Blog Candy Giveaway: Happy Tails Cling Mount Bundle!

Win Blog Candy - Happy Tails Clear Mount Bundle by Stampin' UP!

 A BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY!  To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the Stampin’ Up! Happy Tails Cling Mount Bundle, one of My Favorite Things from the 2019 Occasions Catalog! 

HOW TO PLAY:    For your chance to win my Happy Tails Bundle Blog Candy Giveaway, please leave a comment HERE or at the end of this post sharing:  Past or present, what is the name of your favorite dog?  Feel free to share the kind of dog (mix, rescue, breed), too.

The deadline for blog candy comments is Friday, February 1, 2019 at NOON Mountain Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner later Friday on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!  Good luck and BOW WOW!

This blog candy giveaway received a Paw of Approval by my Freddie!

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  1. Such a beautiful card. I live in New Zealand and have a great demo who keeps me supplied. I love your cards and would love to see more of your work. Kiwi regards, Edith

  2. The kids are trying to talk us into getting a dog. My husband & I grew up with dogs and cats and we currently have a cat. Animals are like kids! Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. It’s hard to pick a favorite, we’ve loved them all tremendously. We are a Labrador Retriever family, when we lived on our farm I had to have at least one of each color. We’ve sinned moved from that house, and had 1 Lab left at that time. A year ago January, we lost our last boy Bear. My heart is still heavy missing him.

  4. Though I’ve been blessed with a few amazing dogs in my life, our current dog, Ashado, is truly the sweetest thing I’ve ever known. She was a shelter puppy, and, like two of our cats, is named after a racehorse. She is a 12-year-old Catahoula-Lab mix, and enhances our lives every day!

  5. Suzanne E McPhee

    Our family adopted a puppy when I was 12 years old and I named her Brandy – my parents would not let her sleep in my bed at night. She cried and whimpered to be with me. I made a spot for her to sleep in an open box next to my bed on the floor and I would dangle my arm down and pet her until she fell asleep. Loved her so much !!!

  6. Charlotte Ann

    Katie was a Griffin and Lab mix with such a sweet personality. Her expressions we’ll never forget. I’ll never forget that she tried to warn me something was wrong with my left breast by sniffing and resting her head on it whenever we sat out on the porch. That was about the only time I sat still. After my surgery and I came home and had a hospital bed. She laid beside that bed all night and checked on me anytime I made a move. My husband was her person of choice except when I was sick. We lost her her sixteen months ago. We’ve just become ready to get another dog. The new stamp set and punch would be great for cards and scrapbooking. I’m thankful to be able to do both again ?.

  7. Brenda Trimmer

    Fifi la Princess – a black French Poodle.

  8. We adopted my mixed breed dog 3 years ago. His name is Hickory…my husband jokes his middle name should have been bacon. He is a love!!!!

  9. We lost our 2 poodles last year, we had them for 19 years and loved them and now miss them very much. We came across an adorable Jack Russel, so Negan Joined our family and then along came a rescue Havernes (misspelled), Creece is a sweet gentle soul. The 2 play very well together and Creece lets the puppy win sometimes. They are so fun to watch. Negan likes to play with our 21 month old granddaughter, Negan will take a toy to Hope and together they will a have a tug of war game. Such fun to watch. Thank you Sheila

  10. My love for 15 years was Jeremiah, a buff cocker spaniel. Though gone, he is always by my side.

  11. Ellen DiStefano

    My German Shepherd, Rainer. Smart and protective (when necessary), she was the sweetest, friendliest and most intuitive dog I ever had. Every time I would get sick, she would curl up with me and stay by my side. She’s been gone 2 years now, and I miss her every day.

  12. We’ve had many lovely dogs over the years, but the one who popped into my mind was a neighbor’s dog who befriended my husband and I when we were first married. He would always show up at our door, come in and hang around with us for a while and then head home. After I had our first baby, he would come over and spend time keeping me company and amusing the baby. His name was Asbury and he was a beagle mix. Dearest dog ever. Sadly he was hit by a car and killed and I was the unlucky one to find him. It broke our hearts. To honor his memory, we got our own first dog, a beagle named Muffin.

  13. I don’t own a dog but I lived with my sister for a time and she had a dog named Killer that was the sweetest collie mix anyone could ever have. I always said if I was to get a dog it would have to be just like her.

  14. We have had a number of buddies over the years who were very special to us but if we had to pick just one, probably the all-time very most special one was a Rottweiler named Marta.

  15. Your website is incredible. I especially like the 1 minute to wow. Thanks for the chance at blog candy.

  16. Debbie Flattum

    My favorite dog was ‘MissT’. She was a chow/shepard/husky mix. Very gentle and lovable. I miss her dearly!

  17. My favorite Pal was my dog Levi. He was a Sha Pei, with a curly
    tail, and a brow full of sweet wrinkles. He was my constant
    companion, and he would come to the door and greet me when
    I got home from work everyday. I miss him still,

  18. Milo, our German short haired pointer!

  19. My favorite dog was named Mindy–she was an adorable toy poodle. My 2nd fave is the black lab we have now, Daisy, a shelter dog!

  20. I have a Golden Retriever, his name is Bo. He’s a wonderful, faithful companion and I love him dearly.

  21. Lindsay Roberts

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your generosity in hosting this awesome giveaway!

    My favorite dogs are mixed breed “mutts” that are rescued from animal shelters! In my lifetime, I have been blessed to have adopted 2 such dogs and they both changed my world for the better!! ❤️

  22. Hi Michele,
    My favorite dog is a German Shepard. I’ve had three different ones through my life. Their names were Tasha, Casey, and Kelly. I also, had a beagle named Molly who was also great!

    • I am so sorry Mary, I was just talking to Michele and typed her name instead of yours! Please forgive me!

  23. Sandra Tucker

    Our girls brought us a Christmas surprise 7 years ago after loosing our pet of 13 years. She had on a Mrs Claus red velvet dress and was in a large gift box, she we opened the box she looked and our hearts melted! We named her Holly. She is the love of our life!

  24. Fred and Barney! They were brothers and Pointers. We saved them from being taken to the animal shelter by their owner. They were the sweetest two dogs!!

  25. Denise Herren

    Picking my favorite dog is hard because I’ve had four dogs in my life and love them all, of course. But for contest purposes (haha) I’ll pick Pebbles! She was my first dog and my boyfriend at the time got her for me because I never had a dog growing up. The boyfriend became my husband and Pebbles moved with us three times. She even lived with a family friend for a time when our apartment changed rules about pets. I visited her weekly until we could move and got her back. She was with us through our two kids being born and lived to be 16. She was a shi tzu/poodle mix who started out dark brown with a black face and ended up light tan all over. She had soft wavy hair and was the cutest dog ever! Her looks were only surpassed by her brain. Pebbles was my best friend and true love and I’ll never forget her.

  26. Jane Trafton-Winch

    Currently, my favorite dog is named Anna (Anastasia). She is an Australian Shepard mix and she rescued me from the animal shelter! She is a hoot! But, when I was growing up we had a Boxer named Dozer. She was the biggest sweetheart, but everyone was afraid of her because she had an underbite that made her canines come over her upper lip – she looked menacing, but wouldn’t hurt a fly (well – maybe a fly!)

  27. I don’t have dogs, but the most unforgettable dog I ever saw was a Pomeranian named Foxy. She was featured on an animal rescue show and was a little doll. A man adopted her from a rescue to give to his girlfriend..

  28. My sister and I wanted a dog, but my parents weren’t going for it. One day we were at a friend’s house who had puppies that were a mixed breed. We brought one of the puppies home and luckily my parents said we could keep him! We named him Snoopy. He turned out to be a wonderful family dog.

  29. My favorite dog is the Jack Russell Terrier that I have now, what a personality she has!

  30. Wanda Griesheimer

    My favorite dogs name is Max. He is a Burmese/Rottie cross and is 11 years old. He’s a great boy!!!

  31. My favorite dog is my daughter’s dog, Moxie. She is a Sheltie. Always keeps tabs on where everyone is in the house. She stays right with the family. Mostly she’s content to relax all day, but the moment “walk” is mentioned she is up and stretching and ready to go!

  32. Cenie Simmers

    My favorite dog was a coal black chow. She had the sweetest personality. I miss her so much.

    • Cenie Simmers

      Was I supposed to give her name? We called her Joybear. Cause as a baby she looked like a little bear.

  33. Deborah Keizer

    Our dog was named Missy. German Sheperd Mix. My husband brought it home from a neighbor who had 6 week old pups and the mother had been killed by a feed truck. she was a wonderful watch dog and loved our children. Lived to be 14 years old. I would love to win that stamp set.

  34. Sheryl Cushman

    My favorite dogs’ name is SNUGGLES. a little over 5 1/2 yrs ago, my sisters dog had 5 puppies. I was there when they were born. A few days later I was able to pick up this pup (she was the runt of the litter), and when I held her, she snuggled right into my chest. I told my sister, she is mine and her name is SNUGGLES.
    Thanks Mary for the opportunity to win this bundle.

  35. I am a pug girl. I can’t say that I have had a favorite but Ralphie was my first awesome pug and now I have the awesome Lillie and Bo.

  36. Our dogs name was Frits IV (we have had 4 of them) & he was a Westie, sorry to say he had to be put down a few months ago.

  37. Scooter is a pit mix dumped on a country road near our home 6 years ago. He was covered in mange and had a damaged tail. We worked with him and he now has a healthy thick coat of black and white hair and is a very smart and loving companion to our family.

  38. Scooter is a pit mix dumped on a country road near our home 6 years ago. He was covered in mange and had a damaged tail. We worked with him and he now has a healthy thick coat of black and white hair and id a very smart and loving companion to our family.

  39. Louva was my first dog. Rescued shepherd mix who had been abused. It took us forever to gain her trust but what a loyal girl.

  40. Lucky was a crosbreed fox terrier tiny bundle of fluff. She was a gift from the chap who ran over Scamp. I was 4 and was present when the sad event occurred. Mr Galiana’s Circus was our family read book at the time and Lucky was a wonderful circus dog. She lived to a ripe old age and was the most playful, happy companion. Only drawback… she loved rolling in cow manure!

  41. One of my sons has 5 dogs- all rescued animals,dog stamps are important. Love how your cards are always simple and yet spot on. Many thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

  42. Over the past 25 years I’ve adopted 6 mixed breed dogs from our local animal shelter. Their names are Jasmine, Lucy, Charley, Ginger, Manny and Starr. I really can’t choose a favorite because I’ve loved them all and miss the five who are no longer with me. Starr has been with me since Aug 2016, and we enjoy our time together.

  43. My wonderful pet’s name was “Molly”. She was a sweet, loving Coonhound Mix. She actually rescued us. My husband found her over 7 years ago, at the age of 2, staring at the pond by his work’s garden. Long story short, she became part of our family shortly thereafter and brought us so much love and joy for 7 years until, so unexpectedly, she fell ill and we had to put her down August 31st. She was the most beautiful girl! I believe she was mixed with German Shepard.

    If I were to win the bundle, I would love to create cards, tags, bags, etc., using the bundle and donate the items to our local pet shelter so that they could sell them to help support their wonderful mission.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this Blog Candy Drawing.

    I love your work. Your attention to detail and the use of colors is beautiful.

    Thank you,

  44. What a great bundle!
    We had a springer spaniel named Samantha, or Sam. Truly the sweetest and best dog in the whole world. She lived a long life to 18 years. Miss her much.

  45. Sherlock was the name our kids gave the Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix puppy we gave my husband when he retired after 30 years as a police office/detective.

  46. Our last 2 dogs have always been favorites! First was “Cleo” short for Cleopatra and Second was Hailey. Cleo was a spunky Beagle and we rescued her from a puppy mill. Hailey was a beautiful Lab, who I was fortunate enough to work with the owner of her mom, Hailey was the Red Fox color which was so beautiful!

  47. The dog I hold dearest in my heart was named OJ. He was a Pekinese/Lhasa apso mix with quite a personality!

  48. Maureen Preston


    • Maureen Preston

      Skippy was a blind rescue dog that I adopted. He has passed away but was such a sweetie. He was found in a local park on a hot summer day with a sweater on.

  49. Shannon Passey

    We raise Cocker Spaniels, my favorite dog I raised from birth was Copper, He loved my newborn son from day one. Copper was my sons protector, One evening my two year old son was playing out in the yard, It was one of those evenings where my husband thought I was watching him and I thought my husband was watching him. Suddenly I noticed my two year old was no where to be found, I was frantic looking for him, We found him across the street and down the block in the yard of an abandoned house, I realized that Copper was also missing and I proceeded to call the dog, He walked out to the street and alerted us as to where he was but he would not leave my sons side, he knew my little boy was somewhere he should not be and he was protecting him until we came to pick them both up. He will always be my favorite. Copper went blind at a very young age but that never slowed him down he would walk around with us all around our small town and he always knew his way home.
    He was a true “Lassie” dog and I miss him everyday.

  50. Georgia S Gallman

    Best dog ever–our Heinrich, aka ‘Heiny’–a Black and Tan dachshund who thinks he is a real boy!

  51. edith kornegay

    My favorite was my daughter’s dog named Pam. She was mixed breed Chihuahua and the prettiest black you ever saw.

  52. Teresa Bozzetti Bartley

    My favorite dog was Liberty- she was the sweetest Rottweiler, ever- a big black lover bear.

  53. Marylou Keefer

    My favorite dog was named HOPE. She was given to me by my daughters after I finished my cancer treatments. At first I thought How can I take care of a puppy now? But she was a great helper. Unfortunatey we lost her 2 years ago to cancer. I still miss her.

  54. Duke, our Austraian Shephard, who is in doggie heaven. We now have 2 dogs- Daisy, half Australian half Sheltie, she is 13 and Hondo, half Springer Spaniel half Border Collie, he is 2. All these dogs were/are great and loved to pieces.

  55. I just left a comment but I hadn’t read that I was supposed to tell you about our dogs. I was so excited to win this set I didn’t read the whole post. My son’s dog is a rescue mixed breed named Straight A’s because he is perfect. My daughter-in-law would take him to the library where she worked to be a reading buddy for kids. My daughter just adopted a retired racing Greyhound. His name is Puck from Midsummer’s Night Dream. Our family had a German Shorthair Pointer. Her name was Millie, just like George and Barbra Bush’s dog. We were heart broken when she died at age 11. Thanks again for the giveaway.

  56. Thank you for this give away. This set is so adorable. I have two grand puppies and I would love to make cards from this set for their parents.

  57. My childhood dog Pixie, she was family! Pixie was a cocker spaniel and terrier mix. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win. Have a great day.

  58. Pat Grajewski

    We had an Irish Setter we named Sham. He was a wonderful dog.

  59. Marsha Stehle

    I have a Boston Terrier mix named Cali and she is six years old. She is definitely a lap dog! Her favorite play time is barking and chasing the vacuum cleaner. She always joins me in my craft room when I make my cards.

  60. My first Bichon was a little guy in a pet store. I could’t wait to get him out of there. We named him Rags

  61. Our baby was Rex, a Golden Lab. Love your card. Its always so sad when you lose your dog.

  62. Maxine is our wonderful chocolate lab rescue. We think she’s about 6 but we have had her almost 2 years. She is gentle, sweet, and loving and has been a blessing to our family as she enriches our everyday lives. She seems to love it here. She especially likes neighborhood walks and like every lab, food and treats. ❤️

  63. Our big baby was Rex, a Golden Lab. Thanks for the chance to win this fun set. Love the card you made. always a sad day when your dog dies 🙁 .

  64. I have had many dogs in my lifetime… Dachshund, German shepherds, Corgi, My favorite was Sadie, a husky mix. She lived to be 17 years old. Thanks for the chance to win! Love the new Happy Tails stamp set.

