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A Stampin’ Pretty Blog Candy Giveaway!

Camping or Glamping_To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the following dies (which are no longer available to earn FREE during Sale-A-Bration):

Sale-A-Bration Tree Lot Dies | 159938 

Stampin' Pretty Blog Candy Giveaway - Tree Lot DiesHOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my Stampin’ Pretty Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing: 

CAMPING, GLAMPING, or NONE OF THE ABOVE?  What is your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors?

The deadline for blog candy comments is Sunday, August 21, at 12 PM Central.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner on, Monday,  August 22, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog. 

NOTE:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.



544 thoughts on “A Stampin’ Pretty Blog Candy Giveaway!”

  1. I enjoy gardening. But most of all, at the end of the day, I like to watch the sunset. I think it’s God saying “Good Night”. And I say, ” Thank You for the lovely day we spent together”

  2. Love to camp it is relaxing and fun with friends.
    It would be great to make and give as gifts when camping

  3. Getting up early to see the mist out on the lake from the first steps out of the trailer and setting my paddle board out on the water and going for a cruise far enough out to watch the rest of the camp sites wake and listening to the Loons first thing in the morning.

  4. You can always find beauty and majesty – whether a beautiful blue sky, a park or flowers or dew on the grass in the morning. Nature is ours to enjoy every day!

  5. My family & extended family members all camp and/or have campers so this set would be more than perfect to make cards for them.

  6. I love camping, even tent camping ! Being out in nature is so refreshing and awe inspiring!
    I, like many others, hope SU brings this die set back-and soon!

  7. Well for me, it’s Glamping. I do love the outdoors and enjoying nature but give me a fabulous hotel to stay in at night and I will hike all day long, lol.

  8. I haven’t camped in decades but still love the outdoors. One of my favorites is a clear sky in the pre-dawn hours of the day. The serenity of the stillness is so peaceful, then one by one the birds begin their wake-up songs. And above that, the stars glow in the sky and sometimes appear to be within reach. (I understand this is later than your cut-off, but I had to share anyway).

  9. I’m all for camping in any way I can get it. Although I have to have an air mattress in the tent now. Too rough on the bones without it. Love to have a caravan when I can get it. Thanks for giving us a chance on this fun set.

  10. First went camping as a child with my family, next camping with my child as a Girl Scout leader and now go glamping with my husband as an empty nester.

  11. We love to camp…in a tent. Hiking, biking, reading a book are great ways to enjoy the outdoors. I missed out on getting this die, so thank you for the chance to win it.

  12. Glamping! As a matter o fact we’re clamping here at Tawas State Park here in Tawas, Michigan. The grounds are great and it’s only a short walk to the lighthouse. There is a beach for pets and one for people

  13. I’m definitely more comfortable clamping than rustic camping! Love the Northwest @ Seattle.

  14. Mary, your website is such a wonderful place for inspiration, and your artwork is always stunning. Thanks for the blog candy opportunities as well.

  15. Beautiful stamp set, nothing like the great outdoors to give you a new look at life. Hope I am a winner and thank you for sharing all.

  16. Camping. Remembering my childhood where my family, including aunts, uncles and cousins, all went camping together at a favorite Sacandaga beach. It was wonderful, and so relaxing.

  17. When I was young, my family used to go camping quite often in late summer and the fall. It was always something that our entire family enjoyed & looked forward to. Now that I’m an adult, I have no idea how my parents and grandparents slept on the cold hard ground at their age because there is NO way I could do it now. I guess I’m like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to comfy sleeping!

  18. So many family vacations at Raccoon Creek State Park and making mountain pies and watching the raccoons come out.

  19. We have gorgeous mountains in Wyoming that are only 30 minutes away. We visit them several times a year to camp. We are in a regular camper but when you sit outside the door I would call it glamping because everything I would want is out there.

  20. If by glamping you mean cabin or motel…..that would be my style….too old to lay my bones on the ground for sure

  21. None of the above. When my daughter and her family camp, I check into the nearest hotel. After enjoying “camp life” all day and the fire at night, I go to a shower and air conditioning before a comfy bed! ??

  22. Love to camp, hike, boating when possible. Thanks for the chance to win this camp set.

  23. I grew up tent camping in national parks out west. It was a marvelous way to instill a love of nature and history in a child and I tried to do the same with my children when they were young. They’re now doing the same with their families! So, camping has my vote!

  24. Oh! I would love to have this set of dies. I really wanted it but I waited too long and it had sold out. Anyway, it would be glamming for me. I don’t want to sleep in a tent or on the ground, but the rest of camping I would love!

  25. I’d have to go with glamping, although a beach chair by the ocean is my favorite way to enjoy the outdoors! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  26. Back in the day I use to camp with my family. Boy does that bring back memories! Some were wonderful and some were terrible. But both were family fun we experienced.

  27. Clamping for sure. My daughter, son-in-law and 4 grandkids are living in a fifth wheel now so I’m learning to like it!

  28. Definitely glamping. I enjoy staying on a lake and walking around, boating and swimming.

  29. Camping, absolutely! I love being in my camper, relaxing at the lake, especially during a chilly fall day. I love sitting on the couch, reading a book and cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket.

  30. I really do enjoyed camping and glamping. We love to get outdoors, either hunting ,fishing, hiking, mountain biking. You name it.

  31. I would like to try Glamping. I’ve camped and hiked for some time now so Glamping is on my list. ha ha. Thank you for the chance to win the dies.

  32. My husband is a biologist and I am a retired school teacher. Consequently, both of us enjoy nature and it’s many gifts. One such gem is the hummingbird. This spring we spent many hours together planning and planting perennials hoping to invite these tiny energetic creatures into our world. As the summer wanes into fall, we appreciate the memories of a time spent outside with two families of hummers zooming from flower to flower, from feeder to feeder, and from perch to perch. An additional lesson we learned is that hope along with work and patience makes time spent outdoors more meaningful! We are truly grateful.

  33. I adore camping! Love being out in nature and relaxing. Tent, cabin, glamping… I’m there!

  34. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is with my family. Husband of 39 years, three children, son in law, daughter in law, and 5 grandsons. Nothing better then that!

  35. I’d love to be glamping in the summer and head to cooler weather with less smoke. In Southern Oregon we’ve had very smokey summers.

  36. My favorite outdoor activity is a game of pickle ball in the driveway and then a dip in the pool!

  37. One of my favorite outdoor activities has always been walking in the woods to enjoy God’s creations. As a Girl Scout leader I had many excursions into many wooded areas. Cooking over a fire, eating meals prepared on a buddy burner or open fire surely is a delight. I enjoyed these activities with my girls and those whom I had the pleasure of leading.

  38. I love this die set and was so disappointed when it sold out. It is awesome for you to give it away.

  39. Camping in our camper with my grandchildren, making memories, s’mores, kayaking and playing games. Love being outside with them.

  40. Glamping absolutely, whether in a State park in Indiana, at campgrounds along the way from there through Canada to Alaska, or in Alaska where we now live. It’s especially fun with our 3 grandsons! And such beauty!

  41. Camping, which I am doing right now at the beach… I love this set. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  42. I love to walk as often as possible in our state park which is just around the corner from where we live. We do love traveling & we used to have a Mypod, which is a very tiny RV which we pulled with our car & we camped in. We now want to get back to traveling & camping now, but we are trying to figure out how. ?

  43. Glamping! Have done so since I was a small child and my parents would take all 6 of us kids on a 2 week summer vacation traveling in a camper from California to Iowa where my parents were both born.
    I always got to sleep on the front seat.
    When I married my husband and I spent our honeymoon camping in Canada. Once our children were old enough we would travel by car and then “tent camp” wherever we went on our vacation.
    Debie from sunny Ca.

  44. Glamping, so I can take some crafting projects to work on. This set is so cute, lots of versatility for sure. Thanks for your awesome website.

