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Stampin’ Pretty Blog Candy Giveaway – Many Messages

Blog Candy Giveaway - Many Messages and Messages Dies


To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the following:

  • Stampin’ Up! Many Messages Cling Stamp Set  | Item 154510
  • Stampin’ Up! Messages Dies | Item 154422

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my Many Messages Bundle Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing: 

Punches or Dies, What’s Your “Go-To” Cropping Tool? 

The deadline for blog candy comments is WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, at 12 PM Mountain Time. I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner on, Thursday, September 9, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

NOTE:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address, so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

SNEAK PEEK! Many Messages Bundle and Flower & Field Designer Series Paper. Card by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty!Here is a card I previously shared that uses today’s blog candy giveaway bundle:

  • Stampin’ Up! Many Messages Cling Stamp Set  | Item 154510
  • Stampin’ Up! Messages Dies | Item 154422




573 thoughts on “Stampin’ Pretty Blog Candy Giveaway – Many Messages”

  1. This is the conflict of the century! I love the simplicity and convenience of a punch…boom, you’re done! But storing them is a total pain. But then again, I like the fact that dies are multi sized and are light and store flat!. All that being said, I think that dies are easy and more versatile… so this time, for me, they will have to be the winner!

  2. I am a big fan of dies. You know exactly where you are cutting and so much easier to use.

  3. I like dies the best, but sometimes I will use a punch for a coordinating stamp or if I am short on time.

  4. I like the punches. If you are making lots if cards it’s much faster to go down a row and punch rather than running a die thru the machine and repositioning it every time.

  5. I have a variety of both punches and dies and enjoy using both. Punches are definitely quicker to use and more portable. Dies require more equipment and a bit more time, but there are so many shapes/sizes to choose from. Dies are really fun to use and definitely beat fussy
    As always, thanks for the chance to win and for the informative posts and card ideas.

  6. I tend to use my dies a lot more, but saying that, I don’t have many suitable punches, due to their costs and sizes. I do have a few smaller go to ones. Than you for your lovely ideas.

  7. For me, punches are so much easier than the dies. But I do love a good set of dies! ❤️

  8. Hello Mary! My go-to is hands down dies. Dies have come a long way from when they were first introduced in the papercrafting world. The intricacy and abundance of die designs, along with the versatility of being able to utilize an embossing pad to emboss with them; better yet, the new hybrid dies, which cut and emboss at the same time in one clean swoop, makes them an extremely versatile, creative tool.. Punches do still have a home in my stash and are used on occasion. But, the dies are the work horses in my little nook of the wonderous world of papercrafting. Thank you for the tombola chance of blog candy. Happy Stamping!

  9. It really depends on whether the card is a fancy, intricate design or not, to me. I love the ease of punches, but love the intricacies of the die cuts.

  10. I love them both but I love all of the variety of sizes available with dies. I even use them for work projects.

  11. I absolutely love my dies. They are my go to and very versatile. They come in all sizes and shapes. I love the fact that you can make a quick card with dies . I love following your blog. This is very kind of you 🙂

  12. I use both, but have recently enjoyed the extra details provided by die cuts. However punches make it quick and easy to cut shapes in bulk, which is nice.

  13. I like them both and use both a lot so guess it depends on what I’m doing and how many cards I’m making alike.

  14. Punches are so easy and quick but a die gives you more details. They both have a niche to fill in the world of stamping.

  15. Dies are my “go to.” It seems that one die creates a domino effect which leads to fresh crafting ideas for me. I end up using more of the dies in a set as my creativity and imagination are sparked. Sometimes I even use dies from more then one set and something wonderful happens. 🙂

  16. Dies! Sooooo many options to choose from to make cards special! And much more accurate to use (for us perfectionists)!

  17. Apparently I have overlooked this Many Messages die set! It has such a great variety of banners for sentiments. I always love using dies. I also love punches. Heck, I just like to cut up paper and glue it back together again!

  18. This is a hard choice. Both add so much to making cards. The punches are quick to use, but I use my dies more often because they are so versatile.

  19. I do love the “quick” ease of my punches, but I have so many more creative options with my dies!

  20. I tend to use more dies. I just purchased storage to pull my punches out of hiding. Here’s ? to using them more

  21. I use dies, I find they are more versatile but I still use my favorite punches all the time.

  22. Thank you, Mary. My go to cropping tool is almost always a die accept for the Tailor Tag punch that does so nicely with the Happy Thoughts stamp set.

  23. I use cutting dies and punches. I have more cutting dies than punches though. Punches take up more space than cutting dies. I like both items and use one or the other depending on what I need for the particular card I am making. 🙂 Marcee

  24. I like and use both dies and punches but probably use dies a little more. Have a good day.

  25. I use both dies and punches together makes for an interesting layer on sentiments. If I had to choose just one, it would be the dies for the variety.

  26. Punches are easy to use so I love them but I have quite a few dies as well. I prefer the ease of the punches. I can quickly pop out a piece for a message whereas I have to dig out my die cutter. I don’t have the luxury of a craft room.

  27. Oh my! How could you possibly choose? Punches and dies are both great!

  28. Dies..mainly because I have more options to choose from. Punches are nice for larger quantities fast.

  29. This is a great question! I have to use both as it depends on what I am making! Tighter spaces I use the die cuts more open spaces I use the punch! I love them all as they are all unique!!

  30. I like them both – using the punches is quicker but the dies give you more sizes and easier to store – takes up less room

    Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize.

  31. I prefer to use dies, but I do enjoy using the punches that coordinate with some stamp sets.

  32. There are pros and cons for both punches and dies.
    Dies take up less storage space and are more economical to purchase.
    Punches are easy to grab and use without any additional set-up. When I am making 3 or fewer cards give me a punch!

  33. Tough question …. I love how quick the punches work, but will have to pick dies because there are so many to choose from and many emboss AND cut at the same time — bonus!!!

  34. I use dies the most. Like the ease of punches the best. Thanks you for another giveaway, Mary.

  35. I use punches when I can because they’re quick and easy! But the dies are soooo versatile!

  36. That is a tough question! I would have to say dies for the diversity of shapes but I love both.

  37. I love punches although I love the dies also, so not really a good answer lol. They both make clean crisp lines.

  38. My go-to cropping tool would have to be dies. I have a ton of them and use them constantly in my card-making. Currently I am making 100 baby girl announcements using “All For Baby,” so there will be many trips through the Big Shot!

