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Happy Thanksgiving Blog Candy Giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you are spending the day gathering together with your family enjoying a yummy feast!

To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the following:

Right Triangle Bundle & coordinating Tree Angle Stamp Set! 

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my Thanksgiving Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing: What is your favorite type of pie (or dessert) to pair with a Thanksgiving feast? 

The deadline for blog candy comments is Saturday, November 28 at 10 AM Mountain Time. I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Monday, November 30, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!


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719 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Blog Candy Giveaway!”

  1. My family loves homemade sugar cream pie. It’s a “Hoosier” treat from Indiana and probably some southern states too.

  2. Pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream. Thanks, Mary, for a chance to win this great set. Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh, my! I have to choose only one? Fudge pecan, pecan, fresh apple, chocolate cream …
    it’s a long weekend- there is time to enjoy them all!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

  4. My absolute favorite pie is warm Boysenberry Pie with whipped cream on top. Nothing better.

  5. This year it was cherry cream cheese cake, at least for one day. We forgot to refrigerate. Oooops. We were blessed.

  6. My favorite Thanksgiving pie is mincemeat. However, my family won’t eat it so I make an apple pie. I love this giveaway. Thank you so much for offering it. Very generous.

  7. Apple Pie: my late mother passed her recipe down to me and it is a family favorite.

  8. Apple Pie: my late mother passed her recipe down to me and it is a family favorite

  9. My favorite Thanksgiving pie is Sweet Potato, but pecan is a close runner up!

  10. My personal favorite would be pumpkin since it’s Thanksgiving, but I love lemon meringue pie the rest of the year!

  11. I wait for your name to pop up and open it up right away. I am thankful that I found you.

  12. Everyone likes a different pie in the family so we always have a few to choose from….pumpkin chiffon, pecan or cranberry walnut tart.

  13. Pumpkin Pie from Costco with Cool Whip on top! Biggest and best pie for $5.99! Thanks for your daily inspirations.

  14. Any and all desserts are always the best, but my mother would always make her Chocolate Fudge Cake in a pan. Besides this rich dessert that had pecans in it, mother always served with fresh whipped cream on top.

  15. Growing up my mom would make apple, pumpkin, cherry, raisin pies but my favorite was Canadian brown sugar pie. It’s been a long time since I’ve had it.

  16. My favorite pie at Thanksgiving is a blueberry pie because my grandmother used to make me one every year. I miss her very much but I still like the blueberry pie the best. I now am the baker. Thanks

  17. My family and I love pumpkin pie with ice cream to finish off our Thanksgiving meal…if we have room in our tummys!

  18. homemade pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream–truly Thanksgiving!
    and I do hope everyone had a blessed holiday!

  19. I love both Dutch apple pie and pumpkin so I will have a small piece of each with a dollop of whipped cream..

  20. My favorite pie is Pecan!! Especially when it is made from fresh pecans that we shelled & lightly toasted ourselves! YUM-O!!

  21. I’ve never liked the traditional pumpkin or pecan pie. Hands down favorite is definitely cherry pie.

  22. New tradition this year!! (We needed something new after 2020), Being I have a two year old grandson who likes to bake; Together we made a giant chocolate chip cookie/cake!! Surprisingly yummy!

  23. I love the traditional pumpkin pie. My sister uses the pumpkin from our annual pumpkin carving and it’s delish! Rich with tradition!

  24. Pumpkin Pie is the must-have staple, nicely paired with pecan, apple, mincemeat, cherry and strawberry-rhubarb! Having a big family dinner (except this year), allows for all of these pies in our house at one time!

  25. We have many desserts for Thanksgiving but my favorite is pumpkin pie with homemade cinnamon whipped cream; Yum!

  26. Well I guess it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkins pies and whipped cream, but my personal taste goes for creamy egg custard pies. YUM YUM! Hope you had a very nice and happy Thanksgiving.

  27. That question is like, which of my children do I love the most? If I have to pick only one it would be my mom’s graham cracker cream. She always made the cream filling from scratch and it is so delicious.

  28. My favorite pie is pumpkin because every year the day before Thanksgiving my grandchildren come over and we make pumpkin pies. We started this when they were three and five. They are 8 and 10 now and around the first of November they always ask if we’re going to make pumpkin pies this year. I hope they never want to stop!

  29. Pecan pie is my favorite for thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

  30. There are so many wonderful choices. I think my favorite is pumpkin pie. This year we changed it up a bit and made pumpkin pie ice cream and paired it with molasses cookies. Yum!

  31. Oh there’s so many favorites! But pumpkin pie is probably my favorite pie on Thanksgiving. It’s so traditional! Thanks for offering this great set.

  32. Happy Thanksgiving Mary, my favorite is the Pumpkin Pie with a ton of Cool Whip on top. Thanks for the chance to win

  33. I tried a new twist on pumpkin pie… Cheesecake pumpkin pie! I think it is my new favorite! Yummy!

  34. Well, I love apple pie but since there is only two of us I make a pumpkin pie for my husband. He works hard and deserves something extra special for thanksgiving. I’ll have a piece of apple pie out with a friend sometime during lunch/dinner during the holidays. ❤️

  35. I guess I am a traditionalist. My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is pumpkin. I love it with a little whipped cream on the side.

