Room for One More?

       Meet Freddie – My Love Pug

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Last year on Thanksgiving, I posted about our sweet rescue dog, Lucy.  Here’s the original post about her story and a second follow-up post.  My daughter, Caroline, and I were the primary “parents” for Lucy, helping her transition for almost a year from a very traumatized dog, who spent almost her entire first two years in shelters, to a joyful, sweet “wonder” dog.   

Fur-ever Friends!

As we neared the end of Lucy’s first year with our family, it became evident that as Caroline began her teaching career in Tempe, Arizona (about an hour and forty five minutes away) and got her first solo apartment, that Lucy would join her as a perfect companion.  It was a difficult decision for me since Lucy melts my heart (and still does).  However, seeing how Lucy has adjusted to apartment life (the apartment complex even has a Bark Park), I knew we had made the right decision.

Sasha & Boris prefer quiet time in the den

So I was in dog-less funk for a couple months and, in spite of having the nuttiest, naughtiest rescue cats, Sasha and Boris (they rule the house), I was feeling the loss of both for Lucy and my daughter.  My daily walks weren’t quite the same. 

Can you find Freddie in the pillows?  He thinks you can’t see him.

And along comes, Freddie . . .

Freddie is approximately a 2 year old black pug with a wee bit of something else mixed in for spice.  We suspect Boston Terrier.  Fun Fact:  When a Boston Terrier is combined with a pug it’s called a “bug.”   I received a call last August from a pug rescue in Phoenix that Freddie needed a home.  His back story is that when he was about 6 months old, he was found in a Walmart parking lot with no identification and a seriously broken leg.  The rescue got him medical care and the vet managed to save the leg (initially believing it would need to be amputated).  Freddie was adopted from the rescue and moved to a new home.  However, after about 18 months, he was surrendered to the rescue again because his owner had financial challenges.

Freddie likes to help me take photos of my cards.

I got the call from the rescue (I had submitted an application but was in no hurry) and we drove to Phoenix to meet Freddie.  First, he needed to connect with my husband, Scott . . . Lucy had been very shy and timid around men, including Scott.  However, Freddie was an instant “love pug” and had absolutely no problem cozying up to Scott . . . he is ONE social dude.   The moment I set eyes on his little pug face, I knew we would be his “fur-ever” family.  We drove directly from the rescue to my daughter’s (Tempe is outside Phoenix) with Freddie.  Good news!  It was love at first sight (especially for Freddie – he is smitten by Lucy) when they met.

Caroline, Lucy and the “little guy!”

Freddie is now my stamping studio bestie.  He is rarely more than a few feet from me and loves to play fetch with his toys.  He is working on obedience as well as perfecting his potty training.  I had forgotten how stubborn a pug can be.  He is participating in the same obedience classes that Lucy did and he graduated from beginner’s class with flying colors.  Go Freddie!

Lucy sometimes feels a little exhausted by Freddie’s puppy spirit!

Rescues often come with some not-so-perfect behaviors that need to be addressed.  His biggest challenge is meeting other dogs and our cats (Sasha and Boris).  He simply loses his mind with barking and anxiety.  Even when watching critter shows on Animal Planet, he goes wild and leaps at the screen.  We have no alternative but to turn the channel.  However, his behavior is improving with lots of treat reinforcement, obedience training and a ton of patience.  During my most frustrating Freddie moments, he is clever enough to settle down, drape himself across my body if I’m lying on the bed and fall sound asleep.  It’s impossible to stay frustrated for long.

Was it ever a question IF he could sleep on the bed?

This Thanksgiving, I’m so grateful that our family was able to find room for one more rescue.  Sasha, Boris, Lucy (now Caroline’s baby) and little Freddie are joys in our lives and complement our family.  Freddie and Lucy are spending the Thanksgiving week together (as well as several past weekends of doggie “sleepovers” when my daughter was home).  Our home becomes a race track for their chasing frenzies.  Toys are scattered everywhere.  Boris and Sasha watch from afar with disdain (that’s what cats do).  Life is good in the Fish family.   Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with family and friends, both the “fur baby” kind and human!