  39. My go-to cropping tool would have to be dies. I have a ton of them and use them constantly in my card-making. Currently I am making 100 baby girl announcements using All For Baby, so there will be MANY trips through the Big Shot!!

  40. I use both all the time, depending on which stamp set I’m using. But I love all the shaped dies and use them for sentiments and accents on my cards.
    Thanks for doing these blog candy giveaways – giving us a little something to look forward to!

  41. I love them both!! I find it easier to use the punches, but, SO many dies, SO little time! Love your blog! 😀

  42. Another tough choice, but I think I’d have to go with dies. I love the often added details, like the “stitched” look and the lacy patterns. Thank you for your always inspiring designs.

  43. I use the dies more as my hands aren’t as strong as they used to be.
    This die is especially great as it makes so many sentiments at once.

  44. Although punches are much easier and faster I prefer dies because there’s so much more variety and more to match my stamps.

  45. I love the dies better than punches. A lot easier to do than the punches are so hard to press together. Sometimes I have to stand on the pucches to get them to work. So really dies are the best for me. Thank you so much for the chance to win

  46. I use both of course but my favorite for quickness is a punch. For variety are the dies. I’m glad we can have both at our disposal.

  47. While I have lots of punches, I really like dies more because they are so easy to store and don’t take up as much room. Thanks for all you share on your wonderful blog!!!!

  48. Hi Mary,
    Dies are my go to when I’m making a card or buying a stamp set! I love how creative you can be by layering images!

  49. Pluses and minuses to both. Punches are heavy and harder for me to store but easier to line up. Dies are easier to store but harder to line up without movement (even with the magnetic plate). The dies are more expensive but you have more pieces. It’s a toss up for me.

  50. I have to say dies are my go to’s! Although I love the simplicity of punches there is so, so much variety with all our dies.

  51. Definitely dies! There are more occasions to use dies than punches, and many more dies than punches. Anyways, I love using all of Stampin’ Up’s “treats (that’s what they are to me!).

  52. Though I buy (and love) many dies, I find that punches are usually quicker and easier to use.

  53. Here’s hoping you are taking time to enjoy the holiday! I use dies so much more than punches now. Thanks for your help ?

  54. its so much easier to use the punches, butttttttt never underestimate all you can do with the dies!!!

  55. I use both punches and dies but have found myself using the dies more frequently since they are so versatile.

  56. I most often use dies, because there is such a great variety. However, I do love a good punch!

  57. Dies fo me too. Die allow more flexibility when making cards. The variety is a plus a well. Punches are good for some things but harder to store. Dies can be stored on magnetic sheets and they compliment the stamps or work well alone.

  58. Definitely dies! Stamp/die bundles are my favorite. Shape and especially stitched dies add that something something to cards. Plus dies save an enormous amount of time!

  59. While I love punches for ease of use, the dies offer so many possibilities I think they have a slight edge.

  60. Definitely dies! The stamp/die bundles are my favorites. The shape and especially stitched dies give cards that special look. Dies are an enormous time savers!

  61. I love both punches and dies. It depends on what I have in mind and if there is a punch that would work for my project. I admit that I have more dies than punches and some of the old punches were a bit too big so are rarely used. Punches are more portable than a Big Shot with the assortment of dies.

  62. I really love both, but I probably would pick a punch over a die simply because it’s faster and easier.

  63. I tend to go with dies in my cardmaking. I love how they fill in odd spaces in my cards. PS I wish I had more good punches.

  64. I love both but use dies more because there are so many more and very versatile. I love punches because they are so quick and easy, but take up so much more room.

  65. Hi Mary.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a wonderful gift. I love and go to my dies!
    Happy Labor Day.

  66. I love them both. Sometimes my projects work better using dies and sometimes punches. Then other times a combination of both.

  67. I like to use dies and punches depending on my project. I prefer to use dies because they usually match sramp sets.. Organazing dies take less room than punches in my craft room.

  68. I like to use dies and punches depending on my project. I prefer to use dies because they match pieces of a sramp set. Organizing die sets take less room in my craft room.

  69. Boy, this is a good question! For speed, I’d say punches. But for versatility, dies are by far the way to go. So it’s dies for me. Great blog candy … thanks for a chance to win.

  70. I prefer punches, but really like dies because of the large variety that are available.

  71. I really love dies because they are so versatile and easy to store. But when I want a quick accent, there is nothing better than the punch for its simplistic use

  72. Love both! Punches are quicker to use but dies are more versatile and easier to store.

  73. Although I rarely buy a stamp set without dies, I really like punches also because they are easier to control.

  74. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado! Happy Labor Day & I would love to enter your drawing!

  75. I enjoy using dies because it’s easier to control the outcome and there are many more choices.

  76. Hello, I have both but I tend to use my die more. I have more of a variety to choose from.

  77. MY GO TO Cropping tool has become the dies. I use them a lot. I cut out several different sizes to layer together. I love their versatility.

  78. Punches are quicker for me; but dies do a wonderful detailed job.
    Thanks for the chance to win these neat products.

  79. Dies are my go to for cropping. I especially love dies that add stitching or embossing for added depth.

  80. I use dies much, much more than punches these days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Thanks for the chance at the great blog candy! I LOVE my punches. They’re so handy on my stamp-n-storage shelf.

  82. I use both punches and dies. I guess it depends on the card I’m making if I’m using a punch or a die.

  83. Punches! They quickly help me with my crafting projects – I love my die cuts, but punches are so easy to use an work with every project

  84. I use both.
    I love the ease of a label punch, because you can see exactly where it will cut, but they are bulky to store.
    I love the ease of dies, because you can store so many more shapes in a small space, but you have to be very accurate, where to place the die, before cutting.

  85. My go to are usually dies, although I find using a punch so much easier. The dies offer so many more choices than punches.

  86. I love dies … There’s more of a variety and there’s larger sizes. More versatility

  87. I most often reach for punches because they are quick and I am always in a hurry to finish

  88. I prefer dies over punches. Punches take a lot of storage space and are expensive for what you get. Dies can be used in so many ways and don’t take much storage space.

