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Blog Candy Giveaway! Bottled Happiness!


It’s time for a “Happiness” blog candy giveaway! To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the Bottled Happiness Punch Bundle, which includes the Bottled Happiness Stamp Set and Vintage Bottle Punch!

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my “Happiness” Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing:

What is your “go to” adhesive for card making?

The deadline for blog candy comments is Friday, Mar. 24 at 12 PM CENTRAL!
I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Saturday, Mar. 25, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!


Create this card using the Bottled Happiness Bundle from Stampin' Up! Card by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty

OH, SO PRETTY! The gorgeous card above was created with the Bottled Happiness Bundle, as well as the coordinating Vintage Bottle Shaker Domes and Effervescent Elements. You can see the original blog post, project list, and tutorial here.

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488 thoughts on “Blog Candy Giveaway! Bottled Happiness!”

  1. Are used to be purely a double stick tape person, but more and more I’ve been switching to tombow liquid glue. I really like that I have the ability to kind of wiggle it around a little bit.
    Thanks for the giveaway, love your blog thank you for all the inspiration you provide.

  2. My first go to is a double sided tape runner and my second go to is Tombow glue. I like to have options. 🙂

  3. Tombow is my first choice. Thank you for sharing such wonderful
    Ideas and color combinations. .

  4. I love the Tombo glue, it’s become by go-to adhesive over the years. Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  5. I actually have two favorites, so it’s hard to choose. First is double sided adhesive tape runners but “green glue” liquid adhesive is right there as well, especially since I place it in needle nose bottles.

  6. My go-to adhesive … for layering, I use Tombo liquid so I can use my bone folder to squeeze it toward the edges for a secure seal. Snail is for most other adhesive tasks, but always have my fine-tip glue or glue dots handy! Snail + is also on hand, particularly to hold critical components of fancy folds!

  7. I must say that my go to adhesive is the All Purpose Glue. It’s easy and it really holds things together!

  8. Love your giveaways and your daily cards. Slowly switching from snail to liquid tombow. Easy to reposition.

  9. Tombo glue I a must have for me. I like that I can reposition if I get something off center if I need to without doing much harm to my project.

  10. I like to use Tombow glue to glue DSP or cardstock. I like to use Stampin’ Seal for Basic White and Very Vanilla CS. I like to use Stampin’Up glue dots to stick bows. I like to use tear and tape for ribbon or twine behind greetings.

  11. I take a tape runner with me to craft on the road but generally use the Tombow glue. Thank you for your generous offer.

  12. Tomboy Glue is the best!!! I have used if for 30 years and was thrilled when Stampin Up! put it into their catalog.

  13. Multipurpose liquid glue is my #1 go to adhesive and the 3D dimensionals comes in a close #2
    Your card is so cool. I would love to case it if I get lucky.

  14. I love my scotch ATG gun. It’s a little bulky but is a strong adhesive and after using it as long as I have I would be lost without it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Tombow liquid glue is what I use now and then I’ll use snail adhesive when I want to make a quick card.

  16. I am addicted to the adhesive runner. I started stamping using that and it just comes out every time I stamp.

  17. I mostly use ATG714 tape and gun. I tapes a lot of card layers and bases. For more intricate designs I use liquid glue-Line Co Neutral pH.
    I love the punch — as my husband brews his beer and the little jugs remind me of him!

  18. I love the Tombow glue. More flexibility to adjust my project if needed. Glue dots are my #2.
    Thanks Mary

  19. I use different ones for different things, but I really like the scrapbook adhesives EZ runner because things stay put with it!

  20. Like so many others, I have used double-sided tape predominantly, but am using tombow whhite glue more frequently. I also use a stronger tearing double-sided tape for a stronger hold. I also use SU! adhesive sheets for small and intricate die cuts. Thanks for your continual inspiration!

  21. Tombow has become my absolute favorite. It’s quick, and I like that it has wiggle room when I don’t always get my layer straight. Thanks for the chance to win this bundle. It’s one I don’t yet have. Love your posts.

  22. I use Kokuyo Dotliner . It holds very well. I also like to use Scotch brand double-sided tape. I use it when I have
    several layers to adhere.

  23. Historically I have used the tape runner adhesive, but am finding recently that I am using the tombow liquid glue on most projects. Also have plans to try out double sided adhesive sheets for delicate die cuts. Love having so many adhesive options!

  24. My go to glue is TomBow liquid and two sided tape. Thank you for the chance to win this bundle.

  25. I use green glue the most, however, I like the tear and tape. Thanks for the chance to win this set!

  26. You have created such a pretty card. The bouquet of blue flowers uses my favorite color and the dsp on the envelope flap also uses the little floral design. So pretty!

    • I forgot to add my favorite adhesive. I use the Tombow glue most of the time because it gives the ability to adjust the pieces.

  27. I use Scotch ATG, Tombow, and tear and tape the most, but also use glue dots a lot. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. My “Go To’ quick and easy adhesive is Tombo mono Adhesive.
    I need to go slower when I use it, so I don’t make a mess.
    Why am I always in such a hurry? (Maybe, Not enough time???)

  29. My favorite adhesive depends on the project but my go-to glue is Cosmic Acrylic Glue, especially the small sized bottle with the fine tip, available on Amazon.

