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Blog Candy Anniversary Giveaway! 17 on the 17th!

17 Time for Tags - BLOG CANDY(2)

Monday, Feb. 17, is my wedding anniversary!  I have been married to my sweet husband, Scott, for 31 years!  To celebrate, I’m giving away 17 Time for Tags Stampin’ Rewards Exclusive stamp sets with 17 winners to be announced on the 17th.

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win one of my 17 Time for Tags Blog Candy Giveaways, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing:  How do you think Scott and I should celebrate our anniversary (G-rated, please)?

The deadline for blog candy comments is Monday, February 17, 2020, at 10 AM Mountain Time. I’ll choose 17 random comments and announce the 17 winners Monday, February 17, 2020 on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and U.S. mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

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531 thoughts on “Blog Candy Anniversary Giveaway! 17 on the 17th!”

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Just spend time together and do what you two love to do! Just being together is what matters!

  2. I think a romantic week-end getaway is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding anniversary milestone!

  3. You should do something you did when you first started dating. My parents just had their 65th anniversary, Feb 13th – and a grand daughter suggested that idea. My mom said – we went somewhere and had coke floats. The whole family is gathering this weekend for their celebration and we are having coke floats!

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Just as you have shared your life together, just sharing time with dinner or a special movie! What we have is just this! Take advantage of your wonderful time together! Precious moments!!

  5. Hi Mary
    Just love your constant inspiration. And the simple beauty of your cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Begin your day with breakfast in bed with lattes, scones and chocolate dipped strawberries. Then off for a romantic weekend where you spent your honeymoon.
    If that’s not possible, then a five star resort.
    When you return home your daughter will be there with lots of your friends and you’ll finish your celebration with dinner and great conversation.

  7. 1st Happy Anniversary its always good to hear long standing “love”…Here is an idea off mine & my husbands (35 years married) bucket list items we just checked off…a overnight bed & breakfast. Have an Amazing day at whatever you both do!

  8. Happy Anniversary Mary! Hope your day is blessed from sunrise to sunset! Whatever you do today may it include letting each other know what you cherish most in the other!

  9. You live in the very beautiful state of Arizona. I would take a little trip to Sedona. I would stay in a nice hotel for a couple of days. While there, I would be sure to take a picnic in this sweet little park Then I would take a little hike along the creek that is there. It is breathtakingly beautiful and so peaceful.

  10. Congratulations and happy anniversary! We’ve been married 45 years and just enjoy being together. I would suggest doing some fun activity in nature that you both enjoy, like a hike in the mts.

  11. Happy Anniversary. I will be celebrating my 33rd Anniversary in July. It must be true, Real Love Stories don’t have an ending. This would be a great addition to my card crafting supplies.

    Enjoy your day and wishing you many more wonderful years ahead

  12. Happy Anniversary! Take a drive— Arizona is beautiful! My son went to college there so I was there several times and really loved it!

  13. Sometimes it’s the little things that add sweetness to a celebration and as my husband and I prepare to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, I have been saving pictures of each anniversary that I have, to create an album with thoughts and quotes to give him. I think simple is the route to go….recreating some of the special moments or memories from the last 31 years would be a great start. After that kind of time…it would be at least 31 days of celebration with each day a date or a small treat or gift, a social meal, something that says you’re my best friend, my love, my ❤️!

  14. You live in a very beautiful state. I would take a little trip to Sedona. Stay a couple of days. You can take a picnic at a sweet little park there and take a hike along a lovely creek. The area is breathtakingly beautiful, as I’m sure you know. Congratulations!

  15. Hi Mary, I live in Australia, so can’t purchase from you, but do follow your blog and lovely creations! I just wanted to wish you and your husband a wonderful anniversary – they are such special days, and so worth celebrating! Wishing you both the very best for the future.

  16. Congratulations on 31! You should go back to where he proposed to you or maybe re-enact that day/evening. Just be together.

  17. Happy Anniversary and congratulations ~ not many stay married for 3 decades and counting. Since you’re into your 3rd decade together as a married couple you could talk about significant events from each of the 3 decades and what you hope for as a couple for the next 9 years at the end of the 4th decade. Perhaps a nice bottle of wine could be involved as well and a fire in the fireplace, if you have one…in any case seek joy.

  18. I am a Stampin Up nut and I own a lot of the stamps and love to make and use new products!

  19. I think you should take a trip down memory lane and have a date like your very first date! Happy Anniversary!

  20. If expense is not an issue, I would say to start your day with a hot air balloon ride to see the sunrise. Enjoy a hike with a picnic lunch followed by a couples massage . Then have an early quiet dinner(happy hour at your favorite place) and end your evening with coffee with Baileys by the fire place.

  21. A long hug and “I love you” go farther and mean more than fancy dates and grand gestures in my book. So go simple and be thankful. ♥️

  22. I think you and Scott should go camping at Patagonia State Park. It’s close, beautiful, and you can get some ideas for new cards. Enjoy your day and congratulations!

  23. I think a nice dinner at home is a lovely idea! There’s no place like home.

  24. I lost my husband a year ago last January. I would enjoy having one more evening just sitting in our home and watching a movie we both enjoy! While eating a banana split!

  25. Watch a beautiful sunrise and sunset together. In between that, enjoy your special day doing the things that truly make you happy. CONGRATULATIONS!

  26. Congratulations on 31 years of marriage!! The best way to celebrate is to just stay home and relax! Surrounded by your family of course!

  27. Happy 31st anniversary! Share the evening by enjoying 31 chocolate covered strawberries together, along with a sparkling glass of champagne (alcoholic or not, your choice). No matter what, just enjoy the evening.

  28. I think a get away for the weekend somewhere you can put your toes in the sand

  29. Sitting on a patio watching the sunset drinking a glass of wine is always my favorite here in Green Valley, AZ.

    But a nice romantic restaurant is always a good choice ! I think you should try, 47 Scott restaurant (if you haven’t already) sounds very romantic with fresh flowers, candles.
    Congrasts on the Anniversary ?

  30. Aww..Happy Anniversary Mary & Scott! 31 years! That’s fantastic! Since you live in Tucson, you already have amazing sunrises and sunsets. There’s nothing more romantic than relaxing with each other on your beautiful patio, a steak on the grill, with your favorite guy and your favorite glass of wine. Maybe some chocolate covered strawberries for desert and dancing with each other privately on your moonlit patio.
    Congratulations on 31 beautiful years! May God continue to bless you for many, many more. Hugs to you both!

  31. Spend time together doing things you like to do together. Talk about the blessings that have come from your marriage, reflect on the bumps you have both endured and made it through, maybe even laughed about it… Take time to remind each other how much they mean to you, Stay in, order in, and hold each other knowing that Love never fails !!!! Happy anniversary …. Enjoy…

  32. A real concert or play in a theatre; there’s something about attending a real event instead of a movie or sitting in front of a TV.

  33. Enjoy a favorite meal at your favorite restaurant with your favorite person. Congratulations your 31st wedding anniversary Mary and Scott!

  34. Happy Anniversary to you both! A fun idea is to write 31 things you love about each other and share the lists over a fun dinner!

  35. OMG, what ever you do don’t spend it reading the gazillion incredible ideas you’ve received! ! LOL Enjoy each other’s Company as 31 years together is a wonderful accomplishment; especially in this day and age! Congrats Scott & Mary!

  36. Happy Anniversary! Just do what you want to do, together. Congratulations on 31 years and may you have many more.

  37. Happy 31st Anniversary! Treat yourselves to a special weekend at a local “upscale” hotel. Pamper yourselves at the spa; enjoy a delicious meal and your favorite bottle of wine; take an evening stroll; snuggle up to a warm fire and share your treasured memories over these past 31 years! Top it all off with a promise to do one of your “bucket list” trip wishes together before your next anniversary! Congratulations to you both!

  38. Not just on your anniversary; but every day find time to be together. Not to vent or anything like that. That’s easy to do. Hard part is to be quiet & enjoy , for a few moments, a smile, a touch ,a smell, I am glad we are here together look.

  39. Happy anniversary! Since it comes on a Monday and those are notoriously busy, rushed, annoying—how about ordering take out from your favorite eatery, an ice cream cake, eat at home in your comfortable attire and relax, reminisce on past anniversaries and things/places you’ve gone/people you’ve met. Enjoy! You deserve it.

  40. I think both of you should do something the other likes to do. So if he likes to go fishing and you don’t, just go along for the ride and enjoy each other. If you like to shop the antiques stores, he should come along too.

  41. I think since its a mile stone I would do something special as in a cruise. Relax, get massages and do a few excursions. Enjoy special dinners and some dancing. So much to do on a cruise OR you can always stay in your ROOM 😉 😉 NO details there!! 😉

  42. Hello Mary happy Anniversary to you and Scott I think you should celebrate your anniversary by going to Australia ?? and give your time to help to feed the hurts homeless kola bears ? and kangaroos ?do something nice stead of doing something for yourself people this days are very selfish and they think only about there needs and after 31 years I don’t think there is nothing you haven’t done so think how rewarding and beautiful experience this would be to have with the love in your life .

  43. For 31 years, simply spend time together. Reminisce about your special times, your challenging times and the love you have shared over time! Happy Anniversary!

  44. Happy Anniversary!
    Enjoy the simple things, think back in time when you first met, how your love has grown over the years and go revisit one of your favorite places close to home. There is nothing better than Love and Family.

  45. I think a nice dinner out and a movie would be nice. It is so nice to hear of couples celebrating that many years. What ever you do have fun.

  46. happy anniversary! Hope you have a great celebration planned. Thanks for the chance to win the stamp set!

  47. I suggest that since you have already had a special valentine’s dinner out, that the next best thing would be to have a dinner by candlelight at home – catered preferably – and then enjoy some good old romantic movies like Camelot or any other romantic movie you might have not seen in a long time.

  48. How about giving each other a list of 17 reasons why you live each other!
    Happy Anniversary!

  49. Congratulations! I think a getaway trip together would be a fun way to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, even a day trip would be fun. Just a way to make special memories together.

  50. Happy Anniversary MARY! A “ local” weekend getaway or how about a wine tasting tour – if you like that kind of thing?. Maybe a night out to a local theater or music event followed by an enjoyable dinner. So many possibilities- as long as you are together and doing what you enjoy!

  51. During dinner, you should see if you can remember how and where you’ve celebrated every other anniversary!

  52. Happy Anniversary! I think you and Scott should go for a long walk somewhere scenic during the day, and have dinner at a special restaurant followed by dessert at home.