  89. I love both! The variety of dies is amazing and I love how easy it is to store them. But punches are so quick and easy to use when I’m in a hurry.

  90. I like both but here’s how I choose. If I need a card in a hurry and I don’t have one in my stash I use a punch. If I have plenty of time I get out my SCEM and use dies, best of both worlds.

  91. I L-O-V-E punches! Just grab a punch and in a flash punch out as many pieces as you need. That Rectangular Postage Stamp punch in the photo is one of my favorites. It’s great for stamping a whole sheet of randomly stamped images and then just punch out the whole page. Hooray for punches!

  92. Thank you for your newsletter. It is always quite informative. Personally, I prefer using dies. I have many punches, but I find the dies a more flexible tool for me in my card making. Thank you for your generosity.

  93. Thank you for your newsletter. It is always quite informative. Personally, I prefer using dies. I have many punches, but I find the dies a more flexible tool for me in my card making. Thank you for your generosity.

  94. I love them both but punches let the project go so much quicker when making multiple cards.

  95. Dies versus punches– this is a tough question. I seem to be using dies more often than my punches because they come in so many convenient sizes. I do love my punches because they can be quick o use.

  96. I’m a punch girl! But I love the dies when you don’t have a punch for something.

  97. I have always loved the punches & they are so quick & easy, but the coordinating dies can really make the stamp sets pop.

  98. That’s a hard decision, but I must agree that dies are the best because they are most versatile and there are so many things to do with them.
    I admit, I buy a lot of punches but I also buy a lot of dies, too many lol.

  99. I definitely like using punches better but the dies gave the extra benefit of being able to layer.

  100. Love them both!! Punches are fast and easy. Dies although more work are much more versatile.

  101. I like my simple circle punch. I use it for sentiments, for emphasizing sentiments, or for sun, moon, etc.

  102. Dies are my favorite for the variety of designs and sizes I can get. Punches are hard on my hands if I need to punch several items.

  103. I like dies because you can mix and match the dies to make such beautiful cards.

  104. The many messages stamp set is perfect for my lodge to send cards to shut ins and nursing homes. This year one of our projects is sending cards to local nursing homes .Most of the residents have always communicated by cards their entire life.

  105. Hands down I use the dies more but have several punches which I also use for various projects. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome candy.

  106. I prefer dies because there’s more versatility using them. You can use them anywhere on cardstock, whether your paper is folded, in the middle, on the edges, etc.

  107. What a fun happy card. ? I want to recreate it but, sadly I don’t have that stamp set or dies. ? hint, hit. ?

  108. That’s a tough question! I guess it depends on what fits the image, mat and/or sentiment I’m working with and whether or not I’m making multiples of the card design. Punches might edge out dies because punches are a little easier to get out and use.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy!

  109. First, thanks for offering us the blog candy.
    My Go To tools for cropping are my dies. I am a scrap saver. It is much easier to die cut a shape with my dies than to get a small scrap lined up in a punch. Of course, you can tape the scrap to a larger piece before using the punch. But that’s a bit more trouble.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Debi

  110. I love dies for ease and creativeness. These dies would make it great to just create salutations and have them in my stash!

  111. For me it is a toss up. I love to use the punches when I am in a hurry. But, would say that I like the dies the best. A lot more options with them.

  112. HI Mary
    I love the convenience of punches and how quickly I can get them punched out for my projects. But I do love the different sizes and options with dies.

  113. Oh my it would be awesome to win these I have wanted them for a while.Thank you for your tutorials they are wonderful.

  114. Happy Labor Day! This one is tough, although I tend to die cuts a tad more than I do punches. Love my Big Shot!

  115. I definitely lean towards dies just because they are very versatile and I remember my favorite ones. Sometimes I forget what punches I have.

  116. Such a difficult decision, I love the punches that I have because I chose them specifically for their lovely shape. Punches are so much quicker and easier to use, but dies give us so many more options and they are such a space saver. But if I had to choose I think I’d go with punches.

  117. That’s a hard one, but I probably would have to say punches because they are a little quicker and easier to just grab and use!

  118. I love the dies best because I can do so much more with them. My wrists are week so punches are not used much. However, I am not crazy about the sticker look. I would rather the die didn’t leave the white outline. I love the dies on colored paper. I enjoy your daily posts.

  119. For me it’s the punches. I love them and have a hard time not buying all of them, even if I’m not crazy about the stamp set. I use dies a lot but it’s like your first love, you never forget and my first love was the dies.

  120. Dies! Punches are definitely a great tool too, but dies are more versatile and I rarely make a project that doesn’t use at least one.

  121. Punches are a lot faster to work with but dies are a great value because you get multiple dies, often ones you can layer, so while I use both I would say dies are my go to.

  122. When doing 1-15 cards, I usually reach for the dies…when doing 15 or more, I design my cards to use punches…they’re just quicker!

  123. Dies are space saving and easy to position, but love a good, basic punch for time saving on mass production!

  124. I like them both. Punches are easier to find and use, but dies give you so many more choices and they don’t take up so much room.

  125. I love, love dies, you get a variety of shapes and sizes on one set.
    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome bundle.
    Stay healthy and safe, Mary.

  126. Although I love some of the punches I have, I would have to say dies. I use all my shapes dies a lot and don’t have that many shape punches. I keep my die cutting machine close to my workspace.

  127. I prefer dies as they take up less space (I live full time in a 40’ RV). However, I keep my “tag” punches handy for quick crops and especially love the versatility of the Banners and Lovely Labels Pick-a-Punch.

  128. Hard decision! I guess I would say dies. I love the finished look they provide on my cards.

  129. I am a punch addict, but I do love the versatility of dies. If I had to pick one or the other it would probably be dies, because you can be more precise with your placement

  130. I use my dies a lot more often then punches! But my punches do get there fair share of use!!

  131. I like dies best because there is more of a variety and weigh a lot less than carrying around a bunch of punches. Punches on the other hand can punch faster than having to reload dies if you are doing multiple punches of the same shape.

  132. I like both! So I really don’t have a fav! the only thing I hate is fussy cutting! LOL

  133. I am a relatively new lover of card making and enjoy both of these cropping tools but I have to admit that the dies are the favorite right now! I do love all the fun and variety that comes along with dies:)

  134. The versatility of dies makes them top dog for me. But, I still love the quickness of a punch.

  135. While punches are easier and faster to use, I love using dies the most. Dies can be bigger, and there is more variety for the same amount of storage space. (Not counting the die cutting machine, of course!)

