Stampin’ Pretty Poll – Which Stampin’ Up! Pink is Your Favorite?

Stampin' Pretty Poll(Today’s Stampin’ Pretty Poll asks YOU to choose which Stampin’ Up! Pink is your favorite.  Please make your selection at the poll below and click on the “vote” button!  You’ll see the totals once you vote.  The deadline for voting is Thursday, March 26 at 12:00 p.m. Mountain.  The poll will be closed at that time.

Favorite Stampin' Up! Pink


I’ll share the results of the poll on Saturday, March 28, with a project using the winner!

If you are viewing this post by email, please click here (or click the title of the email) to reach my blog and vote.  You cannot vote directly from the email.

Which Stampin' Up! Pink is Your Favorite?


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  1. Flirty Flamingo has my vote today! Cha-cha-cha.

  2. Melon Mambo is my favorite. 🙂 Marcee

  3. I clicked on the click here link that is up above. It took me to the poll but there is no vote button. Looks like the vote is over. My fave is melon mambo or lovely lipstick. Love their bold color!

  4. Jeanne Draughon

    Rococo Rose and Melon Mambo

  5. As usual, this reminds me of someone asking “who is your favorite child”? I LOVE all the pinks and most colors. This is always difficult for me you would think I was trying to pick out a car, lol. Thanks for the fun and have a great day.

  6. I don’t see the “VOTE” button but my favorite is Blushing Bride

  7. Jane Trafton Winch

    Melon Mambo is my favorite SU pink. Such a bright, happy color.

  8. Sue Mac Donald

    I LOVE petal pink (that’s available now) for flesh; even though colors change flesh tones alter, but we need a color of pink for flesh; my favourite color is lovely lipstick that’s on its way out.

  9. Blushing Bride is used the most often here … but Petal Pink and Melon Mambo are terrific too.

    I don’t think I have used Flirty Flamingo or Rococo Rose at all so I guess they are low on my list.

  10. Love all the card projects I have been seeing on your site since I signed up a few weeks ago. I need to ask you if you sell and ship to Canada? Thank-you. Sandra

  11. Donata Pfisterer

    Since Lovely Lipstick is to me closer to red and I love red a lot I had to for it. I use blushing bride for light pink a lot.

  12. Charlene Frietchen

    If you want something Light Pink it would Flirty Flamingo, but my favorite is Melon Mambo.

  13. To me, Petal Pink isn’t really pink – it’s coral! I love the all rest of them, but Blushing Bride is the only true pink!
    P.S. I couldn’t figure out how to vote either.

  14. I like Flirty Flamingo. It is soft but still has pizzazz for an impact on my cards.

  15. I am electronically challenged. Be in 83 years old so I just mosey along open I’m doing the right thing.

    I am electronically challenged. Be in 83 years old so I just mosey along open I’m doing the right thing.

  16. Marilyn Wuttke

    I chose Flirty Flamingo because I wasn’t able to chose Pretty in Pink. I’m a real hoarder when it comes to anything in that color. Flirty Flamingo does run a close second. Mary, stay safe. Hopefully this will all be over soon.

  17. Virginia E Seward

    Can’t believe how many chose the darker colors. When it comes to pink, blushing bride is the closest to what I think of according to the crayons I learned to color with. I suppose some would go with darker because they had brightness to a project. But when I think pink it is pink carnations. Ever heard the song? A White Sports Coat? Have a blessed day and keep sending the inspiration:)

  18. Blushing Bride… It calms me!

  19. Flirty Flamingo! Fun color, fun name!!

  20. Blushing Bride gets my vote….although I love them all.

  21. I voted for rococo rose as my favorite pink but they have yet to come up with one as pretty as pretty in pink

  22. I love ALL pinks, but Melon Mambo gets the most attention. Even the name gets me dancin’!

  23. I like all the pinks, but Rococco Rose is my favorite.

  24. I think the color depends on what you are using it for. I like the melon mambo because it jumps out at me. It catches my eye right away.

  25. Tough question. My choice is Melon Mambo but I do like Rococo Rose and Lovely Lipstick. But I admit the softer pinks are needed as well.

  26. I still like Pretty in Pink, but Melon Mambo is my go-to favorite.

  27. It wouldn’t let me vote so I vote for rococo rose. I just made my sister a birthday using that color. It’s just spells spring.

    • Hi Mary,

      Please CLICK HERE to view the post and cast your vote.

      You cannot vote from the email itself, you need to view the actual post to generate the “Vote” button.

  28. Lovely Lipstick is my favorite, The soon to retire colors are my favorite of all time. Hope they use them the next time they revamp the colors!

  29. I love blushing bride pink

  30. Flirty Flamingo

  31. Anna F Lapping

    It was a tough choice between Melon Mambo and Lovely Lipstick – I prefer bright colors – but I finally went with Lovely Lipstick.

  32. Hands down……My FAVORITE Stampin’ UP! is Melon Mambo. Just adore this pink!!!

  33. Denise Streitman

    For years & years Rococco Rose was everywhere in my life, bathroom counter tops, my Pontiac station-wagon, some clothes. Glad to see it and have it among my fav supplies. Thx Stampin Up!

  34. I may be tech challenged, but I couldn’t find a vote button! I do vote for Rococo Rose as I prefer a deeper pink color.

    • Hi Anne,

      Please CLICK HERE to view the post and cast your vote.

      You cannot vote from the email itself, you need to view the actual post to generate the “Vote” button.

  35. I miss Pretty in Pink!

  36. Sandy L Bowles

    Good mornning, Not an expert since I’m not a pink person but I believe Blushing Bride is the only true pink. Thank you, for all that you share.

  37. Maria A Rodriguez

    Melon Mambo has been my favorite since it was introduced, I forget when but, it’s part of my original SU marker set, I haven’t bought any new SU markers and, believe it or not, they are still working fine.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  38. Michelle Quinno

    I love Flirty Flamingo! I’ve also been drawn to Petal Pink recently.

  39. Melon Mambo because it is so bright and cheery!!

  40. Good Morning People!! Thank you for being you and sharing your ideas! I really appreciate you! Mary, your challenges are challenging! Have a blessed day and share a smile, kind word, or just something thoughtful in this upset world. Maybe that is you that needs a lift. is so I will pray that someone touches yours. Thank you Mary!

  41. It was hard since I like flirty flamingo and melon mambo! But I think I use the flamingo one a tinge more

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