  65. My brother and I had a cocker spaniel named DoDo (like the extinct bird) when we were little. When hubby and I married we got a little rat terrier that we named Tippy. Those are the only two dogs I ever had. But we have had three cat babies who have all passed away. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. I just read a comment left by someone mentioning the name of their dog, Digger. That brought back the memory of two of our dogs from the past: Digger, a beagle who barked ALL the time cuz that’s what beagle’s do, and Jack, a coon hound who barked when he was treeing. Fond memories…

  67. We’ve only had 2 dogs during our 24 years of marriage. Jojo Pototo was a lab/dalmation who lived to be 15 and Macy, a mini pincher/beagle, who is currently 7. Both were rescues and have been the sweetest dogs ever. Even though Jojo has been gone for 6 years, I still mistakenly call Macy, Jojo by mistake a couple of times per month.

  68. Lucinda Brown

    Our son and his wife had a dog named Reebok, because they went through so many sneakers as athletes at Illinois State….I loved that dog.

  69. Our Australian shepherd, Bandit, was my favorite. We miss him dearly. Now we get our doggie fix when hiking in the parks.

  70. How to choose just one? Impossible as each dog is so unique. The first was Timber, my childhood dog who taught me not to be afraid of dogs in general. Then their was our first”child” Thorin, a stray from the pound that was a beagle-wired haired terrier mix. Then our beloved Jennifer, a sheepdog- black lab mix. Another unwanted dog. And now I have my sweetheart Emily Elizabeth, a dachshund- Jack Russell. Yet another stray who is probably the smartest dog we have ever had. So blessed they have been in my life!

  71. My favorite dog was Astro. We had him when I was a kid growing up. He was a tall white mutt. He looked just like the dog Astro from the cartoon ‘The Jetson’s’ and thats how he got his name!

    If I had to choose a favorite fictional dog though….hands down it would be America’s favorite beagle…..SNOOPY!!

  72. Susanne Crane

    “Taffy” was the name of my very first dog that was totally mine. She was a pound puppy mix so I never knew her breed. But that didn’t matter because she loved me and I loved her!

  73. Hi Mary, a sweet little dog named Pedi, when I was a little girl, I’m not sure of his bred, He was brown and loved so very much by me!
    thanks for the chance to win this bundle.

  74. My mom’s senior pekingese, Sophie is absolutely the best. She loves to go for walks just to smell the flowers, standing on her tiny back legs to put her nose right into the center. It’s adorable to watch!

  75. Peanut was the first dog I had as a child. He was a Terrier and would let me dress him in doll clothes, put him in a doll carriage and push him around the neighborhood! What wonderful childhood memories!

  76. I grew up with a dog named Diablo. He was half Norwegian Elkhound and half German Shepard. He looked very much like an elkhound, colored black, gray and white, with a full curl tail. We also had his littermate, who looked very much like a smallish German Shepard, black, brown and tan, with a straight tail. You’d never know they were full brothers.

  77. Nellie, she is a pure black lab. She is surviving the cold winter here in Minnesota.

  78. Bashful & Sunshine was a pair of puppies we got for our two sons many years ago. They were so cute and funny, we got them from my niece and I guess they were called sooners. The Vet said they had border collie in them. The sweetest picture just stays in my memory is when Bashful had a litter of 11 or so puppies, boy were we in shock. She had them and then moved them next door to our neighbors backyard under a car that my he had parked and when they got a little older moving around they would follow their mom across the yard to our house. It was a happy time until we had to find homes for them.

  79. We inherited our childhood dog, Sandy, from a friend who could not take care of her. She put up with so much! We would bandage her, and hug her (probably too hard!), but she tolerated it all. She was supposed to be an outside dog, but we campaigned until she was in the kitchen, then the dining room, and when she made it to the living room, my dad knew he had lost! Such a sweet dog. Thank you for inviting those memories. 🙂

  80. Jeannette Pessaro

    Marley, she got me through a pretty rough depression and is always sitting with me.

  81. Pudgey…best dog ever! Of course I loved all the pets I’ve ever had but he was special….my first dog. He was a rescue mixed breed….we never really knew of what. But the absolutely cutest thing!

  82. Nancy Overton

    We had a West Highland Terrier named Button, becuase she was “as cute as a…”. She was by far my favorite of the 4 dogs we have had in our 45 year marriage.

  83. I have had many puppy dogs over my lifetime and they all had a big piece of my heart. The one I have now is Moses. He is a black lab/boxer mix and such a sweet heart.

  84. Laurel LaJoie

    Isabelle Rose my sweet cocker spaniel is my hiking and snowshoeing buddy and I can’t imagine life without her. She is family.

  85. Carolyn Wagner

    I love this stamp set – Happy Tails and the punch. The card you did is adorable using the Gingham paper. And using the color you did just made the whole card stand out. My favorite breed if dog is the Golden Retriever , My golden passed away and his name was Spud- loved him dearly.

  86. Teresa chavez

    This is such a great set and love that it comes with a punch! My favorite pup is a split between an Australian Shepard, Smokey(my childhood dog)…or my parents’ lab Sampson.

  87. Rigby was our beloved Golden Retriever.❤️??

  88. I actually have never had a dog.

  89. Maria A Rodriguez

    Oh WOW!! hard to decide which dog from the parade of doggies that lived with my siblings and me as a young girl and later, after I got married, is my favorite.
    We had dogs of all shapes and sizes, mostly mutts, all of them beautiful and loyal and sweet as can be.
    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome blog candy, Mary.

  90. We have five fur babies and all are rescues. We have Chihuahua mixes to a Beagle Hound mix. Two girls and three boys (Junior, Ivy, Leo, Dakota, and Poncho). Always rumbus time at my house. But, love them all.

  91. I love all ur posts. Always read them and am so inspired. My 2 favorite dogs (can’t choose) were Sammy and Cookie. Still love and miss them so much.

  92. My favorite was Charger. A big old Irish Wolf hound Collie mix.

  93. Debbie Williams

    Gracie is our Cockerpoo puppy, she’s nine months old and has brought lots of much needed love and laughter to my house, particularly for my daughter (who’s dog she really is). We bought her for my daughter to keep her company when her fiance was killed in a hit and run last year, but actually she has probably saved us all… her complete devotion and love helps us through the dark days and her funny antics make us smile and laugh, she always seems to know just the right time to do something funny! she is so gorgeous she literally makes my heartbreak with love for her!

  94. My favorite dogs are the Poodle, I have a Black Poodle, which he like to be addressed by Uncle Benny! He will ignore you , if you call him just Benny! He’s quite the cleaver one!
    When greeted at the door, instead of trying to squeeze through my other doggie, he decides to climb over her, she makes like two of him.
    Everyday, he amazes me somehow! He cracks me up, when he knows it’s mealtime…he will go to his bowl, and put his paw on the bowl, like telling me to hurry up, I’m hungry!
    I think he knows how to tell time too!
    He and my other doggie ,(Alpso), bring so much happiness to my life!!

  95. Eileen McClean

    My favourite dog is a go,den Labrador named Jameson.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  96. We have a rescue who is mostly beagle named Henry. He is the sweetest dog who only wants to be petted.

  97. Debbie Hutchinson

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle – it’s currently on my “next order” list!

    The best dog we ever had was named “Dog” – so named by my husband who named him after John Wayne’s dog in the movie “Big Jake”. Our Dog was really special and very smart.

    Our current dog is a rescue named Sunshine. She is deaf and knows sign language. It has been a bit of a challenge to train her but we discovered that she’d had some sign language training in her previous life, so we’re now trying to learn what she already knows.

  98. My favorite dog name is Lane Worsham Field Dominicci….my “grand dog”. My daughter (as well as 7 others in my family) is a graduate of Virginia Tech as well as a HUGE Virginia Tech Hokie fan….so of course she had to name her little Pomeranian doggie after the football stadium…..which is probably better than her nickname….Fluffy-butt.

  99. Man’s best friend – I love the Golden Retrievers. A beautiful and loving pet.

  100. I am such a dog lover. Really miss my mini schnauzer. Lost Fritz tragically. The second one, Max, was almost thirteen but even that wasn’t long enough. Now I get my doggie fixes whenever possible, especially with a sweet rescue granddog.

  101. I actually have two favorite dogs. a Lab named Ryley and a Maltese named Maggie. I would have a house full of dogs if I could. 🙂

  102. My poodle, Shiloh, is smart as a whip and my constant companion! He came into my life as a Christmas present 5 years ago when my husband had to work out of town for a year, and he adopted him for me to keep me company while he was gone. I laugh when my hubby first got back home, because when he would tell Shiloh to do something, he would look at me first to see if he really had to! 🙂

  103. I have a Cavalier King Charles and her name is Annie, She doesn’t know a stranger _ they are friends she hasn’t met yet. She thinks Cheerios are treats and her goal is to catch one of the resident seagulls. Her love is unconditional as is mine for her.

  104. Carrie Zastoupil

    I truly enjoy all that you share! My sweetie Piper the mini schnoodle is my stampin buddy!

  105. My favorite dog was a half breed chihuahua born with a broken tail…..I named him “Baxter Bent Tail” …or Baxter for short!

  106. I really miss my little Mykinzee so much. With my back condition I wasn’t able to take care of her, so I gave her to a family who love her as much as I do.

  107. Love your card. My favorite dog and only dog is a lhasa and his name is Bradley. He is our four legged family friend. Thanks for a hane to win this lovely stamp.

  108. Claire Snyder

    The sweetest and smartest miniature schnauzer in the world–Yogi. I miss him dearly.

  109. Ahhh, it has to be Lucky, blond, long hair chihauhau
    (he was D.O.A.-breeder did mouth to mouth-revived him-my son bought him for his sister-flew him down to AZ from WA)

  110. Ginger

  111. Carol Hassberger

    I love your cards, your blog, and Freddie!

  112. Beverly Spilseth

    I absolutely love my Bentley❣️ He’s a four year old Australian Labradoodle & loves to lay at my feet while I make cards!

  113. Let me tell you about dog! On July I, 2018, I saw this dog running wild on a State Rt, road in front of my house. I opened my van door. He jumped onto my lap and laid his head on my shoulder. I was hooked but felt I needed to try to locate his owner. I posted his picture on FB and received a response from someone who knew this dog. Seems his owner did not want him anymore because he was getting too big for her apartment. So she “dumped” him. Turns out he is a Bernese Mountain Dog she had named Baxter (I had been calling him Buddy). He is one year old now and big and beautiful! My husband and I own a dairy farm and he loves running, swimming, playing, going to milkings and hugs. I love him so much! If I win this Stampin Up stamp set, I will use it to introduce Baxter to the world!

  114. That is one of my favorite in the Occasions catalog. We had “Reggie” for almost 16 years. A very sweet English Cocker Spaniel that we lost almost two years ago.

  115. Renee Chambers

    When I was young my Mom took care of sn elderly lady. She had several dogs. There was a dog that she had named Blackie. For some reason, I just loved that dog and knew I wanted a dog just like him.
    Fast forward ahead to my 25th birthday. My husband and I went to the local animal shelter. In one of the pens there was a group of puppies. There was this little black puppy scared to death hovering in the corner.
    Needless to say, we walked out with a very sweet, but scared little black puppy.
    I had the name Otis already picked out. Well, Otis was actually a girl, but I just loved that name so she was stuck with a boy name.
    When I told my Mom she couldn’t believe I named her Otis. Otis was my first dog as a grown up. She lived for 15 years before she got sick. I ended up having to put her to sleep. It broke my heart. We also had a Boston Terrier that we got from a friend of my husband. They needed to find a home for her. She was the cutest little puppy. We named her Milo. Otis didn’t love Milo when we first brought her home, but she learned to tolerate her.
    Milo was with us for 12 years. I was heartbroken when I had to have her put to sleep, but she was very sick. It took me 2 years to get to the point where I was okay with getting another dog.
    My husband got Lizzie for me from the animal shelter for a Christmas present.
    She is 6 now and can’t imagine my life without her. It took me several days to name her. I wanted to name her Lucy, but a relative had a daughter named Lucy. I didn’t want to offend them by naming our dog Lucy.
    I finally decided to name her Lizzie.
    All 3 dogs have been such loyal companions. They each have a piece of my heart forever!

  116. Bub, a mix who looked like Old Yeller. He just wandered in and decided to stay.

  117. My current Basset Hound Abby. She’s the sweetest!

  118. Sherri Carlson

    My favorite pets name was Idibiddie(like itty bitty) she was a miniature pinscher & weighed only 8 lbs.

  119. without dis-respecting my current dog, I have and will always love my Alex (Alexander Adrian). he was my one only full breed dog, (the
    rest are rescues) and he was a scottish terrier. even today, the Scottie breed is my favorite.

  120. Ninamarie Coulter

    My husband had a dog named Chico and I had a dog named Chaco.

  121. Such a cute combo

  122. We had a pug and her name was Madison. Sadly we lost her 4 weeks ago but she gave us so much love for 15 years. Miss her everyday!

  123. My husband and I have two sons, so we got a baby girl (almost 15 years ago). Her name is Princess Cotton Candy. ?

  124. Xena, the warrior princess, She was a very large black Lab.

  125. Thirteen year old Molly has my heart. She’s a golden retriever/ chow mix.

  126. Kathy Fennell

    Gutr…….Male Shih Tzu

  127. Oh Mary! it’s hard to say I have a favorite dog. We have 3 rescue dogs now and have had several in the past. Of the 3 we have now I would say I’m partial to Katie ( mixed lab ) she’s about 10 years old and showing white /gray around her face. Our smallest dog Gypsy (mix cur) is definitely my husband favorite. Thank you for the chance to win SU “Happy Tails”, you are very generous. I can’t wait to see what you will be creating with this cute bundle. Say hello to Freddie for me. THANKS!

  128. Rachel Traudt

    We had a cockapoo Pomeranian mix named Brandy when I was growing up, and she was the best dog!

  129. Lady was our beautiful white Sammoid

  130. I have two beautiful babies, a Maltese, Capo who will be 3 the end of February and little Bella, a Maltese/Poodle who turns 1 year old next week. They are my loves and live like a King and Queen, but before these two little ones came into our home there was Benji Girl, a Maltese/Poodle mix. She was abandoned by her previous owners. I remember watching her as she watched her owners drive away, purposely leaving her behind. She was broken and terrified. We lovingly took her in. Our Vet determined her to be approximately 7 years old at the time. It took love and patience for her to build trust in us, but within only a few weeks she was content in her home with us. My little girl passed away at 13 years of age, but the last years of her life was lived like a Queen. Benji Girl is still missed and forever loved.

  131. My daughter has a long haired chiwawa , her name is Willow. She is the sweetest dog. Thanks for the chance to win. Love this punch and don’t have it.

  132. Irene Hartman

    My lovable Bichon Frisie was named Bella Nina. She gave me all the love and devotion she had for 14 wonderful years. Nina was diabetic; I gave her 2 insulin shots every day for 8 years. This never slowed her down! She would chase balls until she got too hot , then jump in the pool to cool off. I will never forget the love she gave me.

  133. Deborah Martin

    Our Airedale terrier Sgt Major Murdock stole our heart the day he came to live with us as a puppy . He learned to open doors in our home and go out when he wanted,to bad we could never get him to close them and save on heat and air conditioning.Ha!Ha! I even forgave that big clown when he opened my warming drawer and ate the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes! He is gone now but will always have a place in our hearts .

  134. Judy Jennings

    My darling rescued Sheltie , Molly 7, was a senior sweetheart! We renamed her Molly Sue to reflect the bossy little Southern lady she became when herding us. We are grateful for the seven years she enriched our lives. I miss her every day.

  135. Shirley Madsen

    I don’t want to hurt my dogs’ feelings by showing favorites. I have two dogs – both rescues. My husband named one dog Skeeter and my son named the other one Amber.

  136. Casey our female black lab.

  137. Monique Cuthbert

    My neighbours dog Spencer. He was a beagle. He would always pop by for a visit. Then off he went back home.

