19 WOW! Picks from My Pals Stamping Community!

Today’s paper crafting projects were designed by the talented members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Virtual Stamping Community.  Links to blogs or Pinterest have been provided (when available) for more details.

Peggy Noe Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Peggy Noe | More Details

Lori Pinto Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Lori Pinto | More Details

Jessica Raimondo Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Jessica Raimondo | More Details

Windy Ellard Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Windy Ellard | More Details

Karen Hallam Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Karen Hallam | More Details

Stesha Bloodhart Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Stesha Bloodhart | More Details

Brian King Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Brian King | More Details

Wendy Klein Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Wendy Klein | More Details

Pamela Sadler Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Pamela Sadler | More Details

Lynn Hoyt Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Lynn Hoyt | More Details

Doreen Buckmore Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Doreen Buckmore | More Details

Su Mohr Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Su Mohr | More Details

Kat Chancellor Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Kat Chancellor | More Details

Julie DiMatteo Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Julie DiMatteo | More Details

Alexandra Jones Pals Sunday Picks 11.04.18

Alexandra Jones | More Details

Debbie Mageed Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Debbie Mageed | More Details

Tammy Beard Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Tammy Beard | More Details

Lisa Ann Bernard Pals Pick of the Week 11.4.18

Lisa Ann Bernard | More Details

Nancy Farrell Pals Sunday Pics 11.04.18

Nancy Farrell


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I’m so glad I am a part of your Pals!

Patti – a member of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community

I simply adore being part of the Pals and stretching my own creativity.

Michelle – a member of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community

Thanks for all you do for the Pals.  You provide exceptional leadership and rock solid business advice.

Ginger – a member of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. Kimberly F Hansen

    For some reason I can’t leave a comment.

  2. Kimberly F Hansen

    Dear Mary,
    I love everything about you! I’ve been in Stampin’Up for 10 years and I’m so discouraged. I don’t have an upline, or group and there’s never been anyone to show me the ropes. What I’ve learned I taught myself.,I’ve had 2 of my recruits leave Stampin’Up, and the last one is thinking about quiting. I don’t know what I’m doing. I see you other women and men growing your business, I wish I had someone to talk to. My name is Kimberly Parkin Hansen, and my phone number is 801-205-4777 I know that you’re extremely busy, but if you have a minute could you please call or text me., Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Kim

  3. ? Nancy Farrell

    I am so honored to be part of your “Pals” Mary.

  4. WOW- what a great variety this week! Awesome talent, as usual! 🙂

  5. love, love, love, love, love them all! xoxoox

  6. Sandra K. Rowland

    Hi Mary-gorgeous line up today! Of course this is a brilliant marketing ploy. It makes me want ALL of these sets! Stampin’ Up must love you! Thx.

  7. WOW! What a gorgeous parade of creativity!!! So many beautiful cards! Thank you so much for sharing these!

  8. Maria A Rodriguez

    Another outstanding parade of magnificent cards from all of your super talented Pals, Mary.
    Beautiful inspiration from all of them.
    Thank you and your Pals, for sharing.

  9. These are a wonderful variety of designs with tons of inspiration. Thanks to the Pals for sharing their talent with us. It would be difficult to choose my favorite. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  10. Wow wow WOW LOVELY, and I’m late for the party , I won’t be next week,
    All so beautiful, GREAT JOB ?????
    Hugs Frenchie
    SEE YOU ALL REAL SOON ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Kadie Labadie

    WOW my friend……As I scrolled through these 19 projects……It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER. Thank you and your Pals for sharing these projects wit us.

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