  36. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without my pumpkin bars! Even though we didn’t get together with family this year because of Covid, I still made a big pan of them! The neighbors were very appreciative!

  37. My favorite dessert on Thanksgiving is always pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top! ?

  38. If I still have room after the delicious turkey and mashed potatoes, my favorite dessert is pecan pie smothered with whipped cream. And it is delicious for breakfast on Friday.

  39. Pecan Pie is my favorite followed by Mincemeat Pie. Can’t find a frozen Mincemeat Pie anymore!

  40. My great-grandma’s homemade cranberry sauce, my husband and I make it every year!

  41. Homemade pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream. So yummy, so comforting, so delicious!

  42. Custard pie. It was my mom’s recipe which makes it even more special. Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. I would usually say pumpkin pie. This year I made a marshmallow pumpkin pie…..sooo good

  44. On Thanksgiving I love sweet potato pie with really cold Cool Whip on top! It tastes a lot like pumpkin pie, but has a firmer texture.

  45. I love pumpkin pie! Always have it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My youngest son always asked for pumpkin pie instead of cake for his birthday too!

  46. I usually make both a pumpkin and a pecan pie. After one piece of pumpkin—I am through—it is too heavy for me. So–I switch to the pecan pie with either cool whip or warmed a bit with vanilla ice cream on top—YUM!

  47. Pumpkin Roll, my daughter always makes it for me and I look forward to it every year!

  48. Hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is Pumpkin! It would be Thanksgiving without it! Then comes pecan!

  49. My mom bakes the best cherry pie ever!! It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving and Christmas without it! Thank you Mary.

  50. I love Apple Raspberry pie the best, warm with a scoop of ice cream. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  51. My favorite for Thanksgiving is pumpkin with whipped cream! I like it for breakfast too.

    Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  52. My favorite pie is cherry ? ?, but for thanksgiving, you just have to have pumpkin ? ? !

  53. My favorite pie on Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie. A close second is pecan pie. Both with whipped cream of course!

  54. My favorite pie. Is the fruits of the forest pie. It has all the flavors of many wonderful fall fruits.

  55. Cream with a bit of pumpkin pie. The more cream the better. Thank you for your talent and generosity

  56. I think the traditional pumpkin pie but drizzled with caramel and candied pecans, oh and a dollar of heavy whipping cream. Oh I hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving, pretty lady

  57. A recipe my Mom labeled “excellent apple pastry” made in a jelly roll pan. It serves a crowd with a wonderfully flaky crust. A wonderful pie for those of us who don’t care for the traditional pumpkin pie.

  58. Lemon meringue pie is my favorite. But if someone wanted to bring a chocolate silk pie, I wouldn’t turn it down! And what did I make … an apple pie … something’s wrong with me … ha!

  59. Pumpkin pie seems light enough to manage after a typically heavy Thanksgiving meal. I was going to try a coconut cream pie this year, but had more ideas than pie-making time. However, there are two more holiday opportunities just around the corner, so there is still hope!

  60. Apple Pie is my favorite pie anytime, but it’s better than the pumpkin that the rest of my family loves. LOL

  61. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you are having a spectacular day! I love pie, most any pie – or any dessert for that matter. I think my favorite is my gran’s mile high apple crumble pie – yummy! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win! Take care.

  62. I make a cranberry clafoutis which is sort of a crust less custard pie. We have to be gluten free, so no pie

  63. My family goes for a non-traditional Thanksgiving dessert. They love my Butter Pecan Ice Cream pie!

  64. PIE- apple, pecan, blueberry, and my all time favorite Whoopi Pies! Squeeeeel! ?

  65. I make a GRAND Sweet potato pie to die for.
    Thank you for all the up dates and Ideas

  66. Tarte Suc Pie from Montreal, Quebec Canada is my favorite. Somewhat like pecan pie but a little sweeter,

  67. I love watching my husband and his youngest daughter make pies. My favorite is the pecan pie.

  68. My favorite pie is BlackBerry but I also love pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan ,apple , cherry and coconut and banana cream pies oh and I can’t forget lemon meringue. Yummy.

  69. My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is pumpkin, however my husband loves apple. So we have both.

  70. Happy Thanksgiving – my favorite dessert is Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream – yummmy!!

  71. Cherry Almond Cream Pie. It’s been a tradition since a great aunt won a Pillsbury pie contest with it in 40’s or possibly 30’s. My youngest is making it this year!

  72. My favorite Thanksgiving pie is the “Impossible pie”. Coconut custard made in the blender-throw all ingredients in pulse to the count of ten, pour in buttered pie and bake. Easy Peasy!

  73. Just like the Pilgrims and Indians might have shared, my favorite is all American pumpkin pie.
    Whatever you choose, enjoy ever bite!

