Wish For It All Bundle Blog Candy Giveaway!


Blog Candy Mary Fish Wish for it All Bundle

A BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY! To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the Wish For It All Bundle from pg. 65 of the 2019-2020 Annual Catalog. The Wish For It All Bundle is also part of My Favorite Things from the 2019-2020 Annual Catalog (The Sleeper)!  You can see all My Favorite Things on my blog page here

Wish for It All Bundle Stampin' Up! Sample  Wish for It All Bundle Stampin' Up! Sample

Wish for It All Bundle by Stampin' Up! Birthday Candle Card by Mary Fish, Stampin' Pretty

You can view my card (above) using the Wish For It All Bundle on my blog post here

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my Wish For It All  Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing: Cakes, candles, cupcakes or crowns . . . which would you most likely put on a birthday card?

The deadline for blog candy comments is Friday, September 20, 2019 at 10 AM Mountain Time. I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Saturday, September 21, on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

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  1. Love the candles …. will go for all!

  2. Always birthday candles!! Of course, a crown never hurts!

  3. I love candles. Any size. Any amount. You could just have one or as many as you can fit!

  4. The crown for all my “princess” birthdays! The candle for a lot of birthdays! And the cupcake because it is so cute!

  5. Linda Sherouse

    I had not seen this awesome birthday collection and I am the person who sends out cards for my church!! Can’t wait to use the pieces to make a variety of birthday cards!! I am so glad you featured this set as I must have missed seeing it in the catalog.

  6. Tracy Brandenstein

    I just love your creativity! The candles are my favorite.

  7. My first thought was the candles, they are so cute. But I have always loved cupcakes too – I don’ t think there is a ‘bad choice’ with this set -so many options!

  8. Christie Chance

    Cake and candles! Always include one extra candle…..no matter how old there is always one extra candle “to grow on.” One thing I like about this set is all the extras…..inviting creativity, I love this set and it’s on my wish list!

  9. Sheryl Abernathy

    I love cupcakes, so I would most add those to a card. However, I love the way you’ve used candles on this card- great card-great inspiration.
    Thanks for all you do.

  10. Rosemary Sterner

    I just love the Wish for it all bundle! I would use every piece of this bundle. Its all so beautiful!! And that crown!!!! So elegant!

  11. Angelique Draftz

    I use candles after all, how can you make a wish without them? Additionally this birthday icon is gender and generational neutral.

  12. Cupcakes

  13. I love a crown or a heart on a birthday card ~ depending on who the recipient will be ~ thanks for this chance and have a wonderful day!

  14. Elizabeth Lewis

    Cupcakes. But the candles are perfect for holidays.

  15. Love these candles!!

  16. Janice Manning

    Definitely cake with candles, it’s birthday after all. I absolutely love the candle, it is beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.

  17. Cake I think! But, maybe those lovely candles…thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Maria Rodriguez

    Cake and candles are a must for birthday cards, especially cards for kids.
    This bundle is awesome for cards for “older” kids, these dies are so delicate and beautiful that will make any card look simply amazing.
    Thank you for the chance to win, Mary.

  19. clearly, cupcakes! stamp ’em, eat ’em!

  20. Candles would be perfect for any gender and age.

  21. I enjoy making cakes so it would be cakes and candles. I love the crown in the set and a crown is great for girls and ladies.

  22. Barbara Grothaus

    Candles! These are the prettiest ever!

  23. Cake with candles for wishes.

  24. My grandkids LOVE cupcakes, so cupcakes it is!!

  25. Deepa Lakshman

    I am a candles person for sure. It’s a birthday so it’s so easy for me to put candles on the card.

  26. Candles and cupcakes r my favorite. I’m crossing my fingers

  27. Beautiful stampset. Would love to win it.

  28. Candles and cupcake for sure!

  29. Carol Ann Runco

    Cupcakes are adorable. Love this set !!

  30. Yes, I do believe I need that set. I love your choice of colors!

  31. The candles would be my choice, but like the cupcake also. Thanks for the chance to win…

  32. candles

  33. Jennifer Nelson

    Definitely a cake because on your birthday you can have your cake and eat it, too!!!!! Thank you for your generosity, Mary!!

  34. There’s just something very appealing to me about cupcakes on a birthday card. So. In order of preference:: cupcakes, cakes, candles, and lastly, crowns.

  35. vickie Coberly

    Love the candles…soooo eleagant.

  36. Mary,
    I love it all! But, if I had to pick one, I choose cupcakes!

  37. Candles and cupcakes! Thanks for the chance.

  38. Cup cakes!!!!

  39. Candles on a card are my favorite. Since the majority of cards I make and send, candles are very versatile. Thank you!

