Blog Candy: Pick Your Favorite from the Stampin’ Up! Brights

STAMPIN’ UP! BLOG CANDY!   I’m offering a fabulous bunch of brights!  The blog candy winner will receive:

  • Leaf Punch
  • Bermuda Bay 1/4” Mini Striped Ribbon
  • Poppy Parade 1/4” Mini Striped Ribbon
  • Brights 6 x 6 Designer Series Paper
  • Glitter Dots

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN, please share a comment HERE with your favorite color from the Stampin’ Up! Brights Color Family (shown below)!  Please play only once.

Deadline for comments is Thursday, August 30 at NOON Mountain Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner mid-day on Thursday on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner has 24 hours from the announcement to email me their name and mailing address.  Stay tuned!

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. Poppy read

  2. They are all great, but Real Red is my favorite.

  3. Hard to decide, they are all great, but Real Red is my choice.

  4. Real red is great!

  5. Betty Goodson

    I find Cherry Cobbler the most versatile, so it is my favorite, but since red is my very favorite color I really do love them all💕.

  6. Diana Crawford

    Cherry Cobbler has been my favorite red, especially for Christmas cards, but this year I’m really loving Merry Merlot. So glad it’s a core color.

  7. Cherry Cobbler will always be the one for me!!!!!!

  8. Lovely Lipstick

  9. Real Red is my absolutely favorite …. works so well with all Christmas projects.

  10. Kristine Lopez

    Love love love Real Red! It reminds me of a red corvette!

  11. Debra Henault

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red.

  12. Suzanne Fitzsimmons

    Wow…decisions….I guess Real Red is very versatile for July 4th, Christmas, Disney, etc. cherry Cobbler comes in as a close 2nd, though! Love them all -depending on my “needs.

  13. Definitely Cherry Cobbler! I would LOVE to have the DSP as it was available only to hostesses, I believe.

  14. Brenda Sisson

    As always it has to be Cherry Cobbler. I pray Stampin’ Up never discontinues this color. Busy with the Holiday paper-crafting. I always make sure I have more than enough to get me thru the season.

  15. Betty Bickford

    Cherry Cobbler is my Love

  16. Sherry Palmer

    Cherry Cobbler because of the richness of the color.

  17. I love real red and cherry cobbler. Haven’t used merry merlot yet. Looks kind of lush

  18. Nancy Brewerton

    Cherry Cobbler is my choice. I just love it with the other Christmas

  19. Merry Merlot! It reminds of a skirt and blouse I had in high school 50+ years ago!

    It will be awesome with my Varied Vases set! I love the set you designed!

    Have a toad-a-ly awesome day!

  20. My favorite is Cherry Cobbler.

  21. I love all of the new Christmas papers!

  22. Cherry cobbler for me, Mary. Thank you for your kindness.

  23. Maria Valladares

    melon mambo!

  24. Maria Valladares

    I love poppy parade!

  25. My very favorite red is “Cherry Cobbler” !!!

  26. Sheila Bennett

    My favorite is Cherry Cobbler

  27. Cherry Cobbler

  28. Poppy Parade is my red for
    Christmas cards this year!

  29. I really like Real Red, and I have for a long time. It’s bright and perfect for Christmas, and my favorite go-to-red for any occasion.

  30. Real Red would be my choice

  31. Love real red!

  32. Michelle < Mayer

    Gorgeous Grape by far! Love that new color.

  33. Michelle Mayer

    I like them all, but my favorite is Cherry Cobbler.

  34. Gloria Hendrickson

    Love the bright colors with the pop of color to any project!

  35. My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. I use It all the time.

  36. My go to since day 1——->REAL RED❤️

  37. Poppy Parade ☺️

  38. Poppy parade

  39. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red; it’s so rich and I have always loved jewel toned colors. I look great in them by the way!

  40. Regina Garcia

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite SU Red

  41. Cherry Cobbler-the richness of Christmas

  42. Real Red is the only true red and it is wonderful.

  43. Shawna Kissell

    Definitely merry merlot .if I can’t drink it, I’ll craft with it.

  44. Hi Mary My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. It seems to be bright or richly regal depending on what it is teamed with.

  45. Ceresa Beason

    I love Cherry Cobbler. It is so classic.

  46. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite except for true Christmas Cards. Thanks for all you share on your great blog!!

  47. I LOVE cherry cobbler! But, some projects really call for real red

  48. Judy Jennings

    Cherry Cobbler has become my preferred go-to red since my all-time favorite Red Riding Hood was retired. 🙁

  49. LOVE>>> the refreshed colour MERRY MERLOT such a refreshing RED

  50. Elaine H in Pensacola, FL

    I love Cherry Cobbler! It makes me think of Autumn, my favorite season.

  51. I find I use Real Red the most. This is throughout the year of course. But I like the rather burgundy one at Christmas time.

  52. Sandi Kaustinen

    Real red is my favorite red. Red is my favorite color anyway, because it brightens and warms up a flowerarrangement, a room and certainly
    a card!

  53. Real red

  54. I’m a REAL RED type person.

  55. Cherry Cobbler is the best!!

  56. Real Red would be my choice but I like th e others also.

  57. Gladys Williams

    Real red is my go to for brightness but then when I want real country look I choose Cherry cobbler.

  58. Diane Christopherson

    My favorite red is Poppy Parade, it is so bright and cheery. It’s not a christmas red but pretty for the rest of the year.

  59. Linda Dickinson

    Real red is the one I use the most😊

  60. I like real red because it works so well for Christmas!

  61. Joann griesser

    Good old real red. It’s the best “real red” you can find

  62. Selina Kilpatrick

    I LOVE Cherry Cobbler, it can be combined with other shades and looks great any season of the year.

  63. Real Red reminds me of Christmas!

  64. My favorite ride is cherry cobbler. In the spring I like lovely lipstick for valentines cards and things like that.

  65. I like daffodil delight reminds me of sunshine ☀️!

  66. Cherry Cobbler – love it!!

  67. JoAnne Chamberlain

    My favorite is cherry cobbler because of its depth and richness!

  68. Cathy Priester

    I love the Merry Merlot!! It goes with so many of the other colors so well! light or dark, stamping this color is so versatile.

  69. Real Red is definitely my favorite red!! Bright and colorful!

  70. Real red would be my choice

  71. Georgia Gallman

    I miss Ruby Red so much. It was my favorite red EVER!

  72. Cherry Cobbler as it shows warmth and richness.

  73. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite. It’s such a rich color and is striking on cards.

  74. I love poppy parade with real red close behind

  75. Chrystyna Bryndzia

    I love the Cobbler red ink! It is such a glorious color. Second choice would be the new again Poppy red. Glad it rejoined the ranks.

  76. Elaine Bedigian

    Hi Mary, I had two favorites–used them over and over each Christmas crafting season: REAL RED & CHERRY COBBLER. This year, however, I’ve locked onto MERRY MERLOT! A richer, deeper wine-ier red. I love it. At first, I wondered why Stampin’Up! would include it in the neutrals, but I’ve come to see the value of this new color as a staple and background color. Truly, it IS a neutral!
    I should so like to be a winner in your contest.

  77. It’s Poppy Parade for me. I like its bright, happy tone!!

  78. I love Real Red but Cherry Cobbler is a close second.

  79. Cherry Cobbler!

  80. Gail Schwarzgruber

    Cherry Cobbler…….Always Cherry Cobbler for Christmas…..unless there is a Santa involved, then Real Red.


  81. I only have Real Red. I really like it! I suppose I need to get some others;). Thank you

  82. Tammy Beichner

    My favorite is Merry Merlot. Christmas is my favorite season to make cards and this shade is so great with so many colors, traditional and non traditional . Can’t wait to see all the new creations for this year.

  83. I love cherry cobbler, a very rich, deep red.

  84. Cherry cobbler has always been my favorite red.

  85. Merry Merlot — I enjoy the deeper, more to the maroon side of red. 🙂

  86. Real Red has been my favorite, until now! Merry Merlot has now tied with it!

  87. Favorite red for years has been Cherry Cobbler…now it’s definitely a toss-up between Cherry Cobbler and Merry Merlot. Guess it will depend on the project and coordinating color(s) needed!

  88. My all time favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. It has always been my go to color for Valentines as well as July 4th and Christmas.

  89. Poppy Parade!! Love the brightness and vibrancy of this color!!

  90. My favorite is poopy red to me it is like a muted red.

  91. Merry Merlot,
    Love it so!
    Strong and rich,
    It fills a card-making niche!

  92. Cherry Cobbler; I love the deep, rich color; it’s great for Fall and Winter. I even painted my living room “cherry cobbler”!

  93. Real red is go to color.

  94. Poppy parade…I like the warme tones that it has.

  95. That’s a tough one Mary. I’d have to say that Real Red is my favorite.

  96. Real Red especially when making Christmas cards.

  97. I love Cherry Cobbler, but Merry Merlot is beautiful, too! Both are so rich and “regal!” But if I can only choose one…. Cherry Cobbler it is!

  98. Cherry Cobbler for sure!

  99. I love all the reds! But my favorite and the one I use the most is Cherry Cobbler!

  100. My favorite is Cherry Cobbler.

  101. Oh, without a doubt—Cherry Cobbler. It’s a nice, deep red that looks good for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and even for patriotic red, white & blue cards. It is my go-to red!

  102. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red.

  103. I have always loved Real Red, but I’m think I am falling for Poppy Parade. It’s such a fun color – even for a Santa suit!

  104. Love the new Gorgeous Grape and Granny Apple Green. So rich and beautiful!

  105. Genya J Phelps

    Meant to add below that I love ALL the colors but to pick just one today it would be Cherry Cobbler!!!!!!

  106. Genya J Phelps

    Mary, I am very happy to have been introduced to you and the Stampin Up Papers by my dearest friend. I am in my late 60’s and passionately love colors. My friend ordered for me 8 packs of card stock and now thee is no turning back! She also introduced me to you and I am now an avid fan. I am so grateful to have been able to stretch and grow in my papercrafting and supplies because of you. Life is wonderful when it is in such beautiful colors! Thanks for teaching and sharing!

  107. I vote for Cherry Cobbler because it goes with so many other colors, especially all the greens at Christmastime!

  108. Cherry Cobbler. My all time favorite

  109. I love Real Red! I just love that beautiful, bright, true red! 🙂

  110. Real Merry Poppy Cherry
    You didn’t expect me to be able to decide did you?

  111. Cherry Cobbler is the one!!!!! You can use it for every occasion!! Christmas, country Christmas, same with the 4th. Just whatever. I love the color.