  136. I’m 50/50 – I like punches for some things and dies for others. If I had to pick just one and would pick punches as mine sit right next to me in a 3 tier wooden box.

  137. Thank u Mary! I love punches for a quick card, but they take up a lot of room for storage. When I am not in a hurry, I love dies because one can get a much, more professional look, they are compact and use less room for storage and they are fun!

  138. Oops – I forgot to mention that I prefer dies to use on my projects, but have to admit when I’m in a time crunch I go to my punches, especially when wanting to crop a greeting.

  139. Dies! I love the convenience of punches, but the dies can be used in so many ways.

  140. This is a bundle that I would love to win. It would be a great set of products to use at one of my upcoming classes.

  141. I try to go for a punch first, if I got,’em. If not then it’s a die. And truthfully it’s what I have available that’ll do the best job. ?
    Mahalo Mary, fo a chance to win some blog candy!

  142. Thank you Mary. I like to use a punch if I’m short of time. But I have to choose dies for my go-to. More variety and easier to store. And it would be hard to make a punch do what the intricate dies can do.

  143. Favorite? Tough decision, but I have to say dies are favored just a bit over punches. Have tons of both!

  144. I love both but tend to use the dies more. So thankful Stampin Up has started offering more and more dies to coordinate with their stamp sets. I especially love the variety of label and background dies!

  145. What a wonderful blog candy gift!! I love the convenience of dies: storage, size choices, etc. BUT, when it comes to making cards quickly, punches are the best!

  146. Depends on how much time I have punches for quick projects dies when I have more time

  147. I like dies much better as you can be very creative in the way you use them. You can use multiple dies at once to create frames for your cards and this helps create a unique card front.

  148. I like dies much better as you can be very creative in the way you use them. You can use multiple dies at once to create frames for your cards and this helps create a unique card front.

  149. I want to thank you all for all your great ideas on cards and “How to’s.” You all are so helpful and thoughtful in making sure our orders and emails are answered. You all work hard to keep up your website and I want to thank you for all your hard work.

  150. My oh My, that’s a hard one. I collect both for many reasons. Punches are so convenient but dies are easier and can be used for a variety. I just used dies to cut letters and numbers for a t-shirt. So my answer to this would be dies.

  151. Hard choice: punches are quicker, but dies offer wide variety… Guess I’d select dies if I had to choose.
    Thanks for your inspiration and generosity, Mary.

  152. Hello actually I love ? them both they help to enhance and give flare to any card or project by adding layers or giving a depth of dimension they really make your finished piece be the ? bomb

  153. I prefer using dies because it gives me more of a variety to choose different shapes when designing a card.

  154. I like them both but tend to go towards dies as they take up less room. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  155. Punches are my go to, because I am usually in a hurry when making something. I think all the dies are so beautiful, but when I am in a pinch., I use a punch.

  156. I really like both Dies & Punches; but i find myself going to Dies more because you can use them in a lot of different ways! So i guess i am a Die person! Hurrah!

  157. I usually use dies just because I have more of them. Sometimes though punches are faster and I use them if they fit the card.

  158. I love them both but the details in some of the dies make them my first choice for most projects.

  159. My go-to is the Stampin dies.. they don’t take up as much room and I can use more does to cut at one time with same paper. ?

  160. I love punches! Something creative about squeezing the punch and watching the new cutout emerge onto the table.

  161. I use dies mostly. I like that I can usually run several (depending on size) dies at the same time on my cut machine – placing them strategically with different papers may take a little more time, but I can often cut all I need for my project at one time.

  162. Depends. If I am making multiple items that are easy to cut, then I will use a punch. However, if I am cutting out a stamped image that fits the object perfectly, I will sue the die. There are so many cute die cuts that a punch cannot replicate.

  163. Definitely dies! The stamp/die bundles are my favorite purchase. Being able to use the wide variety of shaped and especially stitched dies on my cards has made all the difference for eye catching detail. Dies are an absolute timesaver!

  164. I use both, but you have more options with dies. And they take up less space in my ever increasing storage area.

  165. They certainly both have their advantages, but I have to choose dies for their versatility.

  166. I love to use punches and dies. It saves so much time and gives such a perfect finish.

  167. What great Blog Candy! Who wouldn’t want to win it?
    Thanks for all you share and give.

  168. I have lots of dies but for a quick go to with lots less fuss than dies, I like punches!!!

  169. I love both but I’d have to go with dies as they provide a lot of different options within each set. Thanks for such a great GIVE AWAY Mary!

  170. Like with all stampin up products it’s too hard to choose ! I use both all the time. While punches are great for smaller detailed items, thinlets provide a wider range of choices to create fun cards! I am in awe of the amazing cards I see using thinlets.

  171. I prefer the dies mainly because the punches tend to get stuck every now and then. I want to be able to count on the products I choose to use. If I could figure out how to get the punches unstuck I would probably choose them instead. Thank you for the opportunity to win a new set along with the dies.

  172. I love using punches for a quick and easy card, especially when the punch coordinates with sentiments.

  173. Like with all stampin up products it’s too hard to choose ! I use both all the time.

  174. With the dies you have a lot more choices of what to use but I do LOVE the punches.

  175. Love the card ideas you post – love your website – so many fun ideas.
    I love using the punches – I like the dies too but the punches are much faster to use.

  176. I tend to favor the quickness of punches and have dozens of them. Does are so nice for precise cutting though, especially for those of us who don’t have scan and cut machines.

  177. It depends on the project, but punches are usually my “go to” choice mostly for convenience. They are quick and easy to use. Dies are fantastic for layering. Thanks, Mary, for the chance to win this bundle!

  178. I do like the the convenience and easy use of punches. Storing is a issue. But using the dies has so many more versatile uses and options.

  179. I love both, but because I work in a small space & the punches are more readily available, I find myself grabbing them more often.

  180. I prefer using dies. There are so many ways to use them. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  181. I use both, but prefer dies – they are so varied and many, many combos can be achieved with each set.