  45. We’ve always enjoyed camping but as I age, glamping has more appeal. To be out in the wilderness is special.

  46. When I was a bit younger, camping was the way to go. Tents and sleeping on the ground. However now that I’m a bit older, glamping is more my style. Still love the outdoors but the ground is getting a bit too hard.

  47. I love camping and passed it on to my children. Thank you for the give away. Love all your inspiration. Thank you.

  48. I love walking on the beach or sitting outside on the deck on a cool afternoon. Not so much a camping fan!

  49. Thanks for all your inspiration. Camping is my favorite since I was a kid. Passed it on to our children. Thank you for the give away. I love that die set! Which do you enjoy, Mary? Camping, glamping, or something else?

  50. I love to walk and bask in awe at nature whether in the Colorado mountains, or walking on the beach or looking at the majestic saguaros of Arizona.
    It’s all magical!

  51. I love to walk and bask in awe at nature whether in the Colorado mountains, or walking on the beach or looking at the majestic saguaros of Arizona.
    It’s all magical!

  52. After starting camping with a small tent in my early 20s, now, in my early 70’s my husband and I broke down and bought the smallest RV available with air-conditioning and heat, a small refrigerator and sink and stove. I do have to say the aches and pains in the RV are less than camping on the ground! I do miss the long hikes though. Favorite thing about crossing the bridge is a stop a Susie’s Pasties shop–bests there is and available frozen to bring some home! Yummy!!

  53. I used to love camping in my younger days but now it is Glamping for sure! What an awesome giveaway! I just missed out on This die set and several of my
    Customers wanted it as well. It is coveted for sure!

  54. We are fortunate in that we live just a few miles from two state parks here in Iowa. We love to just walk the trails and enjoy nature. We never were campers and at our age, that’s about all we can do.

  55. I’m not a huge fan of camping but several friends and family members LOVE to camp in tents and campers. Was saving my order that included the Tree Lot dies as my $100 freebie but they were no longer available ?. That will teach me! Thank you for the opportunity to score this special set of dies!

  56. What a fun contest! Glamping for sure! Love to be in a nice 5th wheel, but in a tent? Not so much! Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. I’ll choose none of the above. My favorite outdoor activity is walking in my neighborhood or in one of our many local parks. Thanks for a chance to win these popular dies.

  58. Back in the day, I camped with family and friends at various local WI parks. Great fun was had by all and I do miss it from time to time but now I prefer to glamp out on the local hotel.

  59. So I have to say years ago, we camped in tents everyweekend, now that im much older its a glamping mode, but still a great camp fire gets me every time

  60. Hi! I loved camping with the Girl Scouts when I was young. Now I like camping in hotels. ?. Thank you!

  61. My family would go camping all the time when I was growing up. Such wonderful memories were made. Is
    As an adult, I’m not quite as interested in camping or glamping. But I still love being outdoors when I can.

  62. Camping out in the middle of nowhere – not at a campsite. However, as I get older, this old back wouldn’t turn down glamping in an Airstream! LOL I sooo missed out on those dies – I know better than to wait! Would LOVE them!

  63. I love RV camping. I’m sorta in between camping and glamping. Some of my best memories from my childhood and my childrens childhood were camping.

  64. We love camping and are currently on our way in our RV to meet other campers for Fantasy RV tour down the coast of California. Just love these dies and hoping to win them!

  65. When I was young camping was the best but now I would go for glamping !!! 🙂 Love the super cute trailer die cuts.

  66. Loved tent camping until the first time we flew to our destination and stayed in a hotel on our vacation. Came back home and told my husband to burn the tent.

  67. Camping…we had so many laughs putting up the tent and filling the air mattress. I love cooking outdoors over the fire.

  68. Walking along the shore in Maine – the sand & lapping water, the sounds & smells, all so fresh & exhilarating – renewing.

  69. Used to go glamping every year with family and extended family.

    Now my favorite outdoor activity is golf.

  70. I grew up camping as a child, every summer went on a two week vacation all over the USA… There are only 2 states I have not been to Alaska and Hawaii…did not get these dies and would love them! Thank you for the chance to win them!

  71. I really love the outdoors – even though it’s been super hot here in Texas! I’ll camp or glamp so long as I have a shower!

  72. I love camping! Living in Colorado my family has had so many wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! Thank you Mary for sharing your projects though the years.

  73. I love any way to be in the outdoors! Although sleeping on the ground is getting a bit hard on this old body 🙂 so maybe glamping is my preferred choice.

  74. When I was younger, I lived camping and slept outside most every night in the summer. However, now I prefer to sleep in a bed but I still enjoy walks and hikes in the many parks.

  75. when I was younger, camping “out” with tent was lots of fun!! Now that I am older, camping “in” is lots more fun—-camper-style!!

  76. Hi…I so enjoy the outdoors…Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole are among my favorite memories…

  77. I like walking after a rain and smelling all the greenery, as long as it’s not cold.

  78. My fav is plain old camping in a tent. With marshmallows for dessert of course!

  79. We love to spend time at the cabin where we can relax, have a bon fire , or take a ride into the mountains!

  80. We traveled and worked from our 5th wheel for several years and it was a wonderful experience. Now several {3} of my grown children are enjoying the same experiences with their families.

  81. Glamping – I want my own bed and bathroom! We purchased an Airstream travel trailer 5 years ago and especially enjoy visiting/camping at National and state parks. Arkansas has some of the most beautiful state parks that we have visited. It’s great to be out in nature!

  82. Hanging out on a beach would be my favorite way to enjoy the outdoors but I love walking anywhere. I enjoy camping, but, I think I would LOVE Glamping. I love nature.

  83. We graduated from a text to a Pop- Up
    and that’s where we’ll stop. We like to sort of rough it but be off the ground to sleep. What an awesome oppy to win this set!

  84. When I was 5-15 it was roller skates & ice skates
    When I was 16-25 I added skiing and snowshoeing, and deleted roller skates
    When I was 26-40 it was softball and backpacking, less snowshoeing
    When I was 41-60 I started golf, and deleted most of the others
    And at 61 long walks and nice beach chairs with a margarita!

    Life has many changes ❤️

  85. Camping all the way, although my family laughs at the amount of cooking gear I fit in my kitchen totes. No one complains about the gourmet food they get for dinner, however! I even have a camping French press for my coffee. ?
    Thanks for the generous blog candy prize. You are so good to us!

  86. I have tent camped since childhood and my husband of four years has never tent camped. I decided to introduce him to tent camping during the pandemic and he loves it.

  87. I love to hike trails around our home and love to find trails when we go on vacation. But my idea camping is a hotel room!

  88. Neither Glamping or Camping, but hiking or long walks on the beach! But I would love to have those dies!!!!

  89. When our children were young, we used to all camp using a pop-up camper. We travels from Wisconsin out East and out West. Best money saving trips in those days. Now, we enjoy the solitude of Northern Minnesota in a tiny cabin! Has all the necessities of home in a smaller space but always remember the pudgy pies and campfire toast of the younger days.

  90. I’m a “none of the above” girl! Definitely prefer to be inside!! But, I do like the Tree Lot dies and they would make a great addition to my collection! Thanks for the chance to win them and all of your inspirations you post!

  91. I love nature, the beautiful colors, smells & sounds…but mosquitoes have ruined the enjoyment of being out in it for me. Since I was young I swell with huge itchy welts from their bites. Now in retirement, we recently purchased an older trailer to try some close to home camping in our beautiful scenic Washington State. Hopefully with better bug sprays, a comfortable bed, & a bathroom I will learn to enjoy camping & erase the painful camping memories of my youth. LOL
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the dies (I have the stamps but missed out on getting the dies before they were gone. )
    I continue to enjoy your creative & inspirational blog!

