Blog Candy Giveaway! Royal Peacock Bundle (Retired)

Royal Peacock Bundle Blog Candy Giveaway

To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the RETIRED Royal Peacock Bundle!

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my Royal Peacock Bundle Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing: 

What is your favorite bird?  Peacock, eagle, robin, hummingbird, flamingo, owl, for example.

My favorite bird is the Quail!

The deadline for blog candy comments is Friday, June 26, 2020, at 10 AM Mountain Time. I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Saturday, June 27, 2020 on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and U.S. mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

Noble Peacock Suite by Stampin' Up! Incredible Card by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty

The card shown above uses the Royal Peacock Bundle and was shared previously on my blog.  You can view the step-by-step tutorial and product supply list on my blog post here.


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  1. That was a beautiful picture of the quail, but my favorite is the peacock.

  2. Shari Astey Pass

    Mary, I just discovered your site and your cards are amazing. I plan on keeping up with your site!

  3. Charlene Frietchen

    The peacock stamp is beautiful! Would love to win this stamp.

  4. Veronica Meyer

    Hope your move goes smooth. Love our new stitched dies
    Have a great day

  5. My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  6. Barbara Marie Rehder

    My favorite bird has always been a cardinal! I love the song they sing and red is my favorite color. =)

  7. Have to say I love lots of birds but one of my favorite is the hummingbird. They are amazing! I have feeders in my kitchen window and they visit often during the day. So cute and fun to watch.

  8. I have several favorite birds, but the ones I see most often that I love are the Eastern Bluebird and the Cardinal. I also love the painted bunting that comes to my feeder late evening……and of course, the handsome cedar waxwings which come in the spring in a flock and enjoy the berries from our yaupon tree.

  9. Karen Surdysnki

    My Favorite Bird is thePeacock.

  10. My favorite bird is a McCaw (Parrot). I used to own two of them, but when I moved to a smaller place that didn’t allow pets, I found a lady that adopted both of them.

  11. Katrina Wortham

    Cardinal. I use to watch my Mom and Dad feed the cardinals in our back yard.

  12. Mrs. Wickland

    Wow! Peacock has lovely splash and strutting pride packed into one stamp ready package. Ink colors splash sentiment strutting specific thoughts welcomed by your creative card’s receiver augment proudly every finished artsy communication gift. That’s stampin’.

  13. My favorite is the beautiful, hovering hummingbirds.

  14. Ruth Hetletvedt

    My favorite bird is the Eagle. I follow the eagles on SW Florida’s Eagle Cam. It’s fun to watch them from egg to fledge.

  15. My favorite bird is a hummingbird

  16. Lisa Slonecker

    Love a bright red cardinal!

  17. My favorite bird is peacock- eagle- robin-hummingbird-flamingo-Owl……..

  18. Wendy Tranberg

    I love the owl, especially during Christmas time. I have one tree in my bedroom that I decorate with birds & birdhouses. I seem to have more owls than any other bird on that tree, they just add a wintery look. They are a beautiful bird out in nature too.

  19. Kendra J Napoleon

    My favorite bird has to be a cockatoo. With their little plumage going up, it’s adorable!!!

  20. Deidre Schmoock

    My favorite bird is a robin.
    I love hearing them sing in my garden.

  21. My favorite bird is the cardinal.they are beautiful!my husband just passed away in February.i seen several of them since then. I feel as though he is with me when I see them. I haven’t started to do cards,I’m just kind of studying their is endless.

  22. Thank you for the chance to win the peacock set from your blog candy! There are so many beautiful birds in this world! My current favorites to watch in my yard are a pair of cardinals.

  23. Dianne Maguire

    One of my favorite birds are pelicans. I have fond memories of the joy I experienced watching them land and take off like mini airplanes on a trip to New Zealand. Love to watch them dive into the water for fish.

  24. Melissa Johnson

    Purple Martins! We have a martin house in our yard and most every year we’ve had anywhere from 3 to 6 pairs of martins show up. This year, they came but because it got so cold again, they didn’t survive. But hopefully next year will go better!

  25. Love the cute quail mamas followed by a line of baby quail! Last year we had a hummingbird nest on a branch outside our bedroom window and I had so much joy watching the nest as the eggs hatched and then one day….empty. Much like my own nest.

  26. Marcee Lepper

    I love all birds, but my favorite is the Hummingbird. 🙂

  27. I’ve always been intrigued by puffins.

  28. My favorite is a chickadee! Love listening to them!

  29. Owls, there feathers and coloring is so pretty.

  30. My favorite bird is the bald eagle. I could watch them soar and swoop down to catch fish out of the lake all day!

  31. My favorite bird is a cardinal, as they remind me of my grandma. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I love Robins, they are so friendly and look at you so thoughtfully and wisely, you can’t help but feel they are trying to say hello.

  33. My favorite bird is the cardinal..but also love the white egret.

  34. My favorite bird is a blue jay, so pretty to see.

  35. My favorite is da red cardinal. Wen they stay singing, whistling in a tree or lite pole nearby it brings such a happy ferling in my heart and a smile on my face.

  36. My favorite bird is the Roadrunner. I love to watch them in my yard and around my neighborhood. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful set!

  37. Japanese mijiro are fun to watch in our garden.

  38. My favorite bird is the penguin! I’m not even sure why… I have just always loved them. Thank you for the chance to win!

  39. I love birds but I would have to say my favorite is a Hyacinth Macaw!

  40. My favorite bird is the Great Blue Heron! Beautiful, graceful and curious when you have something they like to eat!

  41. Dori Pittelkow

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  42. Diana Gonzales

    The beautiful and majestic peacock is one one of my favorite birds!

  43. Cardinal

  44. Sheryl Cushman

    I would say the Hummingbird. They are beautiful birds, so tiny, fast and they just love their nectar.

  45. Vicky Heimbecker

    Tough to choose! From my backyard I would say cardinals are my favorite. But I have a special place in my heart for flamingos- I don’t know why!

  46. I love the beautiful goldfinches that visit our feeder.

  47. Marie Gontram

    My favorite bird is the bluebird. I think they are beautiful and every spring they make nests in our bluebird houses in our backyard.

  48. I enjoy the bright little gold finches in my yard

  49. My favorite birds are the house finch or gold finch. Our neighborhood is lucky to have about 20 or so of either kind. It’s so peaceful to watch the yellow gold finches or rose house finches gracefully pop in and out of the landscaping.

  50. Madeline Trainor

    I love quail too. And peacocks are pretty fabulous. My favorite bird is the owl.

  51. Sandy Groneberg

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  52. Love the amazing hummingbird

  53. My favorite bird is the cardinal, and the pheasant is a pretty close second. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. Shirley Meadows

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  55. Beautiful bundle! My favorite bird is the eagle. What a majestic bird!