  53. Happy Anniversary! I would look back at what was going on in the world when you first married and take a minute to appreciate all you have been through together. Have your wedding cake top recreated. Congratulations to you both!

  54. The two of you should take some time for yourselves. Do what you both enjoy, whether it’s a day at home or a day trip to somewhere special. Enjoy a favorite meal and celebrate your 31 years together! Congratulations!!

  55. I think you two should spend it together with a candle-lit dinner or doing something you both would like to do together like a special vacation to a place you always wanted to visit or a cruise. Happy Anniversary! <3 <3

  56. I think you should have a nice dinner somewhere cozy, then take a walk, drive, etc. and just be together. No matter what you end up doing, just being together is what is important.

  57. Congratulations on 31 years of marriage! That is special!! Whether you dine in or out over a favorite meal, spending intimate time together is time to treasure.

  58. There are as many ways to celebrate as there are people in the world! And together goes without saying. I am an old maid, and so, know nothing about couple celebrating at all; however today the 16th of February is the anniversary of friends of mine, and every year he takes her on a surprise “honeymoon”! He tells her how to pack, warm or cold, and takes her somewhere where they know no one else in the world; so they can be “alone together”. Happy anniversary!!!!

  59. How about re-creating your first date or the day you were engaged? As long as you both feel the “something” that told you “this is the one” the day will be great.

  60. Congratulations! You should do something you both love to do together. Just to be together is the best! And have 31 more years of happiness.

  61. Go to the club for a drink and light hor d’oeuvres with friends who want to celebrate your day. Then head to Vivace for an amazing dinner, just the two of you. After dinner go home, fix a beverage, sit on the lounge chairs and relax as you take in the view around you. Whatever you, do remember why you are celebrating this day, how far you have come since the day you were married, your united strength through the good/bad times and how blessed you are to still have one another to say “I love you” to. ❤️

  62. Happy Anniversary! A nice dinner and a stroll to an ice cream shop, then home to watch a good movie.

  63. Happy almost Anniversary! I think if you haven’t already that you should go back to your very first date or where he proposed. You could revisit your honeymoon days.

  64. You should celebrate your anniversary by doing something you’ve both always wanted to do but never gotten around to.

  65. A nice dinner where you can put your phones down and focus on each other is always a good option. Whatever you decide to do make it memorable because 31 years is quite a respectable number!

  66. Congratulations. I think it is important how you celebrate, but what you are celebrating. 31 years shows you are willing to work for you marriage and not give up at the first obstacle that comes your way.

  67. Getting takeout, sharing love letters and reminiscing over photo albums.

  68. Take a mini trip someplace both of you want to visit and have a great time. Congratulations on the 31 years may you enjoy many more.

    Visit a wonderful restaurant in the area and have a fabulous meal something to remember for your may years together.

  69. It doesn”t matter where you go or what you do for your anniversary. All that matters is that you spend it together. And be grateful that you have each other.

  70. Congratulations to you both on your 31st wedding anniversary. Maybe a trip to Baskin Robbins and sample some of their 31 flavors ?. Whatever you do blessed and beautiful day!

  71. Happy Anniversary!
    A lovely dinner at Roaring Fork
    and hope to look at scrapbooks and wedding photo albums!

  72. Happy Anniversary!
    Dinner at Roaring Fork!
    Perhaps look at wedding photo album and scrapbooks of years together!

    • Happy anniversary! Write down 31 things you love about him/special memories and share with him.

  73. Have you been to Wildflowers restaurant on Oracle? The food is amazing and the whole experience worthy of your special occasion. Congratulations!

  74. Happy Anniversary! Heres wishing you many more. Just spending the day or at least the evening together for your special day is a wonderful way to celebrate, either out for dinner or just a walk.Just enjoy each other!!

  75. We are getting ready to celebrate our 49th anniversary in Dec. Congratulations to you!! Don’t see this much anymore. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are together. Enjoy !!

  76. Congratulations! That’s beautiful! I think a trip to Sedona would be a nice treat for you two!

  77. If you can’t travel, you should go out for a nice dinner and rent a room at an exclusive hotel with a spa, indoor pool and all the trimmings. Don’t tell anyone where you’re going, turn off your phones, forget about everything else and just enjoy each others company doing what you want to do. We will be celebrating our 60th in June.

  78. Congratulations!
    Over dinner, alternating turns, tell each other what you love about each other. Try to get to 31 – one for each year!

  79. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Wish you many more to come. I think a great dinner and dancing your heart out. . Thank you for your generous blog candy

  80. For now, a romantic dinner out. Then how about a trip to Alaska? It is a very “cool” place to visit! 🙂

  81. Two become one under The One exampler of true love celebrate union through singing, praising God, walking in HIS creation, honoring HIM by honoring each other all lifetime long. Thirty-one, yeah! Three plus one equals retro fourth anniversary to remember, most likely lovingly simple and sweetly loving. Splash the table with reminder pics, treats and entree recalling that fourth celebration. Build a SU! stamped framed collection mountable in your Scott’s office combining newspaper headlines, your pics, and a menu from each event. Ah! Delight in each other as a gift to the other. Joyful celebration. Be great. Be blest. Keep Looking Up!

  82. What you do isn’t as important as just spending time together enjoying each other’s company. Reminisce over some photo albums to remember all the special times together.
    Happy Anniversary!

  83. Congratulations on 31 years! I think you should go away for the weekend to some place neither of you have been.
    Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  84. Congrats! I’m thinking a 17 day train excursion up into Canada and Alaska. How fun would that be?!?

  85. My husband and I will celebrate our 49th on the 16th. Have dinner at your favorite restaurant and choose a thoughtful gift to give each other.

  86. Congratulations on 31 years together… I think going to a favorite quiet restaurant enjoying a nice dinner with a fine wine would be very nice. After dinner maybe walk to a upscale hotel to enjoy a nice drink in the piano lounge then sleep in the next day. Enjoy your special day.

  87. Congratulations to you and Scott on your 31st anniversary on the 17th. I think the perfect thing to do for your anniversary is a nice dinner at home; and go through your photos and other memoralbilia of your years together. Watch a favorite movie, and some soft music.

  88. My. Such children! My husband and I will be celebrate 59 years on February 19. Go out and have a nice dinner but remember to leave your telephones in the car. No business just conversation between the two of you. Have a wonderful day. Go bless.

  89. Congratulations on your 31 years together! Funny, my husband and I were just talking about our 40th, coming up the end of April, and what we should do to celebrate. We kind of like the idea of a train trip on the Canadian Mountaineer. If your work schedules don’t allow that, you could explore B&B options right there in Arizona. But whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be awesome!

  90. Congrats on the Anniversary! Celebrate the way that is best for both of you! Life is a compromise so what would make you both happy is the way to do it! ENJOY your day! Hugs!

  91. Congrats Mary on your anniversary! Hope you celebrate in style! You are always to generous with your give-aways, but your samples, tutorials and tips are just as special! Have a fantastic day!

  92. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! A sunset hot air balloon ride would be a great way to celebrate!!

  93. Thank you for a chance to win. Dinner at a nice restaurant is always a great way to go when celebrating an anniversary. Congratulations.

  94. The two of you should take a long weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast with long walks and a candlelit dinner just focusing on each other❤️

  95. Congratulations! The older my husband and I get the less we want to go out, but we enjoy getting take out and watching a good movie together. Discuss all the ways you fell in love to begin with and just enjoy spending time together!

  96. Go on a mini vacation or long weekend and enjoy each other’s company. Have a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant or try a new place that you may have talked about but not have tried. Most of all have a Happy Anniversary ??

  97. Dinner and a Movie are our favorite celebrations. Happy Anniversary- enjoy your time together

  98. A nice candlelight dinner as long as you don’t have to cook it, Unless that’s what you enjoy.

  99. Happy Anniversary! One year my husband and I visited all the places we had lived in our years together (we moved a lot in the first few years!!) and we also visited the chapel where we were married. I took pictures of all the places and plan to make a keepsake album.

  100. 31 years, congratulations! Dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by a movie. That’s what we enjoy anyway. I get to pick dinner and hubby pics the movie. But really, you should just do what males you both happy. ? Happy Anniversary!

  101. Congratulations! You should celebrate with an early dinner followed by a nice walk then a quiet evening at home with a bottle of wine. However you celebrate, make it a memorable one for both of you.

  102. Happiest of Anniversaries!! I think the best is just a quiet night at home, maybe some takeout, and a movie on your comfy couch. Those are the best nights. Enjoy with whatever you do.

  103. Looks like we got married within a month of each other! Celebrated our 30th last March with a European river cruise so I’d highly recommend that you do that later this year. You can get good deals when you book last minute, as they try to fill cabins.

  104. We think it is fun to visit a significant place, restaurant, activity, etc. that we experienced early in our years together. Kind of takes you back to your origins or fun times that you had.

  105. I think you and Scott should celebrate your anniversary by going to a favorite restaurant and reminding each other of things you remember about your wedding day. Be sure to share the good stuff and things that maybe didn’t go as planned. It’s fun to see how you and your spouse saw things differently! But however you two spend your day think of all you want to do more of together ?

  106. Happy Anniversary!! 31 years!! That is so wonderful. I think you should take a special trip to somewhere on your bucket list.

  107. I have been married almost 58 years this coming July, so I appreciate the value in seeing a happily married couple. Please take the time to enjoy one another’s company, perhaps dinner and a toast to your 31 years of marriage together, truly a blessing! Happy 31st. Anniversary!!

  108. Happy Anniversary! Go to your favorite restaurant and Enjoy time reminiscing of being married for so many years. #youareblessed

  109. Dinner at your favorite restaurant and take dessert home and have with candlelight and wine. Plan ahead for next year by each of you writing something you love about each other or a memory to share and put in a jar. Add to it every month for the next year on the 17th of each month so you can read them out loud.

  110. Happy anniversary! Wishing you many many more. What would be greater than to just get in the car and drive to nowhere, stop when you want, eat where you’d like, stay somewhere when you get tired. Sometimes, the unplanned is the most meaningful time spent together. Enjoy!

  111. Happy Anniversary! 31 years is wonderful! A romantic evening with 31 candles and 31 flowers doing what you both like to do together!

  112. Happy Anniversary!
    You should spend the day doing something you both enjoy together, for us it would be exploring somewhere outside, then a special dinner together!
    Enjoy the day whatever you do!

  113. Enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant. Then enjoy a bottle of wine in front of your fireplace, warm and cozy!
    Happy Anniversary ❤️.