  40. Why not all on a card! Let the Birthday girl feel like a Princess on her special day

  41. I would use this set almost daily since I make cards for several of my friends to give out to family and friends. Love your samples!

  42. I absolutely LOVE the different candle birthday card. The colors are so well coordinated and the sentiment fits well. I would definitely make that one, but you did a wonderful job on all of them🙂

  43. Candles

  44. Love the ornate candles!

  45. I would put cakes and candles and a big Happy Birthday on my greeting card for friends and family.

  46. Since I love cake 🙄, I would put cake on my card!

  47. Candles, Your card is absolutely beautiful. After seeing your card this went on my wish list!

  48. I love using cupcakes on birthday cards. So many different ways to make them and they never disappoint. Always turn out so cute!

  49. Priscilla Porter

    Cupcakes are so versatile! I use them for many different occasions.

  50. Michelle Holzmeister


  51. Cupcakes as I would start a house fire with the candles that would have to be on my cake. (56)

  52. My favorite, Cakes & Candles for sure.


  53. I would showcase the candles on a cupcake. I think the candles are beautiful (with the flame of course).

  54. I love to use cakes and candles on birthday cards. To me that signifies birthdays.

  55. Rosemarie Rohlfs

    Candles are my favorite for bday cards. These cards are all great bday winners.

  56. Sharon Hutchens

    I would Use the cake or candles. I think your card with the 3 candles is beautiful.

  57. Candles

  58. My favorite is the card you made with the three candles in different colors. I would go with the candles 🙂.

  59. Regina Van Lieu

    Candles and cupcakes are my favorite!

  60. Your card ideas always make me want the stamp set. This one is no exception!!!

  61. I would definitely use candles. However, this stamp set would be festive on any birthday card.


  63. The candles! And I love your card samples!

  64. The candles are my favorite but could see using all of them on different cards and on birthday pages.

  65. Bernadette MacKie

    I love the candles. I think I would use them the most

  66. Amanda VanHavermaet

    Probably cake AND candles! ❤

  67. Cupcakes!

  68. Linda Callahan

    Candles for sure!

    • Marlene L. Spiker

      I love your card with the candles! I wonder how it would look to do the flames in an orange? I would definitely try doing that. Thanks for the opportunity to win the bundle.

  69. I prefer the candles, but at my age, be sure to have the fire extinguisher nearby 😂😂

  70. I like to use candles with a ‘may all your wishes come true’ sentiment from the Bright Wishes stamp set. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  71. I prefer candles but at my age, be sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby!😂😂

  72. Mary Ellen Reeder

    Great cards! One can never have too many cupcakes or candles!m

  73. Faulba Dorsett

    I would put cake and candles. Your cards are beautiful.

  74. Jennifer Arent

    I default to cupcakes most of the time 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Ooh, Queen for a day crowns on your birthday card! Love candles too.

  76. Birthday, cupcakes, candles, oh my !! LOVE the delicate details of this bundle. Way too much fun ahead and ideas to create.

  77. I think all the designs have their strength, but the CROWN offers a particular interest to me. I have looked at several crown designs, and this one takes it to a new level with the detail. Thank you.

  78. Hilda I BonillaNazario

    Crowns, most definitely for all the queens on my family. Of course candles will be a close second!

  79. I’d normally just say “cake” but after seeing your candle card, that changed my mind! Candles! Love that card!

  80. Candles on a cake bring back happy childhood memories. Still enjoy birthday festivities with family and friends. Guess I will always be a kid at heart. Love the set.

  81. Cupcakes!! Who doesn’t love a cupcake?!! They are just so fun!!!

  82. Debbie Mallory

    It depends on who I am making it for. My granddaughter woul love the crowns. Anyone else I would ave to put cupcake and candle. Your cards have shown me how adorable this set is! Thank you!

  83. Candles look great on Birthday cards. Thanks for offering candy blogs!

  84. I like putting cake on my birthday cards…esp if I can jazz it up with some Wink of Stella!!

  85. Rebecca L Peterson

    I would do both. Very nice set. Different ideas for all

  86. We have ALWAYS put candles on birthday cakes, it’s fun to have the birthday honoree in the glow of that light while we all sing happy birthday and celebrate the day they were born! (Besides, when else would it ever be “ok” to have little kids spitting on a cake as they try to get those candles out, and we all still clamor to get a piece of it!? lol)

  87. Cupcakes and candles = classic birthday

  88. Marjorie Thatcher

    The bundle is lovely and would be a prized possession, however, what I really wish for is your creative talent Mary….I love the card designs you share, and I peek at your blog daily. Thank you!

