Stampin’ Pretty Poll – What’s Your Favorite Stampin’ Up! Green?

Favorite Stampin' Up! Greens

I have a new Stampin’ Pretty Poll for you! Which Stampin’ Up! green is your favorite? Please make your selection at the poll below and click on the “vote” button!  I’ll share the results of the poll in the near future and create a card using your top pick!

If you are viewing this post by email, please click HERE (or click the title of the email) to reach my blog and vote.  You cannot vote directly from the email.

You’ll see the totals once you vote.  The deadline for voting is Friday, March 15th at NOON Mountain Time.  The poll will be closed at that time.

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  1. EMERALD ENVY! Totally my favorite green !

  2. I love green, there are so many pretty SU colors. Old Olive is probably my favorite, I keep going to it so often.

  3. I think an underutilized color is garden green I would like to see more projects using garden green

  4. My choice of green depends on what I am using it for. Garden green is my favorite and seems to be most versatile. Granny apple green is never my choice unless I need to match DSP.

  5. Carol Carriveau

    Okay, I give up…I have to agree with many others, each green color has its place and time!!

  6. Carol Carriveau

    Interesting which colors that were oucked! My choice is Call Me Clover as it is, to me anyway, the true Emerald Green! But everyone has different ideas! Thank you for doing this Poll!

  7. Old Olive and Granny Apple are my favs though love them all as well

  8. The “favorite” green from SU is a trick question. Naturally is all depends on what you are designing. I am another demo and have been for almost 25 years .[They have taken away some of my favorite colors over time. That is another comment.] For now I will say that I tend to like lighter greens when I do Christmas coloring. Dark inks are great when they are used to stamp a scene or bigger image. Details show up but I always hated when my dark markers covered over part of a stamped image or made an image too dark. I have been looking for the perfect red and green colors.

  9. Georgia Tuttle

    It is a tie for me. Mossy Meadow and Old Olive will always be my favorites! Rich and go with every color…..can’t be beat!

  10. Old Olive is an oldie but goody. It’s been my go-to green for years, and is so versatile! It goes with so many colors, and every season.

  11. Juanita in OH

    In the spirit of truth I really LOVE all of these greens. I am a real Mom and can’t truly pick one, yet I did. Thanks for the fun.

    • Juanita, I, too, love all the greens. I find myself buying all the greens when they come out as new colors first, then filling in with the other colors. But I must say that Shaded Spruce is the green that I use more often out of all the greens.

  12. I love Mossy Meadow – I can get a dark image the first time, and a couple of lighter images from that color without re-inking by stamping a second time, and then ‘huffing’ and stamping a third time. BUT – I also love Old Olive and Garden Green. It’s difficult to pick just one! Oh, phooey! I like them all!

  13. I was going to say Old Olive since I use it a lot but Garden Green can be used at all seasons Christmas. Well I guess old olive could be too.. Oh I am not sure now lol

  14. Love the Garden Green for everyday variety of a green. Can be bright, bold and colorful on projects! I’m so hard pressed to pick a favorite, I love them all though!

  15. Velva Swindle

    Was so happy when SU brought back Mossy Meadow, the color that is so essential to winter evergreens and Is the most neutral of all our greens…..can be used with all colors. Love it!

  16. Velva Swindle

    Mossy Meadow is essential for winter evergreens and it shades with other greens while the lightest shades of green are used for highlights. Love Mossy Meadow and when SU brought it back from retirement, I cheered!

  17. Barb Hendrickson

    Lemon Lime Twist is actually my favorite, but since it’s retiring, 🙁 My choice is Granny Apple Green. I seem to reach for it quite a bit.

  18. Like when you do this. Good to see what others think about colors, DSP, etc. Thank you. I like Old Olive, but like all the options we have.

  19. Judy Jennings

    Toss up between Shaded Spruce and Granny Apple Green as both are quite versatile..

  20. Old olive, garden green, and mossy meadow are my usual go to greens.

  21. I like Mossy Meadow because it can be used in so many ways.

  22. Karen Saalfield

    Boy Mary, for me it’s really a toss up between Old Olive & Garden Green with OO getting a slight edge.

  23. I love the Old Olive. It’s so versital.

  24. It’s hard to pick ONE favorite! CallMeClover is good, Garden Green. It depends on the reason I’m using green!

  25. Geraldine Homenchuk

    Wow! That’s pretty impressive, but where is Lemon Lime Twist? Lol I’m hating to see it retire. Love it! This is great though. Thanks Mary!

  26. How can we pick a favourite green? I love all of them especially Lemon Lime Twist. Depends on the time of year!

  27. Kadie Labadie

    LOVE IT when you post a Pretty Poll. Have to admit…..Not a big fan of green ……. BUT…….Will also grab for the Old Olive. It’s a CLASSIC.

  28. Annette M Boisvert

    1st. Lemon lime twist ( not on your list. )
    2nd Old Olive
    3rd Garden Green

  29. I’m in love with Tranquil Tide !! Old Olive is a good second !

  30. Old Olive is my favorite – it seems to go with everything.

  31. Old Olive is used the most, although I also use pear pizazz frequently. (It may be retired?)

  32. Phyllis Moulton

    Love all the many greens, but seem to go to Shaded Spruce a lot recently.

  33. patti moffett

    old olive tranquil tide and garden green depending on the deason

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