  114. Congratulations on your anniversary and to many more years of love and creating memories. We will be celebrating our 41st anniversary in May and as much as a romantic dinner is nice, I prefer reminiscing about our hilarious first date. Enjoy however you celebrate as long as you are together.

  115. My husband and I will also celebrate 31 years, in March. It’s always nice to do dinner and a movie, but as long as you share that lovin’ feeling and enjoy what you do together, it doesn’t matter what plans you make to celebrate the anniversary.

  116. I think you and Scott should either order food in or eat out (whichever y’all are in a mood for) and the food could be something that is significant to your wedding day. Then you could sit together and watch a movie (that you would both like) or TV Series, or a Western etc. Then after the movie is over you could share the blessings that you have seen in your marriage.
    I just think life is too to not tell our love ones and our husbands how important they are to us and blessed to have them in our lives!!!!
    Hugs from Alabama!!!

  117. Happy Anniversary! I think you should enjoy a quiet evening together with your favorite dinner and wine, sit and reflect about the years you shared together and enjoy your blessings.

  118. Happy Anniversary. I think you should do something romantic. A nice evening out at a fancy restaurant with your favorite wine.
    Let your gift to each other be a gift to your favorite charity. You will be feeling good. Sandi

  119. Knowing you like to be very active….I would suggest a hike to a picnic spot….

  120. Definitely a romantic dinner out at your favorite restaurant! Happy Annniversary….and many more!

  121. A nice dinner out and a walk together hand in hand. Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary!

  122. Turn off your cell phones. Leave home for the day so you have no interruptions for the day. Take a long drive that leads to a nice restaurant for dinner and then spend the night in a romantic hotel. This comes for an older lady that reaches her 45th anniversary later this year. A strong marriage needs time alone without the kids having to tag along.

  123. How about a picnic in the family room watching a movie popular during your dating years!

  124. However you want as only the two of you know what is the most meaningful! Happy Anniversary!

  125. I think you should eat out 17 times in the next month! Make a list of your favorite places from over the years. AND imagine the extra time you’ll have to craft if you get to skip kitchen duties!

  126. Congratulations on your anniversary! How about visiting a local museum that you both enjoy? I think just spending time with the one you love, both enjoying any experience together is just wonderful 🙂

  127. I think you should go on a new hike and bring a picnic with wine and chocolate to go with your meal.

  128. Have a nice quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant. If one has music a little dancing is so nice

  129. Happy 31st Anniversary to you both! Being it’s the 31st Anniversary, just enjoy spending time with each other, have a nice dinner/wine (in or out), and perhaps relax at home with a good movie afterwards. If you are into antiquing, that is always a nice time to spend with your significant other as well. Enjoy what ever the two of you do together on your special day! 🙂

  130. 31 years! Wow, that is a long time. Some beautiful flowers and a night out just for the two of you at your favorite place or the place of your first date. Have a great anniversary.

  131. Congratulations Mary and Scott on 31 years! Go out to dinner (so neither has to cook or do dishes). Come home share a bottle of wine and remind each other what you love most about being married. Always say I love you when you get the chance

  132. Make him a special anniversary card. My husband loves the cards I make fro him and the rest of the family and friends. Stay at home and grill a really good steak

  133. Wake up to a hug and kiss then spend the day together doing something you both love. End the day by ordering take out followed by a quiet walk holding hands while walking the dogs. Enjoy!

  134. Check into a really nice hotel that has a spa … have massages and pedicures followed by a scrumptious dinner and a very pleasant evening.

  135. Woo hoo! 31 years is impressive! I think you and Scott should book a trip to Tombstone and stay in a haunted bed and breakfast (or non-haunted, if you must). Then do touristy things and maybe swing on the swings in the park and just be silly and have fun.

  136. First and foremost, give thanks for achieving this milestone. Go out to lunch or dinner and take in a good movie, at home or at your local theater). Just have fun and enjoy. Congratulations!

  137. Do something that honors both of you! Either revisit a place where you recall holding hands, truly sharing in a conversation or really looking into each other’s eyes. A park, a pair, a path…

  138. Happy Anniversary! You and Scott should sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day with a bottle of wine! Cheers

  139. One of your favorite restaurants that has special memories! Each of you list 31 things you love about each other and read them at your anniversary dinner! Congrats on 31 years!

  140. A nice night away somewhere and enjoy a beautiful dinner celebrating your life together.

  141. 31 years deserves 31 flavors!!! To celebrate, I think that you should go out for an Ice Cream Date at Baskin Robbins, since they have 31 flavors. If you don’t like ice cream, maybe the two of you should stay home and make 31 Stampin Up cards together using at least 31 different colors or themes!

  142. I think you should spend the day in anyway you find enjoyable. We usually go out to a nice restaurant for a meal, but don’t do gifts. Enjoy your anniversary! And thanks for letting us share it with you with a give away!

  143. Although 31 years is not one of those milestone anniversaries, you can make it a memorable one by making up a 31 Things for 31 Years List. Each of you writes down 15 fun and/or memorable things you’ll do for the other person over this next year and show each other your list. Then together, you’ll think of one thing to do on the actual anniversary. This list of things can be as simple as looking at your wedding pictures together and talking about your memories of that day, having a picnic in a local park on a sunny day or any of the many thoughtful and meaningful things your loyal followers have suggested! Best wishes for a Happy Anniversary with your main squeeze! (PS I’m doing a 65 Things for Turning 65 List and I’m having a blast becoming an Official Senior Citizen!)

  144. Having been married for 43 years I think the real celebration is being together anywhere and sharing favorite memories! Having said that I think a little getaway for an overnight to the beach or a cabin in the woods is lovely too and creates new memories.

  145. Congratulations on 31 years of marriage! How about celebrating your 31 years by revisiting 31 special things/events that you shared together over the years! For example, maybe your first date was going to a movie together — so pick a movie and go out for a “remembrance date”. Or maybe you went on a memorable trip — sit down and look at some pictures of that trip together. It might take a while to complete the ’31’ dates, but I think it will be a fun way to celebrate together. My husband and I are celebrating our 30th this year and this is what we are going to do together! Congrats again!

  146. Happy Anniversary! I think a nice dinner at your favorite place would be really nice. Just being together is the important thing.

  147. Happiest of Anniversaries!!! Do something you love to do then do something he loves to do and have doing it no matter what it entails. Enjoy each other’s company.

  148. I think a celebration dinner then cozy up on the couch with wine and watch your favorite movie. Happy Anniversary ❤️

  149. Happy anniversary! I think the perfect way to celebrate your love for each other is to recreate your first date!

  150. Happy Aniversary!!!
    Some time alone away form any other distractions, just the two of you. and if you have pics and videos of the marvellous moments you have spent together, its always nice to take a walk down memory lane!

  151. Celebrating an anniversary might include not only a nice dinner or lunch but a walk near a beach if you live near one or just a walk through a nearby town. We have taken a day trip to just explore a place we’ve heard or read about but never visited. Just sharing TIME is the important thing.

  152. Congratulations on 31 years. Plan a lovely evening at home. Cook dinner together or order from your favorite take out. Enjoy Some cocktails and watch the stars come out!

  153. Happy anniversary!! Thanks for sharing you happiness with us! I recommend you celebrate by going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and talking about what a great relationship you have! I know you do! OR doing something more adventurous…something on your respective lists…hot air balloon ride, gondola ride, snow skiing, etc. I’m sure you will both have fabulous ideas!!

  154. Congratulations to you both on your 31st. wedding anniversary. As long as you are together, whatever you do will be special. Enjoy your day!

  155. Congratulations to you both! That’s quite an accomplishment.

    I would suggest spending time with each other in the way you enjoy most…weekend away, winery tour, nice restaurant, or ordering in and relaxing together. Enjoy!

  156. Happy Anniversary!! We are going to be celebrating our 52 soon. We renewed our vows on our 50th.
    I think just spending time together and telling each other how much you love one another and sitting close and sharing a loving kiss and hug possibly at home or someplace small and intimate special to you both.

  157. Happy Anniversary! I think a great night out to Dinner would be good, and then after come home and take a nice walk, in a park or around the neighborhood, together. Then later, a good movie!

  158. Sometimes our days are filled with things to do, people to call, etc. that our alone time (uninterrupted) seems non-existent. So I would plan a day (or night) where it’s just us. No cell phones, no emails, just us. Where we can reconnect with the one we fell in love with!

  159. Time is the most precious commodity we have in life. I think you and your sweetie should spend making new memories and reliving/remembering the old ones you have created!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  160. Have a sweet anniversary! There’s nothing like spending time with the love of your life. I’m sure you’ll spend the day doing things you love. Add to it this 3 minute event: Sit or stand holding hands and stare into each other’s eyes…that’s all. Have a wonderful day!

  161. Go out for a nice meal followed by a long stroll then a decadent dessert in front of a fireplace. No TV!

  162. Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary! Time by the ocean is my favorite way to celebrate whenever I have the opportunity, perhaps that might be an idea you’d enjoy. What ever you do I hope you enjoy every minute!

  163. My husband and I have been married for 35. We enjoy A quiet dinner at a good restaurant.

  164. Oooh, the stamp set is my inspiration, a hot air balloon ride (early morning or evening, whichever is better for both of you).
    We’re celebrating 31 years in July. Good year!

  165. Happy Anniversary and I loved your G rated request! I think you should plan a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been and explore new surroundings. Cap it off with a nice dinner out.

  166. Happy 31st Anniversary! A staycation at a fancy resort would be nice but being that the date is so close, maybe you making his favorite dinner with desert to be enjoyed by both of you. Have a friend or family member drop hints to Scott that a bouquet of 31 stems of your favorite flowers would make a GREAT surprise.

  167. Hi Mary, Happy upcoming 31st Anniversary!
    Do whatever makes you & Scott happy for that special day, whether big or small, enjoy!

  168. The number 17 means victory & perfection. Make a card for him relating the perfection of your marriage & the victory of reaching this date. Than have a perfect victory dinner at 1700 hour. Congratulations

  169. How to celebrate 31 years: Celebrate for 31 days beginning the day of your anniversary! A little note on his pillow, a post-it kiss on his bathroom mirror or a candy kiss tucked in his sock drawer. Make them all reasons why you’ve loved him for 31 years!