  112. My favorite is the classic Real Red. It is good for Christmas, Valentines and anything! Red is just a happy color!

  113. The Stampin’ Up! “Refresh” is simply awesome, but Cherry Cobbler is still my favorite!

  114. I vote for Cherry Cobbler also………….use it all the time.

  115. I love the real red. Thank you.

  116. I vote for Cherry Cobbler also…………it has a deep, rich look to it.

  117. Hands down, two thumbs up for Cherry Cobler

  118. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red. It is such a warm and amiable color that it can be used to enhance every season. I surely would not want to be without it.

  119. Mary,
    I think Cherry Cobbler is the most versital red, so it gets my vote

  120. My favorite color has been and still is cherry cobbler.

  121. I like Real Red. The color really pops on white card stock.

  122. Ann Veneziano

    Riding Hood Red was always a favorite, but since it is gone, I have fallen in love with Cherry Cobbler.

  123. Shirley Baker

    I guess it depends on the season. I like Poppy Parade for the summer, and real red in the winter.
    Thanks for the chance to win your generous offer!


  124. Erica Forland

    I absolutely love the cherry cobbler!

  125. Jean Collison

    Hi Mary, my favorite Christmas red is Cherry Cobbler. Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. I love Merry Merlot the best, followed by Cherry Cobbler. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  127. Brenda Foster

    I love the Real Red because I think it looks like a mix of the Poppy Parade and the Cherry Cobbler.

  128. Mary Ellen Reeder

    Cherry Cobbler is my go to red all year long! You can’t go wrong with this one.

  129. Cherry Cobbler! When I think of Christmas and the holidays, I think of this deep red that pares with so many other colors!

  130. I love the new poppy parade.

  131. Dixie Stanford

    Mary, I enjoy your posts so much!!! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

    I am thrilled that Poppy Parade is back; it was always a favorite of mine

  132. Gloria Tucker

    New favorite red is Poppy Parade.

  133. Real Red!! It’s bright and vibrant! Cherry Cobbler comes in second, but my go to red is Real Red. And especially at this time of the year, it’s a true Christmas red and love pairing it with Green Garden!

    Thanks Patty for the chance to win some wonderful blog candy!

  134. I would have to say Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red. It’s such a deep regal color.

  135. Karen Saalfield

    From the brights my favorite color is Pacific Point, followed by Poppy Parade

  136. Marie Gontram

    My favorite red is Poppy Parade, followed closely by Real Red.

  137. Chris McKennie

    Poppy parade is my favorite! So versatile!

  138. Carole Doolittle

    My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler because if it’s richness and ability to fit with other colors beautifully.

  139. Judy Ciminillo

    Cherry Cobbler is my go to red.

  140. Carolanne Ladd

    Cherry cobbler is my favorite Red color, I have many other colors I love too! But if I’m doing Christmas cards I use Cherry Cobbler as a base and go from there. Thank you

  141. Denise Wekwert

    Gorgeous Grape is my favorite color.

  142. Cherry Cobbler has been my go to red ever since Stampin Up brought it into the color scheme! Love it!

  143. Real Red has always been my favorite – especially for holiday cards ie : Valentines Day, 4th of July, a labor Day and Christmas. I always keep some on hand. !!

  144. Cheryl Ruddell

    My favorite has got to be the Poppy Red.

  145. My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. I like the richness of it–and how well it goes with so many other colors (it’s not just for Christmas!).

  146. Laura Theaker

    Poppy Parade is my current favorite.

  147. Cherry Cobbler! Making my Christmas cards this year with that color!!

  148. Hi Mary, My favorite red has always been Real Red. If goes with so many other colors and is a standard red for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

  149. Cathy P in AZ

    Cherry Cobbler is my all time favorite SU red ink! LOVE.

  150. I love Real Red-I use it all the time!!

  151. Kendra Shafer

    My favorite red is definitely Cherry Cobbler. It coordinates with so many colors that I use it year round.

  152. Christy Anderson

    Poppy Paradise! The color is just vibrant!

  153. Merry Merlot right now.

    I always LOVE seeing your e-mails in my in box every day!! Thanks for keeping us all going!

  154. My favorite red is Poppy Parade. Perfect for Christmas and will bring smiles and thoughts of joy.

  155. Purple is my favorite color, so I am loving the new Gorgeous Grape!

  156. Cherry Cobbler used to be my favorite BEFORE Poppy Parade came back as a regular color. LOVE Poppy Parade

  157. Pacific point is a great color. It can be combined and mixed with many other colors to create wonderful cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

  158. Pacific Point is my favorite Brights. It seems to be between a teal, and a bright blue. Seems to go well with blues and some greens.

  159. Cherry Cobbler

  160. Vicki L Riester

    My all-time favorite is Cherry Cobbler. It is a warm and cozy color that just adds so much to a card, especially winter themed cards.

  161. I love them all but would pick Gorgeous Grape.

  162. Real Red, I just seems to go with every other color

  163. Georgia Tuttle

    It is difficult to chose a favorite because they are all red but so different from each other in the way I use them. Real Red gets the most use in my craft room but I love them all. Fall colors are a perfect example of why we need them all!

  164. Mine would be the Merry Merlot. For me it seems richer in color with a hint of purple undertone. (purple being my favorite color). The others are nice but not my first choice.

  165. Sara Jane Elliott

    Definitely Poppy Parade!!! I love and wear Bright Happy Colors. 2nd choice would be Real Red.

  166. My favorite is Cherry Cobler. It is a rich red that works well with other colors.

  167. Sandra Anstey

    Favorite Red – is Merry Merlot

  168. The name REAL RED says it all.

  169. Pam Harrington

    Poppy Parade! I was ecstatic when it returned finally!

  170. I’ve always found Cherry Cobbler very useful, but I’m looking forward to using Real Red!

  171. I have always loved Riding Hood Red. It is so subtle for a red and compliments other colors without stealing the show.

  172. Faith Marlowe

    Poppy Parade

  173. I love Cherry Cobbler, always have!!

  174. Merry Merlot!

  175. Debbie Hoffman

    Poppy Parade!!

  176. Lanette Weatherspoon

    My 2 Favorite Colors Are Bermuda Bay And Flirty Flemingo

  177. I would have said a resounding Cherry Cobbler until I met Poppy Parade. She is beginning to win my heart.

  178. Poppy Parade is my favorite! Sooo glad they brought it back!

  179. Debbie Wicklund

    Poppy Parade. When it previously retired, I bought a bunch of card stock. Glad it’s back.

  180. My favorite red is the new Merry Merlot. I love the softness and intensity of this red.

  181. My favorite is Cherry Cobbler. I think it is so rich looking.
    Thanks for the chance to win all those goodies.

  182. Cherry Cobbler has always been my favorite red.

  183. Gayle Lambert

    Real red hands down! It’s a versatile color that goes well with almost anything

  184. Cherry cobbler- looks stunning with most other colors!!!

  185. Love that Stamping’ Up gives folks a few different reds to choose from, but my fav is Cherry Cobbler.

  186. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite!

  187. Real Red! That’s the color of our front door and mailbox! It’s Christmas every day in our home.

  188. I LOVE Cherry Cobbler! Its so deep and rich and goes so well with so many other colors. I especially love it at Christmas with gold embossing!.

  189. Real Red is my favorite, it’s just a classic red.

  190. Sandra K. Rowland

    Hi Mary, my favorite red-I am loving Merry Merlot right now; however Cherry Cobbler is only one step behind. Deep jewel tones both. They make lovely cards! Thx.

  191. Cherry cobbler for sure. My go to.

  192. I really like them all, I think my favorite is cherry cobbler!

  193. Cherrie Wilkerson

    Hello! My favorite Stampin’ Up! Red is Cherry Cobbler. I love CherryCobbler because it is such a rich deep red. I love that Cherrie Cobber compliments Very Vanilla and Whisper White.

  194. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red it’s my go to color.

  195. Real red for sure 🙂

  196. Linda Schilling

    Cherry Cobbler is my favorite

  197. Poppy Parade because it simply “pops.”

  198. I just love Cherry Cobbler from the time I fell in love with Stampin Up!

  199. Cherry Cobbler

  200. Debbie Glendening

    The color I find myself using over and over again is Melon Mambo! It is just such a “happy color”! Love opening my email to your daily blog – and learn so much! Thank you!

  201. Debbie Campbell

    Real Red is my favorite. I use it a lot!

  202. Real Red is still my favorite “go to” red. Use it more than others.

  203. I Love cherry cobbler its so vivid.

  204. Nanci Collier

    Real red. I use cherry cobbler a lot, but real red is my fav.

  205. Juleen Henderson

    Merry Merlot…it’s so elegant and regal!

  206. Rose Red is still my favorite! Thanks again Mary for your daily inspiration.

  207. Cherry Cobbler is my fav – use it for Christmas & birthdays

  208. Maritza Forte

    Cherry cobbler

  209. My favorite red is Real Red with Poppy Red coming in a close second.

  210. Hi Mary! My favorite SU red is tried and true Real Red. I just keep going back to it!

  211. I love Poppy Red.

  212. Cherry Cobbler, without a doubt! It is such a rich color and blends nicely with everything for every season!

  213. My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler. It compliments Crumb Cake and Very Vanilla quite nicely. Thanks so much, Mary!

  214. Rose red and Poppy Parade are hard to choose between, but I would have to select Rose Red. The Apple green and Gorgeous Grape are wonderful, as they are my top favorite combination, but I wasn’t sure they were part of your contest selection.

  215. Sandi Nakoneczny

    Love them all, but I am going with Red Red. It is a shade that I think really pops on a card.

  216. I love Real Red. It just has that Christmas look more than the other reds. It goes with most of the reds in the papers. Love it!

  217. I love Poppy Parade! Such a happy color.
    But I also really, really miss Red Riding Hood!

  218. Gloria Kaufmann

    Love Poppy Parade — love the Blends in Poppy!

  219. Bermuda Bay remains my favorite Bright. It goes with so many other colors.

  220. Merry Merlot, the color for falll.

  221. Penelope Martin

    Real Red – you can’t go wrong with a classic

  222. Cherry red

  223. Real Red does it for me! I’ve just recently started following your blog and I’m absolutely loving it!

  224. Peggy Mitchell

    Poppy Parade just edging ahead of Cherry Cobbler

  225. I love the deep richness of Cherry Cobbler!

  226. Jean A Baraclough

    My favorite red is Poppy Parade, I was so sad to see it go back when it was an In Color–Now here it is back in our regular color collections. So glad to see it again.