  89. I would say cup cakes! There are sooo many fun things you can do with them.

  90. There’s nothing like candles to complete a birthday cake!

  91. I would definitely use a cupcake!

  92. I love this bundle. It can be used for more than birthdays.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  93. I love the card with the 3 candles on it. I normally put a cupcake on mine, they all are very great ideas though. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  94. My go to for birthday cards is candles….usually accompanied by birthday humor.

  95. I would make cards with cupcakes the most!

  96. I love cupcakes so that’s my “go to “ birthday

  97. I prefer to use cupcakes or crowns because of the endless ways to embellish. Great question.

  98. Birthday candles to light up the occassion!

  99. Kathryn Sienkowski

    Those are some fancy candles that I would most definitely use!

  100. Caroline Ridenour

    Definitely candles! Using these dies. LOL

  101. Cunningham Lisa

    I love the crown in this set, we are all a queen or princess in our family. You don’t have to be royalty.

  102. Birthday Princess crown!!!

  103. Cupcakes and candles. Then you’ll know it’s a special day .

  104. Candles of they are as pretty as the ones on the card you did!

  105. I love your candle card so candles it is!

  106. Has been on my wish list…candles are great for birthday cards at any age…and I love the crown!!!!!

  107. Candles!

  108. I love using candles and I am excited about the lovely candles on this set!

  109. Teresa Rexrode

    I probably use candles more than the others!

  110. Karen in Florida

    Candles!! And I LOVE LOVE these candles!!
    Thanks for the chance to win! They would make an outstanding shaker card!

  111. I use cupcakes the most. Sometimes they have candles. 😊

  112. I would put candles on the birthday card. Thanks for the giveaway.

  113. Cupcakes!

  114. Cakes & candles usually always on a birthday card!!

  115. Candles! (And balloons but that’s not a choice for this set!!) Beautiful dies! ❤️ Them!!

  116. I would use the candles on my Birthday cards. It is very different and attractive.

    Thank you for a great opportunity to win in the giveaway.

  117. Everyone should wear a crown! Love it!

  118. Birthdays should have cake and candles! Tradition! Its a challenge to blow them out as we get more each year!! So I say cupcake and candles. Those products would look great in our card ministry.

  119. Please enter me for this give away! So cute and i love how you do things so simply but elegantly!

  120. Trudy L Pehrson

    I love the candle!!! It’s intricate design is so impressive. Trudy

  121. First would be cupcakes….they look so yummy, possibly topped with candles.

  122. I think cupcakes! Lots and lots of cupcakes!

  123. Mary,
    I love everything about cupcakes and they are my favorite thing to put on birthday cards! This bundle is so versatile, allowing you to make cards for all ages!

  124. Robin A. Strege

    I have little girls who love cupcakes so I would definitely put those on a card!

  125. Candles screen birthday to me! What a great bundle.

  126. Karen Bongartz

    OMGEEEE I love this set and do not have it. I love how detailed the dies are. I mainly put candles and cakes on birthday cards. I love to make birthday cards the most of any cards I make.
    Thank you for the awesome opportunity to win this amazing bundle.

  127. I would use them ALL!! They are so versatile!!
    I would love this set! I overlooked it in the catalog! But with all your amazing examples I can see Now!! It would be amazing for a number of cards😍😍

  128. Cakes! I love using cakes on birthday cards!

  129. What a great bundle! Ordinarily, I would use cakes or cupcakes on a birthday card. But, with this set, the candles are to die for (pun intended!), so I would definitely use them!

  130. Michele Bunning

    My favorite thing to add to a birthday card is a cake.

  131. That is a sleeper for sure and so glad you pointed that one out! Thank you. I also subscribed to your blog – looking forward to spending some time reading through it.

  132. Sheryl Sgarbossa

    I love the candles on a card – the candles in this set are beautiful!!

  133. edith kornegay

    I would use the candles, they are very fancy looking

  134. I would like the candles on the card! Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  135. I love the candles as that’s where wished are made. Really though, what’s not to love about this stamp set?

  136. I would use the candles on a card

  137. Janet Mayfield Warthen

    I love everything you create! Your projects give me such inspiration!!! I would most likely opt for the Cupcake as I used to bake for kids’ parties before I got into Stampin’ Up. This set is so versatile, the possibilities are endless!