  138. Well, I don’t have an answer for that question. I love my Bailey to the moon & back! She is a 1- 1/2 Cavachon. But I lost my 13 year old Cocker Spaniel & 5 year old Cavachon 6 months apart & my heart still aches.
    They all have & are my best friends❤❤❤

  139. After adopting an 8 yr. old mixed breed from the local SPCA, only 2 days later he snapped at me twice and kept growling at me. We had to bring him back, and I felt so sad. My favorite is a miniature poodle named Autumn. We bought her from a private breeder.

  140. My favorite dog was Sam. He was a beautiful Sheltie and so smart.
    I remember lots of good times with him.

  141. My favorite dog was named Duchess, a beautiful loving black lab! She belonged to our neighbors but always went hunting & fishing with my husband. Then we took custody of Duchess when her owners moved to an apartment.. She was so sweet & knew how to get whatever she wanted with one look from those big brown eyes. Sadly, she is gone now but , oh, so many happy memories with her.

  142. julee mccully

    When I was a kid a stray shepherd mix showed up at our ranch. Our dad did not want us to keep him. So we hid him in one of the barns for about a month, until he found him. By then we were so attached that he let us keep him, we had named him Mister. He was the best dog! We have a lot of memories with him, one of my favorites is seeing dad & Mister heading to the barns to feed then out to the paper box every morning. Dad loved him as much as we did, if not more.

  143. We have had many dogs in our 46 years of marriage. From a beagle mix, St. Bernard/Collie mix, A Collie, An Australian Shepherd, and then a Boston Terrier and a Pug. We loved all our furbabies but our Pug Iggy stole our hearts, he was silly loved to watch TV and wanted to give anyone a kiss. His name was Iggy or sometimes Igster or Iggy the P (our last name starts with a P)

  144. Marsha Reponen

    Kulta. Golden retriever

  145. Kathie Krawczyk

    Bailey – my 7 year old yellow lab. Love her dearly!

  146. My family got a new puppy when I was in high school. He was a black and white, mixed breed dog. He turned out to be a great farm dog and a great companion. His name was Otto, my grandfather’s middle name.

  147. We’ve had many dogs in our marriage from a beagle mix, collie, collie/ St. Bernard mix, Australian Shepherd to the last 14 years our Boston Terrier and our Pug, we loved all our furbabies but our Pug stole our hearts, he was a fawn pug and his name was Iggy or sometimes Iggy the P

  148. Dusty was our dog when my sisters & I were growing up. She was a rescue puppy from the Humane Society & was the runt of the litter. She was a Schnauzer/Terrier mix & part of our family for many years.

  149. Fletcher, my Golden. Best . Dog. Ever.

  150. Kathleen Amorese

    Ted was my favorite little buddy and boy do I miss him !

  151. Thank you for the chance to win a stamp set I don’t have! My favorite dog was Chester, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Dang – he was sooooo smart!!! And then there was Jeremiah, Annie, Fella, Midnight, Circus, Sport . . . I’ve just loved my dogs!

  152. Nancy Iverson

    Hi Mary
    Freddie needs to meet my Caicos and Cheddar. Both small like Freddie and poodles. Caicos is all black like Freddie and Cheddar is apricot!

  153. My dog’s name is Charlie. He is a 14 year old Jack Russell mix. I enjoy all dogs, and recently made a cross-country trip accompanied by two dogs. They were terrif travelers!

  154. Lucky, Lucy and Lily are my fur babies. Love ❤️ them!

  155. When I was little we had a small dog called Skippy. He was a cute dog and lots of fun to play with.

  156. Mae Edmondson

    We took Gizmo in when he was 8 weeks old from a family that was moving and couldn’t take him. He was half Maltese and half Chihuahua; mostly white with tan patches. We were lucky enough to have him for 12 years. We still miss him dearly.

  157. Bailey my wonderful faithful yellow lab

  158. My favorite dog was a gorgeous Irish setter named Tina. She was super energetic and loving.

  159. Jamie M Moeckly

    Rye our big loving Great Pyrenees! He”s like snuggling a big bear:)

  160. One of my favorite dogs was Ada she was a german shorthair pointer.
    With her personality she had many nick names – adabeta from eating the beta fish food and farmer because she was up at dawn and would circle the back yard and lastly babydog because she was a small dog

  161. Carrie Purkis

    My husband brought to our marriage our first “M” named dog, Maggie a Saint Bernard. Our next was Matilda, an Australian Shepherd. Since then we have had Mopsey, a Cocker Spainal, Max and Marshall both boxers, Marvin a Border Collie. And now Mic a Newfoundland. All special with unique personalities.

  162. My favorite dog was Samantha a cute lads also we loved for 16 years! She was very faithful!

  163. I’ve been fortunate to have had some extraordinary dogs in my life. Choosing just one is so very hard. But if I have to choose, it would be Leo. He was a black poodle weighing only 11 pounds, his physical size was just a fraction of his massive personality or his equally big heart. To know our little man was to love him. Everyone knew Leo and when our little guy crossed to that rainbow bridge, well he took a part of our hearts with him.

  164. Ludwig and Amber can’t pick just one.

  165. My favorite pet name was Sanxxxx’s Silver Sable. We called her Sable. I loved the alliteration. She was a beautiful black and silver Schneider.

  166. Denise Eitenmiller

    Millie, a Lhasa Rescue

  167. Lynn S. Flanagan

    My favorite dog was Little Bit. She was a Rat Terrier and belonged to my Mimi. She loved to ride in a car right beside my Mimi.

  168. Wendy Richards

    My favorite dog breed is a dachshund. They are so cute with their stubby little legs!!❤️❤️

  169. Rachael Shedeed

    My favorite dog was my first at age 11! A sweet Basset Hound named “Freckles” because she had tiny spots in her coloring. She was the sweetest and laziest dog I ever saw! She taught me to love an afternoon nap!

  170. This bundle is just too cute for any animal lover! Loved meeting you in Orlando (I’m part of Brandy’s crew)

  171. When I was young my father bought our family a German shepherd.. He was just a pup but with huge feet which is quickly grew into. 🙂 He was to be our guard dog when my father was away. He absolutely adored kids and would ride us on his back around the lawn. I would let him out the back door before school so he would follow the kids to school. He would sit outside my portable and howl…my teacher always made me take him home and what a great fun time we had. My parents never quite figured out how he always got out….or did they?? lol. His name was “Nipper” and I have never forgotten him. We eventually had to give him to a farm as we lived in Toronto and he needed more space to run free.

  172. Christa Krout

    My son’s dog – Lola. Such a sweetie

  173. Donna Kremkau

    My favorite dog’s name is Autumn. She has recently gone to the rainbow bridge and will be very missed by her owner and friends. She was a very sweet dog.

  174. My favorite dog when I was growing up was a St. Bernard named Barney. In the winter he would pull my brother and I around the neighborhood on a sled. It was Minnesota, what else are you going to do?

  175. My absolute favorite dog was my first. Her name was KC, the first initials for myself and my brother. She opened her own presents at Christmas time, and was smart as a whip. I miss her something fierce. She was supposed to be a show dog but ended up at the pound. So she was purebred but had the humility of a rescue.

  176. My husband and I are both allergic to dogs, so we needed a breed that was hypoallergenic. We have had Holly our Goldendoddle for eight years now.

  177. Mary,
    Freddie gets my approval! That little guy is adorable! My favorite dog name was Cedric- best pup in the world! (RIP).

  178. Chico. It was really my grandma’s dog that got passed unto my parents when they married. Rumor has it he was a flea bag. But he loved my mom. If she was not in the house, we were able to find her because that little mutt was outside waiting for her to finish visiting the neighbor or working in the garden.

  179. “Marigold,” our son’s Brittany Spaniel. Orange and white, of course.

  180. Hurray! I am so looking forward to this bundle – thank you for the opportunity to win it 🙂 Natasha was the best and spunkiest dog ever, A rescued Husky/Shepherd mix, and indoor/outdoor kennel mix!, she routinely tore her heavy chain out of the garage wall to be able to explore the neighborhood when SHE decided it was time to go for a walk!!

  181. Fritz…..he was the only dog we had while we were growing up. He was a black/tan dachshund….short hair. Very smart little guy!! But, he thought he was part cat. We went on a picnic one time and my mom said to watch Fritz…he might climb that cottonwood tree. The cottonwood tree was huge and had low hanging branches. My dad kept saying that “dogs don’t climb trees”! After saying that two or three times… was backing up the station wagon so that he could stand on the roof to try and talk Fritz down so he could reach him enough to get him out of the tree!! Great memories!!

  182. we have two perfect puppies , a yorkie, Romeo and a German Shepherd , Moka. There is nothing like a dog ❤️

  183. Vickie Hawkins

    My dog’s name is Benji! Just like in the movies!

  184. My happy tail’s name is Wrinkles. He is a pug that has had some problems during his life He is Blind and Has Diabetes. But he is the best you could ask for Stays with the wife 24/ 7

  185. My favorite dog was a rescue Boston Terrier Mix named Ms Piggie! What a character! I was blessed with 2yrs with her as she was 11 when I adopted her and passed at 13.
    Overall I love the temperament,intelligence and sweetness of the Boston. They are wonderful companion dogs.

  186. Cody – mixed breed lab/retriever – best dog ever, we had him for 14 years and I think we will always miss him…

  187. My husbands boss rescued 4 blue tick hound dogs from a crate in the mountains of North Carolina. He brought them to the office and asked employees to please consider adopting one. Needless to say my husband brought one home and we named him Marley as I was reading the “Bad Dog Marley” book to my grandkids…well Marley has turned out to be “Good Dog Marley” and loves chasing the rabbits and squirrels in our back yard. Fortunately, he never chases them. 🙂

  188. Christine Borovic

    I took in a dog almost 11 years ago that had severe anxiety issues. I eventually got a job working from home so he is rarely alone. He’s now 15 and hanging in there, I don’t anticipate he’ll be able to make it too much longer….Mr. Cody (part lab/bassett hound). I call him my old man and I usually walk him 3x a day.

  189. My husband’s boss rescued 4 puppy left in a crate in the mountains of North Carolina with no food or water. He brought the pups to work and ask employees to please consider taking one home…needless to say my husband brought one home as our cocker spaniel was diagnosed with cancer and soon to pass. Our pup Marley has turned out to be the BEST dog ever. He is a blue tick hound dog that loves chasing squirrels and rabbits in our back yard.

  190. My favorite dog daughter was Gypsy. We got her from the pound,she was the cutest lil thing, their guess was that she was a pit mix. I think she was my favorite because she was the dog my kids grew up with. Love the card you made,

  191. HI Mary! My happy tail’s name is Jojo. He is a little spunky, bouncy, 5 pound chihuahua. This stamp set would be perfect to make thank you notes for his recovery of a copperhead snake bite he received recently.

  192. nancy petschauer

    Several favorite fur girls/guys have been in my life…probably would choose our most recent: Duker…an airdate/shepherd mix…although prior to that it Brandywine, a small fluffy terrier who loved to go for rides in the car, as long as she could snuggle under the driver’s seat.

  193. Rita Tomlinson

    My favorite dog was a cocker spaniel named Lucky. He always had such a “happy tail” when anyone would come around him… he loved to be held and would give lots of kisses and sleep at the foot of our bed every night. He was with us for about 8 years and then got sick. I miss our little lap dog.

  194. Sally Stephens

    My favorite dog was a long hair Dauchund named Oscar.

  195. I love this stamp set. When we make cards using the cat punch with my grandaughter she always says” I wish they had a dog punch so I could make cards for our dogs!” She and I were thrilled to see the dog punch. I will cross my fingers and hope we win!

  196. I like Golden Retrievers, but one day my husband and youngest son came home with a Black Mouth Cur, (think of Old Yeller ) and he became our family dog. A colleague of my husband had a two puppies that she wanted to find good homes for. Our puppy was with us until he got some sort of throat cancer and had to be put down when he couldn’t eat any more. He was a very territorial dog and definitely kept all squirrels, rats and other small animals out of our back yard. 🙂

  197. I have had two pugs. First one was Bandit, now we have Wrinkles. If you want a cuddly animal pugs are great. He even stays with me when I craft.

  198. I have a short legged Jack Russell Terrier named Finlay. ??

  199. Our standard poodle named Truly Scrumptious!

  200. Sandy, a cocker spaniel that we rescued from the humane society. She was the sweetest dog. We also rescued 4 8 day old kittens that Sandy would pome with her nose trying to make them squeak like her toys. Miss her everyday.

  201. Shannon Reynolds

    I had an American Eskimo name Snowflake and my parents got her 6 months after I was born so we grew up together and she was my best friend.

  202. Ginger swaringen

    Pug, pug, pug. What a fun and funny and loving breed.
    Freddie is adorable !

  203. Cheryl Ruddell

    My favorite family member of the 4 footed side of the family was named Shadow. She was a black mixed breed dog and she was our baby girl. She never lacked for love.

  204. Our sweet and spoiled German Shepherd Lola. She is the first dog I have ever owned, and we all just love her to pieces.

  205. We were not in the market for a dog when Doogie Man stole my heart my nabors granddaughter got him from a lady who did not want hi. She brought him to her Grandmother’s house and left him in her yard the grandmother was angry with Doogie because he chewed her cable tv cord into and locked him in her garage for3 days with no food or water in the hot summer time that year I could not stand it I askef her could I have him since she could not take care of him and she gave him to me I took him to get his shots haf him fixed and had him treated for heartworms and took care of him for the next 11 year’s he loved my family unconditionally and he owned us and our yard he was our great protector he was the cutest beagle mix with the sweetest big brown eyes you ever saw sadly he is gone from us now but never forgotten we love you Doogie Man RIP forever Mom Dad Brother and your cats!

  206. Kane entered my life 4 years ago when my sister’s family was picking out a Labradoodle puppy. From the tiny puppy who chose me to the 105 pound black, hair-shedding, treat-loving doodle, Kane has changed my life forever. Discovering Stamping Up with Kay Kalthoff was another life changer!

  207. Karen Wierenga

    Our 5th dog (in 50 years) is our 3rd to be saved from the Humane Society. Oreo is a delightful black and white “parti” cocker. She was a great escape artist and we think that’s why she was at the HS. She could go over our 4’ chain link fence. She is a very smart dog and once trained now stays in our yard. Since my husband and I are 72, she may be our last dog. Luckily at 6 years old we still have years with her.

  208. I have too many favorites. We had a Dachshund and my husband’s favorite is a Boxer. Would love to have one of each.

  209. Molly – our mutt rescue dog. She was so smart and fun loving and could learned lots of tricks! She could climb 8 feet up a pine tree chasing squirrels. Thank goodness she never caught one.

  210. Katie was and will always be a part of my heart. When young she displayed that ‘goofy’ part of herself in supplying us with laughs. She brought us joy throughout her life …. and when there was a very long journey back from an accident, she was there for me, when humans didn’t know how to be. She truly has a portion of my heart. <3

  211. All our dogs have been my favorite. Each one that crossed over the rainbow bridge took a large chunk of my heart with them. We currently have a five year old golden doodle that we rescued. Her name is Maggie, and she is my current favorite. She brings us so much joy. So happy she picked us to make her forever home with.

  212. Julie Patterson

    My current dog, Patrick, is an Old English Sheepdog. He is a rescue – the third sheepdog I have adopted from the Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California. He is the 7th sheepdog I have owned. He is a large dog – 90+ pounds, sleeps on my bed and the quilt does not slip off the bed. He is a love.

  213. Abbey Road is our beautiful Border Collie/Shepard mix rescue dog. Just can’t imagine life without her! She definitely completes our family.


    Benny is the Chihuahua my husband found on a busy highway eight years ago. The name was a compromise. Hubby calls him Benny Hill.

  215. Kendra Shafer

    My favorite dog is one of our current puppies. Shebis a 6month old Boston Terrier, Piper. She is so silly with her snoring, snuffling,and tooting. She never met a stranger. Our first small dog. We are crazy abour her.

  216. Rooster
    He was a German Shorthair (bird dog, hense the name)! Lived a long, exciting life about 14 years. He was like our prodigal, always taking off to check out the world around him, which helped me learn to pray for him. I could write a book on those answered prayers. We dearly loved him!