  92. I guess we’re in the glamping category now. Started out in a two person pup tent and worked our way up to 40 foot 5th wheel. We love to camp in the pines or at a lake. Would love to own these dies. TY

  93. Growing up my parents had a travel trailer and later my husband and I had a travel trailer. Loved going glamping – being around a lake or beach. Unfortunately I missed out on these dies. Would love to have them!

  94. We have a small trailer that we take to enjoy the fresh air of the forest. Love to sit and watch the sun set while enjoying a cool glass of wine.

  95. Sitting with my husband on our deck watching our grandsons play with the backdrop of a beautiful forest behind them.

  96. My favorite outdoor past time would be walking on the beach at Hunting Island State Park in the early morning, smelling the coffee and bacon cooking at the other campsites. Those times are my favorite memories.

  97. Loved camping when the kids were younger. Retired now … prefer luxury … Sunriver, etc.

  98. Very fond memories made while camping with a pop-up camper!! So easy and were able to find some great spots.

  99. Definitely camping! There’s nothing like pitching a tent in the woods or a park and having s’mores by the campfire at night and then falling asleep listening to the sounds of nature.

  100. I like camping. I’ve never gone glamping but I’d go. It all depends on the friends you are with. S’mores a must either way!

  101. Camping (glamping?) in our Super C with solar and WiFi. Dutch oven cooking, hikes, biking, cocktails around the campfire. Always taking stamping projects and sometimes I even stamp! Thanks for your inspiration

  102. Glamming is the only way to go at my age, have done many a camping days. Thank you for the opportunity to win such amazing blog candy!!

  103. Clamping is more my style. I love getting up early and taking pictures of the sun rising.

  104. Mary. Thanks for all your inspiration. The trees and camper in this die set let’s your creative ideas take you everywhere and anywhere

  105. I love being outside and taking long nature walks. Love listening to the birds sing as I’m walking.

  106. I love being outdoors, but I’ve done my time in a tent when my children were young! I still hike, kayak, and enjoy the outdoors; but when it’s time to dine and sleep, I am a glamper!

  107. I was told I had a duplicate response which is not true. This is my only response. These days my favorite activity is to go to the beach or to the swimming pool. It’s the only way to beat the heat in Florida. Otherwise, it’s stay in the house time

  108. At our cabin in the woods ?amid the pine trees ? toasting marshmallows and making s’mores ?with our grandsons!

  109. When we were younger, we would take the kids tent camping. Now we prefer not to lay on the ground anymore. Never did any glamping. Might give that a try….
    Would love to win the camping dies!! All the sample cards I see on the internet are adorable. Thank you!

  110. We have a little Coleman 1805RB which is just right for my husband , our Doodle and me. We like the outdoors but also like our creature comfort’s. Our trailer looks just like the dies.

  111. When I was young, my family went camping a lot. Most often we would go to a beach somewhere on the Atlantic coast. I had so much fun in the ocean. I always met tons of people, even boyfriends. I could be outside all day. Now that I am 76, my outdoor pleasure is to swim at the pool. i live in Florida. and it’s just too hot to be outside in the summer.

  112. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is water skiing, playing on a lake in the sunshine, hiking and a picnic. I was super bummed when I missed out on this die set.

  113. My family loves camping because it gives us chance to unplug and enjoy spending time with each other.

  114. My most favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is watching my grandson in his sporting events.

  115. We love walking or bike riding the local parks with the grands in a bike rider. The trees are turning and the air refreshing! They are bitty’s, 2 and 4. (what a neat prize-so much potential)

  116. Glamping is always my 1st choice but boy I’ve certainly done my fair share of Camping as well!
    Thanks, Mary

  117. First I would like to thank you for your inspiration almost everyday. I find wonderful projects to CASE every time I open your email.
    I missed getting this die set at first and then it was gone!!!
    I would love to use those tree dies in a card.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  118. Hiking, Camping, singing in the out doors is my favorite things to do in the summer. We tent camped, had a camper until it was blown against a tree, during a tornado and since have just enjoyed walking and enjoying God’s country.

  119. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is visiting my in laws, who live on a lake. There are so many outdoor activities, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, hiking, waterskiing.

  120. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and kayaking. I am grateful for my parents teaching me and my brother to love nature at a young age!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fun die set!

  121. I Love camping in my trailer. I just got home from a two month camping trip with my family. I love the outdoors. I am a fair weather camper though lol.

  122. As a child, our family camped every summer. I have so many fond memories of our family time in the forests surrounding our home in southern Utah. I haven’t done so much of that as an adult, but it is my favorite way of being outdoors.

    I love your blog. Thank you!

  123. I haven’t been camping for years, but would love to do it again, so that is my favorite s summer activity choice. Thanks for the chance to win this darling set.

  124. We “camp” for the winter in FL In our 36″ motor home. It is so good to leave MI for the winter. What do you do, Mary???

  125. WOW!! These dies are worth their weight in gold!! I love the outdoors and walking along a beach as the waves splash over my feet. The seagulls flying overhead, a sunset or sunrise can’t be beat with a terrific water view!

  126. We have had a “glamper” similar to the die in this set in the planning stages for too long!!! For now, our favorite outdoor activity is sitting in our sling chairs watching the sun go down over the lake. If we are really fortunate, we are able to see the Northern Lights on clear nights.

  127. Beach Glamping all the way! Getting to old to sleeping on the ground. Love taking long walks along the beach

  128. I have loved camping in the past, graduated up to glamming, BUT, now my favorite is our cabin on the River with s’mores around the fire pit. The BEST.

  129. I am not fond of camping or “glamping” but I love to hike our area metro parks & enjoy backyard campfires with somores (spelling?) & family♥️

  130. Oh, I’m a glamper girl definitely not a roughing it kind of gal lol. I missed my chance to earn the SAB Tree Lot dies so this is a wonderful second chance.

  131. I am not fond of camping or “glamping” but I love to hike our area metro parks & enjoy backyard campfires ♥️ with somores (spelling?) & family

  132. There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors. I love the mountains in the fall with all the beautiful colors and in the spring when you see so many shades of green as life emerges from from the cold of winter. But I love sitting on the deck at night of the research vessel I worked on and seeing the beauty of so many stars not visible in city lights. Then comes my all time favorite and peace of being under water diving on coral reefs and wrecks. What more can I say, I love nature!

  133. Have to go with none of the above. I’m not much of a camper but I love a good s’more.

  134. When our family was young, we used our boat as a camper. Then as they became teenagers, we canoed to rustic campsites for tent camping experiences in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and Canada. I don’t think I could do that again, but glamping sounds intriguing and I hope someday to have a small RV to visit the states on my bucket list.

  135. We love to camp and as we have grown older we have moved from tents to pop-ups and now we are in a 26 foot self contained. We love all things out doors and take our bikes and kayaks as well as our boots and trekiing poles!

  136. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is walking across my driveway to my she shed to stamp.

  137. Haha, my brain thinks I would love camping! However, my body would probably rebel to have to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag!! I do love being outside, though! Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Camping!!!!! I been camping all my life, even on snowy season which was the most awesome experience, because we want to camp outdoors because my kids and we end up in a cabin, looking for things to do in the snow, but the camping spirit never die, so far it was my best camping experience with my kids, which they remember up until now!!!

  139. I’m not a camper, but I do enjoy sitting on our porch & watching the hummingbirds come to our feeder.

  140. Definitely not camping or even glamping!! We enjoy getting some fresh air walking by the shores of Lake Michigan, we’re lucky to be close!!

  141. Lovely photo for relaxing and
    Unwinding . Glamping is a wonderful outlet for peace and regrouping

  142. When our kids were younger we tent camped a lot and loved it! Now that they’re older we have an RV. We love being outdoors and doing all of the outdoorsy things, but now we don’t have to plan for unexpected weather. But the best part is that I have a place to craft, so I save up all of my Paper Pumpkin kits or other kits and take them with me to do after the sun goes down!

