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Blog Candy Giveaway! Stampin’ Up! Peace & Joy Bundle

STAMPIN' UP! Peace & Joy Bundle - BLOG CANDY

To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the Stampin’ Up! Peace & Joy Bundle, a $45 VALUE, one of my favorites for making holiday cards!

Create this card using the Peace and Joy Bundle from Stampin' Up! Card created by Stampin' Pretty, Mary Fish

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my Peace & Joy Bundle  Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing: Are you more likely to shop in-store or on-line on Black Friday (Nov. 27)?

The deadline for blog candy comments is Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 10 AM Mountain Time. I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Saturday, November 21, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!



You can print the tutorial for the cards above here or watch the video from Stampin’ Up! below. 


Create this card using the Curvy Dies from Stampin' Up! Card by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty (2)

Brightly Gleaming Specialty Designer Series Paper, Stitched Stars, and Joy Dies from Stampin' Up! Card by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty

Wreath Builder & Joy Dies from Stampin' Up! Brushed Metallic Paper Cards by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty!

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663 thoughts on “Blog Candy Giveaway! Stampin’ Up! Peace & Joy Bundle”

  1. Love how simple yet elegant all of your designs are! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  2. I will be doing most of my shopping online and at small businesses. I find it more important now more than ever to support small.

  3. After preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinner, my Friday is spent in my craft room recovering from the calorie binge. I might venture to online shopping but my main thoughts are relax, make cards, eat leftovers.

  4. Probably a little bit of BOTH? I have done a fair amount of online already, but some things I have to get in the store, so I’ll see….may go before hand and pay the extra just so I’m not in a ‘crowd’ ? Waiting on November 24 online for Stampin’ Up!
    Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas to you and your Family, Mary!

  5. On-line, about 90%. Pandemic is part of it, but I’m not a fan of Black Friday anyway.

  6. I have been boycotting Black Friday in recent years. Used to go shopping with my Mom when she was alive because we were always together for Thanksgiving.

  7. Unfortunately, this year I will be shopping online, instead of going into the shops. Thank you!

  8. My Mom and I went only once for Black Friday Shopping and decided after the first two stores and the behavior we observed to just go out for breakfast. That was about twenty years ago, and we haven’t gone out shopping on Black Friday since. Most of my shopping is ONLINE these days! Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

  9. Only went out for Black Friday sales a couple of times to many people and some not so nice.

  10. Online, of course! I didn’t do Black Friday shopping when it was so popular–didn’t want to be out there with all the ‘crazies’!

  11. i will leave the craziness to the younuns’. I will do any black Friday or cyber Monday shopping online!

  12. Mary, I’m a true “Black Friday” stay out late and get up early , stand in long lines and fun people watching shopper. 2020 brings me to have to shop online so I can be around for 2021. Stay safe and healthy … more time to stamp!

  13. Online AND local curb-side pick up offered by our small business. The sentiments in your generous bundle offering are just perfect going into this holiday season.

  14. I use to love going shopping during Black Friday but the last few years I just do my shopping online. It’s so much easier with no hassles and I can do it in comfy clothes. That’s the best part! Thanks for the chance.

  15. If I shop on Black Friday, it will definitely be online—way too many people in the stores for me on that day! I try to shop—even in non-COVID years—when stores are less likely to be busy. On Black Friday, I will be on the selling end, as I work for a company that sells and ships used books. This has been a great year for used book sales!

  16. Online for Black Friday because I don’t like dealing with crowds ever (not just this year), but in-store for the local stuff I can pick up on non-crazy crowd days to support our local businesses!

  17. Most definitely!! lLike everyone else that can do the shopping online with a click of a finger on the computer, I will be clicking away, unable to stop! LOL!

  18. Because of my age I will be shopping totally online. First time I have ever missed out on all the fun and frantic merry atmosphere of the holiday season.

  19. I will be shopping online on Black Friday because our state is #1 for COVID Virus Infections Nationwide. It is the only safe way for a 77 year old to do shopping.

  20. Haven’t shopped on Black Friday in a VERY, VERY, VERY long time. Now most of my shopping is done online when I can get good sales and free shipping. Less stress and more relaxing.

  21. Thank you for all the inspiration on making greeting cards.
    I am almost finished making my Christmas gifts. Homemade is so special as it is a gift of love from my heart. I won’t be shopping on Black Friday….I’ll be working! Thank you.

  22. I will be shopping online for sure. It’s like Christmas opening the Amazon packages. Don’t need to fight the crowd for that laptop for my teenager. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  23. Due to covid restrictions and my husband’s health, I will be shopping on-line for the holidays, for the first time ever. I’ve finally arrived to the 21st century!

  24. I do most of my shopping online. I only occasionally go to a store and shop. Still great deals online and much safer. Happy Holidays to all!

  25. Haven’t really decided yet. I had heard that some stores would not open, which I think is a wonderful idea. More time with family. Happy Thanksgiving Mary and Thank you.

  26. Haven’t decided yet. Had actually heard that some stores will not open, which I thought was a great idea! More time with family ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving Mary and Thank you.

  27. I’m making quilts this year for family. What a feeling, to wrap up in something warm and made with love, especially this year.

  28. Thank you for a chance to win this set! I would love to have it for making my Christmas cards ! Your card designs are always well designed using this stamp set and matching dies. Should I be lucky enough to win, I’d love to case them.

  29. Sadly, this will be the online shopping year. Thanks again for another exciting opportunity (fingers crossed). Your page is awesome!

  30. I will definitely shop online. Nothing better than shopping from the comfort of your home!

  31. I will be more likely to shop online on Black Friday. I am going to miss the people watching aspect of Black Friday, but I feel like this is the best way to keep my family safe.

  32. I am going to keep it simple this year but the few things I’ve already purchased for gifts have all been online (including hess trucks & stampin up gifts) 🙂

  33. Online, virus or not! I do not like the crowds on Black Friday. Thanks for the chance to win this stamp set.

  34. Shopping online. I absolutely love your cards and really enjoy getting the tutorials! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  35. My daughter and I used to get up in the wee hours to be able to take advantage of the sales. So much fun! Didn’t matter whether it is was just freezing cold, raining , or snowing! While accomplishing the shopping was good, the fellowship was what it was all about. That special Mother Daughter time. The children were little then. Two are all grown up now and we still have one that is young. Of course, we are older now and shopping on line is so “everyday” and frequently shipping is free, so why not. We now have “ cookie day”. So Black Friday is our day to get started on our Christmas cookies. We love working together and trying new cookies as well as those tried and true favorites. While we may not get to have the “big” group for Thanksgiving, I think we can have our “cookie day”. I hope you and your husband will be able to at least be with your daughter. Here’s wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful that you are willing to share your gift of creativity with all of us! GOD is good with HIS blessings.