  56. My favorite Bird is the eastern bluebird. They are such a glorious shade of blue!

  57. Cardinal

  58. Definitely peacocks…they are sooo beautiful!

  59. Lynnette VanDerWerff

    Eagles are definitely my favorite bird! They are so magestic! I’m so glad we are seeing them more often these days. 🙂

  60. Kristin Patterson

    My favorite bird is the Blue favorite color is blue and I think this bird is so beautiful.

  61. marge swanson

    the majestic cardinal

  62. I love watching hummingbirds hover over the feeder, so peaceful!

  63. My favorite bird is the wren.

  64. I love Flamingoes!!!

  65. I love parrots and flamingos. Apparently the bright colors catch my eye!

  66. My absolute favorite is the Humingbird and we usually see one in our garden daily!

  67. Dawn Schneider

    My favorite is the Hummingbird! Is tiny but graceful & beautiful! It’s fun to watch them fly around my Million Bells hanging basket, each flower

  68. My favorite bird is our desert quail. I love watching the baby quails parade after mom or dad in the spring. I also love the sweet quail sounds they make.

  69. Tina Williams

    My favorite bird is a peacock! The neighbor’s peacock flies up on to the roof of my house and calls out to the ladies. He is a magnificent bird. I love watching him fan out his beautiful tail.

  70. Absolutely flamingoes, hands down! Beautiful and graceful!!

  71. Rachel Brooks

    Owls are a love of mine. I love hearing them call back and forth at night “Who cooks for you?” We had a screech owl living in one of our duck nesting boxes one winter. They are all so different and beautiful.
    The peacock set was an exceptional one – I’d love to have it!

  72. Beth Ann Halvorson

    Just robins have always been my favorite, but I do get excited when I see other pretty birds on my walks. Saw two blue jays last week!

  73. I love little finches and wrens – colorful and cute. Hummingbirds are breathtaking and always a spectacular show. Owls are a sudden surprise. But color and form, the peacock is a delightful sight.

  74. Martha W Watson

    My favorite bird is the Eagle because of it’s regal profile. I love the independence the eagle portrays, how they mate for life and how they care for of their progeny.

  75. My favorite is the hummingbird. A hummingbird comes to our feeder several times a day and even to my craft room window. I like to think it knows I’m sitting there watching it.

  76. Linda Coleman

    I love those little hummingbirds that fly around.

  77. Hummers! 😀

  78. My favorite bird is the Peacock. They are truly a beautiful bird
    In Glendale AZ there is a park where they roam freely.
    In the early morning and late evening you can hear them several blocks away calling each other They almost sound like cats when they are calling each other … very cool

  79. The cardinal is my favorite! I grew up feeding the cardinals with my dad. Now every time I see or hear a cardinal sing, I think of my dad!

  80. Peggy Hendricks

    Thanks for this opportunity, Mary. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. My mom used to feed them outside her window every day. So cute and tiny and feisty, fighting over her syrup! LOL

  81. I love the hummingbird because I love to watch my 10 year old son dutifully change the sugar water every week in hopes of seeing some come drink out of the feeder

  82. Debbie Van Caster

    My favorite bird is the owl (for wisdom) and second is the eagle (for freedom). After almost 30 years in the Air Force, the eagle has soared above me, focusing my eyes and heart on keeping this country free.

  83. Mary Messerli

    Favorite bird is the Resplendent Quetzal, revered by the Aztecs and whose plumes were used by Aztec Royalty.

  84. Love your weekly posts such fab ideas and inspiration thank you

  85. My favorite bird is the cardinal. I have had one (or several) show up at times in my life when I really needed cheering up.

  86. The Baltimore Oriole is a favorite. Their color is so pretty.

  87. Kristine López

    My favorite bird is the eagle! It’s the symbol of our country!!

  88. It should be a peacock, because that is my maiden name. However, my favorite bird is the cardinal.

  89. I’d have to say the raven is my favorite. I love the caw caw sound they make and everyone says they are harbingers of doom. Really, they are just victims of bad press.

  90. Robin, because there return to Minnesota in the spring is the first sign that the long winter is finishing.

  91. Roadrunner

  92. What a beautiful card! My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  93. I love eagles, in fact, when I see one soaring over our local river, it just makes my whole day brighter.

  94. Dawne Leasure

    Next to hummingbirds, peacocks are my favorite bird. So beautiful. So graceful. So full of color. Love, love, love them.

  95. Barbara Whitesell

    I guess I would have to say the eagle is mt favorite bird because my son is an Eagle Scout but for card making, I prefer peacocks and hummingbirds.

  96. Love finches….I a finch feeder in the yard and love seeing the bright yellow colors on our tree

  97. My favorite bird is the Chickadee, they are always busy

  98. Susan Londino

    I love the cockatoo!. Since I couldn’t get a cockatoo, I got one of his cousins, a cockatiel which I named Thibadaux (we lived in Louisiana for a while), he was a non-stop talker!

  99. My favorite bird is the blue jay. We have one who comes when we call him and give him peanuts.

  100. Peacocks are beautiful but my # 1 bird is a Eagle!

  101. Hi. My favorite bird is the cardinal. I can always hear them when they’re coming to my yard for the feeder. The pair is always together.

  102. Teresa Keenan

    Hummingbird 🥰

  103. Heather Hammargren

    I am definitely a flamingo girl. They are beautiful, unique, and are adorable on cards. And my grandson calls them “mingos”.

  104. That was a lovely set I did not purchase. It would be awesome to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  105. Brenda Russell

    Mary, I love your style! You share your beautiful creations and recipes for them with us so generously. Thank you! And, I love your shoes!

  106. Jennifer French

    My favorite bird is the American Eagle. They are so beautiful to watch soar through the air

  107. Shannon Reynolds

    My favorite bird is the penguin. I can watch them for hours!!

  108. Kim Scutchfield

    Love the owl!

  109. Hummingbirds. They are so dainty and flap their wings with such intensity, but their irridecent coloring is beautiful ❤️

  110. Vicki Bradfield

    I LOVE Hummingburds & Cardinals!

  111. My favorite bird is a redbird (Cardinal)

  112. My favorite is the hummingbird . Gets to eat his/her weight in food each day but is fortunate enough to burn it off

  113. My favorite bird is the Humming Bird. I love to watch them come to my backyard fountain for sips of water.

  114. joanne darrell

    My favourite bird is a hummingbird.I do not have a feeder yet but I plan to get one.

  115. I have a love for all birds! One of my favorites is the Eastern Blue Bird.

    I love the bright colors on your Peacock card. Thank you for the chance to win!

  116. I am a birdwatcher! A peacock is beautiful in all it’s feathered glory. I have great respect for eagles as our National Bird and because it is beautiful to see it soaring with wide wings. I like owls and love to do cards for my granddaughters who love them also. Robin’s give me a lift to know Spring is here. I have numerous feeders for hummingbirds. They are fun to watch and practically knock at my door and get in my face. I like to watch for their different colors. I also ha e a fondness for the Oriole, cardinals and goldfinches and bluebirds. As I said, I’m a birdwatcher.