  182. Dies
    I often won’t purchase a stamp set if it doesn’t include dies
    I find fussy cutting relaxing but too time consuming

  183. I’ve gradually switched over to dies instead of punches. The punches are faster, but the dies take up so much less room.

  184. Love the dies. Punches are great, but bulky and limited. Dies offer a bigger and better variety and provide a polished look.

  185. I love creating with punches its fast and easy, however I like dies more be cause you can go much bigger. Plus you can get some treat boxes.

  186. Love both but dies offer far more options and are easier to store. Happy Labor Day!!

  187. I love Stampin Up products and would love to be the winner of this prize!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  188. I love being able to pick up the punch and create quickly, however, the dies have some many additional uses than just using them with a particular stamp set. You end up with an overwhelming supply of dies and can lose track of them.
    Thank you!

  189. When dies became more popular, I said goodbye to my punches—except for a few favorites. My only problem with dies is that some of the more delicate ones take awhile to get rid of the tiny pieces that have been cut out.

  190. I started out using punches when I first started stamping. I still use punches for easy and fast shapes, but love dies for their versatility and intricacy.

  191. I really like the convenience of punches. SU has really cut back on their inventory of punches…….so sad. But, I do enjoy dies as well…….they are usually more intricate but fun as well. Hope SU keeps making punches though!! Thanks for an inspiring blog site……checked every day!

  192. I love my dies, especially my Stitched Rectangle dies.

    Thank you for all your clever ideas and your pdf,s.

  193. Look forward every morning to your email. You always have interesting information

  194. I tend to favor my dies first for their versatility, but when I want instant gratification, I’ll grab a punch.

  195. For me it’s dies over punches for cropping, simply because I have sooo many more dies. Are punches easier and quicker? Yep, but the multiple sizes and shapes of my dies means the sky’s the limit in terms of options and creativity. Do I buy punches? You betcha, when they’re unique enough that I don’t have a die that’ll do the job AND if I think I’ll use it enough times to justify the expense. E.g. daisy, tailored tag, tag topper, dog, etc…

  196. Forgot to answer the question….duh….my favorite go-to tool is dies. They take up so much less room than punches.

  197. I use more punches since I do not have my die cut machine out. I am working on making a place to have it out all the time.

  198. I still really like the old school punch better than the dies. But as quite a few posters stated, the dies are more versatile. Still … punches for the win!

  199. Would be great time saver to stamp all these messages and cut them out all at once.

  200. Punches are key for adding sentiments! But who can resist all the great die cuts to match the SU sets.

  201. I love dies! They come in so many shapes and sizes! And so much easier to store than punches, although I use a lot of punches too.

  202. I use dies more than punches. They take up less space and with my arthritis they are easier to use. Love your daily inspiration!

  203. I prefer to use a punch when it comes to putting together the perfect sentiment. With StampinUp!, it’s so easy with the wonderful variety there is to choose from!

  204. I tend to look through my dies first but sometimes go through my punches just to remind myself what I have.

  205. I usually go to dies because there are so many more sizes. They also make it easier to place a background behind a picture because of their many layers.

  206. I use my dies far more than my punches. They just seem
    to, more times than not, be what my design needs.

  207. That’s a tough question! I like the versatility of dies, so I guess I would have to say dies. But, punches sure are more easy to use.

  208. I reach for punches more often since they are so quick and easy to use. The Stamp n Storage units are wonderful for keeping them organized!

  209. I love dies, especially nesting ones. Reasons are that they take up much less room to store and are more versatile.

  210. Punches are so easy and quick to use and I love using them . I have dies too and use them when cutting something I don’t have a punch that fits.

  211. My “go to” is usually a punch just because it’s so much easier than using dies. But, when I want a specific shape or for layering, dies are great.

  212. I usually go for a punch. They a quicker but if a die cut goes with the stamp I am happy. I hate when I have to cut a bunch of things out by hand.

  213. For convenience and time saving, I like punches. But there are so many more dies! I do have many too!

  214. I use punches more simply because I don’t have room to leave my die machine out where it’s readily available. Guess I’m a lazy crafter! LOL!

  215. I love the punches but have the dies on my “that would be so nice some day list”.

  216. I love my Many Messages stamp set and dies. I will share that if you do are the lucky winner of the die, or if you have one, I highly recommend that once the dies are cut out, laminate the sheet and you can use it as a template if you have other sayings to see if they would fit on that particular cut out. I cut out blanks to have on hand for that reason and keep them in a sectional container.
    That being said, I love many of the dies but am a go to for punches as I can punch out many of them in the time it takes me to do the same amount of dies. For multiple cards I like the punches.

  217. I vote for DIES! They give you many more options and sizes and take up way less space. I do still like my punches, though.

  218. My favorite is dies; they are easy to store and take a lot less space for storage than punches. Love all the new bundles; especially the Many Messages – what a great stamp set with matching dies.

  219. Love the punches – quick easy and looks oh, so good!
    Still, the variety of dies sure is hard to beat. All-in-all, love the Stampin’ Up! products. Thanks for asking, and thanks for all your awesome ideas.

  220. I use the Ornate dies for many card layers — something I learned from Sue Mohr’s blog.

  221. My go to are dies. I love the versatility and how quickly a project comes together.

  222. I love dies, but I also stamped at a time where dies were rare, so fussy cutting will do in a pinch!

  223. I would have to say dies. Punches are a lot easier and faster to use but there are a lot more choices with dies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  224. My quick to go are punches and SU has a great verity to choose from. I have my retired ones too- however I seem to have collected a good selections of dies as well

  225. I think this bundle would be great to make many different cards.

    I love your card style and creative eye. My favorite to see.

  226. Dies, hands down! I love punches, but they are very heavy, and take up too much storage space.

  227. Love your posts. I love Stampin up, their quality is fantastic. Punches are great but you get more with the dies.

  228. Thanks for a chance to win! I like dies, they offer a bit more versatility! But in a pinch, punches are my go to.

  229. I love punches as they are quick and easy but dies are my “go to” cropping tools. I love the variety they provide and how they make my cards look so well made.