  227. Trudie Imhauser

    Love the Bermuda Bay

  228. Ch-ch-ch- CHERRY 🍒 Cobbler because it is so cheerful 😃!

  229. Evelyn Burton

    Real Red with Poppy Parade as a second!

  230. Barbara McConnell

    Cherry cobbler is my favorite red and my favorite of all Stampin UP colors!

  231. Christine Waltz

    I’ve been in love with Cherry Cobbler since it was introduced. I think it is a classy shade of red and it’s really versatile. I use it any chance I get.

  232. Granny apple green and gorgeous grape are my 2 favorites if I have to choose I guess it would be gorgeous grape.

  233. Gail Povaleri

    Favorite bright is Pacific Point

  234. I love the new Christmas papers!!! Setting the mood for the holiday.

  235. Gail Povaleri

    Absolute favorite… Cherry Cobbler. Always stay well stocked in case the worst thing happens.. color discontinued 😭

  236. Keeping it real…… favorite is Real Red!

  237. Nicole Thurstin

    I’ve been loving Merry Merlot!

  238. Allyson N Walker

    I’m a Cherry Cobbler addict! Especially at Christmas! 🍒

  239. Real Red is my favorite. It is a true red and I like the crisp color on cards.

  240. I love the Cherry Cobbler Red. It is a beautiful deep red that screams Country Christmas to me.

  241. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red – love it’s richness,

  242. I like the Cherry Cobbler. It is a deeper red and good well with many of the colors. But sometimes at Christmas or Valentines i like to use the Real Red, because that is the shade of red people thing of for those holidays.

  243. Debbie Doctorian

    Cherry Cobbler

  244. Helen Piaskowski

    I’ve always loved the deep richness of Cherry Cobbler, however Merry Merlot is quickly becoming a close second!

  245. Linda Kupstas

    My favorite red is “real red”

  246. I was so happy to have poppy parade back this year. My favorite!

  247. It’s gotta be real red. Ok not to enter me in the contest though, cuz I have already won a lovely gift from you in another recent blog candy.

  248. Real Red, followed by Cherry Cobbler. But there are plenty of uses for Poppy parade too!

  249. Evelyn Petrere

    Mary – Thanks for the chance to win. Cherry Cobbler is my favorite red. It can go with any season, any time.

  250. Sandy Bennett

    Poppy parade is my new fav!! Love your posts and look forward to them!!

  251. Once Cherry Cobbler came out I was hooked. I find it to be the most versatile Red of them all and I love it!

  252. Favorite red will always be Poppie Parade ! So glad it has returned ! It is a bright vibrant red !

  253. Kellie Neslund

    Real red is my favorite of all the reds shown.

  254. Virginia Robie

    Cherry cobbler is my favorite, so rich and a great red for the upcoming season.

  255. Virginia Robie

    Cherry cobbler is my favorite red.

  256. Wanda Bennett

    Real red is my go to red. Thanks for a chance to win this package. Love your blog and tutorials!

  257. Hard choice, but will have to go with Cherry Cobbler. Real Red is a VERY close second. Thanks for the opportunity to win these Christmas goodies!

  258. Coastal Cabana

  259. I LOVE the Merry Merlot!!

  260. Cherry Cobbler

  261. Marianne McGinnis

    I have a stash of Riding Hood Red! I love it! and continue to reach for it often!

  262. Linda Coleman

    Cherry cobbler…at least this time of year.

  263. Cherry Cobbler without a doubt. Love it, love it, love it.

  264. deborah essay

    Cherry cobbler is the BEST red…….it seems to play well with all the other colors lol

  265. Cherry Cobbler of course, not to red, not to pink and goes with almost all our papers and card stock.

  266. Rebecca Setzer

    Real Red! An oldie but a goody!

  267. Denise Ferguson

    My favorite red is Poppy Parade. I love the vibrancy !

  268. Love the richness of cherry cobbler. It is so versatile.

  269. Cristina Hamilton

    I reach for Melon Mambo often, but the new Granny Apple Green is my new favorite!

  270. Cristina Hamilton

    I love the Poppy Parade and am so happy Stampin Up brought it back! Have not tried the Merry Merlot yet, so I hope I win!

  271. Favorite red is Real Red

  272. Liz Broderick

    Cherry cobbler is my all time favorite! I reach for it all year long. Love it’s deep rich color.

  273. Kathy Habgood

    I would say Poppy parade is my favorite red,especially for Christmas!

  274. Hands down, Real Red!

  275. Classic Real Red it’s my favorite!

  276. Cherry Cobbler is a definite for me.

  277. Suzanne Schlesier

    I love red!! Poppy Parade is my favorite!!!

  278. I have several favorites as usual, but Real Red takes the cake!

  279. Favorite Red – Merry Merlot! Goes with so many other colors.

  280. Phyllis Moulton

    My very favorite is Poppy Parade. I was happy to see SU bring it back. It is such a nice bright red! But still use the standbys…Real Red and Cherry Cobbler.

  281. My favorite Brights remains Bermuda Bay! So glad they brought back Coastal Cabana to compliment it again.

  282. Avanell Randall

    Real red

  283. Cherry Cobbler is my Fav

  284. Cherry Cobbler!

  285. Patricia Allison

    I am intrigued by the new Merry Merlot, and would enjoy the chance to try it if I win. Thanks for the chance, Mary!

  286. edith kornegay

    My favorite red is Cherry Cobbler

  287. patti moffett

    Cherry Cobbler…such a rich color that can be used as a neutral and base for so many color combinations
    patti moffett

  288. Michelle Gleeson

    Cherry Cobbler

  289. Hi Definitely Poppy parade I was so happy they brought it back.

  290. Shannon Miller

    I like all the reds but my favorite is still Cherry Cobbler!

  291. My favorite color ink is Bermuda Bay. My favorite place to vacation,-Bermuda. I love the greenish-blue water of Bermuda; such a beautiful color with such a beautiful namesake.

  292. I love the brights color family. I am a brights kinda gal. I use the glitter dots like they are candy–love, love, love them.

  293. I really love all the brights! I am a brights kinda of gal. I use the glitter dots like they are candy. 🙂

  294. Love, love, love it all! I really adore all the brights, I’m a brights kinda of gal! I use the glitter dots like they are candy!

  295. Nancy Ellsworth

    Since my favorite color is Yellow, I love the Daffodil Delight, and the Mango Melody as a compliment would be great!!

  296. Joann griesser

    Daffodil yellow by far. It is sooo bright and happy I can’t stop smiling when I work with it.

  297. Gorgeous grape. I love the purples over the years, but this is the best one!

  298. Lee R Hodgins

    Hi, Mary! Bermuda Bay is one of my go-to colors because it’s cheerful and versatile. Thanks for the chance to win.

  299. My fave Bright SU! Color is Melon Mambo, but the new Gorgeous Grape is running a close second!!

  300. Danielle Dietz

    Bermuda Bay!

  301. Coastal Cabana. It reminds me of a beautiful sea in the Caribbean. When I use it, I feel like I am on vocation.

  302. Sharon Aylesworth

    I loooooove Gorgeous Grape. It will be on my September order, along with the Heather.

  303. It’s got to be gorgeous grape! So pretty!

  304. Daffodil Delight – no matter the time of the year, this one just brightens the day!!!

  305. Pacific Point, I have always been a blue person.

  306. Sheryl H Cushman

    I love all the “brights” colors, but especially now that fall is near, I especially will work with poppy parade, granny apple green and mango melody.. Those three just speak FALL.

  307. It’s so difficult to pick just one! I’d have to say Bermuda Bay – love this color!

  308. Bermuda bay is my favorite.

  309. I love all of them, but if I have to pick one, it’s Poppy Parade. I was so happy when it returned.


  311. Flirty Flamingo….I have 4 great-granddaughters…!!!

  312. Boy is that a hard choice ! I love them all but suppose if I can only chose one it would be Gorgeous Grape. Oh, oh, Daffodil is my old stand-by !

  313. I LOVE ’em all but I’ll say Poppy Parade for this season of color!

  314. Faye Kornegay

    I love gorgeous grape.

  315. Alexandra Jones

    Bermuda Bay is not only my favorite Bright, it’s my favorite Stampin’ Up! color!

  316. Christy Simons

    My favorite is Melon Mambo. It brightens up any project and goes with so many other colors I like.

  317. Cynthia Mozingo

    My favorite color from the bright collections is poppy parade. I absolutely love this color. It reminds me of a lipstick made by Estee Lauder. Unquestionably gorgeous!!!

  318. Hi, Mary: thanks for the chance to win; the Brights Collection is my favorite group of colors! Within that rainbow of choices, I choose the beautiful new Mango Melody as my favorite ‘Bright’.

  319. I absolutely love all of the bright colors so it’s hard to choose! But, today I’ll choose Flirty Flamingo.

  320. I love Bermuda Bay. I am a lover of all things blue!

  321. Sharon Gibbons

    What fabulous blog candy! Wow!
    I use lots of these colors regularly. Especially poppy Parade, melon mambo, daffodil delight, coastal cabana, Bermuda bay and Pacific point. Pick a favorite…. Coastal Cabana. Thanks Mary. Love your blog and videos.

  322. Gorgeous grape!

  323. I have to go with my all time favorite Melon Mambo. I just love that shade of pink. It makes me happy every time I use it.

  324. Melon Mambo!!! I’m usually not a pink girl, but there is just the right amount of zip!!!

  325. I still love Bermuda bay even with all the beautiful new colours

  326. Bermuda Bay is the one I will pick although it is difficult to choose just one..
    Mary, I read and enjoy your posts everyday. Thank you for all the hard work.

  327. Gorgeous Grape is my favorite. I love everything purple!

  328. Marci Collins

    Poppy Parade for sure. It’s a beautiful red with a hint of orange that is so beautiful. AND I ❤️ they SU is bringing some of the oldies but goodies back. Brilliant move on someone’s part!

  329. Kathy (cards_by_kp)

    Hands down my favorite is the lovely Gorgeous Grape.

  330. Sally Franciskovich

    Gorgeous grape and granny apple green because you can make so many Halloween projects with those colors!

  331. Minna J Willenburg

    Poppy Parade has been by favorite for years.

  332. Minna J Willenburg

    Poppy Parade has been my favorite for years.

  333. Coastal Cabana my go to!!

  334. Shannon Jordan

    Melon Mambo cha cha cha!