  138. Love cakes, but like cupcakes on cards as they are just so cute!!

  139. I love cupcakes with sprinkles and they come in so many delicious flavors! A candle or two makes it perfectly festive for any special birthday, especially whether it is a child’s first birthday or your great-grandparent’s!

  140. I definitely put cupcakes on a card. Just love them!!!

  141. Mary Fran Melton

    I love the candles, they would make such a pretty birthday card. Thanks!!

  142. I love to use candles and cakes on my birthday cards. The details in these dies are amazing!

  143. Peggy Hendricks

    I love cupcakes!! I would decorate a card with cupcakes for each of my 25 grandchildren!! Perfectly proportioned, cupcakes are ideal for any birthday party and for any birthday card. Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to win this great set!

  144. Candles make birthday cards for any age special!

  145. Deborah Erlinger

    I prefer crowns as we have 7 granddaughters and they love playing princess

  146. cakes and candles definitely scream birthday, but I would love to try adding something new to my cards and this would do the trick.

  147. Melanie Lempke

    That set is perfect it can be used with any theme with some creativity. I absolutely love it.

  148. The candles are my absolute fave. All your cards are gorgeous but my choice is the candles. Thanks, Connie Tomala

  149. I love the intricate design of this set❣️The candles are my favorite ❤️I love how you added bling to the candles❣️

  150. I always put a happy birthday on it and then I would most likely choose the candles although the cupcakes are very tempting A crown would be fun too.

  151. Those cute little candles would be the perfect gift for the birthday I just celebrated, 71 years young.

  152. They are all such super cute choices for birthday cards. My fav is the cupcakes. Every time I see cupcakes I immediately smile! That’s what I hope my card does for the recipient!

  153. Cupcakes! Everyone loves 🧁!!

  154. I like to use cupcakes with candles for birthday cards. The candles in this set are so gorgeous, especially the way you used them Mary.

  155. Shirley Madsen

    Candles. And cupcakes. By the way, your candle card is stunning.

  156. Love the colors because everything goes with cake!

  157. Charlotte Johnson

    Candles for sure on a Birthday card, thanks

  158. Lisbeth Lampert

    Candles, candles, and more candles! We all could use a “bright” message on our birthday! Who doesn’t love a reason to “shine”?

  159. Mary. Love your samples.
    I would never thought of making a cupcake with the doily… I think I would use both the cupcake and candle on cards. Tha is for making me think outside the box

  160. Candles for sure with this set! Thanks for these fun “giveaways”!

  161. I love the candles the most. I can see using them with flowers arrangement at the bottom. I have a granddaughter who loves to scrapbook with me and she is always making cupcakes to share so I know she would loves to make princess and cupcake cards for birthdays. The bundle has so many possiblities. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

  162. Love this set, especially the candles! Would use them over and over.

  163. Lynnette VanDerWerff

    Hi Mary! I tend to put more cupcakes on birthday, but would love to have this set to use the candles! They’re really unique! Thanks!

  164. Shirley Richards

    I would use the cake & candles the most & then of course the crown for the young girls I send to. With this set it’s nice to be able to have the think it’s to raise the items to pop on the card.

  165. Cupcakes are my go to for birthday cards. So I need something different to play with!

  166. Margo Bullwinkle

    I usually use candles and cupcakes. I also like to add balloons.

  167. I would put candles but they all coordinate so well together.

  168. The candles on the outside and the crown on the inside. So many possibilities.

  169. The candles on the outside and the crown on the inside.

  170. Connie Snowberger

    Hmmm…well, I’d probably do a birthday card with a cupcake and candles from this set, Mary. Love the openness and look of it. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  171. I love candles on a birthday card. I love this set! So beautiful.

  172. Kathy Patterson

    I love to use cupcakes. have several cupcake stamps. they are so versatile.

    • Patricia in California

      My favorite of the samples is the die cut candles! Beautiful card and generous prizes, Mary!

  173. I love the way you use the doily and Triangle as an ice cream cone. I love this set.

  174. Janet Swofford

    Such a lovely set! I would definitely use the cupcake and candles and it would be fun to play with the rest as well!

  175. Diane Doucette

    I think the candles from this set are so so beautiful! So much detail and so different from anything else I have seen. Would love to put them on friends birthday cards. Love them! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  176. I would be most likely to put cupcakes. They are cute and very versatile.

  177. Candles for sure! They are super cute and versatile for anyone who would receive it.

  178. I would most likely put the candles on a card, they are beautiful. Love the colors you chose. thanks for letting me play along for the blog candy.

  179. I would use the candle or candles for a birthday card. I see me using the candles more for Christmas and religious cards. The doilly would also be used for my cards and journals.

