New WOW! Video: 4 Tips to Make Your Cling Stamps Sing!

Watch my video demonstration above to learn four tips on using the new Stampin’ Up! cling stamps.  I have itemized them below, too!

1.  Line up and add stickers to stamps carefully. You won’t likely get a second chance.

2.  Keep the sticker sheet below cling stamps for easy stamp removal from the case.

3.  Remove stamps from blocks or the [Stamparatus] immediately.  If needed, use the flat “spatula” of the Take a Pick Tool to carefully nudge one end of the stamp and slowly pull the rest away with your fingers.

4.  Still too much cling for you?  Gently pat the sticker (on the stamp) on the back of your hand. This “dulls down” the stickiness but is permanent.  I suggest you try tips 1 – 3 first.

Here’s a Stampin’ Up! video demonstration with even more tips on how to manage your cling stamps here.

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  1. I didn’t see the need to keep the sticker sheet until I saw your video. BTW I shared your helpful video on FB to help stampers. Do you think it’s okay to use wax paper in place of the sticker sheet?

  2. Great clear and helpful tips, Mary. Great video! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Kathy Tabbers

    Mine always fall off my blocks. Any suggestions?

    • You will love the new and improved cling stamp stickers. For your cling-mount stamps (with stickers that didn’t cling as well), I suggest either removing the sticker and stamping with just the gray cushion on the block or no sticker. I do this with most of my cling-mount stamps. Others have had luck adding a tiny bit of snail to the sticker.

  4. Kadie Labadie

    Now that was a WOW kind of video my friend. Thanks for all the amazing tips and suggestions.

  5. Linda Riesgraf

    Great tutorial Mary. Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for video. One thing not working was closed captioned from the video. I clicked CC. It’s not working at all. I’m deaf. I tried my best when you showed about cling stamp. I hoped you will show how to use cling stamp with ink. I wanted to be sure how to use them and clean them. Thanks

    • Hi Rebecca: I’ll check into why the CC isn’t working. Thanks for letting me know. You use cling stamps to stamp in the same way as before, mounting on clear blocks or Stamparatus. Only the stickers have changed, not the red rubber. You can clean them right on the stamps or Stamparatus. M

  7. Very, very helpful, Mary! I wish I had seen this before I struggled with putting the “decals” on my new stamps. Why didn’t I think of this?

  8. Maria Rodriguez

    Mary, I’m so glad you shared this video, I was wondering why were my new cling stamps were so sticky after I put the decal on the stamp, I thought I was applying the decal wrong.
    Thank you for explaining the new stickers to us so clearly. 🌷

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