  230. Although I love both, I love punches for the ease and convenience when I am producing several cards.

  231. That’s a tough question. I have to choose dies because they give me so many options.

  232. Dies, dies, dies!! And with the new mini stampin cut and emboss machine it is so easy.

  233. Love, love, love dies! Easy, versatile and can make so many in one pass of the machine!

  234. I love the ease of punches, but I have to see I use my dies more because of all the different sizes!

  235. That is a tough one- punches are so much easier but dies allow for a larger surface and take up so much less space. I am going to have to say dies for the two reason above. Happy Labor Day.

  236. I love the ease of a punch and not needing an additional tool but the variety of sizes the die sets offer have me reaching for them more often.

  237. I like and use both, but I reach for my dies most of the time because it is amazing what you can do with a die.

  238. Most of the stamp sets are connected with dies. That’s why it makes them so versatile: togetherness!

    This stamp set has just about every kind of sentiment any beginner or experienced crafter could need.

  239. I rarely buy a punch anymore. I would say I use dies 75% of the time. I do have some favorite punches, such as, the banner and a sentiment punch from 2010.

  240. I actually prefer dies and look that they accomplish….but to be honest, punches are easier and quicker to use. If I want to use my dies, then I have to lug out my heavy machine and then roll the dies and then clean it up. But with punches, it’s usually punch and done.

  241. Punches are my favs because they are more affordable! Although, dies come in at a close second!

  242. Dies but only because of storage limitations. I’m also disabled and like to have all the basics within reach on my craft table.

  243. Dies are so versatile, but, I always reach for a punch when I need something quick!

  244. I would prefer punches because they are so quick to use but unfortunately they require more space to store and there are fewer choices when it comes to shapes for punches.

  245. Being a stamper over 25 years now, all I can say is what the heck did we do before we had so many wonderful dies and punches to choose from? Honestly, I hardly make a card anymore that I don’t use one or the other. Love them both and couldn’t choose! Fussy Cutting…history! (Well most of the time). Thanks Mary and Happy Labor Day.

  246. Dies are my favorite. So many different shapes and they are wonderful to layer

  247. My go to tool are dies. When I need to fill in space dies are magic. I especially like using background dies!!

  248. I prefer dies since they take up so much less space to store, but I do like circle punches for their versatility.

  249. I love all my punches and use them often, but I really, really prefer my dies. I am not fond of fussy cutting and does make it so easy to be precise. I especially like the many frames that are in the die sets.

  250. Punches are way quicker than dies. Sad when SU! Discontinued our circle punches. I would love to win this bundle.

  251. I prefer dies. I think they are more versatile than punches. I love the ability to combine sets of dies.

  252. Dies. I love the convenience of punches but the stitched edges of dies. And there’s more variety of dies.

  253. Punches are my favorite by far although I do love the fact that SU makes dies to go with so many stamp sets.

  254. I use dies in almost every card I make and love the variety that Stampin Up offers! I also use punches, but not nearly as often.

  255. While I use both, I do prefer to use dies. Thanks for your daily inspirations and fun contests!

  256. Punches are quick and easy to use, but much more variety in the dies, so I use both!

  257. I think dies are more versatile but punches have a quick, convenient factor too. Need both depending on circumstances!

  258. I go to the punches. Especially when I do multiples and don’t have much time.

  259. Punches produce the end product faster but dies are more versatile and offer a greater variety of designs.

  260. When doing a quick card or multiple cards I like to use a punch. My favorite is the dies. I like the extra detail I can get with them.

  261. If I have a punch that will do the job, then I absolutely reach for the punch first! So much quicker, with a punch I can turn out 40 cut images in the time it takes to run a die through the die cut machine 5 times. On the other hand punches are so expensive! and I’m glad I have all the dies I have to cut the many images I need 🙂

  262. There are not as many sentiment friendly punch’s as there use to be, so dies offer many many options.

  263. I tend to use dies as they are easier to store and have more variety with more shapes in the die set compared to one punch. Dies are usually less expensive. Great question would love to hear the results.

  264. I would have to say dies, as there are so many
    of them with great choices for add ons.

  265. Thank you, Mary, for all the emails and pretty cards. I appreciate the free pdf files. You are so kind. Thanks, Rita

  266. My choice would be Dies. I seem to use them more but I do have both. Thanks for the chance to win.

  267. Hard to choose. Punches are better if you are doing lots of the same thing like mass producing one card. My family got together recently to make wedding invites. We used lunches because everyone could be doing one thing.

    I like dies if it is just me and I am not making lots of one thing. They are also easier to store and cut out larger images.

    Like I said. Hard to choose!

  268. I have many more dies than punches so I guess their my go to tool. I enjoy the punches I have, I just use dies more often.

  269. WOW, this is a hard one. I’m going to have to go with punches. They are “quick” and that seems to be the way of life these days.
    Have a blessed day,

  270. I really like punches but SPACE for storing is very limited. I’m trying to be creative in a small space….

  271. I love both punches and dies BUT, probably use my dies more due to their versatility.

  272. Dies, absolutely! I love Stampin’ Up punches but dies have the edge because of their versatility across multiple stamp sets and occasions.

  273. When I started stamping I loved punches and believe me I have a bunch,but they take up so much space. I absolutely love dies because they are so versatile and take up much less space. I plan to donate my punches, paper and inks to our local library for programs for kids. I got this idea from the library in Chillicothe, MO. They had an amazing room with so many punches. I loved to visit there.

  274. I prefer lunches only because they are faster to use for single cards. If I am making multiples, I then prefer dies.

  275. I love the ease of using a punch but the dies are more versatile so I would have to say the dies win. There are amazing shapes and sizes. Thank you for your inspiration.

  276. Dies are for me. The one thing you can never have enough of is messages your cards. This bundle is a celebration !

  277. While I love to use a punch for sentiments especially if I am making cards in multiples, dies lend themselves with more details often like with stitched borders etc.

  278. Dies. Have lots of punches, but a ton of dies (lol). Love that you can get dies along with a stamp set.

  279. I like both… punches are quick and easy. Dies give you flexibility and usually matting options. No stamp should be without a matching die.

  280. I like the variety we have with dies but when I do a class with 20 participants, punches are handier.

  281. Thank you for a chance to win! This is a hard question. I love both! But, i guess i would probably go with punches. They don’t require a machine to use. Just punch and go!