  117. My favorite bird is the cardinal. When sitting in a tree their red just pops out makes everything so beautiful. I also love Hawks.

  118. My favorite bird is the CARDINAL.

  119. We winter in Arizona and love the quail!!

  120. Linda Brownell

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird. While they are very small they seem very strong. Their colors are really bright and beautiful. They look so magical when they fly around. They remind me of fairies.

  121. Karen in Florida

    My favorite bird is the flamingo, since I live in Florida. But we also have peacocks and I LOVE the colors of peacocks. I don’t have this stamp/die set and would love to have it! I do have the foil DSP!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!! Huggs!

  122. My favorite bird is the Cardinal. It’s such a brilliant vivid red which looks awesome against fhe winter snow landscapes.

  123. Call me crazy I love pelicans!

  124. I love each and every one of them for each one has their own beauty and talents; the hummingbird: beautiful colors and fast movement; the owl: the colorful feathers with the swiveling of the head movement; the eagle: the wing span and looks so bold and confident. God created each and every one and what a fine job He did.

  125. My favorite is the hummingbirds

  126. Joyce Kosakowski

    My favorite bird is the eagle. It’s very majestic. There is a nest near my son’s house and we watch as these magnificent birds dive for fish.

  127. Wendy Okerlund

    I love hummingbirds. So small, yet so strong

  128. My favorite is the robin. When I was younger I took care of a hurt robin, &my dad & I would drive to the bait shop and bought him works every day.

  129. I’m most fascinated by owls. A few days ago, I saw an owl during my walk at a local park. Cool creature!

  130. My favorite bird is the male Cardinal

  131. Susan Rowland Mellow

    My favorite bird is the chickadee.

  132. I love the quail also, but they don’t in western Washington. Therefore I would have to say humming bird which I watch each day through my window at the feeder.

  133. I love watching all birds, but I feed HUMMINGBIRDS… I’ll say

  134. Patricia Medrano

    My favorite bird is the jaybird. A fledging fell from its nest and I bonded with it by making sure it wasn’t being bothered while it was trying to learn to fly.

  135. My favorite is the eagle!!

  136. the beautiful foil makes it so elegant! My favorite bird is humming bird.

  137. Tough question. Always loved the gorgeous colors of the peacock. Yet, I’ve longed to attract hummingbirds!

  138. being from the northwest, my favorite is the bald eagle – so regal and majestic.

  139. I have the paper but not the stamp – gorgeous card!

  140. My favorite bird is the Oriole- beautiful, bright orange. Grape jelly keeps them coming most of the summer.

  141. Thank you for the opportunity of winning an item.

  142. Kelly Williams

    My favorite bird is definitely the quail. I love to watch the mama quail with her babies trailing behind her. So cute.

  143. It is a toss up between the Humming Bird and Cardinal. I love watching the humming birds flying from flower to flower to get their daily nourishment. Then the red cardinal is so stunning perched on a branch complicating their next flight.

  144. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. I excitedly wait for them to return every spring so I can fill up our hummingbird feeder and watch them fight for space to eat. The birds are so colorful and fun to watch.

  145. My favorite is the hummingbird. Such beauty in these little creatures. Good to all! This is such a beautiful bundle.

  146. Vickie French

    Baltimore Oriole

  147. My favorite bird is the Carolina Bluebird – SO pretty!!

  148. Love your card ideas!! I loved that set but did not buy it …

  149. Flamingos-looking at them makes me feel the sunshine on the beach, feel warm sand on my feet and smell coconut sun tan oil. So relaxing!

  150. Ninamarie Coulter

    My parents raised peacocks around 1959-1960. I fell in love with them at that time. Second would be hummingbirds as my husband has feeders outside our windows so that I can watch them come and go all day long.

  151. my favorite bird is a humming bird, they are so very small, but very vibrant.

  152. It’s hard to name just ONE bird. I love to watch birds & it changes with the seasons. But maybe I would have to name the hummingbird #1. It is so small & quick. But there are Yellow Finches, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Doves & Chickadees just to name a few. Plus our majestic Bald Eagle! Great bird watching & now during this Covid-19 pandemic we have more time to watch nature. Have a wonderful day.

  153. Lesley Cuccaro

    My Favourite bird is the Cardinal❤️

  154. I have to vote for hummingbirds! They seem so fragile yet persistent. (Even though the robin is Wisconsin’s State Bird!)

  155. Michelle Rose Despain

    My favorite bird is a blue jay.

  156. Lorraine Elizabeth York

    I have to say the British robin. The owl is a close second .

  157. Leigh Drinkwine

    My favorite is the hummingbird. Fascinating shy little creature. Love that I have attracted a few to my feeder.

  158. Truly a royal prize!

  159. Mitzi Chafin Adkinson

    I love how tiny the hummingbird is. What a thrill to see it. But I also love hawks. Hubby and I count them as we travel. If you pay attention, you’ll start spotting them from your car.

  160. Julie Turzynski

    Since I moved to Florida 2 years ago I have come to love the pelican. They are amazing birds to watch fly and hunt for fish. The way they see their prey from so far up and dive into the water to catch it is just astounding to me. I could watch them for hours.

  161. Love that bird

  162. Hummingbird for sure! One of God’s amazing creatures!

  163. Peacock. While delivering the local news flyer, one customer had two peacocks in their yard. Those birds had the most loudest call.

  164. Jackie Watson

    My favorite bird is a Cardinal, but I love Peacocks too. I live in Las Vegas and I visited Wayne Newtons Ranch and he has 100s of Peacocks in every color imaginable. Thanks for your giveaway.

  165. Angela Shoffner

    Favorite bird the hummingbird! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Beautiful Card, I love your style

  166. I like most birds but think the peacock is beautiful and regal. I love your blog candy chances even though I’ve never won.

  167. Hummingbird & Cardinal are my favs!

  168. LaVonne Smejkal

    My favorite Bird is the Cockatiel. They make great companions and have a playful personality!

  169. My favorite bird is the humming bird. They are so pretty and they let me when they are out of food. The birds will come up close to the window and hover. I check their bottles which is right there and sure enough.

    Your card is so beautiful that you made.

  170. My favorite is the hummingbird. They are beautiful to watch and I love being able to put my feeders out through the summer months. I also like to plant hummingbird and butterfly mixed flowers to draw more to my patio.

  171. Connie McNamara

    Have three favs ~ flamingo (grew up in south Florida), male cardinal and hummingbirds. Enjoy watching the small birds at the feeders! Enjoy your day!

  172. Debbie Douglas


  173. My favorite is the chickadee,

  174. My favorite bird is the Red Wing Blackbird. I love the trill sound they make.

  175. Thank you for the latest giveaway. I think it is very generous of you to do so many give-aways. My favorite birds are the eagle, the swan, and the cardinal. The eagle is such a majestic bird with it’s loving parenting, huge wing span, and unique coloring. The swan is very graceful and gentle, but highly protective of it’s little ones, and I’m sure it’s obvious why the cardinal has made my list of favorites…the beautiful red of both the male and the female birds. They just stand out in a crowd 🙂

  176. My favorite bird is the blue bird

  177. My favorite bird if the blue bird

  178. This is such a beautiful stamp set. the peacock looks gorgeous when cut out of the foil cardstock that goes with the set.