  170. Invade Mary’s stamp room, select 17 bits of scrap card stock, choose 17 words or sentiments perfect for the day and stamp on scrap, grab several shape punches and punch out stamped images, (put everything away!), then plant your little messages to be found throughout your day. If that’s WAY too much work for a celebration day, then enjoy your beautiful view over coffee or a take-out/delivered dinner, eaten by candlelight. However you celebrate, have a blessed day and make new memories!

  171. Have a romantic getaway not too far from home, take a 3-mile hike, and have a wonderful meal for two with something chocolate for dessert. Congratulations!

    • Happy Anniversary! I suggest you pack a special nighttime picnic with champagne or wine or your favorite craft beers, cheeses, olives, flatbreads and chocolate. Take a blanket and stargaze! Wish on the shooting stars!

  172. Happy anniversary! I think a trip to beautiful New Zealand would be a great way to celebrate this milestone in your lives!

  173. Get outside and enjoy a leisurely walk together. Smell the wind. Listen to the birds. Look for the beginnings of Spring starting to poke up through the soil. Maybe plan to take that same walk on the 17th of every month this year and watch the changes Nature will be creating.

  174. Go back to the church or location you exchanged your wedding vows and relive the wonderful feelings you had that day 31 years ago!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Nancy Berg

  175. Happy Anniversary! He’ll send you flowers and take you out to dinner then you’ll come home to eat the chocolate cheesecake you made for him.

  176. Go on a Marriage Encounter weekend! It’s a great way to reconnect and revitalize the love you experienced when you were dating!

  177. Happiest of Happy Anniversary to you and Scott. Life just gets better and better through the journey. I speak from experience. 53 years and still going strong.

    • Happy Anniversary! I suggest you pack a special nighttime picnic with champagne or wine or your favorite craft beers, cheeses, olives, flatbreads and chocolate. Take a blanket and stargaze! Wish on the shooting stars!

  178. You and Scott should visit a place you have always wanted to go to. If you haven’t done a Viking River Cruise I would highly recommend it! And Happy Anniversary! 30 years is quite an accomplishment!

  179. For your anniversary, you should visit some of your favorite places together that remind you of your earlier married life together.

  180. Happy Anniversary!
    And this year it is a Holiday for a lot of people
    I think you to need to celebrate each other, so take
    a day and do things you both enjoy and remember the
    reason you first got together!! What did you like in each other.
    Have a great day from Minnesota.

  181. Oh my gosh! My husband, Greg and I will celebrate our36th wedding anniversary on February 17th as well. I am thinking that we will go to dinner and have a relaxing evening. I still get pitter patters when I see him. Kind of amazing in this day and age but I love it.

  182. Congrats on your 31st wedding anniversary,
    Mary ! For such special occasion as this, I always like to go for a week-end get away to a special location. Or, throw a big party and invite all your friends and family to celebrate with the two of you.
    My birthday is the 16th so this stamp set would be a nice b’day gift to me.??

  183. Long ago when I lived in Tucson, La Fuente was a great restaurant with wonderful mariachis, great food, and lots of color!! That would be a great place to celebrate all your years together IF it is still there!! Otherwise, try the Italian place on 4th! Congratulations on all your years together. May God bless you with many more!!!

  184. My aunt used to live in Prescott (we live in SF) and I always loved that little town. I agree, a day trip outdoors with a hike or long walk somewhere pretty is a great idea. But do choose a place you both like, or go somewhere you’ve never been before, or do something you’ve never done before, just for the heck of it.

  185. You live in such a beautiful place. I think a picnic with a nice bottle of wine with a Mountain View would be incredible! Happy Anniversary!

  186. Happy anniversary! A hike in the Mountains is always a great way to spend time together.

  187. I think you should try to recreate your first date or one that was quite memorable. As for 31 years, here in Texas, i grew up with Baskin Robbins ice cream. They were famous for having 31 original different flavors of ice cream ?. Now they have more, but 31 was the famous number for Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors. Perhaps include a trip to the ice cream shop to see which of the original flavors are your favorite. Congratulations to you both!

  188. Congratulations on your 31st anniversary, Mary & Scott! Take this day to simply enjoy each other & be thankful for your years together. Be extravagant & dine in style. Before you do that, though, sit out in your magnificent yard, open the cards that you made for each other, gaze at the majestic mountains, and know that you are blessed! Enjoy!!

  189. Congrats on #31! I would suggest doing something together you’ve never done before but always wanted to. After 31 years, experiencing something new and exciting would be very rejuvenating! Enjoy!

  190. Congratulations on 31 years! My suggestion is to explore the little shops and places in your area that you see all the time but haven’t been to. Be a tourist in your own town! Grab small bites to snack on throughout the day. Walk and talk together. Then come home to a special dinner that someone else has prepared you.

  191. Congratulations! Come to the Oregon coast! Cannon Beach is a prefect anniversary spot. Take a stroll through town and buy a souvenir to help remember the day and a nice walk on the beach (weather permitted). Have dinner at a quaint spot. Lots of cuddling and hand holding!

  192. Well of course you 2 MUST stop in a Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors on Monday!
    However you choose to spend the day…
    Happy Anniversary!

  193. 31 years allows you to pick a different treat for a month (most months anyway). Favorite foods, favorite restaurants, favorite walks, favorite friends, and enjoy every day simply.

  194. Congrats on 31 years of wedded bliss! It’s wonderful doing this thing called life with your ‘best friend’??? To celebrate you should do dinner out, maybe a movie and some kind of sweet treat like yummy cupcakes, cheesecake, chocolate fondue or chocolate covered strawberries……

  195. Congratulations Mary! I would keep it simple with a nice evening out and a stroll through your favorite park if the weather permits ?.

  196. First of all CONGRATUALTIONS!! 31 years is quite an accomplishment in this day & age! Sad isn’t it? Well, I think spending time together doing what you like the most would be a good starter. For me it would be a wonderful dinner at home or at a “special place” with some fine wine. Remember all the good & tough times that have gotten you to this place & hope for many more of the good times! You have accomplished a lot in your life & enjoy all it brings. Have a wonderful day! And thanks for celebrating with us with a great give-away.

  197. Anything done together will make it a perfect anniversary! But perhaps each if you could pick something to do that you think the other would like and each of you surprised the other!

  198. Maybe a drive to Mt Lemmon with a picnic basket although you may have to eat in the car ⛄

    Or a visit to your first date – if it’s in the area

    Whatever you do you’ll be together – all that matters ??

    Happy anniversary ?

  199. Happy Anniversary! According to the web, the 31st wedding anniversary gift is a timepiece. Thinking outside the box (a watch) you could both separately write a timeline, highlighting moments from the last 31 years and then later, maybe dinner, share and compare timelines, remembering those moments together.

  200. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Enjoy your favorite meal at your favorite place & maybe go to a movie you’ve wanted to see. Hope you enjoy your special day together. Karla

  201. Happy Anniversary!! You and Scott could celebrate your anniversary by cruising in Alaska!! Too close to the 17th to go on your anniversary, but how about in the next month or two?

  202. Time together spent looking into each other’s eyes and saying how blessed you are to have found each other!

  203. Congrats on your great milestone! I personally like quiet nights at home and would recommend cooking a favorite meal together that includes wine, candles and chocolate of course!

  204. Happy Anniversary! I would plan a weekend getaway somewhere fun or special. A trip to Napa Valley for a wine tasting tour or skiing in Tahoe. It could also be something as simple as a trip to a city you’ve always wanted to visit, New Orleans or maybe even New York City for a broadway play. Some life events warrant going big!

  205. Happy Anniversary! Celebrate in the way you enjoy most. My husband & I enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant that’s special to us.

  206. What to do after 31 years! Congrats by the way. I think it would be nice to go to a museum or show then out to dinner. Maybe get a room at a nice hotel with room service for breakfast and then a message. That’s just what I would like☺️

  207. The most important thing about celebrating your anniversary is that you both carve out a time to be together enjoying each other, reminiscing about your wedding and life in the past and expressing how much you mean to each other. This is of greater value than spending lots of money celebrating. Congratulations on 31 years of commitment to each other. God smiles!

  208. A nice dinner out at a favorite restaurant (maybe one that has significance—first date, other special event), dessert and a bottle of good wine when you get home and sit on the patio watching the beautiful sunset and reminiscing about favorite trips, events, etc. Just enjoying each other!

  209. Happy anniversary! I personally like to celebrate the simple way, dinner and a movie. Just enjoy each other’s company.

  210. Each list 31 things you like/love about each other and read one a day for the following 31days

  211. You should celebrate with a romantic get a way to a favorite spot or place you have always wanted to go.

  212. Pack a basket with fruit, cheese, bread, and wine. Then find a beautiful place to have your meal and reminisce over the wonderful life you have shared.
    I wish you many more years of happiness!

  213. A nice long weekend stay at a B & B would be lovely….make it some place warm! Congratulations, Mary and Scott!

  214. Happy upcoming Anniversary. I would recommend dressing up for dinner out at a romantic restaurant and maybe include spending the night at an upscale hotel.

  215. My husband and I like celebrating with dinner at a nice restaurant. We spend the evening remembering what brought us together that first time and all the wonderful memories since.

  216. Congratulations to you and Scott ♥️
    An evening out for dinner and a movie or show❣️

  217. A beautiful dinner, a long walk, a vacation or a stay cation. As long as your together it doesn’t matter.

  218. My husband and I like to spend time in nature whether by a mountain lake, a sandy beach or a simple walk through the woods. Being in the moment together, side by side, hand in hand looking out at the beauty of this world is romantic for us. No words needed. I would also recommend lighting candles anywhere/everywhere in your home as evening approaches.

  219. Having been married to the most wonderful man in the world for 43 years I do have some thoughts on celebrating an anniversary. Take some time, over coffee or tea, to just talk. Recall your history, remember the good times, share a laugh, and forget the rest. And enjoy.

  220. Spend it doing what y’all love. Movies, dinner, hiking, bowling, couples massage, concert. Just celebrate your 17 years and look forward to the next 17.

  221. Cook dinner together (maybe what you had on your first anniversary) and over your favorite dessert reminince about all the wonderful times you’ve had through the years.

  222. I think you should try something you’ve never done before-hot air ballooning, bottling your own wine, couples massage, and so on.

  223. Congrats on your anniversary!! Just a night out for the two of you maybe dinner and a movie or quiet time at home snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite movie!!

  224. Happy Anniversary! I would suggest spending the day together and look through pictures of your favorite trips together. Best wishes for many more!

  225. Happy Anniversary!

    Just spending time together doing something you love is a great way to celebrate. Trying a new independent restaurant could be fun too.