  36. Online especially this year, but that’s ok because the online sales are killing it this year! Thanks fir the chance to win!

  37. I like Black Friday shopping in the stores but not this year. Plan to spend the day with my family. Hope you have a good day!

  38. This is the cutest bundle! I definitely need some inspiration so I can send some Christmas cards this year! I think this would go it!

  39. I love your posts. It is helping me get through this unbelievable pandemic. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

    I prefer on line shopping

  40. Definitely online as much as possible. Everyone please stay safe and have a happy holiday.

  41. This year will be online. Black Friday is usually something that I avoid, and this year will be no exception. It’s online shopping for me.


  43. Online shopping for me! No crowds and this year it is safer to stay at home and shop online.

  44. Shopping on-line Black Friday as we have new orders from our governor here in WA state at this time.

  45. I will shop online. I’m not a fan of going on Black Friday anyway and this year even more not going to stores that day.

  46. Most of my shopping for the grandchildren is done. But if I do any shopping that day it will be online. Definitely not going out in the crowds this year!

  47. Love these cards – especially the blue and gold one! Shopping done online this year.

  48. I always love going into the stores to shop and maybe shop a little online, but this year will be different. Due to getting a knee replacement on Nov. 19, I’m pretty sure all shopping will be done online.

  49. I have done 90% of my shopping already online. Still have a few items to pick up locally and I’ll be shipping things north. Sure wish I was going up north with my packages-it’s been a year since I last saw my daughters and my grandsons… but everyone is safe and healthy and that’s what’s most important!!

  50. I want to support local business so I’ll do online shopping for local shops and drive there for pick up. I won’t actually go into stores right now.

  51. Online! My buying habits have been changing over the last few years and I do lots more of my shopping online now because I live in the country and the only way to get most things is to order them and get them delivered.

  52. I will shop online for Black Friday, I am not one for crowds. This year I would like to be able to support as many local small businesses as I can. Let’s hope they offer online shopping for Black Friday. =0)

  53. I typically like to shop in person….but I think it will be wiser to shop online this year…?

  54. My shopping is finished and I’m all wrapped-have been for about 6 weeks. So I’m not stressed about it! I work on Friday, but I’m sure I will check out the ads to shop online or in person to see if I find good deals for birthday presents for next year!

  55. I don’t usually shop on Black Friday because I try to avoid the crowds! It is my day to decorate for Christmas! Music on and enjoying the day! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  56. If any shopping gets done on that Friday, it will be online. I am not a Black Friday shopper at all… Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  57. Online all the way! Thank you for this chance to win. Love this set. Fingers crossed!

  58. I will definitely shop on-line rather than in person on the 27th.
    Trying to limit my exposure.

  59. We love the Black Friday shenanigans …but NOT this year…. so I guess online

  60. Neither! Amazingly, I have already finished my Christmas shopping for this year. Now on to stamping Christmas cards…

  61. Definitely online; even if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic! I used to love to go out shopping but not on Black Friday. It’s crazy out there!

  62. First off love following you Mary.??????
    I would shop online for Black Friday for sure!!! ?

  63. Hoping to support some of the small local businesses that I feel comfortable going into, and the rest will be on-line this year. Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration you provide with your cards!

  64. I will be shopping on line this Black Friday. No in store shopping for me this year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Going out to shop is not as much fun as it used to be. I prefer to use internet sources—even for SU products.

  66. I am most definitely an online shopper. I am a school nurse and I do not want to jeopardize things with any extra exposures to this pandemic!

  67. I don’t like all the crowds on Black Friday so will either have my shopping done before BF or will do most of it online.Tho a friend wants me to go to a covid friendly craft fair so will wear my mask, have my sanitizer and go to that for bit on Small Business Saturday.

  68. Hi Mary,
    Normally, i enjoy going out to shop, but this year i will be doing most of my shopping online.
    I enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping out along with the decorations and the music..
    Thank You for a chance to win your blog candy!

  69. Online this year fir sure. Thanks fir offering this contest. I love this set!

  70. In person! I get to spend quality time with one of my sisters. It’s also the day I buy all of my family’s socks for the year. 🙂

  71. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle.
    I especially like the words.
    you do amazing work.

  72. Most definitely on line for me as well. I am no longer keen on the chaos of trying to find finding parking at malls and wading through crowds. Of course COVID issues is a big concern. Leisure shopping in my PJs will be fine and dandy like a hard candy Christmas! Happy Holidays to you Mary!

  73. As always I will shop online. I never go to shops on Black Friday – never!

  74. I will shop online on the 27th. There is no way I will be getting out in the crowd. Thank you.

  75. IF I shop at all- it will be Online- NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL do a Black friday-

  76. I don’t usually shop Black Friday, but, this year, most of the shopping will be online and finished early. Thank you for sharing your ideas for this set! Happy Thanksgiving!

  77. I’ll be ordering online for everything this year. Avoid traffic & crowds.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  78. I will only shop online. Haven’t shopped since March. Stampinup is s life saver!

  79. I have never shopped on Black Friday! Never have, never will! Worked enough of them. That I enjoyed. Loved all the crazy people!

  80. I haven’t shopped on Black Friday for years. Online is so much easier now, especially with COVID. Happy Thanksgiving!

  81. Although I tend to purchase more if I see it in person, I am definitely more likely to shop ONLINE this Black Friday.

  82. Since I haven’t been shopping in store since March I would not break my trend and shop Black Friday in store. So “ON LINE” for me at my local family owned stores.

  83. I am more likely to shop online! I have never gone shopping on black Friday. I always work that day. Now, COVID is really spreading in Ohio and so I am even more reluctant to go to an actual store! So glad that we can shop on line with Stampin’ Up!!!

  84. This year it will have to be online only. What a wonderful prize, one I do not have yet.

  85. I will be shopping on line due to COVID. Just not worth the chance. I also want to thank you for all you share. I am learning a lot from you

  86. 2020 for me is all online. Covid cases are on the rise so I will keep my cooties to myself!! 🙂

  87. I have been thinking about this bundle for some time but just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it. I will be shopping online Black Friday as I can’t stand the crowds AND with the pandemic, I feel it’s just not the place to be.

  88. On line only. I avoid crowds especially this year! This set is wonderful. Thanks for your daily inspiration!

  89. Unfortunately for all the local businesses online shopping will take care of most needs. I try very hard to support our local owners when possible. Thanks for offering this!

  90. 100% I’m going to be shopping completely online for all Christmas gifts this year. I wouldn’t even consider going to stores for Christmas shopping on Black Friday!

  91. I love the cursive words in this set! And your sample cards are really pretty! Thanks for the opportunity to win this set!