  217. Two toy poodles named Ginger and Jasper. They are brother and sister and my favorite furry cuddlers.

  218. Dianna B Morris

    I have two wonderful canine pals right now. One a doxie called Lucy Lu and a lab mix named Samantha Jane, which both have my heart completely.

    If I had one or two in the past, who have named crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, it would be my corgi named Ginger and my schipperke named Scooter.

  219. We have had too many family dog so can’t give a favorite. However we just loved seeing the picture of Freddie and glad he gave his paw of approval. He looks so loved, happy and healthy with his new family!

  220. My 14 year old springer spaniel named Bentley is my favorite dog. He has cancer and is old, but he is my first dog that I’ve raised from a puppy with my husband. We had him 3 years before we started a family and he has been the best family dog. We love him and glad he is still with us. Dogs are the best!

  221. We had such a busy household with five kids and busy schedules and was not fair to have a beloved 4 legged animal. In our later years as the kids grew up and moved out we had an opportunity to take in a dog named Copper, a brittnay breed, from one of my son’s friends. We had him for 9 months. It was so hard to give him back. 3 years later we were contacted again and asked if we could take him again but not temporary it would be for good. I said YES!! He is such a sweet dog and very well trained.

  222. Loretta Schepp

    We have a rescue Golden Retriever and his name is Shep. Neighbors were moving and could not take him, so we did. One of the best things we ever did.

  223. Angela Stradling

    This post makes me want a dog even more. We have been talking over and over a out getting one.

  224. Growing up we had a Husky/German Shepherd mix. His name was Bootsie because his color markings looked like he was wearing boots. He was a great watch dog and loved to be outside, even in the Upstate NY winter weather. My brothers and I would try to teach him tricks, but we were not successful!

  225. Glenda Lehrmann

    My favorite dog is a Minature Schnauzer named Schatzie. I live with my friend, and Schatzie is her dog. I am on disability so while my friend is at work Schatzie and I have gotten very close. He is very social and amazing!

  226. Phyllis Shafferkoetter

    I had a wonderful Border Collie. Her full name was Amanda Jean Oreo. A friend’s little boy thought her name should be Oreo because she was black and white and looked like the cookie. I called her Mandy. She could play Frisbee, jump through hoop, shake hands. She was undoubtedly the smartest dog I’ve ever known. Unfortunately she has passed away but I still miss her.

  227. Michelle Mortensen

    Penny, she is a Chocolate Lab & Chesapeake. We also had a St Bernard dog as kid named Penny.

  228. Teddy

  229. I have been blessed with some of the best dogs. Sassy is the chihuahua/pomeranian I adopted from a county shelter last July. She had been rescued from an animal hoarding situation where she was born and did not even get out of that house until 10 months later when the owner was arrested and the dogs were saved. She has blossomed from a terrified little puffball into a happy puffball who can easily play with 6 toys at the same time!

  230. Dawne Leasure

    My favorite dog is a collie. We had a collie mix who was named Wolfgang many years ago. He was our first dog as a married couple.

    What I didn’t realize at the time was that my husband and I were exhibiting parenting styles as we raised “Wolfie” from a pup. You might say he was our first child.

    Wolfie was a very well behaved dog who loved to play. He taught us a great deal about ourselves as we “parented” him. We miss him still and there has been no dog like him since.

  231. Denise L Morgante

    My favorite dog was a chocolate lab named Hershey. He was a wonderful dog that was with us for 14 years.

  232. Sandi Kaustinen

    Our beautiful black Labrador sweetie was named Noelle. She was a Christmas gift for our youngest daughter, but she was a blessing to our whole family. She added so much joy to our lives. She has been gone for several years now, but I miss her to this day. Our youngest (who is now 30) says to this day that she was the best present she ever got!

  233. My favorite dog is a Shorkie named Shelby who was a retirement gift from my elementary students at Shelby County school district! What other name could she have been?! (Although there are days I think she was an April Fool’s day joke! )

  234. For my entire life I have had boxers. They are incredibly loving dogs as well as the world’s best protectors of the children in their family. Of all our boxers my favorite was Saeger; he had the warmest, soft brown eyes and the gentlest spirit.

  235. My favorite was a long haired German Shepherd named Stosh. He was mostly black and looked fierce but was pretty much afraid of everything!

  236. Teddy answered tricks in five languages, flew right window & seat in two continents, and protected us by barking at people smelling of cigs or alkai, both unsafe in airport maintance & flight facility. He was an eighth grade grad gift flown home in my daddy’s iconic white coverall from basking in morning sun in front of a farmer”s implement shed. We had a final hug ten years later under my folks’ open garage door.

  237. We had a yellow Lab named Louis and he was the best dog ever! He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He was such a good dog and was so obedient. Can’t say that about our current dogs but we love them too! Love your blog!!

  238. My favorite dog is my Rosie, she is a sweet corgi! Red and white. She’s special because she’s always by my side and loves her long walks with me. She’s a great dog!

  239. Denise Mouton Ferguson

    Hi Mary! My favorite dog name is Piper. She is a cavashon—half Cavalier King Charles spaniel and half Inchon. She turned ten yesterday!

  240. We have had so many that it is hard to say. One of our wonderful dogs was named Rudy. He was a pup we found out in the country and was starved. It appeared he was a coyote mix (strange teeth). His claim to fame was when he saved our daughter’s life when being mauled by a neighbor’s dog that had gotten in our back yard. She had been bitten over six times by this dog when Rudy was able to get him off of our daughter and she managed to get into our house. He saved her life and became our hero. He had never shown any kind of aggression until he came to her rescue. The sweetest, gentlest dog ever.

  241. Favorite was Hershey, a chocolate Lab!! <3

  242. Lexi. She is a chihuahua terrier poodle mix. Love her!!! She is my first dog. I don’t know how I lived without her!!

  243. Copper, a English Springer Spaniel

  244. My favorite dog was a chocolate lab named Cookie. She was with me for 15 years.

  245. Susan D Mezias

    It’s so hard to name a favorite! We’ve been lucky enough to have great dogs. We have 2 rat terriers (we don’t say rat!) that our sons surprised us with 3 Christmas’ ago & we fell in love! They are Bailey and Joy and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

  246. Vicki McCollow

    My favorite dog was Lucy. A rat terrier who was loyal and loved sitting on my lap.

  247. Lucky, miss her dearly.

  248. Susan Albright

    Snickers was my first dog as an adult and the bond was instant even though she was 2 years old. Unfortunately, she past away I December.

  249. My favorite dog was a long haired Springer Spaniel mix named “Molly”. We had selected her from a litter of pups that was born to a neighbor who had not expected her young female dog to become pregnant. She was a wonderful addition to our family of four and we enjoyed her for 12 years before moving to Florida. Our girls were still in college when we made the move and they begged us to leave Molly with them, saying it was too hot and Molly was too old to make the move. We left her with the oldest daughter, who lovingly kept her until she passed away at 13 1/2 years. I still tear up just thinking of her to this day. We were blessed with many years of companionship and unconditional love by this beautiful dog and I look forward to beginning a new relationship with another dog in the very near future. (My husband and I both just retired so we are now able to spend quality time with a pet)

  250. Lorene Yoshimura-Tanigawa

    Growing up we had a regular poi dog all white so I named him Snowy.

  251. I kept my son’s black Lab after he moved and it was named Blackie. He is no longer with us and we do not currently have another dog.

  252. Our sweet standard poodle Izzy who passed away in September. We miss her dearly.

  253. Our first pet was a beautiful collie we named Prince.

  254. My favorite dog was named Teddy Bear he was a mutt, very fury, hug able- I still miss him but am hoping that we can get another dog for our children on day.

  255. Baxter is my favorite pup! He is part Doodle and so sweet! I would love to win and send hi s Mom a card 🙂

  256. Jeannette Haynes

    I’ve had five Dachshunds and they have all been fabulous favorites. We currently have a chocolate named Tess, who will be 15 in June.

  257. The favorite name of a dog is MIA. She was a sweet little Yorkie.

  258. My favorite dog was Beethoven von Povaleri, an Old English Sheepdog weighing in at 85 pounds. We basically rescued him when a family member was divorcing and neither could take him. He was less than a year old and lived to almost 9 years.

  259. Our first dog when we got married was a Scottie named Jordie. She was and still continues to be the best dog we ever had!

  260. Our most recent dog was a rescue dog name Tyson who had a bad habit of running away. He was my running partner until he broke off his leash and ran in front of a truck. We miss him a lot and have not gotten another dog yet.

  261. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to choose Riff my Jack Russell Terrier of 15 years. He went to the Rainbow Bridge about 5 years ago.

  262. I loved all our dogs over the years. We miss them all terribly. I’d have to pick Indy. He was a Borzoi. Running was his passion.

  263. Hi Mary, thank you for the chance to win the doggie bundle, it is adorable! I have been blessed to own several dogs in my lifetime and love the dog I have at the time as my favorite. They are all so very special in their own way and give so much more to me than I could ever give to them. My favorite doggie is Honeybun and she is as sweet as her name! She’s a golden, long hair chihuahua and is happy just to be by my side. She makes my day?

  264. Ours was a black cock-a-poo named Pepper. I think one of his parents was a standard poodle because he was on the larger side. He was with us for 17 years. He was “stuck to you like glue” type of dog. He also had a clock in his head…….he knew what time to go to the door & wait for the kids to get home from school. He was a great camper & we enjoyed his many years with us.

  265. I have a White Boxer, her name is Bianca. She is so smart, and so spoiled. Her predecessor was a Boxer Mix, so we named her Mixxie. She is the reason I prefer Boxers

  266. Wow, that’s a tough question to answer….ONE dog, huh? Okay, its actually a toss-up; either Rosie the cattledog we had when the kids were growing up, or Seymour, a yellow Lab we rescued from the shelter that turned out, he was blind. Both were absolutely wonderful dogs that I miss terribly, even though we currently have five dogs in our home!

  267. My favorite dog was named Trixie – he was a member of the family for sure!

  268. Border Collie named Pepper, she was my best friend for 16 years

  269. Marty Childers

    That question is like asking which one of your children do you like the best. LOL So while I loved every dog we ever had, I will choose Brandy Sue. She was a wolf, shepherd, husky mix. Her eyes were the color of brandy. She was so protective of me. I miss her.

  270. My favorite dog was named Mi Mi. She was a teacup poodle. She was so smart. Her personality was so happy go lucky. She was one in a million. ☺️

  271. Hailey Pomeranian rat terrier

  272. Doodlebug is my nearly 6 year old goldendoodle an I absolutely love her to pieces. She’s been by my side since she was 8 months old. Can’t imagine life without her. Thank you for sharing your generosity.

  273. My favorite was Mitzi, a miniature poodle. Sadly she is no longer with us.

  274. Oreo,. He was a rescue dog, A lab and chow mix. He had the temperament of a lab and unfortunately the fur of a chow, but was the most loving dog we had ever had.

  275. Cherrie Wilkerson

    I’ve had many wonderful dogs, but the one that stands out is Darla. She was a chow mix with black fluffy hair. When the end of her life came we were very sad. However, our philosophy is to honor our dog by giving another rescue dog a home. Our present dog is Penny, a pug jack Russell chihuahua mix and we love her very much.

  276. Without a doubt my favorite dog is my daughter’s black lab, Dozer. I have had many dogs and so has she, but Dozer is a standout for his patience with kids and clever personality. Wish he lived with me!!

  277. My most favorite dog EVER is my wonderful Granddog, Sage. He is a border collie – black & white. He is the most loving dog I have ever known. He even says “I love you”!

  278. Wanda sandling


  279. I used to raise German Shepherds. My last one was my special.problem She had a great nose for finding things. Would have made a great search and rescue dog but since we farm I did not have the time. Also I think her goal was to challenge me. When I planted flowers as I went down the row and got out of her reach she would follow and pull them all out. lol like I said problem child. But I miss her the most. She was 17 when she passed. Awesome dog.

    • by the way her name was Judge Uzi. My son wanted to call her Uzi, a German name, but the breeder whom we bought her from said it had to be a J name so we came up with Judge Uzi.

  280. “Ralph” he was my precious cockapoo

  281. Jo-Anne Picker

    I grew up with a collie dog named Sweetie. She was a wonderful pet, my best friend growing up

  282. I love this set! My dogs would very much approve of it.

  283. My first dog was a boxer named Bubbles. I don’t remember why I named her Bubbles. It just have been one of my favorite words when I was four or five.

  284. My favorite dog’s name was Princess. She was most likely a border collie and sheltie mix – and such a lovely, smart beauty. She adopted us when her original family brought a miniture poodle into the home. She would not go back into that house and was on our front porch on a very cold night. Dad couldn’t leave her out there – she became our dog at that moment.

  285. Our son’s dog is Dixie Mae and she is a boxer. What a fun dog with a great personality. Our other son has a mix named Watson. It is so nice the boys still love their pets even as young men. Thanks for the chance to win this great bundle. I wished I had ordered it earlier, but to win it would be sweet!

  286. Kerry McDonough

    My favorite dog name is our current dog, Clover!

  287. Cheryl McAskill

    I raised a German Shepherd pup from 8wks. till he left us at 11yrs old.
    We named him ‘Bullet’…Mr. Hubster was a Police Officer…German Shepherd dog…hence, his name! He was ‘Momma’s Baby’! So many fun times with him! When the Grand-daughter came and lived with us, those two bonded…one lied and the other swore to it!!! 2 two year olds! Many great memories!

  288. We tend to go with big dogs. My favorite, mostly because she was with us for 14 years was a wonderful Golden Retriever named Holly. She was a Christmas present to the family.

  289. Rosa M. Vasquez

    Dog stamps are always a favorite of mine. Freddie is a cutie.

  290. Since we have lots of allergies in the family we have always had pure bred poodles. We currently have a standard named Maddie and a little 7 1/2 year old retired breeding mom who spent the first 6 1/2 years in a terrible puppy mill situation. She is now spoiled like crazy and we love her to pieces. : )

  291. Lois Feyerherm

    My first puppy was Skippy. Then came Wiggles and Puff and her puppy was Misty.

  292. Lorna Wooldridge

    My favorite dog is a Boxer. My grandparents had a wonderful Boxer when I was a young child. She was very gentle.

  293. My sister and I were young and then Mom had a baby! We knew when Shamrock went under the kitchen table to leave her alone! Well, the new baby sister did not. One day she crawled under the table and Shamrock, a cocker, nipped at her. Mom & Dad said that is it we can not have her nipping at your sister so either Shamrock has to go or your sister has to go….we both said our sister has to go! Shamrock went to live with a very nice family with a lot of property!

  294. Connie Snowberger

    Gypsy was our companion for several years. She was a Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix. When walking on leash, she turned a tight little ‘pirouette’ to the left every few feet. I think she was making sure we were still there!

  295. This is a bit like having to choose a favorite child, but currently we have a little part mini dachshund. She is red and has long hair. We don’t know what else she is because someone dropped off her mom at the hippo pit at a zoo. Our neighbor’s daughter, who works at the zoo brought the mom home to care for her and help deliver her puppies. Our little dog was one of the puppies. The instant I saw her, I fell in love with her. She was so little and lively, there was no doubt what I would call her. Her name is Pixie.

  296. Our favorite dog was Misty she was black, mix bred she was the sweetest dog.

  297. Fred Fred!! He was my husband’s constant companion and when I lost my husband, he became mine. Unfortunately Fred Fred didn’t live too long after. But I so enjoyed him every day!! Unconditional love!!!

  298. We have lots of allergies in our family. Everyone except me! : ) We have always have pure bred poodles for that reason. Fluff, Pearl, Millie Jane (not sure why she was always called with her middle name), Maddie and now our sweet rescue Ruby (who endured an awful first 6 1/2 years being a breeding mom in a puppy mill situation). She is now spoiled rotten by the way. Each dog had/has a very different personality and I find that vey interesting. All were miniatures besides “my” dog Maddie who is a standard. We have just Maddie and Ruby right now. The others are in doggie heaven.

