Blog Candy: What’s Your Favorite Stampin’ Up! Red?

Blog Candy Giveaway! Stampin' Pretty, Mary Fish

STAMPIN’ UP! BLOG CANDY!   I’m offering a gorgeous group of Christmas themed goodies to a randomly selected comment!  The blog candy winner will receive:

  • Dashing Along Designer Series Paper (roughly two packs cut to 6 x 6 sheets)
  • Cherry Cobbler Classic Stampin’ Pad
  • Suite Season Specialty Washi Tape

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN, please share a comment HERE with your favorite red from the Stampin’ Up! family of colors (shown below)!  Please play only once.

Stampin' Up! Red Favorite Blog Candy Giveaway

Retired Stampin' Up! Reds Graphic

Deadline for comments is Friday, October 12th, at NOON Mountain Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner latter that day on  on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner has 24 hours from the announcement of the winner to email me their name and mailing address.  Keep posted!

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. Jane Rehnborg

    I think cherry cobbler works better with other colors. It is not as bright as some of the other reds. It is my favorite red.

  2. Jane Rehnborg

    My favorite red is cherry cobbler. I think the tone of it goes with more colors, than some of the brighter ones.

  3. My favorite has been Real Red for along time but it is now the new Merry Merlot! It is so rich and intense and a perfect choice for elegant designs.

  4. My only favorite Poppy Parade.

  5. Cherry Cobbler

  6. Terry Molineux

    My favorite color is cherry cobbler! I hope this color stays around for a long time.
    Inky hugs,
    Terry ~~

  7. Good choice – I use cherry cobbler all the time.It is also my favorite!

  8. Marilyn Gauvin

    How do you really expect an answer to that question. Nearly impossible to choose. My first red from StampinUp was Cherry Cobbler and remains the favorite. Can hardly wait to order Poppy Parade, maybe will have a new favorite.

  9. Joy Ginger Mitchell

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite. It is so rich looking.

  10. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red!

  11. Kathy Cummings

    Cherry cobbler…makes me think of Christmas!!

  12. Cherry Cobbler is perfect.

  13. I love the new Merry Merlot. To me, it’s a very versatile color!

  14. Caroline Ridenour

    Cherry cobbler!!!! I think it’s so versatile works for Christmas & valentines & everything in between.

  15. Cherry cobbler for me. Gorgeous warm red and yummy treat as well

  16. Beth Bolinger

    Hi Mary,

    So hard to choose a favorite “Red”, but I have to select Cherry Cobbler.


  17. Cherry Cobler is my favorite of the current colors. I did so love Watermelon Wonder though.

  18. Mary Carol Poggemann

    Cherry Cobler. I love the richness and color of this beautiful Regal!

  19. Cindy Forbeck

    Starting to love Merry Merlot! Can’t wait to make my Christmas cards!

  20. Cherry cobbler. Love it!

  21. Wanda Griesheimer

    I would have to say Cherry Cobbler is the one I go to the most, especially at Christmas time

  22. I love Cherry Cobbler, it’s a deep lovely red. The new Merry Merlot is a very close second!

  23. Valerie Anglesey

    My Favorite for years has been Riding Hood Red and I am almost out of it. Out of the current reds I really like Poppy! such a fun and bright red.

  24. Hi, Mary: thank you for the chance to win (and all the wonderful inspiration you provide in your blog). I use Cherry Cobbler a lot! But I’m really glad we have Poppy Parade back again.

  25. I love Poppy Parade, However, I just used the last little bit of Ruby Red that I had. It’s a nice subtle red and was fun to work with.

  26. real red has always been my favorite thanks Mary for the chance to win
    cherry cobbler, could be my new favorite

  27. real red

  28. Real Red

  29. Cherry Cobbler!

  30. Cherry Cobbler! 🙂

  31. Maria Rodriguez

    My most favorite is the luscious CHERRY COBBLER, this is just the best color for Christmas cards for me.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  32. I love Red Riding Hood. It is a beautiful rich red that is great for anything. Love your blog. Thanks…Bobbi

  33. Lisa Thompson

    Poppy parade!!

  34. Maureen Evers

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite color.

  35. Cherry Cobbler for Christmas, Real Red for the rest of the year!

  36. Mary Jo Miedema

    I just loved Rose Red and Ruby Red. Now my go to is Cherry Cobbler

  37. It’s got to be Real Red…it just screams “Christmas!”

  38. Cherry Cobbler

  39. Poppy Parade fits the bill for me every time!

  40. My all time favorite was Rose Red. Really went with many different colors. Sadly it retired. Of the current colors I would pick Real Red. It is a nice bright red. What is really great is how many shades of red we get to create with SU!.