  1. Candied yams and stuffing are my favorite when serving turkey. It just makes my mouth water thinking about it. Hope your Thanksgiving was just as delicious.

  2. So enjoyed your heartwarming story about your rescues along with your pictures. They look so happy to finally be loved and respond in kind. I found my four-week-old kitten in the garden center at Walmart. Crying and cold it took maintenance a long time to get her out from behind a chainlink fence. Her Mom left her safe. She is now five years old and beautiful. She follows me everywhere. I hope someday I find her sister or brother. I always look….

  3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL, Our Africagrey Congo, says Hi, Most of you know about our Yellow Lab. She is now my Service dog. I got her when she was 15 months old and she is how 5 years old and they are both too smart for tit own good. our parrot can carry on a conversation. He ask me the difference between a eagle and him. He lpves Country Western, He says ROCK & Roll for it. I hope you are having a great time everyone!! CME

  4. Loved reading about your fur babies! How could we live without them! I have a rescued Yorkie who was tied up in a back yard for most of his 5 months. Yes, he is too big for a Yorkie and is very stubborn, but is the love of my life and is never very far away from me. Today, Thanksgiving Day, is his 10th birthday! He will probably get a bit of turkey for his birthday!

  5. I loved reading about your rescue pets!

  6. Mary Ann Pletcher

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. I eveny your Arizona weather. I live in Wisconsin with my daughter. I am the last of my generation, I soon will be 88, and the cold weather is not my liking. Scrapbooking and card making have been my hobbies for years. Navigating through this smart phone is so challenging, I rarely comment, but your dog story is so sweet I had to reply. I love Suzie, my Teddy and I understand your love of animals. I still walk her every day when weather permits. I enjoy your videos
    Have used many of your tips. Thank you. I wish you Joy over the holidays with your family and furry friends.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful and beautiful post. Your daughter is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the bow tie and collar on the dogs…too cute for words. I can imagine how much joy exist with the entire crew there, lol. Your home is filled with blessings. TFS.

  8. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story! Freddie is one lucky guy!

  9. Oh what adorable fur babies you do have! Your little Freddie is so lucky to have you all in his life! Loved reading about your family! Thank you for sharing with us but most of all for loving for those precious “fur babies”! Life is so full of changes and how wonderful is it to read something so precious!!

  10. SO MANY gorgeous faces! What a wonderful holiday you must have had! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. <3

  11. Maria Rodriguez

    Mary, these little, furry critters are so lucky to belong to you and your family. Pets bring so much joy and fun times to us and they ask for so very little in return.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures with us.

  12. I was amazed to see your Freddie. I have rescued a Bug, my little Bella, who is now 18 months. Got her when she was 5 months old, she had spent her entire 5 months in a crate in a basement. Our first year together was VERY challenging but we are now seeing improvement. She never sleeps during the daytime and wants me to play with her all day. She looks like your Freddie but is black/brindle. Good luck with your adorable fur baby.

  13. I love reading your pet stories. I am the mother of 2 rescue dogs. Since our children are grown and my husband travels a lot, Max and Maggie are perfect companions for me. I strongly support adoption of pound pets. Thank you for sharing your pets with us.

  14. I simply ADORE every single picture you shared today. Hope your Thanksgiving was FABULOUS!

  15. Loved reading about your newest addition to your family, and the update on Lucy 💗
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family xo

  16. So happy to see your update on Lucy. It must have been super hard to let her go but at the same time, being with your daughter, made it bearable. Either way she is one lucky dog to have been rescued by a wonderful caring family. Freddie is adorable and so glad you rescued him to fill the hole in your home. Rescue dogs are the best!, We are so thankful every day for our sweet Benny. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Thank you to you and your family for making a place in your hearts and homes for these rescue pups and cats.