  299. That would be my precious chocolate lab granddog, “Theodore”….also lovingly known as “Teddy”. <3

  300. My favorite dog was a Shiz Tzu we named Holly. We got her just before Christmas the first year we were married. She was a sweet, lovable little dog and a wonderful pet to our children. We still miss her.

  301. “TIPPY” was our first dog. Dad brought him to us when we were in bed with the chicken pox. Just a tiny little thing he had in his pocket. He was a toy terrier. This was 60+ years ago.

  302. Snoopy, part Springer Soaniel, childhood pet.

  303. Our favorite dog’s name was Tiffany! She was an adorable Yorkie! Miss her so much!

  304. We have a rescue lab mix who found her way to our home during Hurricane Ike. She was running with the coyotes and very timid for a long while. She is our beloved baby girl who answers to Annie.

  305. Tammy Beichner

    My rescue Minnie was my favorite. We had her for 4 short years. She just passed away from Cushings Disease. I miss her so much.

  306. Jennifer French

    We had a Smooth hair fox terrier named Naomi that was such a sweet girl. So loving and friendly to all that visited our home.

  307. Stephanie Jager

    Growing up we had a collie named Rex who was unbelievably affectionate.

  308. vicky l. vaughn

    Roxy Blue was our last puppy; she was a yellow Lab. She had a sweet personality and I miss her everyday. My daughter has 2 puppies; my Grandcritters; Harley Quinn and Dixie Doo; a boxer and English bulldog. I spend lots of time with them! And make them cards for every occasion! Luv them girls!

  309. When I was a kid had a rescued Maltese Poodle named Teenie Bit. She was so timid when we got her but blossomed when she was with us. We taught her to jump on the couch and climb up and down stairs. ❤️ Dogs are amazing creatures and I’d love to win this set!

  310. My favorite dog name is Annie, she was a beagle. Oh boy did she have a personality. We loved the name so much, over the years, we had 2 dogs named Annie.

  311. Murphy……he is a golden-doodle. He and his brothers and sisters are sort of throwbacks. Both parents are golden-doodles – so no pup is 50-50. Murphy is more Golden than Doodle. His favorite toy is a stuffed bunny that quacks like a duck.

  312. Janet Swofford

    Lilly is my chocolate miniature dachshund and my sweet fur baby! Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome bundle!

  313. Molly was a chow husky mix we rescued when someone dumped her off on the side of the road. She sat there for a week waiting for them to come back. We finally got her to stay home and she grew up with our daughter. Loved that dog, best ever!!!

  314. My favorite dog was a black English Cocker Spaniel named Sir Lancelot. He was totally incorrigible, but so adored and full of love and is still missed to this day.

  315. Would love to own this so I can cards for all my animal loving friends. We love our dog Chloe. We are both home today with extreme temperatures, staying warm together.

  316. We have a half Shih-Tzu and half Maltese named Ginger. She runs the house. Very smart dog, knows most of her toys by name and will go find them if you ask her. Loves loves to watch TV. I think she is just looking for dogs and when she sees one on TV, she runs up to the TV and waves her paws. Cute, but annoying! She is a great friend and always glad to see me. Love her to death! That stamp set is adorable and the die gives you so many possibilities. Thanks Mary for the chance to win! Woof woof . . .

  317. Linda Schilling


  318. My favorite dog was a rescue (seriously-found on the side of the road), whom we named Muffin. She was a mid-size terrier mix, black with silver streaks. Muffin was terrified of thunder and would “warn” us of coming weather by hovering nearby before a storm hit. She was very sweet and loving, actually smiling at me when I greeted her. After 10 great years, I lost Muffin to a brain tumor, but thankfully I could be by her side to the very end. Thanks for the opportunity share her story.

  319. Would love to own this so I can cards for all my animal loving friends.

  320. I can’t pick a favorite! But, we lost our rat terrier Gidget a few years ago and she took a piece of our hearts. She knew no stranger and would play ball with all of them whether they wanted to or not.

  321. Cooper … my granddog ;… is my absolute favorite dog. He smiles every time he comes to visit. Love, love, love him.

  322. Blanca Gonzalez

    My favorite breed are Chihuahua’s, I love them. They are small and cute. We lost our girl Miley 2 years ago to a horrible attack by our neighbors dog. We did everything we could to save her, but the vet said even with surgery he didn’t guarantee that she would make it. So we made the decision to put her down, she has so much damage and she was suffering. We stayed in the room with her to say our goodbye’s. Oh Boy! we spilled our guts out to her. My son was the only one that just couldn’t do it, he was so attached to her. She was always waiting for him when he would come home from college, it was weird how she knew. I never thought that we all could cry so much like we did. So it took me awhile to even get another pet because of her loss. So a year later we adopted little Ace, he has similarities as our Miley, but boy he is a mess. But we got to love him the same as we did Miley, I am much closer to him. Sorry if I caused anyone tears.

  323. Shirley Hallek

    Our favorite , spoiled dog answers to the name of Buttons. She is a beautiful black, brown and white cocker spaniel mix.

  324. Pierre was the white poodle we had when I was a baby!

  325. My dog is a Malipoo (suppose to be). That’s what I was told when I got her. Had a DNA done and she has Welsh Corgi & Labrador in her along being part Maltese and Poodle. Lily is an indoor dog and I walk her 3 times a day. I love her dearly. She will be 10 this year. The strangest thing is that she knows what I’m up to for the weekend and I don’t have to say anything. I think she was ESP.

  326. Morty, a German Shepherd

  327. I had dogs all my years growing up. After my husband and I had children, we had dogs for our daughters. Bailey, a Boston Terrier was our last dog and she was awesome with the granddaughters. When they spent the night, she would lay with them in bed until they were asleep. Miss her very much.

  328. Tasha, a mix. By the way, I love your tutorials

  329. Renée Ayling

    Tabby, sweet cocker spaniel mutt. Sweetest, kind, dog ever! She was good mannered and fun. Best dog ever.

  330. My Shih Tzu Charlie. He passed in 2017 at 14 years old. Miss him terribly!

  331. Daisy May-my daughter’s pug shitzu mix. Great personality.

  332. Lucy was our first little granddog. She was a loving and energetic schnauzer-terrier mix with an amazing vertical leap.

  333. We have a trio of dogs right now that keep us laughing and loving. We have our Golden Retriever- Louis; our corgi/lab mix-Sally and our MinPin/chihuahua/German Shepherd mix -Tonks. They all think they are lap dogs and cuddle together and play together. Our home would be so empty without them.

  334. My mom’s dog which we gave her for her birthday: Mugsie, a black Yorkshire terrier.

  335. Mary….I would say that Rio is one of my favorite dogs! He is a Golden Retriever and has been raised from a puppy by my granddaugher, Lindsay. Rio is now a Therapy Dog. He is so sweet and gentle and when he goes to visit a classroom all the children just love him! He loves to lay by your feet and just be close….he is so lovable!

  336. We got the boys a white mix breed puppy and they named him Buckeye. Best dog we ever had. Thanks for a chance to win the candy blog . Stay warm.

  337. So glad that Stampin’ Up has introduced a nice dog stamp & punch set. I so miss my dog Stang, cocker mix. He would have loved this set. Thank you for your great website. Hugs, Debbie

  338. Pam Chambliss

    My favorite dogs name was Nibble. When he was a puppy he liked to nibble on every thing. I miss him a lot. He was a black lab, my son’s dog and lived to be 12. I now have 2 dogs, Maggie and Mitzi. I also loved Mandie very much. I love all my doggies!

  339. Blanca Gonzalez

    My favorite breed are Chihuahua’s, I love them. They are small and cute, but only females. They are a lot cleaner and obedient.

  340. Our chocolate lab mix named Mousse. Such a sweet guy and the funniest personality of any dog we have ever had. We miss him so much!
    They really do become a member of the family.

  341. It’s hard to give any of our dogs the claim as “favorite” because they were all so special, but our American Eskimo (w/part wolf) was amazing. Koda was not only absolutely beautiful but there was something spiritual about him. We miss him so much.

  342. Judith Sparks

    We had a rescue that was a full-blooded Springer Spaniel named Rosie.

  343. My Father was Veterinarian so I grew up with many pets, our dogs were a fun group of Poodles and Dobermans. My favorite was Benjamin J. Critter.

  344. Marianne McGinnis

    Nikaya was our beautiful malmute from years past.

  345. george – a female german shepard we had when i was a child!

  346. I loved Holly, an Alaskan Huskie rescue dog that we got as a adult and had for several years. She was a doll!

  347. I have a one-eyed Chihuahua named Fiona. She is a rescue, I do not know what happened to her lost eye. The folks at the shelter told me they found her running around the streets, scared and alone. They brought her in, tried to treat her eye injury but nothing worked so they had to remove it. Having one eye has not slowed her down one bit. When I first got her I was struggling with a good name for her and then it hit me like a ton of bricks…the song! That Lyle Lovett song called “One Eyed Fiona” he wrote about a barmaid in Boston with only one eye. Perfect!! Fiona has so much personality, everywhere we go people want to talk to her, touch her, and of course ask about her missing eye. She is the best 3 pounds that ever walked into my life.

  348. Waldo, he was the first dog we rescued from the shelter when we got married. He lived to 17 years old and was the best dog we have ever had. Our kids grew up with him and when he passed away it was so hard on our entire family. He was an Old English Sheep Dog/Poodle mix, so no shedding. We have since rescued 2-dogs and 2-cats. Rescued animals always make the best pets because they are so grateful for saving their lives. Love our new set since we also owned a Dalmation

  349. Dusty. I have personally never had a dog or cat, but my husband’s family had Dusty, he was such a good dog. He never jumped up on anyone and rarely barked. Miss the old guy.

  350. Freddie is adorable. My “Lexi ” turned twelve and still loves to chase the tennis balls. She gets me out daily for a nice long walk….loves to herd if she can find cows or sheep.

  351. My favorite dog is my miniature Australian Shepherd named Phoenix. She is so loyal and loving.

  352. Cards for my sister. Nice!!

  353. We’ve had so many wonderful dogs over the years that it’s hard to choose just one! But I will give the honor to Cinnamon who was a beagle sheltie mix that we rescued from the shelter!

  354. My favorite dog is my current dog…a golden doodle named Addie. She’s beautiful, sweet and everyone loves her!!

  355. Chris from Pella

    All our dogs have stolen my heart like Michelle Gleeson said. Our first was an English Bulldog mix Maggie Jo who lived to be 17. We had an English Springer Spaniel/lab mix named George Sydney Clyde but his nick name was Bubba. We got him when we lived in Texas and he was one laid back Texan dog. Then, when he died of liver cancer at age 10 we got Murphy Mitchell McQuire a huge lab mix of Great Dane maybe and something else. He loved moving to Iowa. He had terrible allergies to so many things and had lupus. He is the one who had his own ice cream lady at a local ice cream place here. Then, we got a small basset who came with the name of Henry. He was very ornery and died at age 6 of a brain tumor. Now, we have TED (Tactical Explosive Device) who is a large basset and my big baby aged 4 1/2 now. He is the Fella around Pella. Loves visiting the Central College students, who all call him Teddy as welll as all the visitors up town. Now, how could I pick a favorite one out of all these?

  356. My first dog from my Grandfather, don’t know why, but I named him Bobby! Last dog was my Boyfriends pit bull Buddy, loved him like he’d been mine forever, he’s been gone 5days now.?❤️?

  357. Our best dog was named Patches. She was an Australian Shepard – so loving and smart! We got her from a fellow service member when we were stationed in Germany, then brought her home to the States with us.

  358. We had Belle for 18 years. Our little white dust mop.

  359. We have had 4 dogs throughout the years and they all were special to us. They were Tammy ( a mixed rescue), Lucky ( a Dalmatian ), Betail ( a golden retriever) and Drago ( a rescue pit bull mix).

  360. Marilyn Wuttke

    Our favorite dog was a German Shepard named Sam. He was born on our wedding day, April 23, 1960. He was always my protector when my husband was on the police force and worked nights. I still miss him in spite of having quite a few dogs since him.

  361. Richell Herman

    Our Bailey was the coolest dog EVER. Every dog that ever met him, wanted to be him. He was a black and white, English Springer Spaniel that we purchased as a tiny tiny puppy and he grew into the biggest heart on four paws that ever walked the earth. He grew up with two giant schnauzers that would sit outside our door and wait for him to come out. They would swim and play together for hours each day. He was the love of our lives and after the hurricane that hit our Puna community in 2014 his heart gave out. We were gifted with him for 7 years and a lifetime of wonderful memories.

  362. Janice Toutant

    We had a Queensland Blue Healer named Pepper Marie. She was a fantastic dog, from shacking balls for my two sons to picking up utensils with her teeth and placing them in the dishwasher.
    She has been gone many years, but I still miss her and think of her daily.

  363. My favorite dog is a Schnauzer. Ours was named Mitzi. Still miss her.

  364. My sweet sweet Abby. She is my faithful companion Pomeranian ❤️

  365. My favorite dog was named Badger. We had him for 11 years before he passed away. But we will always remember the Great times we had with him.

  366. How very generous of you!
    I thank you for the opportunity.

  367. Marie Daniels

    Love, love, love this bundle. Dogs are one of my m ost favored pets. I have had one sleeping by mynside since a young child. Currently my favorite is our Jack Russle, Molly. She is 12 years old in March.

  368. I am a Sheltie person! Although they all are your favorite, my first was a sweet little black and white female named Brandi. She crossed over many years ago but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her.

  369. I have the most wonderful dog her name is Daisy she has diabetes and I have to give her 2 shots a day. After she eats she comes in and lays down to get her shot.

  370. Bindi is her name because we found her on the day that Steve Irwin died ( the crocodile man from Australia) and his daughter is named Bindi. She is my constant companion and is now 12.5 years and she has definitely left her paw prints on my heart!

  371. After my Basset passed away suddenly I rescued a yellow lab mix I named Cooper. He truly was the best dog ever! When my Daughter was born, he was her guardian!

  372. We had a little peekapoo named Bo. He was the smartest sweetest little dog

  373. Our daughter named our favorite dog, Bachelor. What he lacked in size, he definitely made up for in personality.

  374. Gertie Kastens

    The name of our favorite dog is “Scoots”!

  375. My favorite dog was a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd named Bear. We rescued him, but I think he rescued me. It was 4 years ago last week that we lost him and I still cry when I think of him.

  376. The love of my life is my Buddy. My husband found him about 3 days before Christmas about 3 years ago. He was lost from his mother and he was not weaned. I had to feed him from a bottle. He is a Chesapeake Bay and Lab mix. He is stubborn as a mule, he is an escape artist, but he is the love of my life. I never thought that I could love a dog so much.

  377. Adele Badoyen

    Hi Mary, I look forward to your daily emails! You make beautiful cards and I love what you share! I have a very sweet, lovable Black Lab. We rescued her almost three years ago. Her name is Olive. She is the best companion anyone could have and we love her so much. The only thing that bothers her is the doorbell – it drives her into barking oblivion! Have a great day!

  378. My current dog is a French Britany. His name is Zeus and it totally fits him. Never had a dog before and I have fallen for him.

  379. My favorite dog is my neighbors German shepherd named Atlas.

  380. Bella is our neighbor’s Golden Retriever. She is the sweetest dog ever. She loves pretzels and visits us often for her treat.

  381. Caroline King

    Our puppy that we had was Manny. He was a Chihuahuas. wish i could post a picture here to show you. Sadly he passed away 3 years ago, and has left a big hole in our hearts.

  382. Lynndorian Swindell

    Living in the country on a big farm always meant our 4 children had dogs. Usually we had Labs because they were so good with the kids. We had one that was a great help when the kids were playing outside. Our third child like to explore and he started to an area too far, the dog thought, from the play area. He gently went to Jordan and grabbed the seat of his pants and slowly pulled him back to the approved play area. It did indeed take the whole village to raise the babies!