  92. Doing most online and making homemade. Love the word Bright on the card its so bold looking. Love it!

  93. I love this set! But I’m broke! Lol. Thank you Mary, as always I prefer to do all my shopping online!

  94. This year I have finally completing a life long dream to send handmade treats for Christmas, so no in person shopping required. Plus, I retired from NIH where I knew Dr. Fauci, so I’m wired for strict social distancing! ICU nurses are pretty compliant these days.?❤️

  95. Definitely Online! Even before COVID forced us to stay close to home, I didn’t enjoy fighting the crowds. Hopefully Stampin Up will have some great deals!!

  96. Shopping online is sooooooo convenient! There’s no rush, no fast-paced music in the background creating a sense of urgency in me, and I can shop whenever and wherever. Most of my shopping is already finished! No Black Friday hassle for me. Online shopping is the BEST!!!

  97. I’ll be shopping on line even though I hate it and mostly giving money because the numbers are so high for COVIC, SAD WAY TO SPEND THE HOLIDAYS. ?

  98. I will absolutely be shopping from home in my comfy pj’s! I’ll also be watching some of your videos that I have missed so o can make chrisrmas cards!

  99. Last year was the first time I ever went out for Black Friday, so, depending on my family’s wish list….online. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous set. Thanks for your continual inspiration. I go to your blog daily.,

  100. You won’t catch me shopping any place except from my couch at home! It’s ONLINE ON THE CLOUD a for me!

  101. Shopping online and celebrating my Happy Birthday on the 27th.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  102. I mostly do online shopping for the holidays… don’t like crowds
    Amazon is my best buddy! LOL

  103. Hi – I have already taken advantage of some early, online, Black Friday offers. I went in person for one year with my mom and sisters, in the store. My favorite part was going out for a snack before we headed home. I’ll continue my safe tradition of shopping online. Take care and stay safe – we are all in this together.

  104. For the last couple of years I have been a 50-50 shopper!! On-line and in store! This year I will be shopping on-line 90-10! I don’t want to miss the excitement of being in the store!!

  105. For many reasons I do the majority of my shopping online and will continue on Black Friday. I like shopping in the comfort and convenience of my own home.

  106. I’m trying to only shop locally this year to support small business in my neighborhood. A few items – like Stampin’Up! supplies – I’ll be ordering online! 😉

  107. On line! I live in Iowa and Covid is all over here! We need to all work together and stay home!

  108. My daughter and I used to get up at 4am to hit the stores, until she had her son. Now we both shop online. I miss that time we had together, but don’t miss standing in those lines!

  109. I so enjoy your blog posts, Mary. You’ve been a steady place to come for inspiration and information necessary for me to complete my cards. Thanks!

  110. I will not be doing either this year. I will support the small independent shops in our area.

    • Dear Bonny, that’s what I said too! Our small, neighborhood shops need our support this year. So, other than purchasing Stampin’Up! supplies online, I’ll be shopping locally.

  111. IF I’m shopping on Black Friday (Nov. 27) it would be on-line as I don’t participate in Black Friday shopping in person. Never have and most likely, never will.

  112. Probably on-line. I love the hustle and bustle of in store shopping, but I’ll stay safe and shop on-line.

  113. I will do a hybrid shopping experience for Christmas. I will go to the local stores that have what I need and safe shopping protocols but the bulk will be online!

  114. Thanks for your generosity and chance to win this bundle, Mary.
    Definetly online this year!


  115. I’m an online shopper, especially with Black Friday. After having worked in retail on Black Friday, I can’t bring myself to bear the in-store madness as a shopper. And this year, even more so. Staying home, away from all the people!

  116. Happy Thanksgiving Mary!
    This year I will shop from home in my jammies! No way I’m going to the stores. Stay safe!

  117. Online for sure!! I was with my sister as a new driver (too many years ago) who had a fender bender at the mall on Black Friday. It wasn’t her fault but we were shaken! Ever since then, I stay away from the commotion!!

  118. I already have done most of my Christmas shopping and it has all been on line. I plan to do my Black Friday shopping on line also.

  119. I am more likely to shop online on black Friday! I’m 75 and trying not to get Covid.

  120. In person, with a mask, if permitted. Thanks for the blog candy… whoever wins will be cheered!

  121. Only had boys so when my daughter in law came along I discovered the fun of shopping from a list at 6am on Black Friday! But now, likely online. Love your blog ?

  122. I am trying to do small local stores, but otherwise, it will be on line. Broke both arms this summer, so on line has been a lifesaver!!!

  123. Hi Mary! I will likely be doing most of my shopping this year online to avoid the crowds and to try and protect myself and my family from spreading germs. I never thought I would ever say that about Thanksgiving Eve shopping or Black Friday shopping. I’m ready for some normalcy 🙂

  124. I love the beautiful and simplicity of Peace and Joy stamp set. The vibrant colors of the words of the joyous season make it jump off the card. It is a must to get. to send to your friends and family.

  125. Amazing set. I recently moved to Arizona, and have many more friends to make Christmas cards for. Online only for me.

  126. Amazing set. I recently moved to Arizona, and have many more friends to make Christmas cards for.

  127. With everything going on this year, I am for sure doing my Black Friday shopping online. It will more convenient, but also safer and a little less hectic.

  128. On-line definitely. I haven’t been careful all year keeping socially distanced just to blow it on shopping.

  129. I’m going to do half in store and the other half online. I like doing both.

  130. I’ve never been able to get into the spirit of Black Friday shopping, and the madness it ensues. I will shop on online if I do any.
    Thanks for this opportunity. I love your card designs.
    Good luck everyone

  131. I never shop in store on Black Friday, so if I shop at all then it will be on line. PS I love this stamp set and especially love the cards you have created with this bundle!

  132. Definitely will be online as I will be avoiding crowds. However with all the early Black Friday sales it appears I’ve already started!

  133. HI Mary,

  134. This year I would definitely be shopping from home! Listening to what the scientists are saying….

  135. Online. Thanks for offering this great bundle. I’m crazy about all word dies and these are so pretty. Enjoy your day, Mary.

  136. As with pre-Covid, I try to shop locally when I can. Even in a small town, you can find some treasures and I like supporting local businesses. Homemade is my 2nd resource. What I can’t find, I turn to online. This year I’m shopping online early. They are already posting specials so I probably won’t even wait for Black Friday.

  137. To stay safe and healthy this year I plan to give gift cards and cash in some lovely handmade gift card holders and money folders. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

  138. I love shopping in the stores — it generates so much excitement and enthusiasm; however, because of COVID-19, I will be shopping online.

  139. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! I believe I will shop mostly online this year. Stay safe and healthy

  140. On Black Friday I will definitely make an online purchase instead of going to a store in person. Mostly, because it’s easier and takes way less time than looking for a parking spot. Online shopping is so much easier and relaxing!

  141. I have never once shopped on Black Friday in person (I’m 46 years old), but I occasionally will buy something online. My long holiday weekend is for sharing time with my children, so they come first. I’m not an advocate of all the materialism…unless it’s SU 🙂

  142. Most definitely online! Never been a huge fan of in person Black Friday shopping. I don’t care how big the deal is. I am not getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in a huge line just to possibly get what I came for.