  74. Woohoo – awesome blog candy!!! My favs are pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, dutch apple pie and cherry pie. Might need a bit of all of them! LOL

  75. My favorite pie is Marionberry (or any berry), but for Thanksgiving it has to be Pumpkin Pie.

  76. My sister is a fabulous cook !! I. Never can choose a favorite because she makes a delicious pumpkin and a scrumptious pecan pie. Sooo I have a sliver of both !!!!Yummy

  77. What a fun drawing! I love pumpkin pie, but I’m vegan so I have to make it from scratch. Too lazy this year, so I bought a cherry pie from a bakery 🙂

  78. My favorite is apple pie. But I like all the others except for pumpkin…go figure!

    Just wanted to leave a note saying how much I love your craft work, Mary. I love all of the beautiful cards you make, as well as the fact that you share them along with instructions without cost. You are a blessing.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  79. My favorite is pumpkin, the rest of the family will eat all of the 2 buttermilk pies before they will even maybe eat pumpkin.

  80. Our family has a special jello salad … raspberries … cream cheese … with, believe it or not a pretzel crust. It’s delicious. I used to make it every year; our daughter does it now.. Years from now, I’m sure my granddaughter will be making it. A lovely tradition. We aren’t spending Thanksgiving together this year … but, hopefully, we will celebrate together soon.

  81. My favorite pie is a homemade chocolate (pudding) pie with a lot of whipped cream. I only ever eat one piece of pumpkin pie (not my favorite).

  82. Toss up between homemade pumpkin pie with lots and lots of homemade whip cream OR homemade apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream! YUM! I had pumpkin pie with whip cream for breakfast today! Happy Thanksgiving Mary and all the wonderful PALS!

  83. I can’t decide between pumpkin and pecan for pies, so I usually make them both. When my dad was still living, I made him mince meat pie!

  84. My favorite kind of Thanksgiving pie is pumpkin-pecan. It’s a yummy combination of pumpkin pie and pecan pie. I can’t wait to taste some!

  85. Coconut Cream Pie ~ because it’s a favorite that I never make since my family doesn’t like it. So if someone else brings it, I love getting a slice! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  86. My favorite pie is pumpkin with real whipped cream. Apple crumb would be right behind. Thanks fir your videos. I enjoy learning new techniques and ideas.

  87. My favorite pie is Pumpkin Chiffon Pie which my Mom found on the Libby’s Pumpkin Pie can when I was a child! Lemon Chiffon is a tasty runner-up.

  88. Oh my goodness, I hate to sound boring, but I LOVE pumpkin pie with whipped cream or Cool Whip on it! I make my pies the day before, then I have a big slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream for breakfast for the next 2 or 3 mornings! Thanks for the chance to win the awesome giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  89. I love pecan pie but I a. The only one who does! This year we are having lemon meringue since it is hubby’s favorite! There will only be three of us so I don’t need to please anyone else.

  90. Has to be pumpkin pie! I love celebrating meals with seasonal foods so pumpkin fits the bill. A second runner up is Pecan after a fall harvest of the nuts.

  91. I love home made Caramel Apple Pie with a cup of coffee for Thanksgiving dessert.

  92. My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is apple . We also have a a cobbler that is served warm. ? Yum.

  93. Thank you for having such a generous giveaway for Thanksgiving, Mary!

    My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is Creamy Pumpkin Pie. I look forward to it every year!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you all have a blessed day!

  94. Apple Crisp is a family fave at Thanksgiving! Love your cards, Mary. Happy Thanksgiving!

  95. WOW think this set would be very versatile. You could make all kinds of layering pieces for any occasion.

  96. I guess I’m a non-traditionalist, I love cherry or mixed-berry pie. No pumpkin ever passes my lips (and i can’t begin to tell you how many pumpkin pies I’ve made in my life…and never eaten a single one!)

  97. Hi Mary!

    My favorite is apple pie! But I like all the others, as well, except for pumpkin. Go figure!

    A quick note to say how much I enjoy your website and love all the cards you make. And I love that you share them with us without charge. Thank you so very much.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  98. Cranberry Walnut pie. The recipe hails from Cedarburg, WI. and would be served with lunch at the annual craft show.

  99. Well I always bake two pies for Thanksgiving, pecan and pumpkin. Then because I can’t make a choice I have a little of both!!!

  100. About 2 years ago, I made a pumpkin cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting and it has become a favorite! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  101. Blessing to Everyone – I like a cranberry pear pie. I just cannot get enough cranberries this time of year. Thank you Mary for providing inspiration throughout the year!

  102. It is a toss up between pecan and pumpkin, since I was born and raised in the south, I will pick pecan pie.

  103. Couldn’t pick just one so pecan, pumpkin, and chocolate cream are on the menu. Thanks fir a chance to win!

  104. My favorite dessert for Thanksgiving is warm Apple Crisp with French Vanilla Ice Cream.

  105. I actually have 2 favorites, pumpkin and apple. My family and friends think that my homemade apple pie is better than all store bought or bakery pies. I have a secret ingredient that I add, which makes it unique, and the crust is so flaky. Definitely serve warm with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream. Hoping everyone have a day to reflect the meaning of what we are grateful for: Family, friends, and health.

