Stampin’ Pretty Poll – What’s Your Stamp Favorite?

Today’s Stampin’ Pretty Poll asks YOU to vote for your favorite type of stamp:  Stampin’ Up! Wood-mount, Clear-mount or Photopolymer – descriptions of each are below.  Please make your selection at the poll and click on the “vote” button!  You’ll see the totals once you vote. Deadline for voting is Monday, January 22 at Noon Mountain.   The poll will be closed at that time.

I’ll share the results of the poll in the near future!

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What is Your Favorite Type of Stamp?

Wood-mount stamps  are pre-cut red rubber and come with wood blocks.  Mount these stamps permanently on the blocks & they’re ready to go when you are.

Clear-mount stamps are made of the same high-quality red rubber as the wood-mount stamps, but are re-positionable.  Temporarily mount them on clear blocks for stamping, then remove for space-saving storage!   Clear blocks are sold separately.

Photopolymer stamps are transparent and adhere to clear blocks.  Their “see-through” nature makes image placement easier.  Like clear-mount stamps, they store without the blocks and take up less space.  Blocks sold separately.


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  1. Overall I would choose photopolymer (stick better, easy to layer easier to store) but I do think the quality of rubber stamps is higher and for workshops, the wood blocks are more convenient.

  2. Linda Dickinson

    So prefer photopolymer that I often pass over stamp sets that are not.

    • It’s a decision maker for me sometimes, too. Linda. Most of the time (if there’s no photopolymer option) I’ll get clear mount if I like the stamp set enough, however.

  3. I still love Stampin’Up wood-mount because each stamp has its own permanent block, always ready to use, never having to transfer and share acrylic blocks. I am feeling a little concerned, however, that SU may discontinue them at some point, seeing I am enormously outnumbered in this poll. I absolutely LOVE making cards!!

  4. My first choice is always photopolymer since I’m a perfectionist and want to know where I’m stamping. Red rubber stamps do provide a beautiful, crisp image but I no longer want to crouch down to table level to get the stamp in the right place. If you’re just stamping to punch the image afterward, no problem. I find my newer stampers like the photopolymer, too, as it gives them more confidence.

  5. Denise Ferguson

    I seem to get the best results with my clear mount stamps. I have a stamp positioned platform & I guess I need to play around with it more & see how well it works with photopolymer. I’m glad Stampin Up offers options for stampers — we like options!

    • The Stamparatus has a thin pad that you add to the base when using photopolymer. I wanted you to be aware of this, Denise. The height is a little different between photopolymer (no cushion) and clear-mount red rubber (cushion).

  6. Will you be able to share the results with Stampin Up? I’m in your camp in my preference of the photopolymer. I’m passing up owning several stamps because I get tired of always being concerned with the clear ones sticking to my block.

    • Hi Ann – I DO plan to share this with Stampin’ Up! once the poll closes on Monday. I did a private poll with my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community and had similar results. I’ll share that as well 🙂 M

  7. I love wood mount because I feel that they would last longer, but I get more bang for my buck with photopolymer. I can buy more sets:) More is always more fun when it comes to stamp sets!! Also I can see exactly where my image is going to go.

    • My 2 cents, Tracy (and I respect your perspective) – I really haven’t experienced the photopolymer not lasting as long as red rubber. Mine stamp just as well as now as they did when they first came out. The only care would be periodic cleaning with dish soap (diluted). They are like NEW when you do that.

  8. Helen Schadegg

    If I like an image, I will buy it no matter what! If given a choice, I tend to like wood better but clear takes less space and costs less. I do LOVE the feel of photopolymer pressed against paper though! And as I know all agree, they stick so much better to block and coverage is much better when stamped on a mat of some kind.
    I’d like to see Stampin Up! bring back the big rubber mat that is the size of the grid paper. I use my old one for all of my stamping and I love it!

  9. Tough choice, I like them all for different reasons.

  10. I hope SU listens, I know people have been asking for a while for the polymer. CTMH has only photopolymer. They are so much easier to see where you are placing the stamp! Thanks Mary

    • Photopolymer definitely appears to be the most popular, Teresa. However, I think there is still a good sized group that loves red rubber. I’m glad SU offers all these styles 🙂

  11. I love photopolimer stamps because you can see where and what you are stampin and they always stay in rage block and they arre easy to clean comparing with wood

  12. LOL! If they ever come out with a see-through RUBBER stamp, that’s the one I’d pick. I like the photopolymer for the two- and three-step stamping and storage, and I like the clear-mount because I personally find rubber stamps give me a better impression, and, of course, storage. Photopolymer and clear-mount stamps work well with Stamparatus-type positioners, and I have a little hand-held positioner that works for the few wood-mount stamps I haven’t converted to clear-mount. If I like a stamp, I’ll take it however it comes!