  179. Gayle Ashworth

    I LOVE hummingbirds!!!!

  180. My favorite bird is the Bluebird! They are so pretty!

  181. My favorite bird is the flamingo 🦩 because it reminds me of warm vacations.

  182. My favorite bird is the eagle!

  183. I like peacocks because of the amazing iridescent can’t colors

  184. Debbie Wicklund

    I love cardinals. They’re beautiful and mate for life.

  185. This is such a stunning bundle. There’s so many beautiful birds that it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite.

  186. Maria A Rodriguez

    Awesome Blog Candy, Mary, thank you for a chance to win it.
    Well, I love all kinds of birds but in the category of BIG birds, I love Bald Eagles, they are so regal and gorgeous.
    In the category of smallest birds, I love the Hummingbird, these little winged jewels are in one word AMAZING, I love to see them on the feeders, so colorful and strong.

  187. My favorite bird is the Eastern Blue Bird.
    My least favorite bird is the Blue Jay (bad experience at age 3).

  188. Cardinal is my favorite bird. The myth is that Cardinals appear when loved ones are near — like a heaven-sent messenger of love for you. What a lovely thought.

  189. I really like a bright colorful parrot. They can be so cheerful in their coloring.

  190. Lupe Rocamora

    I love the hummingbird. So small and beautiful. I just love the way it floats through the air.

  191. My favorite bird is the hummingbird because of it’s teal and purple colors and it is so tiny and flies so fast.

  192. Kathleen Wessman

    I love hummingbirds and peacocks! And would love love love this set! I watched it for a year! Thanks for the ch+55and 5quotes of you for your work plans to be sure you unhuuuuu<u<u<uuuuuu<y

  193. My favorite bird is the cardinal.

  194. Kristin Fritsche

    I love peacocks! And their beautiful colors are my favorite! I have feathers and jewelry too. Thank you for a chance to win !

  195. Mary Darminio

    The cardinal is my favorite bird. It symbolizes a departed love one visiting / watching over you. Since the pandemic, a cardinal has taken up residency in our your yard. This is the first time in the 44 years we have lived here.

  196. Michelle McMahon

    My favorite bird is the goldfinch. Thank you for the project ideas, helpful product information, and design inspiration your frequent posts provide.

  197. My favorite bird is the wren because my dad used to call me Jenn the Wren when I was little.

  198. My favorite bird is the Peacock. 🙂

  199. My favorite bird is the cardinal.

  200. Cindie McDuffee

    The Hooded Orioles that grace our yard this time of year. Don’t need the set, tho, already have it! Thanks anyway!

  201. Trudy L Pehrson

    I love the peacock! As a small child we had a neighbor who had peacocks. Those big showy plumes are so beautiful.

  202. Rhonda Goodman

    I enjoy seeing your daily emails for my inspiration. I would love the royal Peacock bundle, maybe I’ll get luck. Thank you!🤗

  203. Quail for sure. We feed birds year round & presently have a covey of 8 babies we’ve been watching grow from little fuzzy ping-pong balls to 1/2 the size of the parents. So fun to see them out & about.

  204. I love all birds and enjoy watching them from our sunroom feeding on the birdseeds we provide. But, the Hummingbird has a special place in my heart. Two years ago my neighbor discovered a baby Hummingbird that had fallen out of its nest. Three of us all worked together to provide for shelter and to feed it. He even would get into the palm of our hands to eat. At the same time the mother was not far away and as we sat outside, here she came to the table and began feeding her little one. She was so close, we could hear the beating of her wings. After 2-3 days he was strong enough to fly away with Mom. What an amazing experience.

  205. My favorite bird is the Hummingbird, but the peacock colors are most beautiful.

  206. I love birds! They are my favorite themes, and therefore my hallmark is: Fancy Feathers. My favorite bird is the egret.

  207. Robin Bennett

    I love all birds but I guess with the name that I have….!!!!! I love hummingbirds. We have them year-round here. I keep 6 feeders out all the time. I collect robins because…! I love Gambel’s Quail too. I saw a family with 6 tiny babies run past the other day.

  208. Robyn Lingras

    It is a close tie between hummingbirds and peacocks as my favorite bird. I love the colors of both birds. The peacock is so majestic when it displays it’s feathers in it’s mating ritual. The hummingbird is so tiny and yet it can beat it’s wings so fast and hover.

  209. Barbara Young

    I love the color and unique look of the Flamingo!

  210. Lorna Wooldridge

    It has to be an owl. We have a business called Wise Owl Services! 🙂

  211. The hummingbird bird is my favorite, but a close second is the goldfinch.

  212. Kellie Neslund

    My favorite bird is the Cardinal!

  213. Penny Hanuszak

    This card is stunning and elegant. My favorite bird is thebhummingbird. At our home in Indio, we have three feeders that are constantly filled with these active little birds. They bring great joy with all their antics.


    my favorite bird is hummingbird

  215. My favorite bird is a hummingbird. I love to watching them fly so fast, and buzz around you

  216. My favorite is peacock. I live in Florida and they roam around the zoo. gorgeous. thank you Mary for all you do.

  217. Deborah Buchanan


  218. Debra Anderson

    I have always loved the colors of a peacock. I have the papers and ribbon, just need the bundle!

  219. The card is so elegant with that gold peacock and gold mat. Beautifu cara!

    • *Beautiful card!

    • I forgot to mention my favorite bird. I love hearing Cardinals “talking” to each other from distances apart. I think Robins love my husband and I because every year we have Robins build a nest under our deck in the very space spot. We already had three babies leave and now there is a new nest in the same spot with a Robin. Gotta love them!

  220. Suzanne Arguin

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  221. My favorite bird is the mourning dove.
    I love listening to them coo.
    They aren’t the prettiest bird in the kingdom but I do love them.

  222. I have several favorite birds.. Today I will choose the cardinal which I watch daily at our bird feeder here in South Texas. I song sounds like it is calling me…Judi, Judi, Judi

  223. Love cardinals! And I love your blog and all your creative ideas!

  224. Shirley Madsen

    Chickens are birds, right?! Love my hens.

  225. My favorite bird is the hummingbird because it was my Mom’s favorite and every time I see one, I don’t miss her so much.

  226. Hi!! In answer to the question about what is my favorite bird, I’d have to say the hummingbird (although male peacocks are amazingly beautiful as well) ! I live in AZ where we have hummers all year long and love to watch them at my feeders.
    But these peacock stamps / die… oh myyyy!! How gorgeous !!!