  106. My favorite pie is Pecan, but this year I am having Peanut Butter pie with chocolate chips on top.

  107. I love anything with pumpkin so I found a new recipe called pumpkin dump cake. It’s good with ice cream on top ?????

  108. My favorite kind of Thanksgiving pie is the pie that I DIDNT make! I’m not good at it at all??

  109. My favorite pie/dessert is actually what my mom makes for breakfast every year. Her homemade coffee cake is so yummy! It’s topped with brown sugar, walnuts and raisins. I’m so thankful I get to spend the day with her this year, it’s just the two of us so we don’t have to share the coffee cake!! Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  110. My grandmothers Boston Cream Pie that my daughter has learned to make as well as she did!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  111. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary. I love Apple Crisp w/ Ice cream. We make it every year for the family. Thanks for all the inspiration you give.

  112. My favorite for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie, but the guys adore French Silk pie, so we usually have both!

  113. Although it is not my “favorite” pie, pumpkin pie is my favorite pie to go along with my Thanksgiving feast. I love lemon, coconut and apple pie but pumpkin pie wins for Thanksgiving.

  114. My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie with real whipped cream on top. It seems old fashioned but it reminds me of all the past Thanksgiving days when our families would get together and have a great time. Pumpkin in the fall; fall is pumpkin time. I love anything pumpkin. Have you tried pumpkin Latte’s with Chai seasoning? To die for!!!

  115. That easy any pie hot or cold that is put before me. As a thankful guest I learned a long time ago it’s not what is on the table before us….but who is in the chair beside us, butvif given a choice. Lemon Meringue after that heavy meal I need something tart to balance it out. May you have a Blessed Thanksg8ving Day.

  116. This year I am going to make an apple crisp and add whipped cream and ice cream instead of the usual apple pie.
    I haven’t gotten around to ordering the triangle dies but have started coming up with an idea for one of them and want to come up with more ideas before ordering but I think I just may come up with enough ideas that it may be worthwhile.

    • Pumpkin pie layered with extra ciinnamon and alot of whip cream. Smelling it cooking brings bake so many memories of our family gatherings. There is not to many of of left now and we are spread all over the United States.

  117. Pumpkin pie is my favorite but since I’ve chosen a very low or no-carb lifestyle for health reasons, I no longer eat any of it. ?

  118. Growing up it was my Mom’s peanut butter pie. So creamy and delicious no one can come close.

  119. Apple pie is my favorite! Thanks for the blog candy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  120. Apple crisp, pumpkin and pecan pies are traditional for us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  121. My fave pie is Apple, with crumb topping. We have it every year, along with pumpkin.

  122. Not exactly a pie but my new favorite is Pumpkin Bread Pudding, Delicious!!
    Apple Pie with pecan crumble topping is a very close second.

  123. My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is mince meat pie. This flavorful treat served warm reminds me of the warmth and love of the holidays that my parents shared with me.

  124. I love visiting your blog and seeing all the creative projects. Thank you for a chance to win. I love apple pie

  125. My favorite ( and my husband’s) is pumpkin pie. Last year I stepped it up with a crunchy brown sugar crumble topping – yum yum!

  126. Apple pie a la mode! Thank you for the chance to win. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  127. I go for the apple pie… it has fruit, so it has to be good for me…
    I am thankful that you share your talent with us!!!

  128. I LOVE my mother’s cheesecake – it is a family tradition – we all prefer her cheesecake over pies

    I pray everyone stays safe and has a Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you, Mary, for your dedication in keeping us informed about SU events and providing many beautiful card samples.

  129. Oh my; anything with sugar, I guess! I really love pumpkin pie and my mother’s pecan pie from years ago. My niece makes a killer fudge pie, and my daughter makes crispy meringues with fruit…

  130. Cranberry pie, I am a Massachusetts girl! Second favorite Mincemeat! Neither of them the normal answer I know!!

  131. My husband and I do low carb for health reasons. He makes an amazing pumpkin cheesecake. ?

  132. Happy Thanksgiving Mary ! thank you for a chance to win!
    Pumpkin Pie smothered in whipping cream

  133. We eat our share of pumpkin pie as soon as it hits the Costco shelves in the fall (LOL)…so for Thanksgiving a nice pecan pie is a special treat.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  134. I am one of the old fashioned pumpkin pie group. With lots of whipped topping, of course!!! Yum!!!

  135. Pumpkin Pie with bourbon whipped cream then of course followed by mixed berry pie (served warm) with vanilla ice cream Wish I could be with my son and fiance this year as they make the best berry pie but I am in Idaho and they are in CA. Thanks Mary for this give away and all that you do to inspire our creativity

  136. Dutch apple pie is my favorite. But cream cheese pie is just as yummy. So is pecan pie….just can’t decide on one!

  137. Pumpkin Pie. My husband doesn’t like it. I just made it without the pie crust this year.

  138. I have to go with pumpkin pie with whipped cream. This is the only time of the year I eat it, but it is a tradition at our home.

  139. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you and your family have a great day! I love a good lemon pie!