  30. Tombow liquid glue is my go-to adhesive for just about everything. When it comes to foil type paper, I use Seal.

  31. The Tombow multipurpose glue is my go-to. It allows “wiggle room”, a must for old eyes! 🙂

  32. Tomboy glue is my choice of adhesive. I love that I have a few seconds to move my paper before it dries

  33. Hello Mary! I’m from Green Bay. Love your card sketches and candy give-away, of course! My go-to adhesive is the Tombow liquid glue. I’ll use the Stamping Seal occasionally, but 98% liquid glue! Thanks for sharing all of your great card ideas!

  34. I think my all around adhesive is liquid glue but sometimes when I am in a hurry I grab the doublesided tape. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this give away!

  35. I use Tombo liquid glue for 80% of my adhesive needs. I love it because a little goes a long way and a bottle lasts a long time. That said, I usually include at least one bottle with every order 🙂


  37. I love the way you put your different. Colors together. It helps me to visualize what the cards can look like. I love your craft room area. What an inspiration. Thank you for your time.

  38. I use Tombow liquid glue all the time. It is the best and fastest way to glue paper. Thank you for a chance to win the blog candy bundle. It would make beautiful cards of any greeting. Thank you.

  39. I like the Tombo liquid glue for most of my card making. I really enjoy your blog for many reasons but especially when your share your stamping friends cards. Thank you.

  40. My ‘go to’ adhesive is Multipurpose Liquid Glue. I ‘decant’ it into a fine tip glue bottle. Liquid glue goes a long way and is cost effective.

  41. Mostly I use snail, but recently I’ve been into green glue. Thanks for this chance to win….good luck everyone!

  42. Mostly I use snail, but recently I’ve been into green glue. Thanks for this chance to win….good luck everyone

  43. I’m typically a Stampin Seal user but I have recently been using Liquid Glue. I’m getting much better with the liquid glue. I was always getting the glue all over my fingers. No more sticky fingers for me!

  44. Hi Mary,
    I am another of your faithful followers, frequently, you are the best part of my day. Thank you! I don’t get to stamp every day. But, you are always there.
    I use all the SU adhesives depending on what I am working with; the adhesive I use the most is green glue. I finally learned how to use the stamp n seal and I love it but it is too expensive for me to use. I decided I either had to make fewer cards or change to a less expensive adhesive. The green glue is wonderful AND economical.

  45. I almost always use Tombow liquid glue because of its “multi-purpose” feature. It works great for so many different applications.
    Thanks for this great blog candy opportunity.

  46. 3m dots are my go to for small elements. I love taking paper pumpkin kits to the next level.
    Thank you for your sketches, I enjoy the blog!

  47. My go to adhesive is liquid Tombow glue in the green and white bottle. I use the thin end to apply the glue, and I find it gives me ‘wiggle’ time to slide my cardstock into place. I also store it on my workspace upside down to ensure it will flow easily. Thank you for asking!

  48. Hi Mary, my favorite adhesive is Adtech permanent double sided tape. But I also love Creative Memories glue pen for the very small stuff and dimensionals to make things pop. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a nice stamp set.

  49. For cards snail and dimensionals are what I most frequently use

    Thanks for the chance to win this great set

  50. I love Nuvo liquid adhesive. It’s definitely my favorite and I have tried lots. Thanks for the chance to win your generous giveaway.

  51. I love to use the Tombow liquid glue.
    Thanks for the chance to win this bundle.

  52. I used to use tape runner the most, but now using Tombo liquid glue. Thanks for the chance to win Blog candy:)

    • I Use Tombow green tube as it helps to adjust the paper and gives me some wiggle space!

  53. MY go to adhesive is liquid glue…… unless it is an embossed folder background; then I tend to use tear and tape.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I was on the fence about this bundle.

  54. My quick go to adhesive is the Tombow mono adhesive permanent tape runner. I am trying to use the liquid glue more.
    This is a very interesting question. It is fun to see what others use.
    Thank you.

  55. Tombow liquid glue put into smaller bottles. I love it!!! Thanks for the chance to win this set!!!

  56. My go to adhesive is Art Glitter Glue…. it’s the best I have found … I used to use tape runners but they would stop working and it was a waste of money .. Thank you for the chance to win this stamp set and punch

  57. My go to adhesive is Aleene’s Tacky Glue but I also like the tear n tape. Thank you for all you great ideas.

  58. I use my atg for everything! Cute stamp set…love the cards people are making with it!

  59. If I have to pick 1, it would be the Seal adhesive. I do like to make 3D projects so for those I do prefer the tear and tape though.
    Thank for the opportunity to win this bundle and for all of you wonderful sketches and samples.

  60. I prefer double sided sticky tape or tombow glue. Thank you for your inspiration and beautiful card ideas.

  61. Tombow followed by seal. Thanks for all of your great tips and inspiration.

  62. Permanent tape runner is what I use the most, but I also use liquid glue for embellishments.

  63. My go to adhesive is the Tombow liquid glue. That fact that it allows for adjustment once dsp or cardstock is placed on top of another layer (the ‘wiggle’ room factor) makes it user friendly. I am never without it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!!

  64. What a beautiful bundle ! Thank you for offering it. My go to adhesive is Tombow.

  65. I just love Tombow glue, but use adhesive sheets too for intricate dies or word dies. Both are awesome!

  66. I’m old school, ha, I’m still using Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (now in the cool upside down bottle that’s always ready to use). I’ve been stamping for over 26 years and it’s still my number one go to. A little goes a long way and actually glues paper fibers to each other. I LOVE this beautiful stamp set and punch and your card idea is wonderful Mary!