  41. I love them all, but my favourite is Poppy Parade. I am SOOO glad it has returned as a core color!!!

  42. Mary Ellen Mayer

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite. I’m so happy Poppy Parade came back and Merry Merlot is a great substitute for Bravo Burgundy. Go red!

  43. My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. But, I’m liking Merry Merlot.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  44. Julee McCully

    Has to be Real Red.

  45. Stephanie Sheffield

    Real red! It’s really red!

  46. My new favorite is Merry Merlot but my old favorite was Cherry Cobbler. Thank you for your daily inspiration.

  47. Jeannette Haynes

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red. Thank you for the awesome blog candy!

  48. Cherry Cobbler is always my favorite! Love the rich and boldness of it!

  49. Real Red is my favorite…

  50. Cherry cobbler

  51. Poppy Parade. It’s beautiful.

  52. Susan Engblom

    I love Cherry Cobbler. A rich color and so versatile. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful cards and 3-D projects. I’m always inspired by your work!

  53. Poppy Parade is number one in my book.

  54. Kristi Streed

    Real Red! Our school’s color (with black)! ?⚫️ I use A LOT of Real Red.

  55. Sharon Linenkugel

    I love different shades of red .. Poppy Parade is my HAPPY red .. Real Red is my FAVORITE red, an awesome basic shade I use for most projects!!

  56. I love cherry cobbler. It’s my absolute favorite SU Christmas red! I find myself choosing it every year.

  57. Margaret McLaughlin

    Cherry Cobler is my favorite red! I love cool colors rather than the orange reds and this shade is absolutely mouth-watering. It’s my go to shade whenever only red will do.

  58. Hi Mary- My favorite is Real Red – can’t go wrong with that shade…
    Thanks for all you ideas and inspiration & the chance to win such fun blog candy!

  59. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I really like the rose red. It’s a beautiful color, but then they are all great. I love Stampin’ Up inks. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a marvelous prize!

  60. I love Real Red…a great Christmas red that coordinates well with many shades of green.

  61. I was very excited to have Poppy Parade return! It is my favorite!

  62. Carmen Martinez

    I can’t decide between Real Red and Cherry Cobbler – that’s not helpful is it 😉

  63. marge swanson

    real red it’s just such an old classic

  64. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite color of red. It is so versatile!

  65. Poppy Parade, so happy it’s back!

  66. Phyllis Sinclair

    real red

  67. Cherry Cobbler!!!!

  68. I love them all, but my favorite is cherry cobbler. Thanks!

  69. I have always been partial to Cherry Cobbler.

  70. Regina Garcia

    Cherry Cobbler is the best!

  71. Nancy Gleason

    Cherry Cobbler

  72. I love the classic real red. It can be used for so many occasions, med and women!

  73. Dawn Hutchins

    Cherry cobbler is my favorite red. Awesome give away. Thanks for a chance to win.

  74. Cherry Cobbler – rich and it tastes good too.

  75. I have a love affair with Real Red! I enjoy the “true” red, not too much
    blue in it and not too much yellow, Besides, for Christmas and Valentine it just has to be Real Red!!

  76. Michelle Vinski

    Real red….hence, the name.

  77. Cherry Cobbler is my go-to red. It is rich and looks nice with so many other colors.

  78. Jeanne Jenner

    cherry cobbler

  79. While the current reds are wonderful, I miss Rose Red.

  80. Bonny Heintzel

    Poppy Parade!

  81. My favorite red ever since it came out has been Real Red.

  82. Real Red

  83. My favorite is cherry cobbler with real red a close second!

  84. Cherry Cobbler is my very favorite red.

  85. My favorite is one of the retired colors – Riding Hood Red

  86. JoAnn Garrison

    Cherry Cobbler is my absolute fav.

  87. Cherry Cobbler, hands down! ?

  88. Merry Merlot. I’m not a “red” person, but I really like Merry Merlot.

  89. .My favorite red is real red. It reminds me of Christmas and it is a cheerful color.

  90. Doris Mikolajczyk

    2 red favorites. I love, love, love Poppy Parade!!!! And, Real Red is the winner for Christmas!!!!

  91. Sheryl Cushman

    I love the Poppy Parade red. It just POPS with color.

  92. Cherry cobbler

  93. Ellie Peckler

    Mary, I love all reds, but for Christmas my favorite is Cherry Cobbler.