  140. My absolute favorite pie is Sweet Potato! and Ambrosia that my mama used to make for me!!


  141. Although I like the traditional pumpkin pie I also love to make my favorites which are pecan pie and homemade lemon meringue pies as well.

  142. I like all desserts, but my favorite is pumpkin pie with real whipped cream! Yum! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  143. Without a doubt, it has to be pecan pie. I love the sweetness of it, and the crunch of the pecans.
    In this time, wishing everyone the best Thanksgiving they can have,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  144. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin with whip cream of course.
    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  145. I loved my grandmother’s pecan pie. I try to make it using her recipe, but it’s just not the same.

  146. I love pecan pie. None this year with only my husband and I together for the holiday.

  147. Pecan/pumkin pie, it’s so delicious and just settle all the other food down. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  148. I love a pumpkin pie, but I long to have one of my Grandma’s apple pies again.

  149. Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite dessert is a cranberry jello dessert my sister makes, no pie for me.

  150. Grandma’s Pecan pie is the favorite dessert of our family. Everyone loves it. There is nothing that compares! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

  151. Mary…Easy answer. Here in the Beran house the favorite pie is Pecan. I have a great easy recipe and it is EVERYONE’S favorite…Momma says!

  152. Blessings to you, Mary!
    I think my favorite desert is Rasin pie. I love pumpkin, too. ?
    Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  153. Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

    My favorite dessert for Thanksgiving is my grandmother’s lemon meringue pie. A little tart, a little sweet. Just like she was❤

  154. Good ole Pumpkin Pie. Eat it only on Thanksgiving and each bite brings back sweet memories of past Thanksgivings. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  155. I have to say that pumpkin pie is my favorite Thanksgiving pie. Of course it must have whipped cream on it. The only time I eat is Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day!

  156. If I had to choose pie it would be Marion berry pie. But if I could choose any dessert it would be creme brûlée.

  157. I like pumpkin but my new favorite that I’ve made the last two years is a Pumpkin Cheesecake!

  158. My favorite Thanksgiving pie has always been pumpkin.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary.
    Thank you for all your inspiration .

  159. We have a couple of apple trees in our backyard so I use what’s left to make apple crisp. Even with all the other wonderful smells, the cinnamon and apples are the best!

  160. happy Thanksgiving Mary,
    mine is the pumpkin pie with french vanilla ice cream.
    thank you for a chance to win a prie.

  161. I like pecan pie with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Thanks for the chance to win this great set.

  162. I loved having my mom’s homemade raspberry pie! Although not traditional, it was made with love and her hand picked berries every year.

  163. My favorite pie is anything chocolate. So this year we are having a chocolate pecan pie. Yummmm!

  164. My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is pumpkin. We usually make an extra for the next day!

  165. Pecan pie with home made whipping cream. Mom used to make this every Thanksgiving and we miss her. This is a time to give “thanks” so I try to make it just like she did.

  166. Hi Mary, Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite
    Thanks for sharing ?

  167. I am pretty traditional so Pumpkin Pie is the best for Thanksgiving. But I would not turn down a Banana Cream!!

  168. My favorite Thanksgiving kind of pie? Pecan Pie! Well…maybe Pumpkin or Sweet Potato or Mincemeat or…….

  169. I love the traditional pumpkin pie heaped with whipped cream. It brings back years of memories.

  170. Pineapples & mandarin oranges in orange jello with cream cheese and vanilla pudding topping. Yum! Thanks for a chance to win this bundle. Happy Thanksgiving!

  171. Mincemeat Pie. My Dad always made it for our Holiday dinner. Miss him and the pie.

  172. We out voted the only pumpkin pie lover in the family this year! We are having banana cream pie.?

  173. My favorite is pecan pie, but this year I’m trying lime jello with apples and walnuts. Who knows it might become my new favorite! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  174. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! Thanks for sharing so much inspiration year round! And thanks for your generosity in offering so many nice prizes. My favorite pie is Pecan! Thanks for the chance, and God bless you and all of your blog readers this Thanksgiving. ❤️

  175. My favorite pie is a cranberry pecan pie that I learned to make while working at a local country inn.

  176. My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is good ol’ pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. Pecan pie is close but I always choose pumpkin first.

  177. My favorite pie is pecan pie. Thank you Mary for this wonderful opportunity! I hope you and Scott have a happy Thanksgiving.

  178. Impossible Pie–mix all the ingredients into a blender, baking it separates into crust, filling & topping–yummy!

  179. Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Pumpkin pie is a favorite for thanksgiving. Raspberry Swirl for Christmas

  180. Pumpkin Pie, great fall dessert to end the Fall season with and start the Holiday season!

  181. Our favorite pie isn’t exactly pie. We’re having assorted cheesecake ‘pie’. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all your crafty crafters.??

  182. My favorite Pie is The home made apple pie that I make with cream in it. It is soooo good. Everyone tells me and when peaches are in season I make it with peaches but change it a bit. and the peach pie is piled high with peaches just like the apple one is. Youm yum

  183. Happy Thanksgiving!! Caramel Pumpkin pie is my favorite Thanksgiving dessert!!? I would absolutely love to win that set!!