  143. I will definitely be doing my shopping on line this Black Friday. I listen to those who get up and storm the stores, and I just shiver. Too many people out there, too chaotic. On line is much calmer, and SAFER.

  144. I will definitely be shopping online. I have never been a fan of the Black Friday crowds.

  145. I am scared to death of COVID due to health issues & age. I will be shopping online.If it wasn’t for Stamping Up I’d be a crazy women.

  146. I will definitely be shopping online for Black Friday. And it has already begun! BTW I love the Bright Star project in this post.

  147. I will not be going to stores on Black Friday this year. I will take a look at online sales. Love your cards and look forward to your daily email.

  148. The only shopping I will do on Black Friday is on-line. Avoid the crowds, avoid the risks.

  149. I plan to do a small amt of online as well as support local small stores that are hurting so badly for sales. There are a number of local on line craft fairs happening in our area and I will support those artisans. Love your beautiful cards combining the two bundles. The gold foil one had me running to my craft room to make something similar. Loved it so much! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  150. What a wonderful prize! I’d love to win it. I will be shopping online on Black Friday – no way I am going to venture out to overcrowded stores filled with people who don’t feel the need to wear a mask. The number of COVID cases are going up dramatically in north Idaho, and it is not worth it to take the risk.

  151. Black Friday shopping online for sure. I’ve really gotten into online shopping the past few months, lol.

  152. what a beautiful set for the holiday’s . thanks for giving us the chance to win it

    • sorry, did not read the whole post.. I should be staying home and shopping online, but this is my first thanksgiving off in several years, so I’m going to go shopping in person, if nothing else to get a starbucks coffee with my daughter , which is our tradition

  153. If I shop, I will shop online. Thanks for the chance to win your Peace & Joy blog candy! I don’t have that one, and love it!!!

  154. Shopping online has definitely been my go to for the last several years and will for sure be this year as well!

  155. I will definitely be shopping online this year. Thank you for a chance to win!

  156. Online primarily, but do try to shop small local as much as possible. Too many local merchants in need of business.
    Happy Thanksgiving.❤️

  157. As much as I enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping during the holidays, Black Friday is just TOO much! Online shopping, one of my new talents, will be my holiday shopping plan this year.

  158. Online. I’d sure love to craft with friends again. Thanks for all your amazing inspiration, Mary!

  159. I have most always been an online shopper – on rare occasions i have gone in for the mad rush of must have items that are only door busters. but for the most part i don’t care to be rushed or overcrowded or ran over by people. 🙂

  160. I will definitely be doing all my Christmas shopping online this year. I’d love to support small business but unfortunately I’m susceptible to getting sick so I can’t risk going out.
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  161. Love your cards with that bundle! I hope to be finished with shopping by that time. I’ve been shopping online and if I am not finished, I will continue to shop online and be safe. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  162. I actually don’t shop on Black Friday because of the crowds and I rarely shop online. This year, shopping in person can’t even happen here is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, because we are in CODE RED and non-essential stores cannot be open.

  163. I will shop Online if I do any shopping. I never have gone out on Black
    Friday to do any shopping as I like to avoid the crowds.

  164. Most definitely online. I only did Black Friday once and that was one too many!

  165. Online, especially this year! Love the Peace and Joy bundle; thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity Mary!

  166. I for sure will be shopping on-line on Black Friday. I don’t enjoy the crocs and traffic, especially this year, and like to start my holiday decorating that day ???

  167. Most likely online. I have never gone out to shop on Black Friday and with Covid, I’m not planning to start now.
    Thanks so much Mary for offering this great gift.

  168. I am an “early shopper”, who started right after Christmas last year, so have much of my shopping done already. At this point I will be having daughter pick up what she thinks the grandkids need. So sad that we are in this position this year and cannot wait for things to be back to normal, or whatever the new normal will be. Stay safe!!!!

  169. I am only doing online shopping at this time- Black Friday or not. Stay safe everyone

  170. If I were to shop on Black Friday, I would do it on-line. I pretty much do all of my shopping in these uncertain COVID times.

  171. Online! Unless there is a super good deal that I can’t pass up that is in store only.

  172. Online shoping for sure. I’ll have to admit, although, I kind of miss the hustle and bustle and sounds at the mall, along with window shopping (not the parking.)

  173. I am more likely to shop online this year, due to the pandemic. Thankfully, most of the small businesses in our town have a web presence and are doing curbside pickup, so I can still shop small and local.

  174. We could all use a little Peace & Joy right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great set. Will be shopping online.

  175. I love to shop in-store. This pandemic has really put a cramp in that. But, shopping on line is a great alternative and some things you just can’t get any other way.

  176. I will most likely purchase online, except for anything I can buy at Costco or Sam’s Club! ☺

  177. Definitely online! Just had major surgery so going out to stores is not a possibility this year.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  178. Due to Covid ramping up in Ohio, I will most likely shop on-line! Stay safe everyone!!

  179. I will only shop online, especially this year! I love this bundle. Thanks for such a great site and your outstanding service!

  180. I will most likely be shopping in-store. I plan on having most of my shopping done before then, but I want to add a few more things. I still love going and seeing all the beautiful decorations that the stores put up and hearing the beautiful Christmas music!

  181. I have already ordered and received my shopping list via on-line. Have never joined in on the Black Friday shopping.

  182. These projects are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! If I win I’ll try them all! ?

    • I’m doing everything online also…I’m 73 and diabetic so I stay home as much as possible!

  183. I look forward to shopping stampin up and other great retailers online this Black Friday

  184. Mostly shopping online since the pandemic; it’s is easy if you know what you want. It’s become the norm…but it is so hard to purchase clothes that way.

  185. I’ll be shopping on line this year. I’ve already started. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  186. Online for sure. I have been safe and healthy up to this point, why risk going out now.

  187. Online, almost done with the shopping already, and did all but one item on line, this bundle is absolutely gorgeous and is calling my name.

  188. Shopping on Black Friday is definitely going to be more subdued this year and totally online. Be safe and enjoy!

  189. I’ll be shopping mostly online, but I will try to avoid the giant corporations and buy from small, Oregon-based stores.

  190. I never shop in store on Black Friday. Fighting through the crowds takes all the fun out of shopping for me.

  191. I have been an online shopper for many years. I enjoy sitting back in my pj’s with a cup of coffee on my couch ticking gifts off my list.

  192. I have been shopping online at small businesses over these last several months and making items for gift-giving (sets of stamped cards, desk calendars, honey from my beehive, granola). I’m thankful small businesses that I used to shop at locally have made online ordering and/or scheduled outdoor pickups available.