  143. Glamping thank you!! Used to tent camp but my old bones don’t think so much of that anymore.

  144. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is to spend time playing with my grandchildren. Making memories is the absolute best way!

  145. My preferred way to enjoy the outdoors! I’ve done it all — tent, small pull-behind, large pull-behind and log cabin! Only wish I could still do it!

  146. I loved all the years of camping in our fifth-wheel. Away from all the stress and taking time to enjoy the outdoors, reading which I love and just relaxing! The camping set is so cute and would love to have it.

  147. A nice leisurely cruise down the river in our boat is our perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.

  148. I missed getting this set of dies. Would love to win them now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. You are so awesome to give us all a chance to win this no-longer-available cute and versatile stamp set.

    My friend wanted this stamp set so badly, but by the time she placed her order, it was gone. So, if I win, I think I’ll give it to her. Then when I want to use it I can borrow it from her!

    As far as enjoying the great outdoors, I do love walking on the beach in Huntington Beach, California, my old stomping grounds. There’s just something about the sound of the waves at sunset and the calls of the seagulls. Though my husband and I used to camp when we were younger, we haven’t done so in very long time.

  150. We own an RV. It’s great camping. While camping, we hike, use our canoe, ride bikes, and sit around the campfire. So much fun!

  151. We have a small 22 ft bumper pull camper that we love. I’ve fixed it up to be cozy and we have a LOT of outdoor things to make sitting outside very comfortable. Nothing is better than morning coffee and a view. So I guess we call it glamping. And yes I’m high maintenance. Haha!

  152. I love sitting around a campfire with family telling stories and making s’mores.

  153. I would have to say None of the Above. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is sitting on the beach! If that could include Glamping, then I am all for it!

  154. I really like camping in a cabin with bare necessities. Don’t have to worry about getting rained on that way. The more rustic the better.

  155. I am definitely a Glamper!
    In my youth we tent camped a lot as a family, and we have many fond memories. But, as I get older, Glamping is the only way for me. Plus I have a little stash of stamps and supplies I would take in case it is raining, or in the evenings as we are winding down (after s’mores of course!).

  156. Use to tent camp,but the plan is when hubby retires in 2 years we plan to buy an RV and your the country.

  157. We actually glamped for part of our honeymoon. LOL. We have camped / glamped in everything from a pickup truck slide in, tent, pop up, travel trailer and now we have a 5th Wheel which is my favorite. Haha We have been camping for 45 years now and hope to continue for lots more.

  158. LOVE camping! Our fondest memories involved camping trips while raising our children. Thanks for another wonderful opportunity!

  159. I’m just getting into Kayaking. It’s so fun and you don’t have to get super wet when doing it. : )

  160. Glamping would be my preferred way to camp… though in the 25 years my husband I have been together we only borrowed an RV once. Every year we’ve camped with the same group of friends and we’ve only recently upgraded to a new tent about 3 years ago. We used our original tent that we got as a wedding gift for 22 years!! This girl is dreaming of an RC in our future. Maybe once we are retired?!? Lol.

  161. I have a small vacation home in the mountains and have many friends there that would enjoy receiving a tree lot camping card that I would enjoy making for them.

  162. Love to tent camp especially at Ft. Wilderness with daughters. There is nothing like the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. I missed this on saleabration..thank you for giving someone the chance to win it

  163. Did a little camping when I was younger but glamping would definitely be my preference now ?

  164. CAMPING!!!!! There is nothing like the feeling of sitting outdoors on a campsite, next to our trailer. My loved ones nearby, relaxing, a deep breath of fresh air, a campfire crackling, the sun shining with puffy clouds rolling by above (rain isn’t so bad either), a sense of peace and fulfillment. What could be better?!

    Thank you for letting me take a mini-mental trip/vacation. 🙂

  165. I WISH I loved camping. My husband does and so do my children. So, glamming would be my choice since I do love travel, nature and being with my loved ones!

  166. Love the camper dies so I was heart-broken they are not available.
    Thank you for the chance to win them

  167. CAMPING,! We love our toy hauler RV so we can pack our tandem bike and our 2 ATVs along with my box of Stampin’ Up supplies!

  168. None of the above! I prefer sitting on my patio and enjoying the commons area of our neighbor. The view is very peaceful and we can enjoy visits from the wildlife who grace us with their presence.

  169. No fan of camping. I am a hotel girl all the way. Especially if there is a spa also.

  170. Glamping! My husband and I camped in a trailer or a motorhome for almost 40 years. We sold our last motorhome this past November because it had gotten to be more work than we wanted at our age. We loved the National Parks and State Parks and have been to every state in the US except Hawaii–we could drive there.

  171. Hi! I would prefer glamping in the mountains so I could enjoy stamping after being in the beautiful outdoors.

  172. A hike in Sedona with my hubby or on a blanket by the ocean in the warm California sunshine.

  173. None of the above for me. I don’t really know how to camp. I would need to accompany someone who knew what they were doing.

    I enjoy the outdoors by walks and really enjoy the beach. We go to the outer banks (OBX) in NC every summer

  174. Your camping pictures are beautiful!
    Camping is our favorite thing to do! I also have the best family memories of camping at Mt St Hellens as a child.

  175. I’d love to win these dies!! They are so cute & versatile!
    I’m a “glamper” for sure. I love the outdoors but not the bugs or dirt.
    I love having a screened-in lanai here in Florida, which keeps the bugs out, but it’s hot, hot, hot!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Love to walk, especially on the beach. Not a camping enthusiast; would rather be cruising. Naturally drawn to the ocean.

  177. My family is definitely about the clamping life! But when we aren’t glancing, I love taking day hikes in the desert.

  178. My hubby have a camper at a lake in Ohio. I really want this sooo bad! Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  179. I camped for most of my childhood with my family. Such wonderful memories! Now I am more of a glamping or hotel girl!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the die set, I missed out on this one.

  180. I love experiencing the outdoors with all my senses. I love to walk quietly, listening to every sound, taking in the sweet smells of leaves and flowers, observing the diversity of plants and wildlife, and feeling the warmth of the sun, or the crisp cool air on my face.

  181. Camping!! Heading out today to camp in West Yellowstone MT along the Madison river with friends.
    Cheers to all outdoors!!

  182. Although we’ve never done it – glamping would be my preference. Love, love spending time hiking the trails and being outdoors, but as I’m a “fair weather” kind of girl that also means sleeping in a nice cozy bed!

  183. Hours spent watching waves break, listening to the ocean’s song, followed by a long stroll along the water’s edge with sand between my toes as the sun dips below the horizon—ahhh, that’s outdoor heaven to me. Yet I’d try glamping in a forest as long as a sparking river or stream was nearby.
    Thanks, Mary, for the chance to win retired dies. Your creations are always inspiring.

  184. I love camping–being outside by the campfire, playing games, enjoying nature. (Although our camper with A/C, TV, and a king size bed is probably considered glamping! LOL)

  185. I’ve done both tent camping and glamping and I prefer glamping! Thank you for the opportunity to win these dies. They are fantastic!

  186. We used to rent a cabin but we just bought a camper. I did not think I would like it but it is great!!! We cannot wait to get away anymore! When we can since we are on a farm. So I am outdoors alot but camping is a whole different story!! Sitting around a campfire by self or friends just talking. Walking Biking at times swimming. We did alot more of that in our younger years. Retirement is great!!

  187. Not a camper anymore, but always a boater on the Suwannee River. Kids still camp in the 5th wheeler, me in the air conditioning. Love getting the boat food ready for the day of skiing, tubing and swimming. Then I can go craft at my leisure!

  188. Camping! Favorite family vacations ever. We like to boondock where there are no other people, or go to the lake and camp on the beach at the waters edge. Closer to nature the better!