  67. My favorite adhesive is tacky glue. Sometimes I use Tombow or a glue pen, but I’m just a klutz with the tape runner.

  68. My favorite is the tombow mono adhesive permanent tape runner. I also use a lot of tear and tape. Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. I use a tape runner most often – although to be honest my favorite is not a SU product. I also use liquid glue for small spaces.

  70. There’s nothing like Tombow glue. You can apply it heavy or light, dries clear, it’s repositional, a bottle lasts a long time, doesn’t take a lot of storage space, and is economical…can’t beat that!

  71. I use Tombow glue the most. If it a skinny thing I have to tape I use the liquid glue. Love your ideas!

  72. Tombow is my adhesive of choice. I need the little bit of “wiggle” room to get everything straight.

  73. Stamp and seal first but also love glue dots. Thanks for offering this adorable set.

  74. I use the Tombo liquid glue. I find if I use the tape runner, it sometimes dries out and my card falls apart before it is sent.

  75. I really didn’t think that I needed anymore stamps/dies right now, but this card is fabulous and I would love to case it using Tombow glue!!! Hope I win!!!

  76. Double sided tape roller is the best in my opinion. Thank you for all the ideas too!

  77. I usually use Tom Boy glue since it helps me to make an adjustment to the alignment. Enjoy your creations.

  78. I use tear n tape and a tape runner brand kokuyo. Thank you for the opportunity.

  79. I actually have two preferences. My two favorites are glue tape runner and liquid glue.

  80. My go to is the Tombow liquid glue. I don’t seem to be coordinated enough for the Seal – end up with it on me:). Thank you for the giveaway. This is a beautiful stamp set.

  81. I most often use a tape runner, sometimes I add glue dots for extra holding power. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  82. My go-to adhesive is Ad-Tech. It is reasonably priced and holds well. These taped runners work great!

  83. I grab the tear and tape
    it works so good on alot of the different types of paper.
    Thanks for the chance to win something. Have a great day

  84. The tape runner is my favorite, but all purpose runs a very close second! Thanks for all your favorite things posts. Inspirational!

  85. My favorite adhesive is multipurpose glue! Yes, sometimes it gets away from me, but overall it’s reliable!

  86. I have been using Tombow glue for quite awhile! It works so well. Love your inspirations in card making!

  87. I have always loved the Tombow Multipurpose Glue, but recently bought my first roll of Seal +. I’m wondering why I didn’t try it sooner. It is the perfect adhesive for adhering dry embossed layers!

  88. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle. It took me a long time to get used to using the Tombow Liquid Glue (green glue), but now it is most definitely my go-to adhesive.

  89. Beautiful card! I use Tombow usually. I use the glue to put the cotton on the cottontail rabbit.

  90. Stampin’ seal is my “go to” adhesive. The other adhesives are great, but not my “go to”.

  91. My go to adhesive for cards is definitely Mono Liquid glue! I use it a LOT because it allows me some wiggle room when attaching DSP or layering with cardstock. It is also my favorite for putting punch outs on cards.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try to win the blog candy Mary.

  92. I use liquid glue in a fine tip applicator and love doing that because it holds well and I can get it in tiny places where glue is needed.
    Stampin up has an applicator like that. I used to use adhesive, but glue works well on most things. I still use adhesive if it is something I think I might have to remove later…because dried glue is usually damaging to card stock. Thank you.

  93. Tombow is my favorite. If it’s scrapbooking I buy Zip Dri.
    It’s clear and no mess.

  94. I use the Tombo liquid glue the most. It allows me to reposition the paper. Thanks for a chance to win Stampin Up products.

  95. Tombo glue was my favorite for a very long time, but I now use Bearly Art craft glue. I like the very fine tip it has.
    Next to that if like red liner tape.

  96. I love the Tombo liquid glue (green glue). And, of course, Stampin’ dimensionals! I’d love to win this set. I don’t have it.

  97. I use Tombow. I switched from the tape runner because it is easier to reposition if necessary.

  98. My “go to” adhesive is….Tombo multipurpose glue. How unusual, I know 😉 I’ve tried others, but I get really good control from the Tombo bottle and come back to it every time.

  99. I love the Multipurpose Liquid Glue. It is so easy to scootch things around for the perfect placement. Thank you for asking.

  100. I love liquid glue. I do occasionally use glue dots or tear n tape depending on what I’m making.

  101. Hi Mary, I tend to use liquid glue most frequently, but the tearable double sided tape comes in a close second! I love that it doesn’t make a mess. Thanks!

  102. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! and the chance to win this blog candy!! My to go glue is the multipurpose liquid glue. But I do change it up as the need arrises – Love the tear and tape – so strong. I can see using this set for my scrapbooking – my granddaughter and I made vases for the seniors – perfect set!!!

  103. I’m definitely a Tombo Liquid Glue fan, but I do love me some Tear and Tape for 3-D projects!
    Thanks you for the awesome Blog Candy opportunity. You are generous to a fault.

  104. i use the Tombo liquid glue… love that is melds the papers together permanently. Thank You

  105. I use Tombow liquid glue most often in my cardmaking, usually transfer some to small bottle with precision tip for adhering small die cuts and embellishments. Thanks for the chance to win this great bundle

  106. My favorite adhesive is Stampin Seal. The liquid “green” glue is a close second. I love all the adhesives that the cataloge offers, the all have different purposes. Thanks for the chance to win this cut bundle.