  227. There are so many beautiful birds, but my favorite has always been the owl.

  228. Jane Rappleyea

    I just love seeing everything you show us.
    This is one set I did not get. I waited too long and now it’s too late. I hope to win this beautiful bird.

  229. Dorla Kantack

    My favorite bird is the ring neck pheasant. Whenever I see them out in the country I am reminded of my years growing up on the farm.

  230. Maria Valladares

    I love watching birds, and in my home since we have big trees we get many winged visitors, one of my favourites is the WHITE-THROATED MAGPIE-JAY

  231. Thank you for this opportunity to win this Peacock bundle! I like all birds, but my favorite is the Bluebird. I would describe the Bluebird as “tiny but mighty”. Love the card you made using the Peacock suite of products.

  232. There are so many possibilities! But I think the cardinal is my favorite all year!

  233. I really love cardinal birds! I love they are bright red and stand out in the snow.

  234. cardinals for sure….especially the males, with their vibrant color!!

  235. Joyce S. Ramsey

    My favorite bird is the Humming Bird. I also love the Blue Birds. Both these birds are beautiful. I love the Peacocks also. I would love the win the Peacock set.

  236. I like the California state bird, the valley quail. We have lots of them at our home.

  237. My favorite bird is the parrot. Such beautiful colors and always looking like they’re full of sass and attitude!

  238. Courtney Ostendarp

    My favorite is the Blue Bird… we even have a special birdhouse for them and buy them mealworms!

  239. my absolute favorite bird is the hummingbird. Enjoy having them come to the feeders in my front lawn.

  240. Mary E. Stafford

    Love this!

  241. My favorite bird is the eagle, love watching them soar through the air so majestic

  242. The hummingbird is by far my favorite.

  243. Sharlu Davis Melville

    I personally love Cardinals. We have some in our back yard. And my sister’s name is Mary Peacock so I always have these birds on my radar! Thanks for letting me play!

  244. My favorite bird is the Northern Cardinal which we love to see at our feeders. Do not see them enough since we moved to “town” and out of the countryside.

  245. The wren because they have such a beautiful song

  246. This card is stunning. I remember when you first shared it and I was captured by the beauty. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity with us.

  247. Janie Perkins

    Love the little hummingbirds! We have several varieties here in southern Arizona.

  248. Marie krueger

    My favorite bird is the little wren. They stay around the house and sing all day.

  249. Valerie Okada

    Cardinals – the red male are so beautiful in the winter against the snow & evergreens.

  250. Patricia Heath

    I an a Ohio girl at heart so my favorite bird is the cardinal.

  251. Patricia Heath

    The cardinal, because I am a Ohio girl at heart.

  252. merrylee Vukonich

    Love this set,i raise peacocks

  253. I love Cardinals. They symbolize our loved ones who have passed watching over us. Thanks for the chance to win this bundle
    Stay well!

  254. My favorite birds are those who put so much work into feeding and protecting their young.

  255. Heather Choate

    My favorite bird is the blue bird

  256. Janet S VanLeeuwen

    Red cardinal is probably my favorite. Love your cards, Mary!

  257. My favorite bird is the hummingbird…so small but so powerful and resilient! I get quite a few at my feeders each season. And I love this set! peacocks are so pretty!

  258. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. They are so delicate and sweet.

  259. Donna Shirley

    My fave by far is the hummingbird!

  260. My favorite bird is the snowy owl 🙂

  261. Red headed woodpecker.

  262. It’s a toss up between the hummingbird and the cardinal … I have a pair of cardinals in my yard (until I had to take the feeder down because of a bear) but my hummingbirds love my feeders in Maine!

  263. My favorite bird is the Cardinal. It was also my MIL’s favorite bird and she collected some beautiful items that we now have since she passed. The cardinal is also known for representing celebration, rejuvenation, hope, health, and joy. And if there was ever a time we needed these things, it’s now!

  264. Ronette Krusa

    My favorite bird is the owl. Very amazing birds!

  265. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. Watching them eat at our feeders is always a treat during summertime.

  266. My favorite is the bluebird.

  267. Laurie Arnold

    The Blue Jay is my favorite because it is a splash of color in the winter but mostly because “J” is my youngest son’s nickname, he passed away. Glimpsing the bird brings me joy.

  268. Colleen Daley

    The peacock because of all of its beautiful colors and majestic feathery as it strolls around. Great giveaway I too wish I had ordered before it retiring…but that’s true about so many sets too Thanks for having his generous giveaway

  269. margaret schaefer


    I love to watch all birds so a few of my favorites are Blue Jays, Cardinals and Hummingbirds… the most majestic or course are Peacocks! Love watching your videos!

  270. Diane lindsay

    I’m already getting your blog posts which I love. My favorite bird is the hummingbird.
    Thank you for all your inspiration

  271. Owls are my favorite because they are so graceful and regal. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful bundle!

  272. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. They are so tiny but fearless. I have a lot of hummingbird pictures, plates and figurines in my home. Peacocks are beautiful but very noisy.

  273. Rebecca L Minger

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird. My grandmother’s flower garden was always her prize possession. She took great pains to make sure everything blended well together and attracted the birds and the bees. Her hummingbirds surrounded her front porch and I grew to always be in awe of how small, delicate, and beautiful they are.

  274. Lynn Gajdosik

    The cardinal. A symbol of people in heaven watching over us.

  275. Favorite bird definitely has to be the hummingbird—beautiful and tireless little bundle of energy.

  276. I love chickadees, especially in the winter. Always seem happy to me!

  277. Marianne Rudisel

    My favorite bird is the Peacock.
    I have a number of peacock items in my house.

  278. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. They are so awesome to watch. They eat a ton of food, zip around in the air and yet they are so delicate. I use about 30 pounds of sugar every year feeding these little guys.

  279. AmyLynne Hermanek

    I love this bundle. Thanks for the opportunity.

  280. Quail. We lived in Sun Lakes and fed the sweet little things. They returned daily and brot new babies … miss them . Moved to Texas .. none here and we miss them.


    My favorite bird is the Cardinal.

  282. Sharon Northern

    The royal peacock is aptly named. It is so striking with the color combinations of the papers that it is guaranteed to be the first card noticed. I would love to receive this bundle.

  283. Eastern Bluebirds! So pretty. When I see them, I feel lucky!

  284. Eastern Bluebirds! So pretty.

  285. Jo Beth Horney

    My favorite bird is the robin red breast. I know that spring has arrived when I see a robin building a nest in the red oak tree in my back yard. My heart is thrilled when I see the tiny babies hopping around my backyard garden as they learn to fly. So sweet!

  286. My favorite bird is the hummingbird but we share the desert in AZ over the winter with the quails and love watching the parents with the chicks 🐣.

  287. I love all the birds that hang out at our feeders – it’s hard to pick a favorite! I do love to watch the hummingbirds buzz around all the flowers!