  180. The candles and cupcake are amazing! Such Birthday fun. Wishing for it all!

  181. Love using cake with candles.
    I have 3 and 4 year olds in AWANA and they love birthday cards.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  182. I’ve never put a crown on a cake but I’d bet it’s cute . I love to put cupcakes and candles and cake equal .

  183. I associate cakEs and candles with birthdays, I would be thrilled to use the crown stamp and die for a birthday card. Let’s crown the birthday king/queen as a saying inside.

  184. ellen smallwood

    Candles and cakes. especially for kid’s cards.

  185. Cheyene Hyndman

    I love the cake! It would be my favorite to use on birthday cards.

  186. Although the entire set is beautiful, I love the candles would definitely use the candles on a card.

  187. I love candles on a birthday card!

  188. Candles

  189. I would probably use candles the most. Thanks

  190. I love, love, love the candles!! Thank you!

  191. I like candles on my cake and on my cards!

  192. I love the candles in this set, so I’m going to say candles.

  193. I’m normally drawn to cakes and candles for my birthday cards. But for some reason I’m especially drawn to the candles in this stamp set. They look so fun.

  194. I love the candles and would use those the most I think. Marcee

  195. Juleen Henderson

    Definitely candles, especially the ones from this bundle! Your cards made with this bundle are amazing!

  196. I would use candles on a birthday card.

  197. YAY! I don’t have this bundle – so pretty! When I think about the cards I have previously made, I guess I am more likely to use candles. Thank you for the chance to win!

  198. Love making birthday cards with candles! It screams Happy Birthday!!

  199. Candles are a great thing for all generic cards…but I love the card and colors that you used on your candle card Mary!

  200. I do a lot with Cupcakes but I could see candles on my next batch! Thanks as always Mary for my chance to win.

  201. Just wanted to say that I like to put cakes on birthday cards since I have a lot of “cake” sentiments. I’m currently thinking about the design for a happy 100th birthday card for a patient who is celebrating that birthday on Oct 5th, world card making day… It needs to be super special!

  202. Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes with a candle on top.

  203. There’s no doubt about it for me, with this gorgeous bundle, I would love to use the delicate, lacy candles on a birthday card!

  204. My favorite to put on a birthday card is cupcakes.
    They just make me smile because I can make them sort of whimsical.

  205. I have to go with the delicate lacy candles and when you add the coordinating glitter enamel dots: perfection! What a beautiful card!

  206. Vicki McCollow

    I love this set! so many combinations. My favorite is the crown.

  207. I would most likely put a cake on a birthday card, with candles of course. This is such a cute set!

  208. Candles, for sure😊

  209. Definitely candles!

  210. JoAnne Chamberlain

    Love these samples!

  211. I would place those lovely candles on the cake. To me that says happy birthday!

  212. Marti Fahnestock

    I like to add cupcakes. They’re fun to decorate. So many color choices and fun embellishments. And lots of fun to give. Great bundle!

    (I left a comment earlier, but it doesn’t seem to have gone through.)

  213. I would use cupcakes and/or candles. Most of my family are not cake lovers. Many times cupcakes are served at birthdays and in one case, oldest Grandson, he gets blueberry pie to celebrate his birthday!

  214. virginia shuey

    lots of candles

  215. I’d really like to win this bundle, I make birthday cards for all my family and a set for my mom to send as well. It’s on my wish list!

  216. Tammie Koehnen

    Goodness I would put cake on a card made with this set. But those candle dies are a close second! Thank you for a chance to win this generous giveaway Mary.

  217. Janell Anderson


  218. Kim Davis Rabick

    I think I’d choose a crown because we all need to feel like princesses on our birthday!

  219. I was originally thinking cupcakes until I saw the candles in this set–so now I would say candles!

  220. Vickie Richardson

    I wish for it all!!! I’ve had my eye on this bundle. There are so many stamp and die combinations that could be used to make some really beautiful cards!

  221. I love the candles in this set

  222. Definitely cakes! However, a birthday cake is no good without candles, so I would have to have both!

  223. Oh, I Love the Wish For It All Bundle!
    I would use the cupcake on the birthday card.
    The reason is I’m known for my cupcakes.
    I bake them and give them out to friends and the local fire department.
    I love baking them and everyone loves receiving them.

  224. Denise Wekwert

    WOW! This definitely takes it to a whole new level. Love, love, love it!

  225. Great set, and beautiful candles. Birthdays are lots of fun to celebrate. Candles, crowns, cupcakes – use it all! Have fun with it.