  107. I use the Tombo liquid glue whenever possible since it goes a long way and therefore is the most economical.

  108. I am a messy glue-er but find myself reaching more and more often for my Tombow multi-purpose “green glue” bottle. I like the fact that a little goes a long way, it gives me a little time to adjust placement, and it holds even when Midwest humidity ramps up!

  109. My first choice is glue in a fine tipped bottle but there are instances where a tape runner is needed. I like having choices to fit the situation.

  110. My first choice is glue in a fine tipped bottle but there are instances where a tape runner is needed. I like having choices to fit the situation.

  111. I use them all. I’m pretty messy with glue. I like the tear and tape because I can add the adhesive and then tear and place it as I go through the project. It’s handy when I do construction batches of projects.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway. The sample card project is beautiful and simple.

  112. I have switched to liquid glue and occassionally I will use the tape runner. I need that little bit of extra time the glue gives me to get things straight.

  113. My “go to” adhesive is Tombo multi purpose glue, but I use lots of dimensionals and glue dots as well. Someone is going to be so happy to win this giveaway. The Bottled Happiness bundle is one I have always admired but have not purchased.

  114. I use everything, tombow liquid ‘green glue’, & tape runner. I don’t care for the stampin up’s new tape runner, too big for my hand. Thank you for you wonderful ideas, instructions, & opportunity to win prizes.

  115. I use Tombo glue for adhesive. Thank you for the chance to win this bundle, it’s been on my wish list for a while.

  116. I use Tombo glue for most card projects, but also tear and tape when something stronger is needed. Thanks for the chance to win the bundle.

  117. Its not by stampin up(which i love) but I use Bearly art glue…it has a precision tip and dries quickly.

  118. Tobow liquid glue works best for me. Only I wasn’t paying attention in kindergarten on how to use it because I wind up with sticky fingers🥴. It’s okay though because I consider it part of card making which I absolutely love.

  119. I always use Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue. It gives me just a bit of time to adjust what I am gluing so that it will be straight. Love it!!

  120. My go to adhesive is the Tombo liquid glue. I love that it gives a little extra time to shift things if needed. I would love to win this bundle! So fun having a bottle punch, too!

  121. Yikes! How can you pick just one? Mostly, I use Tombow Liquid Glue, because it has great holding power, there’s a little wiggle time before it really sticks and a little goes a long way. Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win.

  122. Stampin Seal is my go to – but a close second is Tombow liquid glue. If I’m doing 3-d card crafts I like tear n tape. Thanks for the opportunity to win – VERY cute set!

  123. I use LOTS of Tombow liquid glue. It is a great adhesive for our humid weather and it gives me a little time to adjust my cardstock if necessary. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle!

  124. It depends on what I am working on. I tend to use Tombow Glue when working with card stock and Stamp and Seal with DSP. When making boxes or 3 dimensional papercrafts, I use Stamp and Seal Plus or Tear N Tape.

  125. I use Tombow liquid glue more than any other. It gives wriggle-room and, boy, do I need that! Thanks for giving us a chance to win some really great products!

  126. I tear and tape for applying layers and tape runner is my favorite. I use Tombow when required but we don’t get along! Thanks for a chance to win.

  127. I like the tear-a-way paper the best, but also use liquid glue. Thanks for the chance to win this bundle!

  128. Love the Tombo liquid glue once I learned I don’t need to use very much! I have been using a lot of Tear and Tape though on treat holders. Otherwise, I use a lot of Tombo mono adhesive stuff for regular cards. It is sort of a toss up between these three depending on the project. I wish SU would sell the Tombo mono adhesive tape runner stuff as it is so much easier to use than the Seal Plus etc.

  129. Thank you for all the beautiful card idea’s. Love stampin up products. Be doing stamping for several years.

  130. My favorite adhesive is the Tombow. Wish SU still carried it. Thanks for the opportunity to win the stamp and punch set.

  131. I’m stilll using both glue and tape runner. It all depends on what I am making.

  132. I also use the Tombo glue the most. I would use this set to create a set of cards for a friend’s birthday.

  133. I like the Multipurpose liquid glue. You always have a little room to adjust placement if needed. . Quick and easy. Thanks for all that you share.

  134. I’m using Tombow liquid glue (“green glue” as we usually call it…) probably 85% of the time since it’s easy to reposition immediately after application as needed. However, for absolutely-must-stick items, red-line tape is my first choice.
    Love the bundle; thanks for the chance to win and for your generosity, Mary.

  135. My go-to adhesive is double-sided tape. It works for almost anything. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  136. My go to glue is Tombo liquid glue for most things. Also love tear-n-tape. Thanks for the chance to win.

  137. My go-to is usually a tape runner. When doing intricate cards liquid glue comes into play.

  138. My go to adhesive is the Scotch ATG. I tried a few different things when I began crafting, but fell in love with the Scotch years ago and haven’t gone back!

  139. My go to adhesives are the tombow products, either the tape runner or glue. I am not disappointed.

    Thanks Mary, for your blog. I get tons of ideas and implement as many as I can.

  140. Tombow is so versatile especially when it gives you room to move things if needed.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  141. For sure my go-to is multipurpose liquid glue. It gives some wiggle room which I often need.