  288. I enjoy seeing the hummingbirds. They are fascinating to watch.

  289. The flamingo is my favorite bird their pink color is gorgeous.

  290. Marianne McGinnis

    Meadowlarks by a landslide! I listened to them every morning when I awoke as a child in southeastern Idaho. And my Mother told me they were saying I was a “pretty-little-girl” in their lovely little song. I believed it! and looked forward to hearing that song all my life 🙂

  291. Hello!!! While if I was a bird I like to think it would be an eagle, I just love hummingbirds! I have 3 feeders and I get to watch them so often!

  292. Christina Y Stark

    This is absolutely a beautiful stamp and diecut set. Good luck to everyone who enters the sweepstakes.

  293. Hummingbird.

  294. Brenda K Hugar

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird. They have always amazed me.

  295. My favorite bird is the peacock. I have always been attracted to a blue/green combo and the fanned plumage creates a beautiful backdrop to a fairly average bird body. And to watch this magnificent bird strut around amazes me!

  296. My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  297. Helen Piaskoski

    I must admit I love the hummingbird! Everything in my summer gardn is geared toward attracting those beautiful tiny birds. Living in Northern Ontario in the summer we don’t get very many, but when we winter in Arizona I have quite a few dancing around my feeders. I could watch them for hours!

  298. My favorite bird is a flamingo love the bright pink color.

    Cardinals are one of my favorites.

  299. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. So beautiful, so fragile looking but oh so strong!!! Love your videos. Watch as much as I can. Thank you for sharing.

  300. Thanks for taking time to do this, very thoughtful.

  301. Mary Lou Glick

    My favorite bird it the meadowlark. When I was growing up in Montana, I could hear them every morning. They have a beautiful sound.

  302. Barbara Wehrle

    My favorite bird is flamingo. I love this stamp.

  303. My favorite bird is a flamingo love the bright pink color.

    My favorite bird is a flamingo love the bright pink color.

  304. Yes! I love the little partridge (Quail). He spreads his tail fethers just like the peacock. This is to attract a female. He also does a stamping type dance! I saw it up close & personal, up north MI, by our cabin. Really something to see. But, in SE MI, at my home, I love the Yellow Finches. My Mom raised canaries. They remind me of those sweet days & they are such vibrant beauties!!

  305. Rita Greulich Berning

    My favorite bird is the cardinal, but what a beautiful card the peacock makes!

  306. Jeannie Chytil

    Hi Mary! I love the peregrine falcon! The way they soar so gracefully, yet are savage hunters!

  307. It’s a toss-up between the red headed woodpecker and the Eastern bluebird. For years we were fortunate to have a pair of bluebirds return to the house my husband built for them to raise their young. We also had the woodpecker build in our elm tree. Thanks for the opportunity to win a stamp set that I do not have.

  308. Bluejays and hummingbirds are two of my favorite birds.

  309. My favorite bird is the Cardinal.

  310. Lucille Walla

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  311. Sheila Klimas

    my favorite bird is the oriole…might not have said that before…but we have a pair in our yard this year…first time ever…and lots of other new to us birds..thanks for your inspiration…you really get me psyched up to stamp…

  312. I love the hummingbirds. We have a feeder outside our kitchen window and have 8 birds feeding every day. They are so fun to watch. Thanks for the chance to win.

  313. Constance Baxter

    My favorite bird up here in the north is the cardinal. In the summer one of the last birds for a night time snack at the feeders and in the winter a beautiful contrast to the fresh fallen snow.

  314. This is a beautiful set. Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  315. Hummingbird, then , blue jays , but really I LOVE ALL BIRDS, BUT THE PEACOCKS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, CANT BEAT THAT BEAUTY 🦜🕊♥️
    Thanks for a chance to win, MsMary ♥️
    Hugs Frenchie

  316. I enjoy watching all kinds of birds. I especially enjoy hummingbirds with their flash of color. I would love to see a quail in real life however. Thanks for this chance to win this gorgeous bundle.

  317. Tracey Acampora

    I love the flamingo!

  318. the cardinal is popular here in the north east! looks great against the snow in spring!

  319. Linda L LEIGH

    My favorite bird is the eagle. Thanks Mary

  320. Scott LaRochelle

    This would be a wonderful design to receive. Being unemployed is giving me time to begin making cards in a new fashion, but limits the ability to purchase all these incredible pieces.

  321. Karen Andrews

    Mary, thanks for this awesome/generous blog candy.
    My 2 favorites are the Cardinal and the Flamigo. The “red birds” have such a distinct voice. I could listen to them sing all day.
    The Flamigo signifies for me, summer, beachy times and makes for great decorations when scattered around the home. I also love flamingos on clothing. I am lucky to own a jean jacket with a flamingo on the back.

  322. Orioles when I lived in Wisconsin. Thanks for all your card tips

  323. I love Cardinals, but enjoy the activity of hummingbirds

  324. Virginia Robie

    Very pretty card. I’m enjoying watching the bright flaming -orange Orioles eat grape jelly at my feaders this summer.

  325. Karen S Suchy

    You are very generous! My favorite bird is the eagle – so majestic.

  326. Marlys Nelson

    I really love all birds! But my favorite is the little brown wren. For such a small bird it has such a loud “voice”!! It’s a cool bird!

  327. Paula Stramel

    Favorite bird is cardinal. They are all over my backyard. Loved the stamp & die for that. Made over 75 cards using it for xmas last year.

  328. My favorite bird has always been a cardinal. After losing my mom last year, I think of her checking in on me every time I see one perched nearby! 😍

  329. My favorite bird is the Cardinal! Living in St Louis it holds a lot of meaning, baseball and first signs of Spring.

  330. I forgot to tell you, my favorite bird is the cardinal.

  331. What a beautiful bundle, thanks for the chance to win.

  332. Nancy Rathbun

    My favorite is a hummingbird…there are so many varieties with vibrant colors.

  333. Carey T Rogers

    Simple, the cardinal. I’m from St. Louis and the Cardinals are our baseball team. Also we have so many beautiful cardinals around here in the winter that really stand out in the snow.

  334. I love all birds for their beautiful plumage and pretty songs. The first time I saw a Northern Flicker up close was thrilling. So beautiful. The Bald Eagle is a close second.

  335. Without a doubt, my favorite is the hummingbird. We have two feeders in our yard. I will never get tired of watching them!

  336. Laurie Balousek

    My favorite bird is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak

  337. I have been seeing a lot of Blue Jays this year so they are my favorite now. But I really like Humming Birds

  338. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. It still reminds me of a special moment with my daughter. She was about 3 years old at the time and looked out the window and exclaimed the “HONEYBIRD” was here!

  339. Suzanne Simoneau

    My favorite bird is the cardinal.

  340. My favorite bird is a Cardinal, though I love all birds! I watch them as they come to my bird feeders and bird baths.