  193. I love your examples – Especially the recent ones using this bundle. I would love to win this!!!!

  194. My kiddos are older and none of us really “need” anything. So I most likely won’t buy anything or maybe something will entice me online?
    It’s all up in the air this year.

  195. Unfortunately, this year will be online. We family tradition of shopping very early on Black Friday with 10-15 family members then enjoy a breakfast out; it will be very missed this year.

  196. I plan to shop in person this holiday season. This year especially, it is important to help support our small business owners during this pandemic to help them survive. In our resort area there are many small businesses offering beautiful items for gift giving so plan to support them.

  197. I will probably be shopping online on black Friday. I’m afraid the stores will be too crowded.

  198. This year is definitely online. Several of our local businesses are having online sales.

  199. It used to be a family tradition to get up early on Black Friday for marathon shopping, then meeting up with the men for breakfast at 10:00.
    Sadly this year with social distancing, I will be shopping on line – perhaps a zoom breakfast at 10:00 to celebrate our shopping success!

  200. As I am in the high risk age group I will for sure be doing my shopping on line for Black Friday.

  201. Because I am over the age of 65, because my state has imposed a stay-at-home order, I will do the majority of my shopping on-line, but will do my best to order from local merchants. They need our help.

  202. What a different year. As much as I want to be out among the hustle and bustle, i think I will put on Christmas music and do a little online shopping.
    Thanks for the chance to receive this great set.

  203. I’m one that loved to go in store but this year will be mostly online. I will likely go out and support local business that don’t have an online presence

  204. I’m not a fan of online shopping, so if the stores are still open on black Friday, I will probably venture out to the deals. If nothing is open, I will be a busy elf making holiday cards and tags!

  205. Will try this again since I didn’t see my comment. I would do gift cards or money put in the holders you showed us how to make. Thanks for chance to win this nice set!!!

  206. Shopped with the crazy crowd to get the deal of the day which I did
    get but went back to that store again a couple days later and my deal
    of the day was still at that sale price, so I never did it again and now
    for sure won’t, feel sorry for the store owners, but on-line is the way
    to buy

  207. Something strange happened to my last comment???? I said. Mary, I always enjoy responding to your prompts. I normally do not shop at all on Black Friday. But if I were to shop it would definitely be in store.

  208. Mary, I always enjoy responding to your prompts. I don’t plan on shopping at all on Black Friday, but if I were I would definitely shop in store.

  209. Hello I am choosing to shop online this year. I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer and cannot be out and about in busy stores.

  210. Online shopping, for sure. I spent so many years working in retail, and I’m happy to stay home and away from the mayhem! 🙂

  211. Online for me! Hopefully I’ll have most of my shopping done by then:) I’ll be making and giving more homemade gifts this year!

  212. I actually never shop on Black Friday. I usually put up my outside decorations for Christmas on that day. I find better deals waiting until after Black Friday to shop! I do a lot of online shopping too.

  213. I will only shop on-line this Black Friday. I wish everyone to be safe.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this prize.

  214. Honestly, I don’t know that I will be shopping at all on Black Friday. I have Christmas cards to finish making, and a wedding scrapbook I have to finish in time for Xmas. But if I DO shop, it will be online. Not because I’m afraid to go out, but because it will just be faster, with all I need to get done!

  215. This year is the year of change. I would normally go out to shop but this year will be online.

  216. Love this set and these cards.
    I’m more likely to shop online for Black Friday! 🙂

  217. Not a big Black Friday fan! I will most likely shop online if I shop on that day!

  218. I love, love, love this bundle and everything I see done with it. It’s on my December list (hope I’m not naughty!). Thanks for even more inspiration.

  219. My grand children are grown and prefer money so I can go to the ATM. Makes shopping easy.

  220. I’m not a shopper unless it’s Stampin Up! But definitely on-line for the holidays!

  221. Merry Christmas! I love to shop small business. I enjoy supporting artisans and seeing all the creativity! I will be online this year, looking for unique gifts.

  222. When in the country, I will shop our small town Mom and Pop stores. Big box stores not unless absolutely necessary . Because of the virus we are staying out of city as much as possible.

  223. Online…except when my sister is around. She’d have us out the door bright and early. She shops, I hang out with her in the long lines.

  224. More likely to shop on line. You could sit in the comfort of your home, in PJ’s if you like, and go to any store you wish. No lines, no running through store to get an item, because we only have so many, no arguing with someone, because I saw it first. Home is the best place with a cup of coffee, pen and paper in hand. Happy holiday shopping to all whatever your choice.

  225. I avoid going anywhere on Black Friday! Definitely will stay at home and find some online deals!

  226. Most definitely online as much as possible! And….. not going to really overdo it this year. I’m thinking simple and stress-free.

  227. I enjoy the look of word layering with dies as a focal point on a card. Your card samples are great examples.
    For me I do not do Black Friday too much. If I did need a particular item I would choose on line.

  228. Black Friday: I will shopping online for “deals” and also continue making Christmas cards with the Snowflake Splendor bundle.
    Wishing everyone a blessed, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!
    gobble, gobble!

  229. I’m pretty sure I will be Shopify g online. There is still COVID to worry about. Plus, the crowds are always crazy!
    Be safe!

  230. I am not much of a shopper any more (spend my time making cards!)
    Thanks for offering your give-aways…it will add to my choices.

  231. We are travelling for Thanksgiving this year to see our family, so we won’t be home for Black Friday shopping but have already done some pre-Christmas shopping. We live in a small community, which kind of makes it difficult to shop locally for everything, but have really made an effort to buy as much as possible from our small businesses because they really need our support this year! Hope you have a blessed holiday season.

  232. I definitely will be shopping on line on Black Friday. Too risky to go out among a lot of people ! Stay in and stay safe !

  233. Black Friday is normally my day to get up about 5:00 a.m. and head out for a full day of shopping. By the end of the day I have most of my Christmas shopping done for 20 people. This year, however, I may try to do more online shopping because of Covid-19. I .don’t think I can give up my shopping day completely. I’ll just have to be more careful.

  234. I will probably shop both online and in stores. I have already started my online shopping but being in the stores that are decorated for Christmas lifts my spirits as we work through the COVID virus.

  235. If I shop at all it will be online. Trying to stay safe. Stay safe yourself!

  236. I do most of my shopping online because it’s so convenient. I do stop at Farmer’s Markets for fresh produce as there are so many of them in my area. I love Stampin’Up and the convenience of ordering online. I just wish I could buy everything I love.

  237. I will definitely shop online for the remainder of my shopping. It’s just not worth it to go out!

  238. I’ll be shopping on-line because I have to work from 9:00 am to 4:30. Best sales are usually early. However, this year it may be different. Once I get home I can shop at leisure from my recliner! Do my best shopping then!

  239. Loving those Joy cards with the brushed metallic! Thanks for all that you do and share!

    • Oops! Forgot about the shopping – definitely on-line, if not just all gift cards.