    Enjoy whatever you decide!

  226. Happy Anniversary! You could cook dinner together and then give each other full body massages (dont forget the warming oil!?).

  227. Happy Anniversary!

    Just spending time doing something you love is a great way to celebrate. Never hurts to try a new local independent restaurant too!

    Enjoy whatever you decide to do.

  228. If it was a Fri or Sat, I’d say a get-a-way weekend; but since it is a weekday either a short Get-a-way evening — go to a really nice restaurant, have that dinner you want but usually pass up, go to a movie, the theater, or if you are near Vegas a show you haven’t seen and end the night with a moonlight walk on the beach (if you are somewhere warm and have a beach), then go back to your room/home and cuddle. May the next 20 be as could as the first 31!

  229. Hi Mary!

    Love these colors together. I need to remember to use vellum more often. Such a great touch. Thank you.

  230. Happy Anniversary! Did you know that some trees don’t live as long as 31 years? Having an anniversary that long is a rarity nowadays. My husband and I will celebrate our 48th Anniversary on February 26.

  231. Go out for a nice dinner, and then come home to snuggle and watch a romantic movie. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and enjoy whatever you decide to do! ❤️

  232. Go to a spa where both of you can get a massage side by side followed by a specialty dinner and romantic walk.

  233. Happy Anniversary to you both! Quite the accomplishment theses days.
    If you cannot go on a vacation maybe just a simple dinner and a movie would be a fantastic way to celebrate.
    As long as you are together it will be wonderful!

  234. Happy Anniversary. My husband and I have been married 48 years (as of nine days ago). For half of those years we would go out to the lake and watch the sun rise over the trees.. We would spend the whole day together, going out for breakfast and for dinner. For the next 19 or 20 years we decided to go out to the lake and watch the sun set over the water. (Mostly because I just wanted to sleep in. Hah) For the past 4-5 years my husband has been in a hospital bed in our living room and can no longer walk due to Parkinson’s Disease. We can no longer do the things we used to do together. BUT, we now spend all of our time together and it’s a blessing that we can still do that.
    Enjoy every moment with your husband. Cherish your time together. Make every moment count. Have a wonderful anniversary and start it off by watching the sun rise on your special day.

  235. Love this little set. As per your Anniversary, first, Congratulations, and a great way to spend that is a fun little get away or adventure like ziplining …write down 5 (or more) fun ideas/places….throw them in a jar and pick one out together…a surprise in a way for both!

  236. Happy ANNIVERSARY!!
    Make Memories: find something you both like doing and do it together: hiking, biking, baking, painting (with a Twist!). After physical activities, plan a spa afternoon, followed by a fabulous meal out — a favorite restaurant or try a new local place!

  237. Congratulations to you and your husband! Start your anniversary with a big hug and “I love you “. Enjoy the day and end with a glass of champagne ? and a cozy dinner at your favorite restaurant. Here’s to the next thirty one years!

  238. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! A long walk reminiscing all your wonderful years together, followed by a delicious meal at your favorite spot.

  239. Dinner at your favorite restaurant…talk about all the memories of your 31 years!

  240. I’m going on 40 !! Congratulations on your 31st !! My idea of a nice anniversary date- would be just a nice dinner (out) & a good movie (or both at the same time- if you have a Cine-Bistro) Whatever you choose, make sure you have a great time !!

  241. Go through your stash of cards, choose cards for each other, and show them to us. Happy Anniversary!

  242. Go out to lunch to a favorite restaurant, not a dress up fancy place, but a place you enjoy. Look around you and see if someone is dining all alone and maybe older and could use a little pick me up. Then in secret have the waitress bring you their bill to pay with the instructions that she can only tell the person that “someone” wanted to treat them today. It will make all of you happy, my Father always said, “You only get back what you give away”.

  243. Dinner with close friends. Then home to photo albums spend a little time remembering and loving.

  244. Go to your favorite restaurant & make reservations for 17 minutes after the hour! Romantic, candlelight dinner of course! Congratulations to both of you & may you continue to have many more years of happiness and love.

  245. ?????Congratulations. My husband and I (married for 28 years) usually we go out for breakfast, then get takeout for dinner with our sons (19 & 16), and get an delicious cake or pastry for dessert. Relax with the family. Have a wonderful day.?

  246. Congratulations on 31 years! Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated 39 years yesterday! Because our anniversary is Valentine’s Day we don’t usually go out – too crazy busy out there! We generally spend the day doing something fun (if we’re not working!), have a favorite meal at home with wine and candles and spend a romantic evening together. I think you and your husband should do whatever makes you happy! Spend the day together doing something you love. Finish it off with your favorite meal.

  247. Congratulations on your anniversary. A great day could include finding a cute little town and spending the day enjoying the shops and restaurant.

  248. Happy 31st Anniversary! Now a days, that is a great accomplishment. You two have been blessed. I think a nice hike surrounded by nature, a picnic and time away from everyday hustle and bustle would be perfect! Gives you two time to reminisce of your life together. ❤

  249. For your anniversary, I think you should take your 2 fur babies for a long walk then come back to your beautiful home, have a glass of champaign. Don’t go out for dinner, place 2 steaks on the grill, bake a potato to go with a wonderful salad. Then just enjoy a quiet evening at home just the 2 of you! That is my idea of a great celebration!

  250. Happy anniversary! Enjoy an evening making your favorite dinner together at home during this brutally cold weather we are having. Light a fire and open your favorite bottle of wine.

  251. Happy anniversary! How about revisiting your favorite places to be from your first 5 years of marriage?

  252. Happy, Happy anniversary !!! Remember your special year 1989 by looking through your wedding album together. For a special lunch or dinner take a drive together and dine at a new place you have never been but always wanted to try.

  253. A weekend get away in a cozy cabin is the best!!!
    A time to enjoy not only the peace and quiet,
    but to set new goals!!! Happy Anniversary❤️

  254. Happy Anniversary! I just celebrated my 48th! Hard to believe how quickly the time goes by. How about a few days away? Take a nice trip and get away from it all! Congratulations!

  255. Congratulations! Enjoy each other’s company however makes you happy! Thank you for a chance to win this set.

  256. Celebrate with a few Pickleball matches and then have a meal at a restaurant where you can be seated outside (I bet Arizona weather in February will be nice). Congratulations Mary and Scott!

  257. Congratulations! I think a weekend away at a B&B would be a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

  258. Happy Anniversary. A dinner out is what my husband and I do….No cooking and no dishes makes it a win win here.

  259. How to celebrate 31 wonderful years? Begin your day with telling each other what you first noticed about the other. Through the day mention thirty more things you enjoy about the other (“Your family welcomed me.” might be one.) Have a special meal, whether breakfast or midnight snack and do a favorite activity like walking watching a movie, or checking out the art museum. And just plain enjoy your time!

  260. I think you all should take a day trip to a place you’ve been wanting to cost. Walk around, and just enjoy each other’s company.

  261. Sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch TCM Valentine Movie. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

  262. Mary,

    Happy Anniversary! I think you should take a gourmet picnic to Sabino Canyon and indulge yourselves in the beauty of nature!


  263. Pick out a new tree, shrub or perennial and start an anniversary garden that can be added to each year! Then each year you can say that was 31 or 40 or whatever that date was.

  264. You and Scott live in such a beautiful place! I think a hike in the area with a picnic basket of goodies would be sooooo romantic! Watching the sun go down with a great glass of wine would be the perfect ending for such a special day!! Enjoy!!

  265. Happy Anniversary! I think you should do 17 things you love! Take a little trip and spend some special time together in a place where you can just relax and enjoy each other!

  266. Happy Anniversary! 31 years is awesome and something to be proud of. My vote is for a road trip to celebrate. A few hours in the car together is a great way to connect, and there are so many lovely destinations in your “neck of the desert”. Sunset in Sedona would be my choice. Whatever you decide, enjoy every moment!

  267. I think in a Bed & Breakfast place out in the country side with a Vinerd. That would be really nice.

  268. Happy Anniversary! I think you should do something you both enjoy. Whatever that may be have a great day!

  269. Well I was going to say start with lunch at Cafe Poca Cosa but they are closed on Monday. So go for a nice leisurely walk through Sabino Canyon (my husband and I had one of our first dates here) followed by dinner at sunset at Anthony’s in the foothills.

  270. Create a trivia game to play with each other. Alternate you asking him a question with him asking you a question about something that happened in the last 17 years. Loser has to unload the dishwasher for a week.

  271. Whatever you do, just enjoy each other’s company, hold hands, and celebrate your love.

  272. Start with a nice hike in that beautiful Tucson weather and totally disconnected. Then dinner at one of your favorite special places-patio dining with string lights, candles and good wine. Whatever you do, keep on doing what you two have done for 31 years! You already have the magic and key to a beautiful marriage Congratulations!

  273. Firstly congratulations to you both. Everyone has special things they like to do. For this special anniversary why don’t you recreate your first date, was it to the movies or out for a meal. If this is not possible do a favourite thing you each like to do!

  274. Each of you write 15 memories or moments go out to dinner and read to each other the memories then write one together . Keep them and next year each of you write and read a moment from this year. Happy Anniversary!

  275. Breakfast at a local place you like. Then 9 holes of golf followed by a nice massage. Then a quiet drive in the country to a lovely place to eat. Just enjoy the two of you in a quiet world.

  276. Congratulations on your 31st Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 58th Anniversary on the 10th. Spend the day together, enjoy each other! Get out that wedding album and reminisce!

  277. Happy anniversary! Unplug, disconnect from the rest of the world and watch a sunset together with no distractions, reminiscing about your wedding day.

  278. Nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. And maybe a little wine! Happy anniversary you two!

  279. Happy Anniversary. A fun way to celebrate your anniversary would be to surprise your husband with a trip. Do not tell him anything before hand. Pack his luggage, make reservations with an airline and hotel and do not tell him the destination until he gets to the gate at the airport. He may know where he is going at this point, but not the hotel. The hotel will be somewhere special you both enjoyed on previous holidays. Have a fabulous time.

  280. Happy anniversary! You should celebrate all year along by going out on the 17th of EVERY month! Nice dinner together monthly!

  281. Happy Anniversary Mary and Scott. Cherish each moment together, no matter what you do.

  282. Happy 31st. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and appreciate your style. To celebrate your anniversary you could each share 17 memories and then plan 17
    Things you would like to do this year. Of course a glass of wine will help set the mood! Cheers

  283. Spending as much time together on your anniversary as you can to remember the highlights of each of your 31 years together would be a great way to celebrate. And to do something you’ve always wanted to do to create a great new memory! Congratulations!!