  94. Cherry Cobbler has remained my favorite Christmas go-to!

  95. Kathy R. Margush

    It was a fun day when I discovered your site.
    Oh my goodness I love the Poppy Parade red. It looks
    like a perfect red for Christmas. Must put it on my
    shopping list. =)

  96. My go-to red is Cherry Cobbler. I just love the rich, deepness of it.

  97. Cherry Cobbler. Thank you for this chance to win!

  98. Rachael Shedeed

    I’m definitely a traditionalist Mary. I love Real Red. What I love the most is it is good for any season, and so many holidays! Some countries celebrate Easter with Red Eggs!

  99. I have loved Cherry Cobbler ever since it has been a choice!!

  100. Real Red is my favorite.

  101. Carrie Purkis

    I love cherry cobbler for Christmas cards!

  102. Elaine H in Pensacola, FL

    I love Cherry Cobbler! It makes me think of Autumn—my favorite season.

  103. Overall favorite red is Real Red. Favorite holiday red is Cherry Cobbler.

  104. Hi Mary – love your blog. Thank you for the chance to win.

  105. Connie Hellmann

    Absolutely Cherry Cobbler………a favorite of mine for several years. And it’s not just for Christmas!

  106. Poppy Parade! So refreshing .

  107. I love Real Red and it would be my “go to” red; but I’ve seen some gorgeous Merry Merlot cards that are calling me.

  108. Cheryl Thomas

    My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. It is the perfect Christmas red.

  109. Poppy Parade is my favorite! Glad to see it back!

  110. I love the real red such a happy color

  111. Poppy Parade is gorgeous and my favorite.

  112. I love Poppy Parade:)

  113. Patricia Swagler

    Rose Red is my favorite red color.

  114. Velva Swindle

    Cherry Cobbler has been my longtime favorite,…royal red,..summer, winter, spring or fall.

  115. Real Red is my go to red for the holidays.

  116. Cherry Cobbler

  117. Sandy Hottman

    Cherry Cobbler has been my favorite red ever since it came out.

  118. I like Real Red but seeing Poppy Parade, I think I will be ordering that color red. It looks brighter.

  119. Janet VanLeeuwen

    I love Cherry Cobbler!

  120. Cherry Cobbler!

  121. I’ve loved Cherry Cobbler for years- it just says Christmas to me.

  122. Micheline Lueken

    Sort of depends on my mood on a given day. Right now it is Poppy Parade – nice, bright and cheery.

  123. Sharon Gibbons

    This time of year I always stock up with a pack of Real Red and Cherry Cobbler. Love em both but I guess I’d choose real red as my favorite. It is so bright and festive. Thanks Mary for all your inspiration.

  124. Cherry Cobbler

  125. I can’t pick one. Real Red is my all time fave! I also really love the rich tone of Cherry Cobbler.

  126. I love the new Merry Merlot,it’s such a rich and elegant color!

  127. Lorna Wooldridge

    I like the Poppy Parade. 🙂

  128. My favorite red is Merry merlot

  129. I know I can’t win ’cause I am Canadian, but I figured I could still participate.
    Between those shown, I would have to pick Merry Merlot, followed by Cherry Cobbler and Real Red.

    My all time favourite is Purely Pomegranate from years back… always hoping it will come back as a permanent colour. I keep dreaming!

  130. My favorite red is Merry Merlot.

  131. Cherry Cobbler for me! Such a versatile color!

  132. Real Red for me.

  133. I love the merlot! It is rich and plays well with others! I used a whole lot of it for my daughters wedding reception placecards. It was lovely on ivory tablecloths! I enjoy the other reds but this one filled a very needed spot of richness for Stampin Up.

  134. Marlys Heeringa

    Cherry Cobbler, I love the depth of color!

  135. Jeannine Garner

    Real Red is the best red color! Thanks for the blog candy.

  136. Merry Merlot – it pairs so well with copper for Christmas.

  137. I’m loving Merry Merlot!

  138. I love, love, love cherry cobbler! Merry merlot is a new favorite as well but it all depends on what other colors I am using. The new SU colors are great and I am loving the color pallet. Why choose when I have them all and can coordinate them with all the papers? So happy with the current offerings!!

  139. Great question Mary, I’ve loved the Riding Hood Red ink (retired) for Christmas and have just used the last of my stock. My second choice is the current color Cherry Cobbler which looks good with Garden Green.

  140. First I like a blue red so Real Red is for me, But am so glad they brought back Poppy Parade…it is my favorite tomato red.

  141. I love all the reds. I use them a lot in my card making. Right now I love love pure poppy!!!

  142. I’m loving the new Merry Merlot!

  143. My favorite color is Cherry Cobbler. I find it can be used for so many holidays and seasons. ;o)

  144. Poppy parade is fabulous I think!

  145. I would NEVER had picked Merlot, but after seeing your beautiful holiday card using merlot, then that is what I am choosing. Two hands up for Merlot.