  240. I shop all year for family and friends. I’ll do online, but will support the Small Businesses.

  241. Sadly, I’m shopping mostly online this year & most online retailers aren’t waiting for Black Friday! I’m going to miss the excitement of bargain hunting.

  242. I think I will just give gift cards this year. Shopping online could be slow delivery and definitely in store could be risky. This year hand made cards will be truly appreciated sited by the recipient!

  243. I’ll be shopping on line this year. It will be very strange not to be out shopping on Black Friday; but this has been a most unusual year. Thanks for your daily inspiration.

  244. I will do all my shopping online. I currently do all my normal shopping online or curbside pickup. We have to care for everyone and do our part. I feel badly for the businesses – but, still support them online or call in an order and pickup!

  245. Online this year for sure! I always enjoyed shopping at the mall but this year is so different in so many ways. It won’t dampen my spirit ‘tho!

  246. This year I will be on line shopping. I am sticking closer to home. I do enjoy the hunt so looking forward to getting back to that.

  247. Definitely shopping on line this year because of COVID. Love the Brightness Stamp included because we have to remember brightness in our lives will return!

  248. Oh , I guess on -line , the way things are going , for sure, not fun ,
    But. Must go with the flow , and to old ti catch anything, ♥️
    Thank you for a chance to wine this fun bundle,
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  249. More than likely on line, but will support the Small Business folk. I try to have all gifts purchased prior to Black Friday!

  250. Online…just like during normal times! Black Friday crowds are not for me. Thanks for the chance to own this bundle!

  251. Beautiful cards !
    I will do a little of both this year for my Christmas shopping. Depending on what’s open and available.
    Thank you for a chance to win this bundle!

  252. I usually buy many gift cards for gift giving. I will purchase them in store.

  253. I am not usually a big Black Friday shopper – prefer to spend that day at home with my family rather than fighting the crowds. I do think that most of my holiday shopping will be done online this year due to Covid.

  254. Shopping on line on Black Friday. I have always gone to the stores with my family but we all agreed it will be safer to skip it this year. Covid is keeping us away.??

  255. Will probably do both, will be purchasing many gift cards. Thanks so much Mary for all you do

  256. Definitely online…not too many stores open here because of COVID. And I will say, most of my gifts this year will be more hand made that purchased. So, I love stamping, die cutting and embossing my gifts.
    Thanks for everything!

  257. Absolutely will not be shopping on Black Friday either in store or online. I’ll be card making. Probably copying one of your designs.

  258. I am very sad to say online shopping will be my go to this year. Just cannot risk with COVID-19. Of course SU shopping is always online ??

  259. My shopping is very selective….If I shop in a store, it’s only our small locally owned shops that need our support more than ever to survive. Anything we can do to help them right now is greatly appreciated. Any box store item I can’t get from the “Mom and Pop”, I purchase online. I avoid big store/mall shopping for health reasons. Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

  260. online for me! Don’t like crowds anyway, but with this virus running rampant here in Wisconsin, i will stay “safe at home.” Love your blog and so glad I found it!

  261. I’ll be shopping online more this year. So efficient! Had the grandkids circle their favorites in the print catalogs, so I know they will love what they receive from us. Happy shopping!

  262. May do a little in store but mostly online. But I don’t like fighting crowds so if it is crazy, will just go back home

  263. Online this year, but I never really did the Black Friday thing. I don’t like crowds.

  264. Definitely on-line, especially this year! And now with our latest shut-downs in California, there may be no choice in the matter!


  266. Shopping online is so much easier – comfortable and safe in 2020. That is what I’d prefer. Shopping in the store has become less about buying for me and more about the senses – the sights, smells, sounds – of the Christmas season, and actually walking away without the stress (because I’ve purchased online.)

  267. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely bundle! I rarely have shopped in the stores on Black Friday, so I am pretty sure I won’t be this year either! It’s doubtful I would shop online….maybe for some SU stuff though!! Thanks again, always love your posts!

  268. Definitely will shop online. I find it easier to find what I want without using gas, trying to find a parking pot at the mall, all that walking and then still not finding what I am looking. Also easier to price compare online.

  269. I will definitely be shopping online this year as i just had a complete knee replacement on Friday the 13th!!! Then straight into my craft room lol,Thanks for all your inspiration Maryxxxx

  270. Black Friday shopping will be done in the comfort of my own home and in the comfort of my own pajamas. A nice hot cup of coffee and a credit card and away we shop! Stay safe everyone!

  271. I work as a nurse & am used to being out in the public , always careful with masks & sanitizer. I will probably go out shopping a bit early on Black Friday. Going early, you feel the excitement before mayhem sets in! Your cards are so beautiful Mary!! Love this set! Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  272. Online definitely. It’s safer and there’s more selection. I’ll miss the crowd though!

  273. I am a teacher following pretty strict protocol with the goal of keeping our students safe and healthy. . . so online for me.

  274. I will definitely be doing online shopping. Staying safe and healthy is key. So glad I have my stamping to keep me occupied!

  275. Definitely on-line, I would rather be spending time with family then looking for a deal. Have a great holiday.

  276. What a perfect set for expressing my feelings at Christmas! I love it❣
    Online shopping for sure!

  277. I will definitely not be going out on black Friday or any other day. I shop online as much as I can.

  278. On-line shopping for me this year. My kids live in Hawaii and Amazon has everything plus free shipping. ?

  279. Thanks for another great giveaway. I try to support local businesses. So I will shop in store. Except my Stampin’ Up.

  280. Normally I would go out shopping and take in all the Holiday decor, but this year I am planning on staying home and doing all my shopping on-line. Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely bundle!

  281. Definitely online! It’s my birthday so I’ll be in my pajamas, with a great cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and clicking away on my laptop. ??

  282. I will definitely shop online this year. The stores are already rolling out many “Black Friday” deals online. Thank you for the chance to win this great bundle!

  283. I like the fun of seeing the stores decorated and the hustle and bustle of shopping for Christmas so I will probably do most of my shopping in stores.

  284. I will be shopping on line. Have enjoyed the madness of Black Friday in my younger days. This year though, everyone will be getting mainly cash.

  285. I’ll be shopping online due to the sharp increase in virus cases but will also support our local businesses who are offering online options and curbside pickup. Stay safe everyone!

  286. Already did some store shopping but living out in the boondocks forces me to do a lot of online!

  287. I have done almost all of my shopping online and I am probably 50% done. Deals are going on and it’s the safest way this weird, weird year.

  288. On-line shopping. Last year was the first time I did on-line shopping and I loved it – no crowds, no trying to find a parking place and the best thing about on-line shopping – NO TRAFFIC.

  289. I’ll be shopping online. Our daughter just had twin girls! We’re helping with them and our two-year-old granddaughter. I’m trying to stay away from everybody since I do not want any additional risk to anyone!