  341. Susan Simmons

    Very beautiful. Would love to add to my stash. 🥰

  342. Michelle Johnson

    I love cardinals. Story has it that when you get visited by one, they are your loved ones who have passed. This spring/summer, I’ve been working at home out of our sunroom. We have a pair of cardinals every morning that visit and I like to believe it is my parents – my mom passed away just over a year ago and my dad 6 years ago. Brings a smile to me everytime I see them!

  343. Gladys Caldwell

    Oh I love that peacock set. So sad that it retired. Loved the colors. Thx for sharing. Adios glad

  344. Christy Stanford

    Have you ever seen a picture called “The Bluebird of Happiness” and it is the grumpiest-looking bird in the world? He makes me laugh every time I see that picture…I think I even have a cross stitch pattern of it!

  345. I love the cooing of the mourning dove. Reminds me of waking up at my grandma’s house.

  346. Jennifer Fontanella

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird. I started a flower garden three years ago and now I have loads of hummingbirds! Working from home now, I get to watch Them every day and I love sitting in my garden while the fly all around.

  347. My favorite bird is the Blue bird

  348. Swallows are special in California. When they return each spring, I am reminded of the rhythms of life, reliability, and hope.

  349. There is something special about hearing the morning doves in the morning. It warms the soul.

  350. My favorite bird is the hummingbird! They provide countless hours of entertainment in our backyard each summer, where they return to visit our feeder. We appreciate them now more than ever, since we are mostly staying home due to the pandemic.

  351. Debbie Thomas

    Living in Michigan for many years I saw so many Cardinals. Now living in Central Florida I occasionally see Cardinals which is a real treat.

  352. Kristen Pickwick

    I love owls. We live with a wooded backyard in the NE and can hear them at night hooting and moving thru the woods. We’ve also found a few owl pellets at the edge of the yard. So fascinating!

  353. I enjoy listening to the Loons and Chickadees when I am visiting my in laws who live on a lake in Northern Wisconsin.

  354. The American Bald Eagle. Beautiful, strong and the National emblem of the United States. The heart beats faster when you see this bird in flight!

  355. Lorelei Mayer

    I love owls! I’ve been collecting them since I was in high school.

  356. Kate Stockman

    Cardinals are my favorite. I love watching them–so pretty!

  357. Love, Love, Love the beautiful Flamingo🦩

  358. Cardinals are my favorite. I love watching them–so pretty!

  359. There are so many beautiful birds, it’s hard to pick just one. I will say a painted bunting, which I have seen in the wild one time. It has an array of beautifully-colored feathers.

  360. Irene D tetreault

    I think it would be a cardinal because of it’s bright color….But I also appreciate a robin because it is the sign that Spring has arrived!

  361. Beverly Snyder

    Red cardinals…

  362. Great blue heron; we have one that fishes on our point often.

  363. angela rainey

    I love the cardinals and the blue birds

  364. Mary Beth Ayers

    One of my favorite birds is the male red cardinal. They are just so beautiful. Some say that cardinals represent loved ones who have passed and when you see a cardinal, it means your dearly departed is visiting you and they usually show up when you need them most or when you are missing them.

  365. Julie Garbisch

    My favorite bird is the cardinal — they’re so pretty and loyal to their mates 🙂

  366. My favorite bird is the eagle. We have a family here at the lake and love to see them!

  367. Billie Casebolt

    My favorite is the hummingbird! Beautiful, fast and tiny!!!

  368. My favorite bird is the Flamingo.🦩

  369. MaryLou Moroski

    My favorite bird is a “Loon” they are such a treat to see.

  370. Hands down, the hummingbird is my favorite to watch. The are beautiful.

  371. Susan Barclay

    I love eagles! We don’t see too many here in ND, but when I do see one, it’s a treat!

  372. Mine is the hummingbird – so fun to watch them.


    Carolina Blue Bird is my favorite because the color blue is brilliant!

  374. My favorite bird is a Parakeet! I grew up with many & they can be very comical 😊 Thank you for your inspiration to the SU community!

  375. My favorite bird is the blue parakeet! I had one as a pet. he lived for 15 years!

  376. Melissa Sibert

    I love bluebirds. So pretty.

  377. Roberta Wagoner

    My favorite bird is a LOON. My father was an amazing wood carver and he chose the loon many times for his clientele for there contrasting stark black and white colors and a remembrance of there beautifully eerie sounds they sing on the lake in the quiet of the morning and evening.

  378. Marlane Calkins

    I really favor several birds i.e. eagle, hummingbird, owl, swans, but I do favor the owl more, then the eagle.

  379. Patricia Allison

    I love the sound of morning doves in my neighborhood. Second to that is the sparrows, because Jesus said we were so much more valuable than these.

  380. American Goldfinch is my favorite. Love their song and their bright yellow color. Love your blog. 😀

  381. I love all the birds they are amazing. But the peacock is my fave because it’s so beautiful with that tail of incredible colors. Would really love to make some cards with this bundle.

  382. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about a favorite bird, hmmmm, but I’ve always enjoyed Flamingos. They are pink, my favorite color and fun to watch their one legged stand, tropical, which is festive, so I guess that’s my favorite bird. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

  383. Linda Johnson


  384. My favorite bird is the hummingbird! We have at least 8 everyday visiting our feeders & they are so interesting !!

  385. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. Their return in the spring is uplifting and they bring such joy.

  386. Hummingbirds are my favorite bird.

  387. Maryellen Webber

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird. We have a feeder and I really enjoy watching these amazing little birds drink the nectar. Thanks for the chance to win this Royal Peacock giveaway!

  388. Love those little hummingbirds.

  389. Wrenn Reynolds

    My favorite bird is a wren! All the children in my family are named after birds, Robin, Wrenn, Jay, and Lark. Newborns reminded my parents of baby birds hence the names!

  390. Dawnn Suchocki

    I love to see hummingbirds.

  391. My favorite bird is the Cardinal! I just love their pretty coloring and the fact that when you see a Cardinal it means a loved one who has passes away is near by just makes them a very special bird to me.

  392. My favorite bird is the Blue Bird; we have quite a few of them here in Northern VA and I watch them each and every day. Gorgeous colors! Thanks for this opportunity, I appreciate it greatly!

  393. Anne-Marie Main

    My favorite bird is a Cardinal…so pretty.

  394. Barbara Martin

    My favorite bird is the Blue Tit (European bird). Adorable little guy.

  395. That is hard! If I must choose, my favorite would be the cardinal. My mom has spoiled a pair – they chirp for crushed peanuts every day.

  396. Georgia Gallman

    I love the red-winged blackbird for the beautiful song they sing.

  397. My favorite bird is the cardinal. I have one that visits my feeder. I’ve heard it’s a loved one visiting—-I like to think it’s my husband checking on me. ❤️

  398. Brenda rivera

    My favorit bird peacock
    Thanks for this opportunity to win this beautiful set

  399. My favorite bird is the eagle. It is beautiful, regal and it is our National Bird…it stands for Freedom. When I visualize the eagle I also visualize the red, white and blue (the flag)!