  335. Carole Beth Rhodes

    My favorite has got to be Gorgeous Grape.

  336. Gorgeous grape. Purplish one of my favorites. So right and cheery!

  337. Bermuda bay is my fav

  338. Erica Forland

    I have to say my favorite color is gorgeous grape from this collection 😊

  339. I can’t wait to get my hands on some poppy parade ink and accessories. This is my favorite brights collection color!

  340. Today, well, most days, I would say Bermuda Bay. It takes me back to my childhood bedroom décor — blue/green curtains & shag carpet. STILL love those colors!!! But am glad I don’t have to hunt through that carpet anymore looking for dropped items, like straight pins!!!! Aaaaacccckkkkk!!!! It is also “ocean beachy” which is a relaxing meditation. . . .

  341. I am in love with Bermuda Bay. So bright and cheerful!

  342. I am definitely a flirty flamingo kind of girl…I love it!

  343. Hello, love them all but Poppy parade, is my favorite.

  344. Lisa thompson

    Thanks for all of your inspiration!!

  345. stampinggrandma

    This is hard but Bermuda Bay is my favorite but I love them all!

  346. Gorgeous grape is my favorite from the brights collection. Anything purple for me!

  347. So hard to decide! But I think Coastal Cabana. I rediscovered this color today when working on a card. So glad I still had the ink pad!

  348. Sandra J. Grupka

    I agree, it’s Gorgeous Grape for me as well.

  349. Blue is my favorite color. I have to say Bermuda Bay is my pick.

  350. Coastal cabana is my favorite 🤗

  351. Mary,
    The Brights collection is my favorite color group so it is hard to choose just one color. I normally gravitate to the greens but I love the new Gorgeous Grape color! It’s a lively shade of purple.

  352. Becky Richardson

    I absolutely LOVE the gorgeous grape! That will definitely be on my next order!

  353. For me it’s pretty breezy Coastal Cabana.

  354. Deborah Keizer

    Daffodil Delight is my happy color. Brightens any day.

  355. They are all beautiful, can’t pick just one!

  356. Bonny Heintzel

    Pacific Point & Granny Apple Green are my favorite brights!

  357. The Brights are my favorite color family and it is hard to pick just one! I guess I would have to say Poppy Parade, followed closely by the new colors Granny Apple Green and Glorious Grape.
    Thanks for so willingly sharing your card making talents! Love your videos and downloadable instructions!

  358. Simply LOVE the GLITTER DOTS my go to favourites, Granny Apple Green & Costal Cabana in BRIGHTS Colour set if I have to choose.. These colours always inspire me add a lift to any project..

  359. Really like all the colors in the brights color family, however, I am so happy to have Poppy Parade and Coastal Cabana back.

  360. melon mambo is so vibrant!

  361. Love the new leaf punch!

  362. Coastal Cabana is my favorite! Love it!

  363. Rochelle Edwards

    Daffodil Delight is my favorite! Such a bright and cheerful color!!

  364. Patti MacLeith

    Mango Melody! I love the color and I love Mangoes, too! It’s delicious!

  365. Coastal Cabana is my favorite! Love it!

  366. My favorite is Melon Mambo

  367. Pacific Point, have always been a blue person.

  368. Y’all… I’m having so much fun. For Mother’s Day my daughter gave to me, 6 months of Paper Pumpkin. I haven’t been able to make cards or do any crafts in a number of years and oh my how things have changed. There are so many pretty colors but I would have to choose Gorgeous Grape.

  369. Claudette Abbe

    Coastal Cabana. Loved it the first time around and am so glad it was brought back.

  370. Rachael Shedeed

    I have to say, I love Granny Apple Green. This is a versatile color that works with so many other colors.

  371. Lois Jeanne Costine

    Coastal cabana, so glad to have it back

  372. Poppy Parade – hands down! I loved it when it was introduced the first time, and then danced the jig when it returned to the permanent lineup.

  373. Oh, it’s so hard to decide, but I love Coastal Cabana!

  374. Daffodil Delight!

  375. Gorgeous Grape is just WOW!
    Coastal Cabana because I love the Ocean!

  376. What a trick!!! lol Keeping it to only one color. Okay, okay……. Mango Melody. (((I’m whispering my other is Granny Apple Green.)))

  377. Jean Ann Nelson

    Pacific Point!

  378. Pacific Point!

  379. Eileen Nielsen

    Melon Mambo is my favorite color in the Brights collection. It is a happy, fun and perky, feel good color!

  380. Has to be Bermuda Bay!

  381. Kerry McDonough

    Love Gorgeous Grape! But in all honesty, I love the entire color family!

  382. Kristin Willberg

    Gorgeous Grape!!

  383. I love the new Brights 6×6 Designer Paper. It would is my favorite of your list. My favorite papers are always going to be stripes and polka dots.

  384. Bermuda Bay is such a soft, soothing color. I am always partial to blues or blue/greens. Thanks so much for all your ideas to help us along in our journey to make lovely cards for all the special people in our lives.

  385. Brenda Shrader

    I’m partial to blues but Granny Smith Green is a good color.

  386. Love the new Gorgeous grape

  387. I love Coastal Cabana. Happy to see it return.

  388. Sandi Nakoneczny

    Such a hard decision…. love them all but think I will go with the gorgeous grape.

    Thank you for the chance to win these fabulous items.

  389. I love them all! I’ve always been a Brights fanatic. But if I had to choose one it would be Gorgeous Grape because it is the Perfect Purple!!!

  390. Joy ginger mitchell

    Coastal cabana is my favorite

  391. Can’t pick just one! I love Melon Mambo, Granny Apple Green and Pacific Point. 🙂

  392. WOW!! this is a hard one, but I am going to choose gorgeous grape. This color goes with so many others and is new and refreshing.

  393. Sherry Pemberton

    Gorgeous Grape is the one! A good purple is always a must.

  394. Love Gorgeous Grape! Purple’s my favorite color!!

  395. It’s all about Gorgeous Grape for me!

  396. Juanit Zavala

    My favorite new color is Melon Mambo!

  397. Melon Mambo

  398. I love all the brights but Bermuda Bay and Coastal Cabana are my favorites. Just love those beachy tones!

  399. Love the Flirty Flamingo. If I have a choice of colors and that color is in there, there is no hesitation on what color I’ll be using.

  400. Dawn Anderson

    Coastal cabana

  401. Paula J. Newman

    Wow, what a difficult choice . But since I’m kind of a green girl I am going to have to go with coastal cabana I am so happy that they decided to bring it back as a regular color . I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your beautiful cards whenever you post them , thanks so much for sharing your talents and giving us a chance to win blog candy .

  402. It has to be Flirty Flamingo, so glad Stampin’ Up! changed their mind!

  403. Nancy H Easler

    I still love Daffodil Delight. It is so sunny and cheerful. It brightens me up every time I see it.

  404. I love them all, so it’s hard to choose! Melon Mambo, if I have to pick just one.

  405. Lindsay Roberts

    I ❤️ Granny Apple Green!!

  406. Poppy Parade is my favorite. But they are of course all wonderful

  407. Poppy Parade is my favorite! I was so happy to see it come back! However, Granny Apple Green is a close second!

  408. Gorgeous grape

  409. So many lovely colors to choose from. Will have to go with Bermuda Bay with Pacific Point coming in at a very close Second Place.

  410. Gorgeous Grape is my favorite! Stampin’ Up has needed a nice lavender shade, finally they have one.

  411. Melon Mambo-but I like them all!!!

  412. Linda Schattinger

    Granny Apple Green!…it reminds me of kiwi kiss which was one of my favs!!

  413. Bermuda Bay

  414. Melon Mambo!

  415. Claudia Valdez

    SOOO hard to choose! Pinks are my favorites though, so I would have to say Melon Mambo tho Granny Apple green would have to be second (for leaves). Thank you so very much, Mary, for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  416. Vicki Kahlert

    Bermuda Bay

  417. My favorite bright is Pacific Point. So rich with tons of uses for my cards.

  418. Love them all, but Melon Mango is my absolute all time favorite.Thanks for the chance to win great blog candy

  419. Kathy Patterson

    I love Bermuda Bay. it has so many uses, water,flowers,bright spots in a bland card. it also blends well with the lighter colors.

  420. one of my favorite colors is Melon Mambo I use this color alot. I am interested in trying Poppy Parade for a change up. Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy

  421. Jenny Knutson

    My favorite bright is daffodil delight! I love yellow!

  422. Love the Gorgeous Grape. First true purple in a long time!

  423. Susan Engblom

    I love yellows, so Daffodil Delight has been a favorite to pair with other colors. Thank you Mary, for sharing your wonderful cards and ideas! I try to go to your site every day, and I’m always inspired.

  424. Shirley Baker

    Ha, I love most of them, but I will choose granny apple green. Thanks for the chance to win your generous offer. I have a U.S. postal box address if I win. Thank you, Mary!

  425. Definitely Gorgeous Grape!

  426. Mary Alice Bellis

    Coastal Cabana, it plays so nicely.

  427. Poppy Parade

  428. melon mambo!

  429. Bermuda Bay!

  430. Gorgeous Grape….I’m a purple-kind of girl 😊

  431. Flirty Flamingo!

  432. My favorite color is Melon Mambo.

  433. Tough decision but I have to go with Coastal Cabana.
    Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

  434. I will choose Gorgeous Grape. Stampin Up hasn’t had too many vibrant purples in the last few years so it was a welcome sight to have such a yummy color to play with!!!

  435. Fran Goldberg Weinberg

    It’s too hard to pick just one fave in the brights because I ❤️ Them ALL! But since you asked for one, I guess I’ll have to pick Granny Apple Green. I love flowers and GAG leaves go great with all of the other colors.

  436. Gorgeous grape

  437. Donna Margherio

    I love any shade of green . So Granny Apple Green would be my favorite

  438. Hi Mary! Thank you for offering the goodies! My favorite right now is Coastal Cabana with Mango Melody coming in at a close second.

  439. Micheline Lueken

    Very hard to make up my mind. I think Coastal Cabana is the one, though. They are all beautiful.

  440. I love goregous grape and granny apple green….they make beautiful flowers and stems!

  441. Hands down, it’s Granny Apple Green. Looks great with Bermuda Bay (my second fave).

  442. My favorite is Coastal Cabana! Seems I’m drawn to copying cards that are made using this color! Pairs well with Bermuda Bay.