  146. My favorite red changes with the season. As we go into the fall holidays, I’m loving Cherry Cobbler.

  147. Real Red is my fave with Cherry Cobbler a close second. Real Ted is so great for masculine & kids cards plus holidays!

  148. What a nice giveaway! I have to admit that I am partial to Cherry Cobbler, but I love the new Merlot as well!

  149. Real Red is my favorite.

  150. Erica Forland

    Cherry cobbler is my most favorite, followed by real red.

  151. I loved riding hood red when it was available, but now my go to is cherry cobbler. Love how it is a deep, rich red. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  152. I love the POPPY PARADE red so much that I inadvertently ordered three sets of Blends in that color. One of my Stamp Club members bought one set so I now only have two!

  153. Kathy Malanoski

    My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. I love using it at any time of year but particularly Christmas and Valentine’s. It makes me so happy.

  154. Kathy Johnson

    Real Red all the way!

  155. Sandra Warthen

    Cheery Cobbler is my best choice. Very classic. I also really love the new Lovely Lipstick.

  156. MY fav is Cherry Cobbler — it never gets old, either for Christmas or Valentine cards.

  157. Cherry Cobbler is #1………then my next is Real Red. Thanks for your inspirations presented on your blog. Really enjoy the ideas.

  158. Definitely Cherry Cobbler! My go-to red, especially for Christmas!

  159. My favorite red around the christmas holiday is cherry cobbler so rich. Other holidays I use a ton of real red love the color!

  160. Karen Saalfield

    Real Red always has been, always will be my favorite color.

  161. Jeanne Christie

    Cherry Cobbler!!

  162. I forgot to mention cherry cobbler is my all time favorite.

  163. I look forward to your emails everyday and the inspiration I get from your card of the day as well as the blog hops you share. I usually start my day checking to see what is new. Thank you for the creativity and ideas.

  164. Real Red but they are all great depending on the card

  165. My favorite is Cherry Cobbler–just a versatile color (it’s not just for Christmas and Valentine’s Day!).

  166. Kathy Ozenberger

    Seem to be using a lot of Poppy Parade. But do love Cherry Cobbler!

  167. Carol Johnson

    Cherry Cobbler is my all time favorite–go to that red all the time for Christmas and for making cards with my favorite sports team logo.. Riding Hood Red – I am hoarding my last few sheets of that!!

  168. Real Red for a classic red! Cherry Cobbler is my second fav!

  169. I love Poppy Parade!

  170. Cherry Cobbler

  171. I love the Poppy Parade but I have to say that Real Red is a close 2nd.

  172. Adriana Romero

    I really enjoy using Cherry Cobbler.

  173. All time favorite is Cherry Cobler!

  174. Cherry Cobbler is my go to red but find myself using Poppy Parade a lot. So happy SU brought this color back. Watermelon is my favorite from the retired reds.

  175. New fav is Merry Merlot but my all time is Real Red

  176. Real Red has always been my favorite and standard go to color, but I have been using more Cherry Cobbler lately and really like the depth of color.

  177. Cherry Cobbler. Red is my favorite color so—I love them all!

  178. Amanda VanHavermaet

    Hands down Cherry Cobbler. So so pretty!

  179. Donna Schnees

    I am in love with two of the reds, Cherry Cobbler and Merry Merlot. I love that they are both deep rich reds. I feel they both have a rustic feel to them and I love rustic!

  180. Cherry Cobbler has been my favorite red since it was introduced. It seems to almost be a neutral. I really like the new Merry Merlot, also. Maybe in time it will become my favorite.

  181. Real red is a wonderful color. It is great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and any day that needs a bright red. Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. Poppy Parade!

  183. Jackie Blakesley

    For me it depends…..Cherry Cobbler is hands down my fav for holiday items……Real Red is my go to for Valentine’s!

  184. My favorite red is cherry cobbler! I love how dark and rich it is!

  185. My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler especially for Christmas cards.

  186. At this time of year, it’s Cherry Cobbler although Merry Merlot is gaining fast. For the rest of the year, Real Red.

  187. I’m old fashion – I still like Real Red the best. The other colors are nice but I still reach for my Real Red. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies!

  188. My all time favorite would be between Real Red & Cherry Cobbler. I use a lot of these for Christmas Cards

  189. Sandra Wingate

    Cherry Cobbler is my go to red!! Love it!!

  190. Shirley Madsen

    I don’t have poppy parade so for now my favorite is cherry cobbler.

  191. Kathy Skinner

    Merry Merlot is really taking center stage for me this year! Love the deep, rich color! Poppy Parade would likely be 2nd!