  189. My favorite way to enjoy the beauties of nature is quick amounts of time outside but for the evening I want a nice bed, AC & NO BUGS! That means a place with a lovely view but indoors!

  190. I’m a hotel kind of gal. I enjoy the outdoors especially near water but camping is not for me. LOVE these dies!

  191. No more camping for us since the children are grown – now we love hiking – listening to the aspen leaves blowing in the wind and watching woodpeckers find a soft tree to peck and just enjoying nature. Thanks for a chance to win this great candy blog giveaway.

  192. We have a lovely camping trailer with three slide outs. I do like the convenience of home when I am out in the wilderness!!!! This stamp/die set is just too cute!!

  193. I love outdoors when it is below 80 degrees outside. Hummm… Texas in the summer is not camping time; but Alaska in the summer is perfect! Lets go!!!!

  194. when my children were little we did lot of camping ,fishing and swimming, but now that we are much,much older I prefer glamping.

  195. Our family tent camped every year near the Kern River. So many wonderful memories made.

  196. My favorite camping is in a 5-star hotel! Although a nice cabin in the woods by a lake would be heaven too.

  197. Camping for sure! There’s nothing like waking up to the peaceful sounds of water and birds and sitting by a fire at night.

  198. When I was younger, of course, camping was fun. Then as I got a little older, glamping was the way to go. Now that I’m way older, give me a glass of wine, a medi/Pedi and a massage.

  199. I have not gone glamping, but it sounds like the perfect way to get a great night’s sleep while enjoying nature. I have done some camping, and do not like having to go in the dark to use the bathroom n the middle of the night!

  200. We love boating in the Pacific Northwest. It’s more like glamping in a RV. Nothing like being rocked to sleep on a boat.

  201. Glamping: In a comfortable motor home with a washer and dryer and all the comforts of home!

  202. None of the above, but the dies are SO cute!!! I enjoy the outdoors during the day- thanks so much for a chance to win!!

  203. I love to hike. Ride ATV. We camp when we ATV in the mountains. Love sitting around a campfire. Love the fresh morning air.

  204. My friends and I plan to try glamping for our next girls trip. We all love the outdoors, especially hiking. Thanks for the chance to win. This set looks really cute!

  205. Glamping for sure. We are heading out this week for a much needed vacation. We have had to cancel 2 trips this summer do to mt Brother ending up in the hospital on Life support. He is doing much better though still in the hospital. I would love to get that die set as I would be a great addition to my stamp set.
    Thank you for the great giveaways you do.

    • I prefer glamping these days, and love cooking outside and sitting by the campfire in the cool evenings,

  206. My husband and I love to camp but we did it the primitive way. We camped pre 1840 everything had to be from that era , nothing new could be showing. Our “tent” was a teepee!

  207. I like swimming with my daughter in the pool and a little hiking in the afternoons.

  208. My favorite is making great memories while my son was growing up. We look back now at all the happy times.

  209. We enjoy the outdoors with a term I call Clamping. Not camping and certainly not as elaborate as Glamping. We have a nice (small) travel trailer. We enjoy getting to explore places many people drive through. So much to see in this beautiful country!

  210. Since I live in sunny California with awesome weather most of the year, I enjoy the outdoors every day as I putter in the garden or walk the dogs.

  211. My husband has been involved in Boy Scouts from age 11, so when we got married I knew camping was in his blood. We have three sons who as well as their dad are Eagle Scouts.He is still a scout as an adult leader. In 2019 we bought an RV and now we go camping at least one weekend a month. I would love this set to do our Christmas cards. This truly shows a hobby we enjoy together.

  212. Walking along the river especially in the autumn with all the beautiful colors in the trees!

  213. I love a nice long walk with my hubby on our beautiful Minnesota nature trails… absolutely refreshing!

  214. When I was younger camping meant tents and sleeping bags. Now it means a beach and an umbrella drink!!

  215. When I was younger I was a camper, but now that I’m older I’m a glamper. Thanks for offering the blog candy!

  216. Thanks for the chance of winning such a great prize, I wanted these but were sold out so quickly, hopefully they will add this set to next years catalogue.


  217. Oh my Goodness.. when I seen this die set I knew I needed it. The camper is so stinkin cute… Reminds me of the camping trips growing up. My parents first camper was very similar to this die, small and sweet.

    I missed getting the die. Stampin Up really knocked it out of the park with this die set.

  218. Mary, I love your posts – so much inspiration! I enjoy the outdoors many ways: I am fortunate to live in a rural area, where I walk the dog through fields and woods for her fitness, and power walk in the cool mornings for my fitness.

  219. A 90 minute hike in the early morning with my hiking gals is my favorite way to start the day.

  220. Camping is a big no way. I might be willing to try a small trip in an RV especially if it has a pottie! I am more into walking Teddy, our basset hound, for my outdoor activity.

  221. We literally have redone a Camper “TinCan” . It’s adorable It has a outdoor hunting theme. We love it and have ha fun with it!

  222. I always loved camping, being out in nature. Alas, my outdoor days are now done but I can still dream

  223. Actually none of the above, I enjoy the outdoors by sitting on the back porch with something to drink and a good book or making cards.

  224. Camping in our trailer is the way we like to roll. Your blog candy is always the best. Love the stamping ideas and samples you share!

  225. When my daughter was in her last year of high school we decided that that time could be the last time we could have a family with college next insight. We had a camper, so we decided to go on a 2 week camping trip. We went to the black hills and Yellowstone park. The most wonderful memories were made. Sitting around the bonfire roasting marshmallows, hot dog and making hobo dinners over the fire. We made so many memories on that trip. Camping is so much fun and a wonderful way to travel the states.

  226. Hi Mary
    I enjoy the outdoors by walking the dog around our neighborhood
    I also enjoy dining outdoors when weather permits
    I love the camper dies…thanks for the generous opportunity to win them!

  227. This stamp set reminds me of our camping vacations, mom, dad and six kids in a very small trailer.

  228. Back in the day enjoyed tent camping, but now prefer to camp more comfortably, but love be out and about in nature and enjoy all the amazing things the outdoors has to offer

  229. Camping. Did a lot of camping years ago. But recently haven’t been. Have a lot of great memories, though.

  230. I’m not too much of an outdoor person. Maybe for a BBQ on solid ground, with a table, chairs, and umbrella.

  231. I love camping in the mountains by a stream under the pine trees. The sounds and smells lead to a calming,relaxing experience every time.
    Thank you for all your beautiful card examples. Such an inspiration

  232. None of the above for health reasons. But how totally cute that set of stamps and dies are. So fun. Thanks for your endless inspiration.

  233. When our children were younger we did a lot of camping. They are now grown up and living on their own. We have given up camping and are enjoying the outdoors from our winter home.

  234. There are soooo many cute ideas done with the Tree Lots camper. I love the retro look!

  235. I loved camping with my family until I had to live in our 19’ trailer while we built our house. That was over 40 years ago so now I’m ready to get out in the great outdoors again.

  236. Camping for sure. My dad (85) always talks about the time we would go camping every summer. Those are the best memories.

  237. Whether I camp or go to the beach, I bring along my box of things to fussy cut, doesn’t take up a lot of room and can sit, relax and cut, but, having dies to use to cut out surely makes it much easier all around….thank you for having this nice giveaway…

  238. Love taking long walks in mild weather. I have a new demo who missed out on this die and would love to get it for her!

  239. When our children were young we would go up to the Georgian Bay and camp at Kilbear Point. We would bath in water of the Bay, swim and fish, among other things. Now that the children are older and have left the nest we are pool people. Too old to go out and enjoy the outdoors and to poor to purchase an RV.

