NEW! Stamparatus Accessories

Stampin’ Up! is offering more to love about the Stamparatus (stamp positioning tool) by introducing Stamparatus accessories!  What IS a Stamparatus and why do you NEED one?  Click here to find out.

The new accessories are: Small Grid Paper, Stamparatus Plates, and Stamparatus Foam Mats. Stamparatus magnets will continue to be offered.

Now that these accessories are here, they aren’t going anywhere! They will be rolling into next year’s 2019-2020 annual catalog.  View the accessories here.


Small Grid Paper

Grid paper perfectly sized to fit the Stamparatus, for precision stamp alignment every time. (50 sheets)



Stamparatus Plates 

Additional plates allow you to have multiple stamp arrangements ready to go! (2 plates)



Stamparatus Foam Mat

Extra foam mat for photopolymer stamping. (1 mat)



Stamparatus Accessories Pack 

Includes Stamparatus plates (Imperial), grid paper, foam mat




Magnets for the Stamparatus. Man these things are strong! Rare earth magnets are great but are brittle by nature. (2 magnets)



Small Grid Paper – Images © Stampin’ Up!

Stamparatus Plates – Images © Stampin’ Up!

Stamparatus Foam Mat – Images © Stampin’ Up!

Stamparatus Accessories Pack – Images © Stampin’ Up!

Magnets – Images © Stampin’ Up!

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  1. I am IN LOVE with that new grid paper. SO GLAD we can get extra plates……Will make my holiday stamping go that much faster now.

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