Discounted Retiring Products! My Easy-to-Read Lists!

Don’t miss these SMOKIN’ HOT DEALS (listed below) on SELECT DISCOUNTED retiring Stampin’ Up! products.  You can click on the EASY TO READ LISTS below to see ALL retiring products by catalog.  Retiring products are only available while supplies last. 


Sale: $21.60

Price: $27.00

Sale: $5.60

Price: $8.00

Sale: $13.60

Price: $34.00

Sale: $15.00

Price: $25.00

Sale: $8.40

Price: $21.00

Sale: $10.80

Price: $18.00

Sale: $18.90

Price: $27.00

If you want to shop all retiring products, not just discounted, click here or the graphic below.
Click to Shop Purse
Deep Discounts on Stampin' Up! Clearance

Sale: $9.00

Price: $15.00


  1. Michelle in Virginia

    YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much Mary. : )

  2. Thanks, Mary, for the improved lists. Really appreciate it. I was struggling, even with a full page magnifier, to read the original lists. You should have heard the “Hooray!!!” I gave out when I opened your email notice. Thanks again.

  3. Deborah Buchanan

    Thank you so much, I printed the original and couldn’t read it well with a magnifying glass.

  4. Bless YOU Mary!
    I’m so techless! Forwarding your great lists to all my ladies! Thanks so very much for helping us lost souls.

  5. Thank you, Mary, for all your hard work in making this list readable and usable. It is ridiculous to make this information available in the form that it was in. As in other cases, there also is always something missing.
    I see that you have made the item numbers available with the other information. I printed out the original list and finally gave up trying to read it. Again, thank you for your help.

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