  240. When I was five years old in 1950 my family took a summer trip from Oklahoma to Wyoming to camp out in a tent at Yellowstone National Park. Cars were not air conditioned at that time so it was a long hot trip. We were off on an adventure that we all loved. I still love being out in nature but a plush air conditioned hotel with room service sounds like more fun than a tent to me now. If you do the math you will realize that I am 77 years old, but I am still an avid card maker. Don’t they say that 70s are now called the new 60s? Thank you for your posts. Your creativity inspires me. Of course I would be delighted to win the die set.

  241. Mary my favorite camping is to be in an RV. Because it has a bathroom, TV, microwave and just like being home only seeing and enjoying things you can’t.

  242. We “camp” in cabins! Especially near a lake where I live to kayak and my husband fishes. My husband used to tent camp when our son was little.

  243. My favorite outdoor activity is sitting on the beach at sunset and thanking the Lord for giving us a reminder of the beauty we all can share. How magnificent
    is all the colors and our opportunity to attempt to create with Stampin Up.

  244. Camping! My family has camped at the same campground the same week in June for 48 years! It’s become a treasured tradition that my children also enjoy. We see the same families and kick off summer back in nature!

  245. I’ve experienced all types of camping but the older I get the more I appreciate all the amenities in my motor home. It’s truly a home away from home. So I’m voting for Glamping.

  246. I am fortunate enough to live in sunny Florida so my favorite outdoor activity is sitting on my lanai enjoying a beverage watching the sunsets, all while being thankful I am able to do this.

  247. Don’t like camping at all. I enjoy comforts too much. I do like boating. We go during the week and it is so peaceful on the water.

  248. Sunrise Breakfast!! Mom always made a way to get another day started by watching a sunrise while enjoying a pancake/egg breakfast or even a bowl of cereal with your family and sometimes friends/neighbors. A Great way to start your day with lots of laughter, good conversations & making great memories with others while watching the sun rise to another day. I’ve kept the tradition going…….

  249. I have enjoyed the outdoors both ways – in an RV and in a tent. Just being surrounded by the beauty of the location is wonderful for me!!

  250. Glamping is definitely for me. I love nature, the calmness and birdsong but not sleeping on the ground.

  251. Whoops…I just read the entire post so am leaving the appropriate comment. My favorite outdoors things are disc golf and sitting on my deck CASEing one of your cards! In Ohio, we have only a 4-5 month window to sit outside!

  252. I love camping!! When our kiddos were younger the best investment we made was our camp trailer. Now, we are hoping to enjoy it with the grandchildren.

  253. We love camping and have been doing it since 1971. We are on the road 6 to 7 months a year but my stampin stuff goes with me!

  254. Thank you for sharing g your and your team’s creative ideas with me, I always look forward to your posts!!

  255. Definitely Glamping is my choice. Our roughing it is in our trailer that has two couches, a 55” TV @ fireplace lol

  256. A walk on a beach, listening to the sound of the waves and my toes in the water!!

  257. We definitely glamp all the time with our Husky and German Shepherd, who love it!

  258. I’m really not a camping girl. I like my morning walks to get my day started. But I really think this die set is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  259. I love to see your site and see so many wonderful ideas.
    My hairdresser is a glamper and is in a small group of ladies that do this often
    I would love to win this set just to make cards for her and her friends.

  260. I enjoy long walks, grilling, and when I was younger, backpacking/hiking and remote camping.

  261. Neither. But we enjoy walking outdoors. I’m trying to win this for a friend who camps and missed out!

  262. I sleep the best in a tent. When my boys were younger we camped from Canada to Florida. Cheapest way to vacation.

  263. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is clamping. Did tent camping for many years with our kids. Because of my age & health, clamping is the way to go. Just got back with traveling and clamping with the grandkids.

    Thank you so much for all your inspiring ideas.

  264. At my age I definitely prefer glamping. I love this set though and have friends who own campers. I’ve seen the cutest cards with the camper from this set.

  265. We always enjoyed our travel trailer. Our boys loved it as they were growing up. Camping is the best way to vacation.

  266. I enjoy a good walk in the outdoors & golfing.
    My camping days are over, but love the camping trailer dies. Very versatile

  267. When I was young, we’d go tent camping & then went to a trailer & then went to a cottage! A favorite thing about all of that was playing guitar & singing around a campfire!

  268. I loved camping in my younger days. We especially enjoyed camping in Europe. Now I just enjoy visiting the blue ridge park and other parks for my outdoor enjoyment. I enjoy your cards and videos very much. You make beautiful cards.

  269. camping with my honey at the state parks is the best. It is one of our retirement activities that we enjoy the most!

  270. Definitely glamming! I love the outdoors – especially our state and national parks – but I am too old to sleep on the ground!

  271. I am outdoors gal but prefer being out on the water than being with the mosquitos in the woods!

  272. I live in Texas – the only way to enjoy the outdoors is to be in water where it’s cool, floating peaceful.

  273. I love camping, in any form! I have done lots of camping with a tent and with a motorhome.

  274. Camping, especially stepping out of the tent early in the morning when everything is fresh and new.

  275. My husband and I enjoy simply sitting in our backyard by our firepit and watching the dragonflies, butterflies, and birds who frequent the many birdhouses we have. No need to be on the road or deal with traffic, it’s perfect for us!

  276. I live on a ranch with cows, horses, donkeys and goats, so I get outside and enjoy the outdoors right at home. When I go for a vacation I love to go to the Oregon beach and stay at vacation homes with a bit of luxury thrown in.

  277. love to go camping with my daughter and family! i just came home from a trip with them in the Thousand Islands (upstate NY). it’s such a relaxing, affordable and fun outdoor way to enjoy time together.

  278. Grew up camping and did same with my kids. So many good times. I now enjoy glamming or staying in a hotel after enjoying a day in the beautiful outdoors. Thanks for having this giveaway as I see that set is no longer availability and I really love all the possibilities this set has to offer

  279. Love the camping pictures you posted.reminds me of sweet memories from my childhood and the days I would take my own children. I need this stamp set. It brings me joy. I have put cardmaking aside for about 2 years. Perhaps you post convinced me I need to start it up again. Looking forward to the adventure.

  280. We like to stay in a cabin on the North shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Love hearing the waves hit the rocks, and watching freighters go by, especially at night.

  281. Neither for me……. I love being outdoors but not all the packing up involved with camping. We have our own woods and fire pit for s’mores right here! Love those dies!! Cute.

  282. I love tent camping. Love the fresh air and all the wildlife. We just converted a school bus into camper/hauler. It will nice to have water and a toilet when we are back country camping.

  283. No camping or glamping for me, though I do enjoy sitting around a campfire! My favorite outdoor activities are watching the sun rise and set, boating, and going to the beach!

  284. The neighbors love to sit under the shade tree about 4 P.M. with a soda or beer and talk about our day.

  285. It’s been a long time, but the best memories of my childhood were camping trips with my family in the pop-up camper. My parents were both teachers, so we had many month long trips during the summer break. This die set is the cutest!

  286. Though it’s been many years since I camped in tents as a teenager, I still enjoy a walk along the rocky coast of Maine as my outdoor escape. Having a picnic lunch at an overlook visa is the bonus!

  287. Glamping! One of the best trips ever. Montana,Yellowstone, grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, etc. It was great!

  288. Love being outside, but don’t get out much as of late-been to hot! Love the Fall! Long walks in the crisp air with the smells of fall. When the kids were little, we tent camped up in the White Mountains in the summer. We have since graduated to the toy hauler? Go to Maine and ‘camp’ on a lake and visit friends and family as well as explore on the motorcycle? Gets us the hiking trails! Love this set though!

  289. I’m afraid at my advanced age, glamming is my style! Thanks for a chance of winning your giveaway.

  290. We have 5 children, who are now grown, and owned a tent trailer for many years. We would, all 7 of us, go camping every weekend during the summer in Minnesota. These camping trips are still some of our fondest memories. We talk of them often. Some of our best times as a family.