  282. How can I choose? Love them both! punches for the smaller items and dies for the larger.

  283. My go to are dies…punches are easier but feel dies give more variety and are more versatile.

  284. I thought it would have been dies because there are sooo many different styles and different ways of using them but I’ve noticed I tend to reach for punches more. I do still use all my dies though because I have so many of them

  285. I actually love them both!! Especially when they coordinate with a stamp set – that’s what I love about Stampin Up! ?

  286. I use both because I love the shapes Stampin up has. The dies go with different sets, and I love the shape ones for that reason. Gotta admit that Penguin punch is about the cutest thing ever tho!

  287. I like using dies because I like to layer my sentiments which is what I use them for primarily. It just adds a little bit more to the card.. I use scalloped or stitched ones, when possible!

  288. I love the variety of dies from Stampin’ Up!, so they are my go-to choice. They are also a little bit easier to travel with b

  289. This would be such a great, versatile set to add to my stampin up stamp sets. Would be great for my scrap booking also.

  290. Dies unless I’m making a project with a specially designed punch such as the cookie cutter or Bonanza Buddies.

  291. Although the dies are more detailed, when I need to make several cards, the punches are what I go with.

  292. I like both but dies definitely are better for me because they are easier to store and have larger and more detailed edges.

  293. Hi Mary
    I could not do without either the punches or the dies
    Punches makes it quicker when making multiple projects
    Dies means less fussy cutting which also saves time
    I’m glad Stampin Up has both and I wish they would bring back some of the retired circle punches
    Thanks, Dawn

  294. these stamps and dies are something I do not have and could use. I love using dies because they cut down on time.

  295. My favorite are dies and bundles.I love your cards. You are a great
    Inspiration for my cards. Thank you for always sharing.

  296. While punches are less muss and fuss, so to speak, I prefer dies because they’re easier for me. I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands often making punches a bit more burdensome to use.
    Also, dies are easier to store.

  297. Dies!!! I’m not a fussy cutting kind of a girl, I do, but I’m not liking it. I’ve been know to purchase a bundle just for the dies. Thank you for the chance to win the Many Messages bundle.

  298. Love punches but they are bulkie. Dies take up less space and usually comes in multi sizes or coordinating pieces.

  299. I Love Dies because there are so many different options. If it only has a punch I will do that also because not a fan of fussy cutting.

  300. My favorite is dies. I enjoy you ideas and videos a lot. I’m always looking forward for next email. I have used so many of your ideas
    For many of my cards. Thanks for your inspiration

  301. I do like the variety of dies especially for layering! But finches are a little quicker!

  302. This is a hard choice but I do think the dies are so nice, after all these years of fussy cutting things out, they make it so much easier and with cleaner lines they look much better. Punches take up a lot of space
    while the die cuts don’t.

  303. Dies are definitely my go-to tool. My world of card-making increased exponentially when I purchased my die cutting machine. Unlike punches, dies come in every possible shape. I just love creating with them!

  304. I use my dies more often than I punch. I have more variety and options with my dies. Maybe I just need to purchase more punches ?

  305. i like punches because they are quick and easy but dies have more variety and you can have a die most any location on your project whereas the punch can only reach in so far. So I guess I would have to choose dies.

  306. I prefer the small shapes to be in a punch. I’m able to get more out of a punch in less time than I would have if they were dies.

  307. I just found you via Pinterest and love some of your designs. I love making cards, but I am not very creative so being connect with you will inspire me to make beautiful cards.

    Oh, and dies over punches…….mainly for the storage and versatility.

    Keep designing!

  308. My favorite cropping tools are the dies! Don’t know what I’d do without them!!

  309. I use dies the most. Wish there were enough punches to use for sentiments. They are easier to use. Love the many messages set.

  310. I prefer dies simply because they offer more variety and options. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  311. I love to “punch” and go, so easy. But dies are so great to create a pretty mat under the sentiment piece.

  312. I use dies the most. Wish there were enough punches to use for sentiments. They are easier to use. Thanks for another giveaway. Love the many messages set.

  313. Hi! I tend to use dies much more often because I have a large variety. I do agree that punches are so easy though. Thanks!

  314. I have some punches, but I have many dies. I prefer the dies because they take less room to store.

  315. I love all the stitched dies. The 8th is our wedding anniversary? I appreciate the chance to win.

  316. Punches are my most often go to. Easy to just punch and go.
    Happy Labor Day.

  317. I love all the stitched dies. The 8th is our 59th wedding anniversary? I appreciate the chance to win.

  318. Dies are my favorite,I reach for the dies every time. I do have a few punches but mostly for sentiments.

  319. When I am short on time I will grab a punch, but I really like the versatility I can get with dies.

  320. I love my dies and use them for most of my cards. Now that I have the mini Cut N Emboss, it is right on my desk and I don’t even have to get up to use it (although when I need to use a larger die, my larger machine is still close by!)

  321. I use dies on almost every card I make. I love the punches but they are limited. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize! Happy Labor Day!

  322. There are times when a certain punch is exactly what I need. Although I have several (well, a wall full) of punches, I use my dies much more often.

  323. Dies! I enjoy their versatility & detail & they go through my Stampin Up large die cut machine so well.

  324. I will say I love y punches because they are so quick & easy to use. Great for beginners. Thank you so much for a chance to win some blog candy. Very kind of you.

  325. I like punches so much better because of how quick you can use them. The dies are beautiful but take longer.

  326. Punches are so much easier to use, but I have so many more dies that they are my preference for cropping most of the time..

  327. I love both…in some cases, punches are better and in others, dies. But if I had to pick one, it would be dies :).

  328. Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy! By far, my go to are my dies. Sometimes punches are the perfect too.

  329. Boy, this stamp and die set would make card making so easy. It would save me a lot of time.

  330. I have a lot of punches, but my new go-to is dies. They take up much less space! Thanks again for the daily inspiration!

  331. I like punches, because they are easier and handier to use, and I don’t have to pack as much to travel with them.

  332. I definitely prefer dies because they are so versatile, even though punches come in handy a lot of times too. I guess I love them all. 🙂

  333. My “go to” is most often, the dies, simply because I love the many different choices. I must admit, either punches or dies, Stampin Up has them all!
    ❤️ Stampin Up and I are “in love” and it is so fun paper crafting with Stampin Up products.

  334. I have gradually moved to dies because they save space, but love the convenience of punches. Would love to have this versatile die set.