  290. I plan to spend Black Friday visiting with my family so probably won’t be shopping. A few of us may browse a bit online but we won’t be hitting the malls. May you have a blessed and healthy Thanksgiving!

  291. In-store Black Friday shopping is one of my most cherished traditions I had with my Mom, and now my daughter. This year, though, we will make a new tradition and shop online Black Friday and Small Business Saturday this year.

  292. This is the year that I will be doing on line shopping on Black Friday. I plan to stay safely at home and count my blessings.

  293. Although I never shopped in person on Black Friday, I’m finding many online stores have great bargains right now. I haven’t been inside a store since March! Thank you for this holiday opportunity, Mary!

  294. On line for sure.. Dislike crowds, particularly with COVID-19.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  295. On-line for sure this year. I plan to get local business gift cards, but not on Friday. (And I have to work that day.) Thank you, Mary!

  296. Doing most of my shopping online this year. I have always enjoyed going to Black Friday sales with my daughters but not this year. Just not the safe thing to do. Thanks!

  297. Shopping online this year! Too much craziness in the world. I’ll stay home in my pjs and show away!

  298. I will only shop on line on Black Friday. I feel very strongly that I have to do anything I can to be safe and keep others safe!

  299. I plan to do both this year depending upon the sales, stores and those things that I need to purchase.

  300. Will be shopping on line, in fact have done some already… in past years used to be in line by 3 am for sales but not this year…Thank you Mary for the chance to win this wonderful set!

  301. I haven’t shopped in stores on Black Friday for several years. And 2020 is definitely not the year to change that! Online shopping is awesome! Thanks for a chance to win a wonderful prize.

  302. These samples can make our holidays bright! THANK YOU for all your great posts.

  303. I will not be shopping in person. Maybe a little online but this year my husband is doing the Christmas shopping for everyone.

  304. I only shop at the bank, my grandkids are all grown and they only want money, so they make it easy for grandma.

  305. Beautiful Stamp and die set that will make some very beautiful cards…anyone would be honored to win this set!

  306. I would love the Peace and Joy stamp. I did try to make the foil card using a different sentiment, but couldn’t figure how you got the pieces so symmetrical out of one piece of cardstock.

  307. Definitely online with as many small businesses as I can. I love supporting small business over big box stores!

  308. This year I am shopping local. We’ve got many lovely family owned businesses and I think they can really use the revenue. With that said, I will avoid the crowds and do my shopping another day and take extraordinary precautions.

  309. Hopefully my Christmas shopping will be done by then. However, if I had to shop this year I would shop on line…no point taking risks.

  310. Mary i love how you share your teams crafty work. You all make beautiful cards they imspire me to do better.

  311. I am ordering everything except groceries online these days and I have enjoyed it. I would usually visit my local stores so I will miss all the festivities and fun of shopping for the holidays.

  312. Shopping on Black Friday?? Probably not at all. Lol. I tend to shop before or after now. I’ve done it in stores before and decided it wasn’t for me. I might do a little online

  313. In store only! I’m of vintage age where seeing and feeling are very much a part of the shopping experience ! Maybe not the safest way this year but if properly geared up it shouldn’t add any trouble.

  314. Definitely online this year! Early Black Friday shopping and a late breakfast out with my daughter is the usual plan – maybe next year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  315. I’ll cherish the memories of years past of Black Friday shopping fun as I move to online shopping this year so that I can keep my family healthy and safe!

  316. I plan to shop online, although it will be limited, as I am not a fan of large groups and especially with the coronovirus. Happy Thanksgiving.

  317. I love going to the stores, love the decorations and the bargains, LOL!!
    My youngest daughter and I have been going shopping every year and this year, we might venture out too. Get there early, armed with masks, gloves, and plenty of disinfectants, our local stores are struggling so we need to support them. We will take every precaution.
    Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous blog candy.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  318. It’s been a tradition every year in my family, my mother, my sister, my niece and now my daughter to go black friday shopping in store. Sadly because of Covid-19, we will be staying home and shopping online.

  319. My family has always done an annual Black Friday shopping day in stores. This year we will have to take a break and shop on our own online

  320. Mostly online, but I do support a few local “small” businesses as much as possible.

  321. On-line, particularly this year! We have already been doing some on- line shopping to avoid a big rush. Always enjoy your blog posts!

  322. I will be shopping online to keep myself safe. Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway. 🙂

  323. Trying to shop in the local, family owned stores. I’m sure some requests will have to be filled from an online store/Amazon. Merry Christmas !

  324. Both. I am a touchy0feely kind of person, so some things I have to see in person.

  325. I never shop Black Friday. I don’t like the craziness. I’ve been hitting Target and Walmart recently since we are sponsoring some less fortunate kids. Love the giveaways!

  326. Using Christmas Die cuts are my go too for cards. Fast & elegant. Could use this set for so many ideas. Happy Holidays.

  327. I will be shopping on line this year. It is the safest way to shop this year. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  328. I work for a large senior living community in GA and since March, we have been on “lock down” with no outside visitors permitted into our buildings. So far, we have kept COVID-19 out and no residents have had the virus. Employees are super careful to limit their exposure to the public and we are tested every 2 weeks to make sure we aren’t asymptomatic. Needless to say, stamping has been my primary source of relaxation therapy during this strange, lonely, isolated time. I’ve also been able to teach card classes to many residents and they have loved learning something creative and fun too.

    So, there is NO way that I will risk the lives of so many seniors or my own family by going out to shop in person. On-line shopping has been and will continue to be the only way for me!

  329. Masked and in store. Retail and those working in brick and mortar need support. I enjoy looking at the stores trimmed with holiday decorations. Ho ho ho

  330. I will be shopping online this year and have actually started early to guarantee all the presents arrive before Christmas! Crazy times that is for sure!

  331. This year I will be shopping online for Black Friday deals! We all need to stay safe.

  332. love this stamp set. I don’t usually shop on black friday so any shopping will be done on-line.

  333. Most of my shopping is done, but anything that still needs to be bought will be purchased online.

  334. Having moved from a huge state to a pretty small one and a population 7k town; I began shopping all my go to stores online 3 years ago. I had withdrawal at first but it has balanced out and come in handy especially this year 2020.

  335. I do not like shopping on Black Friday – the thought of all those people pushing and shoving, ugh. I do support our small local businesses before the big box stores.

  336. Mary,
    Thank you for your sweet treats! I will be doing my shopping online this year. This is the year that wasn’t, traditions are out the window but, I do believe this too shall pass , anxiously awaiting the definition of the new normal to be defined.

  337. Definitely on-line shopping! A lot of my gifts will be made this year. Your sample cards are beautiful.

  338. Definitely online. I normally don’t shop on Black Friday but if I do it will be online.

  339. I will be shopping online. Nothing kills the Christmas spirit quicker for me than shopping amidst the crowds during the Christmas season.