  291. None of the above ?. We just got a new puppy yesterday so walking, walking, walking will become my new favorite!!! The doggy die in this set is perfect! Thank you Mary!!

  292. Glamping! I love the outdoors, but also like electricity and hot water showers! Thank you for this generous opportunity!

  293. I would love to retire and travel in an RV but it is not my hubby’s idea of fun. But I like it all.

  294. Haha, I’m not much of a camper. I prefer a cozy cabin in the woods. Love being out in nature on the water or a nice walk. Love this die set but ordered too late. Thank you.

  295. Glamping ALL THE WAY (hotel)!!! My in-laws camp, and we hangout with them all day, but when it’s time to go to bed, to the hotel we go!

  296. Funny you should, since my husband and I just used our 40 y/o tent this week in order to see if we ever wanted to tent camp again. We have decided the only way to go in the future would be using a camper!

  297. I loved camping when my children were young. Then we took up camping
    again when my grandchildren were little. But it always was the same
    story. Our family, sometimes extended, would enter the campground
    and we would hear rumbles in the distance. Many times the whole trip
    would be a rain-out. But always enjoy having my family around rain or shine!

  298. Our favorite family vacations every year was to Miles Standish State Park for 1-2 weeks. No phones, no tv’s, no noise pollution. The kids played hard discovering nature, swimming, picking wild blueberries, snorkeling, or just floating on the pond! The best part, a campfire to sit around every night and just have great conversations! We all hated to leave when it was time to go home. We camped using a tent for 5 years and then bought a used Winnebago (a tent off the ground) for the rest of our camping excursions. While my husband and I set up the site, went sent the kids blueberry picking. The first morning and the last morning’s breakfasts were blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup! These were good times spent with the kids and a blessing to us to have this time with them. They still, to this day, talk about the good times they had camping!

  299. I would have to say glamping. I love the outdoors, but my idea of camping is staying in a hotel without room service. Thanks for the chance to win these adorable dies!

  300. Glamping. I can enjoy being outside but not have to sleep on the ground. I love to get up early and see the sunrise! Thanks for a chance to win those fantastic dies!!

  301. I love to camp in the Fall when the weather is cooler and the season is changing.

  302. Our family went camping every summer in Voyageur National Park (northern Minnesota) with another family, and made great memories. Now that our boys are grown and we are older, I prefer the comfort of enjoying nature with a glass of wine on our deck!

  303. Walking early in morning when it is cool and quiet except for the birds chirping. When I was a child, I enjoyed camping with my parents in our travel trailer.

  304. Neither. I am not really a camping kind of girl. The outdoor activities I I enjoy the most are gardening and walking outside with my husband and/or dogs. I enjoy seeing nature. We usually see something interesting everyday. Maybe see a deer, a hawk, or find a hidden gem …blackberries.

  305. Walking my dogs is my favorite! Or boating on our beautiful waters here in Florida.

  306. I enjoy cabin camping. lol. I’ve never glamped but it does intrigued me. I prefer a setting with solitude to enjoy the sounds of nature.

  307. I am looking forward to someday driving an RV so is that considered glamping and camping would mean using a tent?
    I was about to place an order and had these dies picked out as my sale a bration but then they ran out!☹️

  308. Loved camping as a kid. Didn’t realize how much work went into it for Mom & Dad. Now I’m more of a glamper if I camp at all.

  309. Wow, I’m hoping to be a winner, however, every time I’m near an ocean/lake and see the waves, I feel so blessed to think of the many blessings that come my way. At times, like the sand castles dreams are washed away, but more blessings continue to come.

  310. OH, definitely GLAMPING! we just graduated from a pop-up to a 24-ft camper and i LOVE it! I was SO hoping to get these dies but they sold out before I could, so I would LOVE to win them. thank you for your generosity, Mary.

  311. We used to go camping a lot with our three boys. Lots of fun memories.
    Now Ron and I lean more towards a nice hotel and hiking through nature.

  312. Hiking the State Parks in Wisconsin and taking scenic drives in the fall to see the fall leaves change colors.

  313. I believe camping is making memories. We camped years ago and have fond memories of camping with family and friends. Early mornings,cooking out and late nights aroung a campfire with family and friends, The best.

  314. I love the outdoors. We go camping every year along the River. I missed out on this die and would love to have it Thank you for doing what you do.

  315. Definitely not camping! I’ve gone a couple times, hated it. Maybe clamping, but I know I’d like a resort?

  316. I do ‘visit’ camping! My DD has a camper and they go every weekend. Many times, DH and I visit. These dies would be perfect for cards for them. I think they would call it glamping as their ‘lot’ is set up beautifully.
    What a great opportunity to ‘win’ these unavailable dies. Thank you.

  317. Glamping is our way to enjoy our time away! I usually take along supplies to make cards when we go.

  318. On the beach at the Jersey shore. BUT I also love the Pocono mountains and hiking in our breathtaking National Parks.

  319. Glamping: True Story, My husband and I sold our house in out 50’s and purchased a 40″ RV. We toured the US and Canada for four years before we had. to get off the road because of MS, health We had a wonderful 4 years

  320. My favorite communing with nature is to be camping and setting up my hammered dulcimer for playing at sunset! It’s such a peaceful time for enjoying nature and music.

  321. When I was younger we would camp by the Colorado river with friends, our boat and all the water ski equipment. Today I prefer to make cards that remind me of those camping days.

  322. My grandsons absolutely love making cards with me , it’s their favorite thing to do. They go through my catalog and pick out set they want to make and that was the first one they picked. I would love to be able to tell them we can do that now.

  323. Glamping! 20 years ago it was camping for sure. But, my age and some physical ailments glamping is more my style. I love the outdoors, walking, hiking, trails and so on. Breathing the fresh air, seeing and feeling nature, nothing like it!

  324. I LOVE camping but I cannot even get my husband to consider glamping. The things we do for love!

  325. I would have to say ALL of the above. Although I usually end up more camping than glamping.

  326. We enjoy our lake house for 9 months of the year then our RV with our little Morkie for the winter 3 months! Perfect stamp set!

  327. I have to admit that I am a glamper now because at my age if I get on the ground to sleep it will be very difficult to get up… the going down is a piece of cake, it’s the getting up, ?

  328. We’re glampers! Love to enjoy the out of doors, but want to sleep in comfort. The camper is THE CUTEST! The dies could be used all year round! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  329. I think I’m ready to try glamping. I have great memories of camping with my family and friends.

  330. Many memories of camping at my Dad and Mom’s Lake house every Summer on the Lake. Miss going there.

  331. I would love to have these dies …My son just bought a camper and every 4th of July is our family reunion ! This is a fun holiday card to make in addition to anytime of year ?

  332. I love to sit in my backyard and watch the birds play in the bird bath; the squirrels chase each other; and the cows reach for the green leaves over the fence.

  333. The only way I’ve ever been camping is in an RV so not sure if I would enjoy sleeping in a tent. I would rather enjoy the outdoors with a hike and then sleep in a bed so glamping would probably work!

  334. When I was young, we camped as a family. Now that I’m older, glamming would be better with a comfortable bed. I love all your card making ideas. Thank you!

  335. Definitely glamping then enjoying the hiking, exploring, and wonders of nature.

  336. Actually doing it as I type this.We have a log cabin camper on a permanent site near Lancaster. We love to listen to the birds and have coffee on the deck. Not to mention the card class later today and the many paper crafting stores owned by the Amish ladies I visit often!

  337. Camping for sure! When I was little my parents would bring the 7 of us to Leech Lake (yes, big leeches) for a month. My dad would go home to work during the week. My mother would take us on day adventures or just spend the day playing in the lake. Many fond memories!

