Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 Pockets Are Back In Stock! Save 20%!

Totally Tiffany Coupon Code 4_21

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for – the Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 pockets that I store my dies and embellishments in (photos below) are available.  Tiffany has provided me with an exclusive code you can redeem for 20% off on Totally Tiffany products.  I do not benefit financially from your purchases thru Totally Tiffany.  I’m just excited that Tiffany gave me a code for you to stock up and save 20%!
Apply Coupon  MaryFTT20 at checkout!  Expires 04/21/2019!
Totally Tiffany Pocket Storage
Here’s the direct link where you can order the Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 pockets:  Totally Tiffany 5 x 7 Pockets.    You can see them in action in this video at about the 7 minute 15 second mark. 
Totally Tiffany Pocket Storage CloseUp
The 5 x 7 Magnet Cards I use for dies (inside the 5 x 7 pockets) are from Stamp-n-Storage and can be ordered here:  Magnet Cards. 

Magnet Card Storage Solutions

PLEASE NOTE:  I receive a small affiliate fee when you use my Stamp-n-Storage shopping links. However, I can’t say enough about how these quality products help me stay organized and highly recommend them.  

otally Tiffany Pocket Storage Embellishments

I also use the Totally Tiffany 5×7 Pockets to store my embellishments as shown in the photo above.  They tuck neatly inside a drawer where I can easily see and grab what I am looking for. 

Totally Tiffany Pockets in Drawer



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  1. Love your organization ideas: what labels do you use to type the die names on your 5 x 7 Totally Tiffany pockets?

  2. Patti Corriere

    Tried to order these today with your coupon code but it said it has expired. Since today is the 21st I assumed it was still okay. Sorry to bother you but I really wanted to try these out.

  3. Thanks for the 20% coupon, Mary. I’ve been waiting for these gems to be back in stock, so I can try them. I already use the magnet cards from Stamp n Storage and love them, but it’s great that they fit into the Totally Tiffany packs. Can’t wait to try them; just placed my order.

  4. I love adding leaves and flowers to my cards. It always adds a nice touch to the card.

  5. Where did you get the labels?

  6. Deborah A Burdi

    Hi Mary,
    After seeing your Totally Tiffany email I wondered what you do with your retired dies, embellishments and ribbon? Do you move them to a separate drawer /container or put a colored dot sticker on their label? Apologies if you’ve explained this elsewhere… I did watch the video of your new craft space, but don’t recall if you mentioned it there. Btw, what an AMAZING space!!! ? I suspect you are even more inspired when you work in there.

  7. Thanks for the tip on die storage with the Totally Tiffinay pockets. They are going to be great. Do you have a special label maker you use?

  8. Cheryl goetsch

    I’m trying to order the 5×7 envelopes from totally Tiffany but the maryFFT20 code doesn’t work. Do I have the code correct ?

  9. I have a question not a comment. I have the stamp and storage 5×7 magnet cards, will they ft in the 5×7 Totally Tiffany folders?

  10. Are you able to purchase these if you do not live in the United States?

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