  284. Happy anniversary. I think a trip to Baskin Robbins ice cream and taste all 31 flavors. Marriage is all about flavorful adventures together.

  285. Congratulations on your anniversary. My favorite anniversary celebrations have been planned as a surprise by my husband. If that scares the heck out of your husband, try planning a trip to someplace you’ve never been to and do a little advance planning to take advantage of all the place has to offer.

  286. You and your hubby should take a quiet walk together hand in hand without any phones or interruptions and enjoy the peaceful and quiet time with lots of conversation and memories. Then have a wonderful dinner with wine and dessert and just recap all of the years and memories you made together. Happy Anniversary!

  287. Congrats, Mary and Scott! Go to happy hour at your favorite place, enjoy a glass of wine, appetizers, and reminisce. Maybe a favorite movie at home after.

  288. Plan a special trip to someplace you both have always wanted to see. Memories created will last a lifetime!!

  289. Mary and Scott, 31 years is an accomplishment to be shared with family and friends. You are sharing with your special Stampin Up friends with this generous blog candy. Congratulations and Blessings to you both.
    P.S. My Jim and I made it 53 years in January.

  290. Congratulations on 31 years together, it will be55 years in July for Don and my anniversary. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome Stampin Up Thank you for all the great card ideas

  291. Happy anniversary! Go for a walk together. Make a collage picture of some of your favorite times together! Cuddle up with him and watch a movie!

  292. Happy Anniversary! I’d say travel. Go somewhere new and explore! Have a great day!

  293. Congratulations Mary! Happy anniversary! I hope he can take the day off to spend with you and do something that the two of you love to do but hardly ever take the time to. Even a day getaway. Something out of the ordinary. And I absolutely love the idea someone else posted on here about the 17 special things from your life together. Whatever you end up doing I hope it is filled with love overflowing!

  294. Buy 31 pants for your garden or determine a location 31 miles away from your home and have a picnic there, complete with candles….maybe friends and family!

  295. Congratulations on 31 years. And it just gets better each year. Just enjoy your time together.

  296. Hi Mary
    Congratulations to you & your husband!
    Sometimes a quiet evening with a bottle of wine & your favorite meal while watching the sunset followed by your favorite movie is a nice way to celebrate your health & happiness!

  297. To celebrate your anniversary, maybe go to your favorite things. Restaurant, wine, trip, museum, movie. Try & come up one for each year! And who says an anniversary has to be just one day!

  298. Happy Anniversary. Each of you write down your favorite thing you’ve done or that happened each year you’ve been married & share them over a romantic dinner at your favorite “splurge” restaurant.

  299. To remind you of that special event 31 years ago, plan a dinner date enjoying the same foods, cuisine, atmosphere you enjoyed on your honeymoon or at your wedding. Savor the memories with a picture or two (scrapbook?) of the event over coffee or after dinner drink at home to complete the evening.

  300. Go spend the day together enjoying the time you have with each other! Go to your favorite get away and relax together! Get in a couples massage!!! Relax and enjoy!!

  301. I haven’t read all the comments so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m repeating what someone else has said. Get a small picnic ready with wine (if you’re wine lovers), cheese and crackers etc and blanket. Pick a scenic spot either you hike to or drive to and watch the sun set together and just connect. I’ve been married for 33 years and sometimes we forget to connect, so maybe you do too?

  302. Happy Anniversary! Just being together with no outside distractions and maybe a glass of wine or 2?

  303. I always want a weekend away at a nice resort to relax, unwind, re-connect, and enjoy each other.

  304. Happy 17th Anniversary! Hope that you have a fabulous day! Dinner at you favorite place, just enjoy each other’s company!

  305. Happy Anniversary, Mary! How about recreating your first date? Thanks for a chance to win this nice prize… you did a great job with the sample card. ❤️

  306. Happy Anniversary!!! Have dinner at a nice quiet restaurant and then a romantic movie at home!

  307. You should do something that both of you enjoy doing – a hike, a couple’s massage, a movie, a picnic! Happy Anniversary and many, many more!

  308. Hi Mary! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I think you both should cook an anniversary dinner together!!! Don’t forget some fun dessert!!! ?

  309. Happy Anniversary!! Take time to go spend a few days somewhere the two of you have always wanted to go!

  310. Go somewhere that y’all aren’t distracted by the everyday things: work, chores, bills, etc and focus on just each other. Share memories, have fun, just be together.

  311. Congrats, Mary. Go to a fantastic restaurant and just enjoy being out with the love of your life!

  312. Happy Anniversary! Recreate your first date, or one of your favorite dates from the early days.

  313. Take time over a nice dinner and reflect on the 31 things you are most grateful for in each other, marriage and relationship.

  314. Congratulations! A nice dinner out and some quiet time with no phones or distractions.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great stamp set.

  315. Well for our 41 anniversary January 27th this year we went to WDW. It was our daughters 40th on the 29th. So a perfect way to spend it. You are closer to Disneyland and that works too. Blue Bayou restaurant there is wonderful. Otherwise fix Chateaubriand with asparagus add some candles to the table or wherever you like to eat and watch a great movie. Don’t forget your favorite desert.

  316. Go for coffee in the morning then go for a long walk and share all the good times and difficult times that made your marriage even stronger. Then out for a quiet dinner and try a new restaurant. Then watch a favorite movie at home. Then before you tuck in bed remember to say “I love you lots”!

  317. Fist off – congratulations on your strong marriage and happy anniversary!! I hope y’all have many more happy years together! If you can, take a little road trip, stay at a quaint bed and breakfast, pick out a neat restaurant you’ve not tried before (maybe one diners, drive-ins, and dives has showcased) and just make some more memories. Whatever you choose to do – just have fun and spend some time reflecting on the good times you’ve shared together and how special you each are. Happiest anniversary wishes!

  318. First off, Happy Anniversary!!!! My hubby and I will celebrate 47 this year… he likes to drive by all of the places that were important back then. The beach where we met, the rehearsal dinner restaurant, the church, the reception hall, the hotel we stayed in the first night, which is now a senior living center. LOL. Then we swing by the apartment we first lived in when our son was born. After that we go to our favorite winery for a nice supper. Of course, if you don;t live in the area any longer, it will give you a little vacation to plan as well… enjoy yourselves, what ever you decide to do.. HAPPY 31st ANNIVERSARY!!!!

  319. Go out for a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. Congratulations on 31 years!

  320. Happy Anniversary!? I would think you would be doing some of your favorite things together. Perhaps a night out wining and dining.

  321. Happy Anniversary!
    I would suggest visiting the place you first met. If there is a favorite place or activity you enjoy together or something you haven’t had time to do. My husband and I going on 25 yrs like to visit the place we first realized we were in love walking in the park. Each year we switch up what to do after our walk in the park like favorite restaurant, place, activities, something we just haven’t had time for with our busy schedules. Hope you find some down time to just enjoy your day together no matter what you decide to do.

  322. Happy Anniversary Mary! You & your husband should spend your day TOGETHER! It doesn’t matter, really, what you do as long as it’s a day together. I’ve been married 39 years- this will be my 40th- and I’m noticing today’s society is becoming more focused on the individual and less on building & maintaining relationships. You should take this day to focus on each other & your love & YOUR relationship & what you’ve built together in your marriage. Spend it TOGETHER! Enjoy. I wish you many more years together.

  323. Mary I love that you give instructions on how to use the stamp sets along with photos. Thank you

  324. Hi Mary,
    I love scrapbooking as much as card making. Maybe you could get a lot of your photos thru the years and the both of you could do an album together. That way you can reminisce about the things you did! But do it with champagne and a great dessert!


  326. Mary, Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you and Scott! At this time of year I would love to spend a weekend in a cozy cabin with the rock fireplace blazing while reading a romantic book and sipping a favorite beverage. But if that’s not possible how about pampering yourselves with a couple’s massage and maybe a pedicure along with that. Sounds like fun to me. Enjoy your special day~

  327. Congratulations! Time together is the best. Spend the whole day together. Take a one day trip somewhere special or new.

  328. A nice dinner out reminiscing about the wonderful memories you’ve shared. It would be super fun to come up with 17 special memories. Happy Anniversary! I love tags.

  329. A nice relaxing day together with breakfast out, weather permitting a nice hike, then dinner at your favorite restaurant with wine and dessert.

  330. Happy anniversary! Since you’ve been married for 31 years, I would do what makes you both the happiest! Keep it simple or extravagant.Maybe a walk down memory lane by looking at old pictures or videos. what ever works for you! xo

    • What a thoughtful way to share your happiness. Thank you for offering us a chance to share this special event. Best wishes for the years ahead. Congratulations. We will be celebrating our 55th this year. We are both in good health and going strong. ❤️

  331. Congratulations Mary!! A special dinner recalling memories of years past is a great way to celebrate!! Wishing you both many more years together!!

  332. Congrats! Consider rail travel. Amtrak has great packages. A fun way to see the US.

  333. Happy 31st Anniversary to you and Hubby Scott!! May you have Many.. many more! For this anniversary you two should Have a nice dinner out..to the first restaurant you guys went to before becoming an “item” ..with the same food and drink you guys had that first time.. then for laughs, each of you write the other a note that they will have to read in a sexy voice..finally ending the evening snuggled up under a nice cozy blanket on the sofa with popcorn and champagne(or sparkling juice) with your favorite romantic movie..

  334. Congratulations! I live in Michigan, so my suggestion would be to go on a winter hike, build a little fire, and have a little picnic roasting over the fire. We have done this and it has been a great time. Now if you don’t live in the snowbelt, you could still find a cool place to go on a hike and still have some type of special/unusual picnic. Enjoy whatever you decide to do!

  335. My husband and I recently celebrated our 36th Anniversary and since it was not a milestone year we had a quiet special dinner with wine at home. It was very nice!

  336. The 17th is my birthday! I will most likely eat cake but you and Scott should go to dinner and a movie or choose something fun that you both enjoy. Happy anniversary!

  337. I think a nice dinner that you prepare together of your favorite foods followed by a romantic movie and bowl of popcorn.

  338. Have a great party with the people who were your bridesmaids and groomsmen 31 years ago! Congratulations! April 5th will be the 50th anniversary of our first date and July 15th is our 48th wedding anniversary. The fun never stops.