  142. Tough Question – So dependent upon the situation… but generally, double-sided sticky tape and then liquid glue.

  143. My go to is Tombo liquid glue.It gives me more time to do a little adjusting if needed. Great bundle to have in anyone’s stash. Thank you for the chance to win!

  144. I use a combo of a strong adhesive tape runner & Mono liquid glue, especially on the corners.

  145. My “go to” is Tombow multipurpose liquid but I honestly have and use just about every type of glue that SU sells depending on the project I am making.

  146. The glue that gets used most in my stash is Tombo. It just suits my every need and has a hold that lasts a long, long time!

  147. These products are all lovely, can’t always afford but try what I can

  148. Mary,
    You and your team are such an inspiration! I love your layouts! Thank you for being my inspiration!

  149. I switch a lot depending on what I’m adhering, I love Tombow, but I use a ton of glue dots!

  150. tombow tape runner for me, too but also their liquid glue with a small paintbrush to brush on intricate dies! Mary, love your cards & color combos ❣️

  151. I like the Tombo strip tape, just wish it contained a longer amount of tape. Always seems like when I am on a roll making cards…I have to stop and put in a refill, 🙄😄

  152. I’m with Kathy Carlson…I also use Art Glitter Glue. I do use Tombow Multipurpose glue in my travel kit to craft nights, my Art Glitter Bottles are the too tall for my kit. Trick for Tombow glue…squirt in the middle first, because it tends to glob, then go around the edges, not too close, you don’t want it to ooze out. Tombow dries tacky. Stampin’Up! needs to start selling those glue erasers again, just for the Tombow Liquid Glue!
    I found out that helps for any oozing out. Erase it away, when it ‘dries’.

  153. Thank you for another chance to win a stamp set and punch. I use the liquid glue and the Stampin seal.

  154. Tombo liquid glue is what I used most often….love that I can adjust the placement a bit if needed. And the Seal + adhesive is terrific….I like it instead of Tear & Tape when in a hurry.

  155. I use tons of Tombow mono adhesive! I find it is very versatile. It holds flat items such as card layers, as well as 3-D items when you hold it for just a few seconds. It gives you a little ‘wiggle room” before it sets so you can adjust your layers.

  156. I use Tombow on almost everything I make!!
    thanks for the chance to win stampin up items Mary

  157. So very cute. I’m new to Stampin up but their punches are the best in the industry.

  158. Tombow because I can get straight edges before it dries! Thanks, Mary, for this generous giveaway! Enjoy your day!

  159. I use the “MULTIPURPOSE LIQUID GLUE”.. I love the duel tip, especially the fine tip, which allows me to put just the right amount of glue on some delicate dies. Also, I’ve love the look of this stamp set. Reminds me of “message in a bottle”. Keeping my fingers crossed until Friday!! 🙂

  160. I always use the Tombow adhesive tape cartridges, but I also like the their liquid glue. This is such a cute set!!

  161. My favorite adhesive for cards is double-sided tape; I also use Stampin’ Up Dimensionals and glue dots.

  162. Hello Mary: I use sticky tape on all my cards, to me is more convenient and less messy.
    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome blog candy.

  163. For my layering I mostly use double sided tape. Dimensionals and glue are also a must.

  164. Thank you for that last tip! I had never even considered putting tear and tape on something b4 I die cut it, like smaller intricate dies. Genius. Thanks so much!

  165. Tombow glue is my “go to glue.” Also, just learned from a stamping friend that the bottom opens for a larger glue application?? Never knew??

  166. Good morning from Wisconsin, Mary,
    I used to always use the teartape but now my favorite is the green cap glue. It seems to bond better and last for the duration of of my creations. Thanks, Nan

  167. My go to is Tombow glue. A little goes a long way. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  168. Wow wonderful blog candy. Thanks for making that available. I like green glue by tombow best. I need the wiggle room 🙂

  169. I hate to say it, but it’s Art Glitter’s liquid adhesive. It dries quickly, but allows you to move the paper a bit and you don’t need a lot. Stampin’ Up has the best Dimensionals and Embellishments, and, I used to use all their different adhesives. Tear ‘n tape is my second favorite, especially for paper that we run through the big shot in embossing folders. It only takes small pieces, but holds so much better than anything else.

  170. FORTUNATELY, we have MANY adhesive choices~~so I USE THEM ALL, depending on the project n’ various areas of the card that require a “certain” adhesive, either for “holding strongly”, or being able to “adjust placement” or “hiding adhesive” and also for EASE of using the adhesive, like Seal n’ Seal +!!! Mary, I LOVE your “BOTTLE CARD DESIGN” and so many of your WONDERFUL creations n’ Sketches! Thank you so much for ALL of your TIPS n’ TRICKS n’ DESIGNS to brighten the days of us stampers! YOU are a GEM! SMILES from Madison, WI! :-)))))

  171. I use Tombo liquid glue the most. Love the tip about removing the bottom cap when it seems empty to get the last of it out. I did not purchase this bundle so I would love to win it!

  172. this always happens…I think a stamp set isn’t for me until I see you interpret the design. Thanks for sharing, especially all the ideas on Sundays

  173. The adhesive I reach for the most is definitely Stampin Up’s multipurpose glue. This giveaway bundle is very gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it! My fingers are crossed!

  174. I could make a card without my TomBow liquid glue, I call it green glue for some reason and I always have at least bottle on reserve. It gives that “wiggle” room that is important.