  383. Robin Poupard

    Although all our dogs have been special in their own way, our current dog Buddy, a large Bernese Mountain Dog, most definitely steals my heart. We were his foster parents while he was recovering from surgery and we fell in love with him. Best decision ever!

  384. Hi Mary, What a wonderful give away.. I never had a dog until I was married .. never thought I would ever become so attached … each one stole my heart… I can’t name a favorite they were all so wonderful.. and it broke my heart when I had to put them down.. since we had no children.. they truly were our kids… all three dogs are/were dalmatians.. just love this breed… my first two were males.. Ubu and Max… I now have a beautiful female who will be 14 in May, Mercedes (Sadie)… and she just tugs at your heart… Thank you for the opportunity to win this great stamp set…

  385. Debra McCormick

    One of my daily pleasures is to check out your post! So talented! Looking forward to seeing what you create with Happy Tails!

  386. My favorite dog was named: Cookie. I miss her. I had her 13 years.

  387. Dee Tollaksen

    We adopted a greyhound from the track and he came with the name Cheater because he wouldn’t go around the entire track when racing, he would cut across the pond so he could come in first place.

  388. Marie Gontram

    Maddie was a stray who just appeared on our deck one evening as my husband was grilling. She was a sweetie. She brought us much joy and laughter for many years.

  389. Shelly Bascomb

    We had the sweetest dog when I was growing up. He was a small black poodle named Poppy.

  390. My favorite dog ( from my childhood) was named Sugar, a rescue from the Humane Society; she was white and tan beagle mix.

  391. Mindy, our toy Poodle. She was with us for sixteen years before she went deaf and blind and we had to let her go. That was seventeen years ago and I still get emotional thinking about her.

  392. Michealene Redemske

    So awesome. My dog Laddie a full breed Collie

  393. Hope Mitchell

    My favorite dog, and I have had many, was little Chi-Chi, a pet shop Shih Tzu. It was a “spur of the moment” purchase for my new husband and me because she reminded me of the dog of my childhood. The dearest thing about Chich was her desire to please which was so heartbreakingly evident later with the treatments and procedures she had to endure for a staph infection until a specialist diagnosed her with an incurable blood disease. My last memory of her is her looking back, trying to come to me as the vet took her away to be euthanized. I, of course, was sobbing, and, knowing her, she wanted to comfort me. At that time, I didn’t know I could have held her at the end, I could have brought her home for burial, etc. She was only 18 months old and even though it was years and dogs ago, to this day it is my regret. Her faithfulness and patient spirit make her my favorite.

  394. We gave our 2 boys a Golden Retriever puppy for Christmas. They named her Cinnamon because of her beautiful color. She was just the best dog. She hardly left my side as I was going through recovery from surgery and chemo. Later, she had 9 puppies which all went to wonderful homes. She gave us 17 years (yes, 17!) of love and devotion.

  395. I love this doggy set!!! We have a shitzu puppy named Millie Rose. She is such a funny little puppy. She has a indoor little doghouse that she hides in and pops out at us when we walk by.

  396. Stripe. He was our beagle growing up.

  397. Our copper colored dachshund, Penny.

  398. Kamea Joy, a Shetland Sheep dog. She was a precious sweetie who left us way too young.

  399. Rusty was the runt of the litter of dachshunds who outlived all his littermates. He was supposed to be a gift for our daughter, but ended up being ours because she was in grad school and just stayed for 15 years. Lots of stories..

  400. Robin Bennett

    Daisy!!! He was a Maltese. Lived to be 18 years old. Full grown, he only weighed 4 pounds!!

  401. Roberta Winchester

    His full name was Borderzone Wild Blue Yonder, but we called him Yonder. He was a magnificent and charismatic border collie.

  402. Doonesbury. He was great with our kids – very protective.

  403. My dog was a sweet shih tzu named Penny.

  404. My favorite breed is Maltese and we have a 5# one named Giavanni (Gia for short) She rules the house, but we really don’t mind!

  405. Our grand dog Cooks, a Havanese, is amazing! He’s “visiting” with us for 6 months while our daughter is deployed to Kuwait. He’s our protector! ???

  406. We have a yellow lab named Boo. She is the sweetest. She turned 11 in December. She is like one of my kids only she listens better!! ?

  407. Zoe was my favorite dog! She was a husky mix & I miss her everyday! I love this set & I hope to get it even though I am currently without a pup.

  408. ?Snoopy???

  409. My dog’s name was spotty and he was a Dalmatian!

  410. My husband and I rescued 2 pups, Rose & Winston.They were about 8 weeks old. At first the pups slept in the kitchen. Once they learned to escape, all bets were off. We’d wake up to a family room filled with the insides of the couch spread thru out. It looked like snow, and Rose was in the middle of all the stuffing. Today I can laugh, Back then I was rushing around to feed my kid and get to work. The stuffing waited til I got home.

  411. TACO was, you guessed it, a chihuahua. She was the best dog ever! Taco grew up with a hunting breed so she never knew she was supposed to be yappy and exude “attitude.” Instead, she was steady, calmly protective and adoring. She took care of me for 18 precious years and I still miss her sweet ways.

  412. His name was Button. Actually he was a registered Toy Manchester and his full name was “Symphony’s Black Button”. He came to us when I was around 10 yrs old and stayed until long after I married. He let me dress him in doll clothes, sat at the feet of my to be husband and passed gas, went looking for a mate one night and even my then new husband scoured the neighborhood for him. He came home a day or so later, tuckered out. So, so many wonderful memories of that sweet boy.

  413. A Beagle name Lucky! My dad had rescued him, someone left him at a public hunting area.

  414. Molly was a shelter dog that we got when our kids begged for a dog. She soon became “ mine”.

  415. We rescued my first fur- boy “CHARGER” a beautiful black lab-mix… (my husband is a huge -(SD) now LA CHARGERS fan… he was the sweetest pup, so loving… we put him down 14 years later… then we rescued our fur-girl “LACEY” a mixed border collie…. so different from her laid back brother…. crazy…… but so much fun!!! I love my fur girl!!!

  416. I grew up on a farm so we had many dogs through the years–but my favorite was Lady–shepherd/collie mix–she grew up with me and always walked with us down the lane to get on the bus!

  417. growing up, we had a standard size collie and her name was Kippy. she was very protective of my sister and I and had such a gentle and loving spirit. i still remember combing her to get the tangles out of her long fur!

  418. Love this bundle! My dog, Josie, would like to send some cards to her friends!

  419. My little pals name is Versace. She is a Maltipoo. My daughter named her when she was 16. Needless to say my daughter went off to college and “Sace” as we call her became my dog. She is now 14 and the best friend a girl could have.

  420. Sandra Rowland

    Hi Mary, it’s Sandra. I do not know the name of my favorite dog-I was waiting at the hospital for discharge from a test I had just taken, an IV had been put in, hospital procedure; and it looked like I had a bandaged wound to a therapy dog that walked over to me, and immediately began to lick my “wound”. She was trying to make it better. She was a “Golden” something. The love and compassion in that act of kindness touched my heart deeply. (I have too many allergies to have a pet of my own 🙁 !!) I do not need this set, but thanks for listening!

  421. LaVonne Smejkal

    I would love to honor our beloved Aspen, who we lost this last year, by scrapbooking photos of her. As a Burmese/Greater Swiss Mountain dog she out lived the vet’s expectations. She has left a rather large hole in our hearts! This bundle is on my wish list. Thanks for offering a chance to win it.

  422. My little pugs name was puggsie!

  423. Connie Ulshafer

    Tucker, he is a 6 year old blonde lab and such an awesome dog.

  424. Ginger was my childhood dog – part collie, part cocker spaniel. She was my best friend. My dad just passed away 10/1 & we sold his house. Ginger is buried there. Last thing I did was tell Ginger goodbye – ok, starting to cry…but pets have such a profound effect on our lives!

  425. Have had precious dogs lifelong and again after my beloved Casey went to Rainbow Bridge…we waited due to our age, thinking it over and discussions with our vet… another it was, a rescue travelling down to Rescue Event in NJ….Charlie has now been with us five (5) years and is yet another blessing…I LOVE DOGS…oops, we also have a rescue cat…I love you 2…
    and with this bundle, already dreaming of creations…smileThank you Mary for you delightful offers

  426. As a teenager we had a beagle named Gypsy. Now, a fellow crafter has a Pug, named Wrinkles. Love them both

  427. Judith Tanner

    Sandy, sweet,loving rescue baby that I loved for 21 years.

  428. My heart is with animals of all kinds! I had pets growing up but always wanted more. I was told as soon as I had my own house I could have as many as I wanted! That turned into having three Shih Tzu’s at one time. Sadie Bug, Mika Bean, and Liberty Belle. When I lost Libby, it wasn’t long before I had a trio again and Wikket John joined my family. Then losing Sadie and Moka, I rescued Ezra Hobbes. The boys are great companions! As heartbreaking as it is losing a pet (or the need to make a card for such instance) this set works well for the dog lovers!

  429. It is hard to choose,but probably Harley.

  430. I love, love, love this set! I have a golden retriever, Abby. I constantly send cards from “Abby” to my friends and family. Can’t wait to personalize “Abby’s” cards 😉

  431. Seabee is my favorite dog. He is a Morkie and a little over a year old. I got him when I went to Jacksonville, FL to visit my grandson who had recently enlisted in the Navy. He named him.for me!

  432. New to your blog. You are uber talented! Thanks for sharing!! Favorite dog was a rescue mix of many breeds!! His name was Murphy! Great friend!

  433. Juanita Goulet

    Jax and he is a yellow lab.

  434. In the 50’s when I was in elementary school we got a Toy Manchester that we named Trigger, (probably after Roy Rogers’ horse but I can’t remember). Even though he was a small dog he would wait until we pulled out of the driveway and then he would jump the fence. We finally caught him doing it.

  435. We recently lost our big beautiful Bruno, our chocolate lab. Such a great dog!!

  436. Beth Jo Schoeberl

    Aren’t they all favorites?! But my Dachshunds are by far the ones that have stolen my heart the most! Past Heidi female Black and Tan. She was my childhood bestie. Boomer my male brown standard shirt hair was my heart. ❤️ Hailey is my current spunky girl a long haired mini almost 15 years old and still going strong. Gotta love these dynamic loyal bundles of joy ❣️

  437. My beloved Sophie girl ,my favorite King Charles., passed away 1 1/2 years ago. Spenser,another King Charles joined us a year ago. He keeps us smiling.

  438. Our last dog was named Bruiser. He was a part-lab mix that we got from my brother-in-law. He was a great dog and funny but he loved to pull the clothes off the clothesline and chew them up which did not make me happy.

  439. Jewel Easterling

    My dog is a Chorkie (Chihuahua/yorkie mix) and her name is Charli. She’s my baby girl – she knows it and uses it to her advantage!

  440. My favorite was Princess. I got to pick her out of the litter and I was only five years old. She was my best friend. We did most everything together. She was with out family for many years, always loved.

  441. My favorite dog was my Yorkie named Lady Desdemona (Desi) and was a wedding present from my grandparents. She was the most loving and well behaved dog.

  442. Carla Turchetti

    Our 6 year old Maltipoo is the first dog I have ever had and I am in my 50s! She has completely stolen our hearts and our children gave our little 8 pound dog the longest name – Alexandra Belle!

  443. I’ve had two dogs in my life that left a lasting impression. One was a tiny little Pomeranian named Missy. She lived 13 years and when she died I cried so much I ended up in the hospital with blocked sinuses. May other little love was a Pekingese named Sandy. She only lived 8 years and it was so hard to lose her. I can’t go through the heartbreak again of losing a pet, so now I only have stamps to share my love of pets.

  444. Rocky. He was a great dog who grew up with my kids. Now I have a collection of Granddogs!

  445. Mary Ellen Reeder

    I am definitely a dog lover. We have had three, 2 golden retrievers named Bailey and Brandy and our current yellow lab named Bella. She is the sweetest. The companionship and unconditional love you get is just beyond words.

  446. Thank you for your blog and your generosity! My dog was named Sherlock, a soft coated Wheaten Terrier. I rescued him from an abusive home at age 1.5. He turned into the greatest dog. He died at 12 a couple years ago. But I dogsit my friends dogs all the time.

  447. Brandy, our first golden retriever. He was so gentle with all 4 of us kids. Great dog!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  448. Cookie! Best dog ever! Border collie lab mix rescued as a puppy.

  449. Buddy. He was the sweetest black lab! We all miss him very much! He got cancer and passed away. Best dog ever!!!

  450. Cyndi Ringrose

    My favorite dog is Miss Goldy, our family visiting therapy dog!

  451. Mary Lou Glick

    I LOVE dogs! That is why I volunteer at a local rescue. My favorite dog was a Brittany named Yancy. I had her from the time she was six weeks old until she died of congestive heart failure in October of 2017 at age 12. She was funny, smart and loving.

  452. Karen in Florida

    My favorite dog was my daughter’s pug, named Sid. He was tan in color and had a very fiesty disposition. He was so smart, he could figure out what you wanted and manage to do just the opposite. Sid just passed away in November at age 14.

  453. Debbie Sheets

    Katie, a six pound, long-haired miniature Dauschound

  454. Suzzette Y in Boone

    Tilly, a Staffordshire bull terrier. Best dog ever!

  455. Shelley Jeffrey

    We currently have our first 2 dogs ever, rescued littermate Pugs! Have had them almost 4 years now, and can’t remember what life was like without them in it. Such sweet babies! One was recently diagnosed with Pug Myelopathy and so is requiring more care as time progresses, but when they are family you do what you need to do for them!

  456. I’ve loved them all, there is nothing like a dog. Right now I have two sibling fluff balls, named Tigger and Devon. They have brought me joy for many years.

  457. My favorite dog’s name was Otie! He was the cutest, chunky little chihuahua with ears that flapped over like the flying nun! Tan, white and oh so smart He passed three years ago and I still miss him.

  458. My beloved DJ (Denton Junior). He was the joy of our lives for seven years until we had to put him down due to cancer. He was a registered Boxer. He was loving, loyal, protective and full of energy! I still miss DJ and he has been in Doggy Heaven for about 13 or 14 years now.

  459. Bonnie Smoller

    Patches. We got her as an 11 year old rescue and we were lucky to have her another seven years.

  460. Bailey owns our hearts at this house! We rescued him 10 years ago! He is a maltese-bichon mix. My husband calls him our 11 pound pit bull! He is almost blind, hard of hearing and has arthritis (we have to carry him in and out for potty) but he is the love of our life!

  461. What a wonderful blog Candy! My childhood dog was Schatzie, a dachshund (with a beagle grandma?). She was a sweetheart! My grandpup, Brandy, a yellow lab, was so smart and sweet; I still miss her. All that unconditional love ❤️!

  462. Cindy DeGarmo

    Dec 24 we had to put our dog down. His name was KC and he was a Brittney Spaniel. We really miss him. Looking at getting another dog when we find the right one. If it is a male I want to name him Cooper.

  463. Janet VanLeeuwen

    Our Hunter, a German shorthair. Thanks for all your good videos and I really enjoy your blog.

  464. Thank you for a chance to win that terrific bundle. My little “Buffy Puppy” was with me for 17 years, all good. He was the best dog and I spoiled him as I did not have any children. The love was mutual, unconditional and Buffy gave it freely. I miss him so much. Every year at Christmas, we donate toys and food to the food shelf in his memory. All dogs go to Heaven so I know I will see him again.

  465. I have 2 favorites: Champ, our golden retriever who lived to be 14 and Bode, our current golden retriever who is 6 and comes from the same bloodline as our Champ! I would LOVE to win this set…..I am a huge dog lover!!

  466. Bruno was our beautiful chocolate lab!

  467. Morgan McBroom

    My sweet Puggle, Zoey is most definitely girl’s best friend! I couldn’t imagine life without her. She is truly just like one of my children.