  192. I like Real Red the best as I like all of the traditional Christmas themes.

  193. My favorite is still Real Red, a true red. I really like Poppy Parade and am so glad it came back. I haven’t used Merry Merlot much at all and I really only use Cherry Cobbler at Christmas.

  194. Real red

  195. Colleen Daley

    Real Red is my first choice with Cherry Cobbler right behind it

  196. Cherry Cobbler has been my favorite since it first appeared in the catalog, but Poppy Parade is beginning to win me over this year.

  197. I can’t decide between Poppy Parade and Cherry Cobbler. Both are such lovely shades of red!

  198. Real Red, all the way! A tried and true red that is great for Christmas, Valentines, etc.!

  199. You ask tough questions!! For me, it depends on the season – I love Cherry Cobbler for Fall and Winter cards. Poppy Parade is so pretty for flowers in the spring and you can’t have the 4th of July without Real Red!!! Thanks for all the chances to win!!!

  200. Real red is my go to. However I miss having Rose Red as an alternative.

  201. Poppy Parade!! It’s so bright and gorgeous!

  202. My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. It is perfect for Christmas, Patriotic, and Any Occasion cards and projects!

  203. I’m enjoying the new Merry Merlot.

  204. Connie Weaver

    I love real red. It to me is the definition of red! But I use cherry cobbler a lot as it is featured in DSP’s so much.

  205. I have always liked real red the best! Can’t go wrong with it!

  206. Sandra J. Grupka

    Cherry Cobbler without a doubt and then it’s real red. I think they both should never be retired.

  207. I’m a Real Red girl! Nothing like a classic!!!!

  208. Ooooh , my fav is cherry Cobbler, and second poppy Parade ?????
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  209. Poppy Parade at the moment. Was Real Red and before that Riding Hood Red!

  210. Jonathan McClellan

    Real Red is my favorite red, but black will always be my favorite color, although technically it is not a color, but a lack of color which is awesome, especially with touches of real red layered on it!

  211. Poppy Parade!!

  212. mary cedarstrom

    real red!

  213. Real Red – the perfect red ?

  214. Cherry Cobler is my favorite red. My favorite retired color is Rose Red.

  215. I still love the color of a true red so real red is my choice. Final answer!

  216. I love poppy parade. I’m so glad they brought it back.

  217. Kebrina Metzler

    My go to is always Real Red.

  218. Cheryl McAskill

    My most Favorite Red is Poppy Parade, with Real Red coming in second and Cherry Cobbler in third place!!! I use all three of these, the most!

  219. Jean A Bergenthal

    Poppy Parade wins hands down! It is the splash of this color that brightens up your card. Similiar to having a splash of red in all of your rooms – I think it means ‘I’m well & alive’.

  220. Cherry cobbler for an off red but for a true red I go for Real red.

  221. Cherry Cobbler is my absolute favorite, but I am loving the new Merry Merlot as well!

  222. Cherry cobbler is the perfect red all year round!

  223. Cherry cobbler

  224. Debbie Johnson

    I love Cherry Cobbler and use it all the time! It is such a rich red and perfect for Christmas stamping.

  225. Sharon Northern

    Cherry Cobbler remains my all time favorite red. It works year round for any project!

  226. Lanette Weatherspoon

    My favorite Red…..Is Real Red

  227. Real Red. I’m a basic kind of girl.

  228. Cherry cobbler for sure..

  229. Sandy Milliken

    I’m a cherry cobbler girl although some of then new reds are a close second.

  230. Becky Ronkowski


  231. Laura L Smith

    Poppy Parade

  232. Leanne Miller

    Whoops- didn’t finish my first comment. Signs of Santa suite made me fall in love with Poppy Parade.

  233. Mary Ann Horbinski

    Merry Merlot is my new favorite red.
    Thanks for chance to win “candy”.

  234. Love that Poppy!!

  235. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite. I love the slightly darker red.

  236. I usually use Real Read, but am looking forward to ordering Poppy Parade.

  237. Leanne Miller

    Signs of Santa-

  238. Real Red is my very favorite, but a close second is Cherry Cobbler.

  239. I have always been a cherry cobbler advocate, but this year, I have also used a lot of Merry Merlot. Rich and regal, both of them. Thanks, Stampin Up!, for giving us such great choices.

  240. Mary K Wessling

    My favorite is Cherry Cobbler. It is such a deep, rich, warm color.

  241. Martha Jarris

    Cherry cobbler is wonderful, rich color.

  242. Linda Spengler

    I have been a Cherry Cobbler gal for many years. Its deep richness makes it perfect for Christmas, and it can be paired with so many different colors that I find myself constantly reaching for it. Never retire this one, please!