  175. I use Tombo Liquid and Tombo Mono tape runner for my scrabbooking and card making projects. Thanks for the opportunity to expand my stamp collections.

  176. “Green” Glue by Tombow. I like the “wiggle room” that this glue offers so I can move my piece around or reposition before finally adhering.

  177. My go to adhesive is the Tombow green. I like that it allows one to move things around a bit if necessary but still dries with a permanent seal. Thanks, Mary, for this opportunity.

  178. Hi Mary! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. My go to adhesive is liquid glue. I like the wiggle room it provides. I usually use Art Glitter Glue, because they have a large refill for personal size bottle. I wish tombow would develop a refill for their glue. The bottle size is perfect, but I use too much to make purchase affordable….then there is, what do you do with the empty green glue bottles?!

  179. I use Tombow liquid glue the majority of the time. So handy!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  180. Tombow Liquid glue is my go to.Let’s me adjust the placement if needed I miss the snail adhesive runner. My second go to is stampin dimensionals. Love your card and colors you used.

  181. I used to use tear and tape for all my cards. After watching endless tutorials and videos, I now swear by using Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue! I love the fact that it gives me a little wiggle room before the glue bonds permanently. Thank you for your card inspirations and the chance to win this bundle. It would be wonderful for so many occasions.

  182. Hi there! I mostly use Tombow liquid glue though I love dimensionals and use those a lot!
    Thank you!

  183. It depends on what I am making. I usually use the Tombow permanent tape runner or Tombow liquid glue.

  184. My go to adhesive is Tombo “green” glue. Easy to use and sticks like crazy.

  185. Strong liquid glue is my favorite. I love how it allows you to “wiggle” your paper pieces into just the right spot.

  186. My favorite adhesive is the Tombow mono adhesive permanent tape runner.I also use tombow liquid glue I’ve recently started using Tear and Tape. That may soon become my favorite. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  187. Tombow liquid glue. Love it. I keep it upside down, all the time, in a clear shot glass. I also never put the lid on it. So the glue is always ready, when I am. Some glue drips into the shot glass, so every now and then I set the glass under the Keurig, and using the smallest cup of hot water, it melts that glue away, in a jiffy. I also carry the glue, with no lid to card class, in the glass. Easy Peasy.Thank you S. U. For introducing me to it.

  188. Tombow liquid glue is my favorite as it allows me to adjust items if needed, and holds firm once set. Stampin’ dimensionals are a must as well. Thank you for the chance to win.

  189. I use the Tombow mono adhesive permanent tape runner like it’s going out of business. I’m such a tape girl and love this product. Thank you for a chance to win. How exciting.

  190. I mostly use Snail adhesive & I love dimensionals. Thank you for your endless ideas & inspiration!

  191. Tape runner where I can buy affordable refills in bulk. I use a LOT when I’m on a roll and mass produce cards for fund raising events.

  192. You are amazing! I love your website and your artistic style, learn so much from you! I love this set, thank you for the opportunity to win it, that is a bonus.

  193. I use all different types, but glue is one of the best. Great stamp set and punch, thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  194. I use the Stampin Seal the most. I miss the snail adhesive. I hate the Tombow liquid glue. I seem to get it everywhere. Haven’t mastered the trick using liquid glue.

  195. My card-making adhesive is TomBow.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great bundle! It’s been on my list.

  196. Multi purpose glue because it gives me time to position things straight. I have a monthly class who would enjoy a new card made with this amazing bundle

  197. I can’t tell you how many rolls of double sided tape I went through! LOL! But now I use Stampin Up multipurpose glue and adhesives! Love them!!!

  198. I tend to use tombow mono adhesive unless I need a more permanent/stronger hold.

  199. Primarily the “green” glue! I definitely has more forgiveness when working with papers.

  200. That is a tough one. I use them all!! I love our adhesives. I guess if I has to choose the one I use the most it would be Tombo. It lasts forever so I grab for it knowing it is the economical choice. lol

  201. Tombow green glue is my NUMBER ONE glue. I have no worries with anything “holding”. If I have a embossed layer then I will use my SU Stampin’ Seal+. So fun creating cards for loved one.

  202. The green bottle of liquid glue is my favorite. Thank you for another exciting opportunity.

  203. Liquid glue is my go to adhesive. It gives me a little time to straighten things out.

  204. What a cool set! I like liquid glue…gives me a second to straighten out things 😊. Also I use a lot of dimensionals.

  205. My “go to” is the tape runner. It’s thin, clean and neat! Happy Spring Mary! Thanks for always sharing your “gift”

  206. I go back and forth. I use tombow if it’s a flat surface and I want to get it straight. I use a lot of dimensionals too!

  207. When first trying Tombow about 5 years ago, I didn’t like it. But it is now my go to over any type of tape. I like that it gives that wiggle room sometimes needed.
    This is a very cute set! And has lots of versatility!
    Thanks Mary!

  208. Tombow glue is my go to adhesive.
    Like the wiggle room it allows to get something in place.

  209. I love Tombow glue….need a little wiggle time to adjust before the bond is permanent.

  210. I used to swear by Snail/tape runner adhesive. It was quick & convenient. But now, I’ve started to use the Tombow Multipurpose liquid glue as my go to adhesive – the ‘Green Glue’ (as I call it) because of it’s staying power and ability to move things around before it sets.