  339. Happy 31st anniversary. First be thankful for the 31 years you have had together, then celebrate with dinner at your favorite restaurant, be sure to include a bottle of wine. If you are not too tired after dinner, see a show.Have Fun!

  340. I love that stamp set! Congratulations on the anniversary. I think a weekend on the beach. A nice, beachfront dinner, with a stroll on the beach. Walking hand in hand looking at the moon and the starts and listening to the waves crashing! (I’m in Flag, so the warmth really speaks to me at this time of year- ha!)

  341. Just stumbled on your post last week while looking for ideas fir a card.
    Love your work snd now I get your stampin pretty everyday.
    Thank you fir the inspiration.
    Happy anniversary!!!!

  342. I think a nice dinner that you prepare together of your favorite foods followed by a cute romantic movie and a bucket of popcorn.

  343. Dinner for two at your favorite place, revisiting your journey of 31 years and sharing what you mean to each other. Happy Anniversary!

  344. Happy Anniversary Mary! Here is a suggestion: watch the movie “The War Room” together, if you haven’t already seen it. It is a gift for marriages!

  345. Congratulations, Mary and Scott! My husband and I will also be celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 17th – 24 happy years for us! Perhaps a good way to spend the day would be taking a hike and enjoying the sunrise together… Whatever you choose, I hope your day is filled with love and wonderful memories, with many more to come!

  346. Happy Anniversary! It doesn’t really matter what you do you celebrate. Just be together. Enjoy each other’s company; pay attention to each other – no cell phone or TV distraction. Maybe a nice meal and a walk in the park would be in order. Enjoy!!

  347. Congratulations! Over this many years; most likely you have found your most favorite place to get away. Rest and relax. If possible, leave as much of the electronics behind. The email can wait and so can the phone calls. Wherever this destination happens to be, share your favorite bottle of wine and let your time together fall into place.

  348. Put aside time, money or bad weather. You both should revisit where your love 1st bloomed. To visit the old haunts, enjoying doing the silly things that were not so silly 31 years ago. Enjoy eating at the same places when money wasn’t as plentiful. Take a walk back it time….and at the end of the day thank God for all His Blessings that brought you together and your love for each other will only continue to grow. That would be my wish for you.

  349. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! A quiet, romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Spend the time remembering how you met and the wonderful years you have spent together. Best wishes for many more!

  350. Congratulations on 31 years! It might be fun to participate in a dinner mystery event or an escape room. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy every moment.

  351. Happy Anniversary!
    Go to your favorite restaurant. Have your favorite drink with your favorite meal. Top it off with dessert.
    Go home, watch a romantic movie and cuddle.

  352. Congratulations. Do you remember what you did on your 1st date?
    Maybe it was dinner and a movie, maybe just dinner and a long talk.
    You could recreate that date, or at least go out for a special dinner and reminisce about your first date, and why you have made it 31 years .

  353. What a wonderful milestone! Try to plan at least a week end. Choose a place you both enjoy, some activity that you both enjoy, a dinner that you both enjoy and share with each other some of your dating and early marriage memories. End your get-away with telling your partner five things you “like best” about him/her.

  354. After 31 years you’ve probably done a ton of fun things, it may be time to get back to basics. Quiet dinner before seeing a play. Don’t forget to hold hands and of course, handcrafting a sweet anniversary card.

  355. I believe you should celebrate your anniversary. love is the most powerful magic and to be able to share yourself with someone you love is so important. Happy Anniversary!!!

  356. Congratulations on 31 years! We will be celebrating 35 in July. I would thnk a getaway weekend would be a great way to celebrate. Just the two of you to a place that you have never been before but always thought would be fun to go to. No matter what you do, enjoy!

  357. Spend the day with each other doing the things you both love doing. Spending quality time with each other creating new memories makes for a more meaningful marriage. And don’t forget to tell each other “I LOVE YOU!”
    My husband & I will also be celebrating our anniversary on the 28th…43 blessed, loving & wonderful years together.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SCOTT & MARY!!! To many more wonderful, living years together.

  358. Woah – 17 giveaways? That’s got to be a record! I think you should go to Italy or Hawaii. You only live once! If you don’t have the time to get away for a week or two, you should revisit your first date. That always brings back the romance!

  359. I think you should make a list of the 17 best days of your life together. Hopefully that will take you on a delightful walk down memory lane, especially after you choose the first few “best” days. Maybe will lead you to look through photos and savor those moments too!

  360. You should spend your anniversary doing something you both enjoy whether it be a quiet dinner at a favorite restaurant or a walk through your favorite park with a picnic lunch.

  361. Sometimes just the smallest, simplest things bring us closer. Just spending the day together sharing your interests. 1) Sharing a morning cup of coffee/tea; 2)then going to breakfast; 3) walking through Lowes (or any store) hand in hand sharing ideas; 4) going for groceries and sharing the task; 5) taking a short nap together; 6) making dinner together; 7) sharing that dinner with a prayer thanking God for his blessings; 8) doing the dishes together; 9) snuggle and watch a movie; 10) saying good night with a kiss to your best friend. By the way…did I mention holding hands and sharing a kiss throughout the day is a requirement, as well as saying “I love you”? Happy anniversary and thank you for the opportunity to share my idea.

  362. Happy Anniversary to you both. My husband and I do the 31 (or how ever many years) reasons I love you.

  363. Spend the day together and talk about all that you are thankful for in your life.

  364. Congratulations! I think you should make those tags and put suggestions on the back ( some from you and some from your husband)for adventures you both like. Put them in a container and pick one for your anniversary plus future date nights!

  365. Congratulations to you both! His and her massages followed by dinner at your favorite restaurant (with Dessert) with no cell phones.

  366. Do something each of you like. You pick for him and he picks for you. That would be fun. Always look forward to seeing the cards you make.

  367. Our anniversary is in August and we like to drive somewhere a distance away. There we will hike and then have a quiet lunch usually outside and sometimes in a brewery. This August we will celebrate 56 years and hoping for more. Happy Anniversary to you.

  368. Dinner and a movie would be nice. After 31 years and as hard as you work something simple would do. PS My Win and I will celebrate our 57th on the 16th. Happy Anniversary!

  369. I think you should talk about the things that attracted you to each other back before you got married and the things you appreciate about each other now. Thanks for such a big giveaway. Happy Anniversary!

  370. Happy Anniversary! During the day, go for a hike. Afterwards go to dinner, and then a good movie…maybe in the comfort of your own home.

  371. You & your husband could revisit your first date spot or your wedding venue. Congratulations on #31!!

  372. Spend your anniversary doing something you love to do together, sharing memories of your 31 blissful years together.

  373. The Gem, Mineral and Fossil showcase is in Tucson until February 16th. You and Scott could have fun looking at all of the cool things that that show has to offer. If you see something really special, Scott could make an excuse to step away and go back and buy that special item that you saw. Top that off with a nice dinner.

  374. Love ? your blog! You always have great information and beautiful cards to inspire us. Thanks for all you do. Love these tags too!

  375. Hi Mary,
    Congratulations on 31 years of marriage! That is certainly a cause for celebration. Are you adventure seekers? How about a hot air ballon ride or skydiving? That will certainly get your hearts racing 🙂

  376. How about a day-trip (guess that depends where you live 🙂 into the mountains for some cross-country skiing, warm-up with dinner and cozy time around the fire at the lodge, then for a romantic night in with a great movie!

  377. Wow, Congratulations to you both! Great accomplishment and you are young enough to have 31 more years together.

    We just had our 25th and are going to Ireland in May. 31 years deserves a trip. I know you just had the Greek Isles trip, so that was wonderful. You live in a great part of the US. We love the SouthWest. A road trip would be fun. Lots of time to chat and just be together uninterrupted. New adventures and fun things to do. Maybe a visit to friends or family while on your adventures. A hot air balloon ride in April in Albuquerque, NM, would be fun. A trip to the Grand Canyon. How about Sedona and a “Pink Jeep Tour”! Or, how about cooking classes in Santa Fe, NM? Definitely, a road trip somewhere there in the wonderful SouthWest!

    Congratulations again. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and a wonderfully fun celebration!????

  378. Congratulations! Go for a romantic weekend away to the Sanctuary Camelback Resort and enjoy a couple massage.

  379. Since you live in Arizona, you have probably seen all the beautiful rocks there, so I would suggest taking a little trip to a nearby state to see what beautiful sites they have to offer. A mini vacation to celebrate your 31 years.

  380. Take a drive to Sedona and have dinner at one of their fabulous scenic restaurants! Although you could keep it low key and just hang out in your craft room— you have a pretty amazing view from there!

  381. Happy Anniversary!! My anniversary falls on the 17th also, but in July. Our favorite date is with our children and grandchildren to celebrate.

  382. Happy 31st to you and Scott. I love the idea of spending it at a bed and breakfast where you can be pampered. Pick a place where you can enjoy the scenery and walk to special places. I also like the idea of volunteering for a charity. Or you could go to Disney World!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win this stamp set. You are the best.

  383. On a sunset balloon ride with two champagne flutes, strawberries and a nice bottle of champagne. ❤️ Happy Anniversary! ❤️

  384. Aww that’s wonderful, 31 years. I think you should have a stamping night. Together.

  385. Happy Anniversary! that’s great. I think having a fun day together doing whatever makes you both happy (stamping??) and sharing this day with family and friends that you want to spend time with on your special day. what ever you decide to do happy anniversary!

  386. Write him 31 love notes, some favorite memories, some favorite character traits, hide them in somewhat obvious places so he’ll find them. Find on netflix or wherever, the first movie you enjoyed together and rewatch it. Or relive that first date. Eat dinner at your favorite restaurant, and end the day with ice cream at Baskin & Robbins 31 flavors! Most of all, enjoy the day like we all enjoy your beautiful creative ideas! Thank you!

  387. for the 17 days following your anniversary do something special with each other (it doesn’t have to be big) each day

  388. You need to celebrate by site seeing in your home town. Act like tourists. Eat wonderful food, buy something you would never purchase that reminds you of your special day. Take pictures of both of you at every place you see. Dress up for your day of site seeing. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your day together.

  389. You should celebrate in exactly the way and time that fits you best. It changes as we get older and as we move along in life so do whatever you feel like doing and enjoy each other to the upmost!!

  390. My thoughts for your anniversary is having a great dinner at a new restaurant while on a trip to somewhere on your bucket list. I it’s always fun to share new adventures!

