NEW Video for the Varied Vases Bundle!

As I promised on yesterday’s post here, I put together a video for the projects and tips I shared in my Las Vegas presentation for the Varied Vases Photopolymer Stamp Set (2-step double stamp set) and Vases Builder Punch. 

These products and the 10% off bundle (when you by them together) are available June 1 when the 2018 Annual Catalog begins.

Idea chart for Stampin Up Varied Vases Stamp Set and Vase Builder Punch - Mary Fish StampinUp

Here’s the “magic board” I explained in the video.  It represents additional ways to use the Varied Vases stamp set and Vases Builder Punch.  I have seen so many creative ideas by others using these products from pineapples, to ice cream scoops (upside down tulip), to fish bowl and little fish, to onions and many other fun veggies!  Amazing possibilities.


I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas, It will be on my order list…. together with the new one, one great big set with lots of combinations. Love it.

  2. Mary Alice Bellis

    I have really enjoyed this new bundle, and have to thank you for creating something so simple and fun. I had not watched your video until today and loved the extra tips you gave. I know customers are going to love this set.

  3. MaryAnn Hilleary

    The bundle made my wish list and I had to start a new Pinterest board, because I am sure there will be a ton of cards posted.

    Congratulations again on your achievement.

  4. Carleen Maxwell

    You are amazing! Just Beautiful!

  5. Wow! Love everything you did with your stamp set. Gotta tell you, when I first went through the catalog, I wasn’t taken with the set, but as what can often happen, when the set is demo’d, the set can go from, “meh”, to, ” I gotta have it!”. I’m hoping it’s on the preorder, and if not, I’ll get it in June. Something else…I really like how you overlapped the vases, instead of a side-by-side arrangement, because it’s a very attractive layout. But, because of which, I kept thinking of my college (long ago.) statistic class and the overlapped areas and what they might be representing. 🙂

  6. Nancy Johnson

    Mary, I love the vase stamp set and punch. It’s on the top of my wish list.

  7. Love, love, love the cards you have made with your new set! Looking forward to making some of my own. Lovely stamp set, Mary, great job!

  8. I love this set. Is definitely on my list to purchase. Out of curiosity, do you have suggestions on stamp placement for using the punch. I sometimes find it tricky to line up the stamps and punch items out, especially if trying to punch out all of the shapes at once.

  9. Congratulations on your vases stamp set and punch! I can’t wait to see the new catalog and order this bundle!!! So cute!

  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bundle! So beautiful and I love your projects! I can’t wait to get this bundle 🙂

  11. Robbye Hamilton

    Great video Mary, your bundle is so versatile

  12. Cindy in Florida

    Mary…..Fabulous set!!!!!!! Love how you show the versatility of the stamp set and punch…..can’t wait to order on May 2!!!

  13. Kadie in Arizona

    Well HELLO Mary. Your bundle is as AMAZING as you are. This set just screams MARY FISH.

  14. Maria A Rodriguez

    I want to congratulate you again Mary, for such an amazing accomplishment, and this stamp set is one of the best rewards for you, especially because it has your sweet signature tulip and your classic clean lines design.
    Love each of the cute images, thank you for sharing.

  15. Oh I cannot wait to get this bundle! I can already see so many great cards – I also LOVE it has a punch!!

    Oh a side thank you for the color list – that has come in so darn handy!!!!

  16. This is for sure one of the Bundles I will be getting on my pre-order if it’s available at that time. I love your work. Your clean and simple designs inspire me.

  17. Great video full of terrific ideas. I love the stamp set and the punch. Can’t wait!

  18. Sandra K Rowland

    Hi Mary. I do not usually leave a comment during the week; however this is a special occasion. Congratulations on reaching this fabulous goal! Your stamp set is just lovely, and is very much you. You KNOW I want it ASAP. Many, many possibilities. So much fun ahead. So many stamps; so little time!

  19. Can’t wait to be able to get this set and punch! Extremely well designed & versatile – and your presentation of it, one word: AMAZING!

  20. WOW!!! Absolutely fabulous!!! 😀

  21. Kathy Landphair

    Mary, First, congratulations on your amazing achievement! Well done!!!
    I love your new stamp set and the wonderful punch. The designs are clean and simple and will lend themselves to many beautiful creations. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on this bundle!

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