  184. My mom’s grasshopper pie. It is bright green, minty with a chocolate graham cracker crust with a big dollop of homemade whipped cream.

  185. Lemon Meringue Pie, it was my father’s favorite, we still make it in honor of him.

  186. Sweet Potato….better than pumpkin…if you’ve never tried one, you should….you’ll never go back to pumpkin!

  187. Gotta be pumpkin! About two hours after the dinner! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

  188. Pumpkin pie is my favorite. Just like Pumpkin Pie Color is one of my favorites to stamp with. Have a Happy Thanksgiving ??.

  189. I’m a traditionalist. Pumpkin pie all the way, but if a little apple makes it on the plate that’s ok too.

  190. Pumpkin has always been my favorite for Thanksgiving. It brings up fond memories from my childhood.

  191. My grandmas pumpkin bars. She makes them in a Texas sheet cake type pan and they have cream cheese frosting. They are the best!

  192. I would love to win… I love pumpkin pie and the left over turkey sandwiches.

  193. Pumpkin pie, with whipped cream, is my favorite pie to have with the Thanksgiving meal!

  194. My absolutely favorite pie is pumpkin pie made with the Libby’s recipe. Of course, it’s also made with a homemade pie crust which is fluted at the edges just like my Italian mother made! What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I can just see a piece of pie made with the triangle dies!

  195. Hmmm … every one is my favorite. This year our favorite is individual Cranberry Cream Tarts.

  196. Happy Thanksgiving I would love to win this Stamp set .Enjoy making cards to send out to my family and friends

  197. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
    Pecan Pie is my favorite for the Thanksgiving holiday, it reminds me of my grandmother who would always hide the pecan pie in the cupboard to have after everyone left to go home after the big meal!

  198. Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite dessert to have is a homemade apple pie with lots of real whipped cream. If you’re going to spend the calories, go for the real whipped cream. Have a great day.

  199. Happy Thanksgiving Mary (and all her readers!)
    My favorite Thanksgiving dessert is my mom’s apple pie, which she used to make and now I make in her memory!

  200. Mincemeat! I haven’t had a piece since my mom passed away 9 years ago. She always made one for Christmas as my Father also loved it.

  201. Definitely have to go with the traditional pumpkin pie. My son was born the day after Thanksgiving (I had asked him to wait one day so momma could enjoy her turkey dinner)! We always celebrate his birthday with pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake and wouldn’t you know, it’s his favorite dessert. He is now 28 years old but still my favorite butterball!

    • My 4th son was born at 4:15am on Thanksgiving morning 11/26/1987! Today we are celebrating his 33rd birthday

  202. Crunchy Caramel Apple Pie-GMA first place winner in 2001. My family can’t live without it!

  203. Pumpkin pie is a tradition for me. Love it and also love pecan. I usually make both for Thanksgiving dinner!

  204. My mom’s bourbon pecan pie for sure! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for a chance to win!

  205. My favorite dessert to pair with our Thanksgiving meal is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is my favorite cookie because it is my Grandmother Tillie’s recipe. She always made it for me . The cookie has that yummy pumpkin taste and also has cinnamon and nutmeg added. Yummy! Everyone in my family loves them!!!

  206. My favorite Thanksgiving ???pie is Mince. Why? Because when we went to Grandmas for Thanksgiving she always made mince pie. My mother continued the tradition and now I make the mince pie from homemade mincemeat.
    Do hope that you and your family have a wonderful safe Thanksgiving.

  207. Hi Mary, Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite dessert for Thanksgiving is Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie!Love it, love it, love it!! Chocolate really says “Thank You” in my opinion. Thank you for this opportunity!

  208. Oh my goodness! I love ALL kinds of pie….but my favorites are pumpkin and #2 is pecan!! YUM!

  209. I’d have to choose pecan pie as my favorite, but I try to sample them all just in case I find a new favorite. ?

  210. Happy Thanksgiving Mary! Thank you for the chance to win this bundle! I love pumpkin and apple for my after dinner treat!

  211. Years ago I discovered a recipe for an Orange Pecan Pie. It instantly became a favorite pie in our family. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  212. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. My favorite pie for thanksgiving is pumpkin, however my all time favorite is Apple pie.

  213. I make pumpkin every year. that is a must have for me… Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  214. Pumpkin ? pie with extra spices. Homemade, but by someone else besides myself..Happy Thanksgiving!

  215. Warm Marie Callender’s Apple Crumb Pie is our favorite, with vanilla ice cream on top.

  216. Sweet potato pie has been my favorite since I was a child. My Mom made them for us every year.

  217. It’s always been pumpkin pie for us, however, yesterday my “new and improved” recipe failed, and I’m not so sure I like pumpkin pie anymore! But I’m thankful for so much, no matter the dessert!

  218. My favorite pie is Blueberry Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
    What is great…it is great anytime of the year!!!