  443. Lorna Wooldridge

    It has to be Pacific Point! Thank you for the giveaway Mary. 🙂

  444. Nancy Dempsey

    Granny Apple Green!

  445. Melon Mambo is my favorite with Pacific Point a close second. Thanks for all you share on your terrific blog!!!

  446. Hello,
    My favorite brights color is coastal cabana.

  447. So hard to pick one. But I think it is Gorgeous Grape.

  448. Tina Almquist

    Melon Mambo

  449. Mary Maneikis

    These colors are all my favorites; how to choose just one?! I guess I’d have to pick Coastal Cabana. It makes me think of that beautiful Caribbean water that makes my heart sing!

  450. Judy McMullen

    All the right colors are lovely but I’m especially fond of Bermuda Bay!

  451. Dawn Schneider

    I really like the entire family of colors but my favorite is the Gorgeous Grape and I’m using it for my Halloween cards & hopefully in my Thanksgiving cards too!

  452. Dorothy Taylor

    Gorgeous Grape is my favorite color. It’s warm and inviting. It has just the right royal touch. It blends with many colors. It’s a really rich color and I love it.

  453. I am in love with Pacific Point, so rich and beautiful!

  454. Melon Mambo!

  455. Bermuda Bay! Love the rich blue green color.

  456. Debbie Nickerson

    Gorgeous Grape! I can’t resist a color that is versatile enough to use for any season of the year!!

  457. Hi Mary, The brights was my first order as a new demonstrator!
    I love the poppy and the leaf punch .
    Thanks for your email and free demos. I really am enjoying ‘learning’ more and more how to up grade my plane Jane cards.

  458. Poppy Parade!

  459. I absolutely LOVE Melon Mambo!!! Coming in a close second id Coastal Cabana! Yummy colors!!

  460. Gorgeous Grape is a a beautiful color. It’s not too light and not too dark.

  461. Cynthia Olson

    I love poppy parade because it is a happy color,.

  462. That’s hard to do because all of the colors are beautiful, but I would choose the Bermuda Bay.

  463. I’m a purple gal so I have to go with Gorgeous Grape.

  464. Laurie L Taylor

    I love so many of those colors, but blue is my favorite color, so Pacific Point.

  465. Laurie Elhelaly

    I adore Mango Melody. A Bright, juicy and sweet color. Just like the fruit.

  466. I love Coastal Cabana. It goes so well with other colors, and reminds me of the beach!

  467. I like the Granny Apple. Such a cool color. Goes with anything

  468. Pacific Point is my favorite with Granny Apple Green coming in at second place and Gorgeous Grape in third place. (I’m not sure if there are “second and third places” for colors, but there are for us crafters!!).

  469. Sally Stephens

    My new favorite is Granny Apple Green. It is just such a “happy” color.

  470. I’ve always loved the Brights collection, and each year a different color calls to me. This year I’m drawn to Bermuda Bay, at least right now. 🙂

  471. I absolutely love Poppy Parade and am glad for the comeback! Also, loving Granny Apple Green!

  472. Sandy Perrino

    Bermuda Bay is so versatile! I love it for many occasions

  473. Ramona Fitzgerald

    Pacific Point is my favorite!

  474. Mo Fitzgerald

    I love Pacific Point!

  475. Poppy parade…loved it before, love it now!

  476. Mango Melody has me dreaming of crisp days and falling leaves!

  477. Phyllis Werner

    My favorite has to be Granny Apple Green. Love is vibrant color. Lots of beautiful new colors added.

  478. Bermuda Bay is my favorite and gorgeous grape comes in second.

  479. Paulette Berkbigler

    I love so many of the colors included in this group — but if I had to narrow it down to one, it would be Coastal Cabana! It pairs so well with a variety of colors and is one that I use quite often! Thanks so much for your videos & all of your helpful tips!

  480. Patty Preston

    I live them ALL! Ok… coastal cabana was very welcomed back!! 🙂

  481. Poppy Parade!

  482. I love love love Granny Apple Green.

  483. Granny Apple Green is my favorite

  484. Granny Apple Green is my favorite.

  485. I just know one of these months my name is bound to come up on your winner list.

    The two brights favorites are Gorgeous Grape and Mango melody. both a little different than the past colors.

  486. Bermuda Bay is my favorite
    Just reminds me of both the summer ocean and desert turquoise
    Usually pair it with Costal Cabana

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  487. Maria A Rodriguez

    Oh WOW!! Awesome Blog Candy, Mary.
    Hands down, my most favorite color is GORGEOUS GRAPE, it’s rich and, well…..GORGEOUS.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  488. I love watching your videos!!!

  489. That is a hard choice I really like Granny Apple green and Gorgeous Grape. Those are two of my favorite colors. They look great together!
    So both. : )

  490. Denise Herren

    It’s really hard for me to pick one favorite because th bold brights are my favorite family! I gasped when Flirty Flamingo came out because it’s so gorgeous but I’m going with Melon Mamba as my FAVORITE because I keep going back to its boldness on everything from flowers to layers! What a great color!

  491. This I a tough choice. Brights is my favorite color family. But, if I had to choose just one, I’d choose Coastal Cabana. Thanks for the chance to win.

  492. Coastal cabana !!! Hands down !

  493. Cheryl Ruddell

    If I can only pick one, it would be the Poppy Parade, only because it is red and reminds me that Christmas is right around the corner, (my favorite time of the year). Love all the colors though.

  494. Poppy Parade is my favorite, I think. Gorgeous Grape is close. Thank you for sharing your creativity! Varied Vases is definitely my favourite new stamp! There are others I like, but your design is wonderful!

  495. Jennifer Marr

    Bermuda Bay awesome color!

  496. Susan Stanphill

    Melon Mambo by a long shot!

  497. My still favorite brights color is Bermuda Bay!! But I am thrilled that Coastal Cabana is back because they work incredibly well together!!

  498. Terry Molineux

    My favorite is Mango Melody!!! But you know I love them all!!

  499. My favorite Brights would have to be Mango Melody. It is bright and cheerful and makes me smile whenever I use it on a card or other project.

  500. Cheryl Ondrias

    Granny Apple Green is my fav. I think it will be a “wow” green for Christmas 🎄 projects.

  501. This is kind of like choosing a favorite child, because the brights are my favorite collection, but for me it is a tie between Poppy Parade and Gorgeous Grape.

  502. Oh how do you pick just one??? At this moment in time I’ll say Bermuda Bay, but give me a minute and I’ll have a different choice 🙂

  503. The new Granny Apple Green really rocks my world! The all do, really, by bright greens make me very happy, and it’s the perfect green for all the other lovely Brights that I adore!

  504. My favorite color is gorgeous grape.

  505. My favorite has to be Melon Mambo. Love it!!

  506. Carla Turchetti

    Bermuda Bay is my favorite but that new Gorgeous Grape is inching up to second place!

  507. Have Mercy…I love them all, but Bermuda Bay is my favorite, and Daffodil Delight is my go to yellow. Thank you for your Country Home Easel Post-It Note Holder instructions, I prepared four sets for friends coming over tonight., I know they will love them they are so stink’ cute!

  508. I love Coastal Cabana green

  509. COASTAL CABANA! I’ve love the cool serenity of that lovely color for several years. It is so very adaptable to almost any season and almost any occasion.

  510. Gorgeous Grape is my fav if I have to pick only one!

  511. Jamie Sanders

    My favorite color is Coastal Cabana! It can be used with so many other colors!

  512. Bermuda Bay!

  513. Nancy Cichocki

    My favorite color is still Melon Mambo. I love using that color!

  514. Bermuda Bay!

  515. Poppy Parade all the way! So happy it’s back

  516. Just one? Granny Apple Green is my fav! Though I really love all the new colors 🙂

  517. Poppy Parade

  518. That would be a wonderful addition to my “Stampin stash”!

  519. Poppy Parade-LOVE this color! It just makes you happy…and can be utilized for so much!! Baby shower, wedding, thinking of you…the list goes on and on!

  520. Sandra Kaustinen

    I lovemelon mambo. It coordinates with so many colors and it is a “happy” color to me!

  521. No blog candy necessary for me but by far my favorite is pacific point it is so beautiful

  522. Barbara Sprofera

    Love Bermuda bay! I even have the reinker.

  523. Vicenta Aguilar

    Mango Melody… because I love mangoes

  524. My favorite has to be Gorgeous Grape, with Granny Apple Green a close second.

  525. Mary Ellen Storey

    Love Coastal Cabana . So glad it is back. Thank you for all the inspiration you share.

  526. Marie-Rose Nantel

    J’aime la couleur Clicot coquelicot

  527. Bermuda Bay is my favorite color….any of the aqua tones as they too were my mom’s who past away 5 years ago yesterday.

  528. Carol Carriveau

    GORGEOUS GRAPE is by far my most favorite of these choices!
    Thank you for being so kind…..a great offer for someone to win!

  529. Loved Bermuda Bay before and still do. Glad they brought it back- such a serene color.

  530. Has to be Gorgeous Grape – love me some purple. Although the Daffodil Delight is such a sunny color. Loving the new color palates this season!

  531. I have fallen in love with Melon Mambo!

  532. Bermuda Bay has always been my favorite color!! It’s so very VERSATILE!! For any holiday or BIRTHDAY!! It’s always my go to COLOR😊

  533. Granny Apple Green is my favorite color.

  534. Coastal Cabana

  535. Flirty Flamingo is a color that at first did not appeal to me, but I now have a new appreciation for it.

  536. Love your video’s you make such pretty cards. Thank you for sharing yout talent.

  537. Lynn Hunt-Fones

    Coastal Cabana!!! So glad it’s back. Loving all the colors!!

  538. I like the Melon Mambo color because it pairs well with all the other bright colors.

  539. Patricia Swagler

    My favorite is Melon Mambo and Pacific Point.

  540. Flirty Flamingo

  541. Imogene Thomas

    I am crazy for Mango Melody!

  542. Kathie Krawczyk

    flirty flamingo is my favorite!

  543. Just one, because that’s one of my favorite set of colors. But okay, Bermuda Bat.😁

  544. Mine favorite is gorgeous grape. I just can’t get enough of purple things.

  545. Melon Mambo has always been a favorite color of mine. I love how “classy” it looks when combined with black and white.


    Granny Apple Green

  547. Poppy parade is my favorite because I can use it in every season; I like to pair it with granny apple green. Thank you for your daily ideas (they provide such inspiration!) and your generous heart and offers!

  548. Virginia Shuey

    I just love bermuda bay. The color is so bright.