  400. Hummingbird love how they flutter.

  401. My favorite bird is the cardinal. I love the red color and I always know when they are in our yard because of their distinctive chirping.

  402. This is difficult for me. I like a lot of different birds. I have a parrot and a cockatiel also. If I had to pick one, I think it would be an owl. Flight is silent, and they are very majestic looking. (hummingbird, peacock and eagle would come in next equally)/

  403. My favorite bird is the Cardinal. I love their beautiful red color.

  404. My favorite bird is the Blue Jay. As a little girl I remember watching the bird feeder outside my grandmother’s kitchen window. She would always comment on the beauty and attitude of those “darn Blue Jays”. They bring “warm fuzzies”.

  405. Cardinals, just love their bright red color.

  406. I’m going to have to say the Red Cardinal it’s a Sentimental thing The neighborhood I used to live in at the time, had lots of Cardinals
    And also the street I lived on was call Cardinal Lane so there you go, that’s my story.📍

  407. My favorite is the rose=breasted grosbeak. It is the bird that made a bird-watcher out of me!

  408. Joyce Lutterbie

    I think peacocks are beautiful! One year my son gave me a life-size peacock decorated with feathers and glitter and it lit up. The grandkids loved it so we put it out every Christmas and then found glitter until Easter!

  409. Aurea Camacho

    My favorite bird I’d the hummingbird.

  410. I love to watch hawks floating in the sky. But hummingbirds are also amazing. It’s hard to choose!

  411. I love to watch the cardinals in my back yard

  412. I love the large variety of birds who come to our feeders daily. I particularly enjoy watching nuthatches moving upside down along the tree trunks.

  413. Deborah Erlinger

    My favorite is the hummingbird, i had to order some dsp paper with humming birds on it to make my sister-in-law her birthday card. They are an amazing bird to watch.


    My favorite bird is the blue heron. I see them every morning by the lake.

  415. My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

  416. Mary Schreiber

    The eagle is a favorite bird of mine!

  417. I love peacocks. So beautiful. I would love the peacock bundle. Thanks for sharing all your card ideas daily.

  418. Judy Ernst-Hopp

    Good Morning Mary, My favorite bird is the Eastern Towhee. They are so pretty and I love their little dance. Although they are present year round, they seem to be more visible in the winter. They are quite striking with colors of red rust, black and white. I don’t know if you see them. Thanks for the opportunity of winning the Royal Peacock Bundle. I did not get this bundle, only the paper. Happy Stamping.

  419. My fav – the tiny hummingbirds love watching them flit from flower to flower!

  420. Susan Van Dyk

    Eagle. It’s not only an emblem for the bank that I work for but also a very magestic bird in flight.

  421. Melissa Spink

    Hummingbirds weigh less than a penny and come in many colors. They are my favorite to watch and stamp! Peacocks colors are beautiful also.

  422. Phyllis Werner

    I would have to choose the Cardinal. They make me smile when they come visit in my backyard.

  423. My favorite bird is the male Cardinal.

  424. We have a bird house that attracts Purple Martins. It’s great fun watching them bring in material each spring to make their nests as they prepare for their families.

  425. LeAnne Pugliese

    What a nice gesture! I have a friend who would love this bundle! I will give it to her if I win! And my favorite bird is the Baltimore oriole!

  426. Nancy Farrell

    Ha. Ha. Ha. My favorite bird is a Blue Bird, but I have heard they are very nasty. Their size and shades of blue color make them beautiful to look at.
    Have a blessed day.

  427. Christine Lazarides

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird

  428. My favorite bird is the Robin.

  429. Gael Grissett

    My favorite bird is the blue bird.

    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful bundle.

  430. It’s very hard to choose. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to birds. I look back through and it’s so colorful. There is the majestic eagle, (our nations bird) the glorious peacock, the tiny hummingbird, the loon and it’s beautiful call, the colorful parrot, the wise owl, the elegant swan, the fierce hawk, and the happy little chickadee. I love them all!!

  431. Your cards are always so classy. My favorite bird is the Cardinal. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  432. Hi Mary,
    Mine are owls I absolutely love them! This set is beautiful thank you for giving us a chance to win it. This will make some gorgeous cards 🙂

  433. My favorite bird is the sweet little hummingbir!

  434. Red headed woodpecker is my favorite bird

  435. Suzanne Patt Cullen

    The cardinal has become my favorite bird for spiritual reasons as well as my love of its singing and vibrate color of the male. Living in SW Florida, there are lots of birds to love, but the cardinal remains at the top of the list😉 Thank you, Mary!

  436. Wanda Bennett

    My favorite birds are hummingbirds. I love watching them flit around in our backyard. My grandmother, who lived on a farm, had a couple of peacocks. Their feathers were beautiful, but their sound was so loud! So many memories! Thanks for the opportunity. Wanda Bennett

  437. Karen Cummings

    I Love the Peacock! Beautiful card.

  438. Kathaleeen De Salles


  439. Marilyn Ammons

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird..

  440. Mary Jo Miedema

    I love all birds and feed many throughout the years. This year I had a pair of Orioles and enjoyed watching them eat oranges and grape jelly. But the Cardinal is my all-time favorite bird!

  441. the peacock and the colors that it represents are the reason that I love this. I wish I would have ordered before it retired 🙁

  442. I like the little black-cap chick-a-dees. They’re so small and we only see them in the winter time.

  443. My favorite bird is the hummingbird, with the quail coming in as a close second. I just love watching the baby quail, they are so cute.

    • My absolute favorite is the hummingbird! We have two feeders outside our living room window and these delightful birds provide us with much entertainment! Thanks for a chance to win this gorgeous set!

  444. My favorite bird is the red cardinal. I love hummingbirds too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  445. Lee R. Hodgins

    What a gorgeous card, Mary! My favorite bird is the Cardinal a close second is the Baltimore Oriole.

  446. Peggy Mitchell

    I would have to say my favorite bird would be the peacock. Dad had a pair for many years.

  447. This is a beautiful set it can be as elegant as you want.

  448. My favorite bird is a flamingo. I love the bright pink color of the bird as well as how graceful they look.

    • I love the colors of the various birds but the peacock when it fans it’s feathers is beautiful.

  449. Mine is the Hummingbird! Tiny but beautiful.

  450. Erica Forland

    Red Cardinal… I have a nest of them in one of my front yard trees.

  451. I love all birds but I must say the peacock is the most beautiful!

  452. My favorite bird is the hummingbird.

    • Pat McLaughlin

      My favorite bird is the Morning Dove. Love their cooing!

      • My favourite bird is the PEACOCK actually and here’s why…
        One of my favourite artists is Johnny Reid and he has a song that he nicknamed The Peacock Song. On stage he a peacock mascot and he says move to the left, move to the right… He also call me “Peacock” when he sees me because of the pink, blue and purple in my hair…

        • Cheryl L Ruddell

          I love Robins. I replied earlier but I don’t know if it sent since my computer restarted.

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