  219. Well pumpkin is a staple.But have you ever tried my favorite… Cranberry pie. Bet you’d like it!

  220. Let’s see, pumpkin followed closely by pecan followed closely by coconut cream. Get the idea?

  221. Pumpkin. I like all pies, but for Thanksgiving it’s pumpkin pie.Thanks Mary!

  222. I know pumpkin pie is a big favorite for most, but I love pecan pie. Unfortunately I’m a bit of a sugar junkie 🙁 !!

  223. I think it would have to be apple pie or cherry pie!

    Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  224. Well I know that Pumpkin and Pecan are the traditional favorites – HOWEVER it is hard to beat a good ole Homemade Apple Pie with a good sized scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top. Being from the South the Apple Pie is a big favorite in our area.

  225. Only one fav. Lol. Pecan first then choc silk and lemon meringue then pumpkin

    Choices for all plus leftovers

  226. I love pecan pie!! Unfortunately because I’m the only one of my small family who likes it…….none this year. But hopefully we can all get together soon and “re-do” Thanksgiving 🙂

  227. We have the traditional pumpkin pie! We always say we should make it throughout the year, but having it once a year makes it special! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that I’m on your downline and for all your great ideas!

  228. Definitely Pumpkin Pie. Every year I ask why I only eat it at Thanksgiving. It should be all year!

  229. My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is my mom’s homemade coconut cream with meringue. We lost her this year, but she left me her cooking skills, so I can carry on her tradition. Thanks for all of your inspiration with my favorite craft of cardmaking. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

  230. This is such a nice bundle, can be used in so many ways. I sure would like to win !

  231. My husband is the big pie eater so it’s always
    Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

  232. Thanks for another giveaway, Mary. i love pumpkin pie. The spices remind me of fall.

  233. Of course, I love pumpkin pie but my other favorite is Lemon Chess Pie, a Southern Thanksgiving tradition.

  234. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary & fam- I like to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie- loaded with whipped cream !! 🙂

  235. Happy Thanksgiving. I made 2 coconut pies yesterday for the big day. Shared one with a friend and the other will be for just us 2, no family this year. Stay safe!

  236. Oh my goodness , I’m so excited. I love this set. As to pie I’m a traditionalist so it’s pumpkin for me but I also love my Momma,s Dutch apple and make it as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  237. It’s a toss up between homemade apple pie and pecan pie. With lots of whip cream too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  238. Love your wonderful ideas Mary and this set is a very fun one I don’t have.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. We’ll be alone because both Honey and I got positive Covid tests. ? We’re doing good with it except for taste and smell have left my body ??

  239. Though I’m in the minority at my house, pumpkin pie is my favorite. My son is not a sweets lover, but he got one for his June birthday this year and loved it! Thanks for giving this former Math teacher a chance at those triangles!!

  240. It’s got to be pumpkin….along with a pumpkin spice latte.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  241. I do like me some pecan pie if you’re talking sweets to eat – but an alternate would sweet kisses from my grandkids!!

  242. My favorite is not a pie or a cake but a congealed salad with cranberries , pineapple, pecans, marshmallows, and jello. I complimentes turkey and dressing so well!

  243. Mine is ?, husband’s is apple, brothers is custard, pumpkin and apple. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  244. Happy Thanksgiving Mary. Homemade apple pie is my go to dessert to complete the feast. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  245. I like to make multiple pies such as mincemeat, pumpkin and apple. This way everyone has a choice and can have dessert when they want it. I also like to add a few cutout decorated cookies for a lighter treat with a Thanksgiving theme such as turkeys, acorns. pumpkins etc.

  246. My favorite pie is pecan. My mother who recently passed away always told her grandson what a delicious pie it was. He would never try it until last year. Surprise, he absolutely loves it! The two of them were looking forward to sharing a piece of pecan pie today. Unfortunately she passed away last month. We have decided to always have a pecan pie at Thanksgiving in memory of her. Share a piece of pie and good memories!

  247. Pumpkin Pie! My husband doesn’t like anything pumpkin so the only time I get it is for Thanksgiving. My daughter always makes the pies.

  248. I really like Pumpkin Pie, but once I tasted Sweet Potato Pie, that was it hands down!

  249. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my mom’s pumpkin pie recipe. It’s the only time we eat it, although I’m not sure why because it is SO good. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mary.

  250. I make a chocolate crusted pie for holidays. It’s a family recipe from my husband’s grandmother.

  251. Blessings to you this Thanksgiving Day. My favorite pie this time a year is Pumpkin.

  252. My favorite is warm apple pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  253. Pumpkin pie of course is my favorite for thanksgiving. It has a wonderful aroma when cooking and just as tasty to the palate. Thank you Mary

  254. 2020 calls for a new recipe for Thanksgiving ~ Carmel Pumpkin Cobbler for our little granddaughter gobblers?

  255. I am hosting this year and dessert is not my speciality. We bought a pecan pie from Cracker Barrel and ordered a homemade cheesecake from a coworker that makes them on the side. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! ???

  256. My favorite it blackberry pie – this is the year we get to have it for our big dessert on Thanksgiving.

  257. My favorite pie at Thanksgiving is pumpkin. Thank you for a chance to win your lovely gift. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  258. Being from the South, my choice pie for Thanksgiving is Pecan Pie. Favorite recipe for Pecan Pie would be Grandma’s version.