  340. I am definitely shopping on-line for Black Friday! Thanks so much for this opportunity and Happy Thanksgiving!

  341. If I haven’t been shopping on line in the past, I definitely would do it this year. Just one way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Stay safe everyone.

  342. I will be shopping on-line on Black Friday (Nov. 27); in fact I have already started!

  343. Probably a little bit of both. Will be visiting some small shoppes with limited capacity with fun activities outside. Be safe and well.

  344. Definitely on-line shopping. In a normal year I don’t enjoy Black Friday shopping so definitely not going this year.

  345. I shop online for black friday. Don’t like the big crowds, especially now. Our family has decided to stay safe not get together this Christmas. I will be spending the day by myself this year. A day of stamping is in order for this Christmas. 🙂

  346. The majority of my shopping has been/will be online due to the virus. However, our little town always does a “holiday stroll” on Black Friday to give our local businesses a boost, so we will try to to attend and support, if possible.

  347. I will forego the crowds and shop online! Gonna miss the 99 cent poinsettias from Home Depot this year!!

  348. Neither, I like to spend the day relaxing, eating leftovers, and addressing my holiday cards. Lots more cards going out this year because of the pandemic and people need holiday cheer.

  349. I will be and have been shopping online to keep my family as safe as possible! For such a crazy year, it is hard for me to believe that the holidays are almost upon us! Thanks for the chance to win the awesome bundle!

  350. Will most likely shop on-line for family gifts and also support our local small businesses.

  351. Our family has always gone Black Friday shopping together. But not this year due to Covid-19. We are staying home and shopping online.

  352. I am FINISHED with my Christmas shopping this year! First time ever that I finished so early. I purchased most gifts online this time.

    Thank you for the chance to win – a WONDERFUL set!!! ????

  353. Online shopping is the way I will have to be doing it this year. I will miss picking out things in person for my loved ones. The risk is not worth in person shopping this year which is so sad. Many wonderful traditions will just have to wait another year.

  354. I will not be shipping in store on Black Friday. I’ve been online shopping all month long and will probably look at deals online.

  355. I’ll be shopping online this year due to Covid. Feeling bad for the small local businesses. Thanks for bringing a little cheer into our lives with you bundle and great card ideas!

  356. I will be doing all of my shopping online this year, due to Covid. Not my regular way to shop, but a necessity this year.

  357. I will be shopping online for all items that I can possibly purchase so that I can do my part in staying safe & helping others do the same

  358. I will definitely be shopping online. I seldom go anywhere but to work, even opting to get most of my groceries home-delivered.

  359. Definitely on line! Only a few to shop for, so it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to do it in person. I enjoy shopping our local businesses, but that I do early. Thank you for a chance to win!

  360. Shopping on-line!

    I have a few local shops that I will visit on Small Business Saturday….if they aren’t crowded!

  361. Hello Mary,

    Your designs are so inspiring!

    This is the year to shop online for sure.

    Stay safe!

  362. Thankfully we don’t have much to buy. But even if we do, it will be all online shopping. I have never been a big fan of Black Friday but would do so only because we would be out as a family.

  363. Will be shopping online…not my favorite, but want to keep family and friends safe for the holidays.

  364. Good morning Mary,
    I prefer to do in store shopping. You can see better what you’re buying, plus if it’s clothing you can touch the materials.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  365. Hello Mary!
    I’m a BIG fan of online shopping in my Jammies with coffee in hand. I’m saving up for the SU demo SAB presale.
    Big hugs

  366. online, for sure. I haven’t gone into a store on Black Friday for the last 10 years! I long ago decided it’s not worth the crowds or the stress, especially when online prices are just as good, including free shipping!

  367. I’m more of a small business shopper and have not gone out early on Black Friday, so if I need something I’ll get it online.

  368. Online for all big box stores, but in person at my small business in my town that support my local town. They don’t do online business very much. But I don’t want to loose them. I need my local small business to exceed.

  369. Oh My . . . nothing is so important to me to wait in a line, in a crowd for. Online all the way.
    Have a blessed day.

  370. My shopping will be mostly online this year as I live in a smaller community & not many stores & we don’t go to the bigger towns because of all the Covid. I will be so happy when this is under control. If ever!! Cardmaking has been a lifesaver for me!

  371. Most definitely online on Black Friday.. I will miss doing small business shopping this year. I also like craft fairs for those special gifts.

  372. Never liked the Black Friday chaos. Online will be where I am.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this great bundle and for your inspiration and generosity.

  373. I plan on enjoying the day with family. No shopping for us. I will do my shopping all on-line this year. I have to ship gifts to different states. We are not able to Christmas in person with family this year due to covid. I will order their gifts and have them all shipped to them. It is going to be a difficult Christmas this year. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  374. Definitely shopping online on Black Friday! There is too much craziness that day for me !!

  375. Definitely I’m an online shopper on Black Friday so I will be shopping from the comfort of my couch with coffee and a fire in the fireplace. I don’t like crowds or rude people! Black Friday shopping in 2020 might be a whole new experience. We’ll see!

  376. I don’t have much shopping to do this year since our kids are 18 and 21, but what I do buy will be online.

  377. I probably will shop on line due to social distancing but who knows I may venture out as well

  378. Definitely online. I start my Christmas shopping early so I don’t have too much left to buy after Thanksgiving.

  379. This year as always I’ll be shopping on-line for Black Friday deals. Many stores in Michigan have already offered great deals for this holiday season~

  380. Am learning to like this set and envision using it through the year.
    Thanks for your great ideas

  381. I will be shopping online this year for most items but locally in store for some items

  382. Black Friday shopping has always been a favorite with my daughters and I. We made a big deal out of our time together. And we had fun! Watching all the madness, getting our shopping done and then enjoying a nice breakfast together before we headed home.
    But this year will be quite different. We will be doing our shopping online because of covid.

  383. I haven’t done in-person Black Friday shopping since my daughter was in grade school back in the 90’s, and I certainly won’t start this year! (Although I WILL shop locally on Saturday to support the small businesses in my town.)
    Thank you, Mary, for your never-ending generosity.

  384. Online shopping it the way I have shopped for Christmas for years and COVID only makes it more convenient. Thanks Mary for the generous offering.

  385. I rarely ever shop on black Friday since I hate crowds. I’ll be watching online for great deals, and I think there will be some, this year.

  386. Definitely Online!! I was an online shopper before Covid. Avoid the crowds and the traffic which leaves more time for crafting!!

  387. I have always wanted to go out so early and shop in stores but I never have the guts to do it! I’m sure I’ll just end up doing it online. 🙂

  388. I will not be in store shopping this year. If I do any shopping it will be via internet.

  389. Definitely online, the deals are already starting to show up daily in my email box. It’s the most convenient and safest way to shop this year.

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