  13. I love the photopolymer. Ask this question again when the stamparatus comes out. I have used a misti for a long time and you never have a bad stamped card. I can not wait to get my stamparatus.

    • yep . . . my days of bad stamping will only be when i don’t use my Stampartus . . . it’s essentially replacing my clear blocks for both photopolymer and clear-mount stamps.

  14. Photopolymer has saved me in stamping many times…..and with the Stamparatus it will be a win-win.

  15. I like different ones for different purposes. Nothing beats the clarity of a red rubber stamp. However when trying to get images lined up the photo polymer can’t be beat. I just don’t always like the resulting photopolymer image, most of the time need to restamp. Have a misti Now but have reserved the stamparatus and am so excited to put that tool to use very soon.

  16. Hope Mitchell

    I also like the clear-mount and the wood…one cannot use the wood design on a MISTI but the photopolymer stain and look bad., The labels do not adhere reliably to the clear so each has its pros and cons.

  17. Being fairly new to stamping, I really prefer the wood mount stamps. I seem to have better luck with the stamping. Old school…I guess.

  18. I, like you Mary, have just gotten used to using a rubber mat with my stamping. I got a Misti last year, so I really prefer the photopolymer. When everyone purchases Stamping Up’s new stamp positioner (bite the bullet and buy it…you will NEVER regret it and you will never mess up another card with a too light or misplaced image again.) I use a damp chamois cloth to clean the photopolymer and my hands. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photopolymer. They take a licking and keep on sticking. (Those old enough will recognize the rewording of the old Timex commercial…showing my age.)

  19. I’m a dinosaur and in the minority who prefer wood-mounted stamps. That being said, though, for storage purposes and cost, I purchase the clear/cling mount. I order photopolymer ONLY if that is the only choice available. Red rubber stamps definitely give a crisper, cleaner stamped image. I use a firm foam mat for all my stamping, so that’s not the issue in getting a crisp, clean image. I wish SU! offered the clear/cling option for all stamp sets.

    • You’re not a dinosaur, Carol. I think we all have our favorite type of stamps (and way of stamping) which makes this type of poll fun. I learn things along the way, too.

  20. Wood mount is so convenient. No blocks or Stampin mats underneath to bother with. The red rubber also gives a clearer, cleaner stamped image. The photopolymer doesn’t last as long. HOWEVER, I like the photopolymer for placing images without having to use the stamp a ma jig. The red rubber clear mount gives the best of both, I think, and is also less expensive and takes up less space than the wood mount. It will also be nice to use the photopolymer and clear mount when my stamparatus comes……can’t wait! So yes, to your earlier comment, it IS nice that Stampin Up offers all 3 choices.

    • Good points, Carole. I use my mat underneath all types of stamps (red rubber and photopolymer) for the best coverage. Has become a habit. I use a little dish soap to clean my photopolymer occasionally or when they get dull from a lot of use and they come out squeaky clean and good as new.

  21. I really only like the photopolymer. I am forced to buy the clear sometimes because they don’t offer in photopolymer. The clear usually required a glue dot to hold it to blocks. The wooden blocks just don’t allow for visibility. I would purchase more if the offered stamps in all three.
    Thanks for asking this question

  22. I like the photopolymer best. I like the othe two as well but the wood mounted take up to much storage space and I have been having a problem mounting the clear on the acrylic blocks. They keep falling off.

    • Try removing the stickers on the clear-mount, Celia. I don’t find they really help with placement much and get much better cling with my clear-mount stamps when they are off.

  23. I like the clear mount because I find them a little more versatile when it comes to depth. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to get a better, more even image using the clear mounts.

    • when it comes to stamping solid images, the photopolymer can be a bit more temperamental. i use a piecing mat below my card stock for a wee bit of cushion. It helps quite a bit. the stamparatus is going to help with even coverage for any solid stamps because you can stamp a second time with precision (ditto on red rubber that isn’t always 100% either)

  24. Mary,
    I would have to say all 3. When I’m teaching a class, I like the wood so I don’t need a lot of acrylic blocks. For layering, I like the photopolymer. For storage reasons, I like the clear mount.
    I guess I’m not much help. lol

  25. Maria A Rodriguez

    This was an easy choice Mary, Photopolymer stamps are the best, so easy to use.

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