranium it would be. Out in a field I love sunflowers. Thanks for the chance to play : )

  209. My favorite potted plants are the Cone flowers!! I have three of them, and they are different colors!

  210. Geraniums are just ONE of my favorite potted plants. I have a beautiful fluorescent pink one I’ve over-wintered a decade now.

  211. African Violets for sentimental reasons. My mother-in-law had them on all her windowsills and they thrived. Simple yet stunning. Sadly, when she passed away, so did they. It was like they knew she was not there to care for them anymore.

  212. My favorite potted plants are violets which I have on our windowsills throughout our house. I love the beautiful colors that brighten our home all year round!

  213. I must say that geraniums are my favorite, and not just because that’s the giveaway stamp set!

  214. I love all flowers – especially cutting flowers. Love this stamp set but never purchased it – would love to win it!

  215. I like geraniums the best.
    So many vibrant colors and a hardy plant that blooms all summer!

  216. Geraniums are my favorite potted plants/ flowers. I have several on my deck right now— i would call them Melon Mambo!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful set!!!

  217. My mom always lived geraniums and said they were a sign of summer. And because of that I love them too. They would make beautiful cards and embellishments to photo frames. Thank you for the opportunity!

  218. My favorite is African Violets. They remind me of my mom. She always had them. I love geraniums too. I have some blooming now. So pretty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  219. Geraniums are connected with the whole Kentucky Derby that’s run 20 minutes from me. Colorful all season!
    Also remind me of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island. Thanks for the chance to win!

  220. I have lots of favorites, but I enjoyed two colors of the African Daisies this summer. Some that were a shade of purple that was between Orchid Oasis and Starry Sky. The pink ones were closer to Melon Mambo. Anyway, they were beautiful. I am ready to put new ones in for the fall. Hope you have had many beautiful flowers to enjoy. I do not have this bundle and would enjoy it. I will be happy for whoever gets it though. Stamping makes us all happy. New stamps are a blessing. Thanks Mary. You are a blessing to so many.

  221. My favorite in full sun are the geraniums. For the shade I like the double impatiens. They look like miniature roses. Both are so colorful. Thanks for the chance to win this set.

  222. I really like this stamp set because I like geraniums, they are so cheery and hardy!!

  223. Indoors my favorite potted plant is an Anthurium with red heart shaped “flowers” that make me smile. Outdoors depends on the season, geraniums and petunias currently, pansies as weather cools down. Thanks for the chance.

  224. Geraniums, I live in South Florida so I have one outside my kitchen window all winter.

  225. Pink Geraniums are my favorite potted plant. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle. I would love to have it .

  226. My favorite potted plant is an orchid, except at Christmas, when I love poinsettias!

  227. This time of year it is mums, but my absolutely favorite is hydrangeas. Runner up Gerber Daisies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  228. I love petunias and Lillies. So beautiful and colorful. But I am sucker for red geraniums too.

  229. I love geraniums. I used to have always plant a bed of geraniums and begonias between the boxwoods in front of the porch. Can’t anymore-too much shade. It was so pretty!

  230. Geraniums actually are my to go to potted plant! Easy care and helps keep the bugs away!

  231. Geraniums! My grandmother migrated from Eastern Europe and favored geraniums in her garden among many others including Gardenias which she grew in pots inside. The Pocono Mountains were too cold to grow them outdoors and their fragrance is one I can never forget. I just returned from a trip to Michigan and was awestruck by the flowers in the upper peninsula. Every flower was exquisite, bursting with color, but the geraniums on the porch of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island were brilliant! Couldn’t help but think of Grandma!

  232. I love Geraniums!! We have several large potted arrangements around our front and side door! They are”happy flowers” and when they bloom
    They make me smile!

  233. I love Geraniums of all colors, especially red. They are such a bright spot wherever I put the pots. They also are pretty easy care.

  234. Impatients are my favorite bedding plant because they’re bright & showy, get big in the summer and need NO deadheading!

  235. I love, love Petunias, and Geraniums, they’re both hardy and grow profusely!!, all the colors are beautiful.
    Thank you for this lovely Blog Candy, Mary and for the chance to win it.

  236. My favorite is a Christmas cactus. I have fond memories of my Mom when I think of it. She was always so proud of her Christmas cactus…especially if it flowered at Christmas time. ❤️

  237. My Mom and Dad always decorated their parents graves on Memorial Day every year until they passed and took many potted Geraniums , I love this set for the Blessed memories I have .. so this is my favorite potted plant!!

  238. My favorite plant would be a Gerbera Daisy. So cheerful and they make me smile!

  239. I have many favorites. I do adore double petunias. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  240. Every year I plant geraniums and petunias in my pots. They go really well together so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I think I love the geraniums due to my Scandinavian background. You’ll often see geraniums in Sweden in the summer.

  241. My favrite plant is a big Oxalis plant. It belonged to my late son & keeps blooming all year long. Makes me both happy & sad seeing it.

  242. Petunias. Lots of colors, they grow and cascade over my pots, they smell wonderful & the humming birds love them too. Thank you Mary.

  243. My favorite potted plants are geraniums. I have them in several areas around my home. This year I mixed pink ones with red ones in the same planters and they look so beautiful together. Thank you Mary for a chance to win the geranium bundle!

  244. Geraniums are really my favorite plant for summer. I plant them every year in my hanging plants & planters. They are very hardy & bloom all year. Love the pink shades. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  245. I love mums especially in the fall! Ferber daisies are my second choice. The colors are amazing.

    • I love Hydrangeas. It’s so hot and dry here in Texas right now that everything is dying due to lack of water. 🥲

  246. Spider plants are my favorite potted plant. They are easy to grow and look so pretty when they are healthy and mature.

  247. I love most ANY flower but pain ole petunias give great color all through summer. Just love to look out my kitchen window at my potted plants on the deck! Thanks for doing this give away!

  248. It’s hard to choose just one plant, I love them all, but I especially love the Gerber plant because it is mainly yellow and very showy, a beautiful flower! What a nice give away!

  249. My favorite is the Hibiscus! It blooms all summer and has bright colored flowers the size of a saucer.

  250. My favorite is the Hibiscus! It blooms all summer and has bright colored flowers the size of a saucer.

  251. I love Mums (a hard plant for me to kill), since they can last well into the fall!

  252. Happy Holiday Mary!
    I love all the variety of colors of Mums but especially the dark purple!

  253. Geraniums because they remind me of dear mother who passed away 3 years ago. They continuously bloom to brighten up any day.

  254. I adore all Hydrangeas with all their colors and different sizes of blooms. Even tho they bloom near the end of summer, they brighten up everyone’s moods! I love SU’s Hydrangea Suite.

  255. My favorite potted flowers is white gerber daisies. I also enjoy sunflowers and black eyed Susan’s. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  256. Gerber daisies are a favorite but I also love geraniums! Especially the paper and ink kind!

Comments are closed.

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