  549. I can’t really say I have a favorite I love them all. They are all such beautiful colors. I’m so excited to use them all this year.

  550. Kathy Whitaker

    Granny Apple Green. I’m a sucker for greens. In fact, I just ordered 3 different green inks!

  551. Omg , I guess gorgeous grape, I reall love every color , 😜
    Thanks for a chance to win MsMary,
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  552. I love Poppy Parade! I am so glad they brought it back!

  553. marjorie travers

    Bermuda bay and pacific point it’s a toss up all the colors are pretty

  554. Hard to choose just one, but Daffodil Delight always makes me smile! The color is simply a pop of sunshine and good cheer…

  555. It’s a 4 way tie for me… poppy parade, mango melody, granny apple green and gorgeous grape! Love them all!

  556. My favorite is Costal Cabana, so glad that they brought this one back!

  557. I just love Poppy Parade! I am so glad SU! brought it back!

  558. Debbie Wicklund

    Melon Mambo has been & still is my favorite since the day it came out.

  559. Only one? I will have to say melon mambo but like so many of these colors!

  560. Love Coastal Cabana! Soothing!!

  561. I really love Flirty Flamingo. I also use a lot of Gorgeous Grape. It’s really hard to pick just one of the colors.

  562. They’re all so pretty! Flirty Flamingo is a really pretty shade!!

  563. I like all the brights but if I have to pick only one, I choose Melon Mambo.

  564. I reach for those brights colors constantly & would have to say Melon Mambo is my favorite as it is used the most. I love them all tho!

  565. It is hard to pick one of those .. All are so good ones to go with anything. I would pick is Glitter dots..

  566. Love, love the new Gorgeous Grape!
    It’s becoming one of go to colors!

  567. I use Pacific Point a lot, Its one of my favorite colors.


    Coastal Cabana has flown to the top of my list. I also, was super happy to see the new purples!!

  569. Bermuda bay!

  570. All of these colors are lovely. But, my favorite is melon mambo.

  571. Daffodil Delight…..such a yummy and happy color.

  572. Coastal Cabana was a favorite at one time, but I’m going to have to choose one of the newer colors – Granny Apple Green. I love that it pairs well with a lot of other colors.

    I have always loved your simple and classic cards that you create. It’s a style that resonates with me – not only just card making but also home decor to the clothes that I wear. Thanks for all your inspirations!

  573. Melon mambo

  574. Belinda Keller

    Always Melon Mambo. Hot pink is my favorite color and Stampin Up gets pretty darn close with this beautiful shade of pink!

  575. Melon Mambo has always been one of my top favorites of Stampin’ Up! colors!!!!

  576. Wanda Sandling

    Favorite is Gorgeous Grape!

  577. Michelle Myers

    I’m loving the Poppy Parade!

  578. Jeaneane Parsons

    I was hoping SU would come up with a beautiful purple color and they outdid themselves with two!!!! I love the gorgeous grape!!

  579. Ardella S Hauck

    Mango Melody is my favorite, such a rich color for fall.

  580. I love Gorgeous Grape. Such a pretty color of purple.

  581. My favorite color is the Flirty Flamino.

  582. I gave a hard time choosing between the Regals and the brights. I live the richness of the Regals, but I also love bright and energizing colors in the Brights. And, I’m going with the BRIGHTS — they just bring a smile to my face and I can imagine the cards I’m going to be creating. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy!

  583. Kathryn Cormany

    I think my favorite color of the new ones is Gorgeous Grape. I’ve used that one a lot lately. It just sings to me! (It was also my wedding color in addition to white so it’s sentimental too.)

  584. Popppy parade is a favorite of mine. I loved it as in color and am happy it is back.

  585. I’m always drawn to Melon Mambo! Love pink!

  586. I’m am definitely a turquoise fan but I pick Granny Apple Green

  587. My favorite is pacific point and gorgeous grape

  588. Annette Rodrigues

    It’s a toss up between Bermuda Bay and Gorgeous. Grape. Mahalo for chance to win some blog candy

  589. Granny apple green is my new favorite

  590. Sandra Warthen

    Mary, I LOVE Granny Apple Green. It is such a refreshing color. Thank you for offer such a lovely gift pkg.

  591. Gloria Tucker

    So thrilled that Coastal Cabana has returned! One of my favorites!!

  592. Love all the new colors but being a purple lover as long as I can remember Gorgeous Grape takes my vote. Your videos take my vote as well. Look forward to each new one. I am a StampinUp demonstrator (hobbiest only) myself, and am sorry I don’t add to your sales but I love the way your ideas are so well presented and easily understood. I pass along your information as often as I can. Thanks for sharing what you know.

  593. Kim Shelmerdine

    My favorite is Granny Apple Green. Thanks Mary!

  594. Hard to choose I love them all!

  595. Melon Mambo has been a go to color for me for quite a while, but I am thinking Mango Melody will be another go to color in the future. I love all the SU colors….current and retired!!

  596. Katherine Carlozzi

    Flirty Flamingo

  597. Gorgeous Grape!!! I’m soooo happy Stampin’up revamped the colors & added this beautiful shade!!💜💜

  598. Becca Matlock

    It’s been a toss up for me so far between Poppy Parade and Gorgeous Grape. Going to go with Poppy Parade. 💕

  599. Bermuda Bay is a standout to me.

  600. It has to be Gorgeous Grape! Just love the purples.

  601. Donna Schnees

    I am not much of a green person but I am loving Granny Apple Green.

  602. Elaine Bedigian

    Daffodil Delight is my choice–it’s almost like a neutral because it works so well with either warms or cools and changes moods, depending on the color(s) around it. DD is a nature color that I love to use, all year round.

  603. Gloria Tucker

    So thrilled that Coastal Cabana is back! A favorite of mine!

  604. Gorgeous Grape! So happy we have some bright purples.

  605. Karen Rivenburg

    Coastal Cabana has been, and continues to be, my favorite!

  606. I love the brights family! Blue-green is my color….so it’s a toss up between Coastal Cabana and Bermuda Bay…..but really there’s not a bad color in the bunch.

  607. Shari Austero

    Granny Apple, & Gorgeous grape – love both , I’ll probably end up owing everything in all the new colors 🙂

  608. Love the granny green.

  609. Cassie Norvell

    Granny Apple Green

  610. The best addition and my new favorite is the Granny Apple Green!!!!!

  611. I love Bermuda Bay. Thanks for the chance to win.

  612. Melon Mambo defines summer for me, but Bermuda Bay holds my heart all year!

  613. Mary Ellen Mayer

    I really like Granny Apple Green and Poppy Parade. Poppy Parade mixes well with corals and I really like the yellow-green of Granny Apple. Thank you for your beautiful art work!

  614. Christine Seitz

    Thank you for your generosity. I love your cards and fun tips you share. My favorite color is the Bermuda Bay. I don’t know why, I’m just drawn to it 🙂

  615. melon mambo

  616. Brights is my favorite “family”! Hard to pick, but I would probably go with Melon Mambo. Thanks for the chance at your fabulous prize! 🙂

  617. Gorgeous Grape!

  618. Poppy Parade!

  619. My favorite color is purple. I’m in love with the Gorgeous Grape! I was sad when Stampin’ UP retired Wisteria Wonder, but was so pleased when they made up for it with coming out with Gorgeous Grape and Highland Heather.

  620. Only one🤣 I was so happy they brought Poppy Parade back! Gorgeous Grape and Granny Apple Green are also wonderful!!

  621. Daffodil Delight! To me it goes with everything, love it!

  622. I am thrilled that Coastal Cabana is back.

  623. I am thrilled that Coastal Cabana is back. Always been one of my favorite colors with Stamping Up!

  624. Jacque Alvernaz

    Mango Melody is my new favorite. But I’m soooo happy that Poppy Parade is back! Thanks Mary for this fun and generous offer 😊

  625. Love these happy colors!

  626. Angelique Draftz

    Melon mambo is my favorite bright- it is so vibrant and juicy.

  627. I like Flirty Flamingo! Thanks for a chance to win!

  628. Bermuda Bay is my favorite. I love all shades of teal, has been my favorite color for years.

  629. Poppy parade is my favorite. Just makes me happy.

  630. Hi Mary! Its Coastal Cabana for me!

  631. It’s SO hard to choose but I think my favorite is Coastal Cabana

  632. Gorgeous Grape……I fall in love with any hue in tge purple family.

  633. Melon Mambo, but the brights are my favorite collection!

  634. Mary Augustin

    I love all things purple so have to go with Gorgeous Grape.

  635. It’s hard to choose a favorite from all those gorgeous colors, but I’m really liking Poppy Parade.

  636. Hi Mary! Coastal Cabana and Melon Mambo!!

  637. K' La Rae Nolin

    It just has to be Granny Apple Green…I am a thankful “Grammy” of 5 and love them all.

  638. Bermuda bay has always been one of my favorites. I use it for a lot of SW designs

  639. Chris from Pella

    Today it is Gorgeous Grape but yesterday it was Flirty Flamingo. I guess it takes me awhile to get used to the color as in yesterday. Now, tomorrow I wonder which will be my choice?

  640. Linda Berkebile

    Bermuda Bay is my favorite – a soft and calming color

  641. I’m loving the new Granny Apple Green color, so many possibilities.

  642. Karen in Florida

    My favorite color is still Melon Mambo. It complements a lot of other colors & I usually leans toward either pinks or blues when doing cards.

  643. Love Melon Mambo as it just calls to me. Love the brightness of the color. Can’t wait to use it.

  644. Diane Nisotis

    I love that SU brought back Poppy Parade. Now I can restock. Now if they only brought Lucky Limeade back!

  645. MY new favorite is Mango Melody with Coastal Cabana a close second.

  646. Granny apple green seems to be my go to Bright this week. Thanks Mary.

  647. Hello. My fave color from brights is Mango Melody. Thank you for a chance to win!

  648. I am loving all the new colors stampinup put out. I think it was time for new and bright colorsThe colors right now are on trend.Love Love ❤️ 💕 Love

  649. They’re all beautiful, but if I had to choose only one it would be the new Gorgeous Grape.

  650. I am leaning towards Mango Melody. I don’t exactly know what it is…….the feeling of Fall in it’s hue or what………Fall is my favorite season. All the colors are wonderful but Mango Melody seems to pull at me the most. Thanks for sharing your card making talent with us all.

  651. Mango Melody!

  652. Costal Cabana is my favorite!

  653. Juanita Goulet

    Flirty Famingo, but love them all.