  259. My family favorite “Orange Pumpkin Pie” (just a hint of fresh orange juice) with homemade Whipped cream.

  260. My family makes a dessert called Pumpkin Crunch, which is so delicious!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  261. Pecan pie is my all time favorite only homemade. Mary wishing you and your family the happiest and healthiest of holidays.

  262. Happy Thanksgiving Mary
    Anything Pumpkin but especially a Pumpkin Crown cake by O & H bakery

  263. Definitely a pumpkin pie! My mom always whipped heavy cream and loaded it on top of the whole pie, like you would with a chocolate or banana cream pie. No little dollop of whipped cream on the side! And please, no vanilla ice cream!

  264. Pecan pie is my favorite Thanksgiving pie! My mom made the best pies and she passed away a year and a half ago so I’ve just had to try to live up to her “pie standards” and do the best I can. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mary!

  265. I love pecan pie. It is very good and easy to make. My one niece is making pecan pumpkin and apple pies for Thanksgiving dinner. Brenda taught them well. linda

  266. My family loves pumpkin pie but I would have to go with pecan pie. Happy Thanksgiving. 😀

  267. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! And I enjoy seeing your posts and all the wonderful cards..
    My favorite pie is “Sweet Potato Pie”!! Ever since my friends dad made it and I tried “Yum”!!

  268. Pie is my favorite dessert, however, pumpkin is a must for Thanksgiving.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  269. Homemade pumpkin pie with fresh hand whipped cream! So smooth and creamy with the wonderful spiced taste of fall! My absolute favorite! I can hardly wait for my favorite season to arrive every year just to have a piece of pumpkin pie!

  270. pistachio pudding delight…light delicious flavors in your mouth after all the mixtures of many dishes

  271. I make a 5 fruit pie (apple, pear, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry). It’s our family favorite.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  272. Mine is pumpkin with some whipped cream! There are so many good desserts to be thankful for!

  273. I am now up at 6 am to make a pumpkin pie for my husband and son. I hate pumpkin pie lol, but make it for them. My treat on thanksgiving will be ice cream.

  274. My family has to have pumpkin pie but I prefer bumble berry pie or peanut butter pie.

  275. I love apple pie. I make my own and it makes the house smell so good. The trick is to use Granny Smith apples. Yum! Happy Thanksgiving!

  276. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! At our house the favorite dessert is pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, yum! I hope you all have a fun and healthy Turkey Day!

  277. I used to love pecan pie. Growing up, I was the only one that liked it, so I got the whole pie. With whipped cream, of course. Still love a small slice of pecan, but can’t eat the whole pie like I used to.

  278. GM and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! My favorite pie for this season is Sweet Potato with homemade buttery flaky piecrust.! ?

  279. Although I love a good piece of pumpkin pie, my favorite dessert to finish the feast is a layered chocolate pudding/cream cheese/shortbread/whipped cream dessert that I think is to die for! Add in a bit of mint flavoring and it’s even more heavenly!

  280. Happy Thanksgiving Mary! My favorite pie for today is pecan. This week I learned pecan is the favorite pie of Texans so I guess I fit right in since I’m from Texas.

  281. Oh yum! Good old fashioned, all American Apple Pie. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  282. Macadamia Nut Pie is my all time favorite!! I only make it once a year, at Thanksgiving and it is to die for!!!

  283. I have an odd tradition for Thanksgiving and that is an ONION pie. While it is not a dessert, it is a pie! (And for dessert, a sliver of pumpkin pie will always be the go to!)

  284. We always have both pumpkin and apple pie. Cool whip on the pumpkin and vanilla ice cream with the apple. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  285. I rarely eat dessert on Thanksgiving day, but this year my youngest daughter who is 18 made a homemade Sweet Potato pie. I will definitely have to save room for that! It smelled so good while baking. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!

  286. A little sliver of pumpkin pie and whipped cream
    (from a can!) alongside a sliver of coconut cream pie!! Deelish!

  287. I am a traditional person. Pumpkin pie with whipped topping will always be my favorite Thanksgiving dessert!

  288. Apple ? pie with cinnamon ice cream would top my list … Happy Thanksgiving! Since it will just be the two of us, we are having Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Publix … it tastes just like pumpkin pie ? with bits of pie crust, too! Yum!

  289. Pumpkin Pie Crunch is my favorite dessert for Thanksgiving. Will be making it today!

  290. Pumpkin Squares – pumpkin pie kicked up a notch and in bar form. Some of the crust is reserved for a crumbly topping. Oh so good!

  291. Pumpkin Squares – pumpkin pie kicked up a notch with a crumbly crust and some reserved for the topping. Delicious!

  292. Hmmm . . . or yumm . . . I would have to say . . . the traditional Pumpkin Pie. Have a blessed day.

  293. my favorite pie is from whole foods–Scarlett pie- filled with apple, pear, cranberry, and figs top with walnut streusel . perfect compliment with thanksgivng meal. of course we also have pumpkin

  294. Pecan pie, warm from the oven and slathered in whipped cream. Yum! Maybe I’ll just forget the turkey and head straight for the pie!

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