  226. Virginia Authement

    Mary, I absolutely “LOVE” your “WISH FOR IT ALL BUNDLE!” A girl can never have too many “candles, cupcakes, crowns & cake! The more the candles, the more wishes i get!

  227. I think candles are the perfect touch for a birthday card. The candles in this set are just perfect!! Thanks for sharing an awesome set!!


  229. I like candles and balloons for my cards. What a great giveaway.

  230. Suzanne Fitzsimmons

    I would probably do cupcakes most of the time, since I do layouts and sometimes do ahead not for anyone in particular,. Cupcakes are always appropriate for any age or gender! Same logic goes for birthday cards as well all ready to go and grab one when I am in a hurry!
    By the Way…thanks for all of your great ideas that you constantly post for us to “case” or just get inspiration from! It is very much appreciated !

  231. Candles, of course! My husband will be 84 in a few short weeks. He does not care for cake or cupcakes, and a crown would not work. All the candles are going on his favorite: homemade apple pie!

  232. Candles, but this is such a fun bundle would love to use crowns.

  233. Love the candles! Would be great for Christmas too!

  234. I would definitely use cupcakes and candles on a birthday card. I think they work for almost anyone. Thank you for the chance to win blog candy, Mary!!

  235. I like candles. Perfect for any age.

  236. Linda Elerding

    I love the card you made with the dies! Your creativity with simple design and color is always inspiring!

  237. I adore this bundle….would share with my granddaughters to create simple yet fantastic cards for their friends. The candle is elegant.

  238. Cakes & Cupcakes for sure!
    Thank You Mary for always making us happy with your “blog candy giveaways”!

  239. I would go with the candles. They look so pretty and vibrant when cut out of foil or metallic paper, or even as you have shown on your created cards. Simple yet elegant! Thank you Mary!

  240. Hi! I usually go for simple so I’d probably put candles on a card. Thanks!

  241. Candles!

  242. Diane Valentine

    I usually choose candles….there are so many ways to show them.

  243. The words Happy Birthday as the rest of the card design reflex the person it is addressed to

  244. I’d most like use cupcakes and candles but do have a few friends who would love a birthday card with a crown. Or recognizing a crowning achievement

  245. I do Wish For It All…I am most likely to put a cupcake with a candle on top for a birthday card. I have been known to put all the goodies on a card. It’s just so much fun to play with all the stamp and die possibilities!

  246. Any age would love cake and candles, including my 98 year old dad!!! Thanks for the sweet opportunity to win such a gorgeous set.

  247. Suzanne E McPhee

    candles on my birthday card 🙂

  248. Cake and candles are always perfect!!! Love your inspiration, Mary!!

  249. I would use cakes. Cakes can be festive for men or women so I feel they are very versatile.

  250. Cupcakes for sure! Thank you for the opportunity to play!

  251. I love This Set! I would put a cupcake on my birthday cards! Who doesn’t love a delicious cupcake and these are adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  252. I would use the crown along with a sentiment “Queen for the Day” to send to my female friends.

  253. Stampin UP has so many nice birthday cake stamps and dies. I tend to stick with cakes for my cards.
    Thanks Mary for so many great card ideas.

  254. I love this set, and would most likely add a cupcake and candles. Your cards are always beautiful!

  255. I have used all of the kinds of things on past cards- cupcakes, candles ,pieces of cake. I would love the chance to use Crowns! Sound like a princess or prince type of birthday card to me! thanks for the chance to win this set, I can see why its one of your favorites

  256. Elaine Harrison Lane

    Candles are a must, even as I age, my favorite choice. I love the cut out candles with this set.

  257. Sherri Carlson

    I would have to put a cake, cupcakes and candles

  258. Candles. I love all the detail. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful set.

  259. Love your card ideas; many of which I CASE!
    I’d love the 3 candle card in the new In Colors. Thanks so much Mary!

  260. LaVonne Smejkal

    Wish For It All is a fantastic set! I can see why it is one of your favs!

  261. Shirley A Smith

    I would put candles on the card. Great giveaway! Thank you!

  262. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful set. It has been on my wish list.

  263. With this set, definitely the candles!! Love your candle card, especially the color choices!! Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  264. Kellie Neslund

    I like to put candles and cakes on the birthday cards that I make. I love this bundle!

  265. I prefer the cupcakes because…who doesn’t love cupcakes??? Young, old, and any gender can’t resist those delightful little cupcakes!!

  266. Cupcakes! So charming!

  267. Ines Abdelnour

    Wow! It’s beautiful. I missed seeing it in the catalog.