  211. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely bundle Mary! My favorite card adhesive is the Tombow mono multi liquid glue!

  212. My ‘go to’ adhesive is definitely the Tom Bow glue. The ability to tweak placement is my #1 reason. Love, love, love!

  213. Oops! I failed to label what was “bottled” up all winter, It is my Tombow liquid glue and I can’t wait to use it on the Rain and Shine Bundle!

  214. Tombow liquid glue, hands down! It holds wonderfully and gives that wiggle room to get things placed just right. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle that has been on my wish list. 😊

  215. Happiness is springtime and all that goes with it for it has been bottled up all winter!

  216. Tombo liquid glue. I call it the green bottle glue. And I can never have enough dimensional. Thank you for your inspiration

  217. Although I use seal, Dimensionals, tear n tape & glue dots…. My go to adhesive is a BOTTLE. (pun intended 😊)of Tombow liquid glue.

  218. Tombow mono liquid glue!! It’s the best, for large panels for wiggle room and tiny die cuts. Its my go-to glue 98% of the time. Dimentionals score 2nd place 🙂
    Thanks for the blog candy opportunity. I had been eyeing this set but hadn’t purchased it. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration!

  219. My go to adhesive is Tombo glue. I use it all the time. I like the fact that it gives you a little wiggle room to position the cardstock the way I want it. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize.

  220. Tear and tape and liquid glue. But I use adhesive sheets for small die cut pieces.

  221. I use Tombow pernament adhesive the most but have also started using Tombow liquid glue for a few things! Thanks for all your card making ideas!

  222. Tombow liquid glue as it gives a little wiggle room to get everything straight, Tear’n Tape for making gift boxes and envelopes. Dimensionals for adding depth and dimensions.

  223. Tombow “green glue” is my favorite adhesive. I need the extra time to decide if it’s all straight.

  224. My go to is liquid glue hands down! Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  225. SU extra strength. With embossed pieces I might have to use the liquid to get into the nooks and cranniwa.

  226. I use the Tombow glue more than any other adhesive…I enjoy having the wiggle room! Would love to win this bundle!

  227. I love the Tombo liquid glue as I’m a control freak and it gives me time to control that paper !!

  228. I’m a big fan of tear and tape. You can get 10 rolls for not much at Amazon and it works with everything.

  229. Tombow liquid glue is my adhesive of choice, mostly because a little goes a long way, and there’s always a few seconds of wiggle room to move things around before it dries.

  230. My go to adhesive is my Scotch tape runner. I am looking to try Tombo liquid glue as it appears to work well for many. I tend to be heavy handed with liquid glue so I have been hesitant to use but with the thin nozzle tops it may no longer be an issue for me.

  231. I used to use tape but someone gave me a needle tip bottle for glue. So now I fill it with Tombow mono multi glue and that’s my go to now.

  232. I use the Scotch ATG tape gun. The refills last quite a while and I appreciate not having to refill often.

  233. Tombow Glue! I was a Tombow tape runner gal, but about the time Stamp n Seal came out, I switched to Tombow glue. I love being able to maneuver my piece of cardstock/DSP for a bit before it’s stuck.

  234. I use the Glue Pen on many of my cards ! like the ability to use very small amounts that this tool provides.

    P.S. Thanks for all the ideas for cards that you send our way each week !!!

  235. Always glue. Easy to move around if needed to rearrange my card project.

    Thank you for this awesome bundle giveaway!..

  236. I love the TOMBOWS – For Christmas, my son Kyle gave me a ton of them from Amazon!
    Shocked me because I never thought he knew I used them – he must have seen my Wish List!
    Love Them – Best ever gift!!!

  237. My preferred adhesive -by far-is the
    Tombow mono liquid glue ( in the green bottle). And StampinUp always has a great price on it !!

  238. Definitely Tombow! With my eyes and hands, aligning can be challenging for me, so the Tombow gives that ‘wiggle’ room!😁
    Grateful for the possibility to win! Thank you, Mary!❤

  239. Liquid glue for the wiggle room because I seldom get placement right the first time 😬! Love your card ideas!

  240. I use a Tombow tape runner but also use Tombow liquid glue , depends on what I am doing….thanks for the opportunity to win this bundle…

  241. I too prefer Tombow liquid glue more than anything else. The tape runners do not seem to adhere as well especially for the long term projects. I cannot beat Shannon’s wonderful story about her mother.

  242. I have a drawer with several glues and tapes. Depending on the project, I use the tape runner and multipurpose glue the most. Thank you for the opportunity.

  243. My Go To Glue is Tombow Liquid Glue….you know the green bottle…lol I just want to say I love all your beautiful cards I appreciate you sharing your talents with us.

  244. Tombo is the very best adhesive for me.
    Love this bundle that we have a chance to win.

  245. Hi! I have been using Stampin Seal +. I really like it and for smaller applications I always use the green glue. Thank you!! Always love your ideas.

  246. Tombow is my adhesive of choice because it allows me to make slight corrections. I use the Stampin seal when I feel I need to do a quick card with no need for adjustments. Love your card ideas and would love to win the stamp set

  247. I use Tombow liquid glue on most of my projects. It holds well and is reasonably priced. Thanks for this opportunity.

  248. Definitely liquid glue for card making. It gives you a little time to move the paper.

  249. Tombow double sided sticky tape…though I have been using more glue lately and understand why folks like it.

  250. I use Scotch’s tape glider for bigger pieces of cardstock and liquid glue for smaller or detailed pieces.

  251. I use the tombo liquid glue most of the time and for 3D projects I use tear and tape. TY for the chance to win the Bottled Happiness Bundle Peggy .