  335. I use dies more often than I do punches but I like being able to use both.

    Thank you for always sharing with us.

  336. I always go to the dies for some reason i dont have meant punches,i do think the punches would be faster.

  337. Dies are my favorite “go-to”. Thanks for sharing your talent with us every morning!

  338. For my stamp classes I really like to use punches because there isn’t a line at the Big Shot then but I really hate fussy cutting so dies are the best answer to be able to cut out numerous stamps!

  339. Hi Mary! I would say I use dies and punches equally….it all depends on the size and shape of the sentiment or image I want to crop. It’s a treasure hunt for the perfect one!

  340. I love the quick line up of the punches but I prefer the many shapes of the dies.

  341. I love how quick and easy punches can be to use but I prefer dies because of the easy layering options and they are easy to store.

  342. I love how quick and easy punches can be to use but I prefer dies because of the easy layering options. And, they take up a lot less space in my craft room than punches do!

  343. Punches use to be one of my favorites; but with arthritis in my hand, I love the ease of dies. Punches don’t always give as much variety as dies.

  344. I like the punches, but feel the dies are more versatile for most projects. They also take up much less room?

  345. I prefer dies as I have limited storage space so dies work better in my space.

    Happy Labor Day!

  346. I like them both, but with my arthritis, the dies are easier to use. I also appreciate all the different shapes, sizes, and patterns offered with dies.

  347. Wow… tough question…. I prefer punches for the speed – quick to grab and use, BUT there are so many more dies and fabulous things you can do with them. Bottom line, I use both.

  348. Both the punches & dies are so useful., making this s tough choice. But I’ll go with dies, since maybe a little more versatile. Thanks for your generosity of Blog Csndy.

  349. This is a little hard, but I will have to go with dies. I know punches are so much more easier to use but you don’t get too many choices on them. So dies it is!

  350. I usually go to my dies for cropping. I love the Hippo & Friends dies, Stitched So Sweetly dies, and the Tasteful Label dies in particular.

  351. Definitely punches, because they’re so much more convenient. Less “gear” to get out. However dies have a much bigger selection of sizes and styles to use. I do think they need to come back with more regular shape punch sizes. Circles, squares, ovals and rectangles.

  352. While I love dies so much, I really love punches to frame out things so very quick. Especially if I need a lot.

  353. I love using both punches and dies, but I enjoy the dies more because of sizes and layering options.

  354. Dies are fun to play with – so many uses and choices! Although I wouldn’t say no to a lovely punch! =)

  355. I Love the dies but admit I do use my punches too,I mean just look at the cutest penguin punch we have right now?

  356. Punches which are so much easier to use and faster. They take up more space but they are worth it!

  357. Punches are so easy, but I tend to use dies more. My trusty big shot gets a work out!

  358. Good Morning and hoping you are enjoying this Labor Day holiday. Thanks for your give away, regardless of who wins. You bless so many with your generosity of sharing your creativity as well as that of your Pals. I probably use dies more, but punches definitely have their place and I have ALL that I have purchased through the approx. 18 yrs. with SU. Punches definitely for production jobs, but placement sometimes requires the dies. Thanks Mary.

  359. While I love both dies and punches, I like dies better – I can collect more of them since they’re easier to store!

  360. I’m in love with dies because of the variety of sizes in each package…easy to mix and match!

  361. Punches are my preference, but dies are necessary due to the limitations of the punch sizes.

  362. There are so many choices with the dies….but the punches are easier and quicker. Love both.

  363. I like the variety of dies, but if I have a punch that would fit the job, it is so much quicker to reach for the punch!

  364. I reach for dies most often due to the variety of shapes and sizes. I love the convenience and portability of punches.

  365. I prefer the predictable precision of dies in combination with a magnetic platform. I have had a few too many “oops” moments with punches where the paper has slipped out of place!

  366. Using dies adds so much to card making. Stampin Up has so much to offer in the line of dies that is makes it hard to choose which to purchase

  367. I love dies because they really make thinks look beautiful. I’ve just started using them, so I still reach for my punches first.

  368. I have been stamping for many years and all my messages stamps have served there purpose. I would like to replace them. with this new stamping up set. My go to cutting tool is dies however I also do a little with punches. Punch and done!

  369. Hmm punches or dies that is a hard one, punches are so much faster and easier, but dies are intricate and versatile. I use my dies more often

  370. I use dies the most because of the versatility and because they are much easier to store. I do love the punches too but I dont have a lot of room for them.

  371. I love the convenience of punches but dies are my favorite. For me, dies are more versatile. Thanks for the chance to win this set.

  372. I love dies. They can be so precise! Of course punches have their place for a quick cut. Happy Labor Day!! My best, Wendy

  373. This is such an awesome bundle !! Id love to have it . Ive been looking for lots of different shapes to write sentiments and this would be it.
    I love all your creations and you give me so much insperation. Thanks for all you do.

  374. Well let me tell you. The punches are easier and if you are creative you can come up with different ways to use them but I like the dies because there are so many more of them . There are alot of stamps that have the coordinating dies. And there are very large ones and very tiny ones. Which is awesome.

  375. I love both dies and punches. I won’t get rid of either, as I use both. However, I guess I love dies a little more, as I keep several die sets always on my immediate work desk to use. My punches, I have to walk about 6′ away, to select what I want to use.

  376. I tend to use punches more, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a large stash of dies as well! 😉

  377. DIES are my favorite cropping tool.! Stamp sets with matching does are my favorite combo

  378. I prefer dies. They are easier to use, more portable, generally have more versatility, definitely a better value over all.

  379. I sometimes wish I used punches more….but I do first think of and look at the what dies I have. I go to dies most often.

  380. I prefer dies. You have more variety. Punches sometimes are easier and faster but you are limited.

  381. Dies are my thing. They are easier for me to use than a big punch and more versatile.

  382. I’m a punch collector and tend to purchase ones that I can incorporate a sentiment. Less choices are available than dies, but i appreciate the convenience of “punch and go”.

  383. while i love the convenience and ease of using punches, my use of dies is much greater due to the variety offered and larger size cut-outs.

    • I enjoy using dies because I can use them in so many different ways for card making and scrapbook layouts. My children also use them for school related projects!

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