  268. Beautiful card, I love the colors that you chose. Would love to win, than you for giving us the opportunity.

  269. Just loving those candles!! Although the whole bundle would be super cute to use:)

  270. Candles are my pick for putting on a card…lots of candles! Thanks for sharing your lovely cards.

  271. Laura C.. (Former hobbyist)

    I truly love the elegance of the candle! It sparkles all on its own!

    • Laura C.. (Former Hobbyist)

      Sorry, wasn’t trying to double dip….. had an error message! Have a Stamp Happy Day!

  272. Laura Clements - (former SU hobbyist)

    I truly love the elegance of the candle! It sparkles all on its own!

  273. What’s a birthday without candles and cake? I would use both on a card and bright colors too.

  274. I Would Put Cupcakes An Candles… I Love Cupcakes

  275. Hi Mary, Thanks for the opportunity to win this bundle giveaway. When I make birthday cards, I love using the cupcakes and candles. So many cute ideas. Birthdays call for celebrations!!

  276. I really liked the birthday candles they really caught my eye. Loved the colors too! So many ways to use this stamp set, love it!

  277. Wow what a nice give-a-way! Thanks for a chance to win! I would most likely do cupcakes and/or candles on a birthday card. I love the cards you made with the set!

  278. I really love this bundle!! I sometimes use cake or cupcakes with candles on my cards.. just seems like they should go together for sweet birthday cards!!

  279. Candles are always fun to add to birthday cards – you can use as many or as few as you like.

  280. I’d find someway to put cakes, candles and crowns, all three, on my card! Why not REALLY celebrate!

  281. I vote for CAKE!!! Always central to birthday celebrations among my family and friends.

  282. I think anyone would make a lovely card with this set, but I would probably go with CANDLES.
    Thanks Mary for all your great ideas.

  283. Madeline Trainor

    Lacy candles 🎂 on my cake. I totally wish for it all!

  284. Candles! It reminds us to shine! : )

  285. What more could I wish for than to Wish for it All!

  286. I’m partial to candles for birthday cards with a great saying

  287. Definitely the candles…they are gorgeous!

  288. Definitely a cupcake with candles! Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

  289. Definitely, I would put candles!

  290. Good Morning to you all! If I were to make a birthday card, I would more than likely put a cupcake on the card. There are so many “sweet” ideas out there to choose from and create new ideas of your own as well. Good luck to everyone who is participating in this generous opportunity from Stampin’ Pretty, and Thank You!

  291. Thanks for the chance to WIN! Most likely cake would go on a card.

  292. Hi, Mary: Thanks for the chance to win this lovely stamp set! I would most likely put a cupcake on a birthday card.

  293. I am more likely to use cakes on my birthday cards this year because I am having so much fun with the “Piece of Cake” stamp set.

  294. I’d go with the cake, followed closely behind with the candles. They all look great!

  295. I really like the candles! Easy and elegant!

  296. Definitely cake (and for kids – confetti inside).

  297. Lisa Slonecker

    Candles! Love the design within the candles.

  298. Sandra Fritschi

    I would most likely decorate my birthday cake utilizing all the embellishments available to me. Picture this. On the cake would be another cake with candles and cupcakes in the corners and Happy birthday would be there also along with the birthday person’s name. Lots of color would be used with shading and texture. It would be oh so beautiful

  299. I try not to miss sending cards for birthdays, so this would be make it even more special!

  300. Actually I’ve used all of these on cards. It depends on who the recipient will be. I had completely overlooked this bundle, but it deserves another look. Thanks, Mary, for the chance to win this. Have a wonderful day!

  301. I would most likely use cake & candles on my birthday cards, although with this stamp set I could do all!

  302. Love your candle card, for sure! This is such a great set for all kinds of celebrations. Thank you for sponsoring another chance at blog candy; you’re always so generous.

  303. I would pick the candles for birthday cards. I enjoy helping others celebrate!

  304. Margaret Dougherty

    Candles are the image I am most likely to use on a birthday card. The candle die cuts in this set are so elegant!

  305. I would likely put the super fun cupcake on my cards, but all the designs are great! Such a versatile bundle! Thanks for all the inspiration, Mary.

  306. I LOVE this bundle! For my little granddaughter I would use the crown on her birthday card because she is our little princess. But, I feel like my “go to” is candles. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  307. this set would be great to use for both my granddaughters birthdays and scrapbook pages

  308. Michele Kramer

    I love the crown since we are all queens of Stampin.