  252. I love the cards you make and share. They are an inspiration to my own creative style.

  253. Combination Art Glitter glue or E-Z runner taper. Thanks for chance at blog candy. A pretty get well or birthday.

  254. I usually grab Stampin Seal + if it is at all appropriate.. Thanks for this chance to win something!

  255. I like tombow for the larger pieces and zig for small ones. These have always worked well for my projects. Thanks so much!

  256. My go to is Tombow liquid glue for card making.
    Thanks for a chance to win this giveaway!

  257. Tombow is is my FAVORITE! Gives the wiggle room you need, doesn’t take much and dries quickly. Love this stamp set and punch! Thanks for the chance to own. Also, just love all of your projects…so neat and clean!

  258. I actually like the tear and tape. It’s so easy to use with my take your pick tool. It’s great for some of those projects that look hard but are really easy! 🙂

  259. Tombow glue or tear n tape depends on what i need to do. Thank you for the chance to win.

    • I use Tombow dot runners or Stampin Seal for tiny areas. Great Spring stamp set and punch you are offering to a lucky Stamper!

  260. Tombo multipurpose liquid glue is my “go to” so that I can reposition my item when laying cardstock.

  261. My go to for cardmaking is Tombow Glue so I can position the card if it isn’t on the way I want it.

    Thank you Mary for the chance to win.

  262. Lovely Card. It would provide cheer to any recipient. I would love to own this set – my husband worked for a glass company before he retired, so this set is very appropriate for us and could be used for several different occasions. Thank you for sharing.

  263. Not one 1 purchased but always draws my attention. Love getting the email for inspiration. Fingers crossed!

  264. My go to is the multipurpose liquid glue. I like it because you can still move paper or die cut around if you didn’t get it centered and / or straight. Thanks for giving me the chance to win this bundle. The bottle reminds me of my grandma’s colored glass bottles collection, which now I have.

  265. Tombow liquid is my favorite, mostly because I can reposition if I didn’t get it on straight. Very kind of you to give this pretty set away. Thank you for the chance.

  266. I LOVE using the Tom-bow liquid glue! Some tape runners will loosen after awhile but this glue is precise and adheres forever. A little bit goes a long way!

  267. I mostly use Tombow liquid glue and Tear & tape for all my paper projects. I’ve tried other brands but they do not work as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  268. My most often used adhesive is Tombow’s permanent tape runner. I also use Tombow liquid & Tear n Tape for certain projects.

  269. I’ve switched from our Stampin’ Seal to our Tombow multipurpose liquid glue. I like the flexibility the liquid glue gives me to adjust just a little if what I’ve added isn’t straight.

  270. I use both Tombo liquid glue and Seal – depending on what I’m trying to adhere. And…of course….dimensionals. They all have a purpose.

  271. My favorite adhesive is the Tombow glue but I also use Tear and Tape for adding ribbons, making boxes, and such. Thank you for the chance to win this bundle. Your generosity is truly amazing! Hugs!

  272. I was a tape runner lover, but in the last year or so I find myself reaching for the Tombow liquid glue most of the time. Along with dimensionals of course!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  273. Tombow liquid glue is my favorite. A little goes a long way, and it has great holding power.

    • I use Tombow liquid glue the most. Really cute set. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  274. I use liquid glue. The “green “ bottle . I love this stamp and punch set. Just saw a card made using it.

  275. I am now a Tombow glue user for most items. I started out as a snail (seal now) person, but as my layers got narrower I changed to glue to give me wiggle room to get them in place.

  276. My go to is Tombow multi adhesive glue. It holds well and gives you time to adjust & straighten.

  277. My go to is my Scotch ATG, I love it and it has always worked perfect for me and when doing large projects, I don’t have to change out the empty as often or I don’t have to wait for glue to dry or for glue to crinkle the paper

  278. I use the Tombow glue the most, so I’m able to reposition things. Thank you for all of your cardmaking inspirations!

  279. I like ad-tec tape runner, tombow glue, tear & tape the best. I all depends on the situation and what I am making. I’d love to win this set, I see so many possibilities.

  280. My go to is Plus glue tape. This tape keeps paper and embellishments in place, helping to keep them beautiful.

  281. I use Tombo Glue on most of my projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win the blog candy!

  282. Depending on what kind of card I’m doing -more intricate I will use Tombow otherwise I prefer the Stamipin seal plus for other projects.

  283. My go to adhesive is the Tombow mono adhesive permanent tape runner. I use it for both cardmaking and scrapbooking so I tend to buy the refills in bulk packaging.

  284. My go to is Tombow liquid glue. That is what I use the most. Thank you for giveaway.

  285. I actually use them all for different situations, but if I had to pick one I use the most often, it would be Tear and Tape! Super strong to hold down embossed things, edges, and ribbon. Added bonus, you can put it on pieces as you make them, then peel off the backing as you assemble.

  286. I use the Tombo liquid glue more than any other adhesive. Thanks for the chance to win this bundle. I would be using this on a scrapbook page to tell a story about my mother tossing a bottle containing a note into the ocean and later receiving a reply!

    • I love your color combos and card sketched….they make card makinging a breeze. Your inspirations are so beautiful

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