  243. Dana Livengood

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red. I use it for all my Christmas cards.

  244. Allyson Blanchette

    My favorite red Is the classic real red. I love this color.

  245. I love the Merry Merlot, it’s so rich!!

  246. I love Poppy Parade; so glad they brought it back!

  247. My favorite red has always been cherry cobbler.

  248. Real red is my favorite…an oldie but goodie!

  249. Real red

  250. I love the new Merry Merlot, but Real Red is still the most versatile and would be my first choice.

  251. Chris vanKoeverden

    Cherry Cobbler with Real Red a second. Like to keep it Christmas color red as much as I can.

  252. Margaret Francis


  253. Marilyn Mangano

    Cherry Cobbler for sure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  254. Sandy Amoling

    I love Merry Merlot. It is a rich color that creates elegant projects. It’s my go to “red” this holiday season.

  255. My favorite is cherry cobbler. Thanks for the chance to win.

  256. Riding Hood Red is my all time favorite but Real Red is a close second. I not only make cards but I scrapbook my two sons and these two colors are the ones that work best.

  257. I have always loved real red.

  258. Cherry Cobler, for sure!!!! <3

  259. Cherry Cobbler! Thanks, Mary!

  260. It has to be Cherry Cobbler! Love, Love, Love it

  261. Terry Iverson

    They are all beautiful colors, but all all time favorite is Cherry Cobbler!
    What great Blog candy, thank you for the chance!

  262. Poppy is my favorite

  263. Mary L Schreiber

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite and Merry Merlot is a close second.

  264. Christmas is my favorite holiday. So I love the Poppy Parade as my red of choice, for making projects with traditional christmas colors.

  265. Watermelon wonder?. So sad when it went away!

  266. I LOVE Real Red! It is a happy color, great for Valentines, wonderful for Christmas and just a GREAT color to create great cards & treats for family & friends!

    Real Red stands strong representing its name!!

  267. I have to say that my favorite Stampin Up Red is Real Red. It is the one that I can use again and again on any project where I am using reds. Close second, Cherry Cobbler.

  268. I use a lot of Real Red and like the color, but Cherry Cobbler is truly my favorite. My cards look so much more elegant with Cherry Cobbler.

  269. I would have a hard time choosing between merry merlot and cherry cobbler!

  270. Poppy Parade!

  271. No doubt about it, it’s cherry cobbler! Please put my name in the drawing.

  272. Carolyn Patterson

    Poppy parade , it just seems to be my go to red right now.

  273. SU is definitely the color experts! They have the most amazing shades of every color!!!! I love Cherry for Christmas, Poppy for birthdays but nothing best the CLASSIC Real Red!!!! LUV it!!!

  274. Kathy Patterson

    I dearly love Cherry Cobbler for the depth of color and it’s ability to blend so well with the other colors.

  275. I love Cherry Cobbler! Such a rich shade! I also miss Riding hood red, wish they’d bring it back!

  276. Judith Buelow

    I adore Riding Hood Red. Was soooo sad when it was retired but I managed to amass some supplies of the cs. I use it all the time . But Real Red and Cherry Cobbler are pretty wonderful too!

  277. Cyndie Soquet

    Cherry Cobbler is my fav. It’s not too bright but just the right hue.

  278. Cherry cobbler…just love this rich, luscious red!

  279. Darlene Stasio

    Poppy red. Because when you see it it “pops” right out. So vibrant so alive.

  280. I love the Cherry Cobbler. It’s not a bright red but a pretty red.

  281. Cherry Cobbler is the perfect red – especially for Christmas. It goes perfectly with green

  282. Diane Nisotis

    Poppy Parade

  283. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red.

  284. Cherry cobbler has been my favorite forever.

  285. Janice Warhank

    Cherry cobbler.

  286. Use a lot of Cherry Cobbler but still love Ruby Red and Rose Red.

  287. Danielle Dietz

    Cherry Cobler is still my all time favorite!

  288. Real Red. It goes with everything! Very classic.

  289. Charlene Scott

    Real Red

  290. I’m a Cherry Cobbler girl!

  291. Karilyn Moeller

    My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler!

  292. Karilyn Moeller

    I love Cherry Cobbler!

  293. Wow! Such a hard choice, but I like the cheerful Poppy Parade best.

  294. My go to red is always cherry cobbler. I love the richness and always get a good coverage.

  295. My all time favorite is Real Red. Second place goes to Cherry Cobbler.

  296. My go to is Real Red but love the other shades

  297. Lynda Tennant

    Although I have used all the most of the reds, my go-to is Real Red. It just “pops” for me.
    Thank you for adding color and life to my cards with your ideas!