  338. We haven’t camped in years but I love riding bikes on beautiful trails with my husband and grandchildren.

  339. We have camped for years and even tho my husband loves to pitch the tent, I much prefer Glamping. After miles of hiking and biking, I love a comfy bed to sleep in.

  340. I would like to try glamping, TV and all, now that I am older. There has to be a lake so I can hear the waves when I am outside. And, of course, a campfire is important because it wouldn’t be camping or glamping without it.

  341. I enjoy being by any body of water to enjoy the outdoors. The ocean or lake or even swimming pool. I also enjoy just sitting in my backyard watching birds in the bird feeder.

  342. We use to camp but now that we are older , I prefer to get up before sunrise and go sit on the back deck and watch the sun rise…. such a beautiful way yo start each day!

  343. Tent camping at Hither Hills State Park, Montauk, NY where your campsite was a sand dune away from the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean air, the sound of the waves, and starlight skies was my childhood tradition place to be. This tradition carried forward with my own children creating more of the best family memories!

  344. I’d love to try glam ping in a huge RV. I love watching the tv show that has couples selecting the RV of their dreams to buy. What fun!

  345. My husband always says my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn!! Thanks for a chance to win.

  346. We love to drive through out beautiful state parks, enjoy what they
    have to offer. Than stay at a motel or hotel for the night, enjoy what they have to offer. We have camped in tents ,campers, and vans when younger. We enjoyed all.

  347. Camping! My daughter and I camp in a tent and cook over an open fire. (But we also have a mini fridge, cots and lights permanently strung up in the tent!!) ?

  348. I do like tent camping, but glamming in an Airstream sounds like so much more fun!

  349. My dream is to own an Airstream to travel to places in the US where my ancestors lived to indulge my other hobby (obsession?)—- genealogical research.

  350. Sitting on my back porch and watching the lake and going on pontoon rides is my favorite activity!

  351. Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature, particularly in the National parks!! Many happy hours with my boys enjoying National, state and county parks!!!!

  352. Glamping is the only way to travel. We had the opportunity to spend 17 days glamping with some friends from West Palm Beach to Flagstaff, AZ into Colorado and Utah. .Oh the sites we saw were breathtaking! (Grand Canyon, Banquet House, Uray, painted desert, petrified forest, mile high stadium. Red rock amphitheater and SO much more. Coming from the east coast out west, was like going to another world. Books and pictures does not do it justice. We met some of the kindest folks along the way at many camp grounds. An experience of a life time. I go back and read my journal from time to time just to revisit the experience.

  353. Camping / glamping is not my thing. I would rather go for a walk in the woods… especially on a foggy fall moring just as the sun is rising.

  354. Love the die we camp alot love it I wanted the die but was out before I could get love your pictures thanks

  355. I truly enjoy receiving your emails. Each one is always full of pretty ideas and easy to read information. Your blog is user friendly and attractively designed.
    Thank you for sharing.

  356. I enjoy camping near the lake. Thanks for a chance to win a set of the camper dies!

  357. I love walking and especially in new surroundings where I can explore and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  358. We have a pull behind trailer and enjoy being in Two Harbors, on Lake Superior. Such beauty! Thanks for a chance to give this darling set a new home. (-:

  359. My family camped when I was young. I continued tenting with my kids when they were little and we all loved it. I haven’t tented in a few years, but think my little granddaughter would enjoy it now. Living in the beautiful Adirondacks, we have plenty of places to choose from! This set is precious!

  360. Tent camping is my favorite although we haven’t done that for a while. Waking up to the sounds of birds singing and watching the sun rise is beautiful!

  361. I prefer glamping, but I have never been. I can’t get around very well, so I think glamping would be best.

  362. I’ve been camping since I was a little girl and my husband has as well since he was a young boy with his family. We used to be in a tent, now we have a small Shasta camper and Love it! It looks similar to the die-cut, so I would love to have those dies, Mary! Thank you for your generosity~

  363. My favorite outdoor activity, is just being outdoors! We live by a national park so we are close to camping areas and hiking trails. It’s so peaceful to just observe the beauty around us! ?

  364. A beautiful morning walk outside is my favorite outdoor activity. Listening to the birds, feeling the gentle breeze, and absorbing all that nature offers.

  365. I live on a lake and are always outdoors, enjoying our boat, cooking on the open campfire, camping on our beach, etc. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway & all your inspiration.

  366. We did two cross country trips, New Hampshire to the Tetons, one before kids and again with the kids. We were younger and had a memorable trip both times. We tented, too old for that now. Now we enjoy boating on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Our daughters have continued the camping tradition, one with a camper and her three children and the other in a
    tent with her two. I was so disappointed when I missed the die set, hope it comes back. Enjoy these las days of summer.

  367. Glamping for me. We recently rented an RV and visited our son in Oregon who lives in a camper. Saw some beautiful sights especially Crater Lake National Park!

  368. Glamping is more my style. I have used the community pool a lot during this warm summer in Michigan.

  369. Love these dies! I’m definitely not a tent camper but if I had a pull trailer I would go camping. love the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, going for walks or just breathing in the outdoor smells! Living out in the country is the next best thing. ? Thank you for a chance to win this set.

  370. Gardening, biking, jogging, walking, relaxing by the pool. But my favorite thing is watching my grandkids play outside. Baseball football basketball etc…. LOVE the outdoors. Especially living in the sunshine state!!!

  371. My favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is to take long walks. Along the way, seeing the sunrise or sunset. Admiring the wildflowers and seeing a possible sighting of a momma deer and her babies. Catching a glimpse of a butterfly floating in the breeze.

  372. I used to love to camp but now that I am retired, my favorite outdoor activity is to play corn hole and badminton with my grandchildren. (Good old fashion yard games!)

  373. There is nothing like camping – being outdoors, cooking breakfast outside smelling bacon, and campfires with s’mores! We have used all methods of camping – tents, pop ups, 5th Wheel, and RV Motor homes. As we age, nothing beats being in a 5th wheel or RV. As my husband says, being higher off the ground for these old bones! Thanks for letting us play – it’s a great set!

  374. Absolutely love camping! Thank you for the chance to win blog candy, great set of dies!

  375. Glamming is part of my retirement plan! Love walking and visiting beautiful places!

  376. I love camping. We have a travel trailer camper now, but tent camping isn’t bad either. So relaxing

  377. My friend loves to camp and just bought a similar looking camper. If I would win I would love to give her this set . Thanks for the chance.

  378. That set brings back so many memories of our younger family. It would be fun to work (or play) with.

  379. I wish I liked camping more but I am just not that into the outdoors. I love the beach though so maybe camping on he beach is something I should try! So for now “none of the above”

  380. at 75y/o glamping is my choice…outdoor activity anything with my family and 4 grandkids

    bless you

  381. my family LOVES to go camping! we enjoy everything having to do with the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, camping, you name it!

    I was so disappointed that this die set had sold out, because it would have been perfect for making projects for my family. crossing my fingers that SU! brings it back in the next catalog. 🙂

  382. The backyard pool is my thing. I would try glamping. Thanks for this great blog candy. Those dies are just the cutest for card making.

  383. Camping, along with alot of hiking. I’m not a fussy gal. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  384. Wow! A chance to win the unavailable dies…how great is that. My favorite outdoor activity is relaxing by the pool and watching the birds and butterflies!

    • Glamping gives me the best of both worlds. I can enjoy being outside but not have to sleep on the ground. My favorite activity is to get up early and see the sunrise, smell the great outdoors while drinking my coffee.

      • I love your camping pictures!! We love camping!! Glamming in a trailer in the woods and mountains is the best!! So relaxing and beautiful!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!! ?

    • When our boys were young we went tent camping. Now that we’re empty nesters we opted for “glamping” and we both love it. Our grandchildren love spending time camping and the fresh air and relaxing times.

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