  468. We have Lisca (Jalisco the Mexican hot dog) and Rascal both dachshunds…darlings in our family and very smart.

  469. Mary Schreiber

    I had a German Shepherd his name was Duke, loved him. We had him for 10 years and then he went to doggie heaven. Never had another one.

  470. Adriana Romero

    We have a German Shepherd that my 8 year old plays with on the trampoline. The dog chasing her tail while my daughter is jumping. But I also love my Shitzu/poddle mix he”s 12 Year’s old now. He’s always with me.

  471. Still miss our rescue dog, Ginger. She showed up on our doorstep one day and wouldn’t leave. Our family didn’t want a dog, but I think she adopted us first before we adopted her. She was a faithful, protective, wonderful dog and I still miss her. She’s been gone for over 25 years but was just a blessing to us.

  472. I have a Blue Heeler. Her name is Emmy. She is very loyal and loving.

  473. Penny, my miniature dachshund was with me for 11 years.

  474. Teresa Laffon

    My favorite dog is my German Shepherd named Maximilian Clint’s Pride, better known as Max. He is my friend and protector.

  475. Christine Kesler

    This is easy one for Me! We have 8 year old Chihuahua mix rescue! She is 12″ tall and very skinny 4.5 lbs and a little on the ugly side, until u get to know her. She is the SWEETEST thing! She thinks she is a Labrador and a guard dog!!!

  476. Elaine McLarnan

    My favorite dog’s name is Cooper, a white male Shih Tzu. He was a handsome, curious little guy who liked to play with his ball, and go for car rides and walks. He brought us a lot of joy! Sadly, he’s been gone for two years now, but is still so loved & missed.

  477. Jamie Sanders

    My favorite dog is our boxer. His name is Dex!

  478. Mary what a cute stamp set. Juno was our dogs name. She was German Shepherd/husky and the smallest pup in the bunch. More human than animal. She lived to be 18 years. We still miss her and haven’t replaced her, don’t know if we ever could.

  479. Jackie McCaffery

    That’s a tough one! But our three dogs we have now we love to bits! Ruby and Lucy are 13 year old schnoodles, and Stella is our 8 year old golden doodle. Ruby and Lucy are sisters

  480. Janice Hagar Rogala

    Our first fur baby as a married couple was a cockapoo we named Madchen which means little girl in German. I would drop her off each day at my parents’ home on my way to work for doggie daycare. I put an ad in the paper for a doghouse for our Madchen. A gentleman who was German was so thrilled with her name that he arrived at my parents’ house with a beautiful doghouse and large cement bowl that she couldn’t knock over. On both he had inscribed her name.

  481. As a kid, we had Sparky, the mutt, and as an adult, Jack and Smokey, the German shepherds. This dog bundle would be fun for all the dog lover cards for friends!

  482. Marianne Pickens

    One dog was named Bingo,and another was Beaner. Both cocker spaniels.Bingo had her babies in the center of my bed! loved those two.

  483. Debbie Danford

    We have a chocolate lab who is now 18 months old and his name is Cooper. Before him we had a yellow lab named Rudy. So.. those are both my favorites. Oh and Coopers brother Milo that my son and daughter-in-law have,

  484. Our little Poppy. She was a little white multipoo and our children adored her!

  485. Our favoritefog was a springer spanial named Bo Duke! best dog ever!

  486. Karla Boncher

    When I was young, we had a dog given to us that I named Champ!

  487. Sandra Warthen

    What a lovely give away.

    My favorite dogs were Poochie and Scrappy. They were grandmother and grand-daughter. Their looks and personalities were so alike. When I lost them it left such a hole in my heart I still cannot bear to get another dog.

  488. I truly love this set ?., definitely a dog lover. I lost my 16 year companion a few months ago, an Australian Shepherd, Jake. Seems like yesterday he was here at my side. Getting another dog soon, just need some healing time.
    This set would be very welcome.
    Thanks Linda

  489. My favorite dog is our beagle Isabel!

  490. I have never had a dog so i guess my favorite would have to be my son and daughter in laws dog Basel!! He is a german shepherd.

  491. Shirley Anders

    Mary, our baby turned 3 years old this month. She is a beagle and her name is Faith. We don’t have any children so she is our baby:). The love she gives us is so amazing. She runs to meet you when you come in, she sits in your lap when we watch tv and she gives you kisses all the time!

    Thanks for letting me tell you about our girl!

  492. Our dog’s name is Taffy and she is a lab/golden retriever. She has been with our family since our oldest was 6 months old (hannah will be 9 in April). Best family dog ever ❤️

  493. Tina Almquist

    Labrador Retrievers. We have 2 yellow ones, Henry and Otis.

  494. Susan M Robertson

    Can’t play favorites. Shetland Sheepdogs, Skipper and Max.

  495. Patricia CA Temby

    My favorite dogs name was Leiloni, Loni for short. She was a beautiful Siberian Huskey. She was such a calm, sweet dog. We would take her to the mountains here in Southern California to play in the snow, she was almost all white, so she matched the snow. How I miss her!

  496. Can’t play favorites. Shetland Sheepdogs, Skipper and Max.

  497. Joyce Harmeyer

    Dogs have always been a part of my life – as a child and an adult.
    I have always had a fondness for dogs. My favorite dog was called
    BUGSY. He was a Boston Bulldog and followed me everywhere.
    One of the saddest days of my life was the loss of my pal Bugsy.

  498. Pam Vittorino

    My fav is Baby of course, my current dog.
    She is a German Shepard/Border Collie mix.

  499. We had a German Sheppard that we named Gidget she was the best watch dog and baby sitter for my children.

  500. Sharon Graham

    Daisy, a Jack Russell.

  501. My favorite dog was our yellow lab Lucy, she was lovable, full of spirit and an all around joy. She lived to be 15 years old, miss her alot!

  502. Merrylee Vukonich

    My dog’s name is Rooster. Love my chickens but I received him as an exchange for a rooster. He is a mini aussie.

  503. Alfie; she is a Yorkie Cairn Terrier mix. She is 18 months old and is my grandson’s best buddy. She is so in tune to me and my medical issues that she may get certified as a medical alert dog. There’s a lot of smarts in that little head of hers!!!

  504. My favorite dog’s name was Cha-Cha. She was a Chihuahua my family had when I was a girl. My parents gave her to another family when my mom was expecting my sister. Heartbroken!

  505. Carolyn Turner

    My current dog is Jedi, a Doberman. I adopt senior rescues, so whatever my current dog is, that’s my favorite!

  506. My best dog is my current one, Duncan. He is a Maltese/Yorkie mix and will be 12 in May. I saw him the day he was born and knew he was for me. He is a real love and he is very close to me. He has me well trained to his needs.

    Thank you for asking.

  507. When I was young, we had a Pekingese named Buttons. He was born as a misfit to a breeder, but we loved him as he was. He was breed to have the long golden hair and a tail that laid over it’s back with the flowing hair. Buttons however was born black with some white markings and no tail!

  508. My favorite dog was a small Lab named Bessie. What a sweetie!

  509. My favorite dog was named Vanilla. She was named by my son who wanted to keep her. We loved her for 18 years.

  510. Stephanie H. Ryon

    Mary I agree, Happy Tails is an adorable set! My favorite dog was a Standard Yorkshire Terrier, Named Newman (yes, I’m a huge Seinfeld fan). I let Newman go on2/14/12, a very hard day, week and month!

  511. Our beautiful Beagle was Beetle–Beetle Beagle–our first baby after we married. Our babies today are Snoopy Jane and Miss Kiki.

  512. I still miss our beloved yellow lab, Sandy.

  513. Judy Ernst-Hopp

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    My favorite name for a dog would have to be Heidi. She is a little rescue ” Mountain Feist” that came to our cabin about 13 years ago. We had been out for the day and when we returned home, she was guarding the deck and was not going to let us enter. We cleaned her up and she stayed the weekend. She decided to stay with us and jumped into the truck on Sunday as we departed and has been bringing joy and entertainment to our lives since. So Heidi it is, though we have had Spot, Rock, Ben, George and others that we have loved in the past.

  514. Donna Margherio

    Pepper…the smartest dog I ever had. She was part border collie and shellie. Miss her very much.

  515. Hard to pick any favorite dog, but my daughter has a Chocolate Lab named Shamus. She was named from a character on a tv show. She is the sweetest dog EVER.

  516. My childhood dog’s name was Mr. Valentine! He was just a mixed breed of a dog but he was the best dog for us kids! We got him in the month of February but not on Valentine’s Day. He never had a nickname it was always Mr. Valentine!

  517. My favorite dog is my mom’s dog Piper. She is so sweet and affectionate.
    Thanks Mary for all you do!

  518. Bailey, our rescue pug. Left us too soon, as she passed away at the vet while getting her teeth cleaned. We miss her so much.

  519. Dee Carpenter

    What better way to celebrate man’s best friend than with cards made with Happy Tails stamps!

  520. The first family pet when I was a child was a poodle named Taffy. He was the best dog!

  521. Colleen Daley

    Lola is my furry companion She is a Shiba Inu Formosan Mountain Dog mix She looks like a little fox She came into my life through a rescue foundation in Taiwan last year. She is s loving, energetic and a bundle of joy!

  522. My dog’s name was Tasha. She was a Siberian Husky. I had her Since she was a puppy. She loved going for rides to the ice cream store for her treat. I miss her as she passed from cancer.

  523. Gale Tiedemann

    i currently have no dogs, but have had one my entire life. Now I get my dog fix when I watch my son’s two dogs. Must say, Jet is my favorite, a 75 lb. boxer rottweiler mix who thinks he is a lap dog.

  524. Diana Herrera

    I have the cutest little Yorkie and her name is Lucy Ricardo. I would love to get her a companion some day and name her Ethel Mertz!
    Thank you.

  525. Mary-Ann Schulze

    Love your web site. I look at it everyday. I also love your style of crafting. Keep up the great ideas!

  526. Ginger, which of course is the name of my last dog! She was a rescue and a German Shepard/Chihuahua mix showing markings from both breeds! I was lucky to have her for 16 years and would be happy to share a picture with you! Love this new set and see many opportunities.

  527. What a great giveaway! My favorite dog is Zeus, a French bulldog.

  528. Our current dog is named Baxter. He’s a Boston Terrier and a bundle of joy and energy!

  529. My favorite is Toby, our 3rd pug! Our first 2 were Scooter and Ozzie. Love our sweet pugs!

  530. My favorite dog was the little dalmatian Pepper we grew up with.

  531. Michelle Davis

    My favorite dog was Weeble. She was a Saint Bernard. She loved to eat twinkies and pull a sled. Great childhood memories.

  532. My absolute favorite was Mantra, a male Britanny Spaniel.

  533. All of my dogs have been favorites. All are rescues but my MOST favorite would be Mollie, a pomaranian. She was found on the doorstep of someone in my neighborhood who sent an email asking if anyone could adopt her. One look and I was a goner! She was always by my side. Unfortunately she passed a few years ago. Still love and miss her today!

  534. When my husband and I were first married we were given a puppy. He was a cute little German shepherd. We named him Schultz. It didn’t take long for the cute little puppy to become a large energetic dog. Schultz is long gone but always in our hearts. We have been married 51 years now.

  535. Amanda VanHavermaet

    My CoCo is my cute and energetic Australian Shepherd. My 3 kids and hubby and I are her “herd”. She’s our constant guardian of squirrels and the UPS guy.

  536. Patricia Allison

    Skippy, our Pointer mix. Rescue puppy, full of energy and so much love!

  537. My best dog was a beagle named Snoopy we had for 15 years! Still miss him.

  538. I do not have a doggy of my own but have three that I love, treat and dog-sit constantly. My sister’s dog is “Milo”, my son’s dog is “Bridgett” and my neighbor’s dog is “Libby”. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful “Blog Candy”.

  539. Kathy (cards_by_kp)

    Growing up German Shepherds were the dog breed that our grandparents had. They always had “regal” names (Queenie, Prince, Rex). My favorite was Queenie. She was so gentle. We always shared our ice cream cones with her. Prince, on the other hand, was very vicious and we were scared of him. Rex was a puppy when my grandfather got him and he was my youngest brother’s favorite dog. We finally got a dog. She was a German Shepherd and my brother promptly named her Rex even though she was a female.

  540. Sheryl Sgarbossa

    Lady Sue – I got her (Beagle) when I had surgery as a child. Such a sweet puppy.

  541. Over my 72 years of life, there have been many “special” pups, but I would have to say that our last two (brother and sister Dachshunds from the same litter)…were our truest companions for 14 years..Buddie and Gracie….they loved camping and travel and loved to keep me company in my craft room….they passed away last year and we truly miss them so much.

  542. Cocker Spaniel but we have a rescue dog that is part Jack Russell, named Button. She was our inheritance from my father in law when he passed. We love her!

  543. Hi Mary, I think this bundle is SOOO CUTE, and reminds me of our sweet yellow lab, Doree, that we lost 3 yrs ago. I still miss her every single day!!!

  544. My friend, my love is Amelie. She is a Maltese & will be 12 years old in September.

  545. Thanks for a chance to WIN. I have a couple of favorite dogs..Puppus and Rifkin…they were a couple of great pets.

  546. My springer spaniel Sadie! She was our naughty but lovable doggie!

  547. Sam is our rescued pet- part Dachsie & Manchester- so smart & spoiled but we wouldn’t trade him for the world!!

  548. Carolyn Farnsworth

    We had a Cocker Spaniel named Dusty. He was the sweetest dog. I still miss him to this day.

  549. Janice Warhank

    My current doggie,Brody, is the kindest most loving dog I have ever met. I rescued him. ?
    My best buddy from the past is Siccum. German Shepard/Basset Hound Cross. The most laid/back dog I’ve ever met.

  550. Hi Mary.

    We just brought home our first family puppy in November 2018. Our 5 year old son and Dash, (chocolate Labrador) are best brother buddies.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this cute set.


  551. Rosina Carrasco

    Milagro was a rescue. She was a blue heeler. Her name means “miracle” in Spanish. There is definitely a story behind her name. Sadly she died in her sleep of the ripe old age of 15 years. She was beautiful, loyal, protective, and loving. I miss her so much.

  552. We have only had one dog, a black lab, named Peppermint Patti (our last name is Patti) Pepper was THE BEST friend, companion to our daughter and our family for 14 amazing years. She is sorely missed, and fondly remembered!

  553. I have two currently, so can’t pick favs, I’ll have to go with my childhood dog, Buffy, an adorable Lhasa Apso.

  554. Sandra Wingate

    My favorite dog was the puppy we got our son for Christmas when he was 6. She was a Golden Retriever named Perdita, but we called her Perdy. We had her for 9 & 1/2 years and she was a wonderful family pet that we love to talk about at all our family get together!

  555. Thank you for the chance to win this generous giveaway! I had three favorite dogs but I’ll tell you the name of one. Her name was Grace and she was a German Shepherd. Loyal, dependable, beautiful. She passed last year at 11 years of age. I miss her very much!

  556. Theresa Grdina

    Biscuit!!! Her name was really Bailey but she was the cutest little biscuit. Hence the name: BISCUIT!!!

  557. Shawna Eddy Kissell

    My favorite puppy is Molly, our Australian Shepherd mix. She is so sweet. At New years eve, she ran away because she was scared by the fireworks. I was frightened for her and was yelling for her .About an hour later, she came home: with a half grown husky who had done the same thing and wanted a safe place to stay.

  558. We loved our rescue beagle named Elle. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She passed away last May and we miss her so much.

  559. My baby is a Vizsla, his name is Chance! I’m wanting to get this set, love it, just like I love ❤️ him!

  560. Vivian Sarkis

    We adopted a dog named Piper. She was free until she went to the basement and ate mouse bate. We took her to the emergency vet and she was no longer free. 10 years later I can’t imagine life without her. She is a Laborottie. 1/2 Lab and 1/2 Rottweiler.