  298. My favorite is pure and simple Real Red.

  299. Monette Jenney

    The brilliant colors and patterns for the holidays are gorgeous.

  300. Nicole Thurstin

    I love Merry Merlot this season.

  301. Nicole Thurstin

    I love Merry Merlot this season!!

  302. Cherry Cobbler was my first reaction. Love the depth it being not to warm or not too cool. Then Poppy Parade! The pop of color adds fun to any project.

  303. Debbie Vaccaro

    Always love Real Red for the holidays!

  304. Debbie Thomas

    My favorite red is CHERRY COBBLER, Its such a rich shade of red and perfect for my Christmas cards.

  305. Marcee Lepper

    My favorite red is the “Real Red” SU color. 🙂

  306. I love red
    My absolute favorite is Poppy Parade, I am so happy they brought it back

  307. Cherry Cobbler is my go to red color.

  308. They are all great reds but I think I like Cherry Cobbler and thanks for a chance to win some awesome product.

  309. This week my favorite red is Merry Merlot! Love all the current reds however.

  310. My favorite red is Real Red, with Poppy Parade a close second.

  311. Always reaching for real red!!

  312. Real red: universal, can be used almost with every other color and with every season.

  313. Of course right now my favorite color is (Christmas) Real Red! I’ve used it on all my Christmas cards this year. For me It’s a” Happy” color!

  314. I love the reds in general, but I tend to reach for Cherry Cobbler.

  315. Real red: universal, goes with almost every other color and every season.

  316. I guess I am a tradlitionalist.. while all the reds are pretty,my favorite is still Real Red. Thank you for the chance to win this blog candy.

  317. Cherry cobbler!

  318. My new favorite is Poppy Parade. along with my long loved Real Red. Enjoy your day!


    I love all Reds but my favorite is Real Red

  320. I love cherry cobbler because it goes so well with other colors! Love it.

  321. Cherry Cobbler has been my favorite g0-to red for quite a while now!

  322. Mary Beth Ayers

    It is a close tie between Real Red and Pappy Parade. I was so excited to see Poppy Parade come back this year because its so bright and vibrant, however I am a traditional girl at heart, so I would probably let Real Red have my #1 spot. I also had a soft spot in my heart for Ruby Red….it had such a nice warmth to it. It was a perfect red for autumn paper crafting!

  323. Real Red with Cherry Cobbler as a very close second.

  324. Donna Gabbard

    Real Red is my #1 choice!

  325. Real red. It’s always my go-to choice. Gorgeous!

  326. Ann Pomerleau

    My favorite is the Cherry Cobbler!! Great for Christmas and Valentine.
    Thanks for the blog candy contest.
    Have an awesome day!

  327. Linda Riesgraf

    I love the warm bright red of Poppy Parade.

  328. Cherry cobbler hands down,but have to say the Merry Merlot is a very close second

  329. My favorite red is cherry cobbler. It screams Christmas! but it can be used all year

  330. Ellen Quintin

    I love Real Red (Poppy Parade is a close second.)
    It’s a classic !

  331. Karen Eisenga

    Love Cherry Cobbler!

  332. Real red for me.

  333. Poppy Parade

  334. I always liked Cherry Cobbler but the Merry Merlot is drawing my attention this year.

  335. Red is not a color I use much, but when I do, I always gravitate towards Real Red. It is such a beautiful red, and is what I think of when I think red.

  336. Judy Grinnell

    Real red is my red. Thanks for all of your inspiration Mary!

  337. I love Real Red!

  338. My old favorite red was Cherry Cobbler and I still lean towards it BUT my new favorite is Poppy Parade by far. It is just the right shade for Christmas and everything else.
    Barb S ( FL)

  339. My very favorite is Poppy Parade.. I think it was a old color brought back

  340. Real red is my favorite, especially for Christmas items!

  341. Linda Huxtable

    I really like real red from the current colors and always loved rose red.

  342. Love that Cherry Cobbler! Perfect for the holidays!

  343. Love, love, love Cherry Cobbler!!!

  344. I love Cherry Cobbler. It’s a rich color that portrays the warmth of Christmas.

  345. The rich color of Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red❤️

  346. Theresa Tesson

    With Cherry Cobbler, it was love at first sight. And the feeling hasn’t faded yet. When I need red I find myself almost always going with Cherry Cobbler.

  347. Cenie Simmers

    Real Red is my all time favorite. But the two new reds i’m starting to love.

  348. Jennifer Newell

    My favorite is definitely Cherry cobbler! Such a vibrant shade of red.

  349. Tammy Jo Tanner

    I have always been a big fan of Real Red. I think this color red is the best red ever. 🙂

  350. cheryll emmett

    I love the real red but then any red is a favorite of mine!