  309. I love the candles! Thank you for offering this set.

  310. Probably candles. That card you made with the 3 candles. . . I LOVE everything about it! Those colors!! I absolutely LOVE this set! 😀

  311. Cupcakes!!

  312. You make it look so easy. I’m just learning this craft!! Thank you for the tutorials.

  313. Sherry Williams

    Definitely the cupcake look, it’s adorable.

  314. Marlene walter

    I would use the candles because it is unusual and has many color possibilities.

  315. I love putting candles on cards and making a joke about “so many candles, so little cake” or something about putting out the fire. I do love cakes, but candles are my favorite,

  316. The candles. crown and cupcake are all gorgeous, but I know my favorite (only) grand niece would love the cupcake. It looks good enough to eat! Adding the candle makes it even more impressive and, since she is a little princess I would have to stamp the crown on the inside message… love the whole set…..LOL

  317. Chris Galbraith

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  318. The candles! they are so pretty. I just love them. Thanks for all your hard work!

  319. I would put a cupcake on my card. Everyone needs a sweet treat on their birthday.

  320. Kelley DeCosta

    I would put the crown . I have a lunch group where whenever it’s someone’s birthday they get to wear the b-day crown. Everyone gets to have an extra special day.

  321. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I always get such great ideas from you!

  322. Cupcakes! Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  323. I love cupcakes with candles!

  324. Definitely candles and cake! May be the crown for a younger persons birthday!

  325. Morning Mary. I would put cupcakes and candles on a birthday card for sure.

  326. Sondra Swickard

    I would use the candles first. I love the idea of making them in different beautiful colors. I really liked the colors you chose for the card.

  327. I would have to say the candles are my favorite with this bundle
    thank you for the ideas

  328. I love this set! Thanks for sharing how versatile it is!!

  329. I would put candles on a birthday card…it says it all. Happy Birthday.

  330. I definitely would use the candles on my cards!

  331. I love the card with the candles. So simple but elegant.

  332. Dawn Mastriana

    I always like to have fun with my birthday cards. One year I put lemons or music or anything fun. My birthday is actually next week so I’m excited to see my friends designs

  333. If I only had one choice, I’d use the candles, Mary. Beautiful birthday bundle and sample cards too~

  334. I would put a candle on the cupcake.

  335. Joyce Lutterbie

    The more candles, the better! The glow warms the wishes!

  336. Why not put it all on the card? It might be a bit tacky but down in NOLA where I am from that’s what we do sometimes.

  337. I’d put cupcakes! Who doesn’t love a cupcake?! Love your cards too.

  338. Becky Robinson

    Probably cupcakes or candles! That is a fun prize, thank you Mary! 🙂

  339. I’d most likely use candles…this is such a cute set…love those candle dies!!

  340. Candles light up a card,therefore, my choice

  341. Carolyn Wagner

    I love this set. The candles are just so beautifully detailed . The whole set is awesome.

  342. Caroll halford

    I would use the candles, could even work for a sympathy card.

  343. I like putting candles on cards as they represent wishes for the year as we celebrate one’s birthday!

  344. Love those candles!

  345. Cupcakes! They are so festive and fun.

  346. I would put crowns on a card. That would be great to use for my sister, also as she lives Downton Abbey!

  347. Tammy Jo Tanner

    I would put on the candles.

  348. I would use candles and cupcakes. No sweeter way to celebrate a birthday than with cupcakes!

  349. Linda Anderson

    I would use cupcake (with candle) like your adorable sample because I make a ton of Birthday cards!

  350. Phyllis Werner

    A nice frosted cupcake with sprinkles makes a great birthday card (and you can add a candle on top). Great stamp set for birthday cards. Thanks for the chance to win!

  351. I love candles! It fits every age and is gender friendly!.

  352. I fine myself doing a lot of cupcakes and candle when I do a card. the ones in Wish for it all and so much prettier then the ones I have. Love the cards you made they are beautiful and fun. Thanks for sharing

  353. This is perfect for my family! Without a doubt the cupcakes takes the card! I love seeing what you have created and so appreciate you sharing your talent. My cupcakes will be pink with some music notes since my daughter teaches chorus at one of our local high schools. I love making encouragement cards for her kids.

  354. I would put the candles on a birthday card. I love them! Thanks for the give away!

  355. This set would make cute cards for young and old alike!

  356. MaryJo Miedema

    love the samples with this set

    • I associate cake and candles with birthdays so I normally have those on the birthday cards I create but this entire bundles screams Happy Birthday in such fun ways.

      • The crown, Definitely! It is “fancy” enough to match the other images in the set, but it is also a very “clean” design, very classy. It is what impresses me the most and, in fact, may be one of my favorite images in the entire catalog!

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