  391. Happy Anniversary, Mary!! Spend it together just doing something simple; perhaps a picnic and a nature walk.

  392. You should spend your anniversary with a nice dinner out followed by a quiet movie night at home!!!

  393. Happy Anniversary Mary and Scott ? Revisit if you can the place where he proposed. After a beautiful dinner together talk about what makes you remain the couple you are today.

  394. First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Spending the day together topped off with a nice dinner out at a really great restaurant…..Include a glass of bubbly and dessert of course!

  395. Dinner at the restaurant where you celebrated your first anniversary. Have a wonderful 17th an anniversary to both of you!

  396. Congratulations! The traditional 31st anniversary gift is travel, but I think a lovely sunset walk along the beach after dinner could be counted. At this point in your lives you no doubt have all the stuff you need, so just enjoy each other’s company. Here’s to the next 31!

  397. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Anything you do together will be as special as the day you said your “I do’s”. Enjoy!

  398. Happy 31st Anniversary on the 17th of February! Do something that brings both of you joy. Even a nice quiet romantic evening at home could do that. For our 25th we spent two nights at a bed & breakfast and we were the only guests so we were spoiled by the owner. It was a nice getaway!

  399. Champagne & strawberries followed by a visit to the place where you decided that being together was the best place to be! Congratulations!

  400. A glass of wine and a nice dinner at home. Talking about the past and that the best is yet to come. We will be celebrating 49 years on the 20th just that way. Happy Anniversary

  401. Congratulations first! Our favorite way to celebrate is a dinner out in a “better” favorite restaurant. This past January we went back to the place we had our wedding. We ended up being ten family members and I felt like the day we got married, 22 years ago.
    Have a blessed anniversary.

  402. Happy Anniversary!!! Celebrate the day by spending the day together. Start with a morning coffee and go for a walk. Next go volunteer together at a favorite local charity. End your day by ordering in dinner and having a quiet time together.

  403. Congratulations. Cherish every day with him. I lost my husband on our 49 th.
    Renew your vows and recreate your honeymoon. We did that on our 25 th.. it meant so much more.

  404. My favorite way to celebrate anniversaries is to do something special and memorable together, be it a quiet romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant, or a special home cooked or take-in meal, or doing an activity together that you both enjoy. It’s the time spent together acknowledging the occasion that makes it most meaningful. Happy Anniversary to you and Scott!!

  405. I would think something like a long walk up Sabino canyon during the day and a quiet evening at home watching the beautiful Tucson sunset ( maybe sipping a nice glass of wine and enjoying some cheese).
    Happy anniversary- and many more ?M

  406. Happy Anniversary! Thirty one years is really something to celebrate. I think you should do whatever you did to celebrate your first anniversary.

  407. A trip to the beach! Long or just a weekend with lots of time walking that beach! And of course a dinner or two out at a relaxing restaurant.
    Happy Anniversary!

  408. Hey, Mary. Congratulations on 31 years of marriage! My suggestion is you take a ride for a few days, no certain road, no certain time, no certain place, take long walks, enjoy good meals, laugh and enjoy each other. Here’s to many more years! Thank you for sharing Stampin Up with us, your creativity is amazing, and sharing your blog candy with us.

  409. Just spend the time together and spontaneously do whatever your hearts desire. Take a drive, have dinner and look back at all the happy events in your marriage and family. You have been blessed beyond measure.

  410. Congratulations Mary and Scott. Consider an at-home couples massage to kick off your celebration. Of course, a bottle of Champaign might kick off the festivities. All the best to both of you and your family.

  411. Anniversaries should special..just the 2 of you. Nice dinner at home, good conversation, maybe a movie. A time to reminisce the past n look forward to the future. Happy Anniversary!!

  412. I have two
    1 relive the night he proposed to you
    2 a romatic dinner ,maybe a walk onbeach are park, and then cuddle up in front of fireplace.
    I think the second sounds best but thats me. congrats also

  413. Congratulation on your anniversary. I’m also a Wisconsinite. At the end of the month my husband and I get to explore your beautiful Arizona. Our weekend date will be exploring Sedona. I can’t wait! I would recommend exploring a new place and making memories with the man you love.

  414. I’m pretty new at crafting, but you make it easy to create beautiful cards. I love how clean and simple they look but also easy to follow your instructions.. Thank you for that.
    Thirty one years, wow, how awesome is that. How about you hire a chef and let him or her cook you and your husband an exquisite meal with wine and all, if you drink, or just your favorite tea. That would be fun.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  415. Stay in. Pop some popcorn or make your favorite snack mix and watch those home movies! I know you have them!

  416. First he should give you 17 roses and with each one put a note on as to how much he adores you or something like that then y’all get ready and go for a nice drive hold hands, talk etc.,then (he’s already made reservations)go to a very nice dinner then maybe after that go the movies or a nice long walk around the neighborhood. Happy 17th wedding anniversary, May God continue to bless you both!!

    • Sorry miss read 31 roses and each one tell something special about you and what he loves so about you.

  417. A weekend get away at a place you both enjoy. Just spending dedicated time together enjoying each other is so special these days. Happy Anniversary and many, many more to come.

  418. I suggest a dinner at a restaurant with a good view. Our weather is perfect in Arizona right now. Enjoy!

  419. Congratulations on 31 years together! (My husband and I will be celebrating our 46th anniversary next month!). I think the best way to celebrate is to take a special trip to a new destination, enjoy time together, and reminisce on the best parts of your years as a couple. Happy anniversary!

  420. Happy Anniversary! A cruise to Alasaka. We did this on our 25th, and it was the best.

  421. A cruise, but you get all those great trips from stampin up maybe it wouldn’t be that special

  422. Congratulations on 31 years! A wine tasting tour is always a fun day. If that’s not your thing, go back to where you had your first date. What ever you do, enjoy each other!

  423. Happy Anniversary!
    I think you should go Hot Air Ballooning to celebrate your milestone. What a fun way to celebrate.
    My Anniversary and my oldest granddaughters birthday is the 16th. Unfortunately she is down with the flu so our family celebration will have to wait a week.
    Whatever you decide to do for your celebration, have a wonderful, memorable time.

  424. Heartfelt congratulations on your 31 years together, God Bless. I think it would be great to have a personal chef come to the house and cook and serve you a wonderful, private meal, complete with wine and flowers. This would include the two of you dressing formally for your evening together — HOW FUN! Whatever you choose to do ENJOY! Here is to another 31 plus years together!

  425. Happy Anniversary! You could spend your anniversary making an anniversary card for each other. Wishing you many more years of wedded bliss!

  426. Many Congratulations to you and Scott, Mary, and thank you for sharing this very special date with us with this fabulous Blog Candy.
    As we get a wee bit older, I truly much rather stay home than going out and battling traffic and a crowded restaurant to celebrate such a milestone.
    So you and Scott plan a nice, delicious dinner, get the food and cook it together, perhaps something you both love to eat?
    Light a fire, curl up in front of it, open a bottle of wine or champagne to toast your life together and just enjoy each other’s company.
    Congratulations again, I’m wishing for you both many, many more Anniversary Celebrations.

  427. Have drinks on the veranda watching the sun set reminiscing about the highlights of past years!! However you choose to celebrate, it will be fun-Happy Anniversary!!

  428. You could spend time together like either sitting outside and watching the sky come alive with the stars or gather around a fire an roast marshmallows to make Smores. Have fun. love all the thing you show.

  429. With 31 years of marriage, which by the way congratulations!!! I will say you stayed in for a quiet night. Nice dinner, bottle of wine and a shared dessert

  430. Congratulations on your 31st anniversary!!! Can you go to the place where you had your first date, or where you married? How about together writing 31 new things you’d like to do this year, experiences you’d like to enjoy, places you’d like to go, and then do those things in the year before your next anniversary?

  431. Congratulations Mary & Scott! Enjoy dinner at a favorite upscale restaurant then go home and cuddle.

  432. I would spend the day hiking. If the weather does not cooperate I would go to play Laser tag with my kids and grandkids. I would get Subway for dinner.

  433. Congratulations! That is so AWESOME ! First suggestion: Stay the night at a fine local hotel, have dinner in their dining room, and take in a performance. Second suggestion : Cook one of your favorite dinners together and enjoy it in front of a fire sitting on a quilt. Best Wishes!

  434. Mary This looks like a fun stamp set. Thank you for sharing such a special occasion with your followers. Happy Anniversary to both of you?

  435. I think that you and Scott should go out to dinner and then a movie. Congratulations on your 31 years of marriage.

    • I think you should go to a nice Bed and Breakfast for a day or two. My husband and I just did our 30th and we went to a very nice B & B in Vermont it had a nice big tub and we had champagne and a cheese tray brought to the room. Very relaxing and the next day we took a long walk in the area and then went exploring for some covered bridges.

  436. Congratulations ! That is so AWESOME! Sometimes it’s a special treat to get away and stay the night at a nice local hotel, eat a delicious dinner in their dining room, and take in a performance. Suggestion #2: If you had rather stay at home, how about cooking dinner together and enjoying it in front of a roaring fire on a quilt. Best Wishes!

  437. It’s easy to think that in an ideal world, we would all pack up and take the most exciting, lavish vacation we could afford on our anniversaries. The problem is that sometimes jobs and finances don’t allow us to take an Instagram-worthy vacation every anniversary. Don’t discount how valuable it is to just get away from the everyday home routine for a few short days. Plan an inexpensive weekend trip somewhere you can drive, which will be memorable in its own way.

  438. One plan my husband and I always wanted to do for our 35th anniversary was to re-visit the location where he proposed to me. On our 25th, we went to where we met. However, due to cancer, I lost him during our 33rd year of marriage. So my suggestion is to possibly do both, if you haven’t yet. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy whatever you do choose to celebrate.

  439. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS, Scott & Mary!!! Thirty-one years is something nowadays!!! :)))

    I think it’d be great for you to each write down 17 things you adore about one another, or 17 of your fondest memories from your 31 years together.

    As you eat by your candle-lit dinner, you can alternately take turns telling each other what they are.

    God bless you both!!! :)))

    His, joy

  440. Hi Mary, do 2 special things for ya’lls Anniversary. One thing to make you happy and one to make him happy. It would be even better if you both liked the same thing!

  441. Love the look of the tags and all of your tutorials that you provide for us hobby crafters.

    • Happy Anniversary!? I would think you would be doing some of your favorite things together. Perhaps a night out wining and dining.

      • Hi,
        It’s not where you go or what you do to celebrate. The important thing is that you are together, sharing a special day. Wherever you go or whatever you do just celebrate the lasting love you have for each other.

        Cheers Shelley

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