  351. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red.

  352. All the reds are amazing, but Real Red is still my favorite.

  353. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red. It’s a rich gorgeous color (and I love the name, too!).

  354. Margaret Dougherty

    Cherry Cobbler. Along with Basic Black, Cherry Cobbler was part of my first Stamping Up! order and remains close to my heart.

  355. Real Red

  356. Lois Schuerman

    I’ve loved Cherry Cobbler ever since it was introduced!

  357. Merry Merlot is a new favorite color. But, my all time favorite is Cherry Cobbler….

  358. Carolyn Wagner

    My very very favorite is Poppy Parade , such a beautiful shade of red.

  359. Phyllis Gaddy

    Poppy Parade

  360. Cherry Cobbler!

  361. I remember when Real Red first came out – I was very excited then and it’s still my favorite red. Beth in NC

  362. Cherry Cobbler definitely!

  363. Real Red, of course. But I am not complaining that Poppy Parade came back…..!

  364. deborah essay

    cherry cobbler is the best red. It seems to play well with all the other colors lol

  365. Bobbie Crosby

    Real Red with Cherry Cobbler a close second. Thanks for the chance at the blog candy and for all your wonderful ideas!

  366. Real Red for most things but I find myself using Cherry Cobbler for Christmas related cards and tags

  367. Sandra Tucker

    Cherry Cobbler!

  368. I like Cherry Cobble of the current colors and Riding Hood Red of the retired colors.

  369. Cherry Cobbler!!

  370. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite.

  371. Rachel Chiginsky

    My favorite red is cherry cobbler

  372. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red.

  373. I guess it really depends on what kind of card I’m making. For Christmas I LOVE the Real Red, but for fall or autumn themed cards I would have to go with the Merry Merlot. I actually love them all!!

  374. Julie Pluemer

    Cherry Cobbler is my all time favorite

  375. Reds are all fun, but my all time favorite is Cherry Cobbler.

  376. Marlene Walter

    Cherry Cobbler was my favorite color for many years and now I like the Merry Merlot and Real Red just as well. I also like Lovely Lipstick which is a new color. I have not used the retired colors and have no opinion on them. I enjoy your cards and they are an inspiration and your directions are excellent.

  377. Depending on my mood, my favorites are Real Red and Cherry Cobbler. Thanks for an awesome giveaway, Mary!

  378. Bonny J Heintzel

    Poppy Parade!

  379. Real Red…always my “go-to” red!

  380. Bonnie Hesslink

    My favorite would be the real red. Love using it with various other colors…..

  381. Cherry Cobbler – just a great red for all seasons. Thanks for the blog candy contest.

  382. Cherry Cobbler has been my long time favorite red for Christmas cards. I will say the new Merry Merlot is gorgeous too.

  383. Cherry Cobbler has been my long time favorite red for Christmas cards. I will say the new Merry Merlot is gorgeous too.

  384. i love em all but cherry cobbler is my favorite thanks for shareing

  385. Nancy Farrell

    Hi Mary, My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. I like the redness of it with no hints of blues. True Valentine red and Christmas red, in my opinion. Instantly go for it all the time.
    Have a blessed day.

  386. Cherry Cobbler hand down!!

  387. Cherry Cobbler ❤️

  388. I love Cherry Cobbler. I use it a LOT

  389. Wendy Budacki

    Poppy parade

  390. Poppy red

  391. Decisions, decisions….it’s always hard to pick just one but I’d say cherry cobbler, followed closely by watermelon wonder

  392. Rebecca Schmitz

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite!

  393. I love Cherry Cobbler !!!!!
    It’s by far my favorite red. It’s deep with brightness at the same time. I’m looking for a lipstick that exact color. ❤️

  394. Hands down, Cherry Cobbler! I use it time and time again. It is such a rich, vibrant red, Love Love it!

    thanks for chance to win.

  395. Andrea Frazier

    Cherry cobbler hope it never goes away

  396. Real Red for me

  397. Betsy Johnson

    Poppy Parade is my fave -I was over the moon when they brought that color back!

  398. Michelle Gleeson

    Cherry Cobbler

  399. Cherry Cobbler is my first love with Riding Hood Red a close second. I love your blog!! 😀

  400. Phyllis Werner

    My favorite red is cherry cobbler. So rich and beautiful.

  401. Becky Robinson

    Cherry Cobbler! I haven’t played much with the new Merry Merlot yet but I think it might be my second favorite, it is such a yummy rich color! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! 🙂

  402. Caroline Beane

    Love poppy parade, just off color enough to create interesting effects.

  403. Glenda Lehrmann

    Real red is my favorite red.

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