  561. Debbie Johnson

    Snickers is my favorite dog. She’s a labradoodle and a hot mess!

  562. Diane Nisotis

    Allergic to animals so never had pets. But my father as a teenager and young adult in Canada had a special relationship with a German Shephard named Guardien. I had tears in my eyes when he would talk about the time Guardien sensed from at least a mile away that my dad was returning home from WWII. He ran to meet my dad as he was walking home on the farm road.. My father is now 100 years old.

  563. I have had a number of wonderful dogs in my life. Hard to pick just one but Our lab mix “Elsie” was one of the best.

  564. Griffin is my nephew’s mini-Aussie, and I have so much fun when I get to puppy-sit! His one brown eye and one blue eye will melt your heart.

  565. Darlene Stasio

    I have Three Cockapoos, Augustus who is 14 and three years ago lost both of his eyes because of severe attacks of glaucoma and is deaf. He is the most amazing and sweet dog the way he has adapted. His brother Korky has severe allergies which he gets monthly shots for and he has diabetes and cataracts. Both those dogs were rescued from puppy mill. My third dog Cowboy was my Grandsons dog which we “ inherited 9 years ago”. He has epilepsy. They are a challenge but I wouldn’t change a thing with all the joy they give my husband and me. They are all gifts from God.

  566. Freddie is adorable!! So are the stamps set and punch.

  567. Kathy Carlson

    My friend named her dog Brussel Sprout. He was neither green nor round, but it was surely a name I would never forget!!!!

  568. Our favorite was Amos, aka Amos the Wonder Dog! He was a Chocolate Lab, very work oriented in his younger years (must chase ball!) and very snuggly in his latter years. We had him till last July, 14 wonderful years.

  569. Our favorite is usually the one we have at the time. Bella was our last one – a rescue miniature schnauzer. We are looking to find an older schnauzer to fill the hole in our hearts after we had to put Bella down. Life isn’t the same without a fur buddy.

  570. My favorite dog was Rusty, my husbands family dog, a Brittany Spaniel. So devoted and loving, I got over my fear of being licked by dogs in the face!

  571. Thank you for the chance to win a prize. I love your projects you share. My favorite dogs name was Panda. She looked like a Panda and she was a Springer Spaniel Mix. She was a rescue from a bos of pups in a church parking lot.

  572. It’s hard to have a favorite dog but if I have to choose, it would be Rosie. She was my first show dog, a Chinese Shar Pei. We traveled all over the northeastern US to dog shows. Rosie was the number 26 Shar Pei in the country and number one in New England. I miss her every day. She’s been gone for 10 years.

  573. I have had quite a few dogs and while it is hard to choose one my Bella is so missed. She has been gone for 3 years and I am just now wanting to get a new dog! She was a rescue, German shorthair/lab mix but I couldn’t tell you where the lab part was!! She was the best!

  574. We have a King Charles Spaniel named Charlie Brown. When we were looking at him, he had this little round head, and my husband said to me “We can’t leave Charlie Brown and not take him home”. Well…he came home with us and the name stuck.

  575. Cute set and punch to honor your Freddie! Tfs
    I don’t have a real pet, lots of family members and friends who do tho! I would put this bundle to good use! Stay warm and safe today, America.

    • My favorite past pet was Pumpkin, an apricot Toy Poodle. My first Grand was a Miniature Poodle, Taylor.

  576. My dog was a miniature black poodle. He was a gift. His name was Abe. We didn’t keep him for more than a couple years. There was a lady that was having some serious medical issues and we gave him to her when we moved. He was a good and crazy cute pup.

  577. My first dog was an anniversary present from my husband. She was a husky collie mix and we named her Annie. She stole my heart and we were the best of friends.

  578. Ellen Speranzo

    All 46 years of our marriage we have taken in rescue dogs. We adore Australian Cattle dogs for their energy, intelligence and perseverance. Currently we have Izzy (Isabella) who is half Australian Cattle dog and half Australian Kelpie. She had been abused but now is a happy, confident dog. The most special thing about her is that from Day 1 she bonded immediately with our 7 yo granddaughter who has Type 1 Diabetes. Izzy waits for her at the gate every day after school, jumping for joy when she sees her. Izzy sleeps on Gabrielle’s bed with her at night. They are inseparable and it brings us great joy.

  579. Thank you for the chance to win a prize. I love your projects you share.

    • My favorite dog name was Panda as she was a rescue, looked like a panda. We think she was Springer Spaniel mix.

  580. I actually had two……both were St Bernard’s from the same litter. There names were Sonny & Cher. Loved them dearly.

  581. Elaine Harrison Lane

    Since my sweet mixed whippet dog (had DNA gone) is staring at me as I write this reply, Lilly, is my favorite adopted dog that keeps me guessing what she will do next. She waits on a chair and watches me Stamp in my Stamp room.

  582. Linda Johnson

    Favorite pet name is Rambo. A 10 lb yorky

  583. Terry Betlewski

    Zipper, a beagle mix and the best dog ever.

  584. My favorite dog was Sammy Bear. He was a mix breed we adopted from the pound. He loved to hike, skijor and run with us. He was a wonderful, loving dog.

  585. My favorite dog is my Yorkie, Barney. He was given to me as a Birthday present as my boss, Frankie, knew my girl Yorkie, Sammie Girl, was I’ll and would not last long.

    I have adopted 3 Yorkie…. I love the breed, their temperament is awesome.

  586. Bailey Rose. One spoiled Beagle mix.

  587. We’ve had several dogs that we loved dearly. Hard to pick a favorite, Sammy was my little poodle that a lady from church gave me she was spoiled rotten and followed me everywhere. I loved her very much. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful bundle. And I loved reading all the comments lot of lucky dogs out there.

  588. Cheryl goetsch

    This is easy.. Chevonne, my 13 year old yellow lab, has been my service dog and constant companion. She is retiring this year after 11 years of service. I’ll be waiting to find out what dog I’ll be placed with for the next adventure.

  589. Denise Snakard

    I grew up in a town surrounded by farms. Very common for farmers to drop off an extra puppy in my area. One day a stray puppy came to our kitchen door. Short hair brown and white beagle mix. (No lease laws. No one walked their dog either). Great freedom for dogs back then. He waited for us to get off to school then he took off to unknown parts of our town. Returned after we got home from school. We called him,
    “ Happy Trails “ from the theme song on The Roy Rodgers Show.

  590. Kymberly Hitchcock

    Ill take that cute little puppy

  591. Duncan was the best dog ever! He was a special needs Scottie dog, who had no idea he was handicapped. We didn’t know he had a brain abnormality until he was about one year old. The specialist said Duncan would live a normal lifespan and had such a great temperament. Duncan touched so many people, he is truly missed.

  592. My one and only dog was named Brownie. He was in the family when I was born and died when I left for college. Best friend/dog!

  593. Buddy our yellow lab. We got him for our son but he ended up being my baby. We had to give him up when we moved as we moved to the city and he was a country dog. He now gets to play in the fields and swim in a pond. Broke my heart.

  594. Spencer – he was a springer spaniel.

  595. I just ? dogs we have two of them Sissi Sue and
    Princess Marie O would really love to get this sta.p set.
    Your puppy ? is cute!

  596. Christy Stanford

    I couldn’t choose between my two current dogs (both rescues), so I’m opting for Chewie, a yellow Lab whom my family adopted when I was 16. He was the most amazing dog ever and came with me after I got married. We had almost 10 years together and it wasn’t nearly enough.

  597. I just lost my little Chihuahua, Poco. He was 14 1/2 years old. Poco was one of a kind. He travelled with us and entertained us so much. We miss him.

  598. Linda Lipchak

    Currently we do not own a dog. Our lifestyle has kept us from replacing our past favorite. I do have a soft spot for some breeds so I hover between loving Pugs and Golden Retrievers!

  599. When I was younger we had a dog named Snoopy. So original. He lived to be 15. Great dog. We loved him dearly.

  600. My late husband and I had 2 rescue dogs – Maggie, a “Lassie” look-alike, and Pepper, a border collie who was the most intensely loyal dog I’ve ever known. Rather than we rescuing them, it’s more accurate to say they rescued us, as both came into our lives just when we needed them most.

  601. Labrador retrievers! We have had 2 black and now have a very special yellow lab “Bo” that was born with juvenile catarats, who is totally blind now.

  602. Our dog Hunter, a Brittany, passed away in August of 2017 at 15 1/2 years old. He would follow me around every where. He was so smart and would talk to us with his eyes. He would stare you down and when we would ask “what do you want”, he would take us to the place and point his nose to what he wanted. I’m so happy I have pictures and videos of him.

  603. I just love our dog Benji Boy!! He is my best buddie and a great dog!!

  604. We had a handsome boxer when I was growing up named Buffrin, with a nickname of Buffy.

  605. Patricia Greco

    My favorite dog’s name was Troubles. I was in high school when I brought him home and my parents said here comes more trouble.

    He was a sweetheart of a dog to me but also very protective of me.

    I still miss him after all these years and I had many dogs after him. ❤️

  606. Mary Jo J Miedema

    I have had so many dogs, each one loved dearly~my son’s 8 year old golden retriever Hank, 100% dufus, is my current favorite

  607. Oh it is so hard to pick my favorite. Kalimba was a beautiful Chow we had 4 of them and she was probably my favorite. Someone had brought her into the vet office where I worked to put her to sleep at 6 weeks old because of her being blind in one eye I couldn’t let that happen so I paid the lady and brought her home. She was such a good dog.

  608. We had a beautiful,large,long haired German Shepherd. His name was My Friend and he was. He was known as The Gentle Giant. He was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest dog ever.

  609. Laurie Balousek

    Is Freddie included in the bundle? Love all the dogs we have had – no favorites, like kids! Had German shepherds, Belgian shepherds, Golden doodle and rescue.

  610. Linda Riesgraf

    Betty, Millie, Penny (2 of those), Larry, Roger, Woody…each one a rescue, and I have loved them all, each for a different reason.
    But the one who touched my heart first was Bogart, a stray Springer Spaniel in the sub-zero dead of the Minnesota winter. Tracked him and tried to entice him with food for 3 weeks before he finally found the courage to approach a left-over warm fish meal that I had in my car after delivering my route of meals-on-wheels. I opened the car door, put the meal on the ground and sat quietly as he devoured the food. Grabbed his tagless collar and brought him inside. He was frost-bitten, starving, and so, so scared. He grew to trust us and became a shadow to my husband for the rest of their lives.

  611. Kathy Patterson

    My favorite dog was Miss Mutley. She was a rat terrier rescue mix. we had her for 18 years. She was the smartest dog I have ever seen. I still miss her.

  612. My favorite dog is Scooby Doo. Pretty sure he is a mixed breed.
    Thanks for the chance to win this cool set.

  613. Helen Piaskowski

    It’s so hard to pick just one. We had a Pointer named Pablo who slept with me every night. But I will have to say Skipper was my favorite. He was a police trained German Shepard who loved us kids. He was a great watch dog but also so loving!

  614. I have had 4 great dogs: German shepherd named Falstaff, miniature Dashound named Badger, Sheltie named Simba, and a Golden Retriever named Beamer.

  615. My parents had a little rat terrier named Penny. She was the sweetest dog.

  616. Our favorite name right now is Finnegan, becaue last week we adopted him from the Aspca. He came all the way from Los Angelis Ca to Annapolis Md, due to shelter overcrowding. He is the MOST adorable wirehaired doxie mix. He joins two mini doxie sisters! This was our first experience adopting from the ASPCA and it was truly a fantastic experience.

  617. Oliver was my daughter’s dog a yellow lab. She lost him a year ago. He was the best, most loved dog ever

  618. Sandy is the name of the dog that I grew up with. She was a mixed breed.

  619. My favorite dogs are llaso opso. My male dog Cocha we had for 9 years became diabetic 2 years ago and had to put him to rest January 22nd. My heart is still hurting:(. Loved him so much but know he is not in pain any more. My female Mocha is 10 and she is full of life! Love my doggies ! Great and loyal companions!

  620. Pete was our first dog. He was an adorable little Peekapoo, all black and full of fur! I now have four grand dogs, all rescue dogs, and the sweetest dogs.

  621. Gail B Federowicz

    Labradors!! We had a great black lab. He passed years ago and left a hole in our hearts. Just now watching the Lab rescue site and thinking of a new friend. The SU punch reminds me of a Lab.

  622. Watson. A sweet Goldendoodle highly motivated by string cheese. ?

  623. Donna Worthman

    I rescued a dog 13 years ago his name was Russell, but he passed away in 2017. I miss him but hope to rescue again some day. I enjoy hearing your stories about your dogs.Thank you

  624. Lola is the name of my favorite dog from my childhood. She was the runt of the litter and was a collie/German Sheppard mix. She took care of all the kittens and even washed them and picked them up by the neck to put them back where their mother could feed them. We were lucky to have her for thirteen years.

  625. Kathy Malanoski

    I’ve always liked labs and golden retrievers and never thought I’d be a small dog person, but my daughter got a cavapoo (cavalier spaniel and mini-poodle mix) that weighs 10 pounds, named her Pixie and we just love her.

  626. My favorite dog that our family had when my girls were young was a beagle mix we named Maggie. She was super smart, and she figured out how to open the cupboard door where her treat box was kept. She would tip the box and help herself to the treats hiding some of them around the house for “emergencies.”

  627. My childhood best friend, a dog named Tilly

  628. Dawn Hutchins

    Talia Isley Huntress she is a female Chocolate lab. Also known as the pampered Queen.

  629. Lori Johnston

    My husband and I have greyhounds. They are retired racers and wonderful members of our family! We currently have three. I don’t think I can choose a favorite because they each had different personalities and different qualities… they’re all my favorite! I’d LOVE the Happy Tails bundle!

  630. Diana McKowen

    Pogo. Black poodle. So loyal.

  631. I love this bundle . I’ve been waiting for a stamp set with dogs that has the right phrases. My favorite dog is our Sheltie Remy. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had, a true friend. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous bundle!

  632. My favorite dog name is Jade. She’s a bit bull and is the cutest, friendliest lady. Happy Stampin and Cheers!! Casey J

  633. L?L, forgot to tell you about my favorite dog. I was blessed growing up with a golden retriever, as a child. My Dad named him Varmint and he’d always go up the road and use the neighbor’s high trees to do his “daily constitution” at. I guess he wanted privacy ?. Never had to clean up any “dog logs” in our yard, because of Varmint’s choice of “outhouse” location. Today, I have a loyal chocolate lab named Chubs. I didn’t name him, he came with the name because he was the largest pup in the litter. ???

  634. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance to win.
    My favorite dog was an American Eskimo (all white) and we called
    her Muk Luk after the warm and comfy Eskimo slippers.

  635. Mike was our Boston Terrier . Mike enjoyed a few sips of beer! He was incredibly smart and well behaved but quite a little character!

  636. Kathy O’Hara

    Aahh so cute! I’ve been on the fence about this set but thought it was so adorable!

  637. Laurie Taylor

    Pretzel. Beagle mix from Human Society. He was a good dog as our sons were growing up!

  638. Karen Bricker

    Our beloved Taggle was a Brittany- my favorite breed. He left us far too soon.

  639. I loved every dog that we had when I was growing up. But I guess Peaches was the one I care about the most. She was a rescued dog
    that dad came home with.

  640. My little stamping buddy is Bordeaux. Is close anytime I stamp. He has made some great suggestions when I’m in doubt of which color to choose!

  641. Buzz is my granddog. My son and his family got him from a shelter and he looks a lot like Petey on The Little Rascals with one black eye.

  642. When my dad was stationed in England, we had a Scottish terrier named Bridgette. She was amazing! We got her from an English lady who had truly pampered her. We all loved Bridgette and tried our best to keep up the pampering.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the blog candy!

  643. My favorite dog is Zeke. He is my 12 year old ShihTzu. He’s a real sweetie.

  644. My sweet Fluffy was our best dog. She blessed us for 14 years ?she was a mini poodle ?