  18. Awwwww, MsMary your family is all beautiful, Caroline is so BEAUITFUL,
    Lovely thanksgiving to you all 🦃🦃🦃🦃♥️♥️♥️♥️

  19. LOVE your story. My husband and I are dog lovers, and have an 11-year old chocolate lab and 10-year old tri-color cavalier king charles spaniel. I cannot image life in our house without them. Bless you for caring enough to adopt a rescue animal.

  20. Those are lucky fur babies to have been rescued by your family. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Woof and Meow!

  21. Cindee Wilkinson

    Love hearing about your new rescue and how well Lucy is adjusting to his new life too. My son has a pug who is quite the dog. Walter beats to his doing his own thing.
    We rescued our Min Pin, Joey. In fact we’ve had him a year this week. He was quite the challenge. I was ready to return him. Kept potting in the house when he knew better, and the barking……but he is much better now. Glad we kept him.

    • I can 100% relate with having Freddie. There were days when I didn’t think any amount of training would help his barking and pottying. However, we are making progress (slowly).

  22. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story. I’m so glad that all four pets have found wonderful homes.

  23. Congrats on finding such a sweetie. He looks like he’s feeling right at home. Also, as a teacher, I wish Caroline the best in her teaching adventure. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. There is always room for one more! Especially with that sweet pug face of Freddie’s! Love him! Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. You have really “gone to the dogs”, and thank God for it. So much animal neglect and abuse. Caroline is lovely – anyone who is so compassionate with animals is lovely inside and out. You’ve done a good job raising a daughter and rehabbing throwaways. A blessed Thanksgiving.

  26. Love Freddie’s face….. and glad he’s your stampin’ buddy! Love that dark look. (my baby is black with a touch of white)

  27. Bonnie Henderson

    So beautifully written! Mary, we have so much in common. I am a demonstrator in the Charlotte area and I always say hi to you at the conventions . We rescued our Jack, a black cocker mix, two years ago and he has turned our lives around being empty nesters ourselves. However, he came to us as the best dog I’ve ever owned, nearly starved to death at 13 pounds. He’s now a whopping 28 pounds and we call him Chunk instead of Jack 🙂 he is totally a mama’s boy, at my feet constantly. He too, loves to hang out with me in my card making room. Enjoy your little guy and thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

  28. Sweet story Mary and I love all the pictures of Caroline, pups and kitties. The last picture of Lucy and Freddie melts my heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • Thanks, Patti. My daughter was in charge of getting their attention while I snapped that last photo (yesterday). They have been having such a great time hanging out together.

  29. Thanks for sharing your story and giving homes those precious pets. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  30. Thank you for sharing your story and for rescuing again. They make the best pets! And thank you for sharing your creativity all year long.

  31. Barbara Riefner

    Thanks so much for being a rescue Mom. So many pets need that and never get the chance. I have a rescue Akita who couldn’t be a better pet for us. She has her issues and some are very frustrating and can’t be broken (we have tried professional dog behaviorists) but for us she is the most perfect, loving, expressive and devoted dog. Rescues are so appreciative of the love and care that they get. Nothing like them in the world. I will always have a rescue dog and/or cat.

  32. Linda Riesgraf

    Oh the spirit and spunk of a pug….there’s nothing like it. Congrats to all of you on adopting this sweet little guy; and congrats to Freddie on finding his furever home. He looks like he has the potential to become quite a stamper, too!

  33. What a wonderful story. Congratulations to the fish family! We are rescuers to0 having rescued many from Tar Heel Rescue, the ASPCA, and from a dog showing up at our front door. W’re down to only one (a weimeraner) and longing for more. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  34. Happy Thanksgiving Fish Family + your fur babies! Loved reading about Lucy, and now Freddie, who is just the cutest, thank you for sharing! Sending blessings your way on this THANKFUL-day!🦃🍁🐾🐾🐾🐾

  35. What a wonderful person you are to take in all these rescues! I’m glad it’s working out for everyone

  36. Good Morning Mary,
    Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  37. so glad Freddie is in your life . We have a rescue pug, Lukin. He’s the best. for someone , me, who didn’t want a dog, he has kept me company during all my recoveries, 5 broken bones, over the past 2 years. he is just happy sitting beside me.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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