    I love gorgeous grape…

  655. Sherri in Phoenix

    Flirty Flamingo , I love all the pinks!

  656. Cynthia Doyon

    Granny Apple Green

  657. Melon Mambo is my favorite and Granny Apple Green is a close second. Love it when you show us the new products coming up in the next catalog.

  658. Melon Mombo, but it was really hard to choose

  659. Becky ronkowski

    LOVE pacific point!

  660. Bermuda Bay is my favorite.

  661. Donna Bagwell

    I have two favorites – Granny Apple Green and Gorgeous Grape.

  662. I like them all, but Bermuda Bay is my favorite.

  663. Coastal Cabana. So glad this color was resurrected!

  664. Bernie Mueller

    Gorgeous Grape – can’t wait to use for end of summer and fall projects. Yummy!

  665. I love Flirty Flamingo!

  666. I like them all, but Bermuda Bay is my favorite.

  667. It is hard to pick just one because I like all the SU! Colors but I am a purple girl & am excited they have a real purple. So I choose Gorgeous Grape

  668. Adriana Romero

    I really like all the colors, but I’ll have to pick coastal Cabana.

  669. Stephanie H. Ryon

    Mary, You are my first stop for inspiration each morning! I enjoy your video’s and especially your twist on simple cards….inching them up into a fabulous, unique cards. Thank you Mary!

  670. Bermuda Bay is a favorite! It reminds me of the open seas – which I miss!


  671. Lorinda Hergenrader

    Melon Mambo is my favorite!!


    Grapefruit Grove is so refreshing and can accent all the colors!!!

  673. Janice Rinaldi

    Difficult to pick only one but would say Mango Melody.

    Thank you Mary, I love your blog. Jan

  674. I am a Blue’s Gal and tend to lean toward the Blue’s so I would say Pacific Point, although the Gorgeous Grape is a very close second. The colors are all so pretty it and love them all to be honest.

  675. That’s a tough one, but I’ll go Bermuda Bay!

  676. I really love Granny Apple Green! So glad they also added Gorgeous Grape and Mango Melody to the Brights collection. They are beautiful additions for sure!

  677. Gorgeous grape!

  678. Valerie Anglesey

    Gorgeous Grape – So fun to have a bright and pretty purple added to the color line.

  679. My favorite color is Mango Melody. I would also like to thank you for sharing your cute Country Home Easel Post-It Note Holder. I am lovin this to sit by the phone and in the office as I am always taking notes! Thanks Mary and have a great day!

  680. I love the Gorgeous Grape. Purples have always been favorites of mine.

  681. Tracey Parrott

    I love Melon Mambo.! Any corals are my favorite !

  682. Vicky Blackwell

    Coastal Cabana

  683. Juanita in OH

    It really is difficult to pick just ONE! I will go with Coastal Cabana because it reminds me of the water in Aruba. Lately, I have really been in to the blues and greens. I am especially in LOVE with light MINT green that is why is was one of my first purchases with you. TFS in the fun and for your generosity.

  684. Coastal Cabana takes me back to my vacation on Maui.

  685. Love the new gorgeous grape.

  686. Melon mambo

  687. Pacific Point

  688. Bermuda Bay makes me smile! I often tend to see SU colors in ‘daily life’ and someone at water aerobics has a swimsuit that made me think that Bermuda Bay was the color that stood out the most! I love finding whatever you have to share with us every day. I love your blog!

  689. Gorgeous Grape is my favorite since I’m a huge fan of purple.

  690. A toss up between Bermuda Bay and Daffodil Delight..

    Thanks, Mary.

  691. Love love love Bermuda Bay!!

  692. My favorite color is Mango Melody.

  693. This is a toughy. But, Coastal Cabana narrowly edges out Flirty Flamingo. Carol B

  694. It was a hard thing to do. Pick one out of all those great colors. I guess I’ll go with the gorgeous grape. Thanks Mary

  695. Linda Callahan

    I have three faves but will play by the rules and pick one…..Mango Melody because it is such a new shade and fresh!

  696. Blanca Gonzalez

    My favorite is Gorgeous Grape but Melon Mambo does not fall far behind. These are beautiful colors that bring joy to the person receiving the cards that I create with them. Love them!

  697. Gorgeous Grape

  698. I love all of these brights, but forced to choose, I would say Coastal Cabana for the tranquil feeling it evokes and it pairs so well with almost any other color. Have a wonderful day!

  699. Allyson N Walker

    Melon Mambo is my current favorite Bright color, but I’m excited to see Gorgeous Grape in upcoming projects!

  700. Chris vanKoeverden

    Gorgeous Grape. Purple has always been my favorite color. (and Tulips are my favorite flower)

  701. Mango Melody makes my heart sing….it’s just a happy color.

  702. I love the Gorgeous Grape and it would be awesome to win. Thank you.

  703. Granny Apple Green is fast becoming a go to color. For shading it is awesome. The blends and watercolor pencils allow depth to bring forth images.

  704. Coastal Cabana is my favorite. So glad it returned!

  705. Vielka Cintron

    I like Costal Cabana…

  706. Janet Helbert

    I’m loving the new Gorgeous Grape, but my favorite would be Melon Mambo.

  707. ONE?! That’s tough, but I’d have to say….Melon Mambo, but Coastal Cabana coordinates with many other colors, so it’s is a very close 2nd! I love your blog, and I love candy, and I would LOVE your blog candy:)

  708. I’m a purple gal, so Gorgeous Grape is my favorite.

  709. Denise Heredia

    I like all of them. But Coastal Cabana is singing a tune to me today.

  710. Tough question. I’m going to go with Poppy parade.
    I love anything red, orange, yellow, and more.

  711. The bright have probably always been my favorite collection and the new refresh just rocks! Thanks for all you’ve inspiration and generosity!

  712. The beautiful Coastal Cabana is my favorite ! Thank you !

  713. MaryAnn Hilleary

    Gorgeous Grape — purples always wins for me.

  714. Julie Feierfeil

    I love them all but have to go with coastal cabana.

  715. Gorgeous Grape but really I like all the brights.

  716. It is hard to pick just one, but I am loving Gorgeous Grape. TFS

  717. Costal Cobana

  718. Virginia Robie

    Hard to just pick one, but daffiodil delight protrays sunny and bright.

  719. I love Daffodil Delight – it’s a nice warm yellow that can be used with many other colors.

  720. I LOVE Costal Cabana! So glad that it is back! I really like Gorgeous Grape, too!

  721. Gorgeous Grape is my favorite—-a beautiful purple!

  722. As teal is my favorite color I’d have to pick Bermuda Bay!

  723. Bermuda Bay is my favorite.

  724. Daria Stevenson

    Coastal cabana is my favorite.

  725. Granny Apple Green gets #1 for me with Gorgeous Grape a close #2

  726. I love all of the colors in this family, but Mango Melody makes my heart sing! 😊

  727. Janice Carter

    I love Melon Mambo, it’s such a happy color and I’ve had positive feedback from the folks who have received cards from me using this DSP.

  728. Connie Weaver

    I am excited about using Gorgeous Grape this fall. I find myself coming back to Melon Mambo on many occasions!

    Thanks Mary for all you share with all of us!

  729. I would have to say Poppy Parade is my new favorite color and I am surprised by how much I love it.

  730. Gorgeous Grape is a great color for the up coming Halloween season!!

  731. Coastal Cabana.

  732. Gale KLECKNER

    Highland Heather is my favourite, love this new colour!!

  733. As a purple fanatic,I love love gorgeous grape!!!!!

  734. Gale KLECKNER

    Highland Heather is my favourite !!

  735. I Love Coastal Cabana. So glad it is back in color choices.

  736. My favorite color by far is Bermuda Bay.

  737. Brenda Hamilton

    Oh my, it’s so hard to choose a favorite but I do love melon mambo! Melon mambo makes me think of summer!

  738. Melon Mambo is the perfect accent on almost anything!!! Thanks for the continued inspiration, Mary.

  739. shirley payne

    Poppy Parade

  740. It’s difficult to choose one color, as they really are all special…. BUT…. Granny Apple Green is at the top of my list. It really doesn’t have a SU partner that doesn’t look good with GAG… I actually leave a piece on my desk as a reminder of this…

  741. Bonnie Smoller

    Daffodils is my favorite!

  742. Regina Van Lieu

    Melon Mango is my favorite, even though it is hard to only pick one color.

  743. Mary Cavalier

    Love those colors !

  744. Denise Wekwert

    It’s so hard to choose, but if I must – I’ll choose Gorgeous Grape! Thanks so much.

  745. Kristen Pickwick

    Loving Granny Green Apple!!

  746. Coastal Cabana is still my favorite. It works for both masculine and feminine cards and it’s not too ‘in your face’ – it’s just right in my opinion to be one of my ‘go to’ colors for most any occasion.

  747. Poppy Parade is my favorite bright color. Thank you for your generosity.

  748. Suzanne Sears

    Granny Apple Green….for it’s versitility. As fresh on a spring flower as it is on a Christmas wreath.

  749. I’m gonna go with Pacific Point. No. Bermuda Bay. Wait. Mango Melody? Granny Apple Green? So hard to choose!

  750. Patricia Allison

    Flirty Flamingo is one of my favorite “happy colors!” Thanks for the chance to win your generous blog candy. I enjoy following your daily blog, and look forward to seeing what the Pals have made each week!

  751. Cheryl McAskill

    Wow! This is a tough one, I like them all! I would have to say, Coastal Cabana…but Granny Apple Green, I have grabbed that one a lot lately, I guess I will have to say…Granny Apple Green!

  752. I really love the Coastal Cabana! So glad they brought this color back!

  753. Love these colors and that punch!

  754. Marjorie Thatcher

    Coastal Cabana for sure!!

  755. Poppy Parade! So glad it’s back!

  756. Courtney Ostendarp

    The name says it all: Gorgeous Grape is my favorite from the Brights collection! Love it!!!

  757. Diane Peterson

    Because I can only pick one…Melon Mabo… but really I love them all!

  758. Pacific Point. Every year I make invitations for an eight grade graduation at a local charter school. PP, Whisper White and Basic Black are the schools colors. I’m so thankful that PP is an exact match to the school colors because it makes my job so much easier. Forever Pacific Point!

  759. Brenda Sisson

    Wow such a hard question this early in the AM. I’m by nature a ” Green” person, and Poppies are my favorite flower, but the Gorgeous Grape has my heart.

  760. My favorite is Bermuda Bay! I am also glad that flirty flamingo was carried over.

  761. I love all the colors it is hard to pick one but have to say gorgeous grape is the one. Thanks Mary

  762. Bermuda Bay is beautiful

  763. Jean Beaulieu

    I am so glad they brought back Coastal Cabana!

  764. Susan Schoonmaker

    Poppy Parade is bright and cheerful ready for birthday cheer or holiday greetings.

  765. Torn between Mango Melody and Gorgeous Grape.

  766. Melon Mambo is just beautiful!

  767. Lorraine Racle

    My favorite is Granny Apple Green! It is a great color for accenting the florals in this catalog’s dip.

  768. love coastal cabana and was so excited when stampin up brought it back from retirement!

  769. I adore the new brights!!!! Thanks for providing blog candy!

  770. Marianne McGinnis

    Mango Melody is my favorite addition to this group! It’s such a fresh and warm color…brightens everything I’ve done with it. Love all the creations I’m seeing on pinterest using mango melody 🙂

  771. I love the poppy parade.

  772. Jeanne Jenner

    gorgeous grape!

  773. Bermuda Bay all day long.

  774. I love green tones so I’d have to say Granny Apple Green is my favorite. The whole Brights Collection is awesome, though!

  775. Granny, Flirty, Coastal …. and Daffodil! How do I ever pick just one? But if I must, it’s Coastal Cabana. (Right this minute, anyway.)

  776. I love Granny Apple Green. It is such a happy color!

  777. Sherry Downing

    My favorite bright color is Poppy Parade. It is just so fun and bright. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful cards with us on your blog!

  778. My favorite is melon mambo….it’s one color I always tend to go to. Love to wake up to your blog posts daily, thanks for sharing all your creativity.

  779. I’m a hot pink kind of girl…..Melon Mambo it is 🙂

  780. Debbie Danford

    I love Coastal Cabana, and Bermuda Bay is a close second! Thanks Mary for a great offer.

  781. Bermuda Bay is my favorite, especially when paired with Coastal Cabana. I don’t have it yet, but want more purples in my stash of colors, so I’m looking to buy the Gorgeous Grape and pairing it with the other new color Highland Heather. I just LOVE having options!

  782. Cathy from Northern Illinois

    Love the glitter dots!! Cannot get enough BLING!!

  783. Gorgeous Grape. Its gorgeous!

  784. Mango Melody is a remarkably versatile bright color – it pairs well with all the colors. Its ability to bring a pop of color to any project makes it my favorite

  785. Bermuda bay has been a favorite for years.

  786. Kristi Streed

    This is really hard; I’m usually a purple girl, but I have to say Coastal Cabana:)

  787. All of the colors are just so pretty but I would have to say Gorgeous Grape is my personal favorite! A vibrant purple that really pops.

  788. Kathy Niergarth

    I love the orange-red of Poppy Parade!

  789. Flirty Flamingo is the one color I seem to reach for the most often. I love how it is a little bit pink and a little bit orange.

  790. Gorgeous Grape, I don’t every remember Stampin’ Up having such a bright and outstanding purple family color. I just beautiful and I am in love with this color.

  791. Dianne Cancel

    Love the brights colors.

  792. Catherine DeWaal

    Purple is still my favorite color after all her years so I’m going to have to say gorgeous grape, but melon mambo is a close second! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  793. Jeannine Garner

    LOVE Granny Apple Green!!


  795. I just used Poppy Parade this morning to color some cute cherries! Love it!

  796. I love Bermuda Bay!!

  797. I would have to say Bermuda Bay. 🙂

  798. Daffodil Delight but they are all beautiful💕

  799. Lucinda Brown

    I love flirty flamingo

  800. Marge Waskiewicz

    Gorgeous Grape.

  801. Mango Melody is my favorite. Such a bright and happy color!

  802. It’s so hard to pick but I really like Granny Apple Green💕

  803. My favorite color is Coastal cabana. I haven’t tried every new color yet, but it’s my favorite so far.

  804. Favorite is Poppy Parade.

  805. Corinne Smith

    I am so glad to have a purple back!!! I love gorgeous grape!!💖

  806. Melon Mambo, who doesn’t love pink? Ruth M. in MI

  807. Vicky from Illinois

    Granny Apple Green is my favorite by far. I love granny apples and just used my new ink pad Granny Apple Green on a card. It’s the BEST!

  808. Karen Vorhies

    Go Gorgeous Grape!

  809. Marge Waskiewicz

    Gorgeous Grape first , then Bermuda Bay.

  810. Poppy Parade has been a love of mine ever since it came out as an In Color choice. So happy it is now part of the Brights collection!

  811. It’s difficult to pick just one, but I guess I’d have to say I’m happy SU brought back Poppy Parade.

  812. Granny Apple Green

  813. I love Poppy Parade. I was so glad to see it return.

  814. I think I would have to say Bermuda Bay. It really ties with Coastal Cabana. Really a hard choice. Thanks for giving me a chance to play along.

  815. I’m loving the new gorgeous grape!

  816. Kathy Tabbers

    I have always loved Pacific Point

  817. Terry Gerrior

    I love red so I have to say Poppy Parade but,,,,I also love yellow so Daffodil Delight is another favorite.

  818. Jacki lawrence

    I have been using Gorgeous Grape for some cards for an 11 year old who loves purple who is suffering cancer for a 2nd time. Love it.

  819. I kind of “melt” every time I see the Gorgeous Grape as I am a purple/lavender lover. I can see using this in many creations.

  820. The Granny Green Apple. I saw it stamped with the 3D ribbon from the Wishing You Well stamp set and fell in live with it. It reminds me of a fresh,crisp granny Smith apple. 😊

  821. Anna F Lapping

    I have always loved Bermuda Bay, but the new or I guess it’s a returning color, Poppy Parade is a close runner-up.

  822. Nancy phillips

    Granny apple green just makes me so happy! The color is so rich but not too bright and compliments so many other colors!!!

  823. Janet VanLeeuwen

    I love Poppy Parade!

  824. Melon Mambo is such a happy color!

  825. I love all the brights but Melon Mambo is my favorite.

  826. Jeanne Draughon

    Melon Mambo and Gorgeous Grape

  827. Coastal Cabana is my favorite color.

  828. Barbara Ferris

    Bermuda Bay is my favorite,but now that Coastal Cabana is back I will need to order that one! The two colors complement each other so we’ll. So cool & relaxing! So glad I signed up for your posts Mary! Thank-you!!

  829. Flirty flamingo

  830. First of all, I think they’re all great colors. I love the different names they come up with. But, if I have to pick one it would be Coastal Cabana!! It reminds me of a pool, and I love pools!! 🙂

  831. Tough choice all the way around!!! Coastal Cabana (hard to choose just one).

  832. I am totally in love with Granny Apple Green, but the brights as a whole make me happy!

  833. I love both Bermuda Bay and Coastal Cabana. Coastal Cabana is my favorite of them though.

  834. Granny Apple

  835. Valerie Okada

    Bermuda Bay for this beach loving girl!

  836. Poppy Parade – if I only can pick just one. 🙂

  837. Always have and always will love that Melon Mambo.

  838. Judy Woodland

    Gorgeous Grape. I’m a purple gal, through and through.

  839. Bermuda Bay is certainly a fav!

  840. I love melon Mambo, such a fun color.

  841. Emily Campbell

    My favorite color is turquoise so I would say Coastal Cabana. It’s such a beautiful color!

  842. Patricia Ingram

    Mango Melody

  843. Sandra K. Rowland

    I cannot make such a decision today-I LIKE ALL OF THEM. Mango Melody, Melon Mambo, Granny Apple Green, and Pacific Point? Add Gorgeous Grape to that list. They add real pop to any card.

  844. Only one? Bermuda Bay? Coastal Cabana? Granny Apple Green? Gorgeous Grape? Poppy Parade? I can’t decide! Okay, Bermuda Bay.

  845. Difficult decision, but I’m voting for gorgeous grape. They are all so lovely and fresh.

  846. Judy Grinnell

    Coastal Cabana. I was happy they brought it back. Such a cheery color. Thanks, Mary!

  847. Linda Schilling

    My favorite accent color is Melon Mambo but for the main color I lean towards Bermuda Bay for its calming effect.

  848. Mary A. Smith

    My favorite is pacific point!

  849. Thank you for a chance to win some wonderful “candy”! I love Melon Mambo but I do like the new Gorgeous Grape pretty well too. Beth in NC

  850. Bermuda Bay for me. But I’m partial to all the brights 😊

  851. Gorgeous Grape is my new favorite!! I am a purple girl !!!

  852. Karen Bricker

    Coastal Cabana- without a doubt

  853. Pacific Point is my favorite, with Bermuda Bay as a close second.

  854. Mary Ellen Reeder

    Bermuda Bay is still my favorite for my card bases. I use it all year round and have gotten such positive responses from my friends and family.

  855. My favorite color is Bermuda Bay. I just bought new plates for my kitchen in that color and use red as an pop color for my table. Bermuda Bay has so many possibilities.

  856. Stephanie Jager

    Bermuda Bay has been a favorite of mine since I started card making.

  857. Morgan McBroom

    Definitely Poppy Parade! I was happy to see a new, fun, bright red added to the family!

  858. My favorite color is a Flirty Flamingo. I’m a “pink” lady! Love, Love, Love any shade of pink!

  859. Definitely Poppy Parade! Or, maybe Melon Mambo or Pacific Point. I also love the new Gorgeous Grape! Oh man, this is hard trying to choose just one!

  860. Bermuda Bay!!

  861. Although they are all great colors, my absolute favorite is

  862. I have to pick just one? That’s a hard one! 😉 Okay, my favorite would have to be Melon Mambo!!! <3 <3 <3

  863. I have to say melon mambo!! Ever since my son and his wife got married many moons ago and we used it in the wedding favors i have been obsessed with it, always my go to when i need a bright cheerful color!

  864. I’m a “green” girl at heart, but Coastal Cabana has taken me in this collection. Cool and breezy it’s perfect for a soft look and makes the best background to “pop” the brighter colors. 🙂

  865. I just love Bermuda Bay~

  866. Carol Blaisdell

    Bermuda Bay has been a favorite for a looooooong time!

  867. Coastal Cabana

  868. I love the new Gorgeous Grape, but Granny Apple Green comes in a close second.

  869. Christine Kesler

    Stampin Up brights are SO SO fun! Picking a favorite is hard, but mine